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tv   Today  NBC  December 16, 2015 10:00am-11:01am EST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ i found my hallelujah >> that is "live to be alive" with andy grammer. g and this is the chorus, and there. ♪ it is good to be alive right about ♪ >> and welcome to winesday
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wednesday. the earlier hours, and you guys turned it up. choir. cers, and it was like >> thank you. >> and i love this song. >> it is winesday wednesday, andy. and itand he is here. and multi -- really? multi platinum, and not long before a hustling street performer in santa monica near the promenade? >> yes, i have been there for about four years. >> and now he is one of the biggest pop stars in country music. >> not really country, but whatever and you have crossover appeal. >> but it has a country vibe. >> a twang in there. i will take it. >> and so today, we will hear today, for "star wars" and alvin and the chipmunks, and
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we will catch up with one of the stars belle thorne and you should know her. >> and we are going to to be talking all about that space. ♪ all about tha space >> some words of wisdom. >> okay. >> we didn't realize we were making memories, we just knew th we we having fun. that is all i get? is a shoulder shrug and a nod? >> well, yes. come on, let's go make a memory. >> well, like last night i was f us, and f that when i sometimes you make it fun and have a nice memory. >> i am not going to post it over dinner. >> we had a lovely dinner. >> and matt hosted us, and we see each other everyday, but we rarely have a meal together. and we want to thank matt, because he gave a beautiful
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toast. >> and we all had so much fun and a drink or two. >> and then you all left to go off to the movie. !e went off thursday ie. night -- i mean it opens up tomorrow night, but last night, we got the go, and it is one of the things that savannah was practically crying waiting for it to start, andd s to secrecy. first of all, when you get to the theater, they take your phone away. >> and when you are in the news business, it is very, very up t upsetting. >> there were nothing but hundre the you got a piece of paper with -- >> which you did not read. >> because i was having a little bit too much -- and it said do not discuss the plot with anybody so they can enjoy it. so i want to tell you something that is not doing to be spoiling
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anything. and every time there was an older ark kaer, whether it was carrie fisher or r 2 d 2 or whoever it was, when they showed up, everybody started clapping, because people remembered their childhood and it was a great deal of fun and fun room to watch it. >> and it is getting great reviews. >> and everybody enjoyed it. >> not natalie, because she fell asleep. >> and is because she had one too many. >> and the thing about natalie, she can only have one. >> and the thing is that it is not high-techie, but it feels a little kitsch. >> and have you seen it? >> me and the band can't wait to see it. we want to see it. >> and you can see it thursday. >> it is sold out everywhere he >> and now, last night there was
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a sing along with jimmy fallon and the cast. check it out. ♪ ♪ ba ba ba ba ba ba ♪ ba ba ba ♪ ba ba ba ♪ ba ba ba ♪ ba ba ♪ ba ba da ba -- ba! >> that is inkrcredible. and this is very intricate and inner ha with the iconic john williams' sound track, awesome. >> and that is awesome and i don't like much music anymore. >> that is awesome. . >> it is a new gadget that might be fun for the holiday parties
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if you want a smooch under the mistletoe and the person is far away, you extend it. >> it is 30 inches, and that is ow far they are. >> okay, really? it is a little weitt we could e it to andy gram mer, and it woud be fun, but now it is not. >> i gue parties, okay. >> oh, no. oh, no. somebody might be coming. somebody coming. >> what am i not going to be coming over to kiss you? >> are you kidding me right now. >> okay. sure. >> i take it back. it is very fun. >> yes. i like it. >> it is $10.99 on >> thank you, ang. >> and now, last night on "the voice" it was featuring coldplay and sam hunt. >> and yes it was narrowed down
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the emily ann and jordan smith. are we watching the finale? and the winner is -- >> hello. >> jordan smith, team adam. >> wa a nighhat a night, what a. >> and he is 4 years old from kentucky and everybody loved him from the beginning, and his version of "somebody to love" ended adele's ten-week reign on the top. >> and the other young lady is go ing to have a tremendous career. she is very, very talent and has the look and very, very marketable, and so it is adam's third the time to win the "voice." had you picked out the one you liked? >> i haven't see th guy was unbelievable. >> and blake still has the most
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win wins on "the voice" with four. >> and we will have jordan here tomorrow. >> that is big. club" bette midler and diane keaton and goldie hawn? >> yes, i remember it, andm a doing a cameo with those three ladies. >> and look at kathie lee, and turn it up! turn it up! please, please. >> the idea for this whole thing started because each of you have something that makes help you younger women? >> yes. >> let me tell y just the way that frank stole "jerry mcguire." >> and they are going to be doing a new movie? >> yes.
