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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  January 3, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EST

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new year, new toll hikes starting today expect to shell out more money to drive on the pennsylvania turnpike. how much more and how long will the tolls keep going up? we're answering those questions in a live report. are the days of the super low gas prices in new jersey gone? why drivers could one day be paying more to fill up in the garden state. very frosty morning out there as we take a look at the center city skyline. the sun starting to come up and hopefully it will help us out later on. the cold weather is here to stay.
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it's 7:00 on this sunday. let's get to the forecast with meteorologist, michelle grossman. >> it is going to feel like winter all day long, cold today and really cold monday and tuesday, temperatures staying put around the freezing mark at highs on monday and tuesday. here's a live look outside. we are looking at brightening skies, and a little breezy so feeling colder than it actually is. look at the 20s across the board here. waking up and walking out the door to 24 degrees in allentown, and 32 in dover, and 25 in millville, and 34 degrees in atlantic city and 36 in wildwood. factor in the winds and feels colder than that. feels like the teens in mt. pocono. 26 in lancaster, and feeling like 27 in philadelphia. the windchill in millville is just 25 and it feels like 29 in atlantic city. if you plan to be outdoors, plan
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to layer up. by 4:00, 43 degrees. cold today and colder monday and tuesday and we will talk more about that coming up. tomorrow morning there will be a autopsy for the 5-year-old boy found dead in the hrae hath valley. the boy who had autism wondered away from a new year's eve party with his family, and he had no shoes on and no coat. search volunteers spanned out across the area for two days before a dive team found the boy's body in the lehigh canal. the biggest clue came from a volunteer that first located the boy's len electric tablet.
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>> i said, okay, so i walked over and i looked, and i said, darn, i think that is. >> it's a blessing to have so many people come here and light a candle for a boy they didn't even know. >> police do not suspect foul play in this case and they also tell us that they do not expect any criminal charges to be filed. let's head to delaware county where an investigation is underway after a hiker found human skeletal remains in ridley creek state park. the discovery was on new year's day. pennsylvania state police say the remains are that of a young caucasian woman in her late 20s with a tall thin build. anybody with information is asked to call state police. toll prices picked up 6% at midnight. monique braxton is live along
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the turnpike to fill us in on why you are paying more. >> reporter: toll customers, whether you are paying e z pass or cash, it's all to fund a vigorous construction project according to the turnpike authority. about 450 miles of the turnpike must be rebuilt according to the turnpike authority from the ground up and widened from four lanes to six. thus far, the commission tells us it's only one-third of the way there. the turnpike authority tells us the increase impacts cash and e z pass rates equally. here's a breakdown of the old and new rates. passenger vehicle tolls will increase from 1.09 to 1.16 for e z pass customers, and the most common toll for a tractor trailer will increase from 9.05
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to 9.59 for e z pass customers, and recent toll increases are funding the reconstruction and widening of the 550-mile turnpike system and as many of you know, it just turned 75 years old. so if you are not among the millions saving money through the e z pass cost saving program, in the next half hour we will tell you where you can go to save some money as the tolls increase by 6%. live along the turnpike, in king of prussia, monique braxton, nbc 6 news. drivers in new jersey may soon be paying more for gas to cover the costs there. the gas tax could go up. right now new jersey has the second lowest gas tax in the country and that's why everybody loves to go up there to fill up, because the prices are so low.
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one lawmaker is on the record saying he would back an increase for the gas tax to help bump up the transportation fund. and then a new mayor, and it's not going to be your typical pomp and circumstance. nbc10 will be there and we'll have complete coverage on nbc10 news at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. right now, a national search under way for a new fire commissioner under the new mayor, jim kenny. yesterday we spoke with the current fire commissioner about the search to fill his job, and he tells us he replied for the position. >> the next step for that tipping point is to get into single digits and at some point to have zero fire fatalities in the city.
