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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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victim had been assaulted but told the court he believed her lack of reporting the case for a year, the lack of forensic evidence are some of the reasons he declined to prosecute saying the case would not be winnable. he also said he did not want to discredit the victim in the case who he hoped would file a civil suit against cosby. he said he feared if he released information he had about the case it would taint a potential civil jury. the victim did settle a civil lawsuit with cosby for an undisclosed amount. the judge now must decide if castor's assertion not to prosecute is a valid one and if that means the deposition cosby gave cannot be used against him. castor agreed not to prosecute the allow cosby to tell the truth without asserting his fifth amendment rights. he said cosby would have been nuts to say those things if he thought he was going to be prosecuted. and multiple times today castor made reference to what he described as illegal wire taps, wire taps he claims were done by
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the victim and her mother in this case, he asserts in his opinion that was done to try to get money from bill cosby, he cites that as another reason he thought this case was not winnable. deanna duranty, "nbc 10 news." >> cosby claims because of this deal he testified freely during a deposition in 2005, and now that information is being used to file criminal charges against him. that deposition was made public last summer and included damaging testimony including this question involving the drug quaaludes, a lawyer asked cosby quote when you got quaaludes was it in your mind that you were going to use these for young women who you wanted to have sex with. cosby answered yes. the lawyers also asked if the quaaludes were given without the women's knowledge. his lawyers objected and cosby never answered. dozens of vem accused the former tv star of drugging and sexually
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assaulting them since the 1960 nearly two dozen of the women appeared on a date line special with nbc's kate snow. 35 women also appeared on this cover of new york magazine. cosby has not been charged criminally anywhere else and denied all of the allegations against him. coming up, our legal analyst gives us his take on today's testimony and what other witnesses could say as this hearing continues. and count on nbc 10 for the latest from inside the courtroom, we are posting instant updates on social media and the inbz 10 app. you can also find full coverage on >> also right now, 5:00, a mother and two children rushed to the hospital after a car ran into them and right now police in philadelphia are still looking for the driver. doug shimell is following the latest from the scene in south philadelphia. bring us up to speed. >> reporter: police say they believe the mother and two girls are expected to survive. the search for the driver
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continues. >> it's so disturbing to know someone was hit and keep going. >> the shattered red passenger side mirror in the middle of broad and dickinson matched the car witnesses saw. >> the lady driving a car, car had a moon roof and it was i think a 2 -- 98 to 2000 red honda. >> is she okay? >> a witness recorded the scene on a cell phone after police say the red honda hit a mother, her 6-year-old daughter and infant as they crossed the street. >> it doesn't appear at this time with the information that i have that the car slowed down and stopped. instead, the car fled eastbound on dickinson from broad street. >> reporter: it was a scene witnesses say they cannot forget. >> hearing the young child screaming and crying was pretty disturbing. i don't know if i'll be able to shake that. >> reporter: and the detectives say they are still checking area residents and businesses to see
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if there are any cameras that show anything, live in south philadelphia, doug shimell. now to your first alert weather. nbc 10 is tracking the system that will move in tomorrow and could cause flooding. >> sheena parveen is joining us. it's not just the rain, the melting snow and the warm temperatures contributing to this flooding. >> that's right. we have the melting snow like you mentioned and also near record high temperatures for tomorrow. combined with that heavy rain expected. so, we do have a first alert day out for tomorrow and tomorrow night. so keep in mind we do have a flood watch out. so with this being said we could see flooded streets and creeks and especially those areas that are still snow covered, so heavy rain, also the snow covered ground could be leading to a better chance of flooding without as much rain as maybe other areas closer to the shore may get as we go through the day tomorrow. so yes, the areas north and west still have snow covered ground would bees easier to be
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flooding. we have a flood watch out, trenton to wilmington across the major interstates, much of interior new jersey and also through the lehigh valley and suburbs north and west. the potential for flooding rains here and the best snow cover is still north and west of philadelphia at the moment. so, with that and also the heavy rain, yes, the flooding potential is going to be quite a bit higher of it right now the rain is still back off to the west. big weather system here but the snow with it, that's going to stay to our north. as i mentioned we have near record high temperatures and the forecast for tomorrow afternoon is going to feel very warm out. but then we'll see the rain moving in with it, mostly later in the day, mostly the afternoon and evening hours. so for the rest of tonight, temperature right around the mid-40s by 7:00 p.m. more clouds moving in by 11:00, cloudy skies, 41 degrees, no rain yet. then we go into tomorrow morning, 8:00, the chance of a shower starts to move into the forecast, but the better chance will be around lunch time and the highest chances will be around the evening commute tomorrow. so coming up we'll look at that, who can expect the heaviest rain
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and the potential for another weather system as we go into next week. >> sheena, thank you. here are other stories on "nbc 10 news" at 5. chaka fattah jr. is behind bars, the 33-year-old was convicted last year on fraud and tax charges. prosecutors say fattah jr. falsified bank loans and lied to the irs and used that money to pay off personal debt and gambling losses. fattah jr. the son of congressman shacka fattah parr married to renee chenault-fattah. she is currently on leave from nbc 10. two children are safe, the brother and sister are 1 and 3, reported missing last night along with their mother. the mother may face charges. new recommendations tonight for universal pre-k, a special commission released findings on the program.
