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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  January 19, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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plenty of sunshine but gusty winds and very cold conditions outside as we take a live look is over market street in center city, philadelphia. and we're keeping our eyes on the radar and a winter storm heading our way later this week. a live look at the nbc 10 first alert radar showing where the system is right. now obviously out west will likely bring snow to much of our area. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley is hear what that forecast. bill, what are you seeing? vai, we are seeing a cold day today but we're keeping an eye on that. you mentioned it. that's rain and snow in the sierra nevada. california getting the storm that is going to turn into the
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storm that cowl bring us our first major snowstorm of the season as we head into the weekend. clouds are spreading inland and we'll see those arrive during the day on friday. now, it's got a long way to go, we have days to prepare for the storm coming our way. today we've got sunshine. clouds off to the north. those are winds that may blow scattered clouds into the area. but as you just showed, brilliant sunshine for. now you can see flags blowing and the wind hasn't let up much. still very cold. winds are at 21 miles an hour in philadelphia. so 23 degrees, feels like eight degrees. still feels like we here in the single digits for most of the area. eight below in the pocono mountains where skiers have been hitting the slopes in spite of the wind and cold. it feels like two degrees in reading. that's an improvement from earlier today. temperatures slowly climbing. eventually it will feel like it's in the teens. sunshine warms up to 27 degrees
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at 4:00. we'll likely get warmer temperatures before the snow reiffs as we head into the weekend. a closer look when i come back with the seven day. vai? >> you heard bill. it's bitter cold and windy and that's the first winter weather threat we have to deal with this week. nbc 10's drew smith is live in center city outside a store selling snow supplies. i'm guessing business is brisk. pick up, vai. weq3-2o carrierringringconnect 0
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they're finally beginning to sell. >> they started on monday so people have been getting ready for it, so, yeah. usually people just leave everything for friday so we're expecting a big rush. maybe like on thursday or friday. >> reporter: this woman won't be part of the rush. she doesn't want anything to do with the snow. >> i'm not shoveling and i'm not scraping. nope, not me. >> reporter: but you're planning to stay inside? >> i'm staying inside until there's no ice, until it's clear as can be. >> reporter: before that snow potential gets here, we have to get through this day of bitter cold. we've seen some people out here walk withing but they're moving briskly, nobody's taking a casual stroll for lunch. they're working quickly to get
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inside their cars or homes. live in center city, drew smith, nbc 10 news. the school district of philadelphia tells us the you school and building 21 on 27th street in north philadelphia are closed because of heat inside the building not working. students at elaine locke elementary school at 46th and haverford will be dismissed at noon today because of heating issues there as well. stay ahead of the approaching winter storm. you can get weather alerts and warnings on your tablet for free with the nbc 10 news app. we are following breaking news out west. a greyhound bus carrying 40 people has overturned on the highway in san jose, california. two people have reportedly died. it's not clear if they were passengers on the bus or in other vehicles. the accident is causing traffic backups, as you can see, as police remain on the scene and, of course, stay with nbc 10 on air and online for developments and as always use the nbc 10 app for updates any time.
