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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  December 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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: major nr overnight crash on the blue route, and southbound lanes in waware county =-reopened this morning, and we are learning new information about what happened. it's called america's game. it's a rivalry storied with tradition, army and navy square off today at the link. snow has fallen in philadelphia in the past, but today, it will be a very different picture. it will feel more like early spring than early winter. it's december, but the weekend warmth will be a welcomed change for anyone going to the. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this saturday. we have an update on the crash
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that closed a stretch blue route for hours overnight. the southbound lanes are back open right now after this serious accident. . crash happened at 12:30 this morning between the gate boulevard exitment one car was jutáurt(uzrs are working to find outlud0#ñ the cause of the. all right. now talk about the weather and get to our meteorologist michelle grossman, starting us off on game day coverage, and we'll check in with monique braxton live in south philadelphia for a preview of the big game. michel michelle, happy spring, i mean, winter. >> i know it. feels like spring today, tomorrow, monday, tuesday, and most of the seven day. exited about the game. excited about the weather. it's going to be a warm one later on this afternoon. a live look outside, partly cloudy skies, waking up to mild temperatures, minely in the 40s north and west, and 42 in allentown, 42 in lancaster, 51 in philadelphia.
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south and east, temperatures are mainly in the 40s and 50s as well, and 51 in atlantic city, and 48 degrees in dover. we are also dealing with some fog early this morning. reduced visibilities down to four miles in allentown, one and a half miles in lancaster, and four miles in philadelphia and two and a half in millville. plan on a warm up. by 9:00, 54, and lunchtime, 64, and 68 at 4:00. a warm one today. houpg how long does it last? that's in a few minutes. army versus knave vif, the 116th time the two teams met on the0bu gridiron, 86th in philadelphia, and the first time they played this late in december in 70 degree weather. we are live this morning in south philly where espn's college game day is setting up.
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monique? >> reporter: it's about the game, tradition, and thousands expected. look over my shoulder m things have gotten much busier since we arrived an hour and a half ago. college's biggest football game show is back for the rivalry game. espn's college game day returns to philadelphia for the second time this season. now, the game day crew was at independence mall for the temple and notre dame matchup on halloween, and as you can see, they are setting up to broadcast today just outside xfinity live. we spoke with a parent watching the pregame action. >> it's a great competition, and great honorable bunch of young men that compete with each other. >> reporter: well, navy got the win and bragging rights at yesterday's morning rocky relay. the cadets and mid shipmen ran a relay up the steps at the museum of art.
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♪ what a pep rally. the two teams, cheerleaders, and the bands gathered yesterday at the shops at liberty place. our cameras rolled for the pep rally featuring the pupup challenge, and army won that competition, and all of this happens at the link today when the official game kicks off at 3:00. nbc 10 news. a parachute team lands on the field before kickoff this afternoon. this is have had from the espn college game day instagram page of the leapfrogs practicing yesterday. if you're going to the game and going to take septa, there's extra service. on the broad street line, trains depart every ten minutes for spots between fern rock and walnut and locust stations at 9:05 this morning. market frankford line, trains operate every five to ten minutes starting at 8:00 a.m.
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pah seven navalqk scenes, one:oiqvl andy/? the game kicks off this p at9 aw&3:00.7igñyck a fire ravaged a house under construction in upper darby delaware county overnight. nobody was living at the home here on willow avenue. a firefighter suffered minor injuries while battling the fames when an ax fell on the leg. the cause of the fire is under investigation. was it murder or suicide? this morning, police are trying to determine how a missing upper darby teenager ended up dead inside of a broken down car in philadelphia. police responded to a 911 call after someone found the boy's body in a lincoln town car on north park avenue in north philadelphia. the victim had a gunshot wound to the head. according to investigators, the car had flat tired and had not moved for some time. police say the teen's father was there when they arrived. he identified his son.