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out the bid mayor jim kenney. some of the recommendations include creating a pre-k system to serve everily 3 and 4-year-old in the city, giving priority to children with special needs and low income families. the commission recommended a pre-k program on an 8 hour day. the commission will release the final recommendations in april. iowa is already a distant memory for the presidential candidates, now on to new hampshire and for chris christie that means a new political target. >> i'm not the boy in the bubble. okay. we know who the boy in the bubble is up here. who never answers your questions, who is constantly scripted and controlled because he can't answer questions. >> so, who is that boy in the bubble? we'll hear more and of how other candidates are trying to stand out. we're keeping an eye on our live cameras at the courthouse. bill cosby could be leaving any moment. we'll bring you the latest developments live here on nbc 10.
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to our decision 2016 coverage in the final numbers are in for the iowa directic caucus making hillary clinton the winner. the former secretary of state narrowly beating out senator bernie sanders. on the republican side it was senator ted cruz's night. he beat out donald trump with
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senator marco rubio 1% behind. on to new hampshire for the hopefuls and they hit the ground running today in several campaign events. let's take a live look at a town hall meeting with republican presidential candidate jeb bush here at this event, this is at new england college. senator ted cruz will campaign in this spot tomorrow night and governor christie will be there coming up on thursday as you look at the crowds gathered there. lauren mayk has been leading our political coverage from iowa joining us again from des moines and lauren, dust hasn't settled where you are before the focus shifted to new hampshire. >> reporter: yes, good evening, jim. some of those candidates they left iowa before the caucuses were over. new hampshire is a big test for the governors in this race, including new jersey's chris christie. it is also another match-up between hillary clinton and bernie sanders after that very tight race here in iowa.
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from the midwest to new england, decision 2016's next stop, new hampshire. the candidates campaigned furiously today following last night's caucuses here in iowa. >> i am so thrilled that i'm coming to new hampshire after winning iowa. >> reporter: just this afternoon, hillary clinton officially became the winner of the iowa caucuses, narrowly beading senator bernie sanders by two delegates. senator ted cruz sailed to a victory over donald trump. >> what a victory last night. >> reporter: candidates are focused on the next contest a week from today. >> thanks everybody. >> reporter: governor christie took off the gloves and took jabs at senator marco rubio. >> i hope you guys ask him questions. now it's time for him to man up and step up and stop letting all his handlers write his speeches
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and handle him. that's what they do. that's what you have to do for somebody who never has done that. >> reporter: and nbc news caught up with senator marco rubio to get his response to the boy in the bubble comments. here's what he had to say. >> yeah, i think it's -- some of the other guys, not doing very well. people react badly sometimes. >> reporter: marco rubio, chris christie and the rest of the candidates now battling it out on the ground in new hampshire. for now live in des moines, iowa, i'm lauren mayk, "nbc 10 news." >> lauren mayk, thank you. and a poor performance in iowa enough to get two to drop out. martin o'malley and mike huckabee suspending their campaigns. iowa may get the first word they don't always get the last. on the republican side iowa has not picked the nominee since george w. bush. it's better for hillary clinton.
