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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  January 20, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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. right now at 11:00, nbc 10 first alert satellite images showing a storm system developing over the south central part of the country. it's a system that could bring significant snow to our area later this week. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. small changes in the track of the storm could make a big difference when it comes to snow totals in our area. let's get right over to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist karen thomas with the updated forecast. karen, what do you have? >> vai, you said it best, we are watching closely the track of that storm come friday into saturday we are looking at temperatures across the region and we are on the cold side of
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things. not as frigid as this time yesterday. temperatures are ticking up but nonetheless very cold outside. 31 in philadelphia. only 21 in the poconos. 28 in dover, delaware, right now. we have a fairly constant wind out of the northwest so the windchill is factored in. this is what it's feeling like outside. single digits in the poconos. a if scattered snow showers tonight but we're watching this system as it takes shape as it moves towards our area. by saturday night this model showing us what could be the case for the southeastern peaie of pennsylvania as well as delaware. models still trying to come together on the exact track of the low, that will make a big difference on the snow totals and that rain/snow line when we
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talk about that we mean the changeover to rain. i'll bring you the latest information as we move through the broadcast 3. 34 to 37 for high temps today. >> because of the lack of snow so far this winter, penndot officials say the salt inventory is extremely high. they will say they will be watching the roads and will be ready if the storms hit. >> i'm preparing for the winter for the past number of months. >> penndot says now is the time to check on your vehicle, make sure your tires have air, your batteries are in good working condition and get a full tank of gas. karen thomas returns with a first look at the storm in a few minutes and make sure the free nbc 10 app is on your smart phone and tablet and gives you all the weather alerts and warnings. you can customize it right to your own neighborhood.
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skyforce 10 was over a deadly crash in gloucester county. this is in elk township. authorities tell us the car crashed into the concrete median before going off the road into the area you see there. vehicles are getting by on the stretch of 55. time for a check on the roads. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is here with us. jessica, any problems at midday? not a lot of problems. i wanted to update you on the 55 accident. that's cleared out of the way so you're good to. go all lanes are open right here. the biggest delays we are seeing is on the vine street expressway around 24th street where you can see big delays approaching the schuylkill express off this off ramp. head westbound if you're heading to 33 station. no problems eastbound right now. the rest of our drive times are in the green. we have no problems on 59 in the schuylkill and the blue route is doing okay right now. when you're in center city because of the four-alarm fire we had last night, locust street between 22nd and 21st is being
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blocked off. so slowdowns in the middle of center city and we want you to watch for icy conditions as they try to extinguish that fire. the roadways became wet and frozen over. this is at market street in new jersey in gloucester city so approaching the philadelphia area you can see you'll have no problem getting to the area bridges but if you're heading to tacony-palmyra, watch out for alternating lanes and construction until 2:00 p.m. >> jessica mentioned the four alarm fire and ice closed a busy street in center city. firefighters battled the bitter cold and flames but we've learned officials may start letting residents back into the building over the next now hours. this is the scene last night as firefighters sprayed water on to that fire from the ground there from those ladders. the frigid weather turned it into ice and it happened quickly. this is what it looked like this morning from skyforce 10. crews are still putting out hot spots at the apartment building near 22nd and locust.
