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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  January 6, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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while roxborough is 17. it's a cold start. you'll have to bundle up. with bright sunshine you'll need sunglasses and we'll see the temperatures climb in a hurry. 20 at 6:00, by 9:00, 24 degrees. then above freezing by lunch time. the wind, just 4-mile-an-hour breeze at noon time today. back in 10 minutes with a look at your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast. let's see what's happening on the roads. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we're starting out on 295. this is in west deptford. no problems really as of yet. right around 644 from 42 freeway to the delaware memorial bridge, we're at 23 minutes. 63 miles per hour as your average speed so we're good to go there. no problems heading to the delaware memorial bridge. the rest of the bridges are great and in the clear. no bridge openings so far and good getting into philadelphia from the ben franklin bridge.
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on 95 we're good in drive times but the ramp closures on 95 north bound and 95 southbound around aramingo avenue. >> thanks. 4:31. talk about a cold start, temperatures now in the single digits and teens across our area. katy zachry is live in conshohocken and communities across the tri-state area have code blue in effect to protect people from the cold especially the homeless. >> reporter: absolutely, tracy. as you said we're in conshohocken, and throughout montgomery county there is a code blue, it has been in effect since overnight monday and doesn't expire until later this morning because of these frigid temperatures. look at our list, at least five counties throughout the area that have extended their code blue declarations, until later today. bucks county, montgomery, where we are, burlington, camden and cumberland. code blues are issued when conditions are so extreme they threat at any safety and health of people who are outside, who
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are homeless, and who live without shelter. in most cases short-term emergency shelters are set up and in cities and counties like where you're looking at now this video from camden county, they will send out police to do welfare checks on the elderly and people who are disabled, individuals who may need help if heat goes out. there is also a code blue in effect right now for philadelphia. and coming up at 5:00, i'll explain to you about a hotline that's been in effect for the past few days, and i'll give you that information, tell you what you need to relay to the people on the other end of the phone if you see people in philadelphia who are without shelter and who are outside in these frigid conditions. reporting live, katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." >> now to a developing story, we're getting new information about north korea's apparent test of a hydrogen bomb. north korean state television announced it as a success. in the last half hour we learned a south korean spy agency is
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claiming that north korea tested an atomic bomb. officials are concerned but may not have evidence for days to confirm what was tested. u.s. geologists did detect a 5.5 earthquake. a confirmed h-bomb test would be a major escalation of north korea's nuclear weapons program. >> bill cosby's wife will not have to be deposed today, it's on hold for now. a judge in massachusetts postponed the deposition yesterday while camille cosby appeals an earlier ruling. if cosby loses her appeal she will be forced to testify in a civil lawsuit from seven women against her husband of 52 years. the deposition could include the most private questions about the couple's personal lives and could be made public. we spoke to one of the women's attorneys by phone right after the stay was granted. >> there are issues involving
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encounters, liaisons with other women, the use of drugs, payment through -- to women from various sources. >> he believes he will get a chance to interview camille cosby. it could take a week if not longer before we know if camille cosby will have to testify. >> if your child attends handy's disciples day care in delaware state police want to hear from you. a 10-month-old died at the day care in millsboro in july. the child's death was ruled a homicide. detectives want to talk to parents or guardians of any children who attended this day care. 51 valerie handy is charged with murder by abuse or neglect. >> 4:34. 20 degrees outside. a new jersey woman pled guilty this week to poisoning her husband's grandmother with
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antifreeze. she pled guilty on monday to aggravated manslaughter in the death of mary growthman. she admitted to mixing antifreeze in the drichk of her husband's grandmother in 2012. she had cared for mary in the family's brooklawn home until the 88-year-old was moved to a rehab center. the prosecutor will recommend she be sentenced to 25 years in a new jersey state prison. sentencing is scheduled for february 5. >> happening today drivers for uber black hand to hold a protest at the headquarters. the drivers demanding that the ride sharing service lower its commissions. they are also upset that they are forced to com beat uber x, a lower cost alternative. >> unarmed guards will soon be on duty inside schools in the coatesville district. the school board approved the cost after a threat of try lens was posted on social media in november. four guards will start in about a week at the high school
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campus. the school board president is pursuing a more permanent security measure nor the schools. >> keyless ignition is a standard feature in many new cars but a crucial mistake is costing some their lives. what a pennsylvania senator wants to change. still dreaming of the beach. despite failed plans stockton university has new designs for the school at the shore. >> 4:36 the tixt it's cold outside. 20 degrees at nbc 10 but much of the area is running colder. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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>> 4:38. heading out the door you need to bundle up. it is a very cold morning with temperatures that have dropped in some spots in the single
