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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  January 19, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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winds that were so strong yesterday are still with us this morning. we have issued a first alert for significantly colder conditions this morning and wind chills that are going to provide us with bitter winds through the day. especially this morning as it feels like it's below zero in parts of the area including philadelphia. right now we're looking at the steady wind, it's 20 miles an hour northeast philadelphia. 14-mile-an-hour winds in wilmington and philadelphia international, wind chills below zero for northeast philadelphia. look at mount holly now 2 degrees below zero. and down to 3 degrees below zero in reading. so a frigid start this morning. a slow warm-up during the day. 7:00, 17 degrees, the winds at 17 miles an hour at 10:00 with bright sunshine and in the middle 20s at 1:00 this afternoon with winds hanging in there at 20 miles an hour. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in 10 minutes. katy zachry is watching your first alert traffic. >> bill, it is so cold out there
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fortunately we have dry road conditions. this is a live look at the vine street expressway. headed out the door and you take the vine, good news, no overnight construction in either direction so traffic is running smoothly. if you are headed out the door and taking is even 6, 95 or 476, no issues to report. drive times in the green. average speeds in the 50s on all of the majors in pennsylvania. in new jersey this is a live look at the 42 freeway at the new jersey turnpike, traffic is smooth in both directions but along the 42 freeway right where you hit up with 95 -- 295 southbound, the ramp to 42 north is closed until around this hour, typically construction in new jersey lifts around 6:00 a.m. so we'll let you know when it does in fact lift. vai. >> thank you. bitter cold conditions across our area this morning with temperatures in the teens right now as bill told us nbc 10's matt delucia is live for us in ambler, montgomery county.
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matt, cold commute this morning. >> reporter: cold commute indeed, vai. i can tell you standing out here you want to jog in place a little bit to move around to get the blood flowing. about 16 degrees here right now, feels like about 1 degree, zero degrees, depending on where you look at. wind really isn't too bad out here right now. a little breeze now and then. but really once that wind you get a gust that's when you really start to feel the cold weather. out here the septa station, still no folks waiting for the train, no folks in the parking lot yet. but it really is one of those days you want to avoid being outside as much as possible. so folks probably leaving home right at the last second to try to catch that train so they don't have to wait in cars either. it's been a cold couple of days, something you don't want to mess with in terms of temperatures. last night check it out, not much better, a lot of people trying to get the bus, eager to
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hop on board and out of the cold weather. waiting for the train at the suburban stations, a lot of people we found are gearing up for that storm that bill has been talking about that we could see at the end of this week. they have been gearing up getting salt and de-icing fluid for their car windows. >> salt, shovels, ice scrapers, anything to get ready for the cold wet weather. >> reporter: one thing to have fun in this weather but when you have to be in it it really is not so good. people like to wait in their cars as much as possible. one thing to keep in mind there are laws againstizeling and leaving your arrunning unattended. i'll have more on that coming up at 5:30. here you see they got the salt down here on the pavement, we haven't seen icing in terms of the vehicles, nothing that you need to scrape off the cars at least in this area of montgomery county. so really, just get out a few
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minutes early, get it warmed up but layer up first. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." be prepared for winter weather with the "nbc 10 news" app. we'll send you severe weather alert, interactive radar and the forecast in your neighborhood, you can get school closing alerts, that can be sent right to your phone the moment your school decides to close or delay its opening. the nbc app is a free download. >> the city of philadelphia will begin inspecting and repairing boilers at all public schools. mayor jim kenney said it could start as early as today after a mechanic was injured in a school boiler explosion. the accident at edmund elementary. the district a planning new employee safety measures and training programs. >> the pennsylvania senate goes back to work with the governor and lawmakers still at odds over
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a state budget. state senators say they have a tax plan that could help tend budget stalemate. but they said that they won't reveal details until governor tom wolf and the house reach a firm agreement on a spending plan. wolf was a democrat, said the republican controlled legislature needs to pass a budget that pays for education and other projects he promised during his campaign. >> a homeless man is arraigned for murder and attempted murder charges. john brock turned himself in to police last night accused of shooting two employees at a north philadelphia homeless shelter. investigators say brock opened fire sunday morning after he had been previously evicted from the station house shelter. one died at the scene. >> they had the door open for the workers to come in and he came in and started -- nothing
