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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  December 17, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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. right now at 11:00, we are dealing with a day of wet weather. the rain has moved in in parts of the jersey shore and delaware could see the heaviest rain. as we take a live look in cape may, new jersey, from the marquis de lafayette hotel. the rain is here, but the temperatures are moving up anyway and we look live now at the radar. all that green is all rain. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now with the rainy forecast. glenn? >> that's a huge area of rain and it's coming right at us. we have rain now and it's going to last for hours and hours. a steady rain. you can see how wet the roads
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are, this i-95 in south philadelphia. the rain is getting heavier from what we have seen in the last couple of hours and you can see it continues to get heavier. more and more of these yellows as we go down into northern delaware. everything is moving from southwest to northeast. you can see it's a solid area all across maryland and virginia. this is not anywhere close to ending. if anything, it will get heavier as some of this stuff from virginia comes up earlieearlier. it will keep coming. here with come with the futurecast as things increase toward noon and early afternoon. so everything will still be wet but it's not going to be raining anywhere near as hard as it is
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now and will in the next few hours. it's mild, though 5, 4 degrees, 10 degrees above the average high for this time of the year already and already close to 60 degrees at the jersey shore. so as we go through the afternoon, it's a steady rain, not much wind and temperatures getting into the upper 50s. we'll see how much colder it's going to get and we'll actually get a cold blast. that's coming with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> see you then, glenn. worshippers at a wilmington church will have to find a new place to hold their services after this fire destroyed the church. this video was taken by a drone high above the scene. last night's fire gutted in the building and it collapsed in a fiery heap. nbc 10's monique braxton is live at the church. monique, what's happening there this morning? >> reporter: hi, vai. right now the church is about to be taken down. firefighters tell us the entire structure will be taken down and loaded up and then removed over to a different part of town,
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basically across the street. you can see an atf investigator is here, a fire lieutenant is approaching him at this point but everything is going to be sorted out, all of the debris. we understand arson dogs are on the way to look for possible accelerants. moments ago, our camera captured this video of the pastor of new jerusalem missionary baptist church speaking with an atf investigator. wilmington arson investigator, the fire marshal and lni are on the scene. here's what it looked like last night after 7:00 through the eyes of a drone camera. one firefighter suffered a back injury while fighting the two-alarm blaze. we've learned she has been treated and released. investigators tell us given the fact this is the second fire at this church since december 2, they are making sure they leave no stone unturned. and we've seen about a half dozen atf investigators arriving here this morning ready to figure out what caused this
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blaze. you're going to hear from the pastor of the church 1at 11:30. live from wilmington, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. fire broke out inside a philadelphia row home overnight. nbc 10 was on the scene at 13th and chancellor streets in center city. everyone escaped without injury and there is no cause. and happening now, jurors continue to deliberate the case of kathryn knott, accused of attacking a gay couple in center city last year. jurors asked to see written statements from witnesses and videos the night of the attack. the 25-year-old is facing several years in prison if she's convicted of aggravated assault, conspiracy and other charges. two men knott was with took plea deals in the attack. we have learned the identities of a philadelphia man stabbed to death in his own home and the son now charged with the
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murd murder. police say he got into an argument with his father and that's why he killed him. detectives searched the overbrook home and found the knife used to murder the elderly man. the son was home when police arrived and took him into custody. neighbors say the victim had recently become terminally ill and his family was caring for him. a and philadelphia police are trying to determine how an infant died after being found unresponsive at her north philadelphia day care. police greeted parents who came to pick up their children at sisters child care center on germantown avenue. despite the director's attempts at cpr, the ten-month-old died at temple university hospital. detectives are calling the baby's death suspicious but haven't ruled out the possibility of a medical condition. >> they took spectacular care of my child so i don't know what happened. i'm not afraid to leave my son in their care at all. >> the day care had a provisional certificate of
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compliance after state inspectors found issues. sisters child care has since taken care of some of the problems and the state accepted the facility's plan to address lingering concerns. you can check your child's day care records. you can find out on our nbc 10 app. new information about a camden mom whose car was stole within her kids inside. police say she went into a liquor store saturday night in magnolia and left her kids in the car. police say she was in the store less than a minute when her car was stolen. police t police led a a chase, the man hit a car and flipped, the kids are okay. happening today, the pennsylvania budget is facing a deadline. house republicans are threatening governor tom wolf. gop house leaders say the governor has until 12:30 to get
