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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  January 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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possibly 8 inches or more. could be a cut-off, farther north and west. we could be seeing lesser amounts for the poconos. the i-95 corridor from wilmington to trenton through philadelphia area should be seeing plowable snow. we will be seeing a lot of snow falling, roadway, will it need to get plowed? you'll need to shovel that as it falls. time frame late saturday throughout -- late friday throughout saturday. and finally tapering off late saturday night. for tonight we also have a small weather system approaching. i don't want to ignore this one. this is not the storm for the end of the week. we have a small clipper system approaching from the west and snow showers expected tonight. more on this and then touch more on that winter storm i'll show you more details and closer look at timing. >> crews will start salting the philadelphia roads overnight. and then tomorrow put plows on
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the trucks and load them up with salt, crews will get in place on area highways to await the storm's arrival. the first snowstorm that jim kenney will have to handle as philadelphia mayor. >> we're trying to put into place every piece of equipment we have, get chains on every wheel, plows on every vehicle that can carry a plow. >> mayor kenney attending the u.s. mayor's conference in washington, d.c. but said it's hard to concentrate on that when he's focused on the storm. now this will be our first significant snowstorm of the season and many people are out today. prepare to be shut? over the weekend. >> deanna durante, live in maple glenn, plont gomry county. i know you spoke with people not willing to take any chances. >> you asked people in this area what it was like the last two winters and they will tell you some of them were without power for days. in middle of winter and don't want to be caught off guard.
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>> we lost power. we didn't have power for a week. >> reporter: live it two winters ago. >> an infant woke up, she had lips purple, we can't stay here. too cold. >> you have chests fill with ice, you can't fill the system. you try to prepare. >> reporter: no one wants to be without power for days. for speem shpeople shopping, th hoping it not them again. the snowstorms hit the area multiple times bringing down trees and power lines. >> it was bad. >> reporter: in radnor, delaware, the building looks luke a shelter. people were home for days without heat. no place to charge phones or connect with the outside world. the township is gearing up again in case. >> we have tree crews on stand by because here in radnor we have a lot trees. we'll be ready to go, as limbs
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come down, crews to be able to come in to remove any trees that have fallen. >> reporter: the township plans for the worst and says, despite some improvement like newer suvs for the police and stronger electrical wires it can't predict everything. in 2014 the building housed dozens and they hope they don't have to do it again but they'll be ready. >> residents had issues with being able to shower that week. we had that available to residents. >> reporter: i did speak with one man who was without power three, four days. they were able to find a relative to stay at their house. but the problem is roads and trees were down in the way so they had to tough it out at home. hear from him tonight at 5:00. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> something else to consider, the winter storm is coming as ocean tides will be especially high along our coastline. so there's a serious threat for coatle flooding with all of this. live look from cape may, included in that threat. >> first alert meteorologist
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sheena parveen joins us with problems we could see the jersey shore and delaware beaches. >> talking about especially high high tide because there's a full plo moon at the same time this is occurring. add in 40 mile an hour onshore winds saturday at noon, the area of low pressure spinning offshore, gives us on shore wind with placement of the storm, 40 mile an hour or greater on shore winds i expect wind gusts to be greater and with a full moon at the time of high tide when we expect some of the big of the flooding. so there you see strong winds on shore pushing water on shore with high tide. possible storm surge areas through suspect, beaches, 1 to 3 feet of storm surged area. cape may county, same thing. you see it doesn't change as we go up the coastline. so again, with the full moon and the high tide and strong onshore winds we do expect flooding at
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the shore. expect snow along shore points. we'll take a closer look at forecast for the winter storm. also snow fall and snowfall forecast. i'll show you updates. make sure you have the app on your phone. you can get this for free. keep in touch with the winter storm on the nbc 10 app. >> coastal flooding threat has crews at jersey shore on the move. right now, doing what they can to protect shore homes from a rush of water. >> nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg on the beach in long port with what they're doing to fortify the coastline. >> reporter: quite a bit of distance between the ocean and back of the beach. these mounds of sand were dumped here today to help keep the water where it belongs. once that storm starts blasting the coastline. >> reporter: as public work staffers tested out. of the flood pumps across the
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street from his house, matt duffy told us, he won't hesitate to leave the island if necessary because of high water. >> there's a big storm coming. we're always prepared. it something you have to do living at the beach. >> reporter: on the beach, crews used heavy machinery to close up access tabs with sand to keep the ocean tranquil now from rushing into streets once it becomes angry. >> after three tide cycles probably washed away. it will help stem the first three tide cycles. >> we're concerned, not panicky. >> reporter: communities are bracing for the possibility of significant beach erosion with widespread moderate to major coastal flooding from the storm this weekend. exacerbated by a full moon and strong wind potentially bringing the worst flooding since hurricane sandy. >> could be the nor'easter they
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consider a ten-year event. >> always a concern but we raised our house after sandy. we have to be less worried. >> reporter: meantime, long port getting ready to roll out a pair of surplus military trucks if warranted. could be used to help rescue people trapped by floodwaters. >> we got these vehicles after sandy. preparing for the next event. >> reporter: mayor told told them to move to higher ground, be prready with enough food to stay in homes for 72 hours if needed. >> the delaware beaches are also preparing for possibility of significant flooding. a par of lewis/sussex county sits very low. with storm and extra high tide, officials expect rising waters.