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82 new philadelphia firefighters will soon staff stations around the city, and the 190th firefighter cadet class graduated yesterday in a ceremony at temple university and that's where we spoke to the fire commissioner, and in addition to the philly firefighters, another cadet that graduated yesterday will work at a prison and one will be a firefighter in upper darby. they go through 23 weeks of rigorous training to graduate from the fire academy. they are joining a department that just saw the lowest number of fire deaths in the city's history, and there were 12 fire deaths in 2015 compared to 32 the year before. now that the holiday season is wrapping up, it's your chance to properly dispose of your christmas tree. i'm sure you have been thinking about it the past few days. the philadelphia streets department is trying to make it easier for you. they are launching their tree
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recycling program tomorrow, and it will run through saturday, january 15th. there will also be 23 other drop off locations starting next saturday, and if you would like more information go to our website, next on "nbc10 news today," it's almost over. today is the eagles' final game of the season. we're looking ahead to next year. plus, the current staffer and former player who could become the birds' next head coach. you can buy it again and you may have some in your freezer. blue bell ice cream and now the company is being investigated by the government. what you need to know, next.
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another cold start this morning. a lot like yesterday. we start out in the 20s and 30s and today we are mainly in the 20s. philadelphia above freezing, just a couple degrees above freezing. cold enough to make snow, and cold enough yesterday and cold enough today, and we love to see it in the pocono mountains. making snow this morning, and we're going to be cold enough over the next several days. 26 in chester springs, and 28 degrees in trenton. 27 in northeast philadelphia, and 28 in wilmington. north and west, looking at the 20s. walking out the door in quakertown to just 27 degrees.
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28 degrees in blue bell, and even cold to the south and east along the coast, a little warmer, but 34 degrees at the atlantic city airport. breezy and cold today. by 9:00, still just above freezing. 35 degrees. and then we start to warm things up. we will enjoy sunshine throughout the way, and breezy. we will see winds around 15 miles per hour, later this afternoon, by 1:00. and 45 degrees. keep in mind, 42 is normal for this time of year, and we will be about five degrees above that topping out around 47 degrees. late afternoon, temperatures popping back into the upper 40s. and then eventually we drop back into the 20s once again, so we are waking up on monday morning to temperatures around 21 degrees in allentown, and 28 degrees in philadelphia, and then another cold one on monday, temperatures staying put with highs around the freezing mark, monday and tuesday. cold monday and tuesday, and then by the end of the workweek,
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cold with a chance of rain on friday. mother nature, as michelle as been telling us, is finally cooperating with the ski resorts in the pocono mountains. camelback mountain plans to re-open tomorrow with the colder weather, the winter weather, the mountain has been making snow all weekend long. you can see it right here. they are trying to get the slopes ready for the skiers and snowboarders for the week ahead. the eagles search for a new head coach has already gun, and owner, jeffrey lurie did not have to look far for the first candidate. staley has been on the coaching staff since 2011. chip kelly made him running backs coach when he was hired in 2013. staley played for the eagles from 1997 to 2003.
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pat shurmur will act as head coach and while there are no playoff implications, the game still holds value and the loser of the game will head to london next year to play against the rams. we will have more on that when the coverage kicks off and continues with "inside the eagles" right here on nbc10. next on "nbc10 news today," we have good news about next week's jackpot. >> it sickened me just like it sickend everybody else. it's intolerable and hate speech. >> parade fallout. a philadelphia tradition marched by controversy. the changes the mummers are promising after backlash from some spectators.
