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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  January 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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dangerous cold with wind chills near zero degrees. first alert weather day is out for the overnight hours tonight, into tomorrow morning. this, again, is dangerous cold with the bitter winds around, so with the cold air in place and strong winds, because the winds aren't going to let up for the next couple days, it's going to feel near zero degrees by the time many of you walk outside tomorrow morning. here is the current feels like temperature when you factor in the wind. in philadelphia feels like 9 degrees right now. allentown feels like 4 degrees, pottstown feels like 5. minus 5 in mount pocono, much of south jersey and delaware feeling 5 to 10 degrees. winds are still sustained, anywhere from 15 to 25 miles an hour. now look at the actual temperature. we feel about 15 degrees colder than the actual temperature, currently we are mostly in about the mid to low 20s across the area, but as we go overnight, wind is going to stay up, so as we go through the overnight hours, feels like temperature is going to keep dropping.
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take a look at tomorrow morning. by 7:00 the poconos could feel like 8 degrees below zero. many minus 2 and 3 feels like temperatures, philadelphia could feel like zero. much of south jersey and delaware tomorrow morning feeling like zero degrees. aside from the cold out tomorrow morning, we're also talking about a storm by the end of this week. could be fairly significant. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz has a look at that. glenn? >> sheena, in the winter it was practically snowless, with the strong record el nino you're often getting storms, but it's not cold enough. it's cold enough now, and that combination is what is leading us to a first alert for friday and into saturday. first alert weather day for this first major winter storm. and a lot of the area is going to see a big snowstorm out of this. there are issues at the shore, likely to change to rain, but the wind is going to be awful. and there's going to be a lot of
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coastal flooding off the full moon coming up. this is what it looks like now, kind of dry, just some flurries in the poconos. the storm we're talking about hasn't even hit the united states yet. it's offshore. you can see how well developed it is. there's a tremendous amount of moisture with it already. so it's not like this is a storm that we have to wait to see it develop. it's already there. and it's moving into arctic air. that's a dangerous combination. there's the low by friday, taking a track. pretty close to the ideal one for snowstorm in our area, and north and west, looks like it's going to be all snow. so it will be the highest accumulations. in the philadelphia area, there may be a mix, depending on the track and how much warm ocean air gets in, so it's a little too early to talk about specific amounts. and at the shore it's pretty likely that it's going to be changing to rain. could change back to snow at the end, but that also could limit
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the snowfall totals. more on the exact timing of this storm with the rest of the seven day coming up in a few minutes. >> glenn, thank you. as we said, a lot can change in the next few days. count on nbc 10 to bring you updates all week long so you can plan ahead. we'll also be posting new information constantly on the nbc 10 news app. right now at 5:00, a search for a killer. police say this is the man who opened fire inside a homeless shelter in philadelphia. one man died, another was hurt. and tonight we're hearing from one of the victim's families. nbc 10's rosemary connors is live at police headquarters. rosemary, this family wants the killer off the streets. >> reporter: that's exactly right, denise, it's the family of the victim who survived. they tell me that their son was actually trying to help the suspect who showed up at the shelter drunk and past curfew, but ultimately they had to call the police and that's why he was evi evicted. the family tells me it's also a miracle given the gunshot wound
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that he survived. >> it was his hip, bullet ended up in his stomach, but it didn't hit any -- didn't mess anything up, so he's going to have a full recovery. >> reporter: while the father of lamonte is tending to his son at temple university hospital, he's also thinking about his son's coworker, edward barksdale. he lost his life yesterday morning in the double shooting. according to police, john brock, a resident at the station house homeless shelter, returned to the facility sunday morning after being evicted and opened fire on barham and barksdale. >> what we're hearing, it was a problem, resident there, he was drunk a lot of the times and got into fights with some of the intout there, th some of the as well as staff. >> reporter: at the shelter, residents remember the victim who died as someone they could count on. one man who did not want his face shown said edward barksdale was like a father figure to him. >> it was nights where i missed dinner and a couple other guys
