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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  January 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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morning. so, i keep saying this but it's true, whatever you did to protect yourself yesterday from the cold, you'll want to do it again even though our winds are diminishing a bit. we don't have the real strong wind gusts though we have a wind factored in. so temperatures around the region on the cold side for sure. and as i mentioned the winds, we still have a wind out of the northwest right now. it is stronger up north, 17 miles per hour out of the north-northwest in the poconos, 10 miles an hour in millville, 12 down there in dover so we factor in the winds that are still with us, and so this is what it feels like. 6 degrees in atlantic city. so you want to bundle up. live look, the flags are blowing, 23 degrees the current temperature this morning and those get closer to midday, 29 degrees, over the freezing mark later this afternoon. i'll be back with a look at the seven-day and the details on the developing storm for friday. >> we're still watching that fire, not active but we have
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active closures due to the fire that happened last night. so, we have an update. several streets blocked in the area but now it's locust between 22nd and 21st that you have to watch for. additionally watch for icy conditions in the area with them trying to extinguish the fire. a lot of wes surfaces are frozen and potentially slippery. the schuylkill around montgomery drive, 13 minute drive time we haven't increased jot about a half hour to 45 minutes before we see significant delays on the schuylkill expressway. eastbound you can see here no problems, and no problems headed westbound as well. so either direction we're good. watch for some construction out in lansdowne, west baltimore avenue between lansdowne and owen avenue. >> penndot is preparing for the winter storm that karen talked about heading our way. people from washington, d.c. to boston are all watching the storm's path. because of the lack of snow so far this winter penndot
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officials say the salt inventory is extremely high so they will watch the roads and be ready when the storm hits. >> preparing for the weren't irfor the past number of months, all of the materials, the stockpiles in the region. >> penndot says now is the time to check your vehicle, tires have air, batteries in good working order and top off your fluids. >> fire and ice closes a busy center city street. >> three hours in the cold firefighters were dumping water on an apartment fire there, the flames are gone but the roads are icy from that fire fight. matt delucia is live for us in center city. any word on when locust may be reopened? >> reporter: the investigation is very early on, investigators sought to get inside. you can see that the police are still blocking off locust between 21st and 22nd. on the ground on 22nd you see that the streets here are open, 22nd is on the other side. 21st is.
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but they got a lot of salt on the ground to try to prevent cars from slipping. a lot of water was sprayed onto this building because of the fire. it was four alarms. and that water is now on the ground. so it's all about keeping things safe at the moment. >> fighting fires is challenging on a were noel d le le lel norm. you still have to operate the hose line. you still have to operate equipment. so it's challenging. >> reporter: two firefighters were injured, one had a sprained ankle. the commissioner says it was all minor. but the red cross helping eight families affected and helping others with necessities, there were 22 units in this apartment building and all but one were occupied. as for the moment, l and i has to make sure the building is safe for the investigators to go
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in and find the cause of the fire. in the meantime, as we've been mentioning and jessica talking about, locust is closed between 21st and 22nd, but you see the cars are getting by here on 22nd as we get into the morning rush. but all that salt that is on the ground we've seen city salt trucks spraying loads of salt on the ground, and on the sidewalk making sure that everything is as safe as possible as people head out this morning. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> 6:04 and 20 degrees. the cold weather may have played a part in saving a shooting victim. someone shot a man in the stomach at germantown avenue in nice town but police say the victim was wearing so many layers to keep warm it stopped him from bleeding out. officers are looking for the shooter. >> the police officer who survived an ambush on the streets of west philadelphia continues to get better. a hospital spokesperson tells us officer hartnett has been upgraded to kb condition.
