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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 20, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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after hours of dumping water on a raging apartment fire parts of center city are blocked to traffic and dangerously slick. officer improving this morning. new information about the health of the philadelphia police officer who survived an ambush shooting. and get ready for a frigid start to the day. a live look at camelback. temperature it is are in the 20s. it's 4:00 a.m. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get to meteorologist karen tom was her forecast. >> good morning. yes, it's another bundle up type of morning as we go ahead and look in the mountains, this really is a frigid picture here
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at camelback mountain as well as blue mountain and mount pocono. temperatures in the upper teens, we factor in the wind chill it's feeling colder out. so once again we're bundling up the kids heading out to the bus stop. it's 23 in philadelphia. 21 in wilmington, the upper teens in the poconos. let's factor in the wind. we have wind not as strong as yesterday morning this time but it's there nonetheless out of the west-northwest and so those wind chills are definitely making it feel colder for sure. here is your planner as we move on through our morning hours. we really aren't warming up too much although later on in the day we will see temperatures above freezing. there's the good news. we're watching scattered snow showers for possibly later on this evening, and then of course i'll be back with more details on the major storm that is headed our way toward the end of the week. let's get an early check on traffic with jessica. >> we're starting on 95, small issue around girard avenue you
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can see a disabled truck here on the left-hand side of the northbound lanes, you can see not affecting the drive times. 13 minutes, southbound from woodhaven into center city. no problems there, really either direction. we're almost in the 60s for both directions right now. so we're pretty much good to go. if you are heading out on 295 in new jersey the southbound ramp to 42 freeway northbound is closed, that will be for the construction at least until 5:00 this morning. we'll keep you updated if it runs late. 202 no problems north or southbound, 10 minutes from route 30 to the schuylkill expressway. >> thanks. so right now in center city fire and ice, subfreezing temperatures didn't just make fighting a high rise apartment building fire difficult, the scene is now very slick. matt delucia is live at the scene. bring us up to speed. >> reporter: there's plenty of ice on the ground, the trees and the building affected by the fire. you can see police and
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firefighters are still here along locust street between 21st and 22nd. it has been a long night. the fire is out, it was brought under control before 8:00 last night but still a task of not only fighting the fire but the cold weather. it started after 5:30, it was a fire in the basement and the roof. it was so intense at one point that 120 firefighters were called in to help. it was an effort to rotate crews in and out of this icy weather. >> because of the weather and the cold, also there was a partial collapse which is the left and the rear of the building. >> reporter: two firefighters were injured. minor injury, one had a sprained ankle, crews have been trying to prevent other injuries by spreading salt on the ground. you might be able to see some of that. still a little slick in spots. no cause of the fire yet. we're told that the building first has to be inspected for
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safety and coming up in the next half hour we've got more information about the people affected by this fire. live in center city, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> thanks. 4:04. penndot is preparing for potential major winter storm. karen mentioned that. here is a look at the first alert radar. people from washington, d.c. to boston are watching the path of this storm. because of the lack of snow so far this winter penndot officials say the salt inventory is high. but they say they will be watching the roads and will be ready if the storm hits. >> preparing for the winter for the past number of months, all of the materials, stockpiles throughout the region. >> penndot says now is the time to check on your car, make sure your tires have air, batters and top off the fluid including the gas. a closer look at the winter storm and the first alert forecast in a few minutes. make sure you have our free nbc 10 app. it's a good time to download. do it now.