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democrats in iowa picked the last three democratic nominees. if you haven't marked your calendars the primaries in our region are several months away. pennsylvania and delaware voters head to the polls on april 26. new jersey's primary is june 7. but, we only have seven days until the next primary coming up in new hampshire and nbc 10 will be there, our george spencer will be following the candidates and talking to voters before tuesday's primary, his live reports begin sunday night only on nbc 10. >> hours after the caucuses in iowa a blizzard moved in bringing heavy snow to most of the state. the storm is expected to drop 8 to 12 inches of snow before it's all over. sheena, this storm is moving our way but for us none of this, none of this snow. we'll get some precipitation, we're talking about rain for us. >> yes. that's right. rain because we're also talking about near-record high temperatures once this gets closer. so the snow's going to stay to the north. the rain is going to move in so
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we have a first alert weather day tomorrow for the rain because some of it is going to be heavy. heavy enough to give a flood watch through part of the area, the heavy rain will mostly be here in the afternoon and the evening. and remember, we still have snow covered ground, mostly north and west of philadelphia. so that is going to increase that flooding risk in those areas. right now, though, pretty nice. center city, no rain around now. no rain tonight. but it's pretty mild. 51 degrees in philadelphia. and speaking of the mild temperatures, it's going to be quite a bit warmer tomorrow, so record highs are in the forecast. take a look at what we expect as we go into tomorrow. philadelphia the record is 62, we're forecasting 64 degrees tomorrow. wilmington 64, could match that record. so most of the area will be right around the record high temperatures which is why we expect obviously rain with this system. so there is the warm air to the south, it's going to move in ahead of the rain so we're on the warm side of this. there you see the weather system, snow north of chicago, rain to the south, the snow is
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going to keep north as the rain moves in and the earliest you could see it tomorrow may be the later part of the morning commute. i think a better chance for the evening commute. the flood watch all of the counties in green, so basically that means that we have potential for street and creek flooding and especially the areas north and west of philadelphia with the snow. you have a better chance of just flooding in your yard with that and the mild temperatures but you see how much of the area from trenton to wilmington, interior new jersey and parts of the lehigh valley wednesday afternoon to thursday afternoon. here is a look at future weather. here is the timing of the rain. won't be tonight. by tomorrow morning you'll notice more clouds around, this is 8:00 tomorrow morning, some light showers possible around the philadelphia area, but most of it should still be north and west. maybe the lehigh valley could see early showers, then we get closer to lunch time. moving into the lehigh valley and the poconos, the temperatures right around 60 by 1:00 p.m. for parts of the area. then by 5:00 p.m. for the evening commute we expect a lot
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more widespread rain. we could have heavy embedded showers too, so again this would be the prime time to start seeing some flooding developing. even by 8:00 p.m. approaching the shore and the delaware beaches, we could have lingering light rain. good news it will clear up for the morning commute on thursday, so it's really just one day of rain. any flooded areas could stick around as we go into thursday. so keep that in mind. now the other thing we're watching is not until next week, a week from today. some of the models hint at a storm system as we go into next week. this would be tuesday time frame. so 7 days from today we know a lot can change. that's what it's looking like. we're going to put snow in the forecast for part of next week. tonight clouds krep, not as cold out. 40 for the low in philadelphia. 32 areas north and west. then tomorrow record warmth, 62 to 65 degrees, showers will be around. heaviest later in the day, around the earning commute. so make sure you grab the umbrella before you head out. we have the first alert day tomorrow with the heavy rain.
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for thursday, we'll see temperatures dropping as we go through the day friday. it will be a chilly day, 43 degrees, breezy, going into the weekend it looks good, nice and dry for your super bowl sunday. then we go into next week and that's when we start to put the chance of snow in the forecast. >> with the current state budget still unsettled pennsylvania governor tom wolf is making another push for hundreds of millions in additional funds for p.a. public schools. the governor wants $200 million for public schools next year. he made the announcement during a visit to green elementary school in reading today. the additional money is on top of the $377 million increase to basic education included in the 2015-2016 budget compromise that has yet to be approved. pennsylvania ranks 45th in the u.s. in state funding for schools. >> i'm not saying we should be number one in the country in terms of the percentage of funding from the state for education, but we shouldn't be near the bottom.
