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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  December 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> new at 11:00, a plane runs off the runway and into a ditch. the slashing victims speak and new clues in the search for a man attacking people in center city. whose lives matter? >> black lives matter! >> what led to protests in store false of holiday shoppers. we're not talking about religion. we're talking about security. >> and donald trump defends his plan to ban muslims as republicans spar over how best to protect america. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. it was fight night in las vegas. the presidential candidates didn't pull any punches.
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nbc 10 national correspondent steve handelsman was at the dde debate. he's live in las vegas. steve? >> reporter: thanks. good evening. americans are concerned about isis. worried about terror and demanding solutions. and this mostly collegial debate here in las vegas tonight ahead of the holidays seemed to reflect that concern. >> these republican candidates. >> reporter: it's the first time the republican candidates have faced off since the terrorist attacks in paris and san bernardino. the first since ted cruz took the lead in iowa polls. and donald trump rose to a wider lead in national polls calling for a ban on muslims entering the u.s. >> people like what i say. people respect what i say. >> reporter: trump vowed tonight to deport any new syrian refugees. >> and if obama has brought some to this country, they are leaving, they're going, they're gone. >> reporter: jeb bush took on trump. >> donald is great at the one liners, but he's a chaos candidate. and he'd be a chaos president.
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he would not be the commander in chief we need. >> he has failed in this campaign. it's been a total disaster. nobody cares. >> reporter: a big concern is stopping isis here and in syria. ted cruz and trump agreed on a much bigger air war. >> you would carpet bomb where isis, not a city but the location of the troops. >> reporter: trump would kill the families of isis fighters. >> they may not care much about their lives, but they do care believe it or not about their families' lives. >> reporter: ben carson wants u.s. troops to fight. >> we've got a phobia about boots on the ground. >> reporter: chris christie wants a no-fly zone in syria. >> there's no fly zone in syria, you fly in, it applies to you, yes we would shoot down the planes of russian pilots. >> reporter: there was a clash, cruz and marco rubio on deporting migrants who don't have papers. >> support legalizing -- >> he campaigned promising to -- >> reporter: an intense debate with a month and a half until voters do the talking. there are two more republican debates, though, before the iowa
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caucuses on february 1st. live from las vegas, steve handelsman reporting. now back to you. and we're following breaking news from d.c. congress has reached a budget deal with the white house. that's the word from house speaker paul ryan. the deal would raise spending and increase the deficit by extending tax credits without paying for them. democrats say the language is not set in stone but republicans say there could be a vote on thursday. congress will still have to pass a short-term funding extension since the current one runs out tomorrow at midnight. new at 11:00, officials say three people were hospitalized with minor injuries after a southwest jet from houston skidded off the runway into a ditch. that was after it landed at nashville international airport tonight. these pictures were snapped moments after that plane came to a stop. passengers were taken off the plane and then brought to the gate. an investigation is under way to figure out what caused the incident. new information about the
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search for this man. accused of slashing two people in center city. tonight, people at a local homeless shelter say he might be the same man they kicked out last night. >> nbc 10's denise nakano live at central detectives tonight. denise, there may be a person of interest? >> reporter: police are working tonight to identify a person of interest. a man was kicked out of a homeless shelter who matched the suspect description after punching a man yesterday and now they're asking for people's help to come forward with more information. tonight we spoke to both victims who say they're thankful they weren't injured. the man you see in the video released by police says he was on an early morning jog at 23rd and walnut when he passed a man on a sidewalk and was attacked with a sharp object. he asked not to be identified. >> he was pulling something which was metallic and he started chasing after me. >> reporter: the attacker shouted at the victim then rushed at him with a knife stabbing him with a three-inch blade. >> i saw him up the street, i held out my phone to give it to
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him so i thought he'd stop. he just stabbed my side and my hands and then walked off. >> reporter: police say josh mc mcnamara was the attacker's next victim a half hour later. >> i felt my arm and something slash at my neck. i gave him a shot to the shoulder. >> reporter: the man ran off, never stealing from his victims only attacking the strangers. he describes his injury as a scratch on the cheek. >> it could have been much worse. i'm very lucky. >> reporter: detectives are following leads on a person of interest who wases kicked out of a homeless shelter hours before the attacks. matched the suspect on camera on surveillance down to his clothing. this victim is thankful he got away from the attacker with two helpers at the riverloft apartments who saw what happened. >> they both came out and shouted something because then the assailant walked away. >> reporter: now both victims carried on with their daily routines. one heading to school while the
