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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  February 24, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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and he says he's convinced that his cancer is treatable. here was the governor's announcement about 15 minutes ago. >> my wife and i just recently found out that i have a mild case of prostate cancer. we detected it early, fortunately. it's easily treatable. and i wanted to do three things. first of all, just make sure you were aware of this just in the interest of openness and transparency. second, to make clear that what i'm going through is treatable and actually will not impair my ability to do my duties -- will not interfere with my duties as governor. and third, just want to make the point that i found this in a routine checkup. and because i had the routine checkup, it was detected early and i could do something about it. i want to make sure that this is an example why routine checkups actually matter and make a
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difference. >> and the governor's wife, the first lady, francis, was asked her reaction when they got the news. >> well, of course i was concerned when i first heard. but, you know, also being reassured by physicians that it was early and treatable and a really good prognosis. i think, you know, we have great courage and, you know, i feel all right, i feel more than hopeful. >> and you can count on nbc 10 for developments on this breaking news. we'll also talk to doctors as we learn more about prostate cancer. we'll bring you updated information throughout this newscast and for updates any time you can check our nbc 10 app. it's a free download. and right now at 11:00 we are tracking potential for severe weather on this first alert weather day. this is actually a live look at center city philadelphia right now where the rain is -- will get heavier as the day goes on.
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but you can see limited visibility because of the clouds and fog. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong sent us this video. it shows heavy rain along union street and wilmington. >> and now take a look at independence mall. you can see how foggy it was, cloudy, a short time ago. can't really see the top of the building. and the roads are wet, as we just saw from tim furlong. take it slow outside. here's a live look at traffic on 95 near the girard point bridge in south philadelphia. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast and what will happen throughout the day. glenn. >> yeah, we're still talking about rain and fog right now. the temperature is not all that high. but as the temperature goes up the threat of severe weather goes up. and that is generally for later today. right now we still have the rain. but late this afternoon into this evening that's when the threat of thunderstorms
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increases. once you see these temperatures go up into the 6 0s. heavier rain than what we've seen this morning and greatest threat is for damaging winds happening as a line of thunderstorms moves through eventually. you can see one area of a little bit heavier showers moving through portions. very rapidly. it's hard to get flooding threats when everything is moving this quickly. and our main threat is going to be wind today. you can see these line of showers and thunderstorms setting up with the main system. that's way to the west. so it's going to take a while for any of this threat to materialize. the severe storm threat covers potentially any portion of our area, the highest threat in southern delaware. and as far as the country's concerned it's even higher threat in north carolina where they're expecting a tornado outbreak during the day today. temperatures right now up to 48 degrees in philadelphia. but look at that, 60 degrees in
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millville. we've got a southerly wind. and some of that warm air is headed this way. and look at the temperatures going into the 60s. the wind increases, thunderstorm threat increases. we'll get into it hour by hour what to expect and when with the seven-day in a few minutes. all right. thank you, glenn. time now for a look at traffic. you look at the picture that's a live picture of center city, philadelphia. just showed you the video of philadelphia. >> yeah. tough going on the roads. let's check with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> we have light winds on cameras right now on 95 around academy road. you can see we have an accident scene there as well. reduced visibility, police activity on the scene. we also have penndot crews there blocking up the left hand lane. southbound 95 right around academy road. a little delay behind that, but for the most part we're doing okay. here's the 42 freeway in route 41 in deptford, new jersey.