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the votes he needs to pass his plan. if he doesn't, republicans say they'll vote an an interim spending plan this weekend. pennsylvania has been operating without a budget since july. and philadelphia schools might have to close at the end of next month if there's no budget in place. in a letter from superintendent william hight, he says philadelphia schools could run out of money on january 29 without a new state budget. yesterday the school district told us parents should start thinking what about to do if schools can't stay open beyond january. >> well, the recommendation is for them to start thinking of what they could do with their children if this does happen. >> reporter: if philadelphia schools have to close, about 130,000 students would be sent home. also happening today, new jersey lawmakers will make decisions that could radically change the gambling landscape in that state. they'll vote on a financial aid package to bail out atlantic
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city. the gambling resort town is struggling to recover from the closing of fore casinos last year. lawmakers will also vote on two new casinos in the northern part of the state. hight's current deal runs through august of 2017. the src proposes an extension. the src chairperson says hight's been a strong leader during a difficult time and they want to ensure the continuity of that:b leadership. of course big game for the eagles this sunday. the team is in playoff contention but every game for the eagles and their quarterback for sam bradford who is unsigned for this year is big. we spoke with him about his future in philadelphia.
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>> i'll get into that in the office season, i'll think about that in the off season but i'm not too worried about what will happen three or four months down the line. we have a big game against arizona and that's what i'm focused on. it's a lot different than anywhere i've ever been before. >> remember nbc 10 is your official eagles station and we have you covered for sunday's big game. it starts at 6:30 with playoff push, our pre-game special kickoff is at 8:30. be sure not to miss eagles game day final. drexel alum phi are making sure hundreds of families have turkey dinners for the holidays. the alumni unloaded 1300 turkeys from trucks. the frozen birds will be sent to community organizations and drexel's 11th street health services center to be
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distribut distributed to families in need. a controversial ceo under arrest. this man made headlines for ratcheting up the price of a life saving drug. find out why authorities took him into custody. another e-mail controversy. this one involving defense secretary ash carter. what he's saying about his personal e-mail for work-related business. i'm tracking heavy rain today and get ready for the return of winter temperatures. just how long is that cold weather going to last? i'll let you know just ahead.
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protesters march through the streets of baltimore after a judge announced there was a hung jury in the trial of the first officer prosecuted in the death of freddie gray. a judge declared the mistrial when a judge -- following three days of deliberations. porter was indicted for not calling a medic when gray asked to go to the hospital. instead, gray was taken to a police station. he died a week later from severe spinal injuries. gray's death set off protest in baltimore. five more officers will be tried in this case and william porter could be retried. his attorneys will meet with prosecutors in the judge's chamber today to talk about a possible retrial.
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meantime, freddie gray's family is calling for patience. >> we ask the public to remain calm, patient, because we are confident there will be another trial with a different jury. we are calm. you should be calm, too. two people were arrested for disorderly conduct but no reported violent or serious disrepresentations. authorities say a court security officer shot and killed a man at a complex that houses a police department in mum michig. this was in dearborn heights. a man got into an altercation with a security guard at a checkpoint. that's when the man threatened the guard with a knife. the police station is closed for the rest of the day. new video shows a deadly officer-involved shooting of a student at the university of north texas. meanwhile, investigators are trying to determine if the victim was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. nbc's stephanie gosk haas the
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latest. >> reporter: police dash cam video shows an officer with the university of north texas fatally shooting a student on sunday. the shooting happened at around 1:30 a.m. when the officer responded to a call about a man smashing car windows inside a parking garage near the campus. sophomore ryan mcmillan can be seeing walking toward the officer with a small ax in his hand. the officer steven bean tells mcmillan to back away while mcmillan says "shoot me" over and over. nbc news has pause it had video so it does not show the actual shooting. this is the audio of the full confrontation. >> hey, hey, back away, back away. >> shoot me. just shoot me. >> back away. >> just shoot me. >> back away from me now. >> shoot me! >> back away! >> shoot! >> reporter: the officer radios the station. >> i have a white male down with a hatchet in his hands.
