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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  December 16, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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and that breaking news, philadelphia police have arrested a man wanted for slashing two men yesterday in center city. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. police tell us they arrested the suspect early this morning. both stabbings happened yesterday morning around 5:30. the first attack was at 23rd and walnut. the second happened a half hour later at 21st and arch streets. nbc 10's monique braxton is live for us at central detectives in center city with more. monique, what with k you tell us? >> reporter: i can tell you that 26-year-old kyle stevens is here inside being interviewed by detectives in the central division. they tell us he was brought in about two hours ago and arrested. here's what police sources also tell me. stevens was recognized by an
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employee of allied security at the intersection of allegheny and broad. that security guard called 911. temple police responded, picked up stevens and brought him to central detectives. just moments ago, another temple police officer arrived with what appeared to be stevens' belongings. now, we also have surveillance videotape to show you. police believe this is stevens. they say he is responsible for the two attacks just blocks apart that occurred in a short time span yesterday morning. they say about 5:30 a temple university student who didn't want to be identified but we did talk to him and he told us he suffered injuries to his wrist and side while jogging. he says he was slashed with a three-inch blade at 23rd and walnut. police say 15 minutes later attorney josh mcnamara says he was scratched on the cheek when he encountered the suspect near 21st and arch.
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investigators say stevens was kicked out of a shelter earlier this week after punching a man and police sources also tell us right now one of the victims is here inside central detectives talking to them and identifying stevens. we'll have much more on this in the next half hour. live for now outside central, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> monique, thank you. one man is in critical condition in philadelphia. he was shot while sitting in his car in the city's hunting park neighborhood. he started to drive away after he was shot but then crashed into a truck. police say they found drugs in his car while they were pulling him out of it. they're now waiting to speak with him. with two people are hurt after a shooting and one of those victims was involved in a crash on the way to the hospital. the shooting happened on deraa street in frankford. the gunman shot a man and woman. the woman walked to the hospital on her own. someone took the man for treatment but the vehicle slammed into a pole outside of the hospital. police are looking for the
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gunman. one driver is hurt after crashing into several parked cars on the roosevelt boulevard. this happened just before 3:00 on the northbound lanes in olney. police say the driver lost control and crashed into the cars. the car flipped over after the crash. the driver was able to get out and suffered minor injuries. happening now, a jury is n center city is now deliberating in the trial of a woman accused of hurling homophobic slurs and throwing punches at a gay couple. cathryn knott took the stand on her own defense. she faces years in prison if convicted. prosecutors say knott and two other men attacked the couple in center city last year. knott is the last defendant to face charges in this case, the other two pleaded guilty. just within the last few hours, philadelphia police released new video of two robberies. in the first, two women stole six packs of diapers from the family dollar store on west
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lehigh avenue on sunday. an employee tried to stop the women in the parking lot but they attacked her and drove away. the employee had a cut lip and a bump on her head. this is the video from the second robbery, a robbery at a little caesar's pizza shop. the woman demanded money then ran out of the store. no one was hurt in the robbery. a mix of clouds and sun out there today and once again temperatures are still above average as we take a live look at boathouse row. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is hi, glenn. >> hey, vai. yes, everyday is above average around here this month. looks like we'll have the warmest december ever recorded. not as warm as it has been.
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we have an easterly wind. we have clouds out there right now. you can see parts of the area seeingóñ$ sunshine like in buc county. burlington getting more sunshine but more cloud cover farther to the south. you can see the edge of the clouds right here across parts of montgomery count yy sunshinen northeast philly while it's overcast by the airport. 51 degrees now. these temperatures are already well above the average high is it's colder than yesterday. five to ten degrees colder. we're talking about mid-50s, ten degrees above average, no rain during the day today but that will change tomorrow and pretty rainy day ahead.