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it gives you weather alerts and warnings you can customize for your neighborhood. this just in. we got this video from wynnefield heights, a man jumped from a car onto the schuylkill expressway and hit by another car in the westbound lanes near city avenue. it happened a little more than an hour ago. the man is at the hospital. we're working to find out his condition. >> the police officer who survived an ambush on the streets of west philadelphia continues to get better. a spokesperson tells us that officer jesse hartnett has been upgraded to good condition. he has been in the hospital with a severe arm injury. the fbi is treating the case as a terrorism investigation. >> police say edward archer confessed to the attack saying he did it in the name of isis. today combatting gun violence will be the key topic when senator chris kuns
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questions loretta lynch. today the senator will ask lynch what the justice department is doing to help police tamp down gun violence in wilmington specifically. after news week dubbed it murder town usa in 2014 the senator pushed federal officials to put it in the violence reduction network to free up resources to combat violence. >> a proposed bill in philadelphia is aimed at keeping kids safe on hover boards. according to our partners at news works the measure would require kids 12 and under to wear helmets, elbow and knee pads. violators could face $25 fine. if the passed the law would be the first of its kind in the country. be yourself. that's the advice doug pederson got from andy reid and others after the eagles hired him as the head coach. jeffrey lurie introduced him
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yesterday. pederson was the quarterback at the donovan mcnabb era, also assistant coach during andy reid's final years. he says he is ready to be the birds' skipper. >> this is not an andy reid football team and not a doug pederson football team. this is a philadelphia eagle football team. i get it. this city and this organization hasn't won in some time. it's my job to turn it around. >> he is married with three sons, one is a quarterback. his younger kids will finish in kansas city. john clark asked pederson about sam bradford. >> i do like him. listen, i always liked him. i liked him when he came out of college. he is a good fit for this organization. he came on strong at the end of the season this past year and he did some nilce things. >> you'll hear from jeff riff
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lurie and controversy on day one. ahead, hear what a philadelphia sports talk show host said about one eagles player and the new head coach that led to an on air apology. good morning. i'm your first alert meteorologist karen thomas. we're looking at our weather headlines, another frigid start to our morning this morning. temperatures will be moving up above the freezing mark but that's later after the noon time hour so kids heading 0 thut morning for the school bus are going to want to layer up. we're watching a quick-moving system, possibly bringing a snow shower or flurry or two, then of course all eyes focused on the major winter storm that is still developing out in the central part of the country but will be headed our way toward the end of the week. temperature readings now in the teens up in the mountains, in the northeast, 23 degrees, 20 degrees, cooler toward the shoreline. we are watching a very frigid
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start up there in the poconos as we go ahead and look at camelback mountain and ski slopes. 19 degrees there. 25 in allentown, 20 in pottstown, 21 in millville. we still have a wind to contend with this morning. not as strong of a wind as we saw yesterday morning at this time, but it's still out there. moving out of the northwest at 13 miles per hour in lancaster, 10 miles per hour in philadelphia. stronger the closer you get to the shore. you factor that in and the wind chills are making it feel like more single digits south and east and up in the teens in philadelphia. look at that, feels like 4 degrees for those early skiers who are going to be taking the slopes. we'll bring the picture out wide. we're going to have some clouds around but mostly sunshine as we start out. we are keeping track of our system which is out over here, this closed low, this is going to develop, it's going to move west to east and will be
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developing into a snowstorm and i'm going to talk to you more about what the latest model projections are on the track of that system when we come back. tracy. >> karen, thanks so much. 10 minutes past 4:00. let's get you updated on the roads. about this time of the morning we always check the vine street expressway. there is construction to watch. jessica boyington has an update. >> yeah, so the vine street expressway today we're actually open so that's good news right off the bat. we have it closed between the schuylkill and broad street but right now we are back open. out in center city watch out for the four alarm fire closure still in place at least some restrictions as well. 21st between walnut and locust, 22nd between spruce and locust and locust between 22nd and 21st. if you are out and about in center city you'll see detours throughout the area. again, here's the vine street expressway around 24th street, we are open and in the clear, no problems eastbound or westbound heading to the schuylkill
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expressway or 30th street station. p.a. turnpike okay, all in the green, 23 minutes, route 1 to valley forge. >> thanks. this morning we're following new developments in the hawaii chopper crash. 12 marines are missing including two from our area. we'll update you on the efforts to find them. also next. >> philadelphia mayor jim kenney less than a month already one of his main education priorities is taking shape. coming up i'll explain why he paid a visit to this northeast philadelphia school and how many kids are finally going to be in the classroom.