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missed dinner and mr. barksdale come in and give us whatever he wanted. any time i was stressed out, i could go to him. i could talk to him. >> reporter: police say the suspect managed to get back into the facility by following right behind an employee through the entrance. the shelter has said it will review safety and security measures. meantime, barham's father and uncle tell me all that's left to do is pray. >> i pray for my nephew and pray for the family of the other one that lost his life. just hopefully they beef up the security at that place, because people live's matter. >> reporter: as for the suspect in this case, police tell us that he has a criminal history related to drugs and violence. they consider him armed and dangerous. if you know his whereabouts, call philly police. reporting live outside police headquarters, rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, rosemary. we have new information in the meantime about a chester county pastor accused of raping and impregnating a teenaged
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girl. police sources tell us jacob malone is on his way back from south america to the united states to face charges. authorities say he was scheduled to return from ecuador last friday but cancelled his flight. malone worked at the calvary fellowship church in downingtown before resigning last november. also tonight, he has arrived. the eagles' new head coach stepped off a plane in philadelphia this morning and now fans are waiting to see if doug pederson can turn their team around. >> john boruk joins us now from comcast sportsnet. john, the announcement is finally official. >> yes, it is. you know, andy reid is no longer a fixture at the novacare complex, but his influence never left. reid recommended doug pederson as the eagles next head coach and the eagles believe pederson can restore the reid era. you saw pederson arriving in town this morning. he was donovan mcnabb's mentor in 1999, served as an assistant coach with the team from 2009 to 2012.
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and for the past two seasons pederson was the chiefs' offensive coordinator under and reid. the eagles will address the media tomorrow at 2:00 and we'll have his introductory press conference live on nbc 10 and comcast sportsnet. eagles chairman and ceo jeffrey lurie released the following statement saying, "doug is a strategic thinker, come elling leader and someone who knows how to get the best out of his players. all these factors are what initially attracted us to doug and we believe he's the right man to help us achieve our ultimate goal." nfl network is reporting pederson will hire frank wright as offensive coordinator. much more when we join you at 6:00, but for now, back to you. >> all right, comcast sportsnet's john boruk, thanks, john. when pederson steps to the podium tomorrow we'll bring it to you live here on nbc 10 when it happens. you can also watch it on the nbc 10 app. philadelphia eagles linebacker connor barwin was among several to be honored on
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this mlk day of service. nbc 10 in cherry hill camden county for the national stop the violence alliance award ceremony. the event honored connor barwin for his efforts to support education in africa. former philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey received the national peace medal and reverend robert scott king served as the key note speaker, the niece of dr. martin luther king jr. in wilmington, new castle county, hundreds honored the life and legacy of dr. king with the first peace parade along fourth street. marchers started out at roman catholic church and made their way to rodney street. the event ended with a big community celebration. back now to your first alert weather, if you've been putting off that winter checklist, now is the time to get moving with a winter storm on the way, you don't want to be caught without the essentials. >> deanna durante spoke to people who are stocking up as we speak. she joins us live in montgomery county. deanna? >> reporter: yeah, denise, now
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is the time, get ready. here's good news for you, remember the last two years tough to get, ice salt, wood pellets for fireplaces, well, a lot of stores have them in stock now. they've been sitting on the shelves since the fall and while you may find a lot of snow shovels, we here found only two of these scrapers left. we're told if you don't want to break your snow shovel, which is the common complaint of people coming in, what you want to do is take the scraper and not just dig at the ice, but lift it away to prevent any damage to your concrete. >> i think a lot of people are going to be making a run for it at the end of the week and might not be able to get it. >> reporter: steve wants to avoid the rush to get his salt melt. >> got the shovel, just need to make sure to put the vest on my dog so she doesn't freeze. >> i'm not ready at all. no.
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i would like the 60 degrees to continue. >> reporter: since mother nature already made her presence known, garden centers are opening their doors for you to stop in. >> people ask what's safest for concretes, pets and gardens, hottest and safest. >> reporter: salt, ice melt, cold weather gear is out and lewis is hoping he doesn't have to put it away again. >> put it away during the warm december, back out again. hoping for a big storm. >> reporter: you put away the cold stuff? >> oh, yeah, 70 degrees in december, had to get rid of it. >> reporter: and speaking of 70 degrees, you can get your home nice and toasty with portable heaters, two shelves of them here, pulled back out from storage hoping people will buy them thanks to mother nature. reporting live, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> thank you so much, deanna. an historic tavern in south jersey goes up in flames. it's been standing for more than 200 years, but tonight, look at this, this is all that's left. how firefighters saved another piece of history from going up in flames.