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more on the timing for that with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> glenn, thank you. a call for justice from protestors in philadelphia who took to the streets to remember a man shot and killed by police. protesters blocked traffic last night in center city. they marged from city hall to the d.a.'s office. exactly one year after a police officer shot and killed brandon tae brown during a traffic stop. both officers involved were cleared of wrongdoing and are on regular duty. brown's mother was at the protest and she's suing the city and officers involved. >> i want accountability. i want my son's side heard and i want a judge to hear it and then determine who was right and who was wrong. >> reporter: the philadelphia district attorney ruled the use of deadly force was not a crime. the fate of philadelphia's public schools is unknown beyond january. if pennsylvania can't come up with a budget agreement, school
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superintendent william hight revealed that in an e-mail to colleagues. he said without state funds the district's ability to keep schools open, issue paychecks and bills beyond january 29 of next year is uncertain. pennsylvania has been operating without a budget since july 1. and residents of bethlehem face a more than 2% property tax increase in the coming year. according to reports, city council approved that increase as part of the 2016 city budget. that budget total was $73.7 million. the tax increase is expected to cost homeowners an average of $18.50 more next year. the city's recycling fees will go up by $10 from $60 to $70 a year for residents. happening today hundreds of taxi and limo drivers in philadelphia will protest ride-sharing services like uber x and lyft. about 600 drivers will be at city hall today.
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they say those services are illegal and creating anarchy in the city. the drivers also say they've invested in training and other regulations that uber x and lyft drivers ignore. some protesters are part of the uber black program which partners with existing limo services. also septa and other partners will give us an update on the plans from 30th street station as we look at the train station where neighbor cans hear the latest details of this plan. the plan aims to make the area around 30th street station into an epicenter for community development, economic growth and improved transportation connections. they hope to do that by making physical improvements and transportation changes. fight night in vegas. >> donald is great at the one-liners but he's a chaos candidate and he'd be a chaos
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president. >> chaos aside. watch how the gloves came off when the republican presidential candidates went head to head on everything from immigration reform to public policy. plus, we'll see the first interest rate mike a decade. i'll talk live with a financial expert about what the federal reserve's expected announcement today means to you. enjoy the dry weather while it lasts. i'm tracking the arrival of heavy rain. plus a cooldown. i'll let you know what to expect and when just ahead.
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decision 2016, national security or the lack thereof is still what's being talked about the morning after the latest -- the last republican presidential debate of the year and the gop leadership is okay with that. here's more from nbc's chris clackham. >> reporter: a highlight was this between candidates trump and bush. >> this is a tough business to run for president. >> i know, you're a tough guy, jeb, i know. >> and we need to have a leader -- >> you're tough. you're real tough. >> you're never going to be president of the united states by insulting your way of the presidency. >> the second tear of the gop field found common ground. >> there will be boots on the ground and they'll be over here and they'll be there boots if we don't get them out of there now. >> we need to have a coalition that will stand for nothing less than the total destruction of isis. >> reporter: all of which was just fine with republican leadership assessing the debate on the morning tv shows wednesday. >> i do think people are afraid.
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we're afraid. i'm afraid. i'm sure you're all concerned about where we're at in this country in fighting isis and terrorism. >> reporter: in his reaction wednesday morning, jeb bush was still debating strategy on security issues. >> the idea that you can just prey on people's fears is not who we are as a nation, is not who we are as a party. >> reporter: while front-runner donald trump stuck to a more hard line approach. >> i thought it was an amazing debate. >> reporter: many of the candidates head to iowa for the holidays where the caucuses are now just 46 days away. nbc 10 news. happening now, homeland security secretary jeh johnson is outlining the new national terror alert system. here's a live look from fema headquarters in washington, d.c. as jeh johnson is there at the podium. this will be the third terror alert system put in place since the 9/11 terror attacks. this alert system was announced
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last week following the terror attacks in san bernardino and paris. at that time, johnson said it would be -- it would better inform the public about threats to the united states compared to the current system. ash carter is in baghdad, iraq, on an unannounced visit. he there's with directions from president obama to find new ways to defeat isis. carter will meet with his commanders and iraqi leaders to look for ways to broaden the u.s. assistance in iraq. the obama administration has been talking for days about accelerating the fight against the militant group. the french army released new i have owe today showing air strikes against isis in iraq. it shows fighter jets taking off from a base in an undisclosed location. the jets fired cruise missiles against an isis command center near iraq's border with syria. france stepped up its strikes after isis claimed responsibility for the terror attacks in paris last month that left 130 people dead.
