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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  January 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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our area. sheena? >> yeah, jim, you felt it this morning, wind chills around the single digits, so we have a first alert weather day out for tonight and tomorrow, because these feels like temperatures will be near zero degrees. this is dangerous cold, bitter winds are going to continue and much of the area is not feeling around zero will be feeling below zero as we go into tomorrow morning. mainly areas north and west of philadelphia. look at the current feels like temperature when you factor in the wind. 3 degrees is what it feels like in allentown, 2 degrees in reading, 5 below zero in mount pocono right now, feels like 7 philadelphia, 8 is what it feels like millville. winds sustained anywhere from 15 to 25 miles an hour, so it's making it feel that much colder. now, it's nice and cholear outse now, but tomorrow as we go overnight tonight, temperatures dropping into the teens, actual temperatures with the bottom line, that's the feels like temperature, so it will be feeling, continuing to feel like
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single digits, then it's going to be feeling below zero possibly for the philadelphia area. spots north and west through the lehigh valley, we expect the areas to feel below zero, so very cold tomorrow morning, definitely want to bundle up. aside from that, storm by the end of the week. >> yeah, and cold sets up for that storm. normally we're waiting for cold air. we have lots of storms, not cold enough. it's cold enough now, and it will be cold enough later in the week for the next storm to start, at least as snow. we've got a major winter storm shaping up the way it looks in a lot of places, big snowstorm out of it, but there also may be some mixture, change to rain at the shore, nor'easter, there's likely to be significant coastal flooding and beach erosion out of this thing. that's friday into saturday. generally friday afternoon into saturday. things fairly quiet across the country now, but that storm is already on the map.
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it's far away, but sometimes we wait for storms to develop right along the coast, they do or they don't or too far north, this is already there. it's just a matter of tracking it. and the computer models, most reliable ones, in pretty good agreement that this track is going to be nearly ideal, it's going to be a lot of moisture with it, strong jet stream. north and west looks like it's going to be all snow. that would be a lot of snow. in the philadelphia area, still a possibility there could be a mixture or change to rain for a portion of the storm. that could cut down snow amounts to some degree and, of course, the shore does look like it's going to change to rain, limiting the snow totals. more on the timing and when it might warm up with the seven day in a few minutes. >> all right, glenn. count on nbc 10 app to give you the three winter weather tools you need for this coming storm. download it for free to get severe weather alerts, interactive radar, tracking the snow, and important school closing information on your smartphone or tablet.
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breaking news on the deadly shooting over the weekend at a philadelphia homeless shelter that killed one worker, injured another one. philadelphia police saying the suspect, john brock, turned himself in just a short time ago. investigators showed brock showed up drunk and past curfew at the station house shelter over the weekend. he was evicted and escorted out by police but came back sunday morning with a gun, opening fire on two employees, edward barksdale died at the seen, lamonte barham is stable at temple hospital. barham's father spoke to nbc 10 today. >> it was his hip and bullet ended up in his stomach, but it didn't hit any -- didn't mess anything up, so he's going to have a full recovery. >> james brock is facing murder and attempted murder charges right now. we'll continue to update this breaking news story as more information comes in. and within the past hour we
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received some cell phone video to show you, shows flames shooting out of this historic tavern in south jersey. this fire started this morning and burned for several hours. look at the flames there. take a look on the left of your screen as the hillcrest tavern, known as the place to go in bridgeton since 1782. on the right there, the rubble and damage left standing at the site, also covered in ice. nbc 10 south jersey bureau reporter cydney long live in bridgeton tonight. this is a huge loss for that community. >> reporter: jim, it really is. patrons stood beside us heart broken is an understatement if you talk to them. they stood beside us today in tears and shock. it's tough to believe that a restaurant that had its doors open for more than 234 years and was serving patrons at this time last night is now gone. we just got that brand new witness cell phone video of the fire at its hottest. intense flames ripped through the historic and popular hillcrest tavern and restaurant before dawn. >> this was cheers.
