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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 16, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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new from overnight philadelphia police are investigating a crash and shooting, this suv slammed into a pole outside a hospital. officers say the people inside were badly hurt. hundreds of taxi drivers will head to city hall not picking up customers. they plan to protest uber and lyft. a mild start in the 50s, we're tracking another round of rain. good morning. it's 4:00 a.m. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get you updated on the forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> tracy, temperatures are coming down but that's the only thing coming down. you can see the streets are dry in front of 30th street station. the temperatures are mild. no sign of december cold.
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upper 30s well above freezing in the mountains, the 40s for allentown, millville and it's 52 in philadelphia. the temperatures are falling at this hour. they will come down more at 6:00, 48. 47 with sunshine at 9:00. then back in the 50s this afternoon. much less windy than yesterday. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we're watching the vine street expressway, we have construction here, these are around 24th street. you can see the police activity on the eastbound side so approaching 95. right now doesn't matter because in between the schuylkill and broad street we're closed both directions so watch for that. take local vine to get by for now. for the rest of the drive times we're doing okay, no problems on the schuylkill or 95 even the work zone, into center city no problems. mass transit doing great so that's a good alternate. new jersey transit, septa dart
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and the speed line are on time with no delays. >> thanks. new from overnight philadelphia police are investigating a shooting and crash police say the victim tried to drive away from the scene. matt delucia is live in hunting park with more. what happened, matt? >> reporter: well, tracy, the driver of the car first is at temple hospital now in critical condition. he was alert and talking with police at the time of the incident. let me get out of the way. i'll show you. this is the intersection of germantown avenue and pike street. you see that suv crashed into that parked semi. nbc 10 was first on the scene when this happened. you can see the 47-year-old man being taken away to the hospital. i just spoke with police, they tell me the man was shot twice while sitting in his car about two miles up the road at green and mannheim. after he was shot he drove down germantown avenue but made it this far. there was so much damage to his car that the jaws of life were
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needed to get him out. he was conscious and talking shortly after the crash but another twist here, police found 12 small bags of crack cocaine in the passenger seat of this car. so this is being looked at potentially as a drug-related shooting. we're getting more information, we'll be back again with an update. for now the intersection of germantown avenue at pike remains shut down as the investigation continues. live in hunting park, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." thanks. 4:03. two people are hurt after a shooting in one of those was involved in a crash on the way to the hospital. the shooting happened on dare street in frankford. the gunman shot a man and woman. the woman walked to the hospital. someone took the man for treatment but the vehicle slammed into a pole outside the hospital and this morning police are looking for the shooter. police may have identified a person of interest in two slashing attacks in center city. workers at a shelter told police that a homeless man matching the suspect's description was kicked
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out of the shelter hours before the attack. authorities released this video of the man suspected in an attack at 23rd and walnut. they believe the same man slashed another victim at 21st and art. both victims had minor injuries. from our jersey shore bureau police discoveredbody in an abandoned home while they were searching for a missing cape may county teen. police have not said if the body is that of nicole, the 15-year-old reported missing two weeks ago. investigators spent the day combing through the home and neighbors tell nbc 10 investigators have been showing the teen's photo to people nearby. police identified the suspect accused of hitting an officer with his car monday night. investigators say this man was behind the wheel and police are trying to find him. the officer was responding to reports of a person with a gun when taylor allegedly drove toward the officer.