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a chester county pastor accused of raping and impregnating a teenaged girl is back in the u.s. after surrendering to authorities. jacob malone was arrested by u.s. customs and border protection officers when he arrived at newark liberty international airport from south america yesterday. malone worked at the calvary fellowship church in downingtown before resigning last november. he is being held in essex county, new jersey, and is awaiting extradition back to pennsylvania to answer to the charges. a homeless man was arraigned for murder and attempted murder charges overnight. john brock turned himself in to philadelphia police last night. he is ray kuzaccused of shootin employees at the north philadelphia homeless shelter. investigators say brock opened fire sunday morning after he was evicted from the station house shelter. edward barksdale died at the scene, lamont barham is stable
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at temple hospital. barham's father shared was his son told him about the shooting. >> they had the door open for the workers to come in and he came in and started -- wasn't nothing said, he just started shooting. >> reporter: barham's father says his son was not? the hip and he's expected to make a full recovery. the suspect, john brock, remains in jail after being denied bail. philadelphia police release new video of two suspects wanted for a january 13 robbery in washington square. investigators say a 51-year-old woman was walking on south 13th street when she was approached by two men from behind. they snatched her purse and took off. they were last seen on locust street at a nearby convenience store. if you happen to know who these men are, you're asked to call police. today, doug pederson formally introduced as the eagles head coach. you're looking at pederson arriving by private plane in
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philadelphia after the birds announced his hiring. pederson was a quarterback for the eagles in 1999. most recently the kansas city chiefs offensive coordinator under andy reid. u you will see his news conference live at 2:00 and hear from owner jeffrey lurie. police are looking for the person who stole a car carrier near lancaster and drove it to our area before taking off. skyforce 10 was over mansfield burlington county last night where police spotted the cap portion of the carrier. police spotted the trailer part of the rig in northeast philadelphia. they tell us the carrier was stolen from a carmax superstore and they're investigating if any cars were aboard the carrier. today, the pennsylvania senate goes back to work with the governor and lawmakers still at odds over a state budget. state senators say they have a tax plan that could help end the six-month budget stalemate, but they said they won't reveal any
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details until governor wolf and the house reach a firm agreement on the spending plan. wolf is a democrat and said the republican-controlled legislature needs to pass a budget that pays for education and other projects that he promised during his campaign. also today, pennsylvania governor tom wolf will hold a facebook town hall. the governor will talk about climate change, energy, and the environment. the town hall will start this afternoon at 3:15. just tap the nbc 10 app for a lunge to that facebook page. a multiaward winning broadway start will speak to the 2016 graduating class of the university of pennsylvania this spring. lin miranda, star of the hit musical "hamilton" will also receive an honorary doctorate. penn's president called miranda one of the most innovative and artistic voices of our time. his "in the heights" received a grammy award for best musical show album in 2009 and was a pulitzer prize finalist.
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the buzz over bernie. as the democratic race tightens, bernie sanders is making a major push for votes in iowa. and this move comes as his democratic rival picks up a big endorsement this morning. ♪ welcome to the hotel california ♪ you can check out any time you like but you can never ♪ >> you recognize the music and he's the man behind the hits that defied a generation. a look back on the life of one of the founders of the eagles, glen frey. 22 degrees. that's an improvement from this morning when it was down to 16. the wind is still making it feel like it's in the single digits and we're enjoying sunshine -- at least for today. a look at the storm that's brewing for the weekend when we come back with the seven-day forecast.
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police are investigate ago series of threats at three delaware schools. state and local police tell us long neck elementary school in millsborough, woodbridge high school and silver lake elementary school all received threats. students were evacuated at around 9:30 and authorities are investigating. we'll keep you posted on the situation. the supreme court will review president barack obama's executive order s orders allowi
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five million immigrants legally to work in the u.s. texas is among 26 states challenging the immigration plan. a decision is not expected before june. bernie sanders is trying to build on a burst of momentum from the democratic presidential debate. sanders is holding a town hall in iowa this morning trying to tighten the gap between rival hillary clinton. sanders is embarking on a four-stop bus tour across the state less than two weeks before the iowa caucuses. sanders appears to also have an edge over hillary clinton in new hampshire which votes second. one of the country's largest gay and lesbian organizations has endorsed hillary clinton. the human rights campaign announced its support today. the organization says it will work to mobilize its members and supporters ahead of the general elections. last year, the u.s. supreme court ruled to allow all americans regardless of gender or sexual orientation to marry.