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a lot of us getting ready to go back to work and school after a holiday vacation. well, the president is doing the same thing. he left hawaii earlier this morning to head back to washington and has been in hawaii for two weeks, and he said he is ready to tackle unfinished business. at the top of his list, gun violence. now to a developing story we are following this morning. there are reports the u.s. justice department started a criminal investigation of the listeria outbreak at blue bell
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cre cream raez that killed 11 people. one plant may have knew about the contamination earlier. >> the inspection reports and what the fda found when they went in this spring, it's pretty horrific. they knew hlisteria was in thei plan the. >> they are in the process of reintroducing their product into the stores and the company has not commented on the justice department investigation.ti rre. temperatures a lot like yesterday. we're pretty much starting out the same way although we do have a little more sunshine in the 20s and 30s. north and west, low 20s. another cold one today, and temperatures staying put in the
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40s. bigger chill comes on monday, and temperatures staying around freezing monday and tuesday and then rebounding for wednesday, and sunshine monday, tuesday and wednesday and thursday, and then we increase the clouds before we bring back the threat for rain late on friday. winds out of the west-southwest at 5 miles per hour. two degrees cooler than this time yesterday, and pretty close to where we started out. 20s to the north and west,and 27 in mt. pocono, and 24 degrees in allentown. walking out on this sunday morning to 28 degrees in pottstown, and the freezing mark in philadelphia, and 25 in millville, right at the freezing mark in dover, delaware. we factor in the breeze. not too bad right now. it feels colder than it actually is. and feels like 27 in philadelphia. and the windchill in atlantic city is 29 degrees. we are going to see mostly sunny skies throughout the day. future weather, sunshine today, and a mixture of sun and clouds
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and more sunshine than clouds. cold and breezy, temperatures around 47 degrees. feeling like the mid-40s with the breeze in place. clouds back to the west. the winds will lesson, and so the temperatures dropping back into the 20s, and even colder on monday. we will stay put in the 30s with the arctic blast, and so around the freezing mark on monday and tuesday, and then back into the 40s by wednesday, and even warmer as we head towards the end of the workweek. today's forecast across the region, highs 34 in mt. pocono, and just two degrees above freezing, and there's a high there, and 41 in allentown, and mostly sunny in doylestown, and 46 in northeast philadelphia, and 47 in mount holly. and 51 in cape may, and we will top out around 47 degrees in philadelphia. cold night tonight. that means a cold start to your monday at the bus stop.
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mostly clear and cold. light winds. 47 today. by monday, big chill, and lots of sunshine and then on thursday, a little cloud cover, and saturday looks to be cloudy with rain and milder, 51. happening now in oregon a. group of militia members are occupying a government building and vowing to stay there indefinitely. ktvz, this is appearing in the town of burns, where they gathered at a wild refuge building. the protests started after a judge ruled that the two ranchers sentences were too late and ordered them back to prison. the two ranchers are due back in jail tomorrow.
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chris christie is hoping to start off the new year on the right foot, and inviting residents and visitors to take part in the first-day hikes. it's to spotlight scenery and history through guided likes and bike rides and other outdoor activities. today's hike takes place at princeton battle state park. it's hosting the battle of princeton. an outburst from a mummer from the annual new year's day parade. >> coming up on nbc10 news today, we wanted to get this man's side of the story and we'll show you what happens when we knock on his door, and plus we will talk about the changes you can see for next year's parade.
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nobody matched all winning numbers in last night's powerball drawing. we still have a chance. in case you missed it and want to check your numbers anyway, the numbers are 5, 6, 15, 29, 42, and the powerball is 10. the next drawing will happen on wednesday night, and if you are looking for another opportunity to win big, tuesday's mega millions jackpot is worth $145 million. good luck. nbc10's monique braxton is live on the turnpike with information for drivers. >> if you are just waking up and about to hit the highway, we will tell you how much more you will have to dig deeper in your pocket to cover the costs after the break. good sunday morning. layer up like monique is,
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because we are looking at temperatures below freezing in most spots besides philadelphia this morning, and also looking at bright sunshine. temperatures cold this morning, and we're going to be cold once again today and we are tracking colder weather during your 7-day. we will look at those numbers coming up.
