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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 19, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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bitter cold. we have issued a first alert because of frigid temperatures and wind chills making it feel like it's at or below zero. this is a snowy scene now live at camelback ski resort. new jersey governor chris christie no fan. and in philadelphia the eagles will introduce doug peterson as their coach. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. it is brutally cold out. let's get you updated with meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. >> we issued a first alert for the cold, very cold conditions. significantly colder this
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morning and will stay with us through the morning. we're looking at bitter winds and steady winds that which would be here all day long. the wind chills in some areas feel like they are below zero. and the temperatures, they are not warm either. a very cold start this morning and they are falling. 16 degrees in northeast philadelphia, 15 in wilmington and philadelphia international is 17 while it's 14 in south philadelphia and roxborough. so bundle up. the gusty winds will be with us. the temperatures will be climbing but not for hours. 17 at 6:00, the first alert on through 9:00 this morning, but it will not be in effect at noon as the temperatures finally start to climb with bright sunshine. the wind will be hanging in there so bundle up all day long. back with the hour by hour forecast in 10 minutes. jessica boyington is watching your first alert traffic. >> hi, bill. hi, i'm katy zachry in for jessica boyington this morning. a look at the vine street
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expressway we love this. things are looking good right now thcht is the vine street expressway at 16th street. it's open, no construction blocking traffic in either direction. bill said it is bitter cold this morning, at least it is dry on the roadways. we couldn't say that yesterday. coming up we'll take a look at drive times on 76, 95 and 476 and then look at 295 in mount laurel at creek road. >> the combination of cold air and wind are making it feel downright bitter which is why we issued a first alert for today. matt delucia is live in ambler where it's cold waiting for the train this morning. >> reporter: it is very cold, tracy. i checked the nbc 10 first alert weather ap telling me it's 16 degrees here with a wind chill of 1. and it feels like that. you might be able to see my breath in the air. as we look out at the train station not many are waiting now. the train doesn't come for about
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another hour or so. a few cars in the parking lot. we did find quite a bit of people last night trying to stay warm as much as possible. especially the folks trying to get the bus or train if you will. and really trying to maximize their time inside as much as possible really trying to avoid the cold outdoors. it has been brutally cold the past 24 hours really. we found people trying to -- that possible storm we expect later on this week just in case they want to get the shovels, the salt and get the de-icing fluid for their car windows. as we come back out live, i'm looking at some of the cars, i don't see any icing on any of the windshields so it's not a situation that we woke up to yesterday when we had some of that snow and ice that fell on sunday. so, fortunately, we won't need the ice scraper, not here.
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i'm not seeing snow or ice on the cars that are left over. coming up in the next half hour we'll tack with folks who are waiting patiently for the train or the bus and really trying to stay as warm as possible. so layer up and be smart when you're heading out. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> and you can be prepare forward this winter weather with the "nbc 10 news" app. get severe weather alerts, interactive radar and the forecast for your neighborhood, get school closing alerts to your phone. it's 4:04, 17 degrees. doug peterson will hold his first news conference as the first head coach of the philadelphia eagles. here is peterson arriving yesterday after the birds officially announced his hiring. you can see his news conference live on nbc 10 this afternoon at 2:00, you'll hear from jeffrey lurie. when he fired chip kelly he was specific what he was looking for in a new head coach.
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>> got to open your heart to players and everybody you want to achieve peak performance. and i would call it -- i would call it a style of leadership that values information, all the resources that are provided, and at the same time values emotional intelligence. >> eagles finished 7-9 this season. >> i think doug pederson got hired under the good old boys. so our defense is not on the field 40 minutes a game >> fans sounding off. may be on to something. reports say jim schwartz will lead the defense, we got reaction from an eagle analyst. >> for any head coach, especially a young head coach and a first time head coach, he is going to have to lean on his entire staff. >> the nfl network reports that
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he will have former coordinator frank wright calling plays. you can see doug pederson's news conference live on nbc 10 and on the news app today at 2:00. >> a man accused of pushing a woman onto the septa tracks is behind bars. police say kenneth grimes came up behind a 27-year-old woman sunday morning while she was standing on the el platform at 30th street and pushed her. officers say grimes also had a kitchen knife but didn't use that in the attack. she fell onto the tracks and had several cuts and scrapes. >> pennsylvania state police are looking for help identifying the remains of a young woman found in ridley creek state park. a hiker found the remains on new year's day. these are the rings found with the remains. the county medical examiner believe the bones belong to a woman in her late teens or early 20s. about 5'3" with light brown hair. >> it's 4:06.