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>> are you in it? >> they haven't asked yet. but my love to three ladies, because it tells you something about the people when the cameras are not rolling. it was a freezing downtown and near tribeca, and i had flown into florida that morning because reej and i were fly filming in florida, and you never know what you will get, but every one of othose superstar women, were not only so great to me, but the experts out there even the children who were so cold. so i have that great memory of that, and one scene, big deal. >> and they are going be forming a singing group. >> i'm available. >> and so is we have news have you watched the informercials or the wen products. conditioner and products. >> yes, it is a lawsuit of a small group of women who say it
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is unsafe and causing the hair to fall out. it started out with amy freedman who said she used it for two weeks and caused the hair to fall out. and others are saying it is the same thing and damaging the follicles that is preventing their hair from moving back, and nbc cannot independently verify the claim, and now 240 women in 40 states are joining it. they say it is causing scalp rashes and hair breakage. >> and not what you want when you want a nice shampoo and conditioner. and so the lawsuit alleges all kinds of damage. >> and this is what the wen people say, and you might recognize this because you will see angie harmon and melissa
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mill lano. >> they say that there is no sciente that why their hair was damaged, but they may have had other conditions that contributed to the damage and not wen products. >> and they will be defending their product vigorously. but women said that you have to talk about it. and men care about their hair every much as women. >> i don't know. i care can about my hair. >> what about you, andy? >> i i care. >> it practically stands up on h its own. >> and now, if you look at the most googled things broken down by state. in the state of connecticut the
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most googled person is frank gifford. >> for good reason. >> yes, absolutely. and the california it is "game of thorns." >> and in new york, it is donald trump. >> and florida it is stanky leg. >> amy schumer in he maine. >> and wyoming is adele. >> and in maryland gwen stefani and blake shelton. >> and you need anything to help you through the wednesday hump? >> oh, not me. >> your body was made for better things than rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist move to a biologic, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well.
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♪ >> he is wone of the hottest singers around with hits like th this "it is good to be alive" and "honey i'm good." >> we are talking about that great singer andy grammer. >> thank you. >> and it is so nice to meet somewhere around rockefeller center. >> i love it. >> thank you for spending time with us. >> we were talking about earlier, kath and i, you were the guy playing in santa the monica. >> and just going for it. a go from that to this?
10:17 am
>> well, i don't know. i mean, i feel like -- >> s going to be seeing you and say in. >> my manager keenan found me out, there and how you go from the street to sitting next to you lovely ladies is great songs. >> and there has to be a time in the four years when you are thinking, this is never going to be happening for me? >> no. you are wrong, because it is like, as an artist, you want to sing and have it affect people. >> so you were happy doing what you were doing? >> yeah, on the street, and the gi girls and the volleyball team from tokyo passes r star for l minutes, and you feel it, and they are vibing out, and then they leave and so cool. >> and so you ask them for donations? >> yeah, i had a little jar that said make change, i trust you. >> and nobody stole from you all of those years? sgle don't think so. w actually a sweet way to get started. and people like, it lets you
10:18 am
know if you are good or not. and people go to have barbeque and say, you are so good. so amazing. >> how long did it take from santa monica to here? >> five years. and it is a short time. and for four years many people stop and say, i'm doing the make you a star. and then rachel platten who sings "fight song." and we are the best. best friends and not best people in the world, but, the producer said to keep it went from there >> and you met your wife in california. >> yes. you met her? >> yes, at the billboard thing, and i said i love this girl and, and she said i'm andy grammer's wife.