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lewes officials trying to work with residents and business owners on emergency plans. tim furlong will have more live. doug shimell talking to crews what they're doing to prevent power outages. at 5:00, cydney long in camden with more on a new system to alert neighbors about weather threats. breaking news from skyforce 10, the house fire, approaching the fire, lower moreland, montgomery county, smoke rising into the air above trees. one firefighter hurt. we don't know how bad thosees a. the fire ladder poking up out of trees as well. a house fire, lower moreland, montgomery county. we'll continue to gather information and bring you new information as soon as we get it
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a firefighter is hurt. breaking news. man wanted for allegedly threatening to shoot police officers in philadelphia and new york now in custody. anonymous tip today put both departments on alert. nbc 10's lauren mayk with breaking details. >> reporter: i just spoke with police commissioner ross and confirmed they got this information today. it was anonymous, indicated that a man wanted to inflict harm on police officers in new york and possibly here in philadelphia. here's how he told me that this information came in. >> as i understand it, nypd relayed information to us because they thought it was something to it or wanted to take necessary precautions. so we're going to do the same. >> reporter: i asked if the man had connections to philadelphia. there are several addresses that he does have connections to here in the city. our sister station in new york reporting that this tipster who contacted police reported that the man that they are talking
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about had claimed -- pledged his allegiance to isis. of course all of this, weeks after the shooting of officer hartman. police commissioner ross tells me officers patrolling in pairs and that that will continue for some time. police tell me that they are sending out an alert to members of the department. lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> the threat comes less than two weeks after the map ambushed a philadelphia police officer, shot him, as he was sitting be side his car. today, new information about the condition of officer jesse heart net, he's no longer hooked up to wires and is free to move around. he should be going home soon. doctors are pushing off his next surgery because they have to call in a specialist. this just in. wall street slump continues after early nose dive of 500 points. stocks made up ground. live look at big board shows dow finished down nearly 250 points.
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and nbc 10 keith jones monitoring the developments and effects on local stocks. he's live in our digital operations center. >> another plunge in oil, really, sent stocks lower today. brought the markets to the lowest level in two years. dow just finished down 248 points. the other major indexes lost ground. one point the dow more than 560 points down. that was before 1:00 this afternoon. another drop in the price of crude oil's responsible for today's drop. price of crude oil sank another 5%. worried investors that more banker season lay-offs under way for oil and gas companies. local impact of the wall street slump. camden-based campbell soup dropped 23 cents, close at 54 a share. philadelphia-based aramark dropped five cents a share to $30. comcast lost 64 cents a share
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finishing at $53. fears of a slowdown in china, key market for u.s. companies, helped lead to the turbulent start of the new year on wall street. keith jones, nbc 10 news. mother is now facing charges in the death of her 2-year-old daughter inside a king of prussia motel. the district attorney and upper marion police chief announcing involuntary manslaughter charges against this woman, christina griffith. her daughter ingested prescription pills that had fallen on the floor of the motel room. authorities say griffith was negligent in not getting medical treatment for her daughter. new video of a deadly house fire in new castle county. investigators went back to the scene to find out how it started. that house went up in flames around 11:00 last night. firefighters found one person dead inside. investigators have not identified the victim. traffic moving again on route 55 in gloucester following
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a deadly crash. skyforce 10 over the scene around elk township. the car there crashed into a concrete median before ending up in the wooded area. the passenger was killed. driver is in the hospital. skyforce 10 flew above the burned out, and now ice covered center city apartment building that went up in flames last night. now the challenge cleaning everything up before the snow arrives. nbc 10 first to bring you breaking news at 5:00 p.m. yesterday. here are flames as they were developing last night. now today, learning how much damage was done and how many people are impacted by this fire. rosemary connors live with more for us. >> reporter: jim, imminently dangerous is how licenses and inspections describes state of the apartment building right now. that's because some of the masonry was damaged due to the fire. that's why you see crews going up and down in the lift here.