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>> here is a live look at the blue cross river rink on penns
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landing. temperatures in the 20s across the area. we'll warm to about 37 today. that will be the first time we've been above freezing since sunday. with the winter storm on the way get ready now, sign up for the nbc 10 school closing alerts, go to, we'll send you a text or e-mail, your choice, the minute your child's school is delayed or closed. >> new this morning, hundreds of young students will go back to school after sitting at home sidelined by the budget stalemate. mayor jim kenney met with them to celebrate. nbc 10's katy zachry was there. she joins us live with more on what the city has been doing to get the extra funding. tell us. >> reporter: for months now really since september and even before that back to the sum e philadelphia's education leaders have been pushing for additional education dollars, and finally some of that money is coming in. there are eight schools and early childhood education centers throughout the city that
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are receiving this additional funding for pre-k counts, it's an income-based program that sends kids ages 3 to 5 to preschool, since september thousands of kids across the state have been sitting at home because their pre-k counts money has been tied up in the budget impasse. for hundreds in philadelphia now they will soon be going to school thanks to some of the work that mayor kinnee and his team has done. >> it goes back to the campaign. what are you going to do about pre-k, no, what are we going to do. i can't keep pointing to get this done. we waited too long. >> reporter: you saw in that video that mayor jim kenney was at this school behind me. we were there to hear and witness his conversations with students. coming up you'll hear some of the conversations and also at this school was the state's secretary of education. he talks about what governor wolf is doing to fight for education. reporting live in the northeast,
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katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." breaking from overseas, 21 are dead after an attack on a university campus in pakistan. officials say gun men stormed the college after it opened for classes this morning. police and pakistani army troops killed several attackers, a taliban suicide bombing left a dozen people dead yesterday. the taliban also killed dozens of children in attack on a school in the same area in 2014. >> 22 degrees outside. new this morning the coast guard is suspending its search for 12 missing marines missing since two helicopters crashed. they include brian kennedy and adam sholer from outside harrisburg. it started when the choppers went down last thursday. the coast guard and marine corps announced they were ending the search and rescue last night saying at this point they have done all they can. >> we searched continuously for five days, located all four life
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rafts to confirm there were no persons on board, located debris from the aircraft crash, and located some of the helicopter wreckage on the sea floor. >> officials say the mission is now a recovery and salvage operation. the marine corps says it offers prayers and support to the families of those missing marines. >> presidential candidate ben carson is dealing with a tragedy. one of his campaign workers died in a car accident. 25-year-old braden joplin was a volunteer for carson. a van flipped vor on an icy road in iowa before being hit by another vehicle. the other victims had minor injuries. carson said he will suspend his campaign for the next few days. a federal health and human services official heads to flint, michigan after the mayor met with president obama yesterday about the city's water crisis. mayor karen weaver says she also met with some of the president's senior staff as she seeks federal help for flint, two
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years ago a state appointed emergency manager switched from detroit's water system to the flint river to save money. later tests showed high levels of lead in drinking water and then in children's blood. a group of flint residents announced two class action lawsuits filed against the governor of michigan and several state agencies. some angry flint residents protested in michigan's state capital before the governor delivered his state of the state address while the governor, these call forward schneider to resign. >> the state failed us. they lied. this is a shame. this is a shamble of a government and this is not my government or my governor. >> i know apologies won't make up for the mistakes made. nothing will. but i take full responsibility to fix the problem so it will never happen again. >> governor snyder proposed spending close to 30 million more on the emergency measures to deal with the water crisis
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and is deploying more national guard members to the city. >> 22 degrees. back in our area the threat of a winter storm has towns across the region preparing to take on snow. crews in pottstown are getting ready to spread salt on the road. they got a delivery yesterday. leaders there say the past winters have taken a toll on the budget but that's not the case so far this year. >> so far it's been a great year for us. some guys aren't happy they aren't making money in overtime but we've been out all year. >> crews are getting ready. they stay snowstorms are costly for smaller towns like theirs, now a closer look at the storm, what could be headed our way with first alert meteorologist karen thomas. >> good morning, tracy. the early snow preps are a good idea. we're a couple days away, many hours away and we are still getting the latest information on the storm system. but it is developing nonetheless. we look at our forecast for our
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early wednesday morning, we're going to say a frigid start for sure. we'll bump up over the freezing mark for a high temperature today which was not the case yesterday. but we are starting off very frigid this morning. we are anticipating a flurry or scattered shower moving through the area later on this evening and then towards the end of the week friday night into saturday, major winter storm developing and moving our way. temperatures in the teens up in the poconos, 23 degrees right now in the northeast. and a little cooler down in atlantic city at 20 degrees. economicing the cameras live in the poconos, camelback and blue mountain, they are making snow and boy, what a cold chilly picture it is. 19 degrees right now in the poconos, 25 in allentown, 23 in philadelphia. satellite showing us what we can expect. we mentioned the scattered snow showers maybe a flurry, this system here moving quickly later on this evening.