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plus, it's not just the presidential candidates taking on trump. see how leaders across the pond are trying to ban him from their country. and would you wait in lines like this just to get gas? you might when we tell you how little they had to pay. find out where people are cashing in on unbelievably low prices next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> a beloved business in cumberland county is now a pile of rubble. a blazing fire destroyed hillcrest tavern in bridgeton early this morning and portions of the building date back to 1782. fire crews fought frigid temperatures, along with the flames. they managed to stop the fire from jumping to the neighboring historic potters house. patrons stood in the cold watching as an excavator tore their favorite restaurant apart. >> this is our cheers, come here often, going to miss a lot of friends and workers there we're very close to. >> fire officials don't know what started the fire. it's not clear if the hillcrest will ever rebuild. in hawaii the search for 12 marines who went missing after two helicopters collided entered its fourth full day. two pennsylvania marines are among the missing.
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crews found life rafts from some of the aircrafts, some of them were inflated. rescuers have been searching around the clock for the marines. it was last thursday when two marine corps choppers collided during a routine training night mission. >> nightmare for all first responders, but we want the families out there to know that we are doing everything that we can. >> reporter: captain brian t. kennedy of melvern was aboard one of the helicopters, so was adam c. shoulder. the crash remains under investigation. three americans kidnapped in baghdad over the weekend. iraqi security forces have done house to house searches in baghdad. right now it's not exactly clear how the abduction happened, but it appears the americans were taken along with their iraqi interpreter from that neighborhood. iraqi officials believe a shiite
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militia is responsible. the three americans being treated in germany after being released from iran will turn to the u.s. as soon as possible. former marine amir hekmati spent much of his time in solitary confinement and today was reunited with his family for the first time in four and a half years. hekmati was arrested in august 2011, then tried, convicted, and sentenced to ten years in an iranian prison for spying. matthew trevithick was also freed and is already back in the states. he arrived in boston last night and was reunited with his mother. the graduate student had traveled to iran in september for a language program. three other americans were also released as part of the prisoner exchange with iran. a fifth prisoner was freed, but chose not to leave. it's not clear why. the prisoners were exchanged for pardons or charges dropped against seven iranians. donald trump may draw huge crowds, but leaders across the
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pond in the uk are debating a full fledged ban on the donald. some british lawmakers want it, while others say it would feed right into trump's public relations campaign. the uk's trump debate started after an online petition attracted signatures from more than half a million people. they want trump excluded after his calls for a temporary ban on muslims entering the u.s.. >> this is a man who is extremely high profile involved in the american show business industry for years and years, a man who is interviewing for the most important job in the world. his words are not comical. his words are not funny. his words are poisonous. >> under british law, any petition supported by at least 100,000 signatures is considered for parliamentary debate. the debate, however, won't result in a vote. we're talking about the presidential candidates after last night's democratic debate in carolina, the candidates once
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again on the same stage, this time to honor martin luther king jr. nbc's edward lawrence has more. >> reporter: honoring martin luther king jr. in south carolina, all the democratic candidates for president used his name to garner support. >> we're here today, and he saw that moms and dads who went to work could not find decent, affordable childcare, he would say the childcare is a right for all people. >> reporter: last night at the debate, senator bernie sanders was under attack by hillary clinton over his stance on issues like gun control. >> he has voted with the nra, with the gun lobby, numerous times. >> reporter: on the gop campaign trail. >> frankly, probably everybody here would say anybody but hillary. >> reporter: this new hampshire republican supports senator ted cruz. today the candidate is calling donald trump nervous. >> donald seems rattled.