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all that volume has cleared out of the way but we have this disabled car into the center median little slippery conditions caused this car to pretty much go off the road into the center median. no person actually in that vehicle now. we'll have to wait and see if that is towed later on in the afternoon. here's maple shade, a downed tree on route 73 and route 537 at main street. the right lane is blocked. you can see some of that delay there in red on 73. and some delays at the airport. only 15 minutes right now due to low ceilings. and delays for arriving flights to philadelphia. back to you guys. >> be sure to keep track of the severe weather conditions today with our nbc 10 app. you can get news and weather alerts as they're issued. and customize the forecast for your neighborhood. returning now to our breaking news. pennsylvania governor tom wolf has just revealed that he has prostate cancer. the governor says the diagnosis and the treatment will not affect his ability to govern. >> it was just a very general routine test, so it took some
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time to get where we knew exactly what the problem was, what the treatment would be and how long it would take. again, not to -- because i am not the medical doctor, i don't know the full terms, but this is not an emergency. this is not something that has to be treated immediately. and so the doctors are taking their time. >> you can count on nbc 10 for developments that was revealed just within the half hour. we'll continue to have updated information throughout this newscast and for updates always check our nbc 10 app. it's a free download. we have new information in a shooting involving a police officer in delaware county. this happened last night at a home along barker avenue in sharon hill. sources tell us two officers who were attacked by a man with a knife, one was slashed in the face, another injured in a struggle with the suspect. he was shot and is in the hospital. the officers were treated and released. everyone is back inside right now after fire crews put out an apartment fire in north philadelphia. the fire at this 12-story
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building at tenth and thompson forced people to evacuate overnight. they waited it out in the rain as firefighters brought the fire under control. no one was hurt. and just a few blocks away crews worked to put out a fire in a three-story vacant building. this is on fifth street also in north fiphiladelphia. firefighters managed to get this one under control as well. again, no one was hurt. this morning philadelphia police are searching for a killer following the stabbing death of a transgender woman in frankford. officers found 25-year-old maya young on penn street saturday night. police say someone stabbed young in the neck and chest. last year two transjepd ertranse were killed in philadelphia and 20 across the country. young's friends fear this attack may be just another in a series of attacks fueled by discrimination. >> sometimes, like i said, you know, that's just a part of, you know, what happens when you decide to be who you are. and fight for that. >> there's a long, long, long list of transgender people, especially transgender people of color who have lost their lives
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or been victims of extremely violent crimes. >> police have not released a motive for this killing. the city is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. prosecutors now have their first statement from former eagle lesean mccoy in his assault case. nbc 10 was in center city last night as mccoy left a closed door meeting with authorities. his lawyers said mccoy did nothing wrong. prosecutors are investigating a fight involving two offduty police officers. sources say mccoy denied being at fault at recess lounge on february 7th and pointed the finger at the officers. photos we obtain show the injuries to officers roland butler and darnell jesse. >> certainly doesn't surprise me that someone would make an effort to try to distance themselves from criminal conduct when you're the target of a criminal investigation. >> the district attorney's office has not said if or when charges would be filed. new this morning, two new apartment buildings will soon start to rise above north broad
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street in philadelphia. mayor jim kenny attended a ground breaking this morning for the new project at broad and cattle hill in spring garden. the six-story apartment buildings will stand where two parking lots currently sit and are part of a plan to transform north broad street. >> looking at all the coordination of people involved in this, this is going to be a first class project. >> the buildings will have retail stores on the ground floor and resort caliber amenities for residents such as a fitness center, a screening room and a business center. our live coverage of the cancer diagnosis of pennsylvania governor tom wolf continues just ahead. >> plus, severe weather tears through parts of the south. and that's part of the same system that could affect us later. glenn. that's right. and we could see some severe weather in parts of our area later on today. let you know about the timing and what areas most likely to see the heaviest rain and wind just ahead.
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we want to recap our breaking news for you now. pennsylvania governor tom wolf has just revealed that he has prostate cancer. the governor says the diagnosis will not affect his ability to govern. he says it is a mild case and very treatable. he says it was discovered by his doctor during a regular checkup. his treatments will begin in the coming weeks and should last several months. >> my wife and i just recently found out that i had a mild case
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of prostate cancer. we detected it early fortunately. i don't know how mild is, but it's easily treatable. and i wanted to do three things, first of all, just make sure you were aware of this just in the interest of openness and transparency. second, to make clear that the -- what i'm going through is treatable and actually will not impair my ability to do my duties as -- will not interfere with my duties as governor. and third, just want to make the point that i found this in a routine checkup. because i had the routine checkup, it was detected early. and i could do something about it. so i want to make sure that this is an example why routine checkups actually matter and make a difference. >> now here's what the centers for disease control says about prostate cancer. the health organization says it is the most common non-skin cancer among american men.
