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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  January 18, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 11:00, windy and cold, blustery conditions on this martin luther king jr. holiday. as you get a live look at the flag flying atop the aramark building. it is whipping out there. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. it is cold, downright cold today. >> yeah, vai, it's bitter cold and it's going to last for a little while. this won't just be a one-day thing. up in the pocono mountains people are skiingp it feels below zero there. you can see how strong the winds are. what a lot of people will be talking about, probably already are talking about for the
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possible major winter storm that comes toward the end of the week. the timing would be friday and into saturday and there is a potential of heavy snow and strong winds, so it's something you may want to start thinking about. you don't have to change plans at the moment but it's possible that some plans will have to be changed eventually. the storm's a long way away. it's still out in the pacific ocean, but a pretty intense storm. a lot of moisture with it. there's a lot of cold air ahead of that storm as you can see currently only 23 in philadelphia, 19 in pottstown. 13 in mt. pocono. that only tells part of the story because of the wind. it feels like it's 7 in philadelphia, in allentown 6 blow in mt. pocono. as we go through the afternoon, if anything, it's going to feel even colder. and by tonight those wind chills, the way it's going to feel on your exposed skin goes
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down to near zero and in some places below zero by daybreak. we do have a bitter cold stretch ahead. as we go through the day, look at the winds, 20 to 30 miles per hour with higher gusts. temperatures may not get out of the 20s. more on the potential winter storm with the rest of the seven-day in just a few minutes. >> glenn, thank you. you can get weather warnings and as on your smartphone for flree with the nbc 10 news app. crews are working to repair a water main break. water began gushing just before 7:00 this morning. the chester county country club was the only customer affected by this break. service is expect to be restored within the hour. and fire destroyed a historic restaurant in cumberland county this morning as you see here. flames began ripping through hillcrest tavern in bridgeton about 5:30 this morning. right now firefighters are
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working to keep the flames from popping back up. drew smith is live for us. and drew, this cold weather probably did not help the firefighters at all. >> reporter: no, it has not been an easy morning out here, vai. you can take a look right now. firefighters are still working on this. we've seen them up on that ladder putting more water down on to this restaurant. so it's been hours worth of a fight here trying to keep those flames from popping back up. and that water is just gushing out of this restaurant. out here on to route 49 which has been closed all morning. we're right in the center of the town, right across from the courthouse. there's been a lot of people coming out to look at this, people who have been going to this restaurant through generations of their family. just a sad day to see what happened. before the sun came up several cumberland county fire departments began trying to save a piece of history. the hillcrest tavern dates back
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to 1782. >> i was stunned. somebody sent me a picture on my phone this morning and said can we lost the hillcrest. i thought what do you mean? >> reporter: jeremy algarin share this photo with us. how big the flames got. >> the flames was bigger than the building. >> reporter: in daylight, you can see the extent of the damage. water gushing out of the doors and windows, eventually freezing. you can see icicles formed along the power lines. salt trucks came in to make it safe for the firefighters to move around. a heartbreaking day for the restaurant's owner, staff and all of bridgeton. >> it's been here forever. it's a fixture of the community. the food is fantastic. it's probably one of the top three or four places to eat in our area. >> reporter: back live now, my colleague cindi long is up about to speak with the fire chief. hopefully when we see you again in our next half hour we'll have an update for you. but so far no reports of any
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injuries. live in bridgeton, drew smith. >> see you then. the driver of an suv lost control and crashed in the olney neighborhood of philadelphia. this happened just before 4:00 this morning. four men in the suv ran away from police into a wooded area after the crash. police tell us the suv may have been stolen. and police say they know who they're looking for at a deadly shooting at a homeless shelter. it happened yesterday at the stationhouse shelter on north broad street. a former guest who was kicked out on friday for being drunk returned to get his belongings, after an argument, the gunman opened fire killing one employee and wounding another. >> it was a good guy. he helped anybody out. he loved his job. >> we will investigate whatever appropriate means we need to investigate to ensure that in the future that employees and
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residents are safe. >> reporter: -- >> the surviving victim is suffering from a hip wound. police are holding a suspect following a threat against students at penn state university. police tell us a father threatened to harm his children who are students at the school. that forced police to lock down hamilton hall last night. more than 500 students were told to remain in place for about four hours. and authorities have not revealed the suspect's identity. today is a day the nation celebrates civil rights leader dr. martin luther king jr. tom wolf and jim kenney are taking part in the annual day of service. 140,000 volunteers are expected to serve across the region. the main service site is at girard college in north philadelphia where one woman tells us that dr. king's legacy still translates today. >> we have a responsibility that