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i understand, he's losing support and going down in the polls and it seems his response is to attack and get personal. >> reporter: trump never mentioned cruz at his campaign event today. according to evangelical vote at liberty university, where cruz launched his campaign. >> we are going to protect christianity, and if you look at what's going on throughout the world, look at syria, where if you're christian, they are chopping off heads, you look at the different places and christianity, it's under siege. >> reporter: in iowa, evangelical voters could sway the outcome of the caucuses, now just two weeks away. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, we've got a lot of weather to talk about as we go through this week. right now, though, we are talking about the cold, the bitter cold. we have wind chills tomorrow morning at feels like temperature near zero degrees, so it is going to be very cold. in the poconos right now it's
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going to feel well below zero into tomorrow morning, right now feeling around zero degrees. we're tracking a big storm into the end of this week and talking about the potential for a big snowstorm through part of the area, too, but, of course, we are still four days out, so we're going to have to be updating this the rest of the week and that storm would be bringing some accumulating snow across the area. we'll take a look at it in just a second. right now we're still talking about the cold. the poconos feeling 5 degrees below zero, 4 degrees is what it feels like in allentown, 9 degrees in philadelphia, 6 in northeast philly. take a look at tonight, actual temperature is the blue line. by the overnight hours dropping into the teens, 14 degrees by 7:00 a.m., but the feels like temperature, this is for the philadelphia area, could be 2 degrees below zero by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. bundle up, bundle the kids up at the bus stop, and you may even want them to sit in the car before the bus gets there.
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right now dry across the area, snow flurries up in the poconos earlier, but the weather system we're watching into the end of the week is so far away that it's still offshore in the pacific, right near vancouver, so that's the area we're watching. this is why we have to keep updating through this week. it has not moved into the u.s., but it is approaching land and then we'll see it really start to organize later on this week. feels like temperatures, though, for tomorrow morning, watch here as they drop down, by 7:00 a.m. feeling below zero areas north and west, around zero for south jersey and delaware. windy and cold, temperatures feeling like the low teens. 7:00 a.m. wednesday, still feeling cold, not as cold, but feeling around 10 degrees through some spots. wednesday afternoon we are going to be feeling around 30 degrees, but you see things starting to even out there. then we go into the end of the week, this is friday 1:00 p.m., that's when the storm i showed you in the pacific should be near areas around tennessee, around the southeast, and that's
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when we should start to see snow developing with it, so it would be developing into a nor'easter, that's friday early afternoon, snow not here just yet, but friday night we see the storm approaching, we see higher snow accumulations on the west side of the storm, then you see rain with it, too, that's saturday at noon. so it would be a system where we expect snow starting late friday, into saturday. here's what it looks like across the area with our temperature profiles as we go later into the week and weekend, this is what it looks like with the moisture moving in. so snow, just snow through the lehigh valley and poconos, and through the philadelphia area, northern delaware, parts of trenton and interior new jersey, snow moving over to a wintery mix, so starting as snow, then a mix. closer to the delaware beaches, sussex county, snow to start, then the transition over to rain. again, we are still talking about the end of the week and into the weekend. just something to keep in mind and, of course, we'll be updating you every single day here on nbc 10. for tonight, though, 15 degrees
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for the low in philadelphia, 12 north and west, but with the wind it's going to feel like zero degrees by tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon very windy and cold. mid to upper 20s. only feeling like the lower teens. then we go into wednesday and thursday, not too bad, highs around 37 degrees, then we watch snow late friday and throughout saturday. well, you've seen pretty low gas prices lately, but nothing compared to one town in michigan. we'll show you the price war that has drivers lining up to fill up. and it was a joke that forever changed bill cosby's legacy. now the comedian who delivered it is talking about its impact. that's coming up next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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gas prices dropped below a dollar a gallon. the drop was a result of a price war between two gas stations. look what the gas was selling for, regular unleaded was going for 47 cents a gallon. could you imagine that? >> hard to believe. here's a look what you'll pay where you live. in philadelphia, $2.08, delaware
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$1.81, and least expensive is in south jersey at $1.75 a gallon. instead of hailing an uber, how about hailing a helicopter? uber has joined forces with airbus for on demand services. right now it's just an experiment in california. the partnership allows uber users to call for a helicopter and no word yet on how much the flights will cost. the first test of the joint venture will be at an upcoming sundance film festival. well, if you lose almost a quarter million dollars in ski revenue, what do you do? keep making snow during a bad winter and hope for big crowds on the weekends. the story coming up. plus, why investigators think these rings could help solve a mystery in delaware county. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead