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more than 175,000 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012. we'll keep you updated on this developing story. donald trump is celebrating another victory following the nevada republican caucuses. >> now the focus is on super tuesday, which is just six days away. nbc's hallie jackson reports. >> reporter: it's yet another trump triumph. >> now we're winning, winning, winning. >> reporter: and a sweeping one. donald trump taking the top spot with men and women with every age group over 30 with evangelicals. >> we won the evangelicals. we won with young. we won with old. we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> reporter: a three-pete for trump. >> look at some of them down the line i think we have amazing numbers. >> reporter: over at ted cruz's campaign, the alarm going off, literally.
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not lost on them, he's under pressure to perform on super tuesday when 11 states cast ballots. cruz, doing nothing to downplay the day. >> one week from today would be the most important night of this campaign. one week from today is super tuesday. >> reporter: and that's when cruz needs a victory in texas to add to his first place finish in iowa. his argument, he's the only one who's beaten donald trump as his campaign hits marco rubio hard for not doing the same. rubio speaking out today on the state of the race and how to beat the front-runner. >> this is a very unusual year and unusual process. the sooner we can get the race narrowed down the sooner we'll be able to top donald trump. >> reporter: hoping his home state will give him the win he needs but hasn't had on the campaign trail often looking past his republican rivals to hit democrats, locked in their own fight sparring over hillary clinton's speeches.
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>> why is there one standard for me and not for everybody else? >> reporter: clinton, promising to release transcripts of her past remarks of big banks when others do too, bernie sanders taking her up on it. >> i am very happy to release all of my paid speeches to wall street. here it is, chris. there ain't none. i don't do that. >> that was nbc's hallie jackson reporting. senator sanders spoke about poverty issues this morning in south carolina. he told reporters in columbia that the u.s. has nearly the highest poverty rate of any major country and that as president he would invest in infrastructure projects to create jobs. >> and you can stay updated on decision 2016 by downloading the nbc 10 app. it's your complete source for decision 2016 news. and the weather system headed our way caused at least three deaths and damage in the south last night. the weather -- national weather service says a tornado hit pensacola ripping apart
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buildings, an apartment complex, strong winds also flipped cars over like this, damaged homes and tore down utility lines. thousands in the region spent the night without power. a total of 30 tornadoes were reported in the gulf states. and this is video of some of the damage in central louisiana. strong winds ripped a roof and wall off of a gym. there were people inside when the storm rolled through yesterday. but no one was hurt. the governors of louisiana and mississippi declared states of emergency. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> and there is indeed a threat of severe weather in our area today. we have a thunderstorm threat as the temperature gets higher, the threat of thunderstorms gets bigger. and some heavy rain with some of those heavier showers and storms and damaging winds likely in parts of the area. with our severe weather threat tracker the threat of flooding
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is on the lower side. may very well get some lightning, but the biggest threat -- it's a fairly high threat is for the high and damaging winds. smaller threats of any hail or tornadoes. 49 degrees now. the wind is basically out of the east. as long as it's out of the east we're not likely to get warm. we're not likely to get the severe weather. but the wind will change. and it already has in parts of the area. 49 philadelphia now, but 61 in dover, 60 in millville while it's 39 degrees in allentown. just tremendous difference. we've got an east-northeast wind there. we've got a southerly wind here. the warmer air starting to surge up with these stronger winds down south. so conditions are going to change rapidly over the next few hours. now, we still have some fog in parts of the area, the visibility not terrible. mt. holly at three-quarters of a mile. atlantic city half-mile, the
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most significant. but that is going to change as the wind gets stronger later today. you can see a band of some steady and somewhat heavier rain moving through the area now, even a little lightning in the upper bucks county. that's in the cold air. imagine what it's going to be like in the warm air later today. and where you have these lines of storms setting up some really, really severe weather in parts of north carolina and southern virginia this afternoon, that's the area that is likely to have a tornado outbreak. numerous tornadoes down in that area. and we may get some wind damage as a result of some fast moving storms later today. here's the futurecast. you can see these temperatures jumping into the 60s. and as we go into the evening hours this is going to be mainly very late today and into this evening, these lines of storms, anything that lines up in a line of storms today has the potential of at least a 60-mile-an-hour wind gust. and a 60-mile-an-hour wind gust with the ground as saturated as it is can knock over trees
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fairly easily. there we are 9:00 still well into the 60s. midnight, still in the 60s. and then things start to get a little cooler by tomorrow morning. for the rest of the day today it's wet and warm. we have late day and evening gusty thunderstorms, high temperatures getting into the 60s. and seven-day forecast temperature kind of level during the day tomorrow. 51 isn't all that cold, but it is colder on friday and into saturday before we start warming up again sunday. >> thank you, glenn. it's video you've got to see to believe. >> the incident has led to this man's pants catching on fire. you'll want to stick around for this unbelievable video.