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>> reporter: the 27-year-old officer has been on the unt's police force for four years. he's been placed on leave as the incident gets under way. ryan mcmillan was a pre-hospitality major. he turned 21 last saturday. some students say they don't believe lethal force was necessary. >> if you're given a gun you should be trained to know how to use that gun in a way that you're not just going to kill people without absolute gosk reporting. u.s. defense secretary ash carter is facing an e-mail controversy similar to hillary clinton's. the pentagon announced he used a personal, mall account to do government business. the statement came after the "new york times" reported it got ahold of more than 70 work-related e-mails sent or received from carter's personal account. carter's press secretary says secretary carter believes his
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use of personal e-mail was a mistake. he has stopped using that personal account. this morning, fbi agents arrested martin is shkreli, the drug company ceo who became infamous after hiking the price of an hiv drug by 5,000%. he was taken into custody on security fraud charges. the fbi accuses him of illegally taking sfroktock from a company once ran to pay off debts. in september, shkreli announced the cost of the drug would go from $13.50 to $750 per pill and that move sparked outrage. last month he said he would cut the cost but then changed his mind. today president obama will visit the national counterterrorism center in virginia. he'll get a briefing from intelligence and security agencies on possible threats to the united states. the briefing comes in the wake of the deadly terrorist shootings in paris and san
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bernardino. federal prosecutors will bring criminal charges against the friend of one of the san bernardino shooters. enrique marquez will be the first to face charges stemming from the massacre. he could be charged as early as today. investigators say three years ago marquez bought the two assault rifles that were used in the shooting. the southern california social services center where a husband and wife killed 14 people this month is reopening some buildings next month. one building that isn't reopening is the one with whehe shooting took place. the center provides service for people with autism, epilepsy and down syndrome. president obama is visiting the center tomorrow before continuing to hawaii for his christmas vacation. school officials in miami, ft. lauderdale, and houston say they are beefing up security on campuses after receiving terror threats similar to the ones received by the los angeles and the new york school districts earlier this week. students and staff in the los angeles unified school district
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returned to class yesterday. more than a thousand schools were closed tuesday because of an e-mail threatening an attack. the fbi later concluded the threat was not credible. a reminder, you have until midnight tonight pacific time to sign up with the health insurance through the affordable care act. the original deadline for the signup period was tuesday but that was pushed back -- pushed by 48 hours because -- pushed back by 48 hours because of the unprecedented demand. you have to meet tonight's deadline in order to have health insurance effective january 1. where . and as we head toward january 1, we don't really see any signs of a significant change in the overall weather pattern. we've got wet weather, then cold weather, but the warmth is coming right back. tracking heavy rain, a lot moving into the area right now.
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the cold blast, of course, that's going to be coming in in a couple of days, being very brief. and christmas records. more warmth all over the east coast, more records are going to be set, including christmas eve, maybe even christmas day. we have a lot of clouds outside right now and the rain cutting off the tops of the buildings from your view. 54 degrees. the wind is light out of the east. it's still three degrees warmer than it was this time yesterday. even with the rain, 54 degrees, 10 degrees above the normal high. 48 in west chester. 49 in pottstown. cooler in the poconos but they're not close to getting any snow out of this system. so no help there for the ski operators: 59 degrees in atlantic city. 58 in millville so we're going to see some temperatures starting with 60 degrees in parts of the area.