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nbc 10's rosemary connors is on the ground there. roa rosemary rirks you were the first on the scene last night, and you're talking to residents what are they saying? >> absolutely, vai. residents are just trying to get back into the building. we were first on the scene last night just a few blocks away when the fire broke out and it became obvious that it was going to take crews some time to get control of these flames. this is what we're looking at this morning. a frozen aftermath of a two hour battle to extinguish this fire. as incredible as this image is, the flames last night, it was just -- you couldn't believe it. look at the video from skyforce 10. the wind fanned the flames and that made things very difficult for the firefighters out here. 120 firefighters responded to the fire, two suffered minor injuries. in terms of the residents from what we know they were able to make it outside of this 21-unit apartment building. we caught up with one resident whom we spoke to last night, we
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talked to him this morning within the past hour or so, he was here trying to get a look at the building and waiting for licenses and inspections to do their work to let him back in. he tells me the best way to describe his feelings this morning is grateful. >> the most important thing is your life so i -- that's the most important thing so i'm happy with that. other things can be replaced. your friends, family, they're always there. >> it was a difficult scene out here last night and certainly this morning for residents to come to terms with the fact that all of their belongings have most likely burned up or been damaged by the water. i did give a call to the fire commissioner's office this morning to find out more about the cause of the fire and what their investigation will look like throughout the day. we'll continue to follow this and be on it this afternoon at 4:00. reporting live from center city, rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> rosemary, thank you. we're following a developing
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story from wall street. we are watching the big board as u.s. stocks open lower. the drop comes as oil prices fell to levels not seen in more than a decade down 401 and counting. be yourself, that's the advice doug pederson got from his mentor andy reid after the eagles hired pederson as their new head coach. jeffrey lurie introduced pederson yesterday. he was the eagles quarterback at the start of the donovan mcnab era. pederson said he is ready to be the birds' skipper. >> this is not an andy reid football team and it's not a doug pederson football team. this is a philadelphia eagles football team. i get it. this city hasn't won and this organization hasn't won in some time. it's my job to turn that around. i. >> pederson is married with three sons, the oldest is a
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quarter back at a university in in alabama. his youngest kids will finish school in kansas city. john clark of comcast sports net asked pederson about sam bradford. >> i do like him. i liked him when he came out of college. he's a good fit for the organization. he came on strong at the end of the season and did some nice thing things. >> coming up, you'll hear jeffrey lurie and eagles fans sounding off on the new head coach. and the racially-charged comments about an eagles player by a sports radio host that had him quickly issuing an apology. it's soon back to school for hundreds of philadelphia pre-k students in part thanks to new mayor jim kenny. katy zachry was there when they made the announcement. >> reporter: mayor kenny along with city and state education leaders met at an early
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childhood education center. there the mayor red to a classful of kids. he said thesely the highlight of his day but he was there to address a more serious subject. >> let's welcome our mayor! >> reporter: mayor kenney has two education priorities -- universal pre-k and opening two university schools. he's made headway on the pre-k front. city education leaders have pushed lawmakers to release state funds for pre-k counts, an income-based program that sends kids to pre-school. so far this year many children in that program have not been at school because funding is tied up in the state budget impasse. mayor kenney says they fought hard for the state to release some dollars. >> we have 7,000 people locked up in county prison. if those men and women had this opportunity they wouldn't be there. >> this has historic investment, we wish we could invest more and move much more quick ly there ae
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students and families waiting for services and it's our job as representatives of this community and all communities across the commonwealth to provide them that. >> the state secretary of education says governor wolf is working hard to send more money to cities around the state so they can fill additional pre-k spots, reporting from city hall, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. a new lease on life for seven lucky dogs that arrived at philadelphia international airport last night from puerto rico. the pennsylvania spca is partnering with a group dedicated to saving abandoned dogs in puerto rico where spaying and neutering is not comment. the dogs will eventually be put up for adoption. the one person's endorsement a game changer in 2016? >> i'm here to support the next president of the united states, donald trump. sarah palin stumps for trump. will her support transform the look of the race? reaction from trump's rivals.
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fighting back, a driver forces some attempted carjackers to change their plans and it was all caught on camera. cold and clear for right now. we could get flurries and scattered snow showers later this evening through the overnight but all eyes on a bigger storm for the end of the week friday into saturday. i'll be back with the latest plus a look at the seven-day after the break.
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29 degrees in philadelphia and we're continuing to track potentially big weather event nbc 10 first alert satellite imaging showing a storm developing to our west. karen thomas will be back in just a minute with the latest forecast. donald trump now has the endorsement of sarah palin and the two republicans will be on the campaign trail together today. trump was in norwalk, iowa, this morning. palin is expected to join him at two campaign events. they're trying to drum up support less than two weeks away from the iowa caucuses. nbc's peter alexander takes a closer look at what palin's endorsement means for trump. >> reporter: donald trump's biggest endorsement to date came sealed with a kiss. >> thank you so much. it's so great to be in iowa. we're here.