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and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky. this is nbc 10 news first alert weather. >> now back to your first alert weather. hats, gloves, and scarves all put to good use today. nbc 10 where even the dogs needed winter jackets. temperatures never got above freezing and by tomorrow morning it's going to feel even worse. >> that's right, first alert meteorologist sheena parveen joins us now. going to be tough going outside for work or school. >> yes, it is, though today we were cold and windy and felt like single digits this morning. right now still feels like
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single digits but only going to get colder overnight tonight and tomorrow morning, so we're going to feel colder tomorrow morning than we did this morning. that is why we have a first alert out overnight and in the early morning hours tomorrow. this is potentially dangerous cold. the winds are going to make it feel around zero degrees tomorrow morning. many areas north and west of philadelphia should be feeling below zero. here's the current feels like temperatures. feels like 5 below in mount pocono, 5 degrees in pottstown, feels like 9 in philadelphia, 7 in atlantic city and all because of the wind and cold air in place. right now the sustained wind is anywhere from 15 to 25 miles an hour. this wind is going to stay with us for the next couple of days. now look at the actual temperature. it feels way colder than this, about 15 degrees colder than what the numbers actually are, so by tomorrow morning just imagine it feeling colder than it is right now. this is the future feels like temperature. we are tracking very cold air
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continuing to sit over the area, along with the wind, but look at this tomorrow morning, even colder than today. 7:00 a.m. philadelphia could be feeling 1 degree below zero. allentown could be feeling 5 below, 0 millville, 0 degrees dover, mount pocono could be feeling like 11 degrees below zero. early tomorrow, bundle up, if kids have to go to the bus stop, i suggest having them wait in the car with you. this is going to be cold and windy. many of you know about the storm as we go into the end of this week. coming up i'll show you details on that and what you may be able to expect. we're still several days out, but a close look at the track coming up. >> sheena, thank you. dangerously cold temperatures there. as we continue to track them and the winter storm, you can too. follow the first alert weather team on twitter for the latest updates throughout the week. breaking news on the deadly shooting at a philadelphia homeless shelter that killed one worker and injured another over the weekend. philadelphia police say the
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suspect, john brock, turned himself in just a short time ago. investigators say brock opened fire yesterday morning after he was evicted from the shelter. and more breaking news from the music world. glen frey has died. a message on the band's website said frey died from complications of rheumatoid arthritis and pneumonia. he'd been battling intestinal issues for months now and had surgery back in may. glen frey dead at the age of 67. let's take a live look now at camelback mountain. ski resorts are celebrating this return to winter and as this camera continues to pan, you can see it there, the skiers out in full force and they had to get by without snow and weather that was too warm. >> doug shimell is live at spring mountain in montgomery county. doug, this is even better news for the smaller ski resorts.
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>> reporter: yeah, exactly. the little guys like spring mountain that don't have an indoor water park to bridge them through rough periods of the winter say they don't have a lot of choice but to keep making snow and praying for folks to come out on the weekends, which are their big revenue generators. this was a winter built on faith. >> i actually thought it wasn't going to come, but it actually did. >> when it did finally snow at spring mountain in montgomery county seven weeks after it was supposed to, it had to be manmade. >> i saved up from christmas to go snowboarding, but this year i was thinking of spending it, but now it's worth it. >> reporter: sit back with this ski money and no place to go. >> tons of ways to spend money, but we were excited to get out here and take our son for the first time learning how to ski. >> reporter: ski mountain says it lost a quarter million dollars without crucial holiday ski weather. >> don't pay bills is what it
5:35 pm
amounts to, but normally the week between christmas and new years is the busiest week of the winter and obviously missed that. >> reporter: 150 employees just waited and many college workers had to go back to school. >> i have a place in colorado, well, i'll go out there, they have a lot of snow. >> reporter: but the skiers and their dollars finally arrived. >> smaller children, having them in the car for a shorter period of time you can get here and get out. >> thinking about coming back next weekend, hopefully i'll get time off of school, too. >> reporter: since winter didn't start when it was supposed to, maybe it won't end when it's supposed to. >> maybe we can make it to easter and spring break. >> reporter: well, owner rick buckman says the little dusting of snow on sunday brought out a lot of skiers today and he's hoping the forecast for snow this weekend will do the exact same thing. live at spring mountain, doug shimell, nbc 10 news.