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we want to recap our breaking news now. pennsylvania governor tom wolf has just revealed that he has prostate cancer. the governor says the diagnosis will not affect his ability to govern. wolf says the cancer is very treatable. he says it was discovered by his doctor during a regular checkup. wolf's treatments will begin in the coming weeks and should last for several months. >> tom has been tested, you know, all these years. and, you know, you pay attention to the pssa? >> psa. >> psa. sounds like an academic test. but anyway, so you're aware of what the numbers are and what
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they might signify. so it didn't come, you know, and seeing the numbers this time you had a sentiment was sad for tom having to go through the process, but again, as i said, the doctors are -- i mean, more than encouraging. they know how to get their arms around it. they know how to do, what to do. and there isn't, you know, any indication of, you know -- we don't need to be sad about this. you know, there's every reason to believe and to know that this will be dealt with quite efficiently, really effectively by the wonderful physicians. we're more than hopeful that this is -- he'll beat it. >> and you can count on nbc 10 for developments on this breaking news. we will talk to doctors as we learn more about prostate
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cancer, continue to bring you updated information throughout this newscast and for updates any time you can always check the nbc 10 app. it's a free download. we are all here for a reason. >> what's the reason? >> i just wanted out of my job. >> i wanted out of my mildly depressive boyfriend. >> what are we doing, kim? >> i wanted to blow everything up. >> that's the most american white lady story i've ever heard. >> comedy in a war zone. something tough to pull off, but lead it to the multitalented tina fey in starring role of brand new film unlike you've seen from her before. the story of the cable news producer who goes to wartime afghanistan as a foreign correspondent and becomes addicted to covering dangerous stories. the movie is based upon the novel of the same name which was originally entitled taliban shuffle, strange days in afghanistan and pakistan. it's based on the experiences of our next guest, kim barker who was desperate for a change so she decided to take an assi
11:26 am
assignment in afghanistan. kim, i thank you very much for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> it's a surreal experience to see your life story. >> oh, yeah, the whole thing has been surreal. i'll say it's not a novel, it's all nonfiction, i'd like to clarify that. it's very surreal to watch the movie. it was strange for me the first time to see it. how exciting it was to have tina fey play me. i mean, i think that's pretty much everybody's dream in all of america, right? you know, men and women. >> and of course tina fey is -- >> local. yeah. >> so we'll get into question about that, but i want to talk about the experience. i didn't get a chance to read the entire book. but there's so many dangerous situations in the book and yet you seem sort of, you know -- you didn't seem to be scared at all for your life in some of these situations. >> i don't think you are though. i think a journalist who wants to go cover a conflict zone, cover a war zone, you know, you want to cover it. you want to be there. you want to be able to tell these stories. and you're not really necessarily thinking about your safety.