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digits. the wind has died down. with clear skies we're in store for bright sunshine. today we'll start a warming trend. it's going to be a slow warming trend so moderating temperatures over the next few days. but we'll be in the 50s by the weekend. right now, though, it is 10 in mount pocono. teens for northeast philadelphia and atlantic city and each of these locations is clear. if you are leaving the house you need sunglasses at some point. not until after 7:20 when the sun's coming up. with bright sunshine, that's pretty much when the warm-up is going to start. the good news is the wind that was so strong and cold yesterday has really died down. a minimal breeze blowing in dover, the pocono mountains and trenton, most of the area not seeing any wind at all. and with clear skies even though it's getting colder right now, we'll see enough sunshine to warm us into the upper 30s and low 40s this afternoon. definitely warmer than
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yesterday. as far as wet weather is concerned you can see clouds to our west. we won't see clouds come into the picture until, well, until the weekend when we have a chance of wet weather. that snow is falling in oklahoma and kansas into nebraska. we'll not see snow, we'll get rainfall this weekend. the temperatures will be warming as the week goes on. it starts today. yesterday's high in the 20s and low 30s, today upper 30s for allentown and reading, 38 degrees in quakertown. bright sunny skies for doylestown, trenton and mount holly. close to the 40-degree mark. it will feel warmer with the light wind. even at the shore the winds will be light. the temperature 42 for rehoboth beach. 40 in dover. vineland sunny skies, 39. and nothing but sunshine for wilmington, drexel hill, swedesboro all in the upper 30s and low 40s. sunshine today and there is more sunshine on the way as well. but the weekend different story. clouds moving in with warmer
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temperatures. saturday afternoon, 52 degrees, we might see some breaks of sunshine but it's not going to be like today. by saturday evening, a chance of some light showers. a steadier rainfall on sunday, but comes with warmer weather. so 56 degrees sunday afternoon. then the cold returns. i've got the details when i'm back with the seven-day forecast. >> then the cold returns he says. thanks. it's 4:41. let's check your ride to work. there is an accident on the route 30 bypass. >> so it's on the off ramp from the 30 bypass to 322, so you can see that behind me. a lot of police activity on the scene in there with all of the flashing lights. no backup right now but they are blocking the off ramp to 322. this just popped up. we're still watching that construction as well on the vine street expressway in both directions so east and west you can see in the red in here, closed between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. and again, that will be throughout until about 5:00 this morning.
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so 20 minutes or so for that. we'll keep you updated if they are running behind. watch for slow moving maintenance vehicle on the p.a. turnpike southbound. they have alternating lane closures also until about 5:00. but the westbound and eastbound drive times on the p.a. turnpike are fine. from route 1 to valley forge 23 minutes at the most. >> problems with a pat-down. a father is taking issue with the tsa. look at this video. he took it showing his daughter at an airport check point. hear why he says the agents went too far. >> also, no team, no problem. drexel university doesn't have a football problem. why the president calls it a big advantage.
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>> a pennsylvania congressman says keyless ignition cars are convenient but could be dangerous. he wrote a letter saying the technology is flawed. he says at least a dozen people have died from carbon monoxide
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poisoning since 2009 after leaving their cars running in their garage. >> i would hope that they would take action to give an alert, to give some kind of notification to an individual when they leave the vehicle if the ignition is still on that somehow there is the an alert. >> some car manufacturers say the technology does automatically shut off a car if it's idling more than 30 minutes but there is no universal standard for automakers. >> happening today a friend of one of the san bernardino shooters is expected to head to court. enrique marquez is to be arraigned. he was a friend of farook who authorities say carried out the december 2 mass shooting with his wife. prosecutors accuse marquez of buying the two assault weapons used in the attack. he faces charges that include providing material support to terrorists and making false statements. the fbi is asking the public to help them account for 18 minutes
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in the timeline of the san bernardino terror attack. the husband and wife team were on the run after gunning down 14 people and wounding more. investigators want to know what they were doing in those missing minutes. specifically, did they meet with anyone or have help? >> we want to ensure that if they made contact with anyone that we don't already know about between those hours or that time that we're able to fully investigate those matters. >> the fbi eventually caught up with the couple later that afternoon, their run from authorities ended in a shoot-out. they were both killed. >> armed grouped occupation of a national wildlife refuge in oregon enters a fourth day and members fear a federal raid. one gunman says he believes officials issued warrants for the arrest of five group members, the group is taking a defensive position in anticipation after possible raid. the fbi says it has no information on arrest warrants and that authorities are working on a peaceful resolution.