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many in the lgbt community fear the decision could be reversed if a conservative president is elected. in the republican race for the white house, ted cruz is on day two of a bus trip through parts of new hampshire. the gop front-runner has a campaign stop this morning in iowa. peter alexander is following the gop race. >> this this race nationally is coming down to a two-man race between me and donald trump. >> reporter: ted cruz in new hampshire no longer holding back. >> donald trump says he thinks eminent domain is fantastic and he supports using government power to seize private people's homes. >> reporter: trump getting personal with cruz. >> he's a nasty guy, nobody likes him. >> reporter: cruz dismissing that attack with a tweet featuring this janet jackson hit. ♪ nasty boy >> donald the last couple days has been a little rattled. [ laughter ]
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his poll numbers went down and he got a little upset. >> reporter: even conservative commentators are questioning trump's tactics. take rush limbaugh. >> when you get into criticism, it better be believable. >> reporter: under fire for being too liberal, trump is comparing himself to another former democrat. >> ronald reagan when he was younger was a very -- you know, pretty strong liberal and he became quite conservative. >> ronald reagan did not spend the first 60 years of his life supporting democratic politicians. >> reporter: on the trail, the tycoon is turning to his trump card -- ivanka. >> this man will make america great men. >> reporter: at virginia's liberty university monday, courting evangelical voters, trump stumbled on scripture. >> 2 corinthian, right? 2 corinthians, 3:17, that's the whole ball game. is that the one? is that the one you like? >> reporter: the crowd correcting him, it's second, not 2. unphased, he compared his
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best-seller to the word of god. ". >> who has read "the art of the deal" in n this room. i always say a deep, deep second to the bible. the bible blows it's away. there's nothing like the bible. >> that was nbc's peter alexander reporting. trump's antics are making waves across the pond as the british parliament debated whether to ban the billionaire from its shores. a live look now at the big board on wall street. stocks opened higher today led by gains in banks and tech companies. right now the dow is up 90 points, moving upward, that's good. markets were closed monday for the martin luther king, jr. holiday. now to the outporing of support following the death of legendary rocker glenn frey. frey was a founding member of the eagles. the band said he had been battling complications from knew kbleen and a digestive issue. his condition forced the group to postpone an appearance at the
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kennedy center last month. nbc's carson daily has a look at frey's legacy. ♪ take it easy, take it easy >> reporter: glenn frey's talent struck a chord with generations of fans in his career spawning more than four decades. the detroit native moved to california as a young aspiring musician and hit it off with a drummer named don henfulley in 1970. >> from the first rehearsal, i felt we were working on a style of music none of us had ever heard before. >> reporter: with the t two got together and formed the eagles, one of the greatest song-writing teams of all time, along ago new genre of country rock to take place. ♪ living it up at the hotel california ♪ >> reporter: henley credits frey for starting it all, calling him the spark plug and the man with the plan. the group turned the state of california into a sound, landing them five number one hits, six
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grammys and five amas. their popularity outlasting them, they split in 1980, which left frey solo. ♪ the heat is on >> reporter: he burned up the charts with several hits on his own and pursued an acting career which included a role on "miami vice." despite his famous claim that the eagles would only reunite when held freezes over, the group reconciled in 1994 and was inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of fame four years later. ♪ take it easy >> reporter: henley reflecting on his band meate with a touchig tribute saying "he was like a brother to me. we were family, like most families, there was dysfunction. i'm not sure that i believe in fate but i know crossing paths with glenn louis from in 1970 changed my life forever." >> our bill henley is an eagles
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historian himself. >> hard not to like the eagles. and hard not to think about how nice and warm it could be in california, especially when you get a cold start like what we had today. still very cold and the gusty winds have not settled down at all. it's going to be a slow warmup. we have brilliant sunshine so temperatures are making progress. we're out of the middle teens into the lower 20s now in philadelphia but the wind is making it feel cold. we'll get sunshine the next couple days but a major winter storm is coming together for late this week heading into the weekend. that's going to make for hazardous travel. right now clouds, scattered clouds over mount pocono. 12 degrees in mount pocono, 22 in northeast philadelphia and atlantic city with a brilliant sunshine. look at that wind. the flag is standing straight out and the winds are gusting at more than 30 miles an hour. they'll die down some tonight but during the day, look at that, trenton, northeast philadelphia, philadelphia international, wilmington all