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>> doug, thank you. right now at 5:00, new clues could help pennsylvania state police solve a mystery tonight. a hiker found skeletal remains in ridley creek state park on new year's day. that's in delaware county. now investigators hope someone will recognize these unique rings found with the remains. the county medical examiner believe the bones belong to a woman in her late teens or early 20s, just over 5'0" tall with light brown hair. atlantic city residents, clergy, and elected officials came together today to oppose a state takeover. steve sweeney introduced a bill giving the state vast power over the city. that bill gives the]. state a right to make major decisions about atlantic city and sell city assets. sweeney said the city has proven itself incapable of living within its means. he says it can no longer look to the state to bail it out. city councilman shabazz is
5:37 pm
calling for public hearings on the bill. he wrote a letter saying "i feel strongly we need the opportunity to address atlantic city's various problems. it is my sincere hope that after hearing from elected officials, community, civic, and social leaders, you will entertain a change of mind." chris christie has not said whether he supports that takeover. well, tomorrow inspections begin on all boilers in philadelphia schools. the call comes from mayor jim kenney. a mechanic was critically injured inside a school in east mount airy last week after a boiler exploded. philadelphia school workers rallied last week calling for safety improvements to the district's crumbling buildings. there was music and a message to mark this martin luther king jr. day at north philadelphia's bright hope baptist church. the guest speaker here, jonathan jackson, son of the reverend jesse jackson. he urged people to remember the
5:38 pm
past. >> it's up to us to make sure the message does not get worn down. >> the gathering was also a chance to spread another message. one speaker encouraged audience members to register to vote. >> didn't just want equality for african-americans, he wanted equality for all americans. >> that is nbc 10 investigative reporter harry hairston talking about dr. king. he served as the keynote speaker at the corporate black employees network's mlk day celebration. it was held in wilmington, new castle county. harry's speech was followed by a q & a discussion. as the doctor prescribed antibiotics, you probably don't think twice about taking them. tonight, a new message for patients, what they want you to do the next time you see the doctor. plus, it was the best part of the school day. now some schools are adding more
5:39 pm
recess. why they say it's helping students succeed in the classroom coming up on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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michigan's governor is calling out hillary clinton. he said the democratic presidential candidate is turning flint's water crisis into a political issue. during last night's debate clinton said rick snyder has, quote, acted as though he really didn't care the water supply has been contaminated by lead. fellow candidate bernie sanders has also spoken about the crisis, calling for snyder's resignation. today the national guard sent dozens of additional members to help the city with the water crisis. they are handing out bottled water, filters, testing kits, and on saturday president obama declared a state of emergency in flint. listen to this, researchers estimate about half of antibiotics prescribed in the u.s. are unnecessary. today two leading medical
5:42 pm
organizations are advising doctors to use the drugs more sparingly. the centers for disease control and the american college of physicians say antibiotics should never be prescribed for the common cold. the drug should also not be used to treat bronchitis, sore throat, or sinus infections unless doctors suspect a more serious illness. experts say most patients recover on their own and antibiotics may cause adverse reactions. it is hollywood's biggest night, but now some of the biggest players are calling for boycott of the oscars. we'll explain next on nbc 10 news at 5:00. more than 200 years of memories will live on at bridgeton's historic hillcrest tavern is reduced to rubble by flames. patrons share their heartbreak next at 6:00.