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>> reporter: sarah palin praising perhaps the one candidate most like herself. >> i'm in it to win it. we're not gonna chill. in fact, it's time to drill, baby, drill. are you ready for a commander-in-chief who will let our warriors do their job and go kick aaisis' ass. >> reporter: palin made her best pitch. >> our leader a little bit different. he's a multibillionaire. not that there's anything wrong with that. it's amazing, he is not elitist at all. >> we're going to give them hell. >> reporter: for ted cruz, the evening rally capped off a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad di. earlier an aide insisted joining team trump would hurt her with conservatives. palin's daughter pounced. "after hearing what cruz is saying about my mom in a negative knee jerk reaction makes me hope my mom does endorse trump." cruz quickly tried to smooth
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things over. >> i love sarah palin. sarah palin is fantastic. without her friendship and support i wouldn't be in the senate today. >> reporter: the hits kept coming. after a fight over farming, iowa governor told reporters he wanted to see the texas senator defeated. cruz shrugged that off. >> it's no surprised that the establishment is in full panic mode. >> reporter: cruz's day best summed up by the rolling stones song. ♪ you can't always get what you want ♪ >> reporter: the trump played it before palin took the stage. >> that was nbc's peter alexander reporting. this morning ted cruz is trying to bounce back in new hampshire. this is video from a town hall where he promised the crowd as president he'd pass a flat tax for all americans and said there should be no subsidies for any energy source, whether it's ethanol, gas or anything else. rubio is running thursday behind trump and ted cruz. this morning he was in new hampshire during a speech at a senior center rubio spoke about
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enforcing immigration laws and rebuilding the military. a federal health and human services official heads to hunt from, michigan today. that follows a meeting yesterday between the city's mayor and president obama mayor karen weaver met with some of the president's staff as she seeks federal help for flint. two years ago, a state-appointed emergency manager switched from detroit's water system to the flint river in order to save money. later tests showed high levels of lead in drinking water and children's blood. some angry flint residents protested in michigan state capital before the governor gave his state of the state address. while the governor pledged to fix the crisis, these residents called for snyder to step down. >> the state failed us. they lied: this is a shame. this is a shamble of a government and this is not my government or my governor. >> i know apologies won't make up for the mistakes that were
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made, nothing will. but i take full responsibility to fix the problem so it will never happen again. >> governor snyder proposed spending close to $30 million on emergency measures to deal with the water crisis in flint and he is deploying more national guard to the city to pass out bottled water. and take a look at not one but two drivers here fight off a group of people who were trying to steal their cars. the surveillance video was taken at a florida gas station monday night. you see theme people run up to the car with guns drawn but that driver locks the doors and just takes off and then they try to steal that red convertible. the driver confronts them and the three people run away. officers caught the group a short time later and arrested them. it's a bundle-up kind of day as we check our headlines, crisp and clear for now. clouds moving in later today.
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feeling quite chilly outside for sure. we could see a passing snow flurry, isolated snow shower overnight tonight into tomorrow but all eyes watching for friday late in the afternoon early evening as the winter storm approaches from the south so we will keep a close eye on that for sure 2. 1 degrees right now up in mount pocono with the clouds around in the northeast, 35 degrees and 31 degre degre degrees. skiers are loving it at cam camelback mountain. they are bundled up but the sunshine is helping them see their way down the slope. temperatures across the region slowly but surely starting to tick. 31 at philly international airport. a wind still kicking from the northwest pretty good. 10 miles per hour in philadelphia. strong as well along the
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shoreline, 12 miles per hour in atlantic city, 13 miles per hour in dover. this is what it feels like when we factor in the windchill. i don't think they're complaining. isolated snow flurry, maybe an isolated snow shower with a clipper system coming out of the great lakes but that will move quickly. thursday we dry out and watch the system down here, the carolinas generating its energy and the low system getting itself together as it chugs up friday towards us. this is saturday overnight, the one computer model looking like nerve the southeastern quadrant here with south jersey and delaware. many this model looking like snow. you can see the rain/snow line in southern delaware. what we can tell you right now is that the storm will impact us late friday most of saturday. coastal flooding and gusty winds big concerns.
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especially along the shoreline with this system. plowable snow likely in philadelphia u. changeover to rain is possible on saturday. what we are still watching, the exact storm track is still unclear because once we nail that dun, when the models come into more confidence with that we'll know where the rain/snow line sets up. sun and clouds for today. snow showers later tonight, isolated flurry action. we'll show you the seven-day forecast. tomorrow high pressure sets up, 37 degrees. we're dry, clouds will thicken and the system moves in for friday night into saturday so we will keep a check on this just in terms of who's getting what out of this but we snow snow is coming. we are watching, tidal flooding could be an issue. strong winds. this is going to take the shape of a nor'easter, especially that track cuts to the north of us there. >> and anybody that's planning on driving anywhere this weekend
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probably may not be a good idea. it will be treacherous out there. it turns from snow to rain and gets icy on the roads. >> and don't forget we have blustery conditions mixed into that through saturday and saturday night so it won't be much of a driving weekend, at least until sunday afternoon. >> okay, thank you very much. road crews aren't the only ones preparing for the snow. local businesses are hoping the anticipated snow will be good for their bottom line. see how they're getting ready to take advantage of this bad weather that that's about to come. real life hero. jamie foxx is known as an action star on the big screen but he sprang into action to save someone in an emergency. see how.