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dr. martin luther king left us. and the bible also states that we should teach the younger generation. so we should therefore carry on his legacy in teaching our new generation coming forth. >> today there will be work shops, activities, a job fair and health expo. guests can also see the philadelphia orchestra's annual king tribute concert. and today's a holiday for a lot of people, of course, let's get a check on the roads with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. because of the holidays, lighter traffic out there? >> lighter traffic for sure. we haven't had any drive times spike up at all. we continue to see that. right around center city, 16th street, no problems west or eastbound, schuylkill expressway doing okay. flying through the conshohocken curve. from the blue route to the vine street expressway, no problems
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there. still watching out for that water main break east whiteland township. you can take lancaster avenue to get by that scene for now. moving over to new jersey, still much waing out for that fire in bridgeton. route 49 at fayette street. all lanes are closed in both directions. that area isn't heavily trafficked right now. here's the 295 around sloan avenue. all road ways are empty and dry. as for mass transit, septa's running on a modified weekday schedule. do want to check before you go. >> in hawaii the search goes on for 12 missing marines after a helicopter collision. and we've learned a local marine is among them. the marines confirm that captain brian t. kennedy from chester county was aboard one of the two military helicopters that crashed off the island of oahu thursday night. the coast guard extended its search eight miles out from the coast line. officials said they found some
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debris consistent with those helicopters. and philadelphia police hope you can help find this little girl. 12-year-old london solomon was last seen with friends near the cheltenham mall saturday night around 6:30. her family has been looking for her ever since. solomon was last scene wearing a bambi sweatshirt. and she walks with a leg brace. if you have seen her or you have any information, you're asked to call police. and we want to update you on ambush philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett. we're told that he's doing well. he had several surgeries to repair damage from three gunshots in the arm. he'll require more operations. the shooting happened january 7th in west philadelphia. the man accused of ambushing the officer is charged with attempted murder and the fbi is investigating a possible link to terrorism. and we are following a developing story in iraq where the search is on for three americans kidnapped over the weekend in baghdad.
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plus waiting and hoping. the families of three americans released in a prisoner of war -- in a prisoner swap with iran gather in germany as the trio gets closer to tureturning to t u.s. and explosive landing. another failure for spacex. we'll tell you what went wrong to cause this blast. we're stuck with the arctic air that's bringing a bitter cold blast to our area and i'm tracking a system that has the potential to develop into a major winter storm later this week. i'll let you know what to expect and when just ahead.
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we're following a developing story in iraq. security forces are searching a neighborhood in baghdad for a group of americans kidnapped over the wroekd. the iraqi government says the americans were abducted from their interpreter's home in dora and then taken to sadr city where all communications and contact stopped. the u.s. embassy confirmed that several americans have disappeared and says it is working with iraqi officials to find them. and three of the five americans released from an iranian prison are undergoing tests today at a military hospital in germany. there was heavy media coverage outside the u.s. military base in germany today. several news outlets were hoping to get a glimpse of the americans and their walk to freedom. the group was released yesterday
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as part of a prisoner swap with iran. their release was just announced just hours before the nuclear deal with iran took effect. among the five americans released were a "washington post" reporter, a minister and a former marine. massachusetts native matthew trevithick went straight to boston where his mom was watching for him with open arms. and the sister of a former u.s. marine also released over the weekend arrived in germany today to see her brother. she said she was looking forward to seeing her brother amir. he's a dual u.s./iranian citizen born in arizona. he was arrested in 2011, then tried, convicted and sentenced to ten years in an iranian prison for spying. the release of the prisoners capped off a long diplomatic process between the u.s. and
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iran. iran's president called the deal with the u.s. and other world powers a win-win for everyone. iran got international sanctions lifted after curbing its nuclear program. other sanctions remain in place for iranian human rights violations and its support of terrorism. >> the agreement was not calculated to solve all the problems with iran. this agreement was calculated to address a threat that the united states of america felt to ourselves and to the world about their production potentially of a nuclear weapon. >> kerry said the world is safer now that we have the agreement. and now to decision 2016. the three democratic hopefuls came together this morning in south carolina to honor the late martin luther king. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley are taking