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the president and first lady took some time out of their busy schedules to give back on this martin luther king day. they visited leckie elementary school in washington, d.c. later on the obamas helped pack bags of books for kids in need, including a copy of "oh the things you can do that are good for you" by dr. seuss. >> also in washington, the director of the fbi took part in a wreath laying ceremony at the mlk memorial. james comey shared his concerns over the current divisions between law enforcement and minority communities. >> i think of dr. king were here he'd tell us we have to get close to each other, open our hearts and our minds and see each other clearly. >> comey also explained that he keeps the original application to wiretap dr. king on his desk as a reminder. the backlash keeps growing over the lack of diversity of this year's oscar nominees, and
5:46 pm
now some are calling for a boycott. director spike lee announced via instagram he would not be attending the academy awards in february. this after the second straight year of all-white acting nominees. jada pinkett smith also posted a message on facebook saying she wouldn't attend or watch the oscars. >> maybe it is time that we pull back our resources and we put them back into our communities, into our programs, and we make programs for ourselves that acknowledge us in ways that we see fit, that are just as good. >> smith did wish this year's host, chris rock, good luck. and chris rock took to twitter to address the diversity controversy writing, the oscars, the white b.e.t. awards. comedian hannibal burris says it's a weird surprise his infamous bill cosby rape joke would eventually lead to the star's fall from grace.
5:47 pm
listen. >> yeah, you're a rapist. >> burris made the joke in philadelphia in october 2014 and was caught on video, posted online. soon went viral renewing decades old allegations. burris said he didn't do the joke hoping for repercussions for cosby but stopped short of regret. burris said, "i was doing a joke in my show and that shouldn't influence public opinion. i don't know if it should go that far. it's weird to me that a joke did that." bill cosby was arrested on felony assault charges last month. the allegations stem from a 2004 encounter with a former temple university employee. cosby has denied any wrong doing. in north jersey, animal control officers say they rescued more than 200 exotic birds from hideous conditions. inspectors found the birds in the back room of a second hand store in passaic. they are calling it a case of animal hoarding, but officers do not consider this a case of
5:48 pm
severe animal neglect. they believe the owner tried to breed a few birds and simply got way in over his head. officers say all the birds appear to be in good health and the store owner probably won't face any criminal charges. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, we are talking about bitter cold first, that's here right now. and it will be here early tomorrow morning. wind chills near zero degrees. that's that feels like temperature when you factor in the wind and aside from that, later on this week we are going to be tracking a big storm moving up in the midatlantic states, right along the eastern seaboard and we expect accumulating snow out of this, so we could be looking at the first potentially big snowfall that we've seen this season. i'll show you that in just a second. right now in philadelphia, 24 degrees with the wind. it feels like 9 degrees outside. tomorrow morning is going to feel even colder, near zero degrees. right now the rest of the area
5:49 pm
feeling mostly like single digits. mount pocono feeling like 5 below, much of south jersey and delaware feeling around 10 degrees, but tomorrow morning much of the area will be feeling if not zero degrees, below zero. mostly areas north and west. right now we are dry, not looking at snow heading our way soon. the next weather system friday into saturday, that's still off in the pacific, right near vancouver, so it still has quite a bit of time to develop and move across the country before it gets here. so here's a look at that in just a second. right now a look at the early morning feels like temperature. in the meantime, 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, zero degrees is what it will feel like in philadelphia. make sure you bundle up. it's going to be colder than it was this morning. minus 9 in pocono, single digits for south jersey and delaware, closer to zero. by wednesday, 8:00 a.m., still windy and cold, feeling like the teens through most of the area. by wednesday afternoon, feeling around 30 degrees.