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>> fortunately, we found city, realtime crime cameras in the south end of the block at york and park avenue. we found several private residences with surveillance cameras. >> police are questioning the teen's parents who used to live in north philadelphia as well as the owner of the car. in, a mother and father have been charged with murder in the death of their baby boy. police say doyle hundley jr. and casey seen here abused their son in their home. he had a number of injuries in his short lifetime. in may, the infant was admitted to the hospital in critical condition with broken bones and a serious head injury and he died after four months on life support. >> basic human nature is to cry if you're upset or, you know, in pain, and if your first gut reaction is to hit the child, then i think you need to get some help. >> the couple also had a 2 son who is now in the care of the state. authorities say that child did
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not appear to be harmed. from the south jersey bureau. police say a mother set a house on fire with her kids inside all because of a custody feud. fortunately, nobody was hurt. investigators say that lynnette and her cousin seen here are responsible for the fire earlier this week in washington township. both face charges including arson and attempted kidnapping. here's another look at the flames from the house. just incredible. her four children were among six people in the house. everybody got out safely. her father owns the home and has custody of the children, and he claims that his daughter showed up on thursday night wanting to see her kids. >> when we started to call the police, she said, you know, understand that the house is on fire. get out. not us get out, get my kids out. >> the family does not have
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homeowner's insurance. neighbors are now donating gift cards and clothing to help them get back on their feet. from jobs to tax revenue, delaware is waiting to see what kind of impact the merger of dupont and dow chemical has on the state. the two companies plan on forming a $130 billion firm, then splitting into three independent companies focused on agriculture, material science, and specialty products. 7,000 people work for dupont in delaware. the company's expected to slash about 10% of the work force. >> every element of the economy is potentially affected, retail, real estate, schools. >> federal regulators look at the merger. the deal is expected to close in the second half of next year. coming up at 6:30 this morning, nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter, tim furlong, has more on how this merger could affect our region.
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>> who doesn't love this kind of weather in december? it's every retailer's dream. >> businesses are cashing in on this warm weather. the one thing you may find in stores now that you probably would only see in the summer. they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this may only be worth one. woah. coming up, what happened to the driver of the bmw after a metal beam went through the windshield.
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you don't need layers today, it's warm, 70 degrees this afternoon, starting at 50 in philadelphia, above normal for our normal high for this time of year, so enjoy that. it's going to last a few, too, into our zempb dseven day. it's dark, partly cloudy skies, light winds, and we are going to
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see mild, mild air. temperatures are warmer compared to this time yesterday, and six degrees warmer in philadelphia, four degrees warmer in allentown, and five degrees warmer in lancaster, and five degrees warmer in millville compared to 2 had 4 hours ago, putting us in the 40s and 50s. 41 in northeast philadelphia. north and west, 3 t9 in quakertown, and south and east are in the 40s. 42 in millville, and 41 in ratlc city. record warmth, more on that, and the fog out there, talking about that in a few minutes. >> thank you. see you shortly. can you imagine, look at this photo. here's the story. a guy was driving his car in san jose yesterday when a steel beam flu off the truck and through the windshield. the driver is okay with just a scratch on his arm. if you travel on lincoln drive in philadelphia, expect
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parts of the road to be shut down today. ñ streets departmen closiclos ñ streets departmen closing loepg between between ridge avenue and kelly drive starting at 6:7:00 for road wor. it will reopen this afternoon. there's the annual running of the santas, and thousands dressed up as santa will all dash down spring garden street. that will be closed between third and sixth streets this evening. playing with heart. young football player who has no arms and no legs gets a wish granted. that story in our next half hour. >> climate control countdown. the latest on what's happening in paris right now and how close world leaders are to a deal.