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part in king day at the dome on the steps of the capitol. the candidates are putting their political differences aside after last night's presidential debate. the internet lit up when the gloves came off. the biggest search in every single state -- bernie sanders. nbc 10 national correspondent tracy potts has a recap. >> we have a political revolution. >> president obama has led our country out of the great recession. >> reporter: clear differences between democrats on gun control. >> i have a d-minus voting record from the nra. >> he has voted with the nra, with the gun lobby, numerous times. >> reporter: on health care. >> i do not want to see the republicans repeal it. and i don't want to see it start over again with a contentious debate. >> we are paying the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. getting ripped off. >> reporter: on money, theirs. >> i do not want wall street's money. >> reporter: and yours. >> i'm the only candidate standing here tonight who has said i will not raise taxes on
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the middle class. >> reporter: bernie sanders and martin o'malley brought up hillary clinton's ties to wall street. >> the truth of the matter is, secretary clinton, you did not go as far in reining in wall street as i would. >> reporter: on foreign affairs clinton calls vladimir putin a bully and says their relationship -- >> it's interesting. >> reporter: she agree on going after isis, going slow with iran and dealing with climate change, but their differences are what seem to be driving the polls now just two weeks before iowa weighs in. donald trump's name came up a few times in this debate but not nearly as much as the republicans mentioned hillary clinton. tracy potts, nbc news, washington. authorities in ohio are questioning a suspect in connection to the shooting death of a danville police officer. authorities say they received a call just before midnight from a woman claiming her ex-boyfriend had weapons and wanted to kill police. dispatchers tried to make contact with the officer, but there was no response. his body was found overnight behind a municipal building.
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his service weapon had been taken. authorities arrested hirschel jones iii after a short foot chase. and we're learning more about the man police say shot and killed a utah police officer. investigators say a gang task force was looking for the suspect prior to the shooting. they issue both federal and state warrants for his arrest. officer doug barney died from a single gunshot wound to the head yesterday. investigators say barney and his partner responded to a traffic accident when henderson started shooting at them. barney returned fire and killed henderson. the officer's partner was also hit but is expect to survive. police in upstate new york are investigating the deaths of three people near college as a potential murder/suicide. the bodies of two men and one woman were found inside a house at the state university of new york at geneseo. two of the victims were student athlete, the third was a former student. investigators describe the
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scene. >> i can tell you that no gun was used or no firearm was used in this situation. i can tell you that a knife was recovered at the scene. >> police say they believe the killer was among the victims. check out the video of the latest spacex rocket mission. this rocket returned to earth okay early this morning but it just could not stick the landing. check it out. the rocket toppled over and blew up on landing when a support leg of the ocean barge broke. before that it did carry out its mission of carrying a satellite into orbit. and now the latest on the eagles head coaching job. we've just learned the kansas city chiefs offensive coordinator doug peterson has arrived in philadelphia. skyforce 10 was over the complex in south philly. peterson is expected eed to be
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officially named as the philadelphia eagles new head coach some time this week. peterson was an eagles quarterback in the '90s. online reports say he's expected to keep online running backs coach duce staley on as well as others. eagles owner jeffrey lurie fired chip kelly late last month. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we had our first measurable snow this season yesterday, and we've got something bigger coming in the seven-day period. a winter storm. and it looks like it's going to be affecting pretty much the whole area. some details remain to be seen. it's bitter cold now, cold plus wind. and that's going to last all the way into wednesday. this is not just a few hours of real cold. we've got sunshine out there now. but it's not warming things up very much. 23 degrees, 23-mile-per-hour
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sustained wind making it feel like 7. 14 degrees colder than at this time yesterday. see what's going to happen here with the hourly forecast. look at this. as we go through the afternoon, even by 4:00, it's 24 but feeling like 11. by 8:00, 20 and feeling like 7 and by midnight feeling like 4. by day break could be feeling like around zero or close to zero. right now with 23 in philadelphia, it's 19 in pottstown and pretty close to the low 20s elsewhere. but we have strong gusty winds. we're seeing gusts right now up to 36 miles per hour in wilmington, 31 in philadelphia and, of course, that really adds to the chill and the chill is based on the average wind, the sustained wind, not the gusts. so it can feel colder than this for a minute or two. 6 below in mt. pocono.