5:50 pm
now we go into friday, there's that storm system i showed you in the pacific. by friday afternoon it should already be near south carolina, north carolina, and moving up the eastern seaboard. at this point we would see a lot of cold air still in place, so we see that snow and then we see some areas with rain. so this is now saturday at noon. that's when we see even more snow moving in, so this is potentially very big storm. what it looks like right now is areas north and west of philadelphia all snow, philadelphia snow to a wintery mix on the backside of this. if you're along the shore, snow to rain. and we do expect wind with that, too, so, of course, not until friday we start to see the snow. we have the rest of the week to be updating the computer models coming in and the storm moving over land. i think the models have a better grasp on what's happening. tomorrow morning, zero degrees. tomorrow afternoon, windy and cold. temperatures in the mid to upper 20s. around 37 degrees wednesday and
5:51 pm
thursday, snow flurries wednesday, but then friday, storm approaches with the snow moving in, friday night, into early saturday, possibly through saturday afternoon, temperatures, though, will be around the mid 30s so on the backside we'll see a changeover in some areas, but again we have the rest of the week to go through, computer models updating each day, better idea on the track of this system and what we can expect locally. stay right here on nbc 10. we'll have all the updates for you and even online, glenn will have more updates coming up at 6:00. >> all right, sheena, thank you. lester holt joins us now with what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." >> lester, good to see you. >> ahead for us tonight, fresh off last night's democratic debate, my co-moderator andrea mitchell explains why iowa and new hampshire just became even more critical to hillary clinton and bernie sanders. more on the event to stop zika from taking hold in the u.s., the mosquito-borne virus linked to birth defects, and tennis
5:52 pm
officials on match fixing that. and more on "nbc nightly news." back to you. >> see you at 6:30. more and more schools have been cutting back on recess. >> but now there's a new trend. some students are getting outside as many as four times a day. see how it's helping them perform better inside the classroom. then coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00, closer look at bill cosby's legal team when he returns to court next month. what his defense attorneys will argue on the comedian's behalf. at longhorn steak like this doesn't need anything else. which is why we don't just add, anything else. longhorn steaks that sizzle for $12.99. the new smoky bacon sirloin. the new spicy grilled jalapeno sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. all with hand chopped salad & unlimited bread for $12.99.
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the university of delaware's education program is one of the best values in the country, that's according to a new list of the top 50 best value education programs by value colleges. the program ranks 23rd on the list. the online guide praises the school as one of the most established and accomplished public universities in the nation. and it talks about how affordable the program is for in-state residents. as for the best value education program, that's brigham young university-idaho, followed by the university of florida and california state university of long beach is in third. well, it's a controversial change. >> listen to this. at a time when many schools are trying to cut down on recess.
5:56 pm
some texas schools are giving kids more. four public schools in the fort worth area are experimenting with a new program that boosts the amount of recess for the youngest students. the goal is to help kids focus and learn better when they are inside the classroom. at brown elementary school, for instance, a total of four 15-minute recess periods every day. so far it seems to be working. >> there is between one and two hours a day of what we call distraction in the classroom that with this recess, it takes away from the distraction, therefore, they are on point. >> she comes home, ready to do her homework, always wants to play, go ride her bicycle, she's got a lot more energy. >> next year the program will be expanded to some schools in california and oklahoma. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> here's jim rosenfield. >> thanks, guys. coming up next at 6:00, dropping temperatures ahead of a winter storm. we're in for a double dose of
5:57 pm
winter weather this week. glenn? >> that's right. we've got extreme cold hitting you when you leave the house tomorrow morning, plus i'm tracking the drop in temperatures overnight and the developing winter storm in my nbc 10 first alert forecast. at this school and around the region, martin luther king day was a day of service. coming up i'll show you who spent the day giving back. >> this is our cheers, and we come here quite often, going to miss a lot of friends and workers there. >> reporter: reduced to rubble, how a community is coping tonight after this historic tavern went up in flames next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
count on nbc 10 for team coverage of what's coming. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz will have a closer look at the timing of the winter storm in a minute, but the big weather story right now are these tumbling temperatures. nbc 10's sheena parveen is tracking the mercury drop across
6:00 pm
our area. sheena? >> yeah, jim, you felt it this morning, wind chills around the single digits, so we have a first alert weather day out for tonight and tomorrow, because these feels like temperatures will be near zero degrees. this is dangerous cold, bitter winds are going to continue and much of the area is not feeling around zero will be feeling below zero as we go into tomorrow morning. mainly areas north and west of philadelphia. look at the current feels like temperature when you factor in the wind. 3 degrees is what it feels like in allentown, 2 degrees in reading, 5 below zero in mount pocono right now, feels like 7 philadelphia, 8 is what it feels like millville. winds sustained anywhere from 15 to 25 miles an hour, so it's making it feel that much colder. now, it's nice and cholear outse now, but tomorrow as we go overnight tonight, temperatures dropping into the teens, actual temperatures with the bottom line, that's the feels like temperature, so it will be feeling, continuing to feel like


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