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>> wolf announced plans to put forth a budget propole for the 2016-17 year. public schools are being neglected in our area and across the country according to a new education report card that is the first of its kind. take a look. new jersey received a c, pennsylvania and delaware got d's. the grades were given by the network for public education. the nonprofit advocacy group ;gc evaluates testing, teaching, finances, and overall chances for success. by the way, no state in the country scored higher than a c. the group says better education policies are needed to help public schools prepare students for college. a new case of the zika virus is different than all of the others, now that's raising new concerns about how the virus might spread. we'll have those details coming up on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00. and the second time was the charm for demolition crews in delaware. nbc 10 told you how this project
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had to be put on hold because the town ran out of money. coming up the next step for this project.
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once again sky force 10 live over the courthouse in norristown where attorneys for bill cosby have been in court
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all day trying to get that case, the indecent sexual assault case against cosby tossed out. we're awaiting cosby's departure. as soon as that happens we'll go to it live. to the latest on the zika virus and the news isn't good. a confirmed case of the disease spread through sexual contact in texas. texas health officials say a patient got sick after having sex with someone who caught the virus outside the u.s. the virus is mainly spread by infected mosquitoes but doctors suspected it could be sexually transmitted as well. the disease is linked to birth defects. in brazil the olympic organizing committee says people are not canceling plans to attend the rio olympics in august, at this point the world health organization has not recommended any restriction on travel to brazil. >> the point is making sure that we win the battle against the mosquito. >> the brazilian government is recommending that pregnant women stay away.
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>> the fbi has now joined the investigation into the contamination of flint, michigan's drinking water. the water was contaminated with the lead after the source switched to the flint river. the corrosive river water was not properly treated that caused lead from pipes to seep into the drinking water. the investigation includes the u.s. attorney's office and the epa. some major movement today in the reconstruction of rehoboth beach's city hall. a recollecting crew was there. the plan was put on hold because of financialish issues. staffers have been working out of trailers since last year. once this is complete the building will include the city's police department, parking authority, parks and rec offices and transportation. one of philadelphia's most prestigious hotels made a huge contribution to habitat for
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humanity, they donated everything in the rooms including refrigerators, dishwashers and beds to habitat for humanity restore. items were moved out and loaded on to trucks. >> all of these great item goes to our restore in south philadelphia on washington avenue. and folks are welcome to come in and shop for these great items wednesday through saturday from 9 to 5. >> proceeds will go toward building homes. >> new help for germantown residents looking for work or interested in career changes. nbc 10 here at the grand opening of the new pennsylvania career link northwest center it offers one stop shopping for career counseling and job fairs. >> coming up next, bill cosby's court hearing is now over. >> nbc 10 is live over the courthouse. we have crews on the ground, as
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soon as bill cosby leaves we'll bring that to you live right here on nbc 10.
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breaking news now, the bill cosby court hearing has wrapped for the day in montgomery county. sky force 10 live again above the courthouse in norristown. we're waiting for cosby and his attorneys to leave the court house. this hearing is part of cosby's
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bid to get the sex assault case against him thrown out. >> let's check in with nbc 10's rosemary connors. >> she is part of our team covering this case from every angle. busy day in court. bring us up to speed. >> reporter: actually it's gotten a little more i would say possibly tense out here, or at least there's some kind of anticipation as many people have gathered to see bill cosby. we expect him to come out of those front doors of the courthouse. you can sort of see around me we pan to the side you can see a large crowd gathered. people with cell phones, ipads, waiting to take a picture. that's ha we talked about today, this generated quite a bit of attention from the public and the media. in court bruce castor gave all of the testimony. he talked about why this deal, this immunity deal with the defense is something that is binding to the prosecution that currently holds -- is in
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administration right now. >> i created the scenario where he would have to answer questions under oath. >> what bruce castor told nbc 10 last july was exactly what he said on the stand today, that he made the deal with cosby's attorney in 2005, not to prosecute. and that the decision allowed the civil lawsuit brought by andrea constand to move further. cosby could not plead the fifth. during castor's testimony he told the court he made similar agreements as district attorney of montgomery county in at least half a dozen other cases. castor has always said he didn't file criminal charges because he didn't think he could win a case against cosby. >> couldn't get a search warrant. >> reporter: as you can see bill cosby has just left the court house here in norristown and there's a throng of people. we've seen critics and supporters throughout the day. he is leaving the court house for what has been a long day.
