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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  January 19, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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right now on "nbc 10 news today" a bitter cold start and windy. we issued a first alert because of the temperatures in the teens. but with the windsed makes it feel much colder. we're learning new information on the defense strategy for bill cosby's sexual assault accusations. find out who will take the stand to defend the comedian. >> it's 5:30. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." >> we are issuing a first alert this morning because of below freezing temperatures across our area. and near zero wind chill. let's start with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert forecast. >> vai, the temperatures have come down overnight and we're looking at a cold morning. significantly colder this morning, bitter winds have kicked in so the wind chills as you mentioned feel like zero or
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below in parts of the area. very cold start, with a steady wind that will be carrying us into the afternoon hours. 20 miles an hour, the sustained wind in mount pocono, northeast philadelphia and reading and that's giving us wind chills below zero for reading, lancaster, mount pocono at 15 degrees below and below zero in northeast philadelphia and mount holly. that's to start with. a very minimum warm-up to begin with. we'll see sunshine after 7:00, 17 degrees with winds steady at 17 miles an hour. 10:00, by then we'll be up to 20 degrees and the temperatures will climb. we'll be in the middle 20s early this afternoon. but below freezing during the day. the neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back. katy zachry has first alert traffic. >> new jersey drivers majors looking good. the 42 freeway, 295, all free and clear. a live look outside in winslow township this is 73 at route 561 we're seeing light traffic, the
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stretch of 73 is good throughout the morning. moving into pennsylvania, there is construction to tell you about that might be causing you to tap the brakes. 95 the girard avenue on ramp to 95 northbound is closed as part of a long term construction project, there are detour signs in place. then abington township in briar wood road there are hazardous road conditions so i'll keep my eye on that. we'll look at area bridges. vai. >> thank you, katy. the bitter cold air has settled in and temperatures won't get above freezing today. matt delucia is live for us in ambler, montgomery county. if you are working outside as you are have to take extra special care about what you wear. >> reporter: absolutely. get the hat, the gloves, the heavy jacket, you name it. the folks at the ambler train station waiting for the septa train that's about to arrive, i hear the signal down there, and
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the train horn. but these folks are waiting outside. a lot of them were inside not long ago. just trying to stay as warm as possible. it's a cold couple of days at the homeless shelters workers got ready for the bitter cold. a code blue is in effect in many areas with the temperature under 20. we stopped by a healshelter try to keep people warm. >> it's one of the most challenging times of year for those that are homeless and outdoors because of the fact there's not enough places to go. our shelter system is overfilled in the city of philadelphia. >> another thing to keep in mind, in many places it is illegal to leave your car running unattended. keep your car running in the parking lot of a store for example to keep it warm as you run in for coffee problem with that is theft. people see that as an opportunity to steal your car. a couple things i found looking around social media, a new councilman posted an alert. new castle county police have
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taken 91 stolen vehicle reports of those 91, 29 of them were left running unsecured and with keys in the ignition. in trenton the police there posted a warning that leaving your car running unattended is the leading factor to stolen cars in the city of trenton and it's against new jersey law so. , too, in pennsylvania. out here in ambler we have not stine people leaving their cars unattended. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> thank you. be prepared for winter weather with the "nbc 10 news" app. we'll send you severe weather alerts interactive radar and the forecast in your neighborhood. you can get school closing alerts sent to your phone, the moment your school decides to close or delay its opening. the nbc 10 app is a free download. >> happening today eagles fans it is time to meet your new head coach. the team is planning a news conference today to introduce doug pederson. drew is smiths is live in south
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philadelphia with what we can expect. good morning. >> reporter: this is the first time we'll hear directly from doug pederson. they got the sign up welcoming him back to philadelphia. he is expected to take the podium with jeffrey lurie. we heard last week that the kansas city chiefs offensive coordinator was coming to philadelphia it's a return who served on the eagles in assistant coaching capacity a few years ago, then played quarterback in 1999, fans are buzzing about the changes. the new coach could bring to the team specifically in terms of who he surrounds himself with. jim schwartz was in town for an interview for the defensive coordinator gig. >> for any head coach especially a young head coach and first time head coach, he's really going to have to lean on his entire staff. >> reporter: pederson was praised by his new boss jeffrey lurie in a press release but we expect to hear from them today,