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the officer hit the windshield of the car, broke his leg and had cuts to his head. it's 4:05. a call for justice from protesters in philadelphia who took to the streets to remember a man shot and killed by police. protesters blocked traffic last night in center city, marched from city hall to the d.a.'s office. one year after police officer shot and killed brandon tate brown during a traffic stop. both officers were cleared of wrong doing and are on regular duty. brown's mother was at the protest, is suing the city and the officers involved. >> i want accountability. i want my son's side heard. and i want a judge to hear it and then determine who was right and who was wrong. >> philadelphia district attorney ruled the use of deadly force was not a crime. hundreds of taxi and limo
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drivers in philadelphia are protesting services like uber x and lyft. about 600 drivers will be at city hall. they say the services are illegal and creating anarchy in the city. the drivers say they invested in training and other regulations that uber x and lyft drivers get to ignore. some of the protesters are part of the uber black program which partners with existing limo services. school district officials in camden will go to businesses all across the city today to spread the berd a new enrollment system. the choose camden city wide school fair next month will let families apply to any district or charter school in the city with a streamlined application process. applications will open on january 5. >> the fate of philadelphia's public schools is unknown beyond january if pennsylvania can't come up with a budget agreement. the school superintendent revealed that yesterday. he says without state funds the
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ability to keep schools open and pay bills jo s beyond january 2 uncertain. >> it's 4:07. a union representing 1400 local janitors reached a tentative agreement averting a strike. members of the 32 bj service employees international union rallied yesterday. the contract was set to expire overnight. the agreement comes with wage increases of nearly $2 over four years for the workers. >> a new law in philadelphia is making it harder for employers to immediately disqualify an applicant with a criminal record. philadelphia mayor michael nutter signed amendment to what's known as the ban the box law. applicants no longer have to disclose prior criminal convictions on job applications and now employers cannot run a background check until they have extend add job offer. >> not guarantee any one a job, just people receive fair consideration for a job.
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>> this won't apply for every job. law maintains protections for specific careers that include law enforcement, children and the elderly. happening today officials will honor members of the philadelphia police force at a commendation ceremony. it will recognize officers for valor, bravery and heroism. eight minutes after 4:00. we're getting a cooler start this morning. the cooler temperatures coming down into the low 50s right now for philadelphia will likely drop in the 40s, then we're on track for a mild afternoon with sunshine, just a few passing clouds. tomorrow, though, a different story. i'm tracking rain that's going to move in first thing tomorrow morning. heading out the door, cloudy skies, part of why it's so mild. 47 degrees in doylestown, 52 in philadelphia. and mill industrial is 48. even though it's a mild start, this is about 8 to 10 degrees colder than yesterday morning. nothing falling from the clouds,
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a nice dry view across the delaware, no sign of fog this morning. and not nearly as windy as yesterday. we have a steady wind at 9 miles an hour out of the north, it's dry air coming in ensuring that we're fog free. and rain free. cloudy skies, yes, rain, not today. that will wait for tomorrow. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast calling for a mild afternoon. 50s for allentown, reading and quakertown. mostly sunny skies for doylestown, norristown and mount holly at the shore sunshine and less wind. low 50s for atlantic city and cape may, 53 in dover and warming into the middle 50s for philadelphia, 54 degrees, no sign of record temperatures. this will be the first day of the last four to not see record temperatures. we had four records in a row. low 50s this afternoon for wilmingt wilmington. as mild as it is today, there is colder weather on the way for the weekend. got the weekend forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thanks for that. about 10 minutes past 4.
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take to you work on this wednesday morning. jessica boyington is watching that. >> so we're watching the schuylkill around south street where we have construction. really not setting anybody back too much. schuylkill west and eastbound the left and center are closed for right now. you can see one of the signs in place in here. that's blocking at least the beginning to block some of the lanes there. again, the left and center lanes. i actually saw rolling work crews move by in the opposite direction here. also watch out for the westbound south street off ramp that is closed. we'll keep you updated as soon as that becomes open. 202 is okay still, you can see taking a fly there, we're green, 10 minutes or 11 minutes southbound from the schuylkill to route 30 also checked in with the area bridges we're good to go there. >> tackling terrorism. much of last night's debate around how to keep america safe. >> we're not talking about religion. we're talking about security.
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happening today the federal open market committee will decide whether to raise the federal funds rate. it would be the first time in nine years for that to happen. announcement is scheduled for 2:00 this afternoon. what this means for your money, we'll have that ahead in the business report at 5:00 a.m. congress could vote as early
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as tomorrow on a budget deal reached by party leaders. paul ryan unveiled the spending package last night. the deal would ratziz] spendingd increase the deficit by extending tax credits without paying for them. democrats say the language is still not set in stone. in decision 2016 this morning the dust is settling from the latest republican debate. the candidates took the stage in las vegas to talk about their ideas on isis, terrorism, national security. as nbc 10 national correspondent steve handelsman reports a topic waeg heavily on the minds of americans. >> it's the first time the republican candidates have faced off since the terrorist attacks in paris and san bernardino. the first since ted cruz took the lead in iowa polls. and donald trump rose to a wider lead in national polls calling for a ban on muslims entering the u.s. >> people like what i say, people respect what i say. >> trump vows to deport any new syrian refugees.
