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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  February 1, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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degrees. into the middle 50s and still climbing at 1:00 this afternoon. we will be dry at 1:00. there's wet weather moving in. you can see it in western pennsylvania right now. those rain showers later today. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood. a lot of red on the map here. this is a live look at route 202 around church road. you can see headed northbound, there is an emergency vehicle possibly coming up to help this accident situation. so here are the details. it's taking place route 202 northbound right between route 30 and the exit for paoli, which is for route 252. there's a lathe -- lane restriction there. this is in camden, a look at 76 at market street. things are moving very smoothly
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right there. area bridges are free and clear of problems as well. that's good. that's not holding people up any bit this morning. mass transit, septa, patco, amtrak, new jersey transit, d.a.r.t., everything is running on or close to schedule this morning. >> katy, thanks. now to decision 2016. the iowa caucuses are tonight. >> this is a key part of the process. iowa is the first state to hold caucuses and it's been used as a measuring stick of sorts for presidential campaigns during the primary season. yesterday's final full day of campaigning was very busy to say the least. more than a dozen candidates on both sides held nearly 40 events across iowa just to getç an ed going into the caucusing tonight. and the republican side, many analysts say a high turnout will favor donald trump. a low turnout and ted cruz and marco rubio could benefit. yesterday, the gop hopefuls
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delivered their final pitches to iowa voters. here's a listen. >> 16 years and you haven't picked a winner. please pick a winner this time. okay? i'm going to win. >> we've been burned over and over and over again. the stakes are too high. we cannot be burned again. >> this is not about making a point. it's about making a difference. this election has to be about winning the future. i know we will. >> democrats bernie sanders and hillary clinton highlighted the contrast between them in their final stump speeches but they took no personal shots at each other. the iowa caucuses begin tonight at 8:00 our time. >> if you want to know how the caucuses work, stay with us. that's coming up in just a few minutes at 5:45. the weather could impact on how many iowans could actually caucus tonight. >> forecasters are tracking a snowstorm moving across the midwest right now. they say it will move over iowa by later this evening. several of the candidates urge
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voters yesterdays not to let the weather hold them back from making their voices heard. once the iowa voters make their choices, it's on to new hampshire and the first in the nation primary one week from tomorrow. to get voters ready, msnbc will host a democratic presidential debate this thursday night at 9:00. all three contenders, hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley are expected to attend. count on nbc 10 for your complete coverage of the iowa caucuses. lauren mayk is reporting live from iowa through tomorrow. you can watch her report this afternoon on nbc 10 news and online with the nbc 10 app and, westbound. 5:33. water service is expected to resume this morning in spring garden after a water main break last night on north street. repairç crews were there fixin the broken six inch main. it also caused a small cave-in on the street. they fixed the same pipe last
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week. we have a call in to them to see when the water will be back on. we expect new information about the deadly amtrak derailment. investigators will be using the information in the report to determine an official cause. you may remember it was on may 12th last year in the city's port richmond neighborhood when amtrak 188 was going 106 miles an hour around a 50 mile-an-hour curve. that's when the train derailed killing eight passengers and injuring more than 200. today's ntsb report is expected to be most significant since june of last year. one of the key points of interest will be the transcripts of interviews conducted by the engineer, brandon bostian who said he didn't remember what happened prior to the crash. stratford police will release more information about a person hit and killed while
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walking along south white horse pike. the accident happened last night in stratford. police tell us the victim died at the scene but they are not releasing any other information. the driver did stop and talk with police. a philadelphia family is looking for closure one year after the murder of a cloth-bound teenager. d'andre bing was shot and killed in north philadelphia on january 23rd last year. police still have not made any arrests in his case. last night, d'andre's family and friends held a vigil to keep his memory alive. >> the last year has been horrible. it's been horrible. i will never ever get used to not having my son. >> even though we lost him, our love for him runs deep. >> d'andre's school, eastern university academy charter school is establishing a scholarship in hisç name to ma sure he is never forgotten. today, the falls bridge that connects kelly drive and martin
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luther king drive will close for repairs. nbc 10's drew smith is live in philadelphia's east falls neighborhood this morning. this is expected to last months. >> reporter: it's going to be a while and it's going to be a problem. the road blocks are out here. we're waiting for the streets department to come out and close off the bridge. it's going to be all car traffic that's closed off. the detour signs are up all over, you'll see them on the schuylkill expressway, and kelly avenue. workers will strengthen the existing beam. the bridge connects kelly drive and martin luther king drive, busy alternate routes to interstate 76. the streets department is asking for patience through this construction. there also is a popular biking spot. you'll see walkers, runners as well. they come up on the art museum, loop around and they take the
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bridge. one of the sidewalks will remain open. all cars are off limits. the detour signs direct you to the city avenue bridge. live in east falls, drew smith, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry is keeping an eye on an accident. i can see those taillights in that video, katy. >> an important heads up to give to drivers if 202 is part of your morning commute. this crash took place on 202 northbound not too long ago. less than ten minutes ago the backup was right around here. now it's extending past that. this is causing delays. here are the details. it happened about a half hour ago, route 202 northbound between route 30 and the exit for paoli, route 252. we just checked in with emergency responders who areç headed there. this is a multivehicle accident.