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he has been in the hospital with severe arm injury since a gunman shot him nearly two weeks ago. the fbi is treating the case as a terrorism investigation. >> police say edward archer confessed to the attack saying he did it in the name of isis. >> today combatting gun violence the key topic when delaware senator chris coons questions attorney general loretta lynch in a hearing in washington. the senator will ask lynch what the justice department is doing to help police cut down on gun violence in wilmington after being dubbed murder town usa senator coons pushed to put the city in the violence reduction network to free up federal resources. >> it will soon be back to school for hundreds of philadelphia pre-k students in part thanks to new philadelphia mayor jim kenney. katy zachry is live in the ronhurst neighborhood. it you were there when the mayor celebrated the news with the
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kids. >> reporter: that's right. he along with city and state education leaders met at this school inside mayor kenney read to a class of kids, easily the highlight of his day. he was here to address a serious subject. >> because we have 7,000 people locked up in our county prison. if those men and women had this opportunity in their lives they wouldn't be there. >> this is obviously historic investment, of course we wish we could invest more and then we could move more quickly as you shared earlier there are students and families waiting for services and it's our job as representatives of this community and all communities to provide them. >> mayor kinney has two education. on the me k front city education leaders pushed lawmakers to release state funds for pre-k
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counts, an income-based program that sends kids to preschool so. far this year many children in that program have not been at school because funding is tied up in the state budget impasse. mayor kenney fought hard for the state to release dollars. not long ago you heard from the mayor as well, the secretary of education who was here as well, the secretary of education tells us governor wolf is working hard to release more money to cities around the state so they can fill their pre-k count spots. the secretary's message to parents, he says be patient, but of course we know that's difficult for thousands of parents across the state because they unexpectedly had their children home for the last few months because the state money has not been there. katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." >> thank you. just be yourself, that's the advice doug pederson grot from andy reid after the eagles hired pederson. the owner introduced pederson to the media yesterday. pederson was the eagles'
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quarterback at the start of the donovan mcnabb era in the late 90s, also an assistant coach under andy reid in his final years. pederson says he is ready to be the birds' skipper. >> this is not an andy reid football team, it's not a doug pederson football team. this is a philadelphia eagle football team. i get it this city hasn't won and this organization hasn't won in quite some time. it's my job to turn that around. >> pederson is married with three sons, one of whom the oldest is a quarterback at samford university in alabama. his kids will finish in kansas city. and john clark asked about sam bradford. >> i do reich him. listen. i've always liked him. i liked him when he came out of college. he is a good fit for this organization. he came on strong at the end of the season this past year and he did some nice things. >> coming up next, in the next half hour, you'll hear jeffrey
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lurie and eagle fans sounding off on the new head coach. and in the next half hour, the comments about an eagles player by a sports radio host that had him issuing an apology. good morning. if you are just waking up we have chilly temperatures, only 20 degrees in mount pocono, up 1 in philadelphia, 24 degrees, 21 in wilmington, we still have the winds to contend with, not as bad as yesterday but we still have winds factored in out of the northwest right now. 10 miles per hour tracking in the northeast. seven in philadelphia, pretty strong up there in the poconos, 17 miles per hour. you factor that wind in and we're given the wind chill. this is what it feels like. like 8 degrees in dover, 6 degrees in atlantic city. here are the numbers for today, the flags are flying. 35 to 38 degrees which is
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improvement compared to where we've been for the last two days for highs. so not as cold but still going to feel biting out there especially as you start your morning. we're going to see the possibility of snow showers, passing flurry later on this afternoon into the evening hours. winds will be diminishing but for now out of the west, 10 to 15 of miles per hour. we do have latest information on the snowstorm that is developing right now. we'll be on the move into our area toward the end of the week. i'll be back with a look at that plus a look at the 7 day in a bit. >> karen, we're keeping you updated on today's weather conditions and beyond on tv and when you're on the go download the "nbc 10 news" app to get forecasts, see live radar and check out blogs from our first alert meteorologists. >> it's 10 after 6 right now. so you know layer up on the bus stop or heading to work. heading to work let's check the roads including 42. >> what do you know? >> we're still doing great so
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innews. it's kind of a little quiet right now. route 42 around the new jersey turnpike. doesn't mean it will be like this. a litter start than we normally do. traffic moving great up ahead to philadelphia or around the bridges, i checked in with the drive times as well at 5 minutes from 55 headed northbound to the walt whitman bridge. no problems with the rest of the bridges or scheduled openings right now. watch for construction, though, that's pretty much what we're talking about all morning. white horse pike one lane open, that's scheduled till may so something you want to plan into your kmorning commute. there is emergency bridge repair construction southbound around route 1 the left taken is blocked. >> 11 past 6 right now. a shake shift shelter isn't enough to stop bitter cold temperatures and may have cost a man his life. >> i'm sorry most of all that i let you down. you deserve to know that the buck stops here with me.