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>> and obama brought some to this country, they are leaving. they're going. they're gone. >> jeb bush took on trump. >> donald is great at the one liners buxt he's a chaos candidate. and he'd be a chaos president. he would not be the commander in chief we need. >> he has failed in this campaign, it's a total disaster. nobody cares. >> a big concern is stopping isis here and in syria. ted cruz and trump agreed on a much bigger air war. >> you would carpet bomb where isis is, not a city, but the location of the troops. >> trump would kill the families of isis fighters. >> they may not care much about their lives but they do care, believe it or not about their families' lives. >> ben carson wants u.s. troops to fight. >> we've got a phobia about boots on the ground. >> chris christie wants a no-fly zone in skieria. >> you fly in, it applies to you. and yes, we would shoot down the planes of russian pilots. >> there was a clash, cruz and
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marco rubio on deporting migrants. >> he campaigned promising. >> intense debate with a month and a half till voter dues the talking. two more republican debates before the iowa caucuses on february 1. steve handelsman, nbc news, las vegas. hillary clinton says anti-muslim rhetoric is dangerous and hurts america's ability to defend against future attacks. clinton said american muslims are the first and best defense against radicalization and attacks inside the country. >> we cannot give in to fear. we can't let it stop us from doing what is right and necessary to make us safe. and doing it in a way that is consistent with our values. >> as part of clinton's plan to stop the threat of radicalization in the u.s. officials should look at social media postings from visa applicants. >> russia claimed it carried out
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air strikes in syria. amateur video shows the aftermath. the strikes hit several cities under isis control. one of the attacks targeted an oil market. >> at 4:17 breaking news out of arizona where medical chopper with three people on board has crashed in an area east of phoenix. right now crews are still trying to get to the scene. faa official says there is no word on the conditions of those on the chopper. we'll keep you updated on this breaking news. this morning los angeles schools are scheduled to reopen after closing yesterday balls of a threat of violence. education officials said crews would search every building before classes resume. they have done that. the police chief says the threat was specific to all of the campuses in the l.a. school district. the threats came via e-mail from someone claiming to be a high school senior threatening to attack with guns and bombs. >> officials are defending the shutdown saying they are taking the threat seriously in the wake of the shootings in san
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bernardino. the circumstances in the neighboring san bernardino, i think what has happened in the nation, i think what happened internationally, i as superintendent am not going to take the chance with the life of a student. >> the new york city school district also faced a similar threat yesterday but officials there said it was not legitimate and decided to keep schools open. it's 4:18. former subway spokesperson jared fogle is appealing his sentence on child sex and pornography charges. fogel pleaded guilty last month as part after plea deal where prosecutors pledged not to push for more than 12 1/2 years behind bars. but the judge sentenced him to 15 years. so, fogel is appealing the length of the sentence. fogel pled guilty distributing and receiving child pornography and traveling to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a child. >> in tennessee three people
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were hospitalized. this happened while the plane was taxiing at nashville international airport. these pictures were taken moments after the plane came to rest. passengers were removed from the plane, taken to the gate. no word on what caused the incident. in georgia the faa is working to find out what caused a plane to crash into a roof of a home. two people were on board the plane when it went down yesterday morning landed on that house. nobody was seriously hurt. philadelphia police say they have thwarted an attempt by imperial forces to spoil the plot of the new star wars movie. this picture was tweeted by lieutenant steven clark, it's become a concern for star wars fans. police owe poem who have seen the movie releasing details on line. the police department added its own tweet releasing spoilers is not a crime but it should be. 20 minutes after 4:00, we're
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watching clouds move through the area. a cloudy start helping to keep temperatures mild. a little bit of a breeze is blowing but nowhere near as windy. it's out of the north at 9 miles an hour. northerly winds tend to cool us down. we're running 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. we were at 62 at this hour yesterday. 52, that's 20 degrees above normal for this time of year. boathouse row is dry, nothing falling from the clouds. that's not going to happen until tomorrow. none of these clouds producing rain. but look to the west, you see a line of showers that are moving into the midwest and into the deep south. those showers are going to tap into moisture off the gulf coast, that's going to be coming our way as rain tomorrow. the futurecast shows over the next 24 hours the rain will start to come together across mississippi, alabama and into georgia. that's late this evening at 11:00. by tomorrow morning at this time the first showers just inching into our area, then a steadier rainfall during the day will be