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right now on "nbc10 news today," this former mummer now staying mum after mouthing off in front of the cameras. city and organization leaders have plenty to say, however. let's look at the valley forge interchange where drivers are paying more to travel the pennsylvania turnpike. how much more you will have to shell out and when the tolls
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will stop going up. colder today and tomorrow as you head back to school and work, and tuesday, let's say it will feel down right frigid. don't let the clear skies and sunshine fool you, it's cold out there. i am rosemary connors. it's 7:30 on this sunday. let's get to the forecast now with first alert meteorologist, michelle grossman. michelle, it's really when the wind starts blowing you can feel it. >> breezy yesterday and we are going to have the wind once again today. breezes gusting, and let's take a look outdoors. we are looking the sunshine also, so sunglasses needed this morning as well as layers. you can see the wind blowing that flag aroundxand looking at 32 degrees in philadelphia right now, and 24 in allentown, and 26 in lancaster, and walking out the door this morning in millville, 25, and right at the freezing mark in dover, delaware. factor in the winds, and feels
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colder than that. feels like just 24 in allentown. and the windchill in millville is 25 degrees and the windchill in atlantic city is 25 degrees. dress for the temperatures. planning the rest of your sunday by 8:00, around 33 degrees and mostly sunny skies. a mixture of sun and clouds, more sunshine than clouds and then by 4:00, 43 degrees. hit a high of 47 degrees, and then by tonight temperatures dropping back into the 20s, and a cold day on monday and tuesday, probably not making it out of the lower 30s and we'll talk more about that coming up. the mummers will be addressing the out dry over acts some spectators viewed as racist and trance phobic.
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>> this was dedicated -- >> you're gay [ bleep ] -- >> it's the video clip that generated the most headlines from new year's day. >> it sickened me and sickened everybody else, and it's intolerable and hate speech. >> speaking for the mummers, he sees a need for dialogue about sensitivity and the difference in satire and going over the line. two acts prompted a backlash. this display about caitlyn jenn jenn jenn jenner, and these tacos. next year the mummers will
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require clubs performing in an ethnic theme to have advisers and participants of that eith. >> they did not deny his role in this incident. >> yeah, it's a big mistake. >> the group he was part of now wants to participate in an lbgt fund-raiser or event. >> if we can embrace this as a teaching moment for mummers, it will help others. right now drivers are paying more to travel the pennsylvania turnpike. a toll hike just went into affect at midnight. going to shell out a few more coins, monique.
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>> reporter: that's right, rosemary. as the sun rises here over the turnpike, everybody that hits the highway this morning can expect to dig a little deeper to pay tolls. the turnpike authority says the increase will fix about $600,000 annual. cash and e z pass rates are suspected equally, but e z pass customers, according to the turnpike, will still save as much as 35%. here's a breakdown for you of the old and new rates. passenger vehicles will increase from 1.09 to 1.16 for e z pass customers, and 1.70 to 1.80 for cash passengers, and the most common toll for tractor trailers will go to 12.80 to 13.60 for cash customers. while you were sleeping we did a little digging to see how many
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people are taking advantage of the e z pass cost saving program? the turnpike commission told uz there are over a million e z pass accounts. go to our website or check out our news app for the different ways you can participate in e z pass. live along the turnpike, monique braxton, nbc10 news. there's another change for pennsylvania turnpike drivers. you can no longer use cash to pay your toll when you cross over to delaware river into bucks county. a scanner will read your e z pass or take a picture of your license plate if you don't have e z pass and you will get a bill in the mail. tomorrow morning there will be an autopsy for the 5-year-old boy found dead in a canal the
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lehigh valley. last night the allentown community came together to hold a vigil for little batista. he wandered away from his family. he had no shoes on and no coat. search crews and volunteers fanned out across the area for two days before a dive team found his body in the hrlehigh canal. authorities do not expect charges to be filed. happening now, philadelphia police are looking for the shooter who killed a 33-year-old man execution style inside of a car early this morning. there's no word on a motive in this case. a shooting near widener university ended with the victim fleeing to campus for safety. police in chester say two people were in a car two blocks from widener when a man began shooting at them overnight and one was hit and they sped away
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and stopped at the campus to call police, and no arrests or motives in this case either. a woman in atlantic city accused of playing real life bumper cars all caught on camera. plus this -- >> do you quit because you are not in the playoffs or do you keep going? >> one game left for the birds. today's game will have an impact on the eagles' next season, and we'll have more on that coming up in sports.