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it's sad, very sad. >> reporter: a place many considered the glue in this community because it brought so many people together for so long. >> this was a mainstay. this never -- i don't think anybody ever thought about this disappearing. >> reporter: it's where robert miller met his fiance. >> to look at it now and see it not there is still saurreal. >> reporter: and where denise made friends over 26 years behind the bar. >> there's no words right now. >> reporter: christopher labrie knew he could count on to handle luncheons. >> funerals, birthdays, anniversaries, just one of those go-to places that we all loved. >> reporter: nearly 80 fire personnel fought the flames, water freezing on their feet and gear, crews able to contain the flames despite high winds. >> another historic building next door, they were concerned making sure that stayed protected, as well. >> reporter: as water poured out, so, too, did the emotion. >> i asked you not to make me cry, because i can feel it coming. it is very emotional, and for
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the town. the town, it's tough enough to try to build itself back up. >> it's just devastating. it's a place everybody went, place everybody loved. it's a big loss for bridgeton. >> reporter: and the cause of the fire may forever be buried in this debris. investigators never had the chance to go inside. it is unclear right now if the owner will rebuild. live in bridgeton, cydney long, nbc 10 news. new at 6:00, we've learned more about bill cosby's defense strategy as he prepares for his next court appearance next month. local control lawyer will defend cosby in the courtroom, trying to get the case thrown out, lawyer turned legal analyst monique presley is expected to defend cosby on tv. legal experts say it's important for high profile defendants to win in court and in the court of public opinion. charges he sexually assaulted a
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former temple employee andrea constant. the doug pederson era is under way now in philadelphia. the former chiefs offensive coordinator arrived in town today and birds officially named him as the team's new head coach. the chiefs lost to the patriots this weekend, freeing up pederson to take the job. he'll address the media tomorrow at a news conference you can watch live on nbc 10 at 2:00 p.m. much more on this new chapter in philadelphia is ahead in sports. nurses at delaware county memorial hospital in drexel hill have voted to unionize. the nurses will join the pennsylvania association for staff nurses and allied professionals. right now the union represents 650 nurses and paramedics. giving back in honor of our country's greatest civil rights leader. a record number of local volunteers pitched in for martin luther king day. nbc 10's lauren mayk live tonight in east germantown with
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more on how community members answered the call to serve. lauren? >> reporter: good evening, jim. we are at martin luther king high school right now, and when students arrive here tomorrow, they are going to see a much different place. this place has been painted bright colors inside, and it is just one of the places where people gave their time today. >> everybody get a bottle of water. >> reporter: bundled in the cold, carrie rose ran the show, giving directions to volunteers. >> we're out here giving love and regard on dr. king's birthday. >> reporter: it's a familiar spot who tells me she's here three times a week. >> if a man can sleep on a cold bench or sleep on a building, i certainly can go and come out at night and offer him water and a hot sandwich or cup of coffee. >> reporter: today, though, she had help from volunteers making martin luther king day a day of service. >> i'm here to donate food and my support. >> reporter: who put the gift
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bags together? >> i did, me and my girl scouts did. >> reporter: earlier in the day, a crowd of volunteers gathered at gerard college to kick off the day of service. throughout the day they made their way to spots like this where hot food drew a line of people, including jerry. >> nice to know people are coming out, they care. >> reporter: for some, this is a mission carried out over time. >> we don't go away. >> reporter: for others, the annual day is a chance to set an example for the next generation to carry on. >> you can't sit on your couch, oh, it's a good thing to do and never have your nephew or family members see you make yourself uncomfortable and be cold and covered in soup to help somebody else. one day we all need help. you have to actually do it. >> reporter: and perhaps it will lead to more service in the future. the project manager here, for example, telling me she asked all the volunteers to pledge more time over the next year.
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live in east germantown, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. new information on the cherry hill police department's recruiting efforts. nearly 1,200 people took the written test over the weekend to apply for a job with the force. the department has been recruiting at community events, career fairs, and civic meetings. they involve community and religious leaders in the hiring process in an effort to find qualified and diverse candidates. well, yesterday's coating of snow in parts of our area could be a taste of what's to come by week's end. glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> yeah, that was just a tease. i'm tracking a developing nor'easter that's going to bring a mix of snow and rain, depending where you live. more on the timing and what you can expect in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast. and from snow scrapers to heaters to ice melt, it's all been sitting on shelves for months. store owners are hoping this storm is going to have you coming out to buy.