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2:00, that's when the news conference is scheduled for. we'll carry it for you here on nbc 10 and on the nbc 10 app. live at the link, drew smith. >> get a hat on, get inside. vice president joe biden will be in switzerland as part of his global mission to find a cure for cancer, hosting a roundtable called cancer moon shot a call to action. a number of physicians, researchers and officials will take part. the vice president was in philadelphia on friday to kick off the cancer initiative, at penn medicine abramson cancer center. >> temple university could take the next step toward building its own football stadium. the school's board of trustees will vote on setting aside money for a stadium architect. temple is planning to build an on campus stadium for estimated $100 million. the owls play home football games at the linc. >> if you had trouble getting on twitter you're not alone tcht site has been crashing all
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morning and last night too. the twitter is aware of the issue. we got the message something is technically wrong. we're going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon. we'll keep you posted. >> some people say there is something wrong with the weather too, the wind and cold. a frigid start. the temperatures have plunged overnight with strong gusty winds, bitter winds are with us and will stay with us through the day. we get closer to the weekend, tracking heaven snow what could be our first major snowstorm of the season. right now the readings 5 in mount pocono, 15 trenton and wilmington. it's a cold start and it is going to be a sunny day. our skies are clear this morning, they will stay clear and that 17 degrees, add 10 to that for an afternoon high. may be a little bit more than that. but the wind this is the big problem this morning. 30-mile-an-hour wind gusts, gusting to 25 miles an hour for
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philadelphia, northeast philly and mount holly. so that's giving us wind chills that are below zero in northeast philadelphia and mount holly. well below zero in the pocono mountains. satellite shows we are clear of clouds. we'll see a lot of sunshine but it's going to be a slow warm-up thanks to the steady northwesterly wind. we will see the temperatures climb, the hour by hour wind chill shows 1 degree at 7:00, not much warmer by 8, by 9:00, 3 degrees is what it will feel like in philadelphia. 1 degree below zero in lancaster. and then at 10:00 with bright sunshine and still gusty winds will be looking at temperatures that will feel like they are in the single digits. that's the story at noon time. it will feel like 9 degrees in philadelphia. so, a cold one all around. 17 the high temperature for mount pocono. allentown, reading and quakertown you'll feel the gusty winds all day long. bright sunshine for doylestown and mount holly and at the
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shore, upper 20s from rehobeth to atlantic city, vineland 27. frigid start for philadelphia, drexel hill and wilmington and a cold afternoon too. dry today, this weekend though, the snow moves in. i've got the seven-day forecast with the timing of the storm when i'm back in 10. >> bill, about 20 minutes before 6:00. twitter probably froze. >> you think? >> cold out there. >> layer up before you head out. out to traffic, let's check the roads. katy zachry has that. >> yeah, vai, i have a theory. we haven't really had accidents or issues so far this morning i think people are driving very slowly and cautiously because they don't want to be stranded on the side of the road and get out and deal with an issue. things are looking good. really good on 422 eastbound between route 29 and the schuylkill expressway. that will take you about seven minutes. it's a dark shot of 422 at paulings road. traffic is running smoothly.
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usually tends to jam into the next hour. 76, 95 and 476 majors in pennsylvania all running smoothly and any overnight construction has lifted. long term construction on 95 does not seem to be affecting traffic. i'll keep my eye on 95 southbound especially between woodhaven and the vine over the next 30 minutes or so. in new jersey a live look at route 30 at the white horse pike, quiet there, route 30 at 73 looking good. in delaware for the drivers in and around the wilmington area, taking 95 northbound between 295 and 495 that drive is only going to take you about 11 minutes, about 10 in the opposite direction. >> it's 5:40. much colder than that because of the wind chill. in the single digits. call for a boycott. some of hollywood's a-listers won't attend or watch the oscars this year. we'll tell you why. plus a live look at the blue cross river rink and we'll tell you about the program coming
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back to the rink that could help thousands of students around our area.