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cosby did not get up on the stand. he was just there with his attorney that was bruce castor the former district attorney of montgomery county who decided no to the bring criminal charges against bill cosby was the key weekend. reporting live, rosemary connors, "nbc 10 news." >> everybody comes back to court tomorrow, correct? >> reporter: yes. that's what we're hearing from the judge. to be determined exactly what will happen during court tomorrow, what other witnesses may be here. but we know that bruce castor is finished for the day, we expect bill cosby to return. as we're looking at live pictures now of bill cosby getting ready to enter that suv and take him away. people will return tomorrow. a lot of people made comments on the appearance of bill cosby and how different it was from the last time we saw him. rosemary. >> reporter: it was a much different appearance.
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>> i don't know if she wan hear us. >> reporter: yes you're right. i was in the courtroom during his arraignment the end of december and we saw bill cosby come in wearing sweat pants, had a cane, he tripped getting out of the suv. again that was in late december during his arraignment. a very different image this time around. he was wearing a suit, was smiling both as he entered the courthouse and as he left a few moments ago. he was surrounded by security who helped him get to his suv. but very different than what the public saw not too long ago at the end of 2015. >> we didn't hear him say anything as he left court, right? >> reporter: we did not. it's interesting, the way this is sort of set up you can see at the top of the steps here in the front of the courthouse there are metal gates, barricades that are stort of lining the walkway to the side of the court house on airy street, that's so that bill cosby is separated from both spectators and from the
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media. so we didn't hear him say anything. but you did see him smiling as he left the court house. >> as he was this morning as he entered with matt asking how he felt. he nodded and smiled. so he didn't say anything this morning either but he was smiling both entering and leaving this afternoon. >> we see a lot of media outside but i know with the last time bill cosby made an appearance, rosemary, we also saw protesters, there were some supporters outside the courtroom. people who wanted to catch a glimpse of bill cosby. did you see that at all today? >> reporter: i did, and it's interesting because earlier this morning it seemed to be a thin crowd, not too many people out here, maybe because it was earlier in the day. this afternoon late today we saw a throng rushing to the side of the building where bill cosby was getting into his suv. it seemed as though they were chanting cheers of support for him. now, you mentioned back during
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the arraignment there were critics and supporters. we heard from some people who are waiting for bill cosby when he was going to be booked. we heard people shout you're a monster. so of course this has drawn a lot of emotion from the public here in montgomery county and the greater philadelphia area. >> and bruce castor, the former district attorney who was testifying for the defense attorneys today, to go over this supposed verbal agreement, affirming that but pointing out he is not on their side. >> reporter: that's exactly right. leading up to today's hearing it had been reported that he was really going to be here as a witness for the defense but he wanted to make clear he was not on their side that he was here to testify as to what happened in 2005. again, he reaffirmed that he made this immunity deal because he had hoped that it would lead a path or set the stage for the civil lawsuit brought by andrea constand so she could get some justice even though he felt he
5:35 pm
could not win a case if he brought criminal charges. he talked about the fact there wasn't any physical evidence, that he thought andrea constand had undermined her credibility and that a jury may not be able to look beyond that because she did not notify police what had allegedly happened until a year after the alleged incident. that she had sought legal council by civil attorneys before she even spoke to the authorities. >> there was also word about wire taps, conversations that were recorded with her and her mother and cosby. >> reporter: that's right. really that was the first time we heard bruce castor talk about that. he said that was something that he became aware of during his investigation back in 2005. he did not want that out there publicly because he didn't want to taint any kind of jury in a civil lawsuit and didn't want to vilify the alleged victim in this case andrea constand. that's what we learned today, that bruce castor testified that
5:36 pm