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this week's wednesday's child is a young man who loves sports and video games and loves to laugh. he dreams of serving his country one di. all that's missing is a forever family. i want to introduce you to quatrell. >> watch that, touchdown! giants touchdown! come on! told you! >> you got to be kidding me. 16-year-old quatrell has a great sense of humor and loves to share it with everyone he meets. he likes playing sports and video games so we met up at play 2 in south philly for a little pig skin. >> yes, yes! >> oh, my goodness i was about to hit that hole! what? we had a great time trying to
11:26 am
outdual each other. the 11th grader does well in school and his favorite class. >> history. >> history? >> yeah. >> why history? >> i like to learn about war because that's what i want to do in the future. i want to be a marine. >> you? >> yeah. >> he is very ambitious, the ideal family would be there to support quatrell with his life goals. >> the best type of family would be a family that would help him transition to adulthood. somebody that could help him out with various skills from balancing a checkbook, budgeting, those types of things. >> he knows what he would like in a forever family. >> brothers and sisters, pets, mom, dad, nice things. >> he would do well in family family structure and he's a great older brother. he would like to maintain a strong relationship with his younger brother. >> an ideal family would be open to siblings. he does have siblings he's very close to his brother. we would want that family to be
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open to maintaining contact and have that contact frequently because that's something that for quatrell is really important. >> he's more than ready for his forever family. >> one, two, three. >> he is this week's wednesday's child. >> he's tall, too. just hilarious. what a great kid. if you'd like to make his dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, go to our web site at, search wednesday's child while you're there. you can call the national adoption center at 1-866-doadopt. if you got a new hoverboard over the holidays, listen up, a new proposal could change the way you ride it. see what some lawmakers want to do coming up. the eagles center at the center of a controversy. see why one radio host comments about jason kelce led to an on air apology.
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right now, first alert weather satellites are tracking a storm system developing over the south central part of the count country. it's the same system that could bring significant snow to our area in a couple days. transportation officials are getting ready, penndot says the lack of snow so far this winter season means they have a lot of salt and supply so they'll have no trouble treating the roads. karen thomas is here with our forecast. hi, karen. >> hi, vai. we are watching the american flag blowing in the wind. we do have winds out there to speak of and that is making things feel much colder outside. we're not feeling as frigid as we were this way, 31 the official temperature right now. 21 in mount pocono, 32 freezing mark in at lannty city, 28 in dover delaware.
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it feels like 19 degrees in wilmington, 24 in atlantic city, single digits if for skiers on the slopes. flurries, scatters, a snow shower passing through the area tonight overnight tonight into early tomorrow. no big accumulation, just a small fast moving clipper system could bring an isolated snow shower. the larger system we're watching over the next 24 to 48 hours as it moves from the west and then sort of dives down here in the tennessee valley, gains energy, pulls moisture from the gulf and develops right off the coast. watching the exact track of this low, but the computer model for friday afternoon just has the system moving south to north coming into our area by late afternoon and early evening, then you see the model puts just about the southeastern piece of pennsylvania, all of delaware and south jersey sort of in the snow realm and you see that rain snow line say inning way off the
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coast and then through saturday and by saturday overnight just about everybody is seeing snow fall. the models need to come close on the track of the low. we will keep a close eye on that for you as that will help us determine who will change over to rain and how much we get in the amount of snow. 35 to 37 for high temperatures across the region. winds will be diminishing. keep an eye out for a flurry or snow shower later today. vai? many businesses in our area are preparing for the winter storm. they're predicting a rush of customers before the snow starts. at the bruno brothers in center city, they have extra meat and cheeses in the case for all of the people who will be snowed in this weekend. they're also planning ahead to accommodate catering orders on saturday, also on sunday. and overat ultimate bake shop in ardmore farmer's market, the staff prepared lots of cupcakes and desserts. >> thursday they should be here stocking up, cookies, comfort food while you're watching the
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snow. >> reporter: at the argyle bouquet in ardmore, the owner wishes the flower business was a little more flexible. she got a look at the extended forecast before ordering tulips from holland, now she's hoping they'll make it before the snow hits on friday. >> some guys aren't very happy they're not making money in overtime but we've been out once all year and that's it. >> we checked in with towns in chester county who say they're preparing to take on the snow. local leaders say the past few winters have taken a toll on their budgets but that's not the case this year. be among the first to know about the changes to the winter storm by downloading the nbc 10 news yavmt you can get updated forecasts, see live radar and check out the blogs from our nbc 10 team of first alert meteorologists. checking out the nbc 10 headlines, a street in center city remains closed after an apartment building fire.