11:27 am
you're thinking about how you can get this story. and you're relying on the people around you to make sure you're not doing anything incredibly stupid. >> kim, we have breaking news today so unfortunately we can't spend anymore time with you. but whiskey tango foxtrot opens. >> thanks for having me here. and we continue to follow breaking news this morning. pennsylvania governor tom wolf announced in the past 45 minutes that he has a treatable form of prostate cancer. we'll hear from the governor, plus we'll welcome a local doctor, talk about what lies ahead for the governor. and today's a first alert weather day. we're tracking threat for severe weather. it's raining in some parts of our region now as we take a look at the skyline of philadelphia. can't see it very well. that rain is only going to get heavier. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is checking our chances for severe weather later on. and then, when liking it just doesn't cut it, the new
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improvement facebook launched today that will change the way you react to every new post.
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nbc 10 breaking news. and we're following breaking news this morning. we just learned about an hour ago that governor tom wolf has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. the governor says the diagnosis will not affect his ability to do his job. >> i'm not a physician. and i think we need to get some expert advice on this, but prostate cancer is something that older men -- um, yeah. [ laughter ] a lot of older men die with prostate cancer. not a lot die of it. so it has the unfortunate moniker cancer, but it's not something that's a slow moving disease and detected early it's
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something you can do something about. >> joining us live now from medical center in wynnwood is the chief radiation oncology. thank you very much for taking time to talk to us, doctor. >> no problem. thanks for having me. >> doctor, governor wolf says his cancer is what he calls very treatable. what does that tell you? >> well, first of all i'd like to say our thoughts and prayers go out to the governor at these challenging times. even though you have a cancer that's treatable, it's still a cancer. and i think it's tough to specifically state treatment options at this point without knowing the governor's exact diagnoses. but most men are diagnosed with a very early stage treatable prostate cancer in our country. >> can you talk to us about what the treatments would be for somebody who is diagnosed? we know he said specifically there would be no chemo.
11:33 am
but he said the rest is between him and his doctor. but generally what's the typical treatment for prostate cancer? >> typically the treatment for prostate cancer for men with early localized prostate cancer typically three options, one is watchful waiting versus robotic surgery versus radiation therapy. so typically in men older than 65, the treatment options typically are radiation primary definitive therapy. that can be handled in a number of ways. one would be a standard eight-week treatment approach. another would be a five-day option. there's also been recent studies looking at an abbreviated five-week course of radiation therapy. the governor has many treatment options available to him. all of which are very easily tolerated with very few side effects with high cure rates and
11:34 am
very good control. >> doctor, he stressed the importance of screening, screenings matter, regular checkups matter. can you explain how men are screened for this disease and how reliable that screening can be? >> typically for this disease men are screened with digital rectal examination and psa. without a family history, the recommendation is 50 years old for white men, 45 years old for black men. and if you screen then catch the disease early, then typically you get it in the form that's very easily tolerated and treatable very easily tolerated, sorry. >> and it sounds like that's what we have here. so dr. albertson, thanks so much for sharing your expertise especially when we called you such short notice on this. we appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> again, pennsylvania governor tom wolf has prostate cancer. we have an nbc 10 team of reporters covering this breaking news. you can count on nbc 10 to bring you updated information
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throughout this newscast and the day. you can get updates any time on our website and our nbc 10 app, which is a free download. warm, wet and windy. and we have a threat of severe weather later on, which is why today is a first alert weather day as we take a live look. yeah, you just have to trust us you're looking at boathouse row. >> let's see what this live picture -- this is a soggy day at the shore too. doesn't look much better. these are the conditions in cape may. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. glenn. >> him we can see. >> yeah. >> yeah. and you can see a little bit of philadelphia across the river from camden. not much. you certainly can't see the taller buildings, the fog, low clouds continue to be around the area. we have a first alert weather day, not for the fog but for thunderstorms that are likely to form and move through later today and into this evening. so we've got several hours
11:36 am
before this happens. this thunderstorm threat potential heavy rain for at least a brief period of time, but the greatest threat is damaging winds that i think are going to cause some power outages before this day is over. we've had some fast moving showers moving from south to north across the area. things will be tapering off a little bit for a while. but the wind is going to pick up. the temperature is going to go up. and then some of this mess starts approaching. you can see we're starting to organize this into different lines and very powerful jet stream associated with this. that's why the threat of severe weather is so high over the eastern portion of the country. north carolina already in tornado watches right now. a highest risk in southern delaware and a slight risk across just about any part of our area. eventually once the warm air gets in. you know, if it stays 39 in allentown all day, it's not
11:37 am
necessarily going to be severe. but some of the 60 degree millville air is coming right up. and that is going to be one of the ingredients that helps create this severe weather threat. you can see how strong the winds are as we go through the afternoon, how high the temperature is, the thunderstorm threat. and again, that's generally between 5:00 and 10:00 across the area. more on the specifics of that timing coming up with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> all right, glenn, thanks. so the same system responsible for our weather brought violent thunderstorms to the south last night. and spawned tornadoes. nbc's jacob rascon has more from southeast louisiana. >> reporter: behind me is what is left of sugar hill mobile home park, more than 150 homes now just piles of rubble. some of them thrown blocks from where they were originally. two people died here alone, more than 30 were hospitalized. seven of those critical. and there have been searching for three people missing who may be trapped in the rubble.
