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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  December 17, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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. for the second time in two weeks, fire hits a delaware church. this time the fire destroyed the church. which are live at the scene. >> and republicans demanding
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action. we'll tell you about the deadline and why school districts across the state are keeping an eye on what happens in harrisburg. >> we are tracking showers. we'll tell you what to expect for your morning future. welcome to nbc 10 news today, i'm democracy davidson. >> apparently the rain is not far behind. the first alert forecast. bill. >> clouds are here. we got a few hours of dry conditions before the rain will have umbrellas going up today. the wind has died down, even though we have rain and clouds, there won't be much wind. a few scattered showers. >> that line of showers approaching washington, d.c., heavier downpoors. cloudy skies at 7:00. watch the rain coming in.
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the temperatures will warm up. some spots are going to be in the '60s this afternoon. i'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood in a few minutes. katy. >> i want to update the philadelphia international airport. i was watching a car fire saskatoon now clearing. it's off to the shoulder as you make your way northbound, the car fire has been out. it's going to save you about 12 minutes, 95 southbound. most of the area has cleared. between wood haven and the vine, 14 minutes. >> taking a live look outside, at broad street.
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overnight construction has cleared, aping it to drivers. taking a look outside, this is in camden. route 38 at route 70. very limited track on the road there. so there is some construction on 2 five north and southbound between the exits 7 and 42. >> katy, thanks. following breaking news, crews are on the scene of a dpraj fire in north philadelphia. nbc 10 live at front and huntington streets right now. we are working to find out if anyone is hurt. we are looking to learn more details. happening today, pennsylvania's ongoing budget battle is facing a 12:30 deadline today. monique, what can we expect today? >> first of all, everybody is keeping their fingers crossed at this point. they are telling us a final package could land in the hands
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of the governor as soon as the weekend. let's go to harrisburg to talk about what could happen today. law makers in harrisburg must first vote on a there are 31 spending plan. they met behind closed doors with the governor yesterday. they placed a 24 hour deadline on what some are calling the budget's central killer. a tax plan, what that means is, today we should know, if the tax plan has enough house support. the majority leader says if there is sales, republicans will push for an extended stop gap budget that frees up cash for schools and non-profits. though you may recall, philadelphia's school district recently borrowed $250 million just to make payroll by year's end. superintendent hite says dire times are ahead. coming up in the next hour, we are going to look at what can possibly happen in the next month to the city's 130,000 students. live for now, overlooking the city, monique braxton, nbc 10
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news. also happening today, new jersey lawmakers will make decisions that radically change the landscape. they vote on a financial aid package to bail out atlantic city. they are recovering from the closing of four casinos. lawmakers will also vote on two new casinos in the northern part of the state. we will have the results of those votes this afternoon and on our nbc 10 app a sheriffs deputy in nebraska pulse off a highway rescue on foot. next, we'll show you how the deputy stops the run away rig. we'll tell you why the driver wasn't able to do it on his oempblts shining a light on a string of thefts involving christmas decorations, why police believe thieves are targeting the hot christmas item. >> it's 5:35. it is dry. not all that cold either.
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cape may, 47 degrees, clouds overhead. umbrellas will be next. your neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast coming up.
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. >> 5:38 t. clouds are here, we're waiting for the rain to move in. you need your umbrella. the next couple hours should stay dry. 49 degrees, a degree cooler, one degrees cooler tan yesterday. the wind is really light. we will see a warm-up in spite of the rain. just a few showers move in towards delaware right now, heavier downpours in carolinas and virginia. these are some of the downpours we are going the see late this morning into the afternoon, it should taper off with the rain
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comes the warmer temperatures. 55 in doylestown, mount holly, 50 degrees. a steady rainfall once it starts for vineland, dover and cape may and the rain will be here this morning and into this afternoon for philadelphia. philadelphia 59 degrees, a little cooler for west chester. mild for the rain. much cooler air arrives for the week. got the 7-day forecast on, back in ten minutes. >> thanks for that. let's get you to work on this thursday morning, see what issues you have to contend with out on the roads. >> katy zachry, what do you see? >> we have been focusing a lot on 95 now is around the time volume seems to be picking up, especially between wood haven and the vine. this is right at girard avenue. traffic is running smoothly. you might want to add a little extra time the your commute.