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>> the water crisis in flint, michigan.
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>> 6:15, a live look at your morning commute. 24 degrees in philadelphia. the wind chill making it feel like the teens. we're off to a frigid start. again in the 20s, we'll warm to about 37 today. which would be the first time we've been above freezing since sunday. but don't expect it to last. >> so far some guys aren't very happy not making money in overtime but we've been out one event, that's it. >> we checked with chester county, they are preparing now to take on the snow, local
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leaders say the past few winters have taken a toll but that's not the case so far this year. >> we continue to follow breaking news from over seas. at least 80 people shot in an attack on a university campus in pakistan. gun men stormed the college after it opened for moning clauss, 21 people are dead. police and army troops killed four attackers and secured the campus. the taliban claimed responsibility. >> a new study finds community college students in new jersey are some of the most successful in the country for continuing their education. according to the community college research center the garden state ranks sixth for the number of two-year student who is go on to earn a bachelor's degree. new jersey ranks second for the number of students who earn an associate degree before transferring. it is one of the few states that offer financial aid for students to start at a community college. >> happening today in philadelphia the district attorney will lay out a plan aimed at getting rid of
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prescription drugs. the d.a. will join members of the police department and other city leaders for the announcement of the program. the program will be used in every police district throughout the city. >> johnson and johnson plans to lay off several thousand people over the next two years. the company based in new brunswick will cut about 3,000 jobs. all of the layoffs come from the medical devices division. it's not clear which parts of the country will be affected. the company owns a medical devices subsidiary in westchester, the move could save johnson & johnson up to $1 billion a year by 2019. >> a federal health and human services official heads to flint, michigan. >> that follow as meeting between the mayor and president obama. mayor karen weaver also met with some of the president's senior staff that she seeks federal help for flint. two years ago a state appointed
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emergency manager switched from detroit's water system to the flint river to save money and later tests showed high levels of lead and also in children's blood. some angry protesters yesterday before the governor's state of the state address. govern rick snyder pledged to knicks the problem these called on him to resign. >> the state failed us. they lied. this is a shame. this is a shamble of a government and this is not my government or my governor. >> i know apologies won't make up for the mistakes made. nothing will. but i take full responsibility to fix the problem so it will never happen again. >> governor snyder proposed spending close to $30 million more on emergency measures to deal with the water crisis in flint and he is deploying more national guard members with bottled water to the city.
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>> ben carson is dealing with a tragedy, one of his campaign workers died in a car accident. braden joplin was a volunteer. yesterday a van flipped on an icy road in iowa before being hit. the others had minor injuries. carson will suspend his campaign for the next few days. >> about 6:20 wednesday morning. a check on traffic and 95. >> jessica boyington has that for you. what are you seeing? >> starting to see a little bit of that morning volume that we're used to but not really adding to drive times yet. so these are the southbound lane kansas in here, where we see that delay first at cottman avenue. 16 minutes southbound from this point to the vine street expressway. getting into center city, watching out around that 4-alarm fire last night, locust between 22nd and 21st still closed, also we want to you watch for icy
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conditions in the surrounding areas. the schuylkill who the conshohocken curve, no problems there in the green, no increase on drive times, 14 minutes from the blue truitt the vine street expressway and mass transit great no delays for septa, patco, and dart. i'll be back won your morning drive. all right. hopefully you're bundled up as you head outside looking live from the aramark building. look at the flags flying. we have windy conditions as we start out our wednesday morning. 24 degrees right now in philadelphia. that's up a tick in the last 20 minutes or so. but we're not looking for the big warm-up for sure. even though temperatures will be heading up to the mid-30s. by the afternoon. winds are out of the west at 7 miles per hour. we have a bit of a windchill factored in. we still content with the win.
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camelback mountain making snow and the skiers are happy. that's good news. checking temperatures across the region, 24 in philadelphia right now. we'll go up to the north and west, much colder up there. 16 degrees in shenandoah. then on down chilly along the shoreline as well. 19 in millville, 20 at the ac airport. 22 in newark so. it's winter, it's feeling like winter for sure. radar has us dry, we have clouds around. we pull out and this system here is not our big major storm system coming in but could bring us some scattered flurries or snow showers overnight into early tomorrow. really no big deal, the big deal will be friday night into saturday. here is what we know for that storm toward the end of the week. storm will impact us friday night into saturday.