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getting up to the roof of the building, trying to do limited demoliti demolition, removing free standing macerienry pieces. concern they could fall on to neighboring properties. work's cut out for them. ahead of the winter storm this weekend. crews assess the frozen and charred mess, residents and neighbors reflected on the intensity of tuesday's fast-moving fire, torched the 22-unit apartment building on low cuss street. >> i was on my route to see how bad it was. i called my neighbor, i said, you've got it get out now. >> reporter: jerry took the video from his roof. >> happy no one got hurt and everyone's fine. you can replace everything. >> most important thing is your life. >> reporter: this man supposed to start a new jobs a doctor in northeast philadelphia tomorrow, lived here on the second floor of the apartment building, and got out as soon as he smelled smoke and heard the alarm. >> hopefully we can recover basic things and clothes.
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>> found loose masonry around the roof line. the roof has collapsed three stories into the first floor level. >> reporter: philadelphia's licenses and inspection crews have work cut out for them. demolishing some free-standing masonry will be a race against the clock. >> with the snow, we want to be extra cautious with this building because of the additional loads of the snow placed on the remaining interior structure. >> reporter: crews plan to be here through tomorrow. again, trying to secure the building. lni plans to keep majority of the building, that's the goal, for a couple of reasons. one, historic building, constructed in the late 1800s. want to preserve as much as they can of the fire scene so fire investigators can get in there in the next couple of days to do their work. rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. police hope you can help find three gunmen who broke into a new castle county home and
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assaulted two inside. one victim a pregnant woman. investigators released surveillance photos of the three. they say the three broke into a home in the community of ashley monday. a man and the pregnant woman inside, the thieves demanded cash, drugs and the victim's cell phone. investigators believe the three are in late teens or early 20s. call new castle county police with information. today, hearing from atlantic city mayor don guardian since governor christie vetoed a financial aid package for the city. marty small in trenton today try to convince lawmakers a takeover by the state is not the way to go. they're shocked by the idea especially since ac has considerable oversight by the state. >> we ran under great scrutiny. we have worked cooperatively with our monitor as well as emergency manager. and we followed the
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recommendations that they have. we're trying to find a solution. >> the state would have to approve bankruptcy filing for atlantic city. >> now, you're nbc 10 first alert weather. with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, we are all watching the winter storm by the end of the week closely. timing is going to put it late friday into saturday especially early morning hours on saturday. that's when we expect most snow to get here. and be falling and akul lating. expected snow totals, as we go into the weekend. i'll show you those in a second. aside from the snow, also talking about coastal concerns we have. flooding concerns there with high tide and a new moon and strong onshore wind. right now, temperatures are in the mid to low 30s through the area. not as windy and cold. still freezing for most of the area. we have a small system approaching the area for later on tonight. this is not the winter storm for
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the end of the week. a small clipper system approaching western p.a. so, for the late night hours this evening, we expect some snow showers approach the area. there you see it. it's nothing heavy. and as we go through tonight, we're going to see snow showers moving in. so we could see very little to no accumulation across part of the area. here what happens future weather shows by midnight tonight, maybe a coating, possibly areas being close to half an inch through overnight hours. keep in mind as you head out tomorrow morning if any does stick which i think it would as it reaches the surface. we could see slippery roadways tomorrow. now talk about the storm for the weekend. looking in the pacific northwest. models of -- all still consistent on picking up on the storm, still seeing it like we have been over the past couple of days. now jump ahead to friday morning here when we see this storm just to our south. you see rain and snow with it. it's going to slide up the
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mid-atlantic states. now looking closer at timing here. finally starting to fin point some of the timing with this. 6:00 p.m. friday, snow to our south, moving into washington. then we see it move up as we go through friday night. this is 11:00 p.m., approaching philadelphia area, south jersey, delaware. already be seeing snow. as of now, it looks as though that rain/snow line hanging near the shore which would mean snow for new jersey and delaware, possibly closer to the shore. 6:00 a.m. saturday. snow continues. cut-off closer to the poconos and lehigh valley. by 10:00 a.m. saturday, snow falling, an event that's going to last through most of saturday. here's snow forecast. least amount could be north and west of the poconos and lehigh valley. highest amounts near the i-95 corridor, in parts of northern delaware and areas like chester and going into parts of new jersey and we'll keep watching totals because they could be changing. we do expect to be updated more