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crews have been putting out hot spots throughout the morning and the water is turning to ice on the ground, locust street between 21st and 22 seasoned closed off. we have learned officials might let residents being into the building later today. skyforce 10 was over this deadly crash in gloucester county, one person died in the wreck on route 55 in elk township, vehicles are getting by on that stretch of 55. hundreds of philadelphia pre-k students will head back to school. that's mayor jim kenney sitting on that chair there. city education leaders are pushing -- pushed harrisburg to release state funds for pre-k counts, an income-based program that sends kids to pre-school this year. a lot of children have not been able to go to pre-k because the funding is tied up in the budget impasse. and look at this new surveillance video at a robbery in a metro pcs if port richmond.
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two men went into the store after it opened yesterday, told an employee to stay quiet while one of the men took money from a regger? the back of the store. the employer was not hurt. police in newcastle county released these surveillance photos from a home invasion where a man and pregnant woman were attacked. authorities say these three men were armed when they entered the home on ashlee place in newcastle monday night. the men took off with cash, illegal drugs and the victim's cell phones. this morning a man is in the hospital after he jumped out of a moving car on to the schuylkill expressway and was hit by another car. this happened near city avenue just before 3:00 this morning. as you just saw, the man was moving and talking to emergency crews as they were putting him in the ambulance. a bit of real-life drama for movie star jamie foxx. he rescued a man trapped inside a burning car this week. nbc's morgan radford has the
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detail for us. >> send an ambulance, please. >> reporter: a horrific accident just outside the home of a familiar face. >> i heard the crash and i heard someone yelling so i get in my car, come down, called 911 and when i get here the truck is over on its side. >> someone is trapped? >> yes, yes, the car is on fire. >> reporter: around 8:30 p.m. monday night, brett kyle, driving under the influence in his white pickup truck, crashed into a ditch, struck a drainage pipe, flipped several times, trapping him as it burst into flames. actor jamie foxx, along with another bystander, rushed to help. >> luckily a guy pulls up, he has emt scissors. i climb in and try to hit his seat belt but he's hovered over. >> reporter: all the while, the flames were growing more intense. >> so i grabbed the scissors from him, cut the seat belt, pulled him out and as we pulled him out, within five seconds later the truck goes up. but we're over here in the grass
11:38 am
celebrating. >> reporter: the tears of a grateful father. >> i'm so glad. so happy. >> you good? >> you were here for my son and as far as i'm concerned he saved his life, because based on the video i saw, he wouldn't have got out of the car. >> i don't look at it as heroic. >> reporter: foxx shared what he said as he pulled brett from the wreckage. >> i said "you have angels around you. you have angels around you." >> reporter: one of them without wings. a little more than six months from the democratic national convention in philadelphia and we got a preview of the preparations that are already under way. this morning in center city organizers said they want to  make it the most diverse and cutting-edge convention the party has ever seen. they're thinking about architectural plans inside of the wells fargo center, how the transportation grid will work and what security plans will look like. another goal is to get local businesses involved in the execution and the dnc wants to help the owners in return.