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there are no injuries. that's the good news. hopefully they can clear it out, get it over to the shoulder. there are lane restrictions. multivehicles involved in that. this say look at 295, creek road, mt. laurel. when i see you in a bit we'll look at mass transit and area bridges. now your first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> if you see puddles, it's not rain. it's the melting that continued overnight. 4 degrees right now in philadelphia. 12 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. it goes even warmer this afternoon. we are watching the radar. don't expect to see rain this morning but look at this, central and western pennsylvania, this light rain is moving through this morning. it will ab riffing in our area later this afternoon.
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clouds are moving ahead of the rain drops. we'll see a mostly cloudy day. afternoon showers in the pocono mountains. rain showers later today. a big warmup this afternoon. the showers at the shore, most likely this evening. during the day, later afternoon and early evening hours, millville and smyrna could see a shower or two. a dry morning but this hou afternoon, could see rain. 5:39 on this monday. just ahead, police impostors. we'll tell you about the two men philadelphia police say pretended to be members of the force to rip people off. plus, long overdue. coming up, the story of the local man who is coming clean
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about a library book he never returned when he took it out 70 years ago.
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the iowa caucuses take place today as voters in the hawk eye state prepare to cast their ballots. what is a caucus.
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>> republicans show up to their caucus location, simply cast a secret ballot, write their candidate down and put it into a ballot box. here's something to keep in mind. in the republican caucus, the winner there hasn't won the gop nomination since 2000. for the democrats, the process is a little different, more involved. they hear pitches from representatives for each candidate. if a candidate earns less than 15% of the vote at any given site, supporters of that candidate have to go to another group, choose another candidate. for the democrats, the iowa caucus winner has won the nomination in the last three contested races. the world health organization will meet to make a major decision about the zika virus and whether to declare it a global public health emergency. brazil is ground zero for the outbreak, colombia is also fi t fighting to stop the spread of zika with 20,000 cases reported
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there. >> it's very difficult. a lot of times they just don't know what the consequences are, what the dangers are. >> doctors in affected countries are urging women to use insect repellent and wear protective clothing to prevent mosquito bites. chuck schumer is calling for the u.s. federal government to beat the bite and work quickly to contain the zika virus. >> we never want to get to a place like they have in el salvador where the government told women not to become pregnant for two years because they might not get zika. that's a horrible thought. we never want to entertain the notion that has to be said here in new york. >> the virus has infected people in nearly two dozen countries, including five people in new york and 30 people in the u.s. 42 degrees, 5:45. philadelphia police are looking for two armed robbers who pose as police officers. the men used a gun and shouted police as they barged into a
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bustleton auto body shop on saturday. the men tied up the owner, took 1,200 bucks, drove off. the victim was not hurt. a change at the top for the black clergy of philadelphia and vicinity. last night, the group initiated their new president, reverend jay broadnacks. jim kenney was on hand for the ceremony. friends and family will say their final good-bye to a pregnant teen who died after shoveling snow during the blizzard of 2016. a memorial service will be held for 18-year-old briahna gerloff. the result and official cause of death are pending further investigation. it was some good samaritans in bucks county who took down an alleged robbery suspect. we found this suspect is no stranger to the law. nbc 10 learned the suspect's
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name is george blackwell and he's a registered sex offender .takedown was caught on this nbc 10 viewer's cell phone. police say he used a box cutter to rob a woman at a shopping center in fairç l hiless hills. police say william mcg mcgeehan's car collided with another vehicle on saturday. the other driver is okay. he's hospitalized with serious injuries. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 14 minutes before 6:00. we're getting a mild start this morning. clouds overhead. this is a live view of center city. looking towards the city. it's dry this morning. that changes this afternoon. 43 degrees in philadelphia. we're looking at winds out of the west/southwest at 5 miles an hour. those winds pick up some during
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the afternoon. and a view looking past the battleship new jersey. you can see high clouds, on the tops of the buildings. other than that, dry this morning. clouds increase from the west. western and central pennsylvania seeing light rain showers. they'll be due in her during the afternoon and evening commute. we could see a few rain drops in the airia. 4:00 this afternoon, that's mainly light rain in delaware and south jersey. by 7:00 this evening, it's already starting to clear out north and west. on wednesday, a different story. we start off warm with temperatures in the 50s. 60 degrees. that's by lunch time. it will be climbing ahead of the rain and even as the rain moves in, we're looking at warm temperatures wednesday afternoon. we could see record temperatures as well as wet and windy conditions on wednesday. for today, though, clouds moving in. we'll develop showers this afternoon, staying mild all day long. upper 50s to 60 degrees with westerly winds to 12 miles an
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hour today. tonight will clear out. the showers move through. it will be colder tomorrow morning, just below freezing briefly. then into the 50s tuesday afternoon with bright sunshine. we'll see more of that snow disappear and it will really be disappearing on wednesday. rain comes through, record warmth. 65 degrees the high temperatures after a morning low of 40 degrees. the warm weather, çthough, it takes a break for thursday. gusty winds, it will bring in a colder start friday. clear and sunny all day on friday, 44 the high temperature. a little bit milder in the afternoon for saturday and sunday with temperatures into the upper 40s near 50 degrees. >> i can't believe we're looking at 65 in february. crazy. 5:48. let's check the roads. we are following that accident for you. >> katy zachry will start us off on 202. >> we have a different vantage point of that accident. it's happening 202 northbound. that's where you're seeing the residual delays. the crash happened about 45 minutes ago.
