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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  February 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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lehigh valley and a 1-year-old girl and parents stuck in this car. >> heavy rains are falling as this line of storms moves to the northeast at 75 miles per hour. good evening. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. the storm watch is extended. >> right now the big issue is flooding. there was a flash flood warning in effect for many counties in the area. >> we have a team of reporters tracking the floods and the damage of the storm. we are live in the philadelphia suburbs, in delaware and south jersey. but we begin with meteorologist sheena parveen. heavy rain falling and bringing a flood risk, sheena? >> that's right. heavy rain in the area right now. we're still left with a threat of flooding. you notice rain closer to philadelphia up to trenton, south jersey and delaware. here's an area moving out quickly and heavy rain. precip rates 5 1/2 inches an
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hour and it is in lower bucks county to trenton and these are areas where we have seen heavy rain continuing the move over areas where we have already seen heavy rain and sparked a flash flood warning shown by the maroon color. in multiple counties, up into philadelphia, trenton until about 2:00 empty morning and wall that said, we have street and creek flooding right now because of the heavy rain and never drive through flooded roadways. turn around. it's way too dangerous especially when it's dark out. flash flood warning for the lehigh valley. upper bucks county until 2:00 a.m. same situation and street and creek flooding. we have very heavy rain and thunderstorms and these storms will continue moving along the shore kind of following each other so we could start see a threat of localized flooding there, as well. delaware, these will be moving
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up into south jersey and moving quickly so cape may, you can expect them by 11:30. ocean city shortly after midnight. more storms down to around maryland and parts of virginia. those will start to move up into part of the area late tonight even after this 11:00 show is over so the tornado threat has been extended for south jersey. so we are looking at a tornado watch extended to 1:00 in the morning for all of new jersey and means any isolated tornadoes are still possible with any strong thunderstorms so we'll be here watching this for you. coming up, a timing of what you can expect for the rest of the overnight hours and into the morning commute and weekend forecast straight ahead. >> all right. see you then. meantime, live to denise nakano. >> checking out the damage in lancaster county. denise? >> reporter: yes. i am live just outside chester county in lancaster county and see the destruction around me. this barn collapsed into the house at the height of the storm
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making it unrecognizable and the debris shuffled around and into the fencing and the siding tossed around like toys. buildings collapsed. metal siding twisted and crumbled like paper. >> a lot of damage around in the area. it's sad. it is our neighborhood. >> reporter: it is the aftermath of powerful and damaging winds that hit lancaster county. >> a lot of serious damage. some heavy damage on some farm buildings, as well. >> reporter: wires on roads and destructive winds blew debris into yards and fencing and trees. they reported to power lines and trees down and street flooding. families say they took cover in the basements and stepped outside to see a path of destruction. >> we didn't think it would be this bad, honestly. we didn't. >> reporter: back out here live and you can see the damage from the wind. aluminum siding in the tree and branches snapped and broken into
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two. with the damage assessed at this hour, there were no reports of any injuries. reporting live in lancaster county, denise nakano, nbc 10 news. and a gust of heavy wind sent this old tree tap ling down on to a car. before 8:00 tonight. the driver was not hurt. now, let's go to randy gyllenhaal live at a home just hit by a falling tree in montgomery county. when's the damage like there? >> reporter: well, this house had one tree fall on the roof and crews tell me another tree on the property is structurally not sufficient, as well. you can see the branches on the roof. nobody was hurt but the winds and the heavy rain really picked up here about 9:30 and just let up about 20 minutes ago. in parts of the township, power
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was out and many roads flooded and blocked to traffic. trees knocked down. at this home, a tree on the roof. nobody inside was injured but rescue crews tell nbc 10 they have had a very busy night and expect it to get worse. even before the main squall line hit gusts blowing in northeast philly, a sign of things to come as people were out shopping. >> i don't know. just came out of nowhere. a tornado seemed like. >> reporter: the heavy winds toppling over this large sign at a burger king at lawn crest. and i can tell you we have been driving around abbington township and the area and the concern going forward is flash flooding. roads closed. where we are parked, there's a lot of water flowing through the streets and a divot in the road. it's dangerous and of course you will see a lot of road closures. officials telling me they're seeing most of them along rivers