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there is construction to tell you about. 95 northbound, the on ramp to 95 northbound is closed because of a construction project. you will want to build that into your morning compute plans. the 42 freeway in new jersey. things are looking good if you are headed northbound to the walt whitman bridge. drive times about 4 minutes right now. everything is looking good. the taconey palmyra bridge is looking good. the wilmington area for drivers to 295 and 495, your drive time is around 11 minutes there. we will tell you about a long term construction project for delaware drivers about to be complete and will really change things for delaware drivers. >> we'll see you in a few minutes. the recent warm weather aside, new jersey is stocking up on road salt. you get ahead of the winter storms to come. the new jersey turnpike authority says it spent more
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than $20 million to purchase more than 200,000 tons of salt. they will use it to treat the turnpike. winter officially starts on monday. a new terror threat is prompting global action. >> the wind is freaking you out. >> we will explain the changes for the terror alert system. plus the maker of a popular system is facing a class action lawsuit. we will tell you if a hoverboard is on your wish list.
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>> take a look at this dash-cam video showing a sheriff trying to stop a one u run away tractor. he reaches into the cab of the trouble and applies the brakes. the driver was having a diabetic episode. he didn't know he was diabetic before this happened. >> just about a quarter to 6:00 t. federal government is updating its terror alert system amidst what it calls a global terrorism threat. homeland secretary jay johnson unveiled the revised system. the first bulletin warns to watch for self radicalized people. homeland security is not, has not issued a public advisory.
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previously the criticized color coded system abandoned in 2010. all of this led to the resignation by the fbi director. >> channel it into something healthy. tell us if you see something concerning and live your life. >> yesterday it covers at least the next six months. decision 2016, the democratic candidates for president, carrying for tear next debate after the gop contenders faced off tuesday night a. new poll from monmouth shows hillary clinton is keeping her substantial lead. clinton has the support of 59% of democrats nationwide, senator bernie sanders has 26%. those polls are basically unchanged after october's debate. the third contender has 4% support. on the republican side, the gop debate continues to attract lots of tv viewers. 18 million people tuned in to
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watch tuesday night. >> that makes it the third most watched debate ever. also the third most watched debate cycle. some of the top fireworks, jeb bush, called donald trump a chaos candidate who lacks policy. well the hoverboard is one of this season's most popular gifts. now, one of the manufacturers is facing a class action lawsuit. it alleges swagway and model sporting goods did not warn customers hoverboards could burst into flames. a new york man filed the original lawsuit. his caught fire earlier this month. the federal authorities are investigating after more than a dozen reports of hoverboard fires around the country. it is hard to find holiday decoration is a hot item to seize in south jersey. it's called a star shower, a laser like ejector. fume russ deaths have been reported across the country, including 11 stolen from eight
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homes in vineland this past week alone. two were swiped from karen alvarez' house. >> none of them were mad because, you know, people will not be going with stuff like that. especially on the holidays. >> star showers start at about $40. most stores are completely sold out. police believe criminals might be trying to steal stolen once on craigslist for as much as $100 bucks. >> this morning we are are getting a glimpse of the philadelphia neighborhood. this is a rendering over hanover north broad, which includes section apartment buildings, which will have more than 300 apartments, expect to take about two years to complete. the former four seasons hotel in philadelphia is now opened under a new name t. logan hotel opened yesterday with 400 rooms located just off the ben franklin parkway. thousands of pets will have to
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close its doors in the new year t. almost home animal shelter opened ten years ago as a temporary facility to help take in pets while camden county expanded its shelter. they had ongoing construction. over the years, almost home became the place where six towns send their abeen danced pets. now it is finished. almost home says the funding will end. so you will have to stop taking in your pets january 1st. >> i'm not going to leave until the last one goes into a home. >> almost home will have about le months to find homes for 15 dogs and 90 cats. the camden county shelter takes in animals from the town. well, the morning, a philadelphia family is settling into a brand new home that's being called the pope house. >> habitat tore humanity constructed the house partially through anathon mus donation to honor pope francis. the wilson family became the
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188th family to buy an affordable home through habitat philadelphia. they finished 350 sweat equity hours. they could not be more thankful no habitat to be the home for the holidays. >> thank you for giving me a home and a brace for my mommy and my sisters. i love all the staff. i hope you have a merry new years. >> we hope you have a merry new area, too. part of the willson's new home was bill with wood from the 2014 christmas tree at rockefeller center. well, it's a debate that can divide co-workers in the office, too cold, too hot. i feel the warmth beneath us. >> a new survey shows a nearly split response. 23% of workers say their office is too cold. 25% say it's too warm. totes fighting the chill, they dress in layers, drink hot beverages, use a space heater or