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single digits elsewhere. as we go through the afternoon, if anything, the wind chills go down. it's going to get colder as the day goes on like tomorrow morning. we're talking about some negative numbers in parts of the area. the rest of the region pretty close to zero. again, it's not gooding inggoip very much during the day tomorrow. we're dry early in the week but we're obviously focused on a storm that's going to be developing later in the week. and there it is. you can see it off of the pacific northwest coast. really impressive swirl already, but that's pretty far away. and until the storm gets over land, the computer models will not be quite as reliable as it will be when it does get over land. but here's the general idea. the storm develops down south, picks up plenty of moisture. we've got cold air to begin with. the general track takes it to the south of our area.
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that creates the northeast wind, nor'easter. this would be the predicted track of the heavieaviest snow. right fou not putting numbers on there. too early for numbers, but giving it the scenario here. the computer model is pretty much agreeing that this is a significant major winter storm. the axis of the heaviest snow somewhere over our area. that's in the friday to saturday timeframe. bitter winds today. upper 20s for the highs. winds gusting to 40 miles per hour. and over the next several days, well, it's still pretty cold tomorrow with the wind. cold on wednesday, thursday, not quite as cold, and that sets us up for this winter storm friday and into saturday. especially starting friday afternoon the way it looks now. all right, thank you, glenn. details on the first baby born in the u.s. with the virus and
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what doctors are saying about the rick for infection. plus a little girl going through cancer treatments now has a special friend by her side. the doll is that giving hope to other little girls fighting to survive.
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health officials say a baby born in a hawaii hospital is the first in the united states born with zika virus. that's a mosquito-born virus linked to birth defects including smaller than normal heads and brain damage. officials say the mother likely
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had the mosquito-born virus while living in brazil and her newborn acquired the infection in the womb. it's a holiday for a lot of people and it's certainly a cold one. here's a look at camel back mountain and the ski ares are bundled up. glenn will let us know how long the bitter cold temperatures will last just ahead. plus news your kids will love. more time for recess. the controversial change happening at many schools and why the experts say it's the right move. trofrl
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. this is nbc 10 news. getting outdoors? well, make sure you bundle up and wear plenty of layers. hopefully these skaters at the blue cross riverrink at penn's
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landing are doing that. looks like most of them are. a busy day on the ice as most people have the day off from work or school. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz doesn't have the day off. he's here with the forecast. if you are out there ice skating have a big parka on, right, glenn? >> absolutely. not just today. if you are going to be doing that tomorrow, it will be feeling just as cold if not colder than it feels right now. see a live camera at the wells fargo center shaking there? yeah, it's pretty windy. and the temperature isn't exactly balmy here. we have temperatures in the low 20s across much of the area. 19 degrees in pottstown. one of the cold spot, 13 in mt. pocono where it feels like it's 6 below zero the o the exposed skin and single digits across most of the rest of the area. and it's going to feel like single digits for much of the afternoon and overnight tonight the wind is going to continue as the temperature goes down.
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so by early tomorrow morning we're going to be seeing some negative numbers. look at that, doylestown, 3 below zero the way it's gooding to feel at 5:00 a.m. and zero at northeast philly. the other issue is later in the week there's a possible major winter storm that could be affecting much of the area. the timing -- friday into saturday. right now it looks more like friday afternoon into saturday and there's a potential for heavy snow and some strong gusty winds. obviously it's nowhere near this part of the country. it's not even in the country yet. it's off shore in the pacific ocean, but that is a pretty impressive system. and that's what we're going to be watching for later in the week. more on the timing of that storm and the potential with the rest of the seven-day in just a few minutes. and keep tracking this wind
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and cold weather with the nbc 10 app. you can follow live radar and see when the weather will impact you. you can also sign up for push alerts to stay on top of breaking news, weather and traffic. in cumberland county, the center of bridgeton is shut down as firefighters are cleaning up from a three-alarm fire at a historic restaurant. nbc 10's drew smith is live there for us. this building is over 200 years old. it's a landmark. >> reporter: the age of the building has complicated things out here. you can take a look at the old restaurant up there on the top of the hill. we just spoke with the fire chief and he said that they can't even call this fully under control although you don't see smoke rising any more. because of the way it collapsed in on itself in the center of the building. actually there's a lot of action going on on the back side of the restaurant. that's because they've got an excavator there and they're pulling things out looking to see if there's any more flames happening underneath all of that