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>> we're still about 10 degrees above average for time of the year. but we are tracking heavy rain. it's been relatively dry around here. a weekend cold blast the only cold air of the whole month of decemb december. that includes the rest of the month because we'll be seeing some christmas records, especially christmas eve. we have a light east wind. 51 in allentown despite the clouds, 52 in salem and mount holly. in wilmington, 51 atlantic city and millville. the farther south you go the
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thicker the clouds so temperatures fairly uniform across the area and look at these numbers. we are way ahead of the pace for the warmest december ever recorded. more than 11 degrees above normal for the month as a hole in philadelphia. that is just out of this world. unbelievable. mount pocono even more extreme. 13.6 degrees above normal. it's not just around here. other parts of the east and even midwest are exceptionally mild, too. buffalo still hasn't gotten any snow. mild right now but some cold air will be coming down friday into saturday and sunday morning but then it's going away. here comes the mild air right back by tuesday, by wednesday we're starting to talk about getting close to records. by thursday we'll be at record levels. possibly even into christmas weekend itself, the cold air
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stuck way, way back to the west. there's the 26, and it's still exceptionally warm. now, the clouds breaking up, at least in parts of the area, but holding firm in others. this is the area of rain that's going to be approaching. it's a long way away right now so we don't expect it today or tonight. and first thing tomorrow morning it's likely to be dry. maybe a sprinkle or a little drizzle at most. then the rain moves in later during the morning, gets heavy at times during the afternoon and then starts to move out by thursday night. then the colder air comes in. computer models starting to vary a little bit about the amounts of rain as you can see, not much the first half of thursday but then the rest of the day it's getting more impressive in some places, getting around an inch of rain or perhaps even a little bit more but we're not talking
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about a flooding threat or severe storms. mix of sun and clouds today, mild is, is high temperatures in the mid-50s but not nearly as warm as it's been. upper 50s despite all the rain tomorrow and then we drop 10 degrees friday, another 10 on saturday and a good bit of wind on saturday. we'll be calculating windchills then. perhaps the first night below freezing in philadelphia sunday morning before we start warming up gwen next week. happening today, the federal reserve will decide whether to raise interest rates. it will be the first time in nine years. the fed slash rates to near zero in december of 2008 and few anticipated they would stay there for seven years but is the u.s. economy strong enough to handle a rate hike. bob johnson is president and ceo of the american college of
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financial services and the co-author of the book "invest with the fed." bob, thanks for coming in. let me start with what the proposed rate hike -- is that a fore again conclusion? i understand that wall street is speculating there may be one or two voting who may not go along. >> if i had to put odds on it, i would say it's a 95% certainty. >> but then the application. it will happen slowly? gradually? how -- >> well, what i think will happen, vai, is the fed has been very patient. folks have believed they were going to hike rates sooner than this but i think they've been very patient, they wanted to make sure that they believe the that the economy could withstand an rate increase. so to that point now i believe they'll raise rates today and i also believe it will be the first in a series of rate hikes over the next year. i believe if i had to put a
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number on it perhaps four rate hikes next year of 25 basis points so interest rates would increase 1%, maybe over 1% over that time period. >> okay, so for the rank and file who are watching this program, how does it affect them. how does it affect you and me and people who are out there living paycheck to paycheck? >> immediately, very little. it's much ado about nothing immediately. but if what i said happens and they gradually increase rates over the next year, you're going to see interest rates on mortgages increase, interest rates on car loans increase, credit cards and so forth. typically it's very simple. if you're a borrower, the interest rate increases are bad for you. if you're a lender, interest rate increases are good. >> did you just answer for me the winners and losers in this rate hike? >> exactly. >> what's the short and
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long-term effect of such a hike? >> i think the long-term effect is you are going to see interest rates increase. for instance, if you have a variable rate loan, mortgage loan, it probably would be a good idea to lock in a fixed rate now. there's much more risk of rates rising than rates falling. the other thing is the effect on the stock market. and generally stocks perform much better when rates are trending downward than when rates are trending upward. in fact, in invest with the fed my co-authors and i found the s&p 500 returned about 15.2% when rates were trending downward and 5.9% when rates were trending upward. so for investors expect lower returns in the stock market. >> it will be tougher for everybody around, especially those investing in the stock market. bob johnson, thank you for coming in and sharing tips with us. >> appreciate it, thanks. a family has three new reasons to celebrate christmas
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this year but these adorable baby girls aren't your typical triplets. what makes this family so unusual. we'll have that for you straight ahead. ♪ ♪ >> it's become a holiday tradition in our area. the more 101 phenomenon christmas choir competition. we'll hear the beautiful sounds of the finalists coming up.