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right now, a historic climate accord close at hand. french officials expected to release the final drafts of the first international deal to fight global warming. secretary of state, john kerry, is at the climate conference in paris. this accord requires 200 nations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are warming the planet and triggering severe weather. after the time text is approved, they can study it before it goes to the adoption phase. here in the u.s., later on this morning in california, fbi divers return to a lake to look for evidence in the san bernardino terrorist attacks. for two days now, they are
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looking for a computer hard drive belonging to the killer. syed farook and his wife killed more than a dozen people at farook's workplace this month. the couple dies in a shootout with police. members of the southern california mosque believe they are the target of a hate crime as a result of the shootings. their mosque caught fire at noon yesterday. investigators are know looking of arson. fire was contained to the building's lobby and nobody was hurt. this all happened as members of the mosque were arriving for afternoon prayer. muslims from across our area gathered at philadelphia's city hall yesterday to set the record straight as they put it. they temperature us it's their responsibility to educate americans about islam in hopes of countering the links made to terrorism. they believe they are feeling backlash of the recent as. >> we feel the need to now voice
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who we are, what our faith really represents because these mass killings are happening in the name of our very very peaceful religion. >> this demonstration came days after a pig's head was thrown from a car outside a north philadelphia mosque. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> well, we are off to a mild start. temperatures in the 40s, the 50s, and we'll be near 0 later on this afternoon. wee have fog, reduced visibilities across the areament that's the weather headline on this saturday morning. feels like spring and feels like spring this afternoon and to end the weekend as well. monday showers, warm monday, but showers cool things off today, above normal, though, tuesday. 51 now in philadelphia. winds south, southwest at 5 miles per hour. six degrees warmer compared to this time yesterday. temperatures north and west, 42 in allentown, 45 in westchester,
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51 in philadelphia, and south and east in thes as well, 49 in glassboro and 51 in atlantic city. there's the mild start. there's reduced visibilities as well. fog start, and reduced visibilities down to two and a half miles in pottstown and a quarter mile in wilmington, delaware. a live look outside, we are dark, partly cloudy skies, though, right now, and a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day. the big story, though, today will be the warm weather in place. record breaking warmth today, and then tonight, another mild night, a lot like last night, and sunday afternoon, we are looking at temperatures into the 70s, and mild again on sunday. another 70 degree for sunday, but chance of showers monday. highs in the area to the north and west, cooler in mount pocono, 61 in allentown, and 62 in quakertown, and 67 in
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trenton, and 67 in northeast philadelphia. temperatures in the 60s, and along the coast, 64, and then a mix of sun and clouds in philadelphia. 68 degrees this afternoon, and 67 in womwilmington, delaware. a mix of sun and clouds. sunday, warmer than today, 70 degrees. eagles will not feel like football weather at all. tracking the chance of showers, could be an all day event. tuesday, windy, patly sunny, 60 degrees, and wednesday, 50, a chance of rain, and colder friday. back to reality with 48 degrees. today, santa paws is coming to town. the animal care and control team of philadelphia is inviting your pet to have his or her picture
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taken with santa from 10:00 this morning until 5:00 this afternoon. if you adopt a pet today, it's half price. stick with us throughout the morning, in the 8:30 hour, nbc 10 is helping to clear the shelters with a visit from a special four-legged friend looking for a home. this morning, kids get to shop with a cop at a k-mart store in new castle county. 20 children paired up with officers from the police department and pick out $100 worth of gifts. college square is donating the presents. today, comcast thanks customers today. the company will have give aways, live demo, and refreshments at the xfinity store from 10:00 until noon. comca comcast, by the way, is the parent company of nbc 10. the calendar says december, but in the seven day forecast, the
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temperatures say it's like april. as nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal explains, it's good news for a lot of local businesses. ♪ sleigh bells ring ring ring >> reporter: less than two weeks until christmas, and in downtown haddonfield, it looks, smell, and sounds just like the holidays, but this mid-december, it feels more like shorts and a t-shirt. >> it's a hundred degrees. >> reporter: not complaining? >> not at all. the cold weather comes soon enough. >> reporter: for now, local businesses cash in. >> foot traffic can be insane on a night like tonight. who doesn't love this kind of weather in december? it's every retailers' dream. >> they come out, and they'll get something to eat and go for a stroll after dinner. >> reporter: at this trading post, winter gear and christmas gifts -- from italy. >> reporter: are mixed in with a taste of summer. >> recognizing the warm weather, we have the famous penguin
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bathing suits that are available because you never know. >> reporter: you need it in the poconos. the indoor water park is open while the ski slopes remain closed, so warm their machines can't even make snow. and by night fall in center city, it was cold enough for the blue cross river rinkxd to be packed with peoplutfç >> it does ywq+ feel like winte out uhere, but maybe that's not bad after. >> it was nice. not too cold, you don't worry aboutíó$ñoves or anything. ♪ winter wonderland >> reporter: nbc 10 news.r;ñ7sñ major merger. next, a closer look at the deal and impact on the people of delaware. coming up at 6:30, a home invasion ends in three arrests in center city. how police tracked down the crooks because of what they stole.