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back here, though, just northwest of texas, the closed low that will be moving west to east and developing into a snowstorm. it came on the western coast two days ago, it's still developing and it will be moving. this much we know in terms of the storm and the takeaways. for the storm it will impact us friday in the late afternoon, into saturday and into saturday evening. coastal flooding is a big concern. it was actually no matter the track could turn out to be a nor'easter especially for the shore points. recent update overnight, plowable snow likely in philadelphia, heavy snow timing is coming into focus when we'll see the heaviest snow. and what we are still watching the exact storm track as well as where the rain/snow line sets up because that will determine and help to determine the snow totals. i'll be back with more in a bit. >> it's 4:21. let's check the roads if you are getting ready to head out
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including 95. jessica boyington is watching that for us. what are you seeing? >> we're watching a disabled vehicle on the northbound side of 95 around girard avenue. so not setting anything back too much yet. something to watch for. you can see we are losing that left-hand lane. right-hand lanes are still getting by the area. the southbound side doing fine. i checked in with drive times, from woodhaven to the vine street expressway in the north or southbound lanes, 12 to 13 minutes so okay heading out on 9 fight. 295, right around route 38, you can see not even -- 295 southbound from 3 tight the black horse pike, 13 minutes. >> thanks. 4:22 now. governor christie tells cash strapped atlantic city no new bailout. that's still not stopping the owner of the closed rebel casino from gambling on the future. find out his new plans for the property. and siding with trump. hear from sarah palin about why she thinks donald trump deserves her vote and yours.
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it's 4:25 and 22 degrees. today in philadelphia the district attorney will lay out a plan aimed at safely getting rid of prescription drugs. he will join members of the police department and other city leaders for announcement of a pilot program that officials say will be used in every police district in the city. >> global health giant johnson and johnson plans to lay off several thousand people over the next two year, the company based in new brunswick says it will cut about 3,000 jobs, it says all of the layoffs will come from the medical devices division, not clear which parts of the country will be affected. the move could save johnson and
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johnson up to a billion dollars a year by 2019. >> from the jersey shore bureau, atlantic city's mayor says the resort may have to reconsider bankruptcy now that governor chris christie effectively vetoed a financial aid plan for the city. the mayor says if the state doesn't come up with the funding in the next weeks bankruptcy would be the only option. lawmakers had passed a package of bills including one that would have allowed casinos to make six payments instead of paying taxes over 15 years. the governor failed to sign the bill by yesterday's new deadline. now legislative leaders have been pushing for a bill introduced calling for a proposed state takeover of the city. >> it looks like rebel will be getting a second chance as a casino. the new owner says he plans to reopen the property as a smaller casino than before. he didn't say when it would open but hotel rooms could be open by june he says. also says construction on a new water park at the former rebel
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could begin as early as may. >> we have another frigid start to our workday for sure. layers are necessary this morning especially for the kids heading out to the bus stop. we're watching a live shot now of the flags flying and we still have the wind factored in. we could have wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour today. we are expecting to be warming up a little bit in the mid to upper 30s if you call that warmer, but nonetheless a very frigid start. i'll be back with details on our developing storm for the end of the week after the break. >> and route 38 here is cherry hill, new jersey around route 70 so it's frigid but the roads are dry at least for now. we'll have more on these and i'll list the philly four alarm fire closures that are still in place when i come back. >> going nowhere fast. next at 4:30 what a new study
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says about new jersey trains and why your commute could be a cha ling.
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ask a citizen at 1-866-999-0218 or visit fire and ice. flames burned a center city apartment building for hours, now the streets and sidewalks near the scene are slick and dangerous. that ice will be there for a while because of a frigid morning in the 20s right now, but we'll warm into the mid 30s today. and getting ready for that winter storm headed our way, still days away, we go behind the scenes at penndot to show you what they are doing now to keep ahead of the storm. it's


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