andrea constand and possibly her mother allegedly engaged in wire tapping activity, recording phone conversations with bill cosby, bruce castor said he believed it was done in an effort to obtain money. >> while we continue to look at live pictures of bill cosby as he is leaving that montgomery county court, there were also new developments in a civil case against bill cosby, this out of california. today a judge ordered bill cosby to attend a second deposition in a lawsuit filed by judy hus who claimed that he assaulted her in the 1970s. when she was 15 and cosby's lawyers denied her accusations that of course cosby has only been charged criminally charged in this case in montgomery county where he was today and we'll see him back tomorrow. >> and bruce castor telling us, rosemary, back in november of 2014, different standard if you are talking about a civil case
5:37 pm
versus a potential criminal prosecution. he said i may have thought he did something inappropriate but thinking it and proving it in a court are two different things. >> reporter: that's right. he said he had a theory of what happened but he didn't have any proof. specifically, you know, he said there wasn't any physical evidence that at the time andrea constand came forward about a year after the alleged incident occurred that they couldn't test her hair for any traces of drugs that she claims bill cosby gave her during that alleged assault. >> rosemary connors live in montgomery county. i'm wondering now if we can go to our legal analyst, enrique, i don't know if he is available to talk to us. enrique, maybe you can give us perspective. today was a very surprising day, you said earlier, in terms of what castor had to say. >> yes. i did find it surprising. in order for mr. castor to justify what he did and to explain it to the public and to the judge, he basically had to
5:38 pm
smear the accuser in this case, had to talk about her wire tapping, her waiting a year, her having to seek out a civil attorney ahead of time. by explaining those things castor was explaining to the court this is why i did what i did. and he also went on to say this is common, something that he did when he was in charge at that time. remember, this is the district attorney, this isn't someone working under him or assistant, this was the district attorney at the time. and this is the way he did business, this is the way he handled cases, in that situation during that time when he was in office, then that is what should go forward and that is the way it should be accepted within the court and i don't believe that you should be able now to go back on that. >> enrique, thanks for weighing in and of course we are still waiting to hear what the judge will decide in all of this. he has asked everyone to come back tomorrow as we continue to watch these live pictures from sky force 10 as bill cosby departs the courthouse in norristown.
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>> and count on nbc 10 for the latest updates, we're posting instant up dates on social media and the nbc 10 app. full coverage on
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once again if you are just joining us looking at an suv sufb carrying bill cosby as he left the courthouse in norristown as his attorneys attempt to get the criminal case against him tossed out. sky for10 over montgomery county. >> the son of a philadelphia congressman has been sentenced to five years in federal prison. a judge sentenced shacka fattah jr. on bank and tax fraud convictions.5e doug shimell has more. >> reporter: you mentioned they took your son. as a dad, your thoughts, your
5:42 pm
feelings, got to be difficult to watch him taken into custody. congressman fattah heard a judge sentence his 33-year-old son chip to five years in federal prison. >> let me tell you this. that i am a person of great faith and our family is stronger than any of the forces that are raised against us. >> chaka fattah jr. convicted on 22 counts of fraud and today ordered to repay more than $1 million to the philadelphia school district and local banks. >> lied and cheated the irs and schemed and defrauded the district of money. the judge agreed that the conduct and the crimes here, the evidence against mr. fattah was overwhelming. >> the congressman faces his own corruption case and claims that prosecutors have gone to the extreme to 13450er his family by locking up his son. >> the judge didn't believe a word your son said, congressman. i mean, is it all to get at you?
5:43 pm
>> i think that we will be in another courtroom on another day and there will be a different result. >> at federal court i'm doug shimell, "nbc 10 news." >> congressman fattah is married to "nbc 10 news" anchor renee chenault-fattah. she is on leave from nbc 10. >> we have a flood watch for part of the area tomorrow. heavy rain in the forecast, i'll show you the timing and how much you can expect straight ahead.
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we can tell you that the bill cosby court hearing wrapped up for the day. sky force 10 continues to follow the suv that is carrying bill cosby. we're waiting outside the courthouse to see if officials are going to speak.