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if the mall were open on christmas day, would you go
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shopping? a study finds 18% of americans would head to the stores if they opened at 6:00 p.m. on christmas day. the number is higher among millennials, but nearly a quarter say they would not spend time in the stores and less likely in the future to shop that or recommend stores open on december 25th. more than half survey insist they would never shop on christmas day it's time for family, right? if money is no object when it comes to buys christmas gifts, look at these items for sale that are fit for a millionaire. a luxury good goods seller is showcasing some of the holiday gifts for sale including a snow globe with diamond snow, a ruby, and a diamond crusted christmas tree, and a star setting you back more than $900,000, and a diamond filled box of crackers costing more than $1.5 million. glad i don't have to make those decisions. started in 1980 as a
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challenge between two economies, and now it's america's game, one of the greatest rivalries in sport in our backyard today. monique braxton is live in south philly with a look. >> reporter: it is been played in philadelphia 86 time, and local merchants say what better place than to have the game in the cradle of liberty. a preview after the break. all right, excited for the game and excited for the warm air. mild today, and full forecast coming up.
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they barged into a home in southwest philadelphia wearing masks and demanding money. the men did not get cash, but what they took led detectives straight to the suspects. we'll explain coming up.
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>> reporter: i'm nbc 10's monique braxton, and the army-navy game is here today with a preview in just a couple minutes. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today," and it's just after 6:30 on this saturday, and i'm with michelle grossman this morning, a big day ahead of us, and you have the game day any activity outside. >> it's crazy, i have to say. a big game, excited about the pir68, tomorrow 70, and 46 is normal this(z]uát of year. a live look outside, partly cloudy skies,ñósv a beautiful sunrise. we'll see the sun really coming up in the next half hour. looking great from the cape may camera, and a beautiful start with mild air in place, 40s northwest, 42 in allentown, and 43 in reading, 42 in pottstown, and south and k&l)1ññ temperatus in the 40s and 50s.
6:32 am
atlantic city, and 47 in dover, delt delaware. reduced visibility this morning, three miles in lancaster, four miles in philadelphia; and a quarter mile in wilmington. as we go throughout the rest of the day, we could lose the layers. looking at temperatures really rising to nearly 70 degrees. at 9:00, 54, and at, 64, and at 4:00, 68 degrees. another mild day monday and how long is lasts in minutes. a rivalry dating back to the 1800s. here's a live look inside lincoln financial field. the logos painted on the end zones. the senior classes, they are playing their last army-navy game in the same stadium where they played first, but this
6:33 am
looks than years past. no snow, it's not cold out there, and as you hear michelle say a moment ago, temperatures will climb into upper 60s, and college game day is broadcasting the final show of the college football season right here. nbc 10 is live in xfinity live where fans and everybody else will be gathering in hours, right, moe nooek? >> reporter: that's right, ro. this is the 116th game, and it's called the unofficial city bowl. over my shoulder, the setups are in place now for a college football biggest show, back for a second year at the rivalry game. espn's college game day returns to philadelphia for the second time in season. now, the crew was in town for the temple and notre dame gridiron matchup on halloween. they are broadcasting today from xfinity live, but we've been following all the pregame
6:34 am
tradition ps traditio traditions. >> it's a lot of fun to be with the team, and just, like a friendly rivalry. >> reporter: brags rights at yesterday morning's rocky relay. the cadets and mid shipmen competed at the museum of art. ♪ the two teams, cheerleaders, and the bands also got their fans revved up at a pep rally. nbc 10 was there for the action at the shops at liberty place. now, the pep rally features the pullup challenge, and the army won that competition. all of this leads up to today's big rivalry game at the link. kickoff at 3:00, and no doubt, we'll be here. live for now, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. the army-navy game kicks off this afternoon at 3:00. now to breaking news.