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a homeless man is arraigned for murder and attempted murder charges. john brock turned himself in to police last night accused of shooting two employees at a homeless shelter. investigators say brock opened fire sunday morning after he had been evicted from the station house shelter. ed barksdale died at the scene. >> they had the door open for the workers and he came in and just started -- just started shooting. >> barnes father says his son is expected to make a full recovery. the suspect brock remains in jail after being denied bail. today the pennsylvania senate goes back to work with the governor and lawmakers still at odds over a state budget. state senators say they have a tax plan that could help end the 6-month stalemate but they won't
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reveal details until the governor and the house reaffirm agreement on a spending plan. wolf said the republican controlled legislature needs to pass a budget that pays for education and other projects he promised during his campaign. >> the city of philadelphia will begin inspecting and repairing boilers at all public schools mayor jim kenney said it can start as early as today. after mechanic was injured in a school boiler explosion last week. the accident led to protests by school employees. the school district is planning new employee safety measures and training programs. it is a frigid start this morning. we have issued a first alert for the cold this morning. bitter cold especially when you factor in the gusty winds we're looking at wind chills in parts of the area below zero this morning. significantly colder than yesterday. that's today. for this weekend we're tracking
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some heavy snowfall. most likely on saturday. likely first major storm of the season. 14 now in reading, 17 degrees in philadelphia, and 15 in trenton. that's without the wind. and the wind is blowing. across the entire region. there is a dry but cold view of center city from the adventure aquarium. wind gusts are impressive. 30-mile-an-hour wind gusts now in northeast philadelphia, close to 30 in the pocono mountains, and in delaware, new castle county, wilmington reporting 28-mile-an-hour wind gusts. that's giving us wind chills that are below zero in northeast philadelphia, trenton and wilmington. just by a degree or two. 16 degrees below zero in the pocono mountains. the temperatures will be climbing, clouds, they are staying out of the picture for us, we'll see a lot of sunshine and so the temperatures will climb. but will stay below freezing for today. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, 21 degrees at camelback this afternoon. upper 20s in fleet wood and
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pennsburg. at the shore it's going to be a cold and windy one with readings staying below freezing, in the 20s to rehoboth beach. sunshine and 29 degrees this afternoon for symrna and bright sunshine through the day for philadelphia, wilmington, but look at these temperatures stuck in the 20s with the wind factored in even this afternoon it will feel like it's in the teens. this weekend we'll have to deal with the snow. a look at what's heading our way when i come back in ten minutes. >> thanks. it's 10 after 4 now. let's check the roads including 295. katy zachry is here with that. >> hi, tracy. a quiet drive on 295. we're taking a look at mount laurel, this is around exit 43 at 295 north and southbound, no issues there. there is construction going on around 295 where it meets up with the 42 freeway. i'll have details in 10 minutes.
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our drive times the did schuylkill expressway eastbound between the blue route and the vine only about 13 minutes, 95 ì% between woodhaven and the vine the same about 13 minutes and the blue route is good, that drive will take about 14 minutes, we head toward the mid county toll plaza, i'm seeing no issues there. as i said when i see you in a bit we'll look at some of the details on 295 of construction overnight and look at area bridges. >> we'll see you then. thanks. politicians make all kinds of promises running for office. hear what new jersey governor chris christie is telling school kids what they can expect if he's the next president of the united states. and starting today you can begin filing your 2015 taxes. and there is a change this year you need to know about.