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and creeks. nbc 10 news. let's check on conditions now in delaware. tim furlong is driving in storm force 10 right now. no major problems will you are in wilmington? >> reporter: yeah. that's the good news, jim. take a look. we are in the highlands neighborhood and despite the name has low spots in it and the entire state of delaware along with the neighborhood really water logged. the wind was bad. the ground saturated. we didn't have the reports of significant damage. i'm monitoring state police tweets and facebook postings and especially concerned about 9:00 tonight. this is when the worst of the rain came through. new castle county. route 13 in new castle by the airport. heavy rain, lots of lightning. we checked out some flood prone low spots. so far so good and the flood threat isn't over. there was a lot of rain we got and the worst in a really heavy dose all at one time and live to
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wilmington, coming up here on rockford park and take a left over here, you can see that as we go by houses lights are on. that's a good thing. the outage map, they have a few hundred out. they center around the -- delmarva said the power should be restored by early tomorrow morning and the reports of hearing other parts of the viewing area, delaware, we got little bit lucky. nbc 10 news. >> all right. we know you'll continue to survey the damage, tim. let's go back to sheena. >> we have a severe thunderstorm warning for mercer county, lower bucks county. storm moving at 100 miles per hour. it doesn't sound real but it is. moving at 100 miles per hour to the northeast. winds in this storm could be near 60 to 70 miles per hour. dangerous winds. this is a dangerous storm. wind gusts like i mentioned
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could cause damage to trees or power lines or homes in the area. there's trenton, 95, 295. this is extremely heavy rain. lawrence seeing heavy rain, too. we could be seeing precip rates over five inches an hour. so that's what we are watching with this particular storm, a severe thunderstorm warning. again, tracking to the northeast, 100 miles per hour. this is a fastest moving storm i have ever seen. we typically don't get storms this fast moving but this weather system is very fast moving today so lawrence will get the brunt of it by about 11:11. with this storm, like i mentioned, winds near 60 mirpts, damaging winds, lightning very heavy rainy and also potential for small hail. you never want to drive through flooded waters. seeing that again up and down the i-95 corridor and going to last until about 2:00 a.m. in these areas but this particular area flash flooding warning to 2:30.
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coming up, continue tracking these for you and show you the morning commute. >> all right. the rain fell so quickly that the people inside this car became stuck in about a foot and a half of water. nbc 10 at 33rd and we are told the floodwaters trapped the people inside the car until crews help get them out. look at how high the water is. no one was hurt. this is not what you want to see, three feet of water in the basement. this is also in salisbury township. see how much water the butterfield family is having to pump out tonight. four people were trapped inside a car stuck in this deep water here. happened at the intersection of high street and pottstown. the driver said it stalled out in knee-deep water. incident brought the 1-year-old to tears. >> it was up to my kneecaps there. pretty nervous for my daughter. she was upset and crying and any parent would be and i called the
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ambulance to try to make moves before anything else could have happened. >> they're okay. the intersection right next to a swollen creek. crews had to divert traffic to prevent anyone else from getting stuck. you see the candle light. >> viewer emily sent us this video tonight. the lights out at a restaurant in doylestown and not alone. jasper thompson sent us home video of his neighborhood in the dark. it's one of the areas hit hard by outages. >> almost 50,000 customers in the dark right now. >> 29,000 for peco. pse and g, 5,000 without power there. delmarva power with just over 1,000 customers in the dark. board says it all. cancelations and delays, it is a long night at the airport for travelers trying to get out of town.
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we checked a few minutes ago. the airport says the severe weather is creating a logjam with delays. now, if you have the nbc 10 app on the phone, you knew first when storms got dangerously close to you tonight. that's why that app is so important. our free alerts give you a 15-minute warning when a storm is moving into the neighborhood and it warns you whenever lightning gets within 10 miles of your location. it's all through the nbc 10 app to download for free right now. up next on nbc 10 news at 11:00, team coverage of the storm continues. >> conditions we rarely see in february. >> that's right. such warm temperatures and such a tropical air mass over us. seeing heavy, strong thunderstorms and flooding in the area and tornado watch sex tended for new jersey. talking more about that and what it means for the morning commute coming up. and the storm takes a scary turn at a south jersey day care tonight. a tree falls on a room with four cribs inside. nbc 10's on that scene next.