6:35 am
historic accord on the table at the global climate conference in paris. this is just within the last few minutes, french officials presented the final draft of the first international deal to fight global warming. secretary of state john kerry is at the climate conference in paris. this accord requires 200 nations to greenhouse gas emissions, and scientists say manmade gases are warming our planet, triggering rising seas and severe weather. the international delegations have the next few hours to study the draft before it goes to the adoption phase. the blue route in delaware county is open this morning after a serious accident shut down southbound lanes for three and a half hours. it happened at 12:30 this morning. one car was involved. investigators are working to find out the cause of the crash. also new new from overnight, three arrested in a home invasion in southwest philadelphia.
6:36 am
investigators say three men kicked in the front door of the house on almond street at 2:45 this morning. armed and masked robbers demanded money from a man and woman inside, but they only made off with a cell phone. police were able to track that cell phone to center city where they tell us they found the suspects. nobody was hurt. a planned merger of dupont and dow chemical create a megacompany worth $130 billion, but could place thousands of jobs in delaware in jeopardy. dupont has 7,000 employees across the state, and dow chemical with 500 in newark. our bureau reporter, tim furlong, took the pulse of the community on the deal. >> reporter: in delaware, drive on the dupont highway, go to the dupont hospital, tee it up at the dupont criminal country club, or go to hotel dew responsibility, and they paid for the stone on the water tower back in the day. in many way, the original gun
6:37 am
powder factory built here in 1802 defined delaware. but now with news of a dow-dupont merger, this company and its role may never be the same. there's a ripple effect across the state. >> every element of the economy is potentially affected, retail, real estate, schools. >> reporter: original dupont factories here are now a museum and library, but if the merger with dow goes through, there's many concerns and questions about the future of the company's current properties including the large experimental station just over that traffic bridge up there. and, of course, there are the workers who go to the facilities, 7,000 dupont employees in delaware, and 500 dow workers as well as for that matter, and dupont is cutting 10% of the global work force, and no word on to the buildings or employees once the new dow-dupont splits into three independent companies. >> transitions are difficult, especially for families impacted, but we need to keep focused and make sure we continue to be a very atrabtive
6:38 am
state for all kinds of businesses. >> reporter: at one point, over 20,000 employees in delaware, and that's gone down. employees and anyone else who relies on dupont staying here hopes they never completely go away. little vipny's is across from the company's headquarters, and they would miss the dupont lunch crowd. >> just the fear. if it goes away, we'll have a problem, i'm sure. >> reporter: tim furlong, nbc 10 news. next on nbc 10 news today, they wanted to give back, and help protect those who protect them. coming up, what some of the youngest members of the one montgomery community did for those k-9 dogs who ensure they stay safe on the job.
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welcome back on this saturday morning, a mild start, temperatures at 50 degrees in philadelphia, and by this afternoon, near 70 degrees. outside, partly cloudy skies, dark out there, but we'll see a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day. light winds out of the southwest, and temperatures right now, they are six degrees warmer compared to this time yesterday, four degrees warmer in allentown, and five degrees warmer in millville. putting us in the 40s and 50s, 50 in philadelphia, 44 in ch chester springs, and 40s north and west. 42 in allentown. south and east, for40s as well. 51 in atlantic city airport. there's reduced visibilities, down to a quarter mile in some spots. as you go out today, take it slow, use low beams, go slower because we are seeing fog, dense in spots.