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this is nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. >> and it's a bitter cold night on the slopes. taking a live look at camelback mountain resort, perfect conditions tonight to make snow, then mother nature is going to help make snow this weekend.
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chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking a winter storm. his full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. this long holiday weekend is exactly what local ski areas need to start making up money lost during the warm part of this winter. as spring mountain ski area, they have 7 of 9 trails open, losing seven weeks of the ski season cost them nearly a quarter million dollars in lost holiday revenue. the owner, rick buckman, says the snow forecast for this weekend does the same. several local communities honored the work of dr. martin luther king jr. today with their national day of service projects. nbc 10 at friends central school in wynnewood. middle school students learned about a nonprofit that provides care and support for children with hiv in south africa. students also helped make and pack lunches and bagged toiletries for a homeless shelter. in delaware, the red clay school district collected donations for the needy.
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the new and gently used clothing will benefit friendship house in new castle county. in new jersey, people in camden helped repaint the gym at the community center for the city's community cleanup. new jersey's acting governor and officers with the camden county police department rolled up their sleeves and helped with this project. new at 6:00, nursing mothers in allentown schools are getting more privacy to pump at work. the allentown health bureau has used grant money to purchase two private pumping suites for the district. the suite has a bench, lock on the door, mirror, changing table, and electrical outlets. the suites are located at south mountain middle school and william allen high school. you probably haven't used much of this this season, but now is the time to stock up with the storm headed our way. deanna durante live tonight in lafayette hill. deanna, store owners say they've been waiting for this kind of
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weather. >> reporter: not just waiting, but they pulled things like sleds off the shelves when the temperatures near christmastime were too warm for anybody to come in and buy the stuff. >> take the bus or get a ride. >> reporter: not much of a chance he can skateboard this weekend, even if snowy weather makes travel tough, he needs to get ready. >> that's what i'm doing, gearing up on salt. >> reporter: he has the luxury to price check. >> went to bed, bath, beyond, they wanted $20 some for special salt. >> reporter: bags of salt, he's ready to go. not just the sidewalk you need to prep. think tires, wipers, blades, and fluids. >> washer fluids make several kinds with a deicer. if you come out in the morning, if you have the deicer fluid, it's not going to freeze, it's going to help clear the windshield faster. >> reporter: the pros are getting ready. new tires for salt and plow trucks to hit the road. >> next two or three days, the snowstorm is going to happen, we're going to be swamped from the time we open till after we
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close. >> reporter: if you wait too long, parts may be hard to come by. as for waiting, louis has been waiting, too, for the weather to help him sell salt, ice melt, and snow blowers. >> we're well stocked, able to get more since we've had no bad weather. >> reporter: and here's some good news for you. because the weather has been so great, a lot of these materials have gone down in price a little bit, so don't wait, go and stock up now before the snow starts to fall. in lafayette hill, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> all right, thanks for that advice. you need that this weekend? well, nbc 10 is keeping an eye out for you. look at the blue cross riverrink tonight at penn's landing. might be a good night to wear foot warmers out there inside your skates and some thick socks, as well. it's going to be a bitter cold night, right, glenn? >> yeah, and not exactly a whole lot warmer tomorrow night. may be a little early to be cancelling plans for friday and saturday, but we do have a potential for a major winter storm.