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this week's wednesday's child is a sweet boy who loves football and has a very engaging personality. he's hoping to find a forever family that will open their hearts and support him through all of life's challenges. i'd like you to meet anthony. he's the quarterback. what do you think? >> good. >> anthony is a warm and fun-loving young man. he is funny and has a very thoughtful personality. he loves to have a good time and has a passion for all things football. so we headed to the right place to take in some pig skin -- lincoln financial field. he enjoyed a visit from the eagles mascot swoop. he loved to tour the locker room. got a chance to take to the field. >> anthony has a great personality, he's very funny, he has a great sense of humor and likes to joke around with people. very warm boy, very polite. >> he's currently in the sixth grade and loves school. although he is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, he doesn't let it hold him back.
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he's very independent and has made great strides developmentally. >> i love anthony. anthony is such a great kid. he has a lot-to-bring to his forever family. he's very fun and he makes you smile. everybody he meets puts a smile on his face immediately. >> the ideal family would be supportive and loving. they would act as an advocate for his needs. >> he's very talkative and asks a lot of questions. hue more so a big part of him. >> he is ready to share his big heart with a forever family. >> eagles! >> anthony is this week's wednesday's child. we had a great time and we thank the eagles for letting us hang out at their stadium at the link. if you'd like to make anthony's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation, go to our web site at
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you can also call the national adoption center directly at 1-866-do-adopt. we are following breaking news in center city philadelphia where a man was arrested in a pair of slashings yesterday. how police were able to catch the suspect wanted for injuring two men. move over lebron and steph curry. this mom could give you a run for your money. the amazing shot you'd like to see from this amazing hoop hero.
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that breaking news, philadelphia police arrest a man they say is responsible for two attacks in center city that happened yesterday. both stabbings happened yesterday morning around 5:30. the first attack was at 23rd and
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walnut. the second happened a half hour later 2591st and arch street. monique braxton is live at central detectives with details of the arrest. monique, tell us more. >> hi, vai. 26-year-old kyle stevens faces a list of charges including aggravated assault since being brought here at 9:00 this morning. we captured this video of a temple police officer bringing stevens belongings to central. here's what police sources tell me. stevens was recognized by an employee of allied security at the intersection of allegheny and broad. that security guard called 911. temple police then responded, picked stevens up and brought him to central. stevens is the man you see on surveillance videotape according to police. they say he's responsible for the two attacks just blocks apart in occurred in a short time span yesterday morning. according to police, 5b9:about ,
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a temple university student suffered injuries to his wrist and side while out jogging. he told us he was slashed with a three-inch blade at 23rd and walnut. police say about 15 minutes later attorney josh mcnamara told them he was crash issed on the cheek when he encountered the suspect near 21st and arch. max mara said he feels lucky to be alive. investigators also tell us stevens was kicked out of a shelter earlier this week after punching another man. and just moments ago we've also learned that one of the victims is here being interviewed again and identifying the suspect with detectives. i asked is stevens cooperating and i was told not at all. live outside central, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> a mix of sun and clouds right now across our area and shaping
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up to be another pretty decent december day. a live look at the jersey shore from the camera in cape may from the marquis de lafayette. big changes are in store. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glaur glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. glenn, what do you have? >> well, vai, first we have rain, then we have cold weather and then we've got the return of record warmth. one area not really happy about that in the poconototally bare camelback where they can usually at least make snow if it's cold enough, they don't need the natural snow. they're not getting either. it's too warm. these clouds are not producing any kind of rain right now but obviously cutting down the sunlight in much of the area and that keeps the temperatures down a little bit. but it's still warmer than average for december. the average high temperature is 44 degrees and we're well above