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as we go into the rest of the week. some areas could see over a foot. but that's what the highest amount. late snow showers moving in. temperatures mid to low 20s. tomorrow, see a nice day. it's going to be sunny, cold, and dry tomorrow. 35 to 38 degrees. you'd never know tomorrow that we have a snowstorm coming as we go into the weekend. friday you see it. snow approaching. again, later on in the evening, then we go into saturday and again i think a lot of the snow falling overnight friday into early saturday. and before sunrise we'll see a lot of the snow accumulating which is going to be a good time to accumulate and stick. temperatures are going to be well below freezing at that time. then we go through saturday, see the snow falling across the area. of course we will be tracking it and keeping you updated. right now, you want to prepare for it. i think good thing about this, it's coming over the weekend not during the week. then it would be a met with commuting. >> and overnight mostly and into
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saturday. >> also, windy at this time. we have a blizzard watch already to our south and west around washington, d.c. it's going to be windy and snowy. visibility's going to drop. blowing snow. a chance of power outages. >> a couple more days out. but still the picture's clearer. >> team of nbc 10 first alert meteorologists going to. updating forecast now until the storm passes. get all new information to prepare at your fingertips with the nbc 10 news app. a long list of tools available, including latest forecast, of course, hour by hour live radar, blogs from first alert chief metrologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. see live cameras from nbc 10 skycam network. also sign up for weather alers and notifications about school closing or delays. see a list of locations where you can plug in and power up devices if power goes out in the storm. free service offered by comcast,
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nbc 10's parent company. tools free on the nbc 10 news app for smartphone and tablet. memorable piece of history from the pope's visit to philadelphia going up on the auction block. and when you can start bidding on that famous fiat the pope drove through philadelphia. calling all nittany lions, input penn state wants from alums about changes. a hollywood actress is ready to live her truth. health battle jamie lynn sigler revealing when nbc 10 news continues.
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>> skyforce 10 over the scene of breaking news in montgomery county. in lower moreland, firefighter battling difficult flames and cold. one firefighter injured in the fire. we're collecting to see how bad
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injuries are. we'll continue to follow breaking news and bring you new affirmative action as we get it. on a lighter note, you're going to have an opportunity to own a popemobile, one of the two fiats that carried the pope through the city last september. auctioned friday, january 29th at philadelphia auto show. the archdiocese announced it today. the archdiocese considering an auction for that one as well. so much fun to see him riding around in that car, not only here but d.c. and new york. >> iconic. major winter storm two days away. nbc 10 here to help you prepare. >> first alert meteorologist sheena parveen back giving us an idea how much snow we could see. >> how much snow. i will show you the totals coming up. also timing. we'll take a close look when it's expected to move in. straight ahead. if you live in an area prone to power outages, you may have
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started seeing utility crews on your block. story coming up.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> breaking news in montgomery county. skyforce 10 live over a house fire in welsh road, lower morgan. we saw the flames coming through the rooftop and windows. now the house is fully engulfed in flames. one firefighter injured. checking to see how badly. we'll continue to follow this breaking news story and bring you information as soon as we get it. developing story, more than a foot of snowing how much this winter storm out west could bring to our area. new information about how much
4:31 pm
snow could fall anywhere. first alert meteorology sheena parveen here with a look at the predicted snow totals. >> we expect snow, heavy at times, some heavy, wet snow. we could be seeing a lot of the storm. wind and the snow and the potential for even power outages. take a look at snowfall forecast, we just have this today. we just made this forecast for you. there is a blizzard watch for washington, d.c. area with wind and heavy snow. that heavier amount going to filler in our area. could be seeing 14 inches or more, northern delaware, chester county. possibly 10 or more around philadelphia up to trenton and higher amounts as we go through area with heavier bands of snow. we'll be tweaking this as we go through. more updates. coming in. lehigh valley, poconos, you could be on the edge of this storm system. on the edge of the snow.