11:38 am
a desperate search for survivors, hope nearly lost. some 150 mobile homes ripped to shreds, trucks twisted like toys, a neighborhood wiped off the map. dozens were injured, many of them pulled from the rubble barely alive. >> we're asking for calm for this area. we're asking for prayers. we need that. this community needs that. >> reporter: some 19 million people were at risk during round one of the massive winter storm. all the way to pensacola, florida, where this neighborhood took a direct hit. >> we just held onto each other and said maybe we'll make it, maybe we won't. >> reporter: there were overturned semi trucks, a gutted gold's gym and thomas howard watched a tornado blow right past him. >> it was a loud noise. >> reporter: back in louisiana nobody is giving up yet. and the search will resume for those three people still missing. and the cleanup will also begin as the severe weather threat
11:39 am
moves east and northeast producing more tornadoes and even blizzard conditions. i'm jacob rascon in southeast louisiana, back to you. >> and be sure to keep track of severe weather conditions today in our area with the nbc 10 app. harsh words today from republican congressional leaders on president obama's push to close a prison at guantanamo bay in cuba. at a news conference on capitol hill republican house leaders trashed the president's plan calling it misguided and bad policy. >> the president proposed transferring terrorist detainees to american soil, but congress and the american people have clearly spoken on this issue. this is against the law. and it will stay against the law. >> house speaker paul ryan says transferring guantanamo bay detainees to our shores is not an option. a battery inside an e-cigarette blew up while it was in a kentucky man's pocket. watch the guy on the right of
11:40 am
the scene. you see flames shoot out of the pocket area of his pants. not clear what caused the battery to catch fire. he was just standing at the register inside a convenience store. the man ran out of the store where store clerks sprayed him with a fire extinguisher. the man says he has burns on his leg but is able to walk. sometimes you want to do more than just like a post on facebook. now you have the option. the social media site launched its new reaction buttons this morning. you can choose between six different emojis, like, love, ha ha, loud, sad, angry. comes after how like wasn't always the right sentiment for every occasion. mobile users will have to upload the most recent version of facebook to get the new feature. well, the rain's going to get heavier as the day goes on, and i am tracking the threat for severe weather. break down the timing and let you know what to expect where you live just ahead.
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we want to recap our breaking news that we're following for you this morning. pennsylvania governor tom wolf has just revealed he has prostate cancer. the governor made the announcement about an hour ago and told reporters the cancer he has is very treatable, it was caught early, his diagnosis will not affect his ability to govern. >> i feel great. >> are you scared? >> no. it's really detected very early so the procedure is going to be a truly minor one. >> wolf's treatment will begin
11:44 am
in the coming weeks and should last for several months. he says he will be treated in york, pennsylvania. here's what the centers for disease control says about prostate cancer. the health organization says it's the most common non-skin cancer among american men. more than 175,000 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012. and you can count on nbc 10 for developments on this breaking news and for updates any time always check our nbc 10 app. it's a free download. vai. well, this week's wednesday's child dreams of being in the spotlight on stage and on tv. she has many friends but is still looking for a forever family. allow me to introduce you to alexis. he's writing scripts. alexis is a sweet and soft spoken 15-year-old who has a warm personality that she loves to share with others. she lights up when she talks about the theater and performing on stage. she wanted to see behind the scenes of the television industry, so we gave her a front row seat right here at nbc 10. how cool is that?