5:46 pm
we'll have the latest always here and on the nbc 10 app. wegman's wants to set the record straight. if you saw a facebook post that led to you believe you could get a coupon for $200 of free groceries you're out of luck. the post is fake. if you see that post on any social media site ignore it and don't click on it. it's trying to get the phony post removed. well, lots of snow still on the ground here. nbc 10 at muhlenberg college. so today's sunshine probably at least helped to melt some of the snow. but tomorrow with the warmer temperatures and rain moving in, that is when we have a higher flood threat for that area. so because of that we have a first alert weather day. you saw the snow on the ground, if you live in areas where you have quite a bit of snow on the ground these are some of the
5:47 pm
spots we expect to have the better chance of flooding. so a flood watch is up for the area tomorrow through tomorrow night mainly, even going into early thursday. heavy rain will be moving in and of course the snow covered ground with that heavy rain and the warm temperatures would lead to an increased chance of flooding. so we'll look at those areas in a second. in the meantime, though, it's mild outside. so this is the mild air ahead of the rain for tomorrow. now tomorrow will be warmer, today we're still in the mid-40s right now through the lehigh valley. 51 now in philadelphia, around 50 degrees for parts of new jersey and delaware, mid-40s closer to the shore. by tomorrow at this time we'll be around 60 degrees with rain for most of the area. so there's the warm air moving in. it will be warmer tomorrow like i mentioned. the rain back off to the west will be here too. so we will be dealing with a rainy evening commute for tomorrow later in the day. morning hours not so much but we could see some showers. right now we're dry, going to stay that way but the rain off to our west is approaching, the snow that's going to stay to our
5:48 pm
north. here is the flood watch for tomorrow. it's pretty much everyone from northern delaware up to mercer county, interior new jersey, north and west of philadelphia and into the lehigh valley. so that's the flood watch for tomorrow. these are the areas that don't need as much rain in order to flood because we saw the snow on the ground. so north and west of philadelphia from about a half inch to close to an inch possible, and then we look at chester and also parts of berks county, these areas we could see a half inch to an inch here, so some flooding in those areas expected. northern parts of delaware into interior sections of new jersey we could see about a half inch of rain tomorrow. but some spots we could see heavier rain and if we see that consistently over one area, that's also going to have a higher risk of flooding. we're under the flood watch. future weather, we don't see the rain tonight and tomorrow morning for the morning commute that will be the driest of the two commutes so. this is 8:00 tomorrow morning. clouds will be around. there is a chance we could have
5:49 pm
light showers around the i-95 corridor. most of the heavy rain north and west of the lehigh valley. moving in by lunch time. you could certainly be seeing the rain by lunch time tomorrow. and them we go through the evening commute, it's 5:00 p.m. tomorrow evening. heavy rain expected across the area, a lot more widespread. temperatures in the 60s, so we're talking about a lot of snow melt tomorrow with the rain and the warm temperatures. and it's going to be gusty, we're going to have pretty strong winds, by 8:00 p.m., the rain starting to move away. now along the shore and the beaches in delaware still light rain left over. finally for thursday morning we do clear out of this but we could still have flooded areas by early thursday, the spots that were snow covered with the heavy rain so we'll be watching that closely through the day tomorrow. then we go into next week. this is a week from today, the models picking up another storm system right off the coast. there is a chance we could see snow with that so we are putting snow in the forecast for part of next week. and we'll keep our eye on that.
5:50 pm
it's still seven days out. tonight clouds increasing, not as cold. 40 for the low. 32 areas north and west. then tomorrow we're going to see the rain moving in, mostly in the evening hours and the late afternoon. so some of that rain could be locally heavy. temperatures near record. 62 to 65 degrees. very warm for this time of the year. and then we go to thursday and that all starts to dry out. temperatures dropping through the day thursday, so we'll be getting colder. breezy and chilly friday, 43 degrees, the weekend looks pretty good around 50 and dry. they will be watching for the chance of snow monday into tuesday. >> lester holt joins us with a look what's coming up. >> some politics on the menu? >> you bet. jim and jacqueline, we're covering the dash from new hampshire overnight -- to new hampshire from iowa after voters rearranged the race for president. how the candidates are trying to capitalize. news about zika how it's spread and how others may be at
5:51 pm
riskment from blizzards to tornado watches t severe weather outbreaks threatening much of the country. for now back to you in philly. >> see you at 6:30. >> coming up on "nbc 10 news" at 5, temple football fans had a lot of reasons to celebrate this past year but will that success translate to national signing day tomorrow? for one standout it will. his story coming up. >> the delaware beaches took a pounding during the last storm. i'm asking if the beaches will be ready for the sum are tourists and the hurricane season. introducing longhorn's steaks that sizzle for $12.99.