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with wind in excess of 30 miles an hour and it's closer to 40 for allentown and reading and into the 40s in the poconos. people are taking advantage of the snow. bright sunshine at the shore, clouds are completely offshore. other than the scattered clouds moving through the pocono mountains, not expecting to see any snow from these clouds but that changes as we head into the weeke weekend. late friday clouds will be taking over. look at the clouds in the central u.s. that is not the storm. no, the one we're looking at for our coming weekend is on the west coast from washington through oregon into california and nevada and look at the snow and rainmaking some progress. futurecast shows what looks like the storm fizzling out completely by early in the
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afternoon on wednesday but keep an eye right in here. the low gets going, a little snow over kansas then it taps into gulf moisture, starts dragging that in and heavy rainfall in northwestern mississippi and western tennessee. that's setting the stage for our storm this weekend. as it moves to the north it finds the colder air. you can see the snow developing in kentucky and west virginia and virginia, north carolina, that's the first thing friday morning. we start the day on friday dry but end with snow moving in accumulating and continuing it. it looks like right into saturday and possibly through the day on saturday but today it's sunshine. scattered clouds in the pocono mountains, high of 16 for mount pocono, middle 20s in allentown, reading and quakertown. sunshine and gusty winds all day long for doylestown, trenton and mount holly. it will feel like it's in the teens. gusty winds, mid-208s for
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atlantic city, cape may and rehoboth, over in 26 and bright sunshine and it will climb into the up 20s for wilmington, williamstown and philadelphia up to 27 degrees but the steady wind won't die down until later tonight. sand we have to deal with what's coming towards the weekend. gusty cold winds, temperatures in the 20s this afternoon. a cold morning tomorrow 37 in the afternoon there is a slight chance we'll see a snow shower in the evening, scattered showers are possible. little to no accumulation wednesday. brilliant sunshine on wednesday. 37 degrees thursday afternoon. come friday the clouds move in, the chance of snow increasing as the day goes on, most likely starting off in the afternoon and accumulating in through the evening hours and through most of saturday. let me push another button and you can see the rest of the seven-day. saturday snow and wind, 34, the
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high temperature, probably wet snow, mixing with rain in parts of delaware and south jersey and out of here for sunday. i have 38 degrees. we'll start the melting process on sunday and it continues after a cold morning monday up to 43. >> i heard you say travel will be treacherous but i heard you say earlier this system is still out west, it's still got to travel across the width of the country so things may change. you just don't know. >> there are things likely to change. what we'll be looking at is the timing. when it starts and ends. that's likely going to shift. it could be late friday afternoon or friday evening. then how much snow we'll get versus where the heaviest snowfall will be and the rain/snow line is the other thing. if this hugs the coast, we'll see rain mixing in for portions of south jersey and into delaware. it goes a little farther offshore and then it's all snow for the entire area. so those are some of the
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questions still yet to be answered but it looks like a major winter storm is coming together and it will be affecting us later friday and saturday. >> so if you can get out, get out as soon as you can. >> yes. if you're planning to get out. >> there you go. thank you, bill. snooze, don't lose. this is good news for me. it turns out you can catch up on sleep on the weekends. the effect getting some extra shut eye on your days off really has on your body. and later, talk show host steve harvey calls it the hardest interview he's ever done. still ahead, a sneak peek of his one on one talk with the woman he mistakenly crowned miss universe.
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not getting enough sleep? news that could help you get much-needed shut eye. researchers shows people who are chronically sleep deprived are a greater risk of developing diabetes but two nights of extended shut eye may offset the health problems. it found people who caught up on sleep during their off days were able to counteract any adverse health effects. it's important to note that long-term studies need to be done to confirm these results. bitter cold and windy. we're tracking a live storm at center city, philadelphia. meteorologist bill henley is tracking the approach of a system expected to bring snow to much of our area later this week. the timing and what you can expect just ahead.
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catch me if you can. a car chase on a california freeway turns into a pursuit officers did not expect.
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gusty winds outside and that's making the bitter cold even more unbearable this morning as you take a live look at camelback mountain resort in the poconos where skiers are braving the cold. you see the flags there whipping at a pretty good pace. later on this week, we're keeping our eyes on radar for a winter storm heading our way. here's a live look at the nbc 10 first alert radar showing the system on the west coast right now. all that green that you see. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley is here with the forecast. bill, this storm has got a long way before it gets to us. >> it's going to take twists and