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it, 51 in philadelphia. also in allentown. atlantic city, dover also 51 degrees. the temperatures this afternoon holding fairly steady, in the mid-50s with mostly cloudy skies. no rain today but we are getting some tomorrow. more on the timing of that and how cold it will get this weekend with the seven day in a few minutes. >> glenn, thank you. this morning we are getting our first look at a medical helicopter that crashed near phoenix, arizona. this video shows the wreckage in the rugged terrain. the helicopter was carrying a pilot, a paramedic and nurse when it went down but no patients. two of those on board died in the crash. the third was seriously injured. authorities say that survivor -- a survivor used a flashlight to signal the search aircraft. that person was taken to a trauma center in the phoenix area. the crash scene has been sealed off until the ntsb investigators can arrive there later today. more than 100 passengers were evacuated from a southwest
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airlines plane in tennessee last night when the jet veered off into a ditch just after landing. nbc's tom costello has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, the faa investigating why this passenger plane rolled off a taxiway in tennessee last night. southwest 31 was taxiing to the gate and became snuck a ditch after landing in nashville. >> everything is normal then we hear a big pop. >> reporter: photos posted on social media shows one of the plane's emergency chutes deployed. the 133 passengers and five crew members were transported into the airport. southwest says "the safety of our customers and employees remain our primary focus." eight passengers were transported to a local hospital after suffering minor injuries, mostly bumps and bruises according to the national fire department. >> it was scary. it was really scary. but we were on the ground. it could have been worse. >> reporter: tuesday's incident coming just days after another
11:36 am
southwest flight made an emergency landing in san antonio. that aircraft landed safely after part of the wing appeared to be at what the airline calls an irregular angle. all of this with christmas just a week away and the rush beginning, millions of americans expected to fly for the holidays. >> that was nbc's tom costello reporting. a baltimore jury is deliberating again today in the case of the first police officer to stand trial over the death of freddie gray. this is the third day of deliberations in the case of william porter. he's one of six officers charged in gray's death. yesterday the jurors sent the judge a note saying they were deadlocked but he told them to keep wearing. prosecutors say porter was negligent for failing to buckle freddie gray into a transport van and failing to call a medic when gray asked to go to a hospital. if gray arrived with a broken neck and later day. school will be back in
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session in los angeles after the district canceled classes after what they called a credible threat. the superintendent says he made the right decision but as miguel almaguer reports, many are greg he acted too quickly. >> reporter: 700,000 students will be back in school just 24 hours after the unprecedented decision to shut down the nation's second-largest school district just before classes were set to begin. >> we can now announce the fbi has determined this is not a credible threat, something we could haven't announced earlier in the day. >> reporter: the abrupt decision came after an e-mail threat. someone claiming to be a high school senior said they were bullied and ready with an army to attack schools with guns and bombs is. l.a. is just 65 miles from san bernardino where 14 were killed in a terror attack two weeks ago today. >> decisions were made, the information we have now was not available. >> reporter: while the police chief food is by the superintendent's decision,
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privately, law enforcement officials say they advised against the closure, calling it a bad move. in new york, where a similar e-mail was received, classes went on as scheduled. former lapd police chief bill bratton, now the police commissioner new york, says l.a. overreacte overreacted. >> we don't see that as a credible terrorist threat and we are investigating it as a hoax. >> reporter: after sweeping 1500 los angeles schools for bombs, the all-clear came late tuesday well after parents scrambled to pick up stranded students. >> i'm happy they took precautions. i'm sad for the kids that they can't be in school today. >> reporter: this morning, lausd is back in business but only after heavy criticism. >> that was nbc's miguel almaguer reporting. police have a driver in custody who they say ran the entry of france piece -- a monument in france.