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equipment that they have inside the restaurant. another problem out here, the cold temperatures. it was windy around 5:00 this morning when the fire broke out. and it quickly escalated to three alarms, the wind whipping up those flames. the restaurant dates back to 1782, and it has been an institution in this area for generations. in fact, there are a lot of people out here. the city council was out here. they're all talking about what a huge loss this is to see this gutted like this. >> it's heartbreaking. my secretary this morning, she just was dumbfounded. she ate there friday night. we're all so upset because there's not a lot of places like this in cumberland county. >> reporter: the mayor is up there at the top of the hill speaking with firefighters. he just told our cydney long about the fact that they really want to help the owners of this restaurant rebuild. they also said they're just going to try to do everything
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they can to help them right now. obviously, a devastating morning. there were no reported injuries during this fire fight. now, live in bridgeton, drew smith, nbc 10 news. drew, thank you. checking out our nbc 10 headlines this morning. crews are working to repair a water main break. chester county country club was the only one affected by the break. service is expected to be restored within the hour. a driver of an suv lost control and crashed in the olney neighborhood of philadelphia. this accident happened just before 4:00 this morning. four men in the suv ran away from police into a wooded area after the crash. police are telling us the suv may have been stolen. zblfrp and philadelphia's honoring the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. with the annual day of service. volunteers will pay it forward today as a tribute to the slain civil rights leader.
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and now to decision 2016. donald trump is speaking to students and faculty at liberty university in lynchberg, virginia. the school was founded by televangelist jerry falwell. it is now run by his son. the gop front-runner is sharpening his attacks against his republican challenger ted cruz. we take you live now to south carolina. having a little bit of problem here with our picture with ben carson is speaking to a tea party convention in myrtle beach. many national events today to mark the birthday of martin luther king jr. earlier today there was a wreath laying ceremony at the king memorial in washington, d.c. fbi director james comey and others participated. and calls for help go unanswered at a florida 911 center because an operator was on a call of her own. she was ordering lunch. workers at a ft. lauderdale dent
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is's office called for help when a patient fainted and started convulsing in the dentist's chair. an investigation revealed the operator failed to respond to the incoming calls despite audible tones and visual alerts. instead for eight minutes she was ordering pizza for herself and her co-workers. >> oh, what can i get for you? >> one slice of cheese pizza. >> that one is $9.49. >> 9.49. okay. and the -- i think that's all my cash orders. and i have three card orders. >> the man who fainted has recovered and is doing ok. the 911 operator was officially given a letter of reprimand. a new deal may save new york horse drawn carriages from a ban. it reduced the number of horses by about half while a new home is built for them in central park. right now the horses live in private stables in manhattan. the agreement would also limit the operation of the carriages
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to central park. animal rights advocates had fought to get the carriages banned. the deal still has to be approved by city council. and we have a recall to warn you about. trader joe's is recalling these bags of raw cashew pieces. the nuts may be contaminated with salmonella. trader joe's is giving refunds to any customer who bought the product. and the kindness of strangers gave comfort to a brave 5-year-old little girl who has spent the last three months battling leukemia. this is elsa. she's about to start her third round of chemotherapy. by her side a doll that look just like her. but this doll didn't come from friends or family. it's the work of two women who started a gofundme page to raise money for the dolls. and then american girl heard about the effort on social media and donated five dolls. >> she's being thought of for
11:39 am
special things and gives back a little bit of the childhood that she's missing. >> the money raised online will go toward more dolls in the future. in a time when academic demands on even the youngest students are ramping up, there's a controversial change happening at some schools while others are doing away with recess, some are giving kids even more. here's nbc's janet shamlian. >> reporter: for being just 6, these first graders are incredibly attentive. >> if you need help, just raise your hand. >> reporter: no one's distracted and their teacher says they're like this all the time. >> they're all working, they're all doing what they're supposed to be doing. >> reporter: so what's the secret? at brown elementary in texas, kirnder gartenners and first graders get not one recess by three or four each day. typical recess is a free for all. but experts say there's so much value in this uninstructed time.