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so we're 53 yesterday. 59 today and then we start going down. 49 tomorrow. 39 for the high on saturday. finally a day with below-average temperatures. there hasn't been any of that this month. the entire month and even the last week of november. so it's been a long time since we've had a chilly day. and look at this rain coming in right now. the yellow indicating some of that heavier rain. patches of it coming into south philly now, into delaware county, montgomery county. there's some in new jersey and northern burlington county and then more in salem county, new jersey, down towards smyriyrna delaware. rainfall rates, about a third of an inch per hour which is relatively heavy but not the kind of intensity to produce significant flooding even if it would rain like that much of the day. and it will because look at this area of rain. it's a very large one. heavier rain looks like it's
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headed more toward delaware and south jersey for later this afternoon. here's the futurecast as we go through the early afternoon, some of the heaviest rain of the day coming and then tapering off from west-to-east as we go through the afternoon rush. then we're dry for the rest of the night. still fairly cloudy and then as we go into tomorrow, more clouds toward the shore and more sunshine farther inland. but it's windy and colder everywhere. how much rain? some of the computer models predicting more than a half inch to close to an inch of rain which is a lot but, again, not enough to produce significant flooding. so the rain heavy at times, still mild day, highs in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. the wind fairly light. tomorrow the temperature is down, the wind is up, but we're not getting any rain. even colder on saturday. plus wind.
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we're going to be talking about windchill temperatures. and by sunday morning, that's going to be the coldest morning. the first one coming this weekend with below-freezing temperatures officially in philadelphia. look how much it warms up. by next wednesday, close to record warmth again. >> all right, thank you, glenn. the big chill. do you work inside a refrigerator? i don't mean literally. i'm talking about how cold it is where you work. and be honest, it feels that way here at nbc 10 quite a bit. what a new study says about office temperature and keeping warm at work. ♪ ♪ >> it's become a holiday tradition in our area. the more 101 christmas choir competition. you'll hear more of the beautiful sounds of one of the finalists coming up.
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this might be a debate at your work. is your office too cold or too hot? a survey shows a split response. 23% of workers say their office is too cold 25. % say it's too warm. those fighting the chill have some ways to cope. they dress in layers, they drink coffee or other hot beverage, use a space heater or wear a jacket. the study found some employees have even argued with a co-worker about their office's temperature.
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the wet weather has moved in but the mild temperature, it hasn't left -- not yet, anyway. wet roads are making for slow going out there. take a live look now at i-95, the girard point bridge in south philly. we'll be back with the rain, cold weather on the way and good news for fans of the warm december temperatures that we have. >> the force is calling to you. after years of slumber, "the force awakens" is probably the most anticipated film of the year and jedi mind tricks aside, it could redefine what it means to be a hollywood blockbuster. see what fans in our galaxy are doing to prepare for the new "star wars" film.
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11:30, the rain is falling. 52 degrees out there. temperatures are climbing. people in montgomery county have their slickers on. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. he probably listened to you, glenn, they got their umbrellas and slickers. >> and they'll need them for at least the next several hours so it's going to be a really wet period here. there's billy penn and the low clouds you can see very clearly rand we've got rain covering just about the entire area. look at the live radar and some of those areas in yellow, moderate to heavy rain. some of it right in the city of philadelphia right now from center city to south philly.