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said, just started shooting. >> the father says his son was shot in the hip and is expected to make a full recovery. the suspect john brock remains in jail after being denied bail. are pennsylvania state police are looking for help identifying the remains of a young woman found in ridley creek state park delaware county. a hiker found the remains on new year's day. these are the rings found with the remains. the county medical examiner believes the bones belong to a woman in her late teens or early 20s, she was about 5'3" and had light brown hair. >> a man accused of pushing a woman onto the septa tracks is behind bars. philadelphia police say kenneth grimes came up behind a woman on sunday morning while she was standing on the el platform at 30th street station and pushed her. she had several cuts and scrapes. >> today doug pederson will hold his first news conference as head coach of the philadelphia eagles and you are looking at
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pederson arriving yesterday. after the birds announced his hiring. he came in on a private plane. you'll see his news conference live on nbc 10 this afternoon at 2:00. you'll also hear from the owner jeffrey lurie when lurie fired chip kelly he was specific in what he was looking for in a new head coach. >> i would call at style of leadership that values information, all the resources that are provided, and at the same time values emotional intelligence. >> i think doug pederson got hired under the good old boys. bring a defensive coordinator in here. >> birds fans sounding off. reports say former lions head coach jim schwartz will lead pederson's defense. we got remarks from com kaes
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sports net. >> for a head coach especially a young head coach and first time head coach she going to have to lean on his entire staff. >> the nfl network is reporting that pederson will have former chargers offensive coordinator frank wright calling plays for the birds, again you can see doug pederson's news conference on nbc 10 and the news app later today. it's at 2:00. we'll also have a live report on coach pederson's introduction to philadelphia coming up in the next half hour. >> we have new information on the search for 12 marines who disappeared after a helicopter crash in hawaii. search crews found life rafts from two marine helicopters that collided. some of those were inflated. the coast guard in and around scattered debris over the weekend. two marines from pennsylvania were on board the aircraft including captain brian kennedy of malvern chester county.
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>> nine minutes after 5:00. we issued a first alert for the cold temperatures this morning. bitter cold readings and gusty winds making it feel like it's below zero this morning in parts of the area. cold today as we go toward the weekend. we're tracking heavy snow, moving into much of the area late friday and through the day on saturday. for today, we're starting off in the single digits in the pocono mountains, 5 degrees for mount pocono, 15 in trenton and wilmington. we have clear skies, the winds very cold this morning. we're waiting for sunshine. 7:20 we'll see some sunshine that will start the warming process. the steady winds will hold the temperatures back for much of the morning. 25-mile-an-hour wind gusts in philadelphia, gusting to 30 miles per hour in the pocono mountains so look at the wind chill readings, this is what it feels like. 3 degrees below zero in reading, 15 below in mount pocono and feels like it's below zero in northeast philadelphia, and
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mount holly. sunshine bright, clouds out of the picture for today. we'll see bright sunny skies but it's going to be a slow warm-up and stays below freezing for the region today. in fact, well below freezing for the pocono mountains, 17 the high. up twers for allentown and reading, gusty winds this afternoon in doylestown, trenton and mount holly, at the shore president clintony of sunshine for cape may, atlantic city and rehoboth beach. 29 for wilmington, drexel hill 27 and near 30 degrees for philadelphia but the wind will make it feel like it's in the teens even this afternoon. dry today, i'm tracking the potential for our first major storm of the season as we head toward the weekend. i've got seven-day forecast and the timing when i'm back in 10. >> 5:10 this tuesday morning. i had car trouble. my battery was dead. >> wasn't the cold though you could have problems. >> this is not a day to be out there stuck with car trouble. i'm telling you. >> katy zachry is watching the
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roads for your ride to work. hopefully your car starts fine. >> i know, as much trouble as you koupd find at home. we aren't having trouble on the roads so i'm going to -- a live look at 295 and 195 at hamilton township we're seeing very light volume on the roads there. 295 in this area, not any issues but you will find overnight construction and long term construction projects really closer to the 42 freeway. but it's not affecting anything at this hour. so, moving into pennsylvania this is a live look, the blue route at 320, so in the delaware county area, where traffic is moving pretty well and southbound headed between the schuylkill and 95, that drive only about 14 minutes. 95 southbound for our drivers there the ramp from aramingo avenue to i-95 southbound is closed part of the long term construction project. there are detour signs in place. >> an update on a local pastor accused of sexual assault. we'll tell you where jacob
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malone is now headed to face more charges. >> plus, local clergy officials and neighbors coming together after a bill that would threat state take over atlantic city's finances. find out what one local council man is proposing. for the girl scout meeting...