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for the lehigh valley now, staying around 6 inches. poconos less than that. it's going to depend on the track of the storm. on the edge, that is a tricky area to be on. of course, we'll have a clearer image of this as we get closer to the event. right now, it looks like quite a bit of snow through south jersey and delaware. models show, future weather showing snow. now going into friday. storm system to our south. snow to our south. friday afternoon, keep in mind. looks as though this will barely be missing evening rush. but timing will get closer as we get closer. over night going into friday and overnight hours into saturday, snow moves in. and continues to accumulate through the day on saturday. so coming up, we'll take a closer look at timing, go hour by hour and talk about snow totals and possibly snow showers tonight. that's straight ahead. >> a concern, the storm's gusty winds, could be enough to bring
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down trees and power lines, too. that could leave you in the dark there today, crews out doing what they can to keep your electricity buzzing. nbc 10's doug shimell live in bucks county where the crews are hard at work. doug? >> reporter: the utilities know where the usual suspects are. the places that tend to lose their power first. so, you may have already seen them on your block, if you're one of the usual suspects. >> know storms and gravity don't mix. in west rock hill township, ppl utility crews know their power lines are surrounded by trees which makes them prime targets. >> thinking in terms of heavy ice or snow, sometimes what looks on a clear day like something that would be clear, the line could be a risk in the face of a heavy storm. >> reporter: from getting rid of the risk, power companies hope to keep electric lines up during saturday's storm. >> track the areas where we have
4:34 pm
the largest number of outages and we've prioritized those earlier in the year. >> reporter: seeing tree trimming on her road gives this woman hope that they won't be the first ones out and the last ones on as usual. >> i'm very relieved. give us a better chance not being out for as long, hopefully nothing happens at all. >> reporter: of course, even the best intentions and all of 0 the tree trimming storms sometimes make their way past all of that. so utility companies advise you to have your phones and tablets and other defieses fully charged dpeing into saturday live. doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> forecast for flooding and snowfall will continue to change as the storm approaches. use our nbc 10 app to prepare. find updated forecasts, snow totals and live radar. also sign up for text alerts. other stories making
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headlines on "nbc 10 news at 4:00." a man accused of threatening to shoot police officers in philadelphia and new york is now under arrest. the nypd received anonymous tip about the thread today. philadelphia officers are already working in pairs, after the shooting of officer jessy hartnett a few weeks ago. stocks recovered after early plunged caused by another drop in oil prices. dow finished down 249 points but down as much as 565 points earlier. its lowest level in two years. 20 people dead after an attack at a university in pakistan today. gunmen stormed the school this morning and traded fire with police. four of the gunmen among those killed. taliban leader claimed responsibility and the same leader masterminded an attack that killed more than 130 skill children two years ago. michigan's governor pledging to take new steps to fix the water crisis in the city of flint. flint's tap water contaminated with too much lead after the
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city tried to save money by switching water sources two years ago. the governor of michigan says the state will commit $28 million to pay for filters, bottled water and health professionals. also promising more transparency. he'll release his own e-mails concerning the water situation. more than 180,000 bottles of water for residents arrived courtesy of pop icon cher. cher and icelandic glacial announced partnering to bring the water. bottles head to community centers, food banks and firehouses in low income areas. disney says some of its onesies could pose a threat to babies. >> clothe being pulled through store shelves. how your face will be a bigger part of the process of getting through security.