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>>. >> 5:44, come to the screen and look at this map. that will tell you how to dress today as you head out the door. we're waking up to freezing temperatures, those are the wind chills, the feel like temperatures as you head out which is why we issued a first alert to warn you about the bitter cold. we're also tracking a winter storm heading our way later this week. now is the time to sign up for the school closing alert. put in your school information, we'll send you a text or e-mail as soon as your child's school is delayed or closed. >> new information on the bill cosby case. there is no evidence of an immunity deal between cosby and former prosecutor bruce casster. the alleged agreement may be used by cosby's attorneys at his hearing on february 2. the man defending cosby is a
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local criminal lawyer brian mcmonagle. his otter attorney will be the in the court of public opinion. she has appeared on tv on behalf of the median. cosby accused of the sexual assault of a former temple university employee. >> the chester county pastor accused of raping and impregn e impregnating a teen girl is on the way back to the u.s. sources tell us that jacob malone is coming back to face charges. he worked at calvary church before resigning. police say he was scheduled to return from ecuador friday but canceled his flight. >> now to decision 2016, the republican national committee receiverers it partner shb with nbc. instead the february debate will air on cnn, you might remember in october the rnc suspended with nbc because of cnbc's
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debate format and the moderators' line of questioning. the republican primary is taking a toll on the party's image according to a new poll. 42% of registered voters said the primary has made them feel less favorable about the gop. that's compared to 19% who say that they feel more favorable. 38% say it hasn't changed their view of the party. on the democratic side, the battle between hillary clinton and bernie sanders hasn't affected voters' perception of the democratic party as much. 28% of voters view the party less favorably, while 17% view it more favorably. and more than half say the fight hasn't changed their views of the party as a whole. >> 5:46. in the uk lawmakers discussed a petition to ban republican presidential hopeful donald trump for his anti-muslim remarks. british lawmakers took up the topic after a half million
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signed a petition calling for trump to be excluded. any petition support bid 100,000 or s'more considered for debate. there was no vote after the debate. >> calls to boy dot academy award because of lack of diversity are growing. >> is it time that people of color recognize how much power, influence that we have amassed that we no longer need to ask to be invited anywhere. >> in the video message the actress says she will not attend or will she watch the oscars next month. for the second year the academy nominated all white actors. her husband will smith was not nominated for his performance in the head trauma drama "concussion." lee says how is it possible for the second consecutive year all 20 contenders under the actor
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category are white. spike lee has been dominated twice before but did not win. however, he was recipient of an honorary oscar in november. >> cheryl boon isaacs issued a statement saying she is heart broken and fraus frus straight bid the lack of inclusion. the academy will conduct a review of recruit am in order to bring much needed diversity. >> the long weekend appears to have done wonders for local ski areas after a warm start to the winter. spring mountain area now has most of its trails open. a slow start to the season cost the resort nearly a quarter million dollars and the opposer told us the dusting of snow brought out the skiers. >> you don't pay bills is what it amounts to. normally orweek between christmas and new year's is the busiest of the winter. we missed that. >> he hopes the snow forecast for this weekend packs the slopes and we're focused on that
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snow but we're also focused on the bitter cold temperatures. >> a lot going on. the very cold temperatures this morning are a problem. with readings that are at or feel like they are below zero this morning. and then this weekend we've got the storm to deal with, our first chance at a major winter storm. the cold wind blowing this morning. that's a live view from the loews hotel in center city, the wind has been gusting to near 30 miles an hour in the region and the strong gusts will be staying with us in the afternoon. which means a very slow warm-up during the day today. and you can see the wind is shaking the camera. look at the shake. this is the view from the camera that is mounted on top of the melp bank building in center city. 17 degrees, winds gusting to 25 miles an hour, 11 degrees colder than yesterday. look at the flags blowing in the pocono mountains, gusty winds make it feel like it's well below zero in the mountains. 15 below zero right now, the wind chill for mount pocono.
