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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  February 25, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 11:00, roofs ripped off, daylight reveals more damage after severe weather moved through our area. and now here's a live look at the damage from skyforce 10. the national weather service is investigating whether a tornado is to blame for the trail of destruction. and flooding is still a concern this morning. skyforce 10 was over airport road and new castle about an hour and a half ago. you can see water covering the road in both directions. a car stuck in the water had to be towed away as you see there. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. we've seen storm damage all through three states of our viewing area. we have team coverage this morning.
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first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking what's left of the storm system. traffic reporter jessica boyington is checking on the roads. but we begin with nbc 10's tim furlong live in one area of lancaster county, tim. >> reporter: yeah, vai, the good news here is from what we've heard at this point no injuries reported from the weather that came through last night which we haven't heard for sure if it was a tornado but to many people what you'd expect from a tornado. this is our vantage point. this is as close as we can get in salisbury township. you can see the scope of the damage. two amish schoolhouses we understand one was completely destroyed. skyforce 10 has also been over this one-mile or so path of destruction. and they can clearly see a barn ripped wide open. and there's been really an assembly line of people trying to get chickens out from that barn, some dead, some alive, after that collapse last night. the roads around this area almost completely closed off. we had to weave and dodge to get around to our location. right now as you come back out here i can tell you this is as
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close as we're allowed to get. i can also tell you the national weather service is on its way because what they're going to do is they're going to come out like they usually do and formally determine through the evidence if this was a tornado. they're going to be able to make that determination. we're going to try to catch up with the national weather service and get more information and keep making the calls on this story. as soon as we have more information we'll bring it to you. that's the latest from salisbury township, lancaster county. tim furlong, nbc 10. >> tim, thank you. now to lehigh county where heavy rain from the storm left three feet of watt ner this basement from salisbury internship. the butterfield family, they've got to pump out all that water and then clean up a soggy mess. we're also seeing damage in montgomery county. this downed tree blocked part of meeting house road in elkins park just before midnight and cars drove slowly through this flooding on old york road. advise you don't do that. and a family managed to get out of this car okay after it got stuck in flooding in montgomery
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county. the car was on high street in pottstown next to a swollen creek. the driver said the engine died out as the water continued to rise. the incident brought his 1-year-old daughter to tears. >> pretty nervous for my daughter. she was upset and crying and whatnot. any parent would be, so i had to call the ambulance and try to make moves before, you know, anything else could happen. >> crews diverted traffic around that area to prevent anyone else from getting stuck. and this tree fell onto seventh avenue in pine hill, camden county last night. it also took down power lines with it. you can see emergency crews blocked off that street. in cumberland county strong winds toppled a tree onto a day care sending it crashing into a room where babies normally sleep during the day. this happened after work hours so no one was hurt. when the tree crashed through all kids first day care in vineland, the business is now closed today. so workers can clean up debris and repair damage. and crews have been working
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throughout the night and into the morning to restore power to homes about 50,000 customers total loss electricity during the storm last night. we just checked and here are the latest numbers. peco has about 7,800 customers without power still. a.c. electric about 1700, 1600 pse & g customers without electricity and delmarva reports about 200 outages in new castle county. the severe weather has moved on but still pretty windy out there. we take a live look at the flag atop the aramark building. nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with our forecast. glenn. >> yeah, vai, no severe weather during the day today despite the ominous looking clouds that you may see out there. and of course we're not going to be getting anywhere near the 60s like we got yesterday. we still have some flood advisories and some general aerial flood warnings until 1:30
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this afternoon. that stretches from lehigh valley all the way down through parts of berks county and western half of chester county. we'll also have a flood warning until tomorrow morning at 3:00 a.m. this is for the schuylkill at norristown. and this one until 10:00 p.m. tonight this is for the brandy wine creek, one of the usual places that floods very easily. you can see some of those showers we had this morning generally on the light side, not enhancing any kind of a flood threat. we have a lot of snow showers from the lake effect back to the west, we'll see if any move into the northern and western portions of the area. we have gusts up to 31 miles an hour in northeast philly and trenton right now. but the purple back in western pennsylvania indication of even stronger winds. the wind is going to increase as we go through the afternoon. 48 in philadelphia. pretty uniform temperatures across the area right now except
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for the 36 in the poconos. and you can see we're in the 40s throughout the day. very windy. and also a few showers around. we'll see when it gets even colder and what's going to happen othver the weekend with e seven-day in a few minutes. the weather is effecting flights at philadelphia airport. we checked a few moments ago, right now 28 flights have been canceled so far, 43 are delayed. and to check the status of your flight call 1-800-phl-gate. time now for a check on the roads with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. jessica, any problems out there midday? >> oh, there's a few problems. we're doing a bit better than we were this morning of course, vai, we're on the schuylkill expressway where we're seeing biggest delays eastbound around montgomery drive. you can see the drive time is a 31-minute trip from the blue route to the vine street expressway. average speed in the 20s because we have rolling work crews in the eastbound lanes taking out some lanes so traffic is slow by
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the scene. reports of flooding on university avenue southbound. that's closed between civic center boulevard and 34th street. and also in cherry hill township, not weather related, but we have a collapsed sewer grade causing some delays because the right lane is closed. this is weather related because of all of the regional rails on septa are dealing with fewer cars, so you might be crammed in your car today when you head out the door, vai. >> thank you, jessica. crews have repaired a pothole on interstate 95 northbound that damaged more than a dozen cars around midnight. pennsylvania state police say drivers could not see the pothole because it was covered with water. the cars had to be towed away. one person had minor injuries aaa urges everyone to assume all potho puddles are potholes. you need to slow down as much as possible and hold the steering wheel firmly to avoid losing
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control. we of course have more advice from aaa on the and the nbc 10 app. strong winds may have caused a tractor-trailer to flip on its side on the george washington bridge. this is in new york city. the overturned