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looking like continue saturday afternoon into the evening hours, maybe through the overnight. most recent update plowable snow likely around that area, we're still watching the exact track of the storm. i'll be back with that and the seven-day forecast. let's go to the seven-day forecast. moving right along, we want to give you everything that's coming to you. >> everything you need to know. >> high pressure tomorrow with sunshine but we're watching that storm and tracy and vai, if you haven't gotten your shovels out it's probably a good idea to do so as we watch that system come in. it is a big storm developing and it's moving. we need a little more time to focus on the track it will take. >> tracy telling me how she is preparing. tomorrow is going to be the day to get everything done and when i see on your graphic mowable snow, that means no matter where it takes, everybody's going to
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have -- be prepared. >> the good news is it's saturday so everybody can chill out. if it is nasty you don't have to be out trying to fight it. >> the first alert weather team will keep us updated. >> this is not just a kitchen. this is a place that's helping people keep off the streets and prepare. after five days of search are for 12 missing marines the coast guard makes a sufficient decision. the search and rescue efforts end and a more grim operation begins.
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at giant, prices are down. savings are up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant. >> 6:26, 24 degrees in philadelphia. proposed bill in philadelphia aimed at keeping kids safe on hoverboards. according to news works the new measure would require kids 12 and under to wear helmets, knee
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and elbow pads. violators could face $25 fine if passed the law would be the first of its kind in the country. good morning. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we wanted to check in with the area bridges now. no scheduled openings for the tacony palmyra or the burlington bristol. no problems over the ben and the walt. and the girard point bridge, no backups on 95, we have the mid span picture of the bridge, we'll have more up dates and th rest of our majors but for now a check on today's forecast with karen. >> bundle up today. we've got temperatures in the 20s, pretty much everywhere. it's going to stay chilly and the winds are blog. i'll be back with details on our storm system that is developing and moving our way. >> flames gut a center city
6:28 am
apartment building. ice not flames are the big concern. plus this. >> i'm here to support the next president of the united states donald trump. >> sarah palin is ready to stump for trump. could the backing of the former vice presidential nominee be the ep donald trump needs to bost his numbers among conservative voters.
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6:31, 24 degrees in philadelphia. fire and ice cause problems in center city after a four-alarm apartment fire. >> the first alert weather team keeping an eye on the winter storm headed our way. new information on that and we're helping you get ready before it hits. >> today we're off to a frigid
6:32 am
start but it's clear and we're tracking possible snow showers. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's get to karen thomas with the first alert forecast. a frigid morning. >> indeed, hopefully everybody is bundling up as they head out. radar has us dry for now but we could see a passing flurry, even scattered snow showers through the evening hours tonight into the overnight hours, so no real accumulation expected there although a system is going to make a quick entrance on through the region later on. 20 degrees in the poconos, 20 in atlantic city, a northwest wind right now so that is the factored in. so even though the temperature reading in philadelphia may say 24 degrees, what it really feels like is 16 degrees in philadelphia. 5 degrees in the poconos. if you're hitting the slopes you are going to want to bundle up. the flags are flying looking for a little tweet bumped up.