11:40 am
more than double what they had before. they begin two hours after the first bell and are spread tlut the school kay. brown and other schools are part of a three-year trial of more frequent breaks based on finland's acclaimed schooling system. the project headed by texas christian university and debby ray. >> there is between one and two hours a day of what we call distractions in the classrooms that, with this recess, it takes away from the distraction, therefore they're on point the whole time they're in the classroom now. >> reporter: ray says benefits go beyond academic. stronger social skills. and the obvious advantages of physical activity. while some schools are doing away with recess, at brown elementa elementary, it's academics that now get 30 or fewer minutes a day. >> the expectations for our 5 and 6-year-olds is so much higher than it was in the past. the majority of our parents really believe that our kids needed more, you know, play and flexibility in schools.
11:41 am
>> reporter: 6-year-old chalen, her mom says is thriving. >> he always wants to do her home work and wants to play and ride her bike. and has a lot more energy. >> reporter: no surprise, kids think it's great. >> i think it's really good because we can get our energy out and enjoy the practicing. >> reporter: the trial will expand to oklahoma and florida, soon, with recess on the rise. for "today" janet shamlian, irvine, texas. >> she just got the wiggle jiggles out, that's what she said. new eagles coach doug peterson arriving in philadelphia. the eagles have chosen him to be their new head coach in a press conference to announce the hiring could be as early as tomorrow. this is pederson arriving at the inova complex. he flew in from kansas city this
11:42 am
morning. he was the chief offensive coordinator under andy reid. pederson was coached under reid here in philadelphia and was the team's starting quarterback back in 1999 and helped tutor eventual starter donovan mcnabb. nfb investors are you ready throw in the towel? advice on whether to hold on to your stocks or sell, sell, sell, and that this could be a repeat of the great recession of 2008. glenn? >> definitely feeling like mid-january. i'll let you know how long this bitter cold blast is going to last. i'll track a system that could bring a major winter storm to our area.
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stocks slide in japan this morning. the nikkei stock average dipped to the lowiest level in a year before rebounding to close down just 1%. u.s. stocks took another dive on friday. u.s. markets are closed today for the martin luther king holiday. so far 2016 has been a shaky one on wall street. friday the dow closed down more than 390 points below the 1600 mark. while china cheaper oil appear to be the culprits, there are fears what it means for the rest of the year. professor of the american
11:46 am
college of financial services. thank you for being here. >> no question. >> time to panic or just take a deep breath and just slow down and wait it out? >> right, you said it exactly. this is not a time to panic. i am certainly advising my clients and anyone else to just be calm, you know, we're still just two weeks into the new year, although it's been a not very good two weeks. but january is not necessarily a predictor for the full year. so it's not time to run for the hills. >> but yet i've heard that january may not always be a predictor, i guess, for the year. >> right. >> but people i've heard say that it's sometimes a portend of what's to come in the year? >> well, what i've seen and heard, 60% of the time. so you know, it's not 100% map to what's going to happen throughout the year. there's still, again, a lot more of the year to happen and you
11:47 am
know, many things that can happen as well so. >> there's still months to recover. >> remain calm. >> what do you think is fueling the volatility on wall street? >> it's three things mainly, certainly the price of oil is down to under $30. and we haven't seen those lows in quite some time. so we're looking, the market hates instability. if there can be some instability in oil prices, what's happening in china gives the global markets some uncertainty because it is the second largest economy in the world. and also what the federal reserve will do as well. with what's happening in the markets so far, the market is uncertain as to whether they'll continue their plans to increase interest rates over the coming months. so we're uncertain about that. >> with all this uncertainty, how do you view this as being different or is there a difference between the uncertainty in the markets now and what happened back in 2008? >> well, 2008 one, once it was over it was certainly termed the great recession. so we don't see some of those
11:48 am
same indicators that led up to the market downfall in 2008. of course the housing market was totally inflated and the impact to consumers was significant because a lot of consumers lost significant values in their retirement accounts, many lost their homes. so some of those same indications are not present right now. >> what's your advice to your investors right now? >> it's certainly to remain calm. as a financial adviser this is a good time not only for my clients, reaching out to them and talking to them about what we might need to do. and because it is so early in the new year, this is when we're actually planning your year-end reviews with clients. this is a good time to look at your portfolio, see what changes you might need to make based on your own circumstances. i like to equate it to the viral video of the young girl in her booster seat. and she tells her father, worry about yourself. at no point whether it's a rising market or declining market i into have my emergency
11:49 am