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done by tomorrow evening. so wet weather tomorrow, but you won't see it today. partly sunny and mild. 50s again this afternoon. about 10 degrees above normal for most of the area. the weekend, that's when we'll feel the normal december cold. especially on saturday, a cold gusty wind, winds gusting to 30 miles an hour, so 40s will feel like it's in the lower 30s. sunday, less wind, bright sunshine, near 50 after a cold morning. full seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour. >> bill, thanks. it's 4:21. check your ride to work including the pennsylvania turnpike. jessica boyington has traffic for you. >> tracy, we're watching for construction. our drive times are pretty good. but westbound between delaware valley and street road about 5:00 this morning with lane restrictions. otherwise we're great on the drive times from route 1 to valley forge, 23 minutes so you're good to go there. new jersey on the 42 freeway this is in deptford near the new jersey turnpike, we're okay.
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northbound right in here, that's typically where we see most of the volume and delays in the morning. you can see no problems right now. northbound from 55 to the walt whitman bridge we're okay. five minutes. for the area bridges no scheduled openings for now on the burlington bristol or the tacony palmyra and the ben is okay into philadelphia. >> imagine your life changing in an instant. that's what this guy says happened to him after he drank just a sip of beer. next, find out what he says made him sick and who he says is responsible. also next, fixing the sixers. why ex-coach larry brown thinks he has the answer to the troubles. nbc is your official eagles station. we have you covered for sunday's game at 6:30 with playoff push, our pregame special, kickoff at 8:30 and after the game eagles gameday final.
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>> from our jersey shore bureau one beer changed one man's life. now he's filing suit against the restaurant that served it to him. richard washheart says he began experiencing health problems after taking a single sip of beer at mccormick and schmidt's in 2012. the retired ocean city police officer says he was poisoned by a cleaning product that remained in the beer dispensing line. >> future is uncertain as far as the medical side goes. >> you think when you go out to eat that what you're going to ingest is safe. >> two beer distributors are also named in the suit which seeks unspecified damages. the defendants deny any wrong
4:26 am
doing. >> five minutes how long larry brown says it would take him to help fix a key problem with the team. brown says the current team is struggling so much right now because of a lack of veteran leadership. he could straight than out in five minutes. he wished he could get the team would get former star allen iverson involved in coaching. this is after the sixers announce the hiring of hall of famer as chairman of basketball operations. brown is hopeful he will guide the team in the right direction. the sixers record is 1-25. >> happening today in montgomery county, it's an annual holiday dinner for animals at the conshohocken spca shelter. members will provide holiday meals this morning. the organization has been doing this tradition for more than 50 years.
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51 degrees with clouds overhead. a live clear view across the delaware. the time is 4:27. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. >> i am. a look at the white horse pike. this is how we wish it looked all morning. everything doesn't look like this, though. when i come back i'm going to go over construction. >> next, a grinch stole toys from this new jersey police station. find out what happened and how it's touching off controversy. mike? janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? he has that dry scratchy thing going on.
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breaking news we're following right now.
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philadelphia police are investigating a shooting and crash at the same crime scene. officials say a man lost control after someone shot him. >> today a philadelphia jury begins deliberations in the assault case caught on tape, a woman is accused of yelling and hitting a gay couple. >> a criminal targets a north jersey police station. the suspect stole toys being collect forward deserving kids. then he had a change of heart. it's 4:30. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get started with meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. it is mild again. >> yeah, unbelievable. again today, not as warm as yesterday. we were in the 60s this hour yesterday. for this time of year a mild start. low 30s is the normal temperature for this hour this time of year. we're in the low 50s in philadelphia. really no sign of cold, look at reading at 50, 48 degrees in millville and it's in the low 50s for pennsauken, camden, and haddonfield at 50 degrees.


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