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wear a jacket. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henry. >> ten minutes before 6:00. we got clouds, no sign of col. it's chilly in center city. a few degrees cooler than yesterday t. wind is dead calm. we will see just a light breeze at times during the day as rain moves in. temperatures make it into the low 50s. right now the clouds, they moved in overnight. behind the cloud, the wayne i rain that is to the south and southwest of our area, alives by mid-morning. there are some heavier downpours, cloudy skies and a rainy day, otherwise light
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rainfall, afternoon temperatures. 57 to 61 degrees today. the colder air moves in tomorrow. along with windy conditions. we feel like it's in the 20s for much of the day on saturday as the winds gust to more than 30 miles an hour. a cold start sunday a warm sunday afternoon. 48 degrees. that's the beginning of a warming trends that tlachs pushing into tuesday and wednesday, 60s on wednesday, the 23rd of december. >> all right, thank you, bill. >> just about 6:00. time to get a check on traffic see how the roads are out will. >> katy zachry is watching the roads. >> i had my eyes on the blue route. it looks good, headed north to the lehigh valley, this is a live look at allentown, lehigh
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street, definitely seeing increased volume both directions. as for delaware drivers, a heads up, food news the off-ramp has been closed for quite some time as long as i can remember. >> that will help drivers in delaware make their morning or evening commute this is the vine and blue route. it will take you 12 minutes. eastbound about the same time. >> next, this week, football night in america makes its way to philadelphia. so does the sunday night football buff. we will tell you when you can check it out. plus a reunion between a marine and his four elected war partner. how they got back together since
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being on the battlefield.
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>> hey, saturday night number buzz. back in town, the second time the bus is in philly this year. it will be parked at xfinity live. nbc 10 of course your official eagle station. plus, players reveal their go-to tracks on game day to get them hype. the spirit of the holidays around the city. fast forward to sunday night for playoff course a. three-game special. kickoff is at 8:30. after the game, don't miss highlights, exclusive interviews and reaction. eagle's game day. a panda cub is preparing to make a public debut in washington, d.c. and as you can see here, he's already got the cute factor down.
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all right. this is our first up close look at bae-bae in his enclosure. the zoo showed off the four-month-old. he is 17-and-a-half pounds. next month, you can go see him in person. >> we get used to the crowds coming through, having a lot of people in the panda house. >> bae-bae makes his diabu january 16th. >> very cute. partners on the battlefield in afghanistan. >> now a marine is reunited with his fur-legged comrade in arms. while in afghanistan, he had him by his side. the pair searched for roadside bombs. when he returned to colorado, pablo was sent to a main base in georgia. so he went on a new mission, to find his friend. >> he was my rock.
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he was my foundation. all i knew was this dog. >> most people would run away from explosives. >> yeah. >> you got a friend that runs towards them? >> pretty much. >> so you had a bond? smr we did, love at first sight. >> now after he checked tens of thousands of signatures, pablo has been officially retired from the marines and is now reunited with his old buddy, mission accomplished. >> you salute them for the work they've done. you are watching nbc 10 news today at 6:00 a.m. starts right no now. >> newcastle county church, all night firefighters have been watching for flare-ups. >> a ten month baby dies after being found unresponsive at a
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north philadelphia day care. detectives are calling this death suspicious. and pack your umbrella. rain will be moving into the area. we'll get your first alert forecast hour by hour. right now, 47 degrees. just about 6:00 a.m. c we are expecting rain in mid-december. bill henley, that's warm. >> very warm. we'd formally be in the 20s and 30s. wet weather moving in, that would lead to problems. this morning i'm expecting to see rain. it's dry, very little wind. the boathouses this morning, barely any movement. the wind will stay light a. few showers coming up from the south. the steadier rain is well to our southwest. you see heavier downpours in central virginia. those will be here later this morning, a cloudy start. 8:00, 50 degrees, clouds, calm, a little bit of a breeze, a
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warm-up, rain coming down at 11:00 this morning. at 2:00 this afternoon, it's still rainy and mild. 58 degrees. when i come back, we go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood. some areas will warm into the 60 today. take a look at that, in enthe minutes, katy zachry has your first alert traffic. >> volume is picking up in new jersey, some overnight construction zones should be clearing. moving into pennsylvania, taking a look at your drive times along the majors there, 76 eastbound headed into the city will take you 13 minutes. the vine, no issues to report. 95 southbound, i am seeing increased volume on the roads there,ly is between wood haven and the vine as you get into allegheny and girard area. the blue route headed southbound between 76 and 95, 14 minutes, no problems to report there. taking a live look outside, the blue route up north. this is right at ridge


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