6:42 am
early fog over the next few hours, burning off, and then we'll see potential for record warmth, temperatures up near 68 degrees. record for this time of year is 65, and normal temperature this time of year is 46 degrees. we'll be above that. tomorrow, 70 degrees, warm monday, and more on that, and actually a reality check in the seven day. that, too, in a few minutes. >> michelle, have you been thinking about the poconos? what a difference a year makes. last year, ski resorts were very busy with more than a foot of snowfa falling by thanksgiving. in year, not so much. the snow making guns used to get around the lack of snow do not work because it's warm. folks are in light jackets, swimming in the water park and zip lining, and it will be awhile. it will be like this for quite some time. first graders learn the importance of giving this holiday season. the students at white marsh elementary school raised money to purchase two new k-9 vests
6:43 am
for the police department. they presented them with a check for the vests yesterday. they put skills to work and created note cards that werexl printed and sold to raise money for the selnvce based learning project. the students raised more than $1300 for the two dogs, mica, and hugo. week 14, and, finally, haemhaem healthy, eagles and bills this week. hear from ryan matthews about returning after a long time off.
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eagles invite a special guest to the upcoming game. the dream comes true for no. 14 for the falcons. we showed [z gavin last month, born without arms and legs and plays football with all his heart and eager to watch his team try for another victory. now to basketball, chalk up a victory this season for the nba >óñtchampion, golden state warriors, but it was not easy. the former sixeru! helped lead them to a double overtime win in boston. curry led the floor, and warriors have not lost this season. they won 28 in a row going back to last spring. the golden state wins the next six games, it sets the all-time winning streak for north american pro sports.
6:47 am
sixers, very different position. we got the latest now from danny pommells at comcast sports net. >> good morning to you, i'm danny from comcast sports net. sixers changed the front office monday this week. now they are making sure their coach stays put. the team has extended brown's contract for two years. brown's record does not show success, but at the fore of the team's rebuilding project over the last seasons. >> why wouldn't i want to see this through? we have started something extremely difficult, but it's extremely difficult,lbut it's special. >> sixers a.÷pistons with thepá jump for the home team, and silver catches and shoots the big fella, detroit out to the lead, and sixers tough in the second. isiah,0my cannon, trifecta, a
6:48 am
lights out in the paint. the pistons beat the sixers, 107-95. there was a tough task themselves, and score in thgñd first, flyers storm the second. who else. a wicked slap shot from the point. 1-o, dallas with the equalizer. john mark throws it to the net and goes in, tiedwok at one. and then a huge crowd in front. he pokes it past the goalie. 2-1. and they take it on the chin, 3-1. sunday is a big game for the eagles and bill, fighting for playoff lives, and eagles tied in the nfc east. they enter the game with a clean bill of health, matthews and logan listed as probable for sunday's matchup and expected to play. no one is even listed as questionable for the birds. here's sam bradford and matthews
6:49 am
on the mind set headed into sunday. >> we'd like our record to be much better than it is right now, but, you know, given where we are in the season, you know, could be tied for the lead in the division, you know, and to really control our own destiny in the last four weeks issue that's all you can ask for. >> i want to get out there, and be around the teammates, you know, it's about having fun, and, you know, i have take it slow. i have not played and ran did stuff in a few weeks, so i have to break it in. >> that's sports. i'm danny pommells from comcast sports net. now your first alert weather. >> all right. well, prepare for a warm day, so nice today, temperatures feel like spring, near 70 degrees, 46 is normal this time of year. we are above that. fog this morning, and visibilities in a few minutes, but it feels like spring, and monday, dealing with shower, but, still, very, very warm that day. right now, off to a mild start, 51 in philadelphia. winds out the south, southwest
6:50 am