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>> it's time for you to leave our community, go home to your families, and end this peacefully. >> about 20 armed men took over several buildings in a remote part of oregon saturday. they say the federal government has too much control over local land. they are rallying between two ranchers now in prison for starting fires on federal land allegedly to cover up poaching. >> wegman's is recalling more than 1,000 pounds of chicken produced without a federal inspection. they have a number est or p-7567 inside the usda mark. for a list of recalled products go to or the nbc 10 app. the company says they have no reports of anyone getting sick. a father in san diego is upset with the ta the tsa searched his 10-year-old daughter. it happened at raleigh-durham.
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agents found a juice box in the girl's carry on. so agents padded the girl down, a process took about two minutes. the father says it was an overreaction and inappropriate. >> well, i know it's to keep everyone safe but she kept padding me down like pat dourngs pat down, it was like over and over. >> maybe they did everything by the book. i don't really know but it was an uncomfortable situation. >> tsa says procedures allow for the pat down of a child in circumstances and in this case it followed those approved procedures. >> a united airlines plane slid off of a runway in washington state and ended up in a snow bank. it led to a two-hour shutdown of operations at spokane international. all 166 passengers were okay. officials blame icy conditions.
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it's a cold one this morning, the temperatures have been plummeting and under clear skies but we don't have the wind that we had yesterday. so even though it is cold it doesn't feel like it's below zero. that is the an improvement. in fact it's in the low 20s in parts of philadelphia. much of the rest of the area is running colder than that. now 11 minutes before 5:00. with clear skies, the temperatures are still falling but it's also cleared the way for brilliant sunshine. 22 degrees right now in philadelphia international. that's up by 9 compared to yesterday. and the wind has really died down, not just in the city but most of the area is looking at little wind. you can see the water in front of center city is like glass this morning on the delaware. still plenty cold in millville, 8 degrees, one of the spots that's colder than yesterday with clear skies and less wind. it has calmed down and gotten colder. coatesville at 8, westchester, 10 degrees this morning.
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and it's also cold for chester springs at 10 degrees, phoenixville is 12 right now. we'll see sunshine, though, and nothing falling from sky, not today. the weekend, though, that changes. today, temperatures will warm up a little bit. yesterday was low 30s for philadelphia. we didn't get above freezing. upper 30s and low 40s. brilliant sunshine and the wind will be light. another cold night tonight. by tomorrow morning 24. but the temperature slowly climbing. 43 thursday afternoon. clouds start building some on friday, partly sunny and 47. then it's in the 50s on saturday with a chance of showers later on saturday. more likely we'll see rain on sunday. then the wind kicks in monday, bringing the temperatures down. a bit colder on tuesday with bright sunny skies. >> thanks for that. 10 minutes before 5. we're watching an early morning accident. jessica boyington has more on that. >> it's on the 30 bypass so
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approaching route 322 and blocking that off ramp. you can see heavy police presence on the scene. all traffic still moving through the area nicely either direction, no problems there. but some restrictions over the off ramp. so due to this accident you can see the road flares they placed out. so something to watch out for but not anything causing a huge disruption so far for the morning. out in pennsauken, this is the white horse pike where it comes in and crosses with the collingswood circle. no problems there and no delays or backups. there is construction over in new jersey, this is the ongoing route 130, that's closed between porcupine road and center square road. watch for that. mass transit great alternate today. no problems or delays so far. i'll be back with a check on more of your morning drive and the vine street expressway. >> thanks. stockton university is going to try its luck in atlantic city. the university got the green light for $17 million of funding
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for a satellite campus in ac, the project is the only in the design phase. they tried to open inside the former showboat casino but ran into legal restrictions. >> a clip of video has the internet and the sports world talking. check this out. that's a local high school coach knocking a referee to the floor. next in a live report new information about the coach and on the controversy. also next, the subject of debate, why something donald trump said has politicians in another country considering banning him from visiting. your clever moves won't stop the cold and flu.