10:19 am
and i said, i get it. >> and she is out on the road with salena gomez. >> and you are newly ma ried? >> three years. >> that is newly married, trust me. >> and we are cynical. >> and she is out on the road with salena. >> yes, a a nd she is a great hav a good time. ed to go o >> and so now, andy grammer, and we are going to take one of your song songs and do a mad lib thing, an whi one. so i need a noun. >> a noun. >> peanut butter. >> peanut butter. i need another noun. >> hoda. >> i need a verb. >> be careful. >> slap. >> you know that is going to be good. >> ooh, that is kinky. >> i need an adverb. >> like mister.
10:20 am
>> no, like action. >> no a adverb. >> something with are l-y. >> like rapidly or -- >> swimming ly. we will take it british. >> hold i need an adjective, describe. >> lovely. >> okay. >> and i need another noun. >> kathie. >> oh, dear. [ laughter ] >> we need the guitar, please, jerry. a pick there? yes, a pick. and so this song is "honey i'm good" and the new lyrics are in the prompter. >> okay. this i [ laughter ] okay. this is an extra tumble here. get into the vibe. ♪ a lot of peanut butter here ♪ and a lot of nights there ♪ and a lot of hodas there ♪ and you slap good ♪ i will not lie ♪ but if you ask ♪ly have to be like ah baby
10:21 am
♪ nah baby ♪ you got me swimmingly all my love sfoid so nah, nah baby i'm good ♪ ♪ but lovely i should -- >> you keep going on. ♪ i should have another one, but i probably shouldn't, and if i have somebody like kathie, i will leave it alone ♪ oh, that version is really good. you are the sweetest both of you, thank you. >> and we will be playing a game who knew right after this. >> and thank y
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your worst cold & flu symptoms... you can give them everything you've got. tylenol® . we have a lot more ahead. did you see santa? >> we carve d up space for "who knew?" >> and for the film e.t., who was the inspirations for the figure's face?
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you can see clouds and some sunlight. that's a live view from the m marquis de lafayette hotel. we see breaks in the cloud cover for cape may. temperatures are climbing, already in the 50s for allentown, northeast philadelphia and trenton. warming into the mid-50s with easterly winds that will stay below 10 miles an hour. >> thank you, bill. police have a person in custody in two slashing attacks in center city. this is kyle stevens. police tell nbc 10 within the last hour they have arrested him. authorities released this video of stevens in an attack at 23rd and walnut streets early yesterday morning. police believe stevens slashed another victim a half hour later at 21st and arch streets. both victims in the attack had minor injuries. today hundreds of taxi and limo drivers in philadelphia are protesting ride-sharing services like uber x and lyft.
10:28 am
they say those services are illegal and creating anarchy in the city. the drivers also say they have invested in training and other regulations that uber x and lyft drivers simply ignore. i'm vai sikahema. a full hour of news coming up in 30 minutes and you can get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. we'll send it back to the "today" show. have a great day. see you in another half hour.
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oh, my gosh, it is winesday wednesday and that means it is time for the weekly game "who new?" in anticipation of the much anticipated film "star wars" we want to nknow what you know about space and pop culture. kathie lee is across the street to hand out $# 100 for anybody who gets it right and those who don't gecd. [ applause ] here with me is the star of the new sci-fi series "the expanse" actor steven strait. hey, steven. you debuts monday. >> yes. >> tell us about the character. >> i play a guy jim holden and when you meet jim, he is cynical and self-involved dude, and always kind of been running from answering to any authority of any kind, and he comes across
10:31 am
the distress call, and he is stuck into the geopolitical maelstrom. >> and the vote on the floor is a that it was great. and now, the before the break we asked who was the inspiration for the face of e.t., albert einstein or winston churchill. that is hilarious, and steven spielberg was also influenced by others. >> and what will princess leia be known for? >> i want the cd. >> she got it wrong. >> and the answer is general lay ya. >> yes, princess leia is general lay ya, and i'm so excited to see this movie, i mean, it bro
10:32 am
the advanced ticket sales for fandango, and it is going to be huge. yes, we will see. >> over to you, kath. >> from memphis, tennessee, this saying from the original "star wars" series never was said, "beam me up, scotty", "live long and prosper" or "to boldly go where nobody has gone before." >> beam me up, scotty was not there? >> no, it was "beam me up, mr. scott." >> oh, okay. strange. and you are from? >> st. louis, missouri. >> finish the lyrics to elton john's "rocket man." it's going to be a long long time and -- >> yes, and blah, blah, blah. i got the kathie lee cd!