at=nj 5 miles per hour. six degrees warmer compared to this time yesterday, and that's mainly putting us in the 40s and , and 42 in allentown, and 2 in pottstown, and south and nd 2 east, temperatures in the 40s as there's the mild start. a warm finish. enjoy today. we'll do it again sunday. reduced visibility, four miles in philadelphia, and down to one mile in wilmington, delaware. otherwise, partly cloudy, a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day. sunday, more cloud cover, mostly cloudy sunday, but, today, we'll keep it a mix of sun and clouds. more cloud cover to the north and west, but the big story is the warm air in place. tonight, it's going to be mild if you're out and about on your saturday night. any maps you have, temperatures dropping into the 50s, and 40s, and a night like what we are ñ
6:51 am
temperatures warmer than today, mid-december. not too bad. all right, take a look at the eagles' forecast tomorrow. definitely not feeling like december football weather. off at 66, by 40 quarter, 68 degrees. you can get awe with a short sleeve at the game. today, temperatures in the up 60s. early fog burns off. we'll see record warmth throughout the afternoon. 65 degrees. that's the record this time of year. we have a good chance of breaking that and 46 is normal this time of year. we are way above that.roz tonight, cloudy, mild, 48 mort and west, and tomorrow, we'll do it again. 70 degrees,4ó cloudy skies fore eagles' game. monday, showers, you'll need the umbrella, but mild and 70 degrees colt front brings in cold air tuesday, above normal, partly sunny skies. wednesday, sunny, 62. thursday, a wet day, chance of
6:52 am
rain, clouds, 58 degrees, and friday, cooler, 48. we'll be right back. plaque psoriasis... ...isn't it time to let the... ...real you shine... ...through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream.
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♪ fly me to the moon ♪ let me play up there with those stars. >> it is a song that's truly timeless. 100 years ago today, francis albert sinatra born in new jersey, and the entertainer known as old blue eyes forever changed the music world. the museum dedicates a plaque honoring frank sinatra today in a ceremony at noon. he died in 1998, but his music lives on. no doubt he's inspired many musicians and performers. it's down to the final four on the nbc hit show "the vote", and monday night is a big night for the finalists as the singers perform two songs to win america's vote and earn the show's feetle. the nbc 10's correspondent spoke to the singers going into the finale. ♪ >> for 17-year-old from tennessee, reaching "the voice" finale is head spinning. >> thought of being in the final
6:56 am
four is, i don't know, it's just overwhelming. >> reporter: emily ann robert's old school country mixed with sass is excelling her in a new classroom. >> learning so many things, just about life, not just about singing. ♪ >> years of experience are pay off for robert's fellow team blake finalist, barrett. >> i have fans all over the country now, and i appreciate them very much. >> the arkansas high school teacher counting on the country soul styling to carry him through. >> just so thankful for this opportunity to get to try to do one more thing, which is maybe to try to win this show. ♪ >> reporter: and many people have team adam, jordan smith, to do that, especially after the version of "somebody to love." >> it's kind of an explosion of what i've been feeling all season. >> reporter: now he feels the love beyond "the voice" stage. >> never imagined to turn a chair in the blind auditions,
6:57 am
let alone being here in the fina finale. >> reporter: jeffrey austin squeezed in thanks to an instant save. >> i had prove myself the entire show. >> reporter: now his powerful vocals have him on the verge of something big. >> i don't know how i'll be nerve wise up there ever. >> reporter: nerves give way to celebration for the champion of "the voice." it airs monday at 8:00, tuesday night at 9:00, and on the results show tuesday, catch performances from justin bieber, missy elliot, and cold play. what's not cold these days? the weather, right? i can't believe it. >> it's strange. feels weird. it plays with your head. near 70 today, warm one tomorrow, record breaking temps. >> that's all for now, and "today" is next.
6:58 am
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good morning. revenge attack? a california mosque fire bombed just before afternoon prayer. a person of interest is detained as federal and state authorities search for a suspect this morning. two weeks after the san bernardino attack, the divers head back to the nearby lake today searching for clues. we are following it all live. feeling the heat. record-breaking high temperatures across 22 states in the east. it could hit 70 degrees in washington today. we have a dangerous mix of heavy rain, hail and even tornadoes could slam the plains. this morning, dylan has what you need to know. highway horror. a massive chunk of metal falls off a


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