11:39 am
>> >> partnered with google to come in and help local businesses, particularly small and minority businesses get their online game up to speed. >> they hope the web sites will help those businesses continue to flourish long after the convention is over and, of course, count on nbc 10 to keep you updated on the preparations leading up to the convention in july. it's the cover of the daily news, chip the chipper, this morning. everybody is talking about the differences between the eagles former head coach to the new man in charge, that would be doug pederson. he says he is out to make the birds winners again. eagles owner jeffrey lurie introduced pederson at the nova care complex yesterday. peterson was the eagles quarter back at the start of the donovan mcnabb era. he was also an assistant coach during andy reid's final years in philadelphia and here's pederson and lurie talking about bringing the right experience to the eagles head coaching job. >> i think the people that
11:40 am
have -- that i've been surrounded with in my career, the don shulas, the mike holmgrens, the andy reeds has prepared me for this opportunity. >> you have to be comfortable in your own skin in order to be able to reach out, be accountable to them and make them accountable to you. >> pederson is married with three son, one of whom is a college quarterback. he said his younger kids will remain in kansas city until the school year finishes where peterson was andy reid's offensive coordinator. we also got fan reaction with most birds faithful telling us they're confident pederson is the right man for the job. >> i think that's an excellent choice. excellent pick. >> i had my doubts initially about doug pederson but i have to watch the press conference and give them a chance. >> i'm glad chip's gone but, you know, he's here now, i'm a little happy. >> pederson said it's his job to turn things around for the eagles. pederson's big day was not without some controversy. just before he took the podium,
11:41 am
eagles center jason kelce's name came up. josh innis noticed kelce at the news conference and called kelce a lap dog and made another comment. >> jason kelce is the house negro is what i'm trying to convey to you. that's essentially jay cson kel tse's job. "yes, sir, yes, boss." whoever the head coach will be, he'll be all over that head coach. >> innis later apologized but kelce tweeted out "it's my job to have my coaches and teammates back no matter what, if that makes me a house "n" word, i'll take it." more and more people are ditching their driver's
11:42 am
licenses. we'll look at why coming up. karen? >> we are keeping an eye on a major winter storm that is developing and expected to move west to east into our area friday. just what part of the region will get what out of this major system? we're watching it for you. we'll have details after the break.
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we are continuing to track a potentially big weather event. nbc 10 first alert satellite images show a storm system
11:45 am
developing to our west that could bring significant snow to our area starting on friday. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist karen thomas will be back in a few minutes here with the latest forecast. we'll have that in just a few moments. with the cold temperatures and approaching winter storm, experts say to take precautions to make sure your car runs for you. first, let your car warm up before you take off for work in the morning but don't leave it unattended, that's dangerous. as they told us that the towing company, you should refill all the fluids in your tanks. >> the weather changes, it gets colder, people should pay attention to their batteries, fluid levels, radiators, make sure the coolant levels are where they should be. another suggest, don't ignore warning lights like the low tire pressure warning. make sure to get it checked out so you don't get stuck in the snow and cold. young adults are ditching their driver's licenses. a report out shows just 75% of
11:46 am
people ages 2420-to 24 have one. that's down from nearly 08% in 2011 and 92% from three decades ago. that could raise red flags for auto makers as they deal with the rise of raid-sharing services line uber and millennials in different attitude about cars. a proposed bill in philadelphia is aimed at keeping kids safe while on hoverboards. according to our partners at news works, the new measure would require kids 12 and under to wear helmets, knee pads and elbow pads while on hoverboards. violators could face a $25 fine. if passed, the law would be the first of its kind in the country. the weather is forcing the sixers to reschedule an event honoring an nba legend: he was a fall of fame e er and a channel shows him as one of the 50 greatest players in nba history. the 12 time all star coached in the 1960s.
11:47 am
the team was planning to retire his number saturday night but because of the expected snowstorm the ceremony has been moved to another date. more on that in just a moment. the game and the team celebration of jewish heritage night are scheduled to go on as planned. here to talk more about dolph schays legacy sunny hill. you host a show on wip every week, josh innis made an unfortunate comment about jason kelce calling him a house negro. what do you make of it. were you offended by it? >> you and i are offended by it because it tells you we haven't grown beyond the biases and also certain key words that should or should not be used. i think a lot of times it tells you something about you as an individual. >> okay, and, of course he's offered an apology so we'll take him at his word. let's talk about dolph schays.