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officers opened fire on the vehicle before arresting the driver. no one was hurt. police are trying to figure out what led to the crash but early reports suggest the driver was incoherent. french leaders paid homage at the monument last month following the terror attacks in paris. new information came in last night. you'll have two extra days to sign up for health insurance through the marketplace. the enrollment deadline was supposed to be yesterday but the government says the deadline is thursday if you want your coverage to start january 1. congress could vote as early as tomorrow on a budget deal reached by party leaders. house speaker paul ryan unveiled the budget package last night. it would increase the deficit by extending tax credits without paying for them. democrats say the language of the agreement is not set in stone. the pope turns 79 tomorrow but he's already received a special gift from his faithful. the pontiff was presented with an early birthday cake at 2
11:40 am
start of his weekly general audience at the vatican. pilgrims sang happy birthday as he made his way around the square. when he addressed the crowd, pope francis turned the focus to the recently opened extraordinary jubilee year of mercy. a roman catholic period of prayer celebrated through next november. new parents in nebraska are getting the hang of their surprise babies: their three girls are rare identical triplets. the girls are named charlotte, sydney and savannah. all starting with s. they were born four months ago. identical triplets occur only about 20 to 30 times per one million births and their doctor explains. >> one embryo that's split to two and then this one split to two. >> the babies' mom says she can tell them apart but they still mark their triplets feet with the letters a, b, and c so when she's running on zero hours of sleep it takes all the guess
11:41 am
work right out of it. good for them. a family in minnesota won't have to pay tuition for their daughter's school for a year -- a half a year thanks to a lucky basketball shot. look at this, nine-year-old grace won a school fund-raiser by collecting the most money for kids against hunger which serves food banks in their area. the catch? she had to make a half-court shot in the school's gym. she and her mom took turns at practice shots, missing the first two attempts and then how about this? [ cheers and applause ] that's her third shot. the shot fell short of the rim but after one bounce went right in. mom and daughter were shocked by the basket but thrilled to win the half year of tuition. good for them. they still get it. everyone is still talking about last night's big finale on
11:42 am
"the voice." >> the winner of "the voice" is -- >> it was george smith's night to shine. did you think he would win it all? why the other singers say his victory was hardly a surprise. we got some rain. some of it will be heavy headed our way and so is the return of winter briefly. i'll break down the timing of it all just ahead.
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a new study shows depression can alter brain development of children. researchers studies the group of kids diagnosed with depression as pre-schoolers. brain scans show gray matter in the cortex was smaller and thinner than in children without depression. that's part of the brain that processes emotions. kids who were the most depressed had more severe abnormalities in the brain. pay raises are on employees' wish list this holiday season but only few expect to get one according to a new report from 12% anticipate a pay raise. 39% want a higher salary. 18% are wishing for better health insurance and 16% would like a better work/life balance. only 9% want more vacation time. this isn't 2that surprising if you have a teenager but americans love their video games. a poll shows 49% play video games on a regular basis. and that includes everything from traditional console games
11:46 am
to games on mobile devices and social media. gamers were divided pretty evenly between men and women but women over 50 were actually more likely to play than men of the same age group. this morning, a new singer has been crowned the voice. the winner was revealed on last night's live season finale and as nbc's stephanie stanton reports, very few people were surprised at the outcome. >> the winner of "the voice" is -- >> reporter: for fans who watched all season -- >> -- jordan smith, team adam! >> reporter: -- the choice was hardly a surprise. the 22-year-old from kentucky beat out 17-year-old country singer emily ann roberts for the season nine crown. >> it was incredible. i never in my wildest dreams expected to be here experiencing this and having this moment. it was overwhelming. >> his falsetto stunned all four coaches in his blind audition. he made his mark throughout the
11:47 am
competition. several performances topped the itunes chart. ♪ climb every mountain >> it was strangely effortless and harmonious the whole time. we really just had a good time. >> the teen runner-up had nothing but praise for the winner. >> it was such an honor to be up there with him. jordan deserves it more than anyone else here and i'm so proud of him. >> reporter: third place went to country singer barrett and fourth to power vocalist jeffrey austin. >> i knew right away the moment jordan sang his first note on the show that he was something special. >> he was one of the most insane vocalists. every performance he gave was a show stopper and there's no denying that. >> reporter: on a night packed with superstar performances. "the voice" may have launched a new star of its own. >> it excites me about the future because there are other dreams i have that that i never thought were possible just like this one that i know can come true because of this so it's a great feeling. >> reporter: a season that truly ends on a high note.