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talk about parking lot pandemonium. can't do anything these days without somebody taking out their cell phone and recording it. that was the case when a woman in atlantic city starting ram into parked cars at a casino and hotel. take a look. this is from new year's day at the tropicana hotel and casino. police tell us somebody left their car for the valet attendants and the keys were in the ignition when a woman decided to get into the car and took it for a spin and crashed
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into four other vehicles, and it was not her car. nobody was hurt and the woman is now facing dui charges. new this morning, chris brown is in hot water. being investigated by las vegas police for alleged battery and theft. according to police a woman at the palms casino tried to take a picture of brown and that set him off. brown is no longer on probation for abusing his former girlfriend, rihanna. well, we are off to a cold start. temperatures mainly in the 20s across the area. we are above freezing in philadelphia but only by a couple degrees, otherwise low 20s especially to the north and west. another cold day today, and temperatures in the 40s later this afternoon, and not quite as cold. 47 above normal for this time of year. temperatures in the low 30s and a high right above freezing and with wind on top of that, going to feel cold on monday and
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tuesday. enjoying sunshine today, and a chance for rain late on friday. 32 degrees in philadelphia, and winds out of the west-southwest at 5 miles per hour, and there are those 20s. bundle up if you are heading out this morning. 26 in reading. 30 degrees in westchester, and right at the freezing mark in philadelphia. south and east, mainly in the 20s and 30s. 34 degrees in atlantic city. 25 in millville. 30 in glassboro. yeah, starting out a lot like yesterday and ending up a little warmer than where we were compared to yesterday. windchill, you factor in the winds. we are looking at windchills around 16 in mt. pocono, and 27 is what it feels like in philadelphia, and it feels like 25 degrees in millville. there's the sunshine, a beautiful start to our day in terms of the sky cover, and we will see sunshine throughout the day. grab the sunglasses as you head out this afternoon. stopping this clock around 10:00 this morning, 41 in philadelphia, and still in the
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30s in mt. pocono, and at this point most of us will have made it into the 40s. by 1:00, 47 in philadelphia and 35 in mt. pocono and 38 degrees in millville. by this afternoon, 42 in philadelphia. this is at 5:00, and grabbing a bite to eat, looking at the low 40s. and then overnight temperatures back in the 20s, by 9:00, 36, and low 20s to the north and west tonight. future weather, a good one in terms of any sky cover. no precipitation today and keeping it dry today and over the next several days. cold and breezy, around 47 degrees. still normal for this time of year. mostly clear and cold tonight, and then monday, even colder. then today even colder than yesterday, right around 34 degrees in philadelphia. and another cold one on tuesday. and we could feel like the upper 20s. today, 45 to 48, breezy and cold. mostly clear and cold, 28 degrees in philadelphia, and 22
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north and west. the big chill comes on monday and tuesday, keeping the sunshine in place, but the sun is not helping us at all. 34 on monday, and tuesday, 33. wednesday, not as cold. sunshine still in place, 44, and we'll do that once again on thursday, although bringing more cloud cover. friday, a area of low pressure, and rain comes in late on friday, 48, and then saturday, a mild day for now, and looking at rain, and 51 degrees and lots of clouds. it's the ball game everybody is going to be talking about today. the alamo bowl. it went into triple overtime and in the end it was the tcu frogs coming back from a deaf set to beat the ducks, 47-41. talking basketball now. the 76ers continue their west coast tour taking on the clippers. the sixers were fresh off their loss to the lakers. rookie superstar okafor scored
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24 points but it was not enough. the sixers fall to 3-33 on the season. tomorrow the team is back home taking on the minnesota timberwolves at 7:00. here is danny pommells with the rest of our sunday morning sports. >> good morning to you. i am danny pommells from comcast sportsn sportsnet. running back duce staley interviewed for the job on friday, and staley has been on the coaching staff since 2011, and chip kelly kept him and made him the running back coach when he was hired in 2013. he played for the eagles from 1997 to 2003. and then pat shurmur will act as head coach and while there are no playoff implications for either team, the game still holds plenty of value. >> we are not going to the playoffs so this game doesn't mean anything, some people say, and it's an audition, man. a guy is going to come in, and
