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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  January 20, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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right now on "nbc 10 news today" firefighters in philadelphia deal with fire and ice in center city. first a four alarm fire now dangerous icy conditions. >> and ahead of the iowa caucuses republican front-runner donald trump gets a major endorsement. why sarah palin says trump is the right choice. >> a frigid start as we look at 95. temperatures will go up later today. plus we're getting new information about that snowstorm making its way to our region. it's 5:30 and 20 degrees. wind chills make it feel colder. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. temperatures will go up but don't be fooled, you need your parka. let's start with meteorologist karen thomas. good morning. >> good morning vai, tracy. it's a bundle up morning. you can expect temperatures in the low 20s, colder to the north and colder down to the shoreline in atlantic city, 20 degrees, 25
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in cape may. we have the winds factored in out of the west-northwest now, 16 miles per hour in reading. 12 miles per hour in philadelphia. and we expect the winds to be diminishing through the afternoon. for now a wind chill is factored in so. this is what it feels like. feels like 7 in atlantic city, 11 degrees in philadelphia. so for today, the flags are blowing right now. we are expecting high temperatures, though, 35 to 38 degrees. i'll be back in a bit. flight a check on traffic with jessica for the latest. >> thank you. we're watching new jersey right now, a lot of construction projects, pretty much what you need to know. the white horse pike reduced to one lane until may of this year. route 322 around route 54, there will be a traffic shift around 12th street and route 130 between porcupine road and center square road closed until about march of this year as well. so watch out for all of those
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things and put them in your morning commute for now. hire is the boulevard around broad street. a good amount of volume heading through the area, you can see no problems or delays at least so far. here is 95 through delaware, we're in the green still, 95 southbound from 495 to 295, 10 minutes only. a check on mass transit. tracy. >> 5:32. happening now in center city philadelphia, we're dealing with dangerous slick conditions following a massive fire fight. nbc 10's matt delucia is live on the scene to tell us and show us these conditions. matt. >> reporter: tracy, this is still an active situation, firefighters and police are still out here although conditions are improving winding down a little. we have seen most of the fire trucks leave. you see down on the street just to the right that is where the building is that was affected by this fire. we're along locust between 21st and 22nd, and it really has been a long night.
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not only fighting the fire but fighting the cold weather. it was so intense that 120 firefighters were called in to help out, rotating in and out of the icy weather and fire commissioner derek sawyer talks about what is happening now. >> it will be a long night because we can't get inside to get to the scene of the fire so we're going to put strings on the fire, once it's safe we're going to have l and i make sure the building is safe. we can get in and try to determine the origin is. >> reporter: at the moment the red cross is helping eight families affected by the fires. the apartment building had 22 units and nearly all of them were occupied. we'll take another live look. we're told two firefighters suffered minor injuries, woorn an ankle sprain. crews are trying to prevent more injury by spreading salt on the ground. icy in spots especially around the trees and the buildings
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here. so you see conditions like this with that much water that has been sprayed on the fire, there is definitely an effort to make sure people don't fall. we've seen people crossing the street down here, this gentleman here walking his dog. so we don't see ice formation at this intersection here. of course that is the effort of all of the salt trucks trying to make sure that this doesn't get into a slick situation. is reporting live, "nbc 10 news." >> matt, thank you. new information the coast guard suspended its search for 12 marines missing since two helicopters crashed off of hawaii. the 12 include brian kennedy and adam schoeller from outside of harrisburg. the search started when the choppers went down last thursday. the coast guard and marine corps announced they have done all they can. >> searching for five days
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located all four life rafts to confirm there were no persons on board. located debris from the aircraft crash, and located some of the helicopter wreckage on the sea floor. >> officials say the mission is now a recovery and salvage operation. the marine corps says it offers prayers and support to the families of those missing marines. >> it's 5:35. we have new information about a house fire in new castle county. fire officials now tell us one person died in this fire in talleyville. when crews first got there it found the house fully ablaze and you can see in this picture from the fire department, once they got the flames under control they found the man dead inside, they did not release his name and they are looking for the cause of this fire. one person was hurt as flames hit a north philadelphia row home. sky force 10 was over the scene
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last night. we talked to the neighbor who tells us he caught a woman who jumped from a window of the home. >> she was in the third floor and i just told her to jump, just like that. i had to catch her. she jumped from the second -- the third to the second and -- >> investigators are looking for the cause of that fire. well, he is in charge now. doug pederson, the new head coach of the eagles says he's out to make the birds winners again. the owner jeffrey lurie introduced pederson yesterday. pederson was the eagles quarterback at the start of the donovan mcnabb eray and was assistant coach under andy reid. pederson said mentors prepared him for his first head coaching opportunity. >> pederson's day shared headlines with a new controversy. >> before pederson took the podium at the complex center jason kelce's name came up on the radio.