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and here's a live look at the scene in wet cape may tonight. you are watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. slow, building african-style m
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as we continue to watch the aftermath of severe weather in our area, look at this. this is the eastbound schuylkill expressway and we're told a tree fallen on the roadway and traffic is slow going tonight on the eastbound schuylkill expressway. flooding and a tree down, as well, eastbound side. check out the heavy rain tonight in lehigh county down in sheets on the streets of trexler town. windshield wipers not much of a help and look at the trees, swaying in the strong winds. accompanying the downpours. back to the team storm coverage in a moment. but now to the personal health battle for pennsylvania's top lawmaker. governor tom wolf is battling
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prostate cancer, made this announcement this morning with his wife. he says the doctors caught it early and the treatment won't affect his ability to do his job. >> convinced and by people who have looked at this and by other people that i have gotten this early on and not that -- it's very treatable. >> every reason to believe and to know that this will be dealt with. >> the governor's expected to start treatment in the coming weeks. wolf did not elaborate on the treatment but no chemotherapy. new information tonight in the sexual assault case against bill cosby a. pennsylvania judge said the comedian has no right to a pretrial appeal. he want it is charges thrown out. that's because he said he had a deal with a former montgomery county district attorney he would never be prosecuted but a judge ruled earlier this month no such deal existed. cosby is accused of drugging and
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assaulting a temple employee. check out the time lapse video of the storm rolling through center city. and you see the lightning there. heavy winds and rains tossing the camera around. and south jersey wasn't spared storm damage, as well. a tree crashed into a day care in the same room where babies sleep during the day. you can see the gaping hole now in the ceiling there. nbc 10's reporter spoke with the day care's owner about this close call. >> reporter: we went inside the day care, leaves still on the branches poking through sopping wet insulation. >> when i was cleaning the windows rattling and trees over there. >> reporter: the tree was no match for the strong wind that sent it crashing into the building. >> that's a private baby room. it has four cribs. and it contains the children in there sleeping. but thank god no employees and
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babies were not here and we're really happy. >> reporter: the wind caused power lines to droop in vineland. orange cones marked where a tree snapped and toppled a power line. >> i was just sitting in it. my truck rattling. by the way, no one was in the day care center at the time and hope to be closed one day to clean up the debris and repair the damage. take a look at this scene just outside our nation's capital tonight. this is inside the flooded parking garage in springfield, virginia. drivers taking the time to make their way through all of that standing water. sheena, the tornado watch still in effect for south jersey a a ? >> yeah, it was extended. new jersey has been extended to 1:00 a.m. aside from that, which we will be tracking through the overnight hours, still looking
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at very heavy rain falling across the area. we have, however, that severe thunderstorm warning i told you about a little bit ago. mercer to tenton. until 11:45 tonight. the precip rates in the heavy rain close to 4 1/2 inches an hour and starting the really move out of mercer county, at least the brunt of it. either way, could be seeing damaging winds near 60 miles per hour, lightning, heavy rain again and the potential for hail. this storm is moving to the northeast around 100 miles per hour. that is extremely fast for an isolated storm. we typically don't see it that fast and dealing with a very unstable weather pattern today. flash flood warning continues for areas in delaware, extending up through philadelphia along the major interstates to the trenton areas. we are looking at flooding in these areas, roadway flooding, street and creek flooding occurring in many locations
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already because of the heavy rain. you never want to drive through flooded waters. always turn around. same thing up through parts of the lehigh valley. upper bucks county. flash flood warning until 2:00 in the morning. also more storms right along the shore. in atlantic city, seeing the storms, lots of lightning. cape may with rain that way and look at suffolk county. a lot of rain. millford up towards dover. we still have a lot of activity here and this is going to last for the next few hours so with this cluster of showers and storms in delaware, moving into new jersey and mostly to the northeast here. cape may expecting it close to 11:30, gloucester close to 11:40. so we still have a very active weather situation for dell we are and south jersey at the moment and really new jersey we are going to pay attention to overnight tonight because the tornado threat has been extended until 1:00 a.m. and still the