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>> new york, new security measure in place at jfk airport. the airport using face
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recognition technology allows customsing as to match a person. face to passport. the airport says technology implemented to reduce human error. recall to pass along to parents. if you visited a disney park or resort recently, disney parks and resorts recalling two styles of infant oncies, darth vad somewhere disneyland 60th anniversary. a snap can detach and cause choking has art. a new lawsuit accuses chipley trying to cover up the norovir norovirus. they became sick in august. according to the suit, a kitchen manager became sick at work but continued to handle food until diagnosed with norovirus days late. >> penn state asking fanser to ideas how to improve beaver stadium. >> giving out survey to ticket
4:41 pm
holders, students and alumni. beaver stadium the second largest college football venue. university officials received complaints for years the building is overcrowded. penn state's athletic director has said she'd rather renovate than build a new one. washington, d.c. has issued a blizzard alert with winter storm approaching the east coast. >> putting out the call for help. how hundreds are stepping up to make sure everyone survives this storm. sheena's keeping an eye on it. >> tracking that storm as we go into the end of the week. winter storm with snowfall. we'll show you that snow map, how much you may be able to expect and also snow showers tonight too. straight ahead. winter is hard on your nose.
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from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better so you can face winter happily. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. and try puffs softpack today.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> welcome back. as we brace for the first major snowstorm of the season, scientists predicting the warmest year ever this year, after 2015 already set all-sometime warmth record. according to nasa and knnoaa, lt year's temperature broke the previous record by 0.23 degrees. 2015's temperature increase fueled by el nino and several weather events including heat waves, drought, wildfires. nation's capital preparing for the first major winter storm of the season. the mayor says the city's helped recruit 2,000 volunteers to remove snow for elderly and disabled. each volunteer assigned a neighbor who needs help and given a snow shovel from the city. >> this year we have, for the first time, recruited volunteers to help people, seniors, people with disabilities around
4:46 pm
columbia. >> washington, d.c., could have historic snow event this weekend. once it hits d.c., we are not far behind. >> we are next, up to a foot of snow, some areas, less for other people. sheena parveen keeping an eye on that. good time to think about neighbors who might not be able to shovel sidewalks or front walk. >> absolutely. prepare for that before we go into the weekend because timing is going to put it across the first half of your weekend. if you can try to help out, we are looking at winter storm moving in late friday, throughout the morning on saturday. we do expect quite a bit of snowfall as of now. of course, we'll keep updating this. more updates tonight, tomorrow morning, for the rest of the week. and we still are about 48 hours out from this. but we have expect exed snowfall totals for you. coastal flooding a concern aside from the snow we expect along new jersey and delaware's shoreline, expect a strong
4:47 pm
onshore wind. and we also expect full moon along with high tide. we are watching for flooding. right now, pretty much in the mid to low 30s across the area. much of the area below freezing. aside from the storm later this week, have our own area of snow showers. some parts may be seeing very light snow or flurries around. so this is a smaller clipper system. certainly not snowstorm. there you see quite a bit of snow, western p.a. and light snowflakes trying to move. lancaster, chester county, south of 76 light snowfall. tonight, here's what computer models are picking up on. snow showers, 1:00 in the morning, a lot moving through overnight. small accumulations, maybe a coating in some areas. but by early tomorrow morning that will be gone. just keep in mind we could have slick spots in areas that that snow does stick. it will be cold enough for any
4:48 pm
any of that to stick to it, it could be light. pacific northwest you don't see an organized storm yet. this is the area that we are watching. and by friday morning, it should be down to our south. so the models for days now have been very consistent on picking up on this developing winter storm putting it to our south by 8:00 friday morning and then you see that snow moving in. it will be cold enough to support snow. so we already know that. 6:00 friday evening, it our south, moving into delaware, new jersey. late friday night. friday 11:00 p.m. snow continues to move in. we're going to have to watch this closely. because notice, a rain/snow line here. it's hanging offshore. if that track shifts, that rain/snow line could be shifting and then we'd have to adjust snow totals by 6:00 a.m. saturday. heavy snow across the airport 10:00 a.m. snow fall, not tapering off until saturday night. could have some into sunday morning. snowfall amounts, possibly 14
4:49 pm
inches as you get closer into northern delaware, chester, and 10 or more through the philadelphia area towards trenton. less amounts farther north and west you go because that's where the cut-off will start to take place. we could even see higher amounts in new jersey and delaware as well with that snow developing and continuing to get heavier overnight friday. tonight, though, late snow showers moving in. 25 for the low in philadelphia. 20 areas north and west. tomorrow sunny, cold day. dry day. hard to believe winter storm coming with tomorrow's weather. temperatures around 37 for thursday. then friday, we see clouds increasing. temperatures in the mid-30s. friday afternoon. and then you see late snow moving in later friday night. so far it does look to be moving in just after the evening commute. still 48 hours out. that timing could change quite a bit. we will be watching that closely with that snow approaching from the south. saturday, that is the day, windy, snowy through good
4:50 pm
majority of the area. so, that is why we are watching saturday morning veriesies very. low visibility, heavy waet snet possible pouter out annuals. >> good time thinking of changing travel plans. >> saturday's the day i would avoid. better safe than sorry. planning on traveling saturday wait a day. >> thank you. sheena the rest of the nbc 10 weather team meteorologists working around the clock. aside from forecasts only the air and nbc 10 news app follow on twitter for the timing and snow total predictions. hollywood star revealing her private health battle. >> jamie lynn sigler had multiple sclerosis for several years. next, why she's sharing her story with the world.