6:33 am
35 to 38 degrees so not as cold but the possibility of a flurry flying through, possibly some snow showers scattered through parts of central delaware, south jersey as a quick-moving system makes its way through. winds 10 to 15 miles per hour. i'll be back with more details on the big storm for friday in just a bit. jessica? >> we're watching that four alarm fire that happened last night. now we have residual closures because of that. also watching for icy conditions of locust between 22nd and 21st. they have those closed off. you can see locust and some of the big streets in the middle of center city. no delays but that closure is in place. going around the block no problem, 23rd to be an alternate for you. with those icy conditions slow down in the area when they had to try to extinguish that fire,
6:34 am
a lot of it froze so that's what we're dealing with. westbound, eastbound, 23 minutes from route 1 to valley forge, average spooet speed, people are flying. 295 in west deptford. somebody from the with delaware memorial bridge. no problems heading into delaware this morning. >> thanks. 6:34. frigid temperatures make fighting this apartment fire tough for firefighters. look at this picture the fire department tweeted out. it shows one firefighter covered in ice. ice is a big issue around scene of that fire. matt delucia is live, at the scene for us. >> it is cold. because of that ice can form with all of the water thrown on the fire. at 22nd and locust, a lot of salt is on the ground, you see that police car that parked there at the intersection just hond that. in the middle of locust street
6:35 am
here, that is where the apartment building was hit by this fire. you see a lot of water still out here on the street. this was a four-alarm fire so a lot of water wassioed to fight it and that water now on the ground and all about keeping things safe. >> we can't get inside so we're going to put strings on the fire. once it's safe we're going to have l and i come out. once it's safe we can get inside and try to determine the origin and cause is. >> reporter: two firefighters were injured, one had a sprained ankle. the injuries are minor. and in keeping up to tate with the red cross we learned that eight families have been helped by them for the fire along with other people getting necessities from them. there were 22 units in this apartment all but one occupied. just heard from the commissioner
6:36 am
that l and i needs to make sure it's safe, then the investigators can go inside. the starting to wind down a little bit. woe did see fire trucks out here. they have left. right nouf it's an effort to make sure the road is blocked off safe enough so ice doesn't form and the investigators can get through and get in that building to find out what caused this massive fire. i'm ll, "nbc 10 news." >> a fire in new castle county. fire officials now say one person died in this house. an autopsy is scheduled later today. sky force 10 was over the scene. when crews first arrived they found the house fully ablaze as you can see in this photo from the fire department. they are trying to figure out 0 how the fire started a. person
6:37 am
was hurt after flames hit a row home. sky force over the scene. we talked with the neighbor who tells us jumped from the window of the home. >> she was open the third or fourth floor. just like that. and i had to catch her. >> investigators are looking for the cause of that fire. it's 6:37 and 24 degrees in philadelphia. investigators in mercer county are looking into whether hypothermia killed a homeless man found yesterday. authorities found the man. neighbors tell nbc 10 the man he knew only as jose slept on a suit. >> aus to see him doing nothing. questionsing storms. >> very unfortunate.
6:38 am
maybe we could have helped. i don't know. >> with the recent temperatures the homeless shelter in trenton has been bursting at its seams but the official you just saw told thaws the man who died never showed up there to come out of the cold. >> new information this morning the coast guard is suspending its search for 12 marines missing since two helicopters crashed off the north shore of oah urk. it includes brian kennedy and adam schoeller. the search started when the choppers went down thursday. the coast guard and u.s. marine corps added they were ending the search and rescue mission at sundown last night. meanwhile, decision 2016, donald trump has the endorsement of sarah palin. the republican presidential front-runner welcomed. the form governor and vice presidential nominee says she
6:39 am
believe believes trum will secure american borders and jobs. >> he is beholding to no one but we the people, how refreshing he is perfectly positioned to let you make perk great again. >> trump and ted cruz are running neck-and-neck in iowa. palin's endorsment could help. >> on the presidential race a new poll has bernie sanders up 27 points on hillary clinton in new hampshire. his lead jumped 10 points since november. the two hopefuls are in a dead heat in the state of iowa. >> many are preparing for the winter storm. >> they are predicting the rush of customers. they have extra meats and cheeses for all of the people snowed in this weekend. they are also planning afor saturday and sunday. at the ultimate bake shop the
6:40 am
staff prepared cupcakes and desserts. >> thursday they should be stocking up. cookies, comfort food watching the snow. >> watching the snow. at the argyle bouquet in ardmore the owner wishes the flower business was more flexible. she forgot to look at the extended forecast before ordering a bunch of tulips from holland. she hopes they make it before the snow on friday. let's talk about the snowstorm scheduled for friday. new information. >> we're watching the snow models and right now it's looking as though this storm system could take one of two tracks. we're focusing in as we get close the models come together on the track of that system. more on that in a bit. right now though we're talking windy conditions stay with us for sure so we have a windchill factor.