10:33 am
>> i have never seen so many people overjoyed to get that cd. the correct answer is this -- ♪ oh no no ♪ i'm not the man they say at home but i'm a rocketman ♪ >> and so it is about being on the billboard charts for 17 weeks, and it is a great song and one of the all-time great song songs according to the billboarag a according to the gs world records, what's the most expensive manmade object ever built? >> b? >> yeah. >> wow. >> what? >> yes, that is right. >> the international space station. >> yes, over $# 100 billion when all is said and done. >> with a b? >> yes, with a b. over $# 100 billion. yes. >> and we have time for one
10:34 am
more. >> from kalamazoo, the orion spacecraft was carrying which recent movie script when it or bitted over earth? >> c. >> guess that is right, "the martian?" >> yes, the first page of the script went around the world twice with the test flight of the capsule. >> cool. >> very cool. >> and thank you so much. and remember, you can catch steven on "the expanse" tuesday at 10:00 on sci-fi. and great gifts for a good cause starting at $5 and plus one of the disney stars who is in one of the biggest movies this weekend, and her name is belle ♪ ♪ ♪ and off you go, ♪ ♪ ♪ and off you go,♪
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10:39 am
dia, and so from there it was "a horrible no good day" alongside jennifer garner and then stars in "blended." >> and on the road she starred in "chipmunks." >> oh, my god, you guys are awesome. hey, miles, right? wow, you played great. >> thanks, you are cool -- i mean you -- i love when music makes your -- i mean -- >> oh, brother. >> hello and nice to see you again. >> hi, guys, nice to be here again. >> and these movies are huge hits and were you a fan when you were growing up? >> yes, i liked the series, and it is one of the reasons, but not the main reason that i wanted to do the film. >> what was the main reason? >> was bay wanted the do the
10:40 am
animation, and it is very different with the live action and animation. >> and so, if you are supposed to be wrestling, and they are down here on the ground, what direction do they give you? >> well, the marks are super critical, and the exec body language is also souper critica, and they do ten takes just for the chipmunks, and a green pass without them there and with mark that they bring in that light reflect, and then a camera that takes photo of thes the 360 while you are doing to the scenes, so at the that point, you are so focused on being super, like in the animation, that you are not acting. >> so it is like 17-hour days. >> yes. easy. then you have to make it >> you are a pop star, but not the diva kind of -- describe your kascharacter here. >> my character is a super no. we s in the instagram that you had a picture of your bedroom and you decked it out.
10:41 am
>> you really love christmas? >> yes, me and my mom went a little wild in my bedroom. oh, just wait. >> that is your bed? >> just wait. those are like my actual sheet, because i usually have purplish sheets to get me into the holiday spirit. >> and what is your dog's name? >> hades, and he is a demon dog. >> and now, another name for he hell. >> yes. and >> do you see your brother? >> yes, we see each other everyday. >> we were read when you were younger that you have dyslexia, and that is one of the things that actors have to overcome, and you went on the quite a book. how did that y or hurt you? >> what? the dyslexia?
10:42 am
>> yes. >> it harmed me because the first language is spanish, and th hayed to drop that to learn english and then learn to read, and it set me back so much longer than average joe, and so that is really hard and i was bullied a lot in school for it, and bullied a lot growing up, and i always wanted to be an actre actress, but people were like, you can't, pretty girl and you can't do that, because you can't read. so i went to the sylvan learning s center and i learned at lo, and i went on the acti so scrip and now i have roles like the series. >> and now we want to play a game, that we will read a statement, and you ring the bell if it is true or not. >> you have a fear of heights. you do? >> eyes, shorter heights i love the roller coasters, but seven feet, i freak out. >> you love roller coasters.