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>> this is nbc 10 news. >> 15 years for jamie lynn significant already to admit to the world she has multiple sclerosis. now the star is ready to live her truth. >> a decision a local mom living with m.s. and her daughter who also has autoimmune disorder understand. keith jones. >> hey. how was your interview for the internship? >> got moved to next week. >> reporter: nothing seemed to frighten meadow soprano. in real life, terrified revea revealing e-schad multiple
4:55 pm
sclerosis. i was too scared for fear everything would go away. i can't wait to see what life has in store now that i can finally live my truth. >> i'm scared but being scared isn't going to help my journey. >> reporter: ali diagnosed 14 years ago not long after she had her daughter. m.s. immune system disorder that affects the central nervous system. there is no cure. roberts suffers from memory loss, symptoms vary greatly from person to person. early symptoms include, blurred or double vision, thinking problems, clumsinesclumsiness, tingling. >> listen to your own body every day and know when something's off. >> reporter: as her daughter diagnosed with celiac disease, she felt guilty. >> makes me feel like i did this. >> i don't think she should feel guilty. you can't control what's in your genes. >> reporter: the sophomore says if she could, she would tell jamie lynn sigler's young son to
4:56 pm
go easy on his mom when she isn't feeling well. >> sometimes i can't do everything that other moms can do but it doesn't mean they're not trying. >> we can report, ali and her daughter are doing well, holding their own against two difficult diseases. "nbc 10 news at 5:00" is next. brand-new information for the first alert weather teaming traing winter storm. >> could see light snow showers tonight. by the end of the week and saturday, tracking winter storm. snow totals to show you coming up.
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. nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 5:00, how much snow you should expect on your block. new numbers we just received. it's not just snow that has people on high alert. the jersey shore and delaware beaches are preparing for major coastal flooding. nbc 10 has live team coverage from all three states as people get ready for what the storm might bring. >> the nbc 10 first alert weather team. updating forecasts throughout the night as they get new information. right to sheena parveen. bring it on, how much snow? >> quite a bit of snow especially in you are in those heavier bands. we expect heavy bands. a lot of this coming through overnight hours friday into saturday morning. take a look at numbers we put up
5:00 pm
here. now these will be changing as we go into tomorrow and friday. we'll be updating these as we get a closer look at the storm as it gets closer to us. right now saying possibly 14 inches or more as we get into northern delaware, areas like chester county, possibly interior new jersey, and that also is leading into parts of washington, d.c., where they're under a blizzard watch for this storm approaching over the weekend. for the philadelphia area, possibly 10 inches or more. that extends up to trenton, interior new jersey, suburbs north and west. there's a cut-off for the snow. that's going to lie closer to the poconos and lehigh valley. that's what it looks like now. again, watch the storm track closely because any shift could push that snow line back up to the north and west and bring a rain/snow line into new jersey and delaware, or the opposite would happen. this is what it looks like as of now. snowfall expected, a good portion, through a good portion of the area. so, yes, we


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