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stephanie stanton, nbc news, los angeles. we continue this amazing month of december every single day has had above-average temperatures, we're going toward the warmest december ever recorded. it's also been fairly dry. we do have rain coming in, some of it on the heavy side, not that we have a threat of flooding or anything. a weekend cold blast, a very brief weekend cold blast and then record warmth coming for at least a portion of the christmas week. now, we also have some pretty nice weather conditions coming for the eagles game sunday night. a little bit on the chilly side, especially compared to last sunday but not too bad for this time of the year. 51 degrees. the wind is five miles an hour. it's nine degrees colder than it was this time yesterday and even with that we're still well above
11:49 am
the average high of 44 degrees. so we had four records in a row, then today about mid-50y, up a little tomorrow. despite the rain and then down a little friday, down some more on saturday where we may actually have below-average temperatures for once. we've got a little bit of an east wind here helping to keep the temperature down a bit. 48 in reading, pottstown, quakertown, 49 in doylestown, 48 in coatesville. 48 until qenkennett square. considering we had four warm days in a row it feels on the chilly side without the sunshine and that is the case in parts of the area. five to ten degrees colder unanimous at this time yesterday. the wind speed not time pressive. five to ten miles an hour but out of the east keeping things
11:50 am
cooler. we have colder air that will move down as we head into saturday and sunday morning but then the warmup starts and by monday we're way above average, by tuesday member we're in the 60s. by wednesday we may be talking about record high temperatures. by christmas eve very likely to be seeing record high temperature. could even get to 670 again. and then it doesn't cool off that much. christmas day or the rest of the week end so you have to get use to this pretty much for the rest of the month. the only exception is this weekend. we have clouds around. these are low-level clouds with no rain. the rain is way back to the west, not that impressive right now but it is expected to strengthen over the next day or so and so the temperature is fairly uniform as we go through the afternoon and nighttime as we wait for rain to come in during the day tomorrow.
11:51 am
for the rest of the day today it's mostly cloudy, rather mild for this time of the year but colder than it's been. mid-50s for the highs and the seven day forecast, upper 50s despite the rainy conditions tomorrow, some of it could be heavy. windy and turning colder on friday. windier and even colder on saturday. it will feel like winter there. saturday and saturday night into sunday morning but then by next week it's back to this unseasonable record warmth. >> thank you, glenn. the children we're about to show you could someday be competing on the voice. the wilber watts intermediate school in burlington finished in third place in this year's more 101 phenomenon christmas choir competition. music director andrew lesser spent about four months preparing these students for this year's song. take a listen. ♪ deck the halls with boughs of
11:52 am
holly ♪ 'tis the season to be jolly, dawn we now our bright apparel ♪ fa, la, la, troll the ancient yuletide carol, ♪ fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la ♪ see the blazing yule before us, strike the harp and join ♪ the chorus, follow me in merry measure ♪ fa, la, la, la, la, la, la ♪ the yuletide treasure, fa la, la, la, la, la, la, la ♪ sing we joy and come together fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, through the wind and weather fa la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la ♪
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i. just about noon and we have breaking news. there is a shelter in place in effect at the university of
11:56 am
texas in arlington. here's a live look from the school. university police are checking reports of a person with a gun on that campus. the school posted a message on its web site saying a man with a gun in army fatigues was seen in one of their buildings. we'll get updates on the breaking news. we're making phone calls and bring that to you on the nbc 10 news app. starting at 3:00, it's el when actress and comedian tina fey. then nbc 10 news at 4:00. the warmer weather is sparking a spring-like bloom outside and it could impact your health. this afternoon how the unusual weather is affecting allergy sufferers. here's glenn "hurricane" schwartz with more. >> we have with flowers blooming all around. above average temperatures for the next couple days. colder on the weekend.
11:57 am
>> thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day.
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>> marlena: mm. okay. what time does claire's plane land? >> belle: uh, late afternoon, assuming she doesn't decide to stay with shawn for christmas... or forever. >> marlena: that's why you couldn't sleep last night. >> belle: mm, and here i thought i was walking around on little cat feet. >> marlena: [laughs] honey, she's gonna get through this just fine, and so are you. >> belle: i hope so. there's just a lot rattling around in my head right now. any news on sami? >> marlena: well, john has done a thorough search through his remaining friends at the isa. >> belle: and? >> marlena: not a whisper. so it makes sense to me that stefano will never find her, or the money she took.


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