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radio host be josh innis noted kelsey and called him a lap dog. he made another remark. take a listen to what he said. >> essentially what you're getting here is jason kelce is the house negro is what i'm trying to convey. essentially kelsey's job, yes boss, absolutely boss, yes, sir, boss. that is jason kelce. he is whoever the head coach is going to be she going to be all over that head coach. >> he later apologized but kelsey tweeted throughout response that read in part it's my job to have my teammates and coaches back no matter what if that makes me a house as josh puts it i'll take it. >> decision 2016. donald trump has the endorsement of sarah palin heading into the iowa caucuses. the republican front-runner welcomed palin to the rally at iowa state university last night. the former alaskan governor and
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vice presidential nominee said she believes trump will make the military stronger and secure american borders and jobs. >> he is beholding to no one but we the people. how refreshing, he is perfectly positioned to let you make america great again. >> trump and ted cruz are running neck-and-neck in iowa, analysts say palin's endorsement could help standings with conservative voters. >> the dangers of walking along or cutting across the tracks, there will be a safety blitz at the miquon station, handing out flyers and talk about the best ways to get to and from the trains. if the you hope for a warm-up we've had a little more time to go. a little more time to keep hoping. frigid throughout this morning for sure.
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you want to put the layers on again as we do have a frigid start with temperatures in the lower 20s, some areas upper teens. we are expecting the possibility of a snow shower, maybe a passing flurry later on into the evening hours. and then we are watching very closely a major winter storm that will be developing and moving our way toward the end of the week. 20 degrees current reading up in mount pocono, 23 degrees in the northeast, and only 20 degrees checking in, in atlantic city. talk about the poconos, there is a windchill factored in there, they are making snow and it is looking quite inviting especially if you've been waiting to ski the slopes. 25 degrees in allentown, 19 degrees in lancaster, 20 in pottstown, needless to say you're going to want to bundle up the kids going to the bus stop, they are going to have to have the hat, scarv, gloves, maybe hot cocoa before they leave because the windchill factor is making it feel like 10 in philadelphia, more like 9 in
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millville. 8 is what it feel it is like in dover, delaware. a flurry possible moving through the area tonight. but then we have high pressure for thursday, we get ready for friday. radar satellite picking up the system, this future model picks it up in the carolinas as it taps into the gulf, puts the moisture together and starts moving on friday. you see that time stamp friday at 1:00, the system is knocking on the back door and there goes that low moving right up the seaboard. there is an interesting contrast with two separate tracks that the low will take if it does cut to the south and off the coastline, well, then we could be looking at more of a nor'easter effect where we get more rain at the shore in southern delaware, more snow back to the north and west. so i'll be back with more details we're following it very closely. >> 20 minutes of 6. there are street closures related to the fire you should know about. >> jessica boyington can get you around that area.
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>> so they are detouring traffic around right now, with it being on the city blocks it wouldn't be that hard to navigate through and go around the block. there are several closures you want to know about, you'll start to see delays around area around 22nd street, 21st and around locust and spruce. 21st between walnut and locust, 22nd between spruce and locust and locust between 22nd and 21st. a lot of these are closures also because of the frozen -- freezing temperatures with the water in place. now we have slippery conditions as well. so watch for that even in the surrounding areas. here is the vine street expressway around eighth street so you can see no problems here. heading to the ben franklin bridge eastbound here off of that exit, or 95 no problems, we see most of the volume usually at this time of the morning headed westbound toward the schuylkill expressway. you can see no problems there. we'll have another check on your morning drive when i come back in the next ten. >> thank you, jessica.