11:45 am
>> that's really cool. >> she had a great time of learning the ins and outs of putting on a newscast and got a chance to anchor to me. we always know which camera is on because you see the red light? >> she's sweet and friendly and a little quiet. and she's just a charming teenage girl. >> the ninth grader loves school and enjoys her many friends there. alexis has some mild developmental delays, but with proper support nothing gets in her way. >> she would, you know, just be a helpful family member, a big part of the family. >> the ideal family would be a two-parent family that would be committed to her, that would create a loving and supportive environment in which she would thrive. >> i would like to have a family. like if i'm sad, i can talk to them. >> she would bring an immense amount of love and loyalty to her forever family. alexis is this week's wednesday's child.
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and if you'd like to make alexis' dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child go to our website at search wednesday's child or call the national adoption center directly at 1-866-do-adopt. as we soerve black history month, we want to bring your attention to the urgent need right now for blood donors and especially african-american blood donors. deb with the american red cross is here and joined by joan who has sickle cell anemia. let me start with you, beth. tell us why there's such an urgent need for blood donors of all ethnic backgrounds. >> sure. so 70% of african-americans actually have either type b or o-negative or o-positive blood. and we have a critical need for those types right now. and especially because they go to help patients like joan here with sickle cell anemia. >> i'll get to joan in a second, but this is focused such a
11:47 am
legacy with the african-american community and blood donations because i did this research dr. charles drew actually came up with the idea of storing blood. and it saved thousands of lives during world war ii, right? >> right. he was one of the pioneers in the blood banking business. and was one of the first surgeons over the red cross blood banking business. and so it's really important as we continue to give back to the community that people roll up their sleeves to donate blood to help save lives. >> joan, transfusions obviously save lives and you're living proof of that. tell us about the need and the difference donors can make. >> they can make a difference because they are giving their blood to help someone else. not only those of us with sickle cell anemia, but other blood disorders. and people who have surgery, the need for blood is great. and they might save a life, which is beautiful thing. >> it is. beth, there's a lot of concern, we hear a lot in the news lately
11:48 am
about the zika virus. tell me the concern that's there with blood donations. >> so the red cross is recommending take a look at our guidelines that people defer self-deferrals for that. we want to make sure that the blood supply continues to be safe. and so it's important that if you have traveled to those areas that you want to make sure that you do a self-deferral process. >> is there a shortage right now? seems like there's always a shortage. >> well, we're okay, but as i mentioned those specific types, o-negative, o-positive and b negative we have a critical need for those types right now. >> for more information about donating the gift of life head to our website at or check out the nbc 10 app. you can also call the red cross at 1-800-red-cross. there's always urgent need for blood donations. thank you very much, joan. appreciate you guys coming in. >> thank you. >> thank you. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> this is one of those days pay
11:49 am
special attention to the weather, whether it's on your computer, your phone app or just watching us during the afternoon and into the evening as we update this thunderstorm threat. we do have a first alert out for late this afternoon and this evening. thunderstorms, heavy rain and the greatest threat is the damaging winds. of course it's wet out there right now, was wet yesterday. 50 degrees. the winds north-northeast at 8, don't really get warm weather with a wind like that. but that wind is going to shift as we go through the afternoon. and as far as the threats are concerned, that's going to shift too. it's less of a flood threat, we will have some lightning, but the biggest threat and it's fairly high is for high winds. potentially damaging winds. and even the threat of hail or tornadoes are not as low as they normally are. as severe weather comes into the area. there's that east wind keeping it cool across northern portions of the area. 39 in allentown, 41 quakertown
11:50 am