11:32 am
much of delaware county is in it. northern burlington county getting that heavier rain. there's more coming up from the southwest as you can see. some of that is on the heavy side. this is not heavy enough to produce any significant flooding. just ponding on the roads for example. some of that heavier rain in virginia coming up on top of the rain that's occurring. again to create localized ponding on the roads. heaviest rain coming within the next couple of hours and then by the afternoon rush things start to improve from west to east. we are going to see this rain autooff as the afternoon rush progresses. the roads are going to be wet but the visibility may be improved as we go toward 5:00, 6:00 tonight. the clouds hang around there through this evening and
11:33 am
overnight toward the shore. but that's when the colder air starts coming in. it's not very cold right now. already near 60 degrees at the shore. 54 in philadelphia. that's ten degrees above average for the high temperature for the day. we'll stay mild. the rain continues is but does taper off after 4:00 this afternoon. talk more about the cold weather coming. it's brief. we're not used to it and how much is going to warm up next week with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> worshippers at a wilmington church will have to find a new place to hold services after a fire destroyed the church. this is video you're looking at by a drone high above the scene last night's fire gutted the building in a fiery heap. monique braxton is live at the church in morning. monique two fires in the same church over a two week span, it's either bad luck or seems
11:34 am
suspicious. >> reporter: i know, vai. right now the atf has arrived to try and determine if this is a hate crime. that's their mission. looking at the church now, let me tell you what the plan is for the rest of the day. they plan to take down the wooden-and-brick structure piece by piece and move it across the street to a vacant lot. we're understanding all of the investigators are here, fire marshal, atf, lni as well as the city firefighters. the pastor of new jerusalem baptist church spoke with an atf agent. we asked him if a fire was ruled suspicious or if a cause had been determined. >> they just investigated. >> reporter: one firefighter suffered a back injury while batting the two alarm blaze. she was treated and released. this was the second fire, the
11:35 am
50-year-old congregation has endured since december 2. and now a multiagency investigation is under way to determine if the church was, in fact, targeted or if the two blazes are accidental. we're going to stay on top of this investigation and have an update for you in our evening newscast. live for now in wilmingtowilmin monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> monique, thank you. an investigation is under way into a deadly police shooting in california that was captured on camera. a warning, this video is graphic. deputies were responding to a disturbance call yesterday when they say a man with a knife charged at them. the driver passing by filmed this incident you're looking at. as the man lunged at one deputy, he fired his gun six times, killing the suspect. we froze the video at that point to avoid showing you the shooting. police in texas are having trouble finding a teen who is serving probation for a deadly crash. his case made headlines because
11:36 am
the teen's defense was that he suffers from affluenza. as in, his lawyer said his wealthy parents coddled him into irresponsibility. a judge basically issued a warrant for the teen after police could not get in touch with him. the fed's first rate hike in a decade is already having an impact on consumers: many big banks, including citi and bank of america are raising their prime lending rates in response to this hike. the prime rate is the most widely used benchmark in setting credit card and home equity loan rates so borrowers will have to pay more. but savers won't see any benefit as banks aren't raising interest rates on savings accounts and cds which aren't directly linked to the fed's rate. in decision 2016 the democratic candidates for president are preparing for their next debate this saturday night after the gop contenders faced off tuesday night. two republicans are out campaigning today while the front-runner, donald trump,
11:37 am
again took to the airwaves. nbc 10 national correspondent tracie potts has a recap. >> reporter: donald trump on late night taking another jab at jeb bush. >> do you think he would kill baby hitler? >> no, he's too nice. >> would you kill baby hitler? >> no comment. >> reporter: after promising not to leave the party, trump calling for unity. >> i would like to see the republican party come together. >> reporter: trump is leading most polls just ahead of ted cruz who's in minnesota today and again not going negative on trump. >> i'm glad donald is running. i don't believe he's going to be the nominee but i do think donald has energized and excited a whole lot of people. >> this is not a game: >> reporter: cruz is defending against attacks from marco rubio on immigration and military cuts. >> it's easy to stand up and say "i will destroy isis. i will make the sands in the middle east glow in the dark." well, that's fine. [ laughter ] but you have to have something to do that with. >> reporter: rubio has two events in iowa today.
11:38 am
rubio is trying to build on momentum coming out of the debate. he was splashed across the "des moines register" headlines the day after. now he is third but he's average only about a half point ahead of dr. ben carson. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> the gop debates continue to attract lots of tv viewers. 18 million people tuned in to watch tuesday night's debate. that makes it the third most-watched debate ever. and also the third most-watched of this debate cycle. some of the top fireworks came from jeb bush who called donald trump a chaos candidate who lacks serious policies. and democratic presidential bernie sanders picked up an endorsement this morning in washington. is his largest labor endorsement yet comes from the communication workers association, the cwa is the largest communications and media union in the u.s. it represents about 700,000 telecommunications and technology workers.