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other headed to work in delaware. police are working to officially identify a person of interest before releasing any type of name. reporting live outside central detectives, denise nakano, nbc 10 news. new at 11:00, the fate of philadelphia's public schools is unknown beyond next january if pennsylvania cannot come up with a budget agreement. school superintendent william hite revealed that in an e-mail to colleagues this evening. he says without state funding the district's ability to keep schools open, issue paychecks and pay bills beyond january 29th of next year is uncertain. pennsylvania has been operating without a budget since july 1st. black lives matter! >> protests interrupted holiday shopping in center city tonight with demonstrators chanting and marching right through these stores. they were there to protest the death of brandon tate-brown a man killed during a confrontation with police one year ago. at the height of rush hour, at least 100 protesters clogged the
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streets of center city marching from city hall to the d.a.'s office. >> whose lives matter? >> black lives matter! >> reporter: and inside, several popular stores along walnut street in rittenhouse all in memory of brandon tate-brown. the 26-year-old killed during a traffic stop in mayfair a year ago tonight. this grainy surveillance video said to show tate-brown in a struggle with two philly police officers. one of whom shot tate-brown in the head after they say he broke free to try to get back to his rental car to grab a loaded handgun in the front seat. tate-brown's mother on hand for tonight's protests has filed suit against the city and officers involved. >> i want accountability. i want my son's side heard and i want a judge to hear it and then determine who was right and who was wrong. >> reporter: the group shouted insults at nearby police who watched the moving protests disrupt the heart of the city. part of a nationwide black lives
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matter movement protesting cases of police killings of african-american men in cities across the country. >> it's the wrong way to do it. you know, it's -- they could do this outside. you know, you don't have to interrupt people's dinners. >> i'm surprised that they're protesting here but i completely support their cause. >> philadelphia police say there were no arrests tonight. both officers involved in the tate-brown shooting were cleared of any wrongdoing and are on regular duty. this just in. you'll have two extra days to sign up for health insurance through the marketplace. enrollment was supposed to end less than an hour from now but the government says the new deadline is thursday. if you want your coverage to start january 1st. the government says more than 1 million people have left their contact information to hold their place in line. jersey shoren line. bureau, police discovered a body inside an abandoned home as they searched for a missing cape may county teenager. police have not said if it is
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nicole angstadt's body, the 15-year-old reported missing two weeks ago. crime scene investigators spent the day combing through the middle township home. neighbors tell nbc 10 investigators have been showing the teen's photo to people who live nearby. new at 11:00, new jersey senator bob menendez has been given the green light to appeal his indictment on corruption charges to a higher court. the third circuit court of appeals ruled menendez can appeal based on a law that protects elected officials from being questioned by prosecutors about legislative work. menendez is accused of using his senate office to help his friend, wealthy florida eye doctor, solomon melgin. prosecutors claim menendez received gifts totaling close to $1 million. strike averted. a union supporting local janitors reached a tentative agreement with their contractsers. their contractors was set to expire before midnight.
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members of union 32 bj rallied this afternoon. the contract gives workers of wage increases of nearly $2 over four years. we learned tonight the los angeles schools will re-open tomorrow following a threat that kept more than 600,000 students home today. l.a. police say the e-mail threat that shut down the school district described an attack with assault rifles. new york officials received the very same threat, but they dismissed it as a hoax and held class as usual. take a look at this. a homeless man built this cave 15 feet under ground. why he's now facing criminal charges after trying to give himself a better life. plus -- >> no one would ever expect to go into a restaurant and have this happen to them. >> he says he took a sip of beer and instantly knew something was wrong. what this man is accusing a restaurant of putting inside his glass.
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aundrea? it may become easier to get a job even with a criminal record. coming up i'm going to tell you about changes that force employers to give you more of a fair chance. and why it's taking longer for your holiday packages to arrive this year. plus, we have heavy rain coming before the week's over. then it will feel like winter this weekend. i'll show you the timing of the rain and how cold it will get coming up.