and doylestown. 49 in northeast philly, but it's 54 in washington township. 52 in wrightstown. and then as we head to the south, boy, it is warm. 61 in dover. 60 in millville. 59 in woodbine with that strong southerly wind. the radar shows patches of rain, one heavy area, even a thunderstorm moved through the upper bucks county. but the main action is back to the west, especially this line of storms and that line of storms in north carolina. there's already tornado watch down there in the yellow. and there will be warnings coming shortly. and we continue to see the threat of severe storms increase. this is just happened in the last few minutes. the higher risk for severe storms is now spread through a good bit of the area away from the ocean. the ocean kind of stabilizes things when you have a wind off that. here's the latest futurecast. you can see as we go through the afternoon a greater threat of
11:51 am
heavier rain. this is 5:00. and these are western counties in berks and lancaster, parts of chester county. then by 6:00 it's getting into the philadelphia area, into allentown, into the poconos, into new castle county. by 7:00 it's generally just past philly and into bucks county, mercer county, down toward atlantic city. and then we finally start to dry out a little bit. but there are still some lingering showers through 11:00 tonight because it's still going to be in the 60s then. and until the cooler air comes in and the wind shifts to the west, the severe threat isn't over. so wet and warm with a late gusty thunderstorm. temperatures into the 60s. and some wind damage is likely in at least parts of the area. then tomorrow it's windy with temperatures not going up or down significantly.
11:52 am
then it gets colder for friday and into saturday. we jump back up though for sunday and monday. we'll be right back.
11:53 am
11:54 am
our chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz back here for another quick update. >> yeah, it's just wet right now. and will be for the next few
11:55 am
hours. but it's later today and into tonight where the severe weather threat increases. you can see just some scattered showers now. but as we look down to the bottom of the screen, you can see some yellows and reds that's indicating some heavy thunderstorms, even severe storms, tornado watch already in effect across much of north carolina. and the higher risk for severe storms has been expanded up through philadelphia and even into some of the northern suburbs. and especially to the west and the south of philadelphia, delaware pretty high risk as well. so we'll have updates through the afternoon, update you on twitter, the phone app, whatever's necessary for later this afternoon and this evening to make sure you know what's coming. >> and when do you think the first severe weather potential? >> i would say perhaps around 5:00 in some of the western counties. and it won't be until perhaps 9:00 or 10:00 tonight until the
11:56 am
main severe weather threat clears the area. >> okay. >> thank you, glenn. and now to an update on our breaking news. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf has just revealed that he has prostate cancer. a little more than an hour ago the governor announced he wants to be open about his diagnosis. he told reporters the cancer was caught early by regular checkups and is very treatable. and his diagnosis and treatment will not affect his ability to govern. we have an nbc 10 team of reporters covering this breaking news. you can count on nbc 10 to bring you updated information throughout the day and for updates any time you can always check our nbc 10 app. it is the free download. do it now. it's a really good time to do it especially with the weather moving in we're going to see later today. >> thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day. stay dry.
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>> nicole: damn it, theresa. don't blame me. i couldn't stop him, okay? i did try to help him, because when we got back here, i called that heart doctor, and he didn't seem to think there was anything to worry about. >> theresa: nothing to worry about? he just had a heart transplant. he just decided that over the phone? god, i mean, i know la's supposed to be laid-back, but do you really want a heart surgeon to be that nonchalant? >> nicole: i know you're worried about brady. >> theresa: yeah, well, that's an understatement. i mean, he just ran after some woman who-- who's been in a mental institution and sounds like she should still be there. >> nicole: brady thinks he needs to do it for daniel. >> theresa: well, you know what? he needs to stop thinking about daniel and start thinking about his son. he belongs in salem, and i'm going to make sure that that happens. >> nicole: theresa, theresa, stop. you cannot go after brady. >> theresa: like hell! let go of me. >> nicole: would you just stop, please?


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