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okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at giant, prices are down. savings are up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant.
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>> here is a live picture from camelback ski resort.
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it is bitter cold there. meteorologist bill henley says feel like temperatures about 5. we want to continue to keep you updated on the bitter cold conditions this morning. it will be below freezing all day with wind chills close to zero. we have issued a first alert for this morning so you can be prepared as you head out. and we are also tracking a winter storm scheduled for later this week. so now is the time to sign up for nbc 10 school closing alerts. go to, put in your school information. we'll send you a tex or e-mail as soon as your child's school delayed or closed. >> our jersey shore bureau atlantic city residents clergy and elected officials coming together to oppose a state takeover. yesterday new jersey state senate president steve sweeney introduced a bill that would give the state the right to make decisions about atlantic city and sell city assets. sweeney says the city has proven itself incapable of living in its means. he says it can no longer look to the state to bail it out. the city council man is calling
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for public hearings on the bill. he wrote an open letter say ig feel strongly that we need the opportunity to address atlantic city's various problems. it's my sincere hope after hearing from elected officials, community civic and social leaders you will entertain a change. christie has not said if he supports the takeover. >> 5:16, today a judge will decide if the case against ethan couch will be moved from juvenile to adult court. members of mothers against drunk driving are planning to be at the hearing in texas. they want to see couch's case moved to adult durt assure his probation extends beyond his 19th birthday. he became known after his lawyers used his pampered and privileged upbringing as a defense after killing four people in a drunk driving crash. >> today if you didn't know it's the start of tax season. today is the first day the irs
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will accept electronic tax returns and begin processing paper returns. taxpayers will get a break on the calendar this year, the filing deadline is april 18, three days later than usual because the 15th falls on a holiday. >> also today pennsylvania governor tom wolf will who would facebook town hall to talk about climate change, energy and the environment. it happens at 3:15 this afternoon, you can tap the nbc 10 app for a link to the facebook page. >> a suicide bomber driving a motorcycle hits a road side check point at a major highway in pakistan, killing 11 people and leaving 42 hurt. police, civilians and at least one child were killed. the pakistani taliban is claiming responsibility for that attack. >> it's 5:17, let's check the ride to work, see what you need to know about. >> katy is in for jessica. how is it going? >> i'm happy to be inside, let me tell you. yesterday it was cold and today is even colder as bill is going to tell you. fortunately, it is dry on the
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roads so that's good news. live look now at your speeds on the vine street expressway. we had no construction so that's good. traffic on the vine was moving both directions pretty smoothly overnight. average speeds now are in the 50s. so it's a smooth drive if you're headed between the schuylkill expressway and 95. taking a look outside this is 73 right at the base of the tacony palmyra bridge. looking free and clear of issues, bridges have been free and clear of problems and because our roadways are dry there are no speed restrictions on area bridges. the speed on the 42 freeway good northbound between route 55 and the walt whitman bridge that will take about 5 minutes southbound the same. 18 minutes after 5:00. a first alert for the cold temperatures this morning. the temperatures have plunged, the wind is still with us giving us wind chills right around zero this morning.