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but disinfecting with lysol can. lysol wipes and spray are approved to kill more types of germs than clorox. to help keep your family healthy, lysol that. happening today, hispanic children across the area will celebrate three kings day and there will be a celebration
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starting at 3:00. it will include free food, live music and a gift for every child. drexel university's president explained why the school doesn't have a football team and he thinks it's a good thing. he penned an op-ed in "the wall street journal" monday, in it he wrote that not having a football team gives the school an advantage. he explained only 15% of the 130 schools with top flight football programs are making money. he chastised schools for diverting money from classrooms and toward football. temple football wasn't named but the president of temple weighed in. he said not only does football related money benefit the school's non-revenue sports but a direct connection with success with a 19% jump in enrollment for 2016. >> to decision 2016, if donald
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trump has plans to travel to great britain he could be looking on the outside looking in. later this month the british parliament will debate a petition calling for trump to be banned from entering the uk. the petition launched after the republican presidential candidate proposed to bar muslims from entering the u.s. the petition got the required number of signatures to be considered for a debate. on the campaign trail trump continues to attack hillary clinton and her husband. listen to this exchange on msnbc's morning joe. >> hillary called me sexist, that i have an inclination. >> you're only going to bring up bill clinton's past history as a possible sexual harasser if she accuses you of being sexist. >> that's what it's all about. that's what it was. it's fair game when they attack me i'm going to attack them. >> former president bill clinton began solo campaigning for his wife on monday. hillary clinton is in iowa focusing on her chief rival.
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someone asked her to contrast herself with bernie sanders. >> with respect to my opponent who is a friend of mine, i think i have a broader, more comprehensive set of policies about everything including taking on wall street. >> most polls have clinton leading sanders in iowa and sanders ahead of clinton in new hampshire. new jersey governor chris christie is stumping in new hampshire. the white house hopeful took aim at his rivals and even president obama when it comes to experience. >> i don't care whether your name is barack obama or ted cruz, you never made an executive decision in government of any consequence. >> christie plans to meet with police chief this is morning. more than 30,000 high school seniors leave new jersey after graduation to study somewhere else. >> the group choose new jersey wants to stop that trend. the group is launching a scholarship and internship
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program. winners will be the highest ranking senior at each of camden's 11 public, private and charter schools, and they receive a one-time scholarship and guaranteed paid internship for three consecutive summers as long as they choose a new jersey college. >> and what we hope is that during the course of these internships these scholars will have an opportunity to shine in the way that we know they can and will put them on a path to securing full time permanent employment with one of the great companies and organizations we have in the state. >> the program is also being launched at high schools in newark. pretty amazing. new jersey has some of the best schools in princeton, rutgers, great schools. you're watching "nbc 10 news."
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an on court controversy, this video appears to show a local high school basketball coach head butting a referee during a game. >> i want national concern. north korea says it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. >> and another cold morning commute, your ride to work will be a chilly one. things should warm up later on. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. it's chilly. slightly warmer than yesterday. meteorologist bill henley has his first alert forecast. >> the biggest changes in the wind which was so strong yesterday the flag is barely moving in center city this morning. the temperatures moving down. 13 in allentown and reading, 14 in will mng on the, one of the spots that is the colder than yesterday, millville now 7 degrees with calm conditions, the temperatures have come down there. but actually has gone up a degree in philadelphia now 21 degrees. calm for most of the area. that's the good news.
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the wind chill will not be a factor. you'll need your sunglasses. still cold at 6:00. 9:00, near 30 degrees, then upper 30s, what a difference at noon time today with much less wind. back in 10 minutes with your forecast. right now katy zachry is live at conshohocken. keeping an eye on the cold weather. >> reporter: keeping an eye on it and experiencing it for everyone, bill. there are a few things that are different this morning than what we experienced last few mornings. first of all, as you said it's a tad warmer outside. a lot of people are waking up maybe it's about 7 degrees warmer in their area, also there's very little wind. you can see here evidenced from this american flag. slightly blowing. we don't have the wind chill effect. but of course, as we've been saying for the last two mornings, bundling up and layering, that is key. take a look at some video from the streets of philadelphia. from outreach workers who have been going a


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