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sky force 10 continuing to be live over bill cosby's suv as he left the court house a while ago. cosby was in court for the first day of a hearing as his lawyers try to get the sexual assault case thrown out. his lawyers say the former district attorney bruce castor agreed not to prosecute the comedian but the current district attorney kevin steele says cosby would have needed immunity agreement in writing. our live team coverage will continue as we follow this case. >> tomorrow is national signing day, that's when the best high school football players across the country decide which college they are going to go to on schoolership?
5:55 pm
>> for one, john clark joins us with a story. john. >> thanks, jackie. for years temple football has been on the outside looking in when it came to getting top football recruits especially from our area. but this year in the case of one all-state quarterback, times are changing. temple is coming off their best start ever for a season, and an owls record tying 10 wins. that has really helped coach matt rhoule with recruiting. >> it shows that we recruit what's possible. >> one of the biggest gets, he makes his commitment official tomorrow. >> i'm anthony russo, and i'm going to temple. >> anthony russo of archbishop wood going to temple. he had suitors including a national title contender, lsu. >> a lot of people say why would you choose temple over lsu.
5:56 pm
lsu is a top 10 school. i believe in these next couple years temple is going to be known with alabama and lsu, up there with the top. we're going to be right up there with the best teams in the country. >> when we were growing up, temple football wasn't as big. now it's top 25 team, sellout down at linc. i mean it's college game day here with all of that going on, in the way matt is running the program, i think it's just, it's going in the right direction. >> now russo hopes to help lead the owls to even bigger heights. >> i know that they are upcoming program and i firmly believe that in a couple years from now we'll be up there with the best. >> got to love hearing that if you are a temple guy. and i am. russo committed to rutgers but a coaching change reopened his recruiting there. penn state, north carolina, uconn and lsu were all interested but he is going to temple. back to you guys. >> a lot of people vying for
5:57 pm
him. >> nice to be wanted. coulding one of the biggest celebrity trials in a long time. >> coming up next, lawyers make their push to have the sex assault charges against bill cosby tossed out. the one man who took the stand. why it will take more than a day to decide whether the case goes forward. >> record warmth and heavy rain on tap for tomorrow. how much is going to fall and when. >> chris christie presses forward in new hampshire after finishing near the bottom of the pack in iowa. >> dragging a dead elephant behind hip. >> i'm ted greenberg with wa the governor's constituents in new jersey are saying now about his uphill bid for the white house.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
it will take more than one day to determine if the sexual assault case against bill cosby should continue. he left the courthouse less than 30 minutes ago. sky force 10 was the over head as cosby walked out of the courthouse in norristown. the crowd of onlookers were there at the end of what was a long day in court. after getting in his car cosby waved to the crowd, as he was driven away his lawyers want the charges against him dropped. >> their key witness the former d.a. who decided not to prosecute the comedian more than a decade ago, it's testimony ha
6:00 pm
could derail what would be the biggest hollywood celebrity trial in decades. >> the hearing for bill cosby will resume tomorrow morning in montgomery county. cosby is charged with drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constand in 2004. constand is a former temple university department employee. his attorneys argue there was agreement with a previous district attorney not to prosecute their client. >> we have live team coverage tonight with deanna and harry as well. let's begin with deanna. >> reporter: jim and jackie, what bruce castor said is similar to what he said in years past since deciding not to charge bill cosby. however, cosby's lawyers want to use bruce castor as a way to get this thrown out. he spent 30 years asking questions but bruce castor answered questions why


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