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this hole was one man's home. he dug the 15-foot-deep split-level cave in a public park in fairfax, virginia. there was even a staircase leading to a bedroom and a living room. officers found books indicating the homeless man was staying there. was learning to speak english as well. he's charged with destruction of property, though. authorities have received numerous calls from people hoping to help that homeless man. today philadelphia is helping former felons start over with a clean slate. the mayor signed a bill designed to limit how far employers can
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look into job seekers' criminal history. >> the law is part of a movement called ban the box. nbc 10's aundrea cline-thomas is li life at city hall to explain what this means. >> reporter: some statistics estimate one in five people in philadelphia has some sort of criminal history, possibly hundreds of thousands of people, so changes to the ban the box law aims at improving their chances at getting a job. >> custom service jobs, i apply for. >> reporter: clint boyd approves to multiple jobs every day and has e-mails to prove it. he says his associate's degree and military service help prepare him for an administrative position. >> they just say, well, if you got a criminal history, you're denied. >> reporter: boyd has also served time, two years for a felony drug conviction. that was eight years ago. >> i just need my foot in the door. that's it. >> it is now the law of philadelphia. >> reporter: today philadelphia mayor michael nutter signed
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amendments to what's known as the ban the box law. applicants no longer have to disclose prior criminal convictions on job applications and now employers cannot run background checks until they've extended a job offer. >> it does not guarantee anyone a job. it simply guarantees that people will receive fair consideration for a job. >> reporter: and now the background check only goes back seven years. >> the most directly affected people are going to be folks who have older records. >> reporter: for now he has secured a temp job and hopes to get a second chance at a career. >> this is my past. i've changed. and i'm trying to be an asset to your company. >> reporter: law maintains protections for specific careers that includes law enforcement, working with children, and the elderly. reporting live from city hall, aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. from our jersey shore bureau, one beer changed a jersey shore man's life and now he's filing suit against the
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restaurant that served it to him. richard washart says he began experiencing health problems after taking a single sip of beer at mccormick and schmick's restaurant at harrah's in atlantic city in 2012. the retired police officer says he was poisedened by a cleaning product that remained in a dispensing line. >> future is uncertain. as far as the medical side of it goes. >> you think when you go out to eat that you, what you're going to ingest is safe. >> two local beer distributors are also named in the lawsuit which seeks unspecified damages. in court documents the defendants deny any wrongdoing. tonight a message for procrastina procrastinators. you might not want to wait until the last second to get your holiday shopping done. package deliveries are taking a little longer this year, result of record black friday and cyber monday sales. the owners of box pack and ship in king of prussia say customers are also waiting until later to ship out the gifts for some
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reason. shipping experts say if you can, buy gifts at a store and then take them to an independent shipper. that way your package will be more likely to be delivered on time. christmas came early for some kids in north philadelphia today. nbc 10 at the north penn area police athletic league building which hosted a holiday party for dozens of kids. they got to open presents, make arts and crafts, and even spend some time with santa. ♪ a soulful christmas celebration at the kimmel center this evening. you just heard bobby hill sing. you might remember he performed for pope francis when he visited philadelphia. grammy winner shirley cesar and a number of choirs also perfo performed some gospel favorites. well, what began with 48 aspiring singers is now down to one. >> season four of "the voice" has crowned a champion. >> the winner of "the voice" is -- jordan smith!