6:41 am
it's cold, 24 degrees is our temperature, it's feeling in some areas like single digits this morning so another fridge it start. you'll want to bundle up. we look live at pocono mountains and they are able to make snow because it's cold enough with these temperatures. we'll show you in allentown 27 degrees, 20 in pottstown and the same at the shore area only 19 in millville. clouds to our north, satellite showing us that we do have this system right down here in the tennessee valley, this is not our big snowstorm but could move through our area tonight and bring us juries, snow, scattered activity. thursday sunny, mainly sunny and dry as high pressure builds in. what we can build in this much we know. that coastal flooding could be a
6:42 am
big concern. probable snow in philadelphia. we're watching the track of the storm. we'll be back with more on that and the seven-day. >> thanks for that. we remind you wanting to be the first to know about changes. we said the information is changing all of the time. be the first to know about what's headed our way by downloading the news app. you can check out our blogs our first alers meteorologists are posting. >> about a quarter to 7. baseball players get fined for missing signals. i missed a signal an hour ago at 422. >> got it. >> we go like this. from across the room because we can't talk our mikes might be on. you got it this time. on 422 with no delays, around oaks you can see behind me eastbound or westbound. there more of an -- we're going to use it. east or westbound no problems so
6:43 am
far. we're going to go over to montgomery count wre this is an accident on lime kiln pike and county line road. this is an nergs. this is route 73 so no huge backup. we're at one of the bed lights. new jersey turnpike doing fine. >> it's jamie foxx to the rescue. what the oscar winner has people calling him a hero. an update on the plans for the renew of rebel.
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keep on scratchin'! 6:46. a live look at the blue cross river rink in philadelphia. it's 24 degrees in philadelphia. 25 in quakertown, 19 in
6:47 am
millville. be sure to limit your time outside, it is another bitter cold morning. with the cold temperatures and the approaching winter storm experts say take precautions to make sure your car will run. first, let your car warm up, while you're in the car. don't leave it unattended. and as they told us at ebb towing refill all of the fluid tanks. don't ignore warning lights like low pressure tire warnings. >> the cover of the new york daily news, it's chip the chipper that's what it says. everybody's talking about the differences between the eagles' former head coach to the new man doug pederson. he says he is out to make the birds winners again. and the owner introduced pederson to the media yesterday. pederson was the eagles' quarterback at the start of the donovan mcnabb era and an
6:48 am
assistant coach with andy reid. here is pederson and lurie talking about bringing the right experience to the birds' head coaching job. >> i think the people that i've been surrounded with in my career, the don shulas, the mike holmgrens, the andy reids prepared me for this. >> you've got to be comfortable in your own skin in order to be able to reach out, be accountable to them and make them accountable to you. >> pederson is married with three sons, the oldest is a quarterback at stanford university in alabama. his younger kids will finish school in kansas city where pederson was andy reid's offensive coordinator. we got fan reaction with most of the birds faithful. they are confident he is the right man for the job. >> i think that's an excellent choice. excellent pick. >> i had my doubts initially about doug pederson but after the press conference, give him a chance. >> i'm glad chip's gone but he's
6:49 am
here now, i'm a little happy. >> a little happy. pederson says it's now his job to turn things around for the eagles. his big day was not without controversy. before he took the podium jason kelce's name came up. a radio host josh innis noticed kelsey and called kelsey a lap dog for whoever coaches the team. he made another remark. take a listen. >> essentially what you're getting is jason kelce as the house negro. that's essentially jason kelce's job. yes, sir, boss. that is jason kelce. he is whoever the head coach is going to be he is going to be all over that head coach. >> innes apologized. kelsey tweeted out in part it's my job to have my teammates and coaches back no matter what if that makes me a house ser vent as josh puts it i'll take it.