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turns along the way. that's a lot of rain and snownd in the higher elevations of the sierra nevada. that's much needed wet weather for drought problems in california. it is going to start to die down as it crosses the country and then regenerates. before it gets here, we could see some of this snow, this is light snow moving through omaha, nebraska, just clearing kansas city and heading towards st. louis. there's a slight chance of that snow later tomorrow. for today all we're dealing with is sunshine. that will be bright through the day today. scattered clouds north and west but no snowflakes from the clouds moving through the area. these clouds are blowing past the philadelphia area right now. the trees are dancing in those gusty winds. the wind is steady at 21 miles an hour in philadelphia but the winds are still gusting to more than 30 miles an hour. that's giving us windchills that haven't budged much. we're at eight degrees of what it feels like in philadelphia. sunshine through the day,
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temperatures will climb into the middle 20s by 1:00 this afternoon. 27 degrees at 4:00 but look at those winds. steady at 20 miles an hour right on through the afternoon. finally starting to die down a little bit during the evening hours. so dry today and a couple of days of mainly dry weather before our attention turns to the potential storm for this weekend. i'll go through that with the seven-day when i'm back later this half hour. vai? >> see you then, bill. that arctic cold air is making it tough to be outside for even a few minutes. everyone was talking about the potential for snow later in the week. drew smith is live in center city. today's weather is serving as moetd separationsq to be prepared for what's coming. >> reporter: if you needed that push to go get some stuff to get ready this was it. the frigid temperatures mixed with those howling winds really put the coats and the layers to the test today. we saw people heading into the hardware store, finally in the mood to pick up shovels and salt. what was a mild season is now
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time to pick stuff up. so it was 13 in the neighborhood we were in in south philadelphia leading up to to what could be our next big winter threat. we checked in at 10th street hardware which had extra supplies coming in today. they expect a big rush later in the week. >> there's always people waiting until the last minute. they wait for friday or the day after. >> reporter: the store says they have plenty of winter gear in stock. it sat on the shelves but yesterday and today they started to see customers come in and that will only continue as long as that winter storm threat is out there. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, drew. more weather-related stories, a school district in philadelphia tells us the you school and building 21 on north seven street in north philadelphia are closed because of no heat in in their building
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and students at alain locke elementary school will be dismissed at noon today because of heating issues there as well. stay ahead of the approaching winter storm. you can get weather alerts and warnings on your smart phone and tablet for free with the nbc 10 news app. we're following more breaking news. police are investigating a series of threats at three delaware schools. state and local police tell us long neck elementary school in millsborou millsborough, wood bridge elementary school and silver laich high school received threat this is morning. students were evacuated around 9:30 and authorities are investigating. we'll keep you updated on new information that comes to us. more breaking no uz out west. two people are dead after a greyhound bus flipped on to its side on a highway in san jose, california. the fire department says at least 20 people were on board the bus counting the driver.
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as we get more information, we'll bring it to you. checking out the nbc 10 headlines, a chester county pastor accused of raping and impregnating a teenage girl is back in the u.s. after surren r surrendering to authorities. jacob malone was arrested by u.s. customs and border protection officers when he arrived at new york liberty international airport from south america yesterday. philadelphia police released new video of two suspects wanted for a january 13 robbery in washington square. investigators say a 51-year-old woman was walking on south 13th street when she was approached by two men from behind. they snatched her purse and took off. today doug pederson will be introduced as the philadelphia eagles head coach. you'll see his interview on nbc 10259 o'clo 2:00, we'll also hear from the owner and chairman jeffrey
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lurie. and we're hearing more about how the prisoners released from iran were treated in captivity. nbc's keir simmons reports their recovery will be a slow process. >> reporter: this morning jason rezaian is enjoying time with his wife, mom and brother. they said he asked about baseball and basketball team over dinner. >> he knew how the warriors were doing. that's how big a fan he was. >> reporter: in that notorious prison, jason said at one point he spent 49 days in solitary confinement. his only exercise in an 8 x 8 foot concrete yard. amir hekmati, reunited with his sisters and brother in law describes being tortured by iran's revolutionary guard. >> he was in solitary confinement in a one meter by one meter cell for a very long time, deprived of sleep. >> reporter: psychologists at the u.s. base are assessing the men's state of mind. a representative of freed prisoner saeed abedini, jailed for three and a half years,
11:38 am