11:39 am
and the nation's largest theme parks are taking new security precautions. disneyworld, seaworld, and universal theme parks have all installed metal detectors at their entrances. officials say that's in response to growing violence around the world. all three parks have added more uniformed security guards inside and outside their grounds. many fans on social media welcomed the changes saying they were long overdue. "star wars" fans have just hours to wait to see the droids, with wookies and all their favorite characters. how big will their opening be? nbc 10 national correspondent mark barger takes a look. >> those stories about what happened -- >> reporter: "star wars: the force awakens" arrives with more than $100 million in advanced ticket sales. >> this is a movie with an anticipation level unlike
11:40 am
anything we've ever seen. >> >> reporter: it's expected to rake in $150 million to $200 million in the u.s. alone by monday. >> there's something about this mythology, something about these characters that a vast audience loves and when it's done right it's a powerful thing. >> reporter: a force that disney bet $4 billion to power numerous sequels, spinoffs and merchandise sales in the years ahead. >> the stakes could not be higher for this first "star wars" film. >> reporter: that means pressure for director j.j. abrams who grew up with the franchise. >> our goal was to embrace this feeling that we had from that original trilogy. >> reporter: one of the saga's newest heroes think they have. >> me promoting this is not just a job. i'm genuinely in love with this movie. >> reporter: it will take a lot of love for ticket sales to approach all-time box office records. >> the only way you can make "avatar" or "titanic" money is
11:41 am
if you have a film that people will go back and see three, even four times. >> the dark side. >> reporter: positive early reviews indicate "the force awakens" could be a new hope for "star wars" fans. mark barger, nbc 10 news. >> are you caught up on your "star wars" movies in the series? before you go see "the force awakens?" a lot of people say there's nothing like seeing the films on the big screen. some theaters in our area are showing marathons of the previous "star wars" movies today. nbc 10 was in king of prussia were where fans were watching them on i max. you can bet people will stay for the entire marathon and then see the premier of the seventh installment later tonight. giving purpose and hope to some extraordinary kids with special talents. how these unique scarves are inspiring a new generation of artists in the spirit of giving
11:42 am
this holiday season. glenn? well, the rain certainly is here. and then cold weather is coming. if you like the mild temperatures we've had, you could be getting a gift next week in tim for christmas. details just ahead. i'm chris bosh.
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watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. you know xarelto® is the #1 prescribed blood thinner in its class. that's a big win. it is for me. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto®... ...was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. creativity for a cause. that's the mission of the next guest you're about to meet. a bucks county woman turned her passion to fashion into remarkable works of art designed
11:45 am
by extraordinary kids, including a member of her very own family. debbie martin of bucks county is here now along with her eight-year-old grand knees hazel shaw and also hazel's mother colleen shaw. thanks to all of you for being here. let's start with you debbie. you worked in the fashion industry for years but you've taken this creativity to a new level and you're doing it with inspiration from hazel. >> exactly. >> tell us about that. >> two years ago i started my own scarf brand and this summer i w i was painting with hazel, we were having fun and i thought these are such great colors. and we had the idea to create scarves. here's her original paintings. >> wow, hand prints. >> and swurls and we put them in the computer, scan them, blow them up, enhance the colors because a lot of times kids when they paint make everything brown because they nix them all together. here's another one. they're available in stores in philly and up in bucks county. >> that's phenomenal. tell us about your daughter's
11:46 am
con, colleen, help us understand. >> hazel is missing a piece of her ninth chromosome. she's the only one in the world missing this exact piece and it's led to challenges with walking and speaking and so this is her creative outlet. it's been great for her. she's very excited. >> how's it been to be involved in something like this, a project like this? >> i love it. it's kind of -- you know, it's good for hazel and i. her friends so excited for her. teachers, it gives her something to be proud of which is hard for a child who's non-verbal most of the time. >> what's been the response like from people outthere besides those that you guys are close to within your inner circle. teachers, parents, families? >> unbelievable. we started hazel's hope foundation and 20% of everything we sell in my web site or any of the storms is going to be donated to the foundation to help build playgrounds or resource centers. so there's not many kids with
11:47 am