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it's taking place and it's affecting things between route 30, also business route 30 and the exit for route 252, the exit for paoli. a lot happening in chfter county, especially 202 northbound is part of your morning commute. there's a lane restriction, multicars involved. responders. it should be moved out or over fashion. expressway westbound. it went from yellow to red which means there's significant delays if you're headed on 76 westbound around that area. just checked in with mass transit. everything is run on or close to schedule. some of the specific lines on septa may be running ten minutes behind. the deadline has passed. it's now too late to sign up for health care coverage this year under the affordable care act.
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coming up, how much being uninsured could hurt your wallet.
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good morning, i'm katy
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zachry with a look at a number of crashes throughout our area. around south street. there's a lane restriction. you can see from the red on the map there are delays being caused by that. in chester county, route 202 northbound around church road, heavy delays there because of the crash that happened about 45 minutes ago involving multiple vehicles. fortunately no injuries have been reported. they should be clearing that out as soon as they can. expect delays there. philadelphia is waiting to see if it won a government challenge to get the most people to sign up for health insurance. the deadline to enroll for coverage this year was midnight. the tax penalty for not having insurance has gone up from last year. the minimum is $695 per adult. the max numb can run you as much as $2,000. you pay when you file your taxes. yesterday in bala cynwyd, a team of independence blue cross insurance agents manned the mobile enrollment center.
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there were 100,000 uninsured philadelphians that the boom administration hoped to register. the next open enrollment is in october for coverage next year. the city with the most signups wins a visit from the president himself. just last week, nbc 10's jim rosenfield sat down with president obama to talk about health care. you can see that exclusive interview on or on the free nbc 10 app. 5:54. the teacher accused of helping three inmates escape a california max numb security prison is expected to face a judge today. the orange 7záuk sheriff's office released this new video of two of the inmates being taken back to jail after more than a week on the run. two were captured saturday morning after being found in a stolen van. the third inmate surrendered friday. a teacher was arrested thursday, accused of showing the men maps of the facility that may have helped them escape. out west, investigators believe the winter weather and
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snowy conditions played a factor in a 29-car pileup near the california/nevada border. traffic was at a standstill for hours yesterday. california highway patrol officers say 25 vehicles and 4 semi trucks were involved in the crash along i-80. police have not said how many people were hurt or the extent of the injuries. what we do know is there are no reports of any deaths. >> salvage specialists are trying to take control of the crippled cargo ship before it runs aground off the french coast. the crew was evacuated by helicopter last week. french maritime officials hope calmer seas will make it easier to salvage the ship and tow it to port. they believe the cargo may have shifted, causing it tilt heavily to one side. whether you're looking to buy or playing with the controls, there's a lot to see
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and do at the philadelphia auto show. there are more than 700 cars, trucks and motorcycles, everything from futuristic concept cars to perfectly restored classics. >> i came out alone because i spend too much time and my wife won't come with me anymore. and i'm a real car nut. >> i'm getting up there in age a little bit. i want something that's for me and kind of like that living the dream type car. maybe a porsche. >> the philadelphia auto show runs through next sunday. a supermarket on the main line has been given the go ahead to start selling beer. according to the philadelphia business journal, the join the shopping center received a liquor license to start selling suddens out of its beer garden and eatery. it becomes giant's 18th pennsylvania location to add beer to its shelves. no word yet on when the beer garden opens. a new jersey man is coming clean about a library book
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that's more than seven decades past due. he recently found out book he checked out as an 11-year-old in 1944. the penalty for overdue books would be 2 cents a day. that would add up to $500 in late fees. we're with you every step of the way for decision 2016. today is a key day because of the iowa caucuses. we are breaking down the entire process with what we can expect tonight from both republicans and democrats. live in philadelphia this morning with new details on a report the ntsb is expected to release today regarding the deadly amtrak derailment.
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so, what moves me? it's the journey.
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deadly derailment. today the ntsb is expected to release new evidence in the amtrak crash that killed 8 and injured more than 200 last year in philadelphia. the falls bridge will close for construction. we'll tell you about the work being done and how long it could impact your commute. 6:00 a.m. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm rosemary connors. if you thought yesterday was warm and it definitely was, this is only the beginning of something of a warming trend. let's get more details from first alert meteorologist bill henley. fill us in. >> warm and sunny yesterday, 58 the high temperature. today less sunny but warmer potentially. right now we're getting a mild start. there are a few scattered clouds overhead. that's helping to keep temperatures a bit elevated. 44 in philadelphia. thisç is where the wind has di down. it's calm for allentown, pottstown and reading.


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