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at 4:14 here is a live look at market street in center city where the wind chill is 2. today the first alert day because of the dangerous cold temperatures and the wind chills at or below zero. we'll only warm into the 20s today. and we continue to track a winter storm for the end of the week so now is a good time to sign up for the nbc 10 school closing alert system. head to, put your school information in, we'll send you a text or e-mail as soon as your child's school is delayed or closed. >> new from overnight a bomb targeting a police check point in pakistan kills 11 people and leaves 17 hurt. the blast happened on a road leading to afghanistan. officials say a suicide bomber carried out the attack. police, civilians and at least one child were killed. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack.
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now to decision 2016. the republican national committee receivers its debate partnership with nbc. they made the announcement yesterday. the debate will air on cnn. there was cnbc format and the line of questioning. the contentious republican primary is taking a toll on the party image according to a new nbc news poll. 42% said the primary made them feel less favorable about the gop. compared to 19% who feel more favorable. 38% say it hasn't changed their view. on the democratic side the battle between hillary clinton and bernie santders hasn't affected as much. 28% of voters now view the party less favorably, 17% more favorably, and more than half say the fight hasn't change
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thard view of the party as a whole. >> after a day of debate and lawmakers in the united kingdom did not vote to ban donald trump for his anti-muslim remarks but they talked about it. they took up the topic after a half million people signed a petition calling for trump to be exclude. any petition supported by 100,000 people is considered for debate. >> are chris christie says if he is elected president he would end first lady michelle obama's initiative for healthy school lunches. the republican presidential candidate was responding to a student in iowa who told christie that he missed pizza and other treats at lunch time. he said it's parents and not the first lady who should choose what children eat. democrats say a drop in obesity shows the program is starting to work. >> a judge will decide if the case against ethan couch will be
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moved to adult court. members of mothers against drunk driving are planning to be at today's hearing in texas. they want to see couch's case moved to adult court to assure his probation extends beyond his 19th birthday. after his lawyers used pampered upbringing as a defense after he killed four in a drunk driving offense. couch and his mother fled to mexico as prosecutors were investigating whether the teen violated his probation. we have new information on the search for 12 marines who disappeared after a helicopter crash near hawaii. search crews say they found life rafts from the two marine helicopters that collided. they said some of those rafts were inflated. coast guard found scattered debris over the weekend, two marines from pennsylvania were on board that aircraft including captain brian kennedy of malvern chester county. >> calls to boycott the academy awards because of the lack of nominee diversity are growing.
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>> is it time that people of color recognize how much power, influence, that we have amassed, that we no longer need to ask to be invited anywhere. >> in the video message on facebook jay da ping ket smith will not watch the oscars. the academy nominated all white actors. will smith was not nominated for his performance in the drama concussion. director spike lee says he will also skip the awards writing on instagram lee says how is it possible for the second cop sektive year all 20 contenders under the actor category are white? spike lee has been nominated twice but did not win. however, he was the recipient of an honorary oscar in november. here is a statement from the academy president. i am both heart broken and frustrated about the lack of
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influgs, this is a difficult but important conversation and it's time for big changes. >> it's 4:18 and 17 degrees in philadelphia. millions of dollars unclaimed by local governments and agencies, the nbc 10 investigators uncover taxpayer money missing. mitch blacher has a look at a story you'll see today on news this afternoon at 4:00. >> that's our money. >> taxpayers' money sitting in pennsylvania's unclaimed property office. >> money that has been titled to the government really is owed to the taxpayers. >> the nbc 10 investigators doug into records finding millions owed to local governments, questioning how municipalities are managing your money. >> that shows you're not a kb steward of taxpayer dollars. >> which local government has the most missing money and why your dollars are unclaimed.