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5:41, 20 degrees in philadelphia in the single digits the windchill factor in atlantic city. four times the national average, that's how much new jersey transit trains fail in 2014. akoshding to a new report. how that figure ranked across the country and how it compares to years passed. pennsylvania taking action against a funeral director who is facing corpse abuse charges. what state officials are doing months after her arrest. >> going to want to bundle up heading out this morning. you see a live look now at the aramark building. we still have fairly decent wind with wind gusts this morning. winds will be diminishing as we move through the day. for right now, temperatures are chilly. bundle up.
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quarter of 6. you take a live look at boathouse row. all lit up. 20 degrees out there. karen says the wind chill is more like 11 degrees. >> a heating problem at a school forced the early dismissal of
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students yesterday. and three philadelphia schools had similar problems. lock elementary, the youth school and building 21 were closed because heefting problems. we understand they will all be reopened today. with the freezing conditions impacting schools around the area now is the time if you haven't done it to sign up for our nbc 10 school closing alerts, head to, we'll send you a text or e-mail which ever you want as soon as your child's school is delayed or closed. >> today combatting gun violence the key topic when senator chris coons questions attorney general loretta lynch in a hearing in washington. the senator will ask lynch what the justice department is doing to help police tamp down gun violence in wilmington. after news week dubbed it murder town usa the senator pushed officials to put the city in its violence reduction network to free up federal resources to combat violence. >> the state has revoked the license of a philadelphia funeral director months after authorities say they found three
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decomposing bodies in her garage. authorities arrested janet powell in november on charges including abuse of a corpse. she ran powell mortuary services. officers say neighbors smelled a foul odor and they came across the bodies. >> the threat of a winter storm has towns across our region preparing to take on the snow. crews in pottstown are getting ready to spread salt, they got another delivery yesterday. and leaders in pottstown say the past few winters have taken a toll on the budget but not this year. >> so far it's been a great year for us. some guys aren't very happy they aren't making money in overtime but we've been out one, all year. >> chester county crews are getting their salt and trucks ready. they say snowstorms are costly for smaller towns like theirs. >> now let's talk about the snowstorm. we're getting more information. it will get refined but --
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>> we're still a few days away. let's check in with karen thomas to find out what's happening. >> good morning, vai, tracy, all eyes on the developing storm. it's going to move our direction on friday, and it will be bringing accumulating snow to the area friday night into saturday. through the day on saturday. but when we look at this morning a frigid start. cold temperatures again, and we do have the winds with some wind gusts. there is a windchill factor heading out this morning. possibly even a scattered snow shower moving through the area later on this afternoon into the evening. flurry or two, scattered variety for sure. and then of course by friday all eyes watching the major winter storm that will be headed our way. so 20 degrees right now up in mount pocono in the northeast 23 degrees, and it's 20 degrees clocking in there in atlantic city. we keep showing you the live shot in the poconos because it's very refreshing picture for the skiers. 20 degrees right now up in the poconos, 25 in allentown, we've
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got 21 from millville, 21 degrees in wilmington, kentucde. feels more like 10 degrees now in philadelphia. we keep dropping in terms of our temperatures, single digits across south jersey as well as dover delaware. satellite picture will keep it wide for you, our snow system, the storm that's developing the low is actually sort of trying to get its energy. it will be pulling together here northwest of texas and moving west to east, and then it will pull moisture from the gulf as it begins to trek our way on friday. for this morning, though, a frigid start. 34 to 37 degrees across the area, we have winds out of the northwest. we'll show you the seven-day forecast. 37 for a high today, the same for tomorrow. plenty of high pressure in place tomorrow so look for sunshine tomorrow. a calm before the storm. big cliche but it's true.