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so you got at least in the back of your mind think about what you might do if it becomes more and more clear. because it does have the potential to be quite disruptive. we have a possible change to rain, especially south and east of the philly area, toward the shore that would limit the amount of snow to some degree, but bitter winds through tuesday, no doubt about that. and it's feeling like it's below zero by day break. it is 22 degrees now, feels like 7 in philadelphia with a 21 mile an hour wind. and as we go through the night tonight, you can see the temperature gradually goes down and the wind stays there. so by 7:00 in the morning, it's 14, but feels like 2 below zero right in philadelphia and, obviously, colder to the north and west. already in the teens in some areas. 18 in pottstown and reading. low 20s elsewhere. the wind is still pretty significant. 20 to 30 mile an hour gusts,
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maybe not quite as much as a couple hours ago, but the wind is going down slowly. so the wind chills are in the single digits everywhere except below zero in mount pocono. we had a few snow flurries in the poconos earlier. that has pretty much gone. the lake effect snows are affecting new york state, so we have to go across the country and into the ocean in the pacific and this is a pretty well developed storm out there. there's a lot of moisture with it. the el nino fuelled jet stream is very strong, warm water offshore to help add to the moisture for this storm, so it's partly about the temperature and it's plenty cold. look how cold it gets overnight tonight with temperatures feeling like it's down below zero. even tomorrow afternoon it's barely feeling like 10 or 12, and tomorrow night and into wednesday morning, it's cold again. then we start looking to the west for that storm. as it moves into the cold air,
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it would start as snow everywhere, and the track according to the most reliable computer models, pretty ideal for significant snow in this area. and we're talking about if it's all snow, a lot of snow north and west. there's a possible mix in and around the philadelphia area. we'll update that tomorrow to see how much that will affect the accumulations and snow changing to rain at the shore, limiting the snow totals, but they are going to get some really bad winds and coastal flooding. windy tonight, 15 degrees for the low in philadelphia. of course, feeling like minus 2 by morning. temperatures tomorrow not getting out of the mid to upper 20s and still gusts to 40 miles an hour. another bitter cold morning on wednesday. not quite as bitter on thursday, then the first alert for friday and saturday, pretty sure it's going to be a winter storm out there. the details remain to be seen. complete update coming at 11:00.
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i'm john boruk here at comcast sportsnet. coming up, eagles officially have a new head coach. plus, highlights from a double overtime thriller between the sixers and knicks. we'll show you that when we come back. the republicans in harrisburg were fighting each other over the state budget. that's right. each other. the republican state senate passed a responsible budget that "begins" to fund education but the republican house of representatives has insisted on a budget that fails to fund education and balloons the deficit. call your legislator, tell them to pass a budget that's right for pennsylvania.
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this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> in his one year as an eagles quarterback, doug pederson started nine games, went 2-7, was eventually replaced with rookie donovan mcnabb, and was released after the season. the eagles believe doug pederson
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the head coach will bring much more success than that. the newest bird landed this morning and made his way to the novacare complex, where he was greeted by team president. pederson will address the media tomorrow at 2:00. we'll have his introductory press conference live on nbc 10 and on comcast sportsnet. eagles chairman and ceo jeffrey lurie released the following statement saying doug is a strategic thinker, compelling leader and someone who knows how to get the best out of his players. all the factors that initially attracted us to doug and we believe he's the right man to help us achieve our ultimate goal. a source has confirmed to comcast sportsnet that former lions head coach jim schwartz is in town, he could be in consideration to be the eagles defensive coordinator. and the nfl network is reporting pederson will hire former chargers offensive coordinator frank wright as the eagles o.c. now to the sixers who played a martin luther king day matinee against the knicks this afternoon at msg.
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jahlil okafor had 20 points when he left the game with about 4:20 left in the third and that's where he stayed for the final 26 minutes. as for the action, sixers up three under ten seconds, carmelo anthony doing what he does, hitting that three to tie the game. sixers up one int8ça o.t., mis the alley-oop that nerlens noel finishes. off the inbounds, covington banks the three as it sends the game to a second overtime. but just too much carmelo in this one. back down covington, hits the fade away as the sixers fall 119-113. one final note, villanova jumps two spots, they are now number four in the latest associated press college basketball poll. that is your look at sports. we'll be right back.
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all right, we have the bitter cold setting us up for this potential winter storm friday and saturday. we have a blog on with
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more and sheena will have more at 11:00. >> and on our app. the news continues now with "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. tonight, on the attack. hillary clinton scrambling to shore up support amid growing concern she could lose iowa and new hampshire to bernie sanders after the most intense debate yet on our stage. and the republican race taking a nasty turn with ted cruz hitting donald trump after being labelled, quote, a nasty guy. and behind the scenes last-minute drama that could have stopped the free american prisoners from reunited from families. tonight we're in german and richard engel is inside of iran with reaction. a dangerous virus spreads. more cases of the virus that puts unborn baby at risks are discovered in the u.s. with no known cure. how could it be stopped? and oscar protest. the growing outrage that has some in


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