11:48 am
tell us about the man and what kind of player he was. >> let me tell you how proud i am of you, your growth in this business and changing from sports to hard news. i'm proud of you now let's talk about dolph. he's one of my favorite guys. i'm young enough and old enough to have seen the nba from its early stages, from joe folks to george to dolp schayes. he was one of the ground breaking players of his era. we think of lebron james and all he can do, dolph schayes was that player. 6'8", mobile, new york city, new york university and the last of the great jewish basketball players, we talk about jewish heritage on saturday so that's dolph schayes. >> he knew about his deliberate utility before he passed away. what did he think about it? >> well, doll isn't the kind of guy that gets excited about that
11:49 am
but one of the things i do remember is dolph came to 7 sixer games with some regularity and wherever he was there always went up, we hugged, he's one of my favorite players and human beings so he's proud of the fact that our organization is willing to look back into history and bring someone like dolph schayes from the syracuse nationals and the philadelphia 76ers and have his number retired? >> let's pivot from dolph to nolan noels. he wears that number to honor him? >> i'm not sure the young guys who he is. they don't know who elgin baylor is. >> that's a shame. so the new date will be -- >> march 20. >> you heard it right fear sonny hill, one of my great friends. appreciate your coming in. his number will be retired and it will be rescheduled for march 20. fans have any specific questions
11:50 am
pertaining to the ceremony or tickets to the game, contact the sixers. and we've posted a lunge on >> will have you, buddy. my man. all right one more look at the fwoer cast. crisp and clear, cold temperatures but we have sunshine out there for this afternoon. clouds will be rolling in later today and we could see a passing flurry, maybe an isolated snow shower overnight and we are tracking very closely a large winter storm set to move in friday night into saturday. 21 degrees in the poconos. 35 in the northeast. 32 in atlantic city and skiers are out in full force. they have been having a blast all morning long an the slopes at camelback. 30 right now in reading 30, in pottstown. 31 in philadelphia. and the 20s mainly south jersey as well as delaware. we have the winds to contend
11:51 am
with out of the west/northwest. breezy conditions up in the poconos out of the northwest in philadelphia. 13 mile per hour in wilmington. it's feeling quite cold outside. maybe not as frigid this time as yesterday but you still need to bundle up if you're heading out this afternoon. we could see an isolated snow shower moving through the area tonight, possibly a flurry, depends where you are. clipper system moving off the great lakes and off the coast. it will be moving quite quickly. we are watching this big system right here. this coming all the way from the central part of the country where it is now developing energy. it's going to tap some gulf moisture and develop outside the tennessee valley and this low is expected to just skirt off the coast. models are still trying to come together. the leading snow models on the exact track of the system. exactly where this low will go, well, it will move off the shore to our south. will it hug the coast and come north? because that will make all of the difference. this leading snow model you see
11:52 am
here for saturday overnight has just about everybody in our viewing region in the snow and that rain/snow line pushed well off the shore. so a few miles and a few temperature degrees can make a difference with this system. watching it closely and we will have more details as the models come through throughout the afternoon. this is what we know. the storm will impact us later friday, most of saturday. coastal flood, gusty winds big concern especially along the shoreline. plowable snow likely in philadelphia. and just watching, watching that exact storm track to know exactly where that rain/snow line will fall. 37 degrees for a high temperature today and tomorrow and we do expect the big storm to be coming in friday night into saturday. we dry out for sunday in the 40s monday and tuesday. we'll be back after the break.
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coming up this afternoon, it's ellen with zac efron and "walking dead star" lauren cohan. a memorable piece of history from the pope's visit to philadelphia is going up on the objection block. and this afternoon when you started bying on the famous fiat the pope drove through the streets of philadelphia. fire crews are addressing the damage to a center city apartment building after a four-alarm fire last night.
11:56 am
nbc 10's rosemary connors tells us they are using a bucket truck to look at the roof this morning. all morning long crews have been putting out hot spots and water has been turning to ice on the ground because of the low temperatures. because of that, locust street between 21st and 22nd is closed off right now and we have learned officials might let residents back into the building today to get some of their belongings. let's turn back to meteorologist karen thomas for a quick check of the weather. >> tomorrow we're dry, the calm before the storm then the winter storm rolls into our area friday night into saturday and, yes, we've got really just about everything with it, snow, rain, freezing rain, we're looking for gusty winds and flooding could be a problem, especially in the back bays and along the shoreline. so this will be one heck of a system, we are encouraged by the snow models as they continue to gain more confidence and get closer together so sheena at 4:00 will have numbers for you. >> thanks for watching nbc 10
11:57 am
news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for karen thomas and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day.
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