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so we are not expecting any real activity tomorrow. all the action will happen on friday, as that system gets closer, the storm moves in, and right now it's looking like we can expect snow starting south to north, through southern delaware upward through the region and that would begin friday late in the day, maybe early evening. into friday night through saturday. and right now the early indication is we could have the heaviest stuff coming in early saturday morning. heavy snowfall. >> plowable snow. that's what i took away from that graphic you had. >> too far away, i heard tracy say in our toss to you that it will get refined as we get closer, the forecast will, but it's too far out to predict snow totals. >> it's the track of the system. that will determine snow totals, amounts and that rain snow line. >> and where. >> who is going to end up with rain, when will it change over, all of that coming into play now. >> thank you very much, karen. time to check on traffic.
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>> we check with jessica boyington. what are you seeing on the roads? >> we're in new jersey, vai and tracy, and we're okay. so i wanted to check in with some of the drive times. they are great on 295. the 42 freeway in a moment. let's head out to pennsauken, new jersey around the white horse pike at collingswood circle. you can see no problems. everybody having a good time. roads are dry. 42 freeway in the green, four minutes northbound to the walt whitman bridge. no problems heading into philadelphia. a study shows new jersey transit commuter trains failed four times more than the u.s. average. officials say mechanical failures are up 19% from 2013 and according to bloomberg, new jersey residents have one of the country's longest commutes and have been forced to pay more for mass transit. >> new safer way of getting rid of prescription drugs. ahead learn more about the
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program the philadelphia police department is introducing. a new hope for the now closed rebel casino in atlantic city. we'll tell what you the building owner has in store for the site.
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>> good morning everyone. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington reporting for you. some camera views here around the lehigh valley, 78 around lehigh street. no problems, roads are dry, same for the white horse pike in south jersey. starting to see some flow out there. pick up on our majors in the next half hourks we'll have updates when i come back in the 6:00 hour. >> thanks. five minutes before 6 now. firefighters had to deal with the cold temperatures overnight as they battled this barn fire in montgomery county. a viewer sent us this video from the scene at cow patch road and kingfield drive in franconia township. no word on if anything was stored in the barn. no one was hurt. >> we have new surveillance video of what police say is a criminal installing a device on an atm designed to steal your
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bank account information. this is from beneficial savings bank in overbrook. the suspected thief put a skimmer on, then comes back with two other guys to remove it. investigators are hoping someone will recognize them. >> from our jersey shore bureau looks like rebel will be getting a second chance at a casino. the owner plans to reopen it as a smaller casino. he didn't say when the casino would open but hotel rooms could be open by june. >> fire and ice, parts of center city philadelphia covered in dangerous ice following a fire fight that lasted for hours. >> ahead at 6:00 we'll take you live to the scene to show you the real time conditions and how crews are dealing with the aftermath. >> also, a hollywood a-lister comes to the rescue. what jamie foxx did that has people calling him a hero.
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>> 12 1/2 hours later this road is still closed after a four alarm fire rips through an apartment building. >> 8 to 10 feet high. i heard a loud boom. >> this is what it looked like at the height of the fire. we'll take you back to the scene for an update on the now icy conditions. >> and the key to staying warm today will be layering up. or just staying inside. the cold continues and the wind is making it feel colder. >> and we're looking ahead to a winter storm brewing that is heading our way and we're getting more information about what it will bring. it is 6:00 a.m., 20 degrees in philadelphia. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. layer up but we're bracing for the first big storm of the winter. let's get to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist karen thomas. >> good morning. yes, i hope everybody is bundling up as you head out this
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morning. so, i keep saying this but it's true, whatever you did to protect yourself yesterday from the cold, you'll want to do it again even though our winds are diminishing a bit. we don't have the real strong wind gusts though we have a wind factored in. so temperatures around the region on the cold side for sure. and as i mentioned the winds, we still have a wind out of the northwest right now. it is stronger up north, 17 miles per hour out of the north-northwest in the poconos, 10 miles an hour in millville, 12 down there in dover so we factor in the winds that are still with us, and so this is what it feels like. 6 degrees in atlantic city. so you want to bundle up. live look, the flags are blowing, 23 degrees the current temperature this morning and those get closer to midday, 29 degrees, over the freezing mark later this afternoon. i'll be back with a look at the seven-day and the details on the developing storm for friday. >> we're still watching that


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