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chance for an isolated tornado with any strong storms for new jersey and going to watch it very closely as we go over the next few hours. storm reports from today because we did have a lot of storm reports, downed trees and power lines and mostly wind damage, a lot of this occurred west of philadelphia, through the philadelphia area, into new jersey and one in particular, mount laurel for example, trees an wires down and caused power outages and we are looking at power outages with the high winds we had today and we still are looking at high winds. now, as far as the rainfall is concerned, philadelphia two inches. allentown, 2 3/4 inches. mostly half an inch to an inch and those areas of the rain first about an inch and a half, a little over that in pottstown and dealing with lot of rainfall in the area. new jersey and delaware dealing with in a next couple of hours. this is future weather, midnight, still expecting the
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storms in parts of new jersey. possibly delaware but then we get closer to 1:00 a.m., it clears out and the weather pattern starts to change much better as we go into tomorrow. now early tomorrow morning for the morning commute. there's a chance to see a couple isolated lighter showers but the severe threat will be over for the morning commute so at least it won't be the type of weather we saw tonight. winds are still gusting right around 30 miles per hour. take a look at atlantic city. winds gusting near 50 miles per hour. very strong south winds. we have a very tropical area mass over us. look at the temperatures, too. these are all ingredients that have been giving us the strong storms in the night tonight and we do expect them to continue for new jersey. look at the temperatures. 62 degrees right now in atlantic city. close to 60 in millville. philadelphia still sitting at 63 degrees, even northeast philly and we are going to stay on the warmer side with that strong south wind until we finally see a change in wind direction but that wouldn't be until tomorrow.
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for tonight, though, the storm strongs continue mostly in new jersey with the tornado watch extended until 1:00 in the morning. this will be ending overnight tonight so mostly after 1:00 a.m. 52 for the low in philadelphia. and wes by tomorrow morning and the afternoon a very different day. temperaturings of mid to low 50s, drier and windy. gusts near 40 miles per hour. still a chance of showers around and conditions really improving going into your weekend. saturday, 43. sunny, kind of cold and with the morning lows in the 20s and by sunday, look at this, near 60 degrees, nice and sunny. >> you have to keep an eye on the weather, wake up tomorrow, tune in starting at 4:00 a.m. for the traffic trouble. tonight's storm left behind. plus how weather conditions look for your morning commute that's tomorrow on nbc 10 today.
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i'm john clark. biggest game of the year for villanova. on the road against xavier. crazy scene in cincinnati. biggest game there in xavier in 57 years. jenkins giving nova a boost. knocking down 3s. 19 points for him in the first half. xavier, they would not be denied in the second half. take a look at reynolds right here. look that the monster dunk. musketeers up by 10. villanova loses 90-83. the most given up in two years. sixers, took them 90 minutes from the detroit hotel to the arena tonight because of snow and probably wishled they didn't make it. first quarter. big bob. covington. from the other side of the court. that's amazing. this is the kind of night it
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was. look at the miss here. holmes, lock at the pass. to nobody. sixers lose 111-91. eagles released a veteran leader, ryans and doug pederson said they want the quarterback bradford back and they're talking with sam's agent. by the way, giroux for the flyers won't play tomorrow night again against the wild. i'm john clark.
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such an active night. >> yes. tornado watch has been extended to 1:00 in the morning for new jersey so we'll be here giving you updates every 30 minutes and large red area, a flash flood warning. a lot of water out of the heavy storms and seeing street and creek flooding right now. storms on the way to south jersey right now moving over the delaware bay and keeping an eye
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on all of these and a chance for an isolated tornado in new jersey tonight and keeping you updated throughout the overnight hours. >> thanks for being here tonight. the latest, of course, in the morning, as well, at 4:00 a.m.
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