tells nbc news saeed has yet to see his family. another man, former fbi agent bob levinson is still missing in iran, iran denies being involved and offered to help search. at one point, the iranians tried to stop jason rezaian's wife and mother from leaving iran with him, according to the family. both he and amir hekmati are undergoing medical evaluation here but one representative tells me physically and spiritually they're doing great. back to you. >> keir simmons reporting from germany. investigators in arizona blame road rage for the murder of a college student over the weekend. police say a woman sideswiped a student's car then got out and started shooting. the suspect now arrested for murder is a convicted felon who isn't allowed to have a gun. vice president joe biden is hosting a round table called "cancer moon shot, a call to action." a number of physicians,
11:39 am
researchers and government officials are participating in the round table. the vice president was in philadelphia on friday to kick off the cancer initiative at penn medicine's abramson cancer center. the dalai lama is heading to the u.s. for a health checkup in minnesota. tibet's exiled spiritual leader will visit the mayo clinic for his yearly check up. arriving at the airport in india today, the 80-year-old said he had a minor problem with his eye but otherwise he feels okay. some authorities are rejects reports by the bbc and buzzfeed news that widespread game fixing has been going on for years. the report claims 16 ranked players have been repeatedly called before the integrity unit of men's professional tennis over suspicions that they had thrown matches. and now some top players are weighing in on the controversy, asking for the people involved to be named. others want younger players to be warned. >> you have to be proactive with
11:40 am
things like this and go and speak to the players rather than them reading about in the the municipal. >> it's nonsense to answer something that is just pure speculation. >> an editor for buzzfeed says eight of the unnamed players who were warned about cheating are competing at the australian open. a police chase usually ends once officers stop the car, but in california there was a four-legged foot chase. the high-speed chase ended on the california freeway when officers smashed into the car. then as the driver got out, several dogs made a run for it. officers chased them around the highway. they called for animal control and eventually they managed to corral the three puppies. there were several other dogs that stayed inside the car. the driver is now in custody. millions of dollars unclaimed by local governments and agencies. nbc 10 investigators uncovered
11:41 am
taxpayer money that's missing. you'll see a story on that at nbc 10 news at 4:00. >> that's our money. >> reporter: taxpayers' money sitting in pennsylvania's unclaimed property office. >> money that is entitled to the government the really owed to the taxpayers. >> reporter: nbc 10 investigators dug into state records finding millions of dollars owed to local governments. questioning how municipalities are managing your money. >> that shows you're not being a good steward of taxpayer dollars. >> reporter: we'll show which one has the most missing money and why your taxpayer dollars are ending up unclaimed. nbc 10 news. up next, former philly pete rose being inducted into the baseball hall of fame? not so fast. there's no trip to cooperstown for baseball's hit king. find out how the embattled baseball legend will be honored. battling the cold today. it will ease before our attention turns to snow for the
11:42 am
weekend. i have the seven-day forecast for the timing of the snow when we come back.
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11:44 am
job a consolation prize for former philly pete rose. he made the reds hall of fame. major league baseball's hit leader is serving a lifetime ban from baseball and not eligible for the hall of fame in
11:45 am
cooperstown, new york. and technical problems left 320 million twitter users with zero character this is morning. the platform went down around 3:30 and was down for two hours. the company says the mobile app was working fine but service was not at all available on desktop computers things are back up and running again. today if you didn't already know it is the start of tax season. hard to believe. well, today is the first day the irs will accept individual electronic tax returns. the agency will process paper returns, taxpayers will get a break on the calendar this year. the filing deadline is april 18, three days usual because the 15th falls on a holiday. this spring it's time to say yes to the dress. prom season isn't far away but the cost of a big night out has become a fairy tail for many high school students. never feel, though, your fairy godmother is here.
11:46 am
her name is jin hi li, she's a graduate of rutgers university and is a founder of our fairy god mother. you graduated since we saw you last. >> yes. >> tell us about this dress situation because it's born out of your own personal situation. >> so when i was in high school it was tough because prom is so expensive and i borrow add prom dress and i began our fairy godmother to send other girls to prom as well all across new jersey. >> tell us what you're offering girls in our area. >> so we have three events one in south jersey, one in central jersey and one in north jersey all throughout march and it's going to be $20 for a dress. >> wow. how much are girls and families -- because this isn't just always a girl that's -- a lot of times i suspect families are getting pitching in mom and dad. how much are girls typically
11:47 am
spending on prom dress? >> around $300 to $500 for a dress alone then there's tickets, hair, limb seousine ri and all of that else. >> before you even get to the prom. tell me how you're getting word out about this program. >> so there's a bunch of media out lets like you guys helping us out then we have our web site, and then we send out flyers to 92 high schools letting them know about our event as well. >> jinhee lee, congratulations on getting your college degree. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> all right, jinhee is picking up dresses through the month. we'll have a link on our web site or check out the nbc 10 app.