cash in the market or if you're looking to make short-term investments, looking to buy a home or if you're child is going to school in the fall, that money should not be invested. look at what changes you might need to make and just remain calm and certainly this could be a good time, if you're not already working with an adviser, to work with someone who can give you some advise and really hold your time at a time like this with such uncertainty. >> we thank you for the information. american college. >> my pleasure. the postal service is raising shipping prices on some services. starts sunday the prices of priority mail and priority mail express will go up. priority mail increases 9%, the faster priority mail express jumps about 14%. the new prices represent the first price increase in more than three years for either mail service. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. the arctic air moved in
11:50 am
overnight, and it's going to be with us for a good while. the other thing that it's doing is perhaps helping to set up a winter storm that's going to come later on in the week. very often you're missing the real cold air at the start. in this case, in this week, we have it. it's bitter cold now along with the winds. and that's going to last into wednesday morning at least with very low wind chills. we have bright sunshine out there now. 23 degrees. the winds sustained at 23 miles per hour but gusting over 30. you feel like it's 7. 19 degrees in pottstown, 22 in allentown and trenton. 21 in mt. holly. 22 wilmington, glassboro and in dover, 23 in millville and atlantic city. the warm spot is 23 degrees right now. and the hourly forecast as we go through the day we're going to be seeing those wind chills go down into the single digits, if
11:51 am
it's not there already. look at these wind gusts. 36 miles per hour in wilmington, 32 in lancaster. this is just within the past hour we'll see gusts as high as 40 miles per hour going on during the afternoon. and the feels-like temperature, the wind chills, that's based on the sustained wind, not the gusts. the gusts will make it feel even colder than this. 6 below in the poconos. as we go through the day and into the evening, it's going to just get colder. because the wind that usually dies down at night is not really going to die down much tonight. and so by tomorrow morning we're going to have some wind chills a little bit below zero. there's lancaster, 4 below. wilmington even at 1 below. and the rest of the area pretty close to zero. we do not warm up a whole lot during the afternoon. we have dry conditions right now, but we're watching the storm. it's not into the united states
11:52 am
yet. it's off the pacific northwest coast, but you can see the swirl very clearly. there's a lot of moisture with it. and the computer models pretty much agreeing that it's going to track down through the south, picking up even more moisture from the gulf of mexico. and then develop along the east coast. this is the snowfall track, and there's the wind coming in out of the northeast. and we have the potential of some really heavy snow, at least in parts of the area. the exact timing, the exact amounts remain to be seen. obviously we'll have more this afternoon during the newscast. bitter cold winds here during the day today. highs only in the upper 20s and wins gusting to 40 miles per hour. then tomorrow starting off at 15 and only going up to 29 again despite sunshine wednesday morning is very cold as well. we don't warm up a whole lot wednesday and thursday. although it's not as bitter
11:53 am
cold. then the storm comes in on friday. right now it looks like we'll start as snow friday afternoon and go into saturday as the wind increases, too. we'll be right back.
11:54 am
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coming up this afternoon
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it's ellen with sir elton john and a 3-year-old periodic table expert. that should be interesting. this afternoon the jilted bride turns her heartbreak into happiness for others. what she did with her fully paid reception after the groom called off the wedding with just six weeks to go. this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. all right. turn to our chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with the forecast. >> the bitter cold air in and it's good to stay in for a while at least through the first half of the week. you can see that temperatures are pretty low but we've got good winds on top of that. even through tuesday night we'll be talking about wind chills in the single digits or close to zero. then friday and into saturday we have the potential of a major winter storm affecting much of the area. it's still too early to talk about specific amounts, but it does have a lot of potential at least for some part of the area. we'll have more coming up this afternoon, obviously.
11:57 am
weekend s generally been pretty good through the winter. i'm vai sikahema for glen hurricane is schwartz, have a great day. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better so you can face winter happily. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. and try puffs softpack today.
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>> roman: come with me. >> lani: i'll set up to record. >> roman: no, you and detective hernandez stay here. >> lani: but she just confessed to murder. >> roman: and your commanding officer is going to talk to her alone. [dramatic music] ♪ >> lani: that's not right. >> rafe: it's not your call. >> roman: [sighs] hope... you want to tell me what the hell's going on here? >> hope: i killed seth malcolm. i just told you that. >> roman: without a lawyer. >> hope: i don't think i need one. >> roman: hope, do not play games with me, all right? you didn't come to me first. you didn't give me a heads-up. you didn't call a lawyer. what you did do was confess-- in front of police officers-- to a murder you swore


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