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even without the wind the temperatures are cold. 12 right now in doylestown, it's 14 in langhorne, down to 12 degrees in doylestown, and quakertown, 12 degrees to start with. so it's going be a frigid start. the suburbs in the teens as well as the city and the bitter wind will make it feel like it's around zero. so layer up and limit your time outside. we'll see sunshine, you need your sunglasses but that changes on friday, we're tracking a storm that is arriving on the west coast. and this is the weathermaker for us for later friday and saturday, you can see the snow as it crosses through utah into colorado, then it looks to fall apart. look closely it's getting started over kansas and then it's going to draw in some of the gulf moisture that's thursday afternoon, then it starts making its move to the northeast. early friday morning we'll be dry at that time u. see the rain in tennessee and into alabama,
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that will arrive here into the colder air so it will be the potential for heavy snow as we head into the weekend. the storm develops late friday, stays with us saturday. many areas seeing a snowstorm and nor'easter conditions expected at the shore. for today, don't see wet weather but warm weather that's out of the picture too. gusty winds and cold. sunshine, temperatures in the 20s this afternoon with winds gusting to 35 miles an hour making it feel like the teens. not as cold tomorrow, still cold, 21, the wind will be lighter tomorrow morning. a warm-up in the afternoon, 37 degrees with partly sunny skies. and then lots of sunshine for sunday, a high of 37, but that sunshine after a dry morning friday, the clouds start moving in and rain develops later in the day friday and accumulating snow friday night and it looks like potentially all day on saturday into saturday night. clearing out of here sunday with a bit of a warm-up coming monday
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into the very low 40s. so a busy week ahead. >> probably goes without saying when temperatures drop down wind chill below zero shouldn't have skin exposed especially little kids. >> if you are going to pick a day to bundle up this is it and limit the time outside as well. >> thanks. ahead good news about always look on the bright side. at least it's dry and the roads aren't slick in these temperatures. that could be trouble. >> let's check the roads. katy is watching the pennsylvania turnpike. >> it could be really cold if you have car trouble or get in a crash and have to wait for emergency responders. we haven't seen that yet. any of our coverage area this morning. so this is the pennsylvania turnpike. drive times looking good, overnight construction has lifted. if you are headed westbound between route 1 and the valley forge exit that will take about 22 minutes, eastbound looking at about the same drive time. a live look outside, 95 right at
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girard avenue southbound where traffic is running smoothly, no delays southbound as you head between woodhaven and the allegheny avenue exit that will take about 14 minutes there. and then we are following hazardous road conditions out there for about the last hour or so in montgomery county, abington township on jenkintown road at briar wood road. be aware of hazardous conditions there. police are now looking for whoever stole a car carrier and drove into our area. up ahead at 6, where police found the carrier and where it was taken from.
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>> good morning. a look at your drive times. a look at the pennsylvania majors, this is 76 eastbound as you head eastbound into center city philadelphia from the blue route to the vine only going to take you about 12 minutes, 95 southbound you're looking good as you head into center city philadelphia and the blue route north and southbound you have an easy drive there. taking a live look outside this
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is 422 at trooper road. 422 is going to get busy into the next half hour but right now both directions running smoothly. no issues to report there. >> happening today the good skate program returns to winter fest at the blue cross rink. there is a look from penns landing. tuesday through thursday different philly public school students come to the rink to learn how to skate completely free. great way to get out and get on the ice. >> well, hot pants used to be all the rage. >> but in minnesota this winter the opposite is true. look at these pairs of frozing pants, one man decided to have a bit of frigid fun since the outside temperature was stuck on zero. he froze his pants put them on his lawn and post add picture on facebook. it goes viral. neighbors follow suit by freezing their jeans, look at this. even sweat pants. yes. >> we can make our pants stay up. i ran them through the washing
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machine and brought them out after the spin cycle. it took a couple minutes to get them to freeze. then they were pretty easy to stand up once they started to freeze. >> the area now looks more like a clothing store than a neighborhood but you know how it can be crunchy when it's cold. it is cold here. we're continuing to track bitter cold conditions across the region all morning long. >> ahead we're live in montgomery county, this morning for the freezing commute. and we're also tracking a winter storm headed our way later this week. >> plus, a story we first brought you yesterday, a water main break in chester county, has crews working to repair it.
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right now on "nbc 10 news today" a first alert is in effect because of this. look at your screen and look at these wind chills. bitter cold wind chills are near ze a


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