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do you fit a system or not and do you quit because you are not in the playoffs or keep going? i think it's an audition game for a lot of players. and then wrapping up the road trip yesterday after losing to the kings. they are trying to go 0 for california for the first time since the '03-'04 season. can you guess how this wound up. 1-0, l.a., and then later in the period, kings with the man advantage. setting up doughty for the one-timer. and then penn state junior quarterback hackenberg declared for the nfl draft. >> it was tough but at the end of the day, for once i kind of got to look out for myself and see what i needed to do and i felt my family and i moving forward, having a couple
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conversations, that's what is best to do. >> this was hackenberg's swan song as a nittany lion, knocked out of the game in the second quarter with a sprained shoulder join, but still holds plenty of psu passing records. a 21-yard touchdown. penn state tries to come back to fall short 24-17. and then amissing three from th corner, and then owls 3 of 23 from distance, and this triple capped a 17-1 run. temple falls short 50-77. and then st. joe's hawks up two, and more drama than a soap
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opera. the man with the big throw and the game to match hits the jumper, and 30 seconds to go, and final four points of the game, he scored them all, and st. joe's winds 77-73. this one was all quakers. 23 points for jackson. drexel and elon, and put the phoenix up 12, and drexel takes it on the chin, 83-78. the time is 7:48 on this sunday. the "today" show starts at 8:00 and we check in now with erica hill and craig melvin and join
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us live with more of what they are working on. >> just ahead here on sunday morning, donald trump back at it on the campaign trial firing shots at president obama as well as the clintons and weighing in on the terror recruiting video featuring the republican frontrunner himself. one of the greatest comebacks in the history of sports, and it happened while most of us were asleep last night. the tcu horn frogs have a 31-point comeback. plus the $34 million powerball drawing we were eyeing. looks like nobody won, so the jackpot will become one of the largest in history. we'll kick off our start today series on how you can get a head start on your week, and all that and more when we get started on our sunday morning on
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"today." >> thanks, and we'll see you at 8:00. >> see you in a bit. coming up, hillary versus trump. not just about them anymore. next, chuck todd joins us to talk about the battle brewing with bill clinton.
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this morning on nbc's "meet the press," gop presidential candidates, john kasich and rand paul will discuss their campaigns in exclusive interviews, this as a new battle brewing between donald trump and bill clinton. >> now that it's 2016, it's appropriate for us to cover the 2016 race. >> yeah, i know, we have not been doing it for a half of year, year or more, i guess. what can we expect to hear from the candidates as they make their final push to the voters? >> it's almost less about what we hear from them and more about what we see them do and where we see them travel and what we are seeing is the candidates are now admitting which state is going to be their do or die state.
7:54 am
one-third of the republican field views iowa as their do or die state, and two-thirds views new hampshire as their do or die state. i think the question that republicans are trying to figure out on this front is two-fold. number one, will donald trump supporters show up? many campaigns are gambling they won't. and second, is there a republican establishment and if it exists, can they unite behind one of the candidates. they say if i do well in new hampshire, the party will unite around me to be anti-trump or cruz, and if there are too many candidates vying to the spot and they split the vote, guess what, trump and cruz lead go into the iowa and new hampshire, and if
7:55 am
they split the vote, they lead coming out and we find out there is no republican establishment. >> thanks, chuck. >> yes. also coming up today on nbc's "meet the press," the issue of bill clinton's pass and its impact on the presidential race. that's coming your way here on nbc10 on "meet the press." we'll be right back.
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we will see you back here at 9:00. have a good one.
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good morning. he's back. donald trump returning to the campaign trail with his sights on the clintons. >> the clinton campaign said they'd most like to run against donald trump. they do not want to run against me. >> trump also responding for the first time to the terror recruiting video, which features the billionaire himself. embassy burning. angry protesters in iran storm the embassy overnight, setting the building ablaze in a violent demonstration, after the saudis executed an official. up for grabs. the winning numbers to the


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