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a blustery day today so cold outside and the wind is really keeping the temperatures down. brilliant sunshine. look at that view of boat house row. this is the camera, it's mounted on top of the melon bank building, it's been shaking all morning long. 23 degrees currently. winds are at 21, gusting to 32 miles an hour at philadelphia. they won't let up much this afternoon. the flag will blow. it's this evening the winds will start to diminish and it will be cold but won't feel as cold as we did this morning. you can find a spot without wind, 20 degrees in chester springs, wilmington is 23, 11 in shenandoah, that's above the 1800 foot level. it 's 250 degrees in reading and pottstown, coatesville with a windchill that felt like below zero this morning in these locations. delaware, south jersey, warmer there. plenty of sunshine from newark
11:49 am
to dover, 22 in dover, 22 at the airport in atlantic city. slow warmup this afternoon. look at the winds 40, miles an hour in the pocono mountains and rarely do we see wind gusts of more than 30 miles an hour for the entire area. it looks like a 30 mile an hour wind gust in wildwood and atlantic city. so sunshine bright, just a few scattered clouds. some willing me whering into northern and western suburbs. we'll watch to the west. a couple systems, the first one won't produce much. you can see snow moving towards st. louis. that slight snow is a possibility come tomorrow night. but the real storm waits until the weekend. for today cold enough for snow with temperatures in the 20s. winds gusting to 35 miles an hour this afternoon. less windy tomorrow morning. plenty cold, though. a pretty good afternoon with
11:50 am
less wind in the afternoon. we'll hit 37 on wednesday. wednesday evening there's a chance of scattered snow showers. not a big threat for our area and thursday we have sunshine brightshine after a cold morning thursday, 37 the high temperature. turning colder for friday. starting dry but then clouds arrive. we'll see snow developing in the afternoon and the evening hours and starting to stick. once it sticks it continues likely through saturday with the current path of the storm system. saturday will be a snowy one. 34 but by sunday the snow has ended. temperatures climb a bit. 38 sunday afternoon with clearing skies on sunday and partly sunny monday. cold, too. 16 degrees. 43 on monday afternoon.
11:51 am
a lot to watch as we head into the weekend. >> i saw the assistant director carrying a bunch of rulers. i call them ruggle rulers in an homage to terry ruggles. >> never left for snow coverage without one. how long were those rulers, vai? >> looked like a foot and a half to me. >> there's a potential for heavy snowfall with this storm systemñ the won't necessarily be in our area but there could be significant snowfall saturday especially. >> we'll be right back. homecoming? it's awesome. but with the citizens bank education refinance loan,
11:52 am
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common treatments for parkinson's aren't effective according to results of new research. scientists say they need to find new ways to treat people in the early stages of the movement disorder. doctors suggest more intensive physical therapy along with drug treatment. coke is shaking things up, launching a new campaign called taste the feeling. it will group -- a group of its coca-cola products under one marketing theme. consumers are changing their habits and looking for options other than sugary drinks.
11:55 am
the new campaign launches later this year. >> colombia! i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. it was on the card. it was the mistake heard round the world and it played out like a bad joke. but for comedian steve harvey and the miss universe contestants it was no laughing matter. and today the talk show comes face to face with miss colombia for the first time since crowning the wrong winner of the miss universe pageant. it's part of a two-day special in which an emotional steve harvey tries to make amends. >> because of a mistake i made i cast you into a spotlight, a place that i never intended to. that i would not want to happen to anybody. i just want to say how sorry i am. i'm really -- i'm beyond sorry for what happened that night.
11:56 am
>> steve said he and his family received death threats since the pageant but miss colombia accepted his apology and told steve that when it first happened she thought it was all a big joke. >> i said, no, he's gonna be again in the mood, you know, making the people laugh and he's going to make some jokes, you know, like oprah, you're miss universe! you're miss universe! everyone is miss universe! [ laughter and applause ] >> that's awesome. yesterday on his show, steve talked to the pageant winner miss philippines, she thanked him for the way he handled the situation and says she put it all behind her. you can watch the interview today at 2:00 and because of the eagles news conference schedule, watch it on cozi, comcast channel 248, verizon 460 and over the air at 10.2. bill is back here, assistant news director -- >> everybody gets snow, you get snow, you get snow. >> my eyes did not deceive me.
11:57 am
there are foot and a half long. >> and if necessary you can double up. >> thanks for watching.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
[dramatic music] ♪ >> maggie: victor? what happened? >> victor: nothing. >> maggie: honey, you're shaking. tell me. >> victor: you know, i can't believe i'd have to dredge this up again. why is it that all of the family that i love keep dying and the ones that i-- >> maggie: so this is about your family? >> victor: my brother deos. he's here in salem. he was right here in this house. i had to introduce him to philip as if he were family. >> philip: uncle deimos, there's nothing i can do about the serum right now. victor's keeping me on a short leash. >> deimos: given your lineage, philip, i'd have to believe you're more resourceful than this. >> philip: i don't want to betray my father. >> deimos: well, then if you prer


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