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17 in philadelphia, winds gusting more than 20 miles an hour. look at the camera shaking that's the gusty wind, the camera atop the mellon bank building in center city. we'll see sunshine, the winds will stay with us right on into this afternoon. look at these, 12 in doylestown, 15 in wilmington and camden county 15 in haddonfield is down to 14 this morning. we will see sunshine. the temperatures will climb, but even this afternoon they will be below freezing with the wind it will feel like it's in the teens. sunshine today, but we're tracking clouds that are moving into the west coast, this is the potential for snow. potentially the first major storm of the season with heavy snow for our area. across the country it appears to fall apart. and then it starts to develop over kansas and really starts to come together when it starts to draw in some of the gulf moisture. this is thursday afternoon. so, still couple days before the heavier stuff moves into the area, by early friday morning you can see snow in northern
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arkansas and into missouri, and that rain in tennessee will move into our area and arrive into the colder air later friday and saturday. a major winter storm is the potential, a storm develops late friday and saturday, a snowstorm for many areas, nor'easter conditions at the shore. that's friday and saturday. today, deal with the cold. gusty winds, a cold day, the coldest obviously this morning, this afternoon but below freezing and winds gusting to 35 miles an hour. tomorrow not as windy to start with. still cold, 21 in the morning, but a warm up in the afternoon to 37 degrees, partly sunny on wednesday, bright sunshine on thursday but clouds build friday and later friday the snow develops, with the potential for heavy snow during the day on saturday. 34 saturday afternoon. saturday night the snow will taper off, sunday, windy and clearing skies, and warmer monday up to 44. >> thank you, bill.
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there are security concerns at this year's super bowl site. a recent act of vandalism could be part of a larger plan to sabotage the event. we'll explain. up next.
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>> it's 5:23 now. this morning we're issuing a
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first alert because our entire region will stay below freezing today. this is a live look above center city philadelphia where you can see the wind whipping that flag. the wind chill making it feel around 2 degrees in philadelphia right now. >> the super bowl is less than a month away. the fbi and homeland security are concerned that vandalism in california could be part of a complex plot against the big game. in more than a dozen incidents fiber optic cables in the bay area were severed all in 50 miles of levi stadium where super bowl 50 will be held. it's one of several risk in an internal memo, a threat from drones and attacks in crowded spaces outside the stadium. >> you have to pay more if you want to ship something through the post office. rates for priority mail packages go up about 10% starting this week. the cost of the faster priority mail will jump more than that.
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it's the first price hike for either service since 2012. >> in an effort to gain more users instagram is thinking small, sort of. that tops today's business headlines. good morning, landon. >> good morning to you. that's right instagram is planning changes instead of sharing ap approximately looking morey closely with facebook, instagram launched ads on 2014 and expand by turning attention to small business owners and people outside of the u.s. with accounts for 75% of its more than 400 million users. meanwhile, wall street will try to put the first two weeks of 2016 behind it dropping more of the dow dropping 1400 points on worries about china's economy and tumbling oil prices but stocks could get a bounce back. futures are higher and investors shrugging off news that china's gdp slowed to the weakest in 25
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years, oil is higher though still below $30 a barrel and look for more earnings from bank of america, morgan stanley and ibm. friday the dow dropping 391 points to 15988, the nasdaq down 127, to 4488. back over to you. >> people with 401(k)'s have fingers crossed. thanks. >> 5:26, 17 degrees. feels like it's right around zero this morning. with a cold gusty wind. those are clear skies over center city. we will see sunshine but don't expect a big warm-up. a first alert in effect for the bitter cold this morning. katy zachry is in the first alert traffic center. >> good morning, bill. a live look at 476, the blue route around 320. a little grainy shot but headlights and taillights are moving smoothly. light traffic on 476 and the drive time is only about 14
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minutes as you head southbound between the schuylkill and the vine street -- and 95. >> reporter: good morning. a bitter cold morning for you to deal w. one thing you might do to stay warm could be breaking the law. you could be hit with a fine. more on that and how to avoid it. >> freezing their pants off. one neighborhood is having fun while they deal with brutal cold conditions.
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky. the republicans in harrisburg were fighting each other over the state budget. that's right. each other. the republican state senate passed a responsible budget that "begins" to fund education
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but the republican house of representatives has insisted on a budget that fails to fund education and balloons the deficit. call your legislator, tell them to pass a budget that's right for pennsylvania.
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right now on "nbc 10 news today" a bitter cold start and windy. we issued a first alert because of the temperatures in the teens. but with the windsed makes it feel much colder. we're learning new information on the defense strategy for bill cosby's sexual assault accusations. find out who will take the stand to defend the comedian. >> it's 5:30. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." >> we are issuing a first alert this morning because of below freezing temperatures across our area. and near zero wind chill. let's start with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert forecast. >> vai, the temperatures have come down overnight and we're looking at a cold morning. significantly colder this morning, bitter winds have kicked in so the wind chills as


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