6:50 am
>> new from overnight police are looking for the driver involved in a hit and run at 15th and sheltonham. investigators say the driver lost control, smashed into the back of a tractor-trailer and got out of the car and ran off. >> firefighters dealt with cold temperatures overnight as they battled this barn fire in montgomery county. this cell phone video from the scene. there is no word if anything was stored in the barn. no one was hurt. >> it looks like rebel will get a second chance as a casino. the new owner says he plans to reopen the property as a smaller casino than before. he didn't say when the casino would open but he did say hotel rooms could be open by june. he says construction on a new water park at the former rebel could begin as early as may. >> actor jamie foxx played heroes in the meefs, now a real life hero. >> talking about saving a man
6:51 am
from a burning pickup truck. foxx and a witness ran to the rescue after a car ran into a ditch, struck pipes and rolled over and burst into flames. they broke the window, cut the seat belt and pulled brett kyle to safety. police charged kyle with drunk driving and yesterday his father met with foxx to thank him. >> i don't look at it as heroic. i look at it like you know, you had to do something. >> we all want to feel, be willing to jump in when it needs to be done but how many of us really would and whether he's a person's famous or not just --. >> the driver is in the hospital in intensive care recovering from burns and a broken collar bone. >> we are dry and chilly outside right now. we do have some winds picking up
6:52 am
so layer up and bundle up as you head out. 24 degrees now is the call in philadelphia. we've got winds out of the west at 7 miles per hour. we have a windchill factored in. we look at the snowy mountain in the poconos we can feel it. we're watching the development of the storm that is going to bring us snow friday into saturday. right now the leading snow models are still not aligned on exactly the track of the system. storm coming out of the tennessee valley once it developed friday afternoon it will move in our direction. what's undecided is what track. will it get close to us, close to the i-95 corridor or skirt to the south and then that will help determine our snow totals for sure. when we're talking about the storm, what we do know, though, is we will be impacted friday night into saturday as well as saturday night. coastal flooding a big concern.
6:53 am
the recent information snow likely in philadelphia and heavy snow timing is coming into focus more of saturday morning and what we're still watching as i mentioned is that track, the exact track will help us understand totals. let's look at our seven-day forecast, all the way out and yes, we are looking for 37 degree high today and tomorrow, and then the storm moves into our area friday night into saturday, stays with us saturday night and then we dry out for sunday. we'll be windy on sunday as you can imagine. then we bump up into the 40s after that. >> thank you, karen. it's another cold day as karen mentioned, perfect for a hot meal. the salvation army is training people how to make meals like that so they can find jobs in local kitchens. we got a look at the soups on program, it teaches all facets of the culinary arts, and then helps them find jobs. added bonus, the they raise money selling the food the
6:54 am
students made. >> sell our soups to various restaurants, supermarkets, we have catering which we sell to individuals, we have a pretty high end catering business. >> more than 400 students so far graduated from the program. and went on to find jobs. >> good for them. >> 6:54 now, just before 7:00 if you're heading out the door check the roads. >> jessica boyington has more on that. >> hi vai and tracy. we're starting to see delays around girard and we have an accident that occurred you can see police activity not even on the scene yet. taking out part of this left lane and one of the pedestrians out walking around so potentially dangerous situation there. you can see a slow go. one lane gets by. 21 minute drive time on the southbound side from woodhaven road. i'm go i to say this is going to climb up in the next hour or so. no delays because of this on is
6:55 am
opposite side. watch out on allentown road and 40th road and the rest of the nanlers are pretty much okay. this is out in gloucester around market street on 76, this is after the 42 freeway and approaching the area bridges you can see delay up there but no real backups yet. >> thank you. after months of waiting some kids won't be able to go -- will be able to go back to school after a promise by the mayor.
6:56 am
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6:58 am
♪ find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. i'm matt delucia live in center city on the morning after a major fire inside an apartment building. we're at 22nd and locust, crews remain on the scene as the investigation into the cause of the fire remains or begins i
6:59 am
should say. four alarms, 120 firefighters were called in, it was cold, enough to have crews switch out and it's still cold. the red cross is helping residents, all of the salt is trying to keep things as safe as possible. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." soon this early childhood education center behind me along with several others throughout the city will get new students, that's because the state recently released funds for pre-k counts, it allows hundreds of children to attend preschool, the program is income based, mayor kinney along with city and state leaders met here to celebrate this news that the state has released some funds to send children to preschool. katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." >> we are looking for temperatures across the region 35 to 38. not as cold as yesterday but frigid. snow showers moving through
7:00 am
overnight. >> thank you, the "today" show is up next. good morning. enthusiastic endorsements. >> heads are spinning, media heads are spinning. this is going to be so much fun. >> sarah palin jumps on the bandwagon for donald trump. >> he's going rogue left and right, man. that's why he's doing so well. >> but will her support stop there, or could she take on a much bigger role? we'll ask trump when he joins us live. breaking overnight. gunmen stormed the campus of the university in pakistan. at least 20 people dead. 60 others injured. this morning the first images from the chaotic scene. batten down the hatches, a big storm targeting the east coast begins taking shape. as much as two feet of snow possible, but when and where will it hit? an


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