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team adam! >> did you watch? jordan smith from team adam outlasted them all. the 22-year-old from whitley county, kentucky, is your new champion. nbc 10 viewer jimmy smith and a guest were there to take in those festivities. smith won our online contest to go to l.a. for the finale and said he almost missed out on his chance to see it live. >> i looked at the phone said i don't know who that is calling me, that number's not in my phone and almost didn't answer it. but i answered it and she says, james smith, you put in the entry for "the voice"? get ready to go to california. i couldn't believe it. >> good he answered. james is battling lung caption cancer. his message to others in that situation, don't let your illness from stop you from living your life. >> wonder if he was a jordan smith fan. all the judges really were. his voice. >> exciting to be in the crowd regardless of who you're pulling for. sheena, can we get excited
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about colder temperatures coming? >> if that's what you want, yes. it won't be here until the weekend, though. aside from that, we have been very mild. we've had such a warm streak. we've seen record high temperatures four days in a row, but now we're going to be tracking rain. some heavy rain as we go through part of your thursday, so before the week is over, you'll need the umbrella again then we go into the weekend and that's when we see the cold air moving in. finally femaling like winter. but then we go into christmas week and it looks like we have another warmup on our hands. now take a look at what we've seen over the weekend. yesterday and today. we've had four consecutive days of record high temperatures around 70 degrees. tomorrow we're going to break out of this pattern. the average high is 45 degrees. so we'll be cooler tomorrow. but we're still going to be above normal. take a look at the temperature trend by the time you wake up and walk outside tomorrow morning. low to mid 40s philadelphia area. by noon we'll already be in the low 50s. now the winds have diminished across the area. not as windy as it was earlier today around 10 miles an hour. that's going to help the
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temperature drop tonight. we do stay nice and dry. we stay likeñáno carrierringrin 30s for a low temperature north and west. the philadelphia area, around 37
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degrees for millville. tomorrow, though. mostly sunny, mild. not as warm as we've been over the past several days. mid to upper 50s. still above normal for this time of year with that average high being around 45 degrees. then we go into thursday. heavy rain in the forecast. colder for the weekend. fake a look at the high thursday. 39 degrees. eagles game sunday, feels a little more like football weather. we warm up next week. stay tuned. we'll be right back.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> hey, i'm john clark from comcast sportsnet. what a flyers game against carolina. jake voracek switched again now on the second line with wayne simmons, changed from right wing to left wing and paid off. second period. carolina up 1-0.
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voracek in front with the deflection. only his second goal of the season. both of them coming against carolina. we're tied at one. later in the second, game tied at two. off a hurricane skate. flyers up 3-2. in the third, jeff skinner with the hat trick. that's his second hat trick in his last three games so we've got three-on-three overtime. here we go. jake voracek on the breakaway. flyers win 4-3. that is gost's third overtime game winner this season. he is the fastest ever in nhl history to do that in just his first 17 games. >> three-on-three is built for him. he's a great skater who did a great job. he's smart as well. e he knows when to jump in and what to do with the puck when he has it. >> have to let things develop. misthe net, have one play, it's coming back at your throat. you have to stay within yourself, try to make the easy
11:26 pm
pay, you know, fortunately good things will happen. >> gost is scary good. the eagles are the favorite to win the division. even if the birds lose sunday night to the cardinals they still win the nfc east if they beat the skins and the giants in the final two games. eagles have won six of the last started and finished. he's more comfortable, more confident and speaking up more and more as a leader. chip kelly says he wants sam to be here for years to come. offensive coordinator pat shurmur who coached sam in st. louis knew this would all just take some time. >> i'm starting to see the things in him that i remember seeing when he was a rookie. takes a while to come back from what he went through. and, you know, he's getting more and more used to the way we're doing things. certainly was easy to connect the dots. when he first got here. and he was very well aware of what we try to do offensively, but it just takes a little bit of time. >> nbc 10 is your official eagles station. we have you covered for sunday night's big game.
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6:30 our playoff push special. kickoff is at 8:30. afterwards, don't miss our live eagles game day final from outside the locker room. eagles receiver jordan matthews missed practice today with a hurt back. he says he wouldn't have been able to play today if the game was today but hopefully he is ready for sunday night. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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philadelphia police say they've thwarted an attempt by imperial forces to spoil the plot of a new "star wars" movie. this humorous photo tweeted by lieutenant steven clark has become a big concern for "star wars" fans because people who have seen the movie are releasing details online. the police department added a tweet saying, unfortunately releasing spoilers isn't a crime but it should be. >> yeah. >> if you've seen it, keep quiet. >> so much buzz about it, right? >> definitely. our weather's changing. >> the weather's changing. we've had four days with record high temperatures in a row. tomorrow we're not going to see record highs. it's going to be a nice day then
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we're going to have rain thursday. that's going to lead us to a cold weekend. finally, right? >> finally. >> i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. thanks for watching. "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon" is next. ♪
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of course it worked! beep, beep, beep! ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests, mark wahlberg, bill burr, musical guest, sheryl crow,


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