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20 minutes after 4:00. wickedly cold this morning, the bitter winds are with us and the temperatures, it was cold to start with yesterday. they are running about 13 degrees lower this morning. wind is making it feel even colder, the winds are gusting to 21 miles an hour. there it is, 17 degrees right now in philadelphia. completely clear, we'll see brilliant sunshine. the winds aren't going to back off all that much. we'll see them stay wisconsin right on through the day today. the temperatures, 13 in pottstown, doylestown, down to 12 degrees, 15 degrees in wilmington. and look at blewbell and lafayette hill. a satellite shows that we are in the clear. we'll see a lot of sunshine and warmer weather for the next couple days. but it's what's coming in late friday and saturday that is our big concern right now. you can see the storm that's moving on the west coast is what
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we'll be keeping our eye on. it's just rain for much of the west coast and washington and oregon. we'll see it redevelop into a low-pressure area that's going to take advantage of the cold air in place as we go into the weekend. a little bit of rotation over kansas and that's thursday morning. look how it picks up some of the moisture from the gulf of mexico, by thursday evening. and then starts heading up the east coast due in here for the weekend. we have issued a first alert for the storm that will develop late friday and be with us on saturday. many areas will see a snowstorm and a nor'easter for the shore. but that's this weekend. for today, we're looking at cold. gusty winds, temperatures will peak in the upper 20, but the winds gusting to 35 miles an hour ensures that will feel colder. the weekend forecast, the potential for heavy snow on saturday, clearing out on sunday
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with a high of 38 degrees. all the details and the timing of the storm system, the full seven-day forecast in the next half hour. tracy. >> we'll see you then. 22 minutes past 4 now. let's check the roads specifically construction in new jersey. katy zachry is here with a look at that. >> we are keeping our eye on construction right where 295 meets the 42 freeway. so we're focused on 295 southbound, the 295 southbound ramp to 42 freeway north is closed inle 5:00 a.m. typically construction projects lift around 6:00 so this is early. i'll keep my eye on it. taking a look in the allentown area, i-78, traffic is smoothly, no issues to report in the lehigh valley, 76 at montgomery avenue, moving down into philadelphia, lings are looking smooth in your drive times if you're headed eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway only about 13 minutes. >> thanks. well, today if you didn't know it is the start of tax stone.
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today is the first day the irs will accept individual electronic tax returns. the agency will begin processing paper returns. taxpayers will get a break on the calendar, the filing deadline is april 18, three days later than usual because the 15th falls on a holiday. it's 4:23 and kr wind chill 2 in philadelphia. bill cosby heads back to court two weeks from today. this morning we're learning new details about the people picked to mount the defense. finally seeing green, thanks to plenty of white we head to the ski slopes that have been missing out on winter fun.
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it is 4:26 and here is a live look at cape may where the temperature is 19 but with the winds it feels like 4. today is a first alert weather day because of the dangerous cold and wind chills at or below zero. in a few minutes meteorologist bill henley returns with the first alert forecast that includes a snowstorm. atlantic city residents, clergy and elected officials coming together to oppose a state takeover. yesterday new jersey state senate president steve sweeney introduced a bill that would give the state the right to make a decision about atlantic city and sell city assets. sweeney says the city has proven incapable of living in its means. he says it can no longer look to the state to bail it out. city council man is calling for public hearings on the bill, he
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wrote an open letter saying i feel strongly we need to have the opportunity to address atlantic city's various problems, it is my sincere hope that after hearing from elected officials, community, civic and social leaders you'll entertain a change of mind. governor christie has not said if he will support the takeover. >> the long holiday weekend appears to have done wonders for ski areas needing a boost after the warm start to the winter. spring mountain area now has most of its trails open. a slow start cost the resort nearly a quarter million dollars and the owner told us the dusting of snow sunday finally brought out the skiers. >> you don't pay bills is what it amounts to. normally our week between christmas and new year's is our busiest. we missed that. >> he hopes the forecast for this weekend packs the slopes.
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snow does look likelyg& fo the weekend but today it is cold and windy to make it feel even colder. 17 degrees here at nbc 10. but it feels like 2 degrees this morning. parts of the area below zero. your hour by hour forecast just ahead. >> and looking for a ride, uber isn't just for cars. next, how the ride sharing app could give you a bird's-eye view. ♪ (ugh.) ♪ does your carpet ever feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it, resolve it. our formula with a special conditioning ingredient, softens your carpet with every use.
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bitter cold air is in place across our area which is why we have issued a first alert for this morning. temperatures are in the teens right now but with the wind it


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