10:43 am
jing a jing. and you are queen of the card games fit. >> no, crazy eights. >> you have an obsession with cats. >> i know. >> you have dogs? >> yes, i have cats, too. >> you are and only child? >> no, a brother and two sisters. >> and your full name is bella thoern. >> no. >> what is it? >> annabella ai ri thorne. >> good for you, you knew every answer. >> thank you, thank you so much, i love you so much, wow. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for having me here. >> and don't forget that alvin and the chipmunk open up friday. >> and if you need a few
10:44 am
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hi, joaquin. >> and before you do your
10:49 am
last-minute shopping this weekend, the average american will spend $700 on the holiday gifts and goodies this year, and that is more than $465 billion. >> that is right. so why not do some good with your hard earned cash and spend it on the gifts that giv ed vet thoseless fortunate. >> and here to help us with that is the executive director of "latina" magazine, robin morena. >> yes, and it is so great when the gifts can can do something extra. >> yes, and these gifts can make a big difference this holiday season. >> and they can get all of this before christmas? >> yes, all of this is guer guaranteed to be delivered before christmas the giving key and it is a great jewelry line for people transitioning out of homelessness, and so they say a word of words like strength, belief, and the idea is that once you are done with the key, you give it to somebody else who needs it more th you, and so
10:50 am
it is a gift that keeps on giving. >> this is dream. very sweet. >> and pretty jewelry here? >> in is a line that is made by earl wand and women, and they receive fair wages, and so it helps them to move forward and everything is made from the recycled materials. >> and also from rwanda. >> yes, and this launched ten years ago, and so your viewers have helped years and years, and this is a beautiful plate. >> yes. these totes are cool, and it is by a cousin of jenna bush hagar. >> yes. this is for children who learn better with food, so one of these bags will sponsor a child for a year, and this is a wine-bag, which will sponsor
10:51 am
five meals, and so today is the last day for shipping. >> and what about this? >> this is called plushies and blake shelton cd and $5 to help initiatives for children all across the country. >> and these help veterans? >> yes, often when they get off of duty, they can't find a job, so a friend was inspired by one of the people he knows, and this is a tie that says to help our heroes get jobs. and on the other side is camouflage. >> i can't handle this cuteness f factor. >> this is pbs kids right here
10:52 am
foods, and they have a line of oearth friendly product, and 100% goes to the pbs, and the kids are wearing rocking baby, which is a child for child clothing donated to a child in need. because i am standing in front of the ugly sweaters, it is actually national ugly day tomorrow, and so the proceeds are will go to help the kids across the country with need across the country. >> and these kids are so adorable. oh, my gosh. >> baby, wait until you see these generous gifts for families in need. >> but first, this on nbc. puffs knows winter...
10:53 am
10:54 am hard on your nose there's the endless runny noses. the sneezes that just won't quit and of course, the biting cold of snow day play. that's why puffs is soft. puffs plus lotion tissues... ...are gentle on skin. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better. so you can get out and enjoy winter a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. for softness that fits anywhere, try puffs softpack.
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more than $30 million worth of gifts from the toy drive are
10:56 am
headed out for families across the country. and we want to thank you for being sok at who is out for a walk. it is bob and laura, founders of monagh monaghan. what are you donating this year? >> we are donating uppababy strollers. >> that is so helpful this time of the year. >> and why do you feel that you should do this? >> well, we are dedicated to providing safe transport for babies and to donate to families in need this time of year. >> thank you for walking arod . and without a coat. when it is so chilly. >> and io donate, go online for more details on and a shout out to one of our fans who spotted the elf
10:57 am
regis. >> and yes, this is from one of our viewers whose child was wearing some very festive jammys. >> and tomorrow, we will have jordan smith. >> and a makeover for two lucky ladies. >> and bobbie is goin
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
and that breaking news, philadelphia police have arrested a man wanted for slashing two men yesterday in center city. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. police tell us they arrested the suspect early this morning. both stabbings happened yesterday morning around 5:30. the first attack was at 23rd and walnut. the second happened a half hour later at 21st and arch streets. nbc 10's monique braxton is live for us at central detectives in center city with more. monique, what with k you tell us? >> reporter: i can tell you that 26-year-old kyle stevens is here inside being interviewed by detectives in the central division. they tell us he was brought in about two hours ago and arrested. here's what police sources also te


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