this dmn the world. >> it's phenomenal. i was in europe a couple of months ago and everybody in europe wears scarves. it doesn't matter whether it's summer or winter. i was just asking about it. you's winter or summer, you can wear in the the summer or winter. >> perfect accessory. it's great around your face because it gives you color. all ages, all sizes, all seasons. scarves are -- and that's why i went into the business. i thought it was fun. great expression for me and working with the kids. >> colleen, does hazel know what's happening and what this is doing for people out there. >> she definitely knows. she watches herself, she's seen a couple things on tv and she sit there is and claps. she's very proud of herself. >> i hope you dvr'd this. there she goes. excited right now. she can go back and see herself on tv a little later. we appreciate you guys coming in this morning. for more information about
11:48 am
debbie martin designed scarves and how you can submit a child's art work to be submitted for a hazel and friend's scarf, come to our web site and check out the nbc 10 app, thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> good luck. >> we're tracking more heavy rain over the next two or three hours especially. we have a cold blast coming in for the weekend. not all that cold and certainly not very long lasting. but we haven't had any real cold weather this month. and some more records coming next week. warm. again. the warmest december ever recorded most likely. we continue to see the rain across the area, not much wind, 54 degrees. so it's rather mild despite the rain. a little bit warmer than it was at this time yesterday and
11:49 am
remember back on monday and tuesday we were setting records, we had four days in a row with record high temperatures. 53. today 59. tomorrow down to 49. and saturday down to 39. 48 degrees in kennett square. mount holly is 54 as is wrightstown and these temperatures with southeast wind. the ocean is more than 10 degrees warmer than normal as well. so it's not that cold anymore. we can see all of this rain that continues to move across the area and into the area of full phil all in it right now with some moderate to heavy rain, delaware county getting it, the
11:50 am
lower portion of bucks county right around the trenton area and there's more to come down in delaware and near smyrna, more in maryland. it's going to come straight up i-95. yeah, it's going to be really wet for the next, let's say, three hours. and then things may start to taper off. but that's a large area of rain, it's going to take a while to get out of here. here's the futurecast. we go through the afternoon. this is just in and you can see by 3:00 we're already starting to taper off a little bit but we're really going to be seeing the improvements between 4:00 and 6:00 this afternoon. big change across the area. and the amounts of rain as we go through the rest of the day, half inch to an inch so we're not talking about enough rain to cause any significant flooding but some ponding on the roads is possible. and it will not be as wet for the afternoon rush as it is right now. with rain heavy at times
11:51 am
especially for the next two to three hours, temperatures getting into the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. that's pretty mild considering the average high is 44. so tomorrow we're colder and windy, saturday is the coldest and the windiest. we'll actually be using windchills again. but not for long. it will be coldest sunday morning but getting calm and by the time the eagles are playing sunday evening it won't be all that cold, it will be dry and then we warm up, get wet again next week by wednesday and christmas eve you could see record warmth again. >> thank you, glenn. it has become a holiday tradition in our area and nbc 10 is thrilled to bring you one of the finalists in the more 101 fm christmas competition. this is the chorus that played
11:52 am
seco second. they sing a beautiful spanish christmas carol. take a listen. [ speinging in spanish ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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[ singing in spanish ] ♪ note? ♪ ♪ [ singing in spanish ] ♪
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♪ more people protect their homes with state farm.
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talk to a local agent or find one at i. coming up this afternoon it's "ellen" with the cast of "star wars" and actor dax shepherd. and shoppers can save big but retailers are stuck with an abundance of unsold winter clothing. the shops are offering deep discounts. thanks for watching nbc 10
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news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us at nbc 10, have a great day. take your umbrellas with you when you leave.
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>> kate: theresa. there you are. >> theresa: and not for long. look, i'm rushing home to feed my son. >> kate: he's a chubby little guy. i'm sure he can wait a few moments. did you get my email? because you didn't respond. should i resend? >> theresa: i got the email. i just didn't have time to respond, so... >> kate: this new year's event is not gonna get off the ground by itself, so i don't care if you delegate, i don't care if youo it all yourself, but you need to prioritize. the marketing, the media, profiles. >> theresa: i got the damn email. >> kate: good. let me know when you have everything handled. >> theresa: [sighs] you know, you never even told me what you thought about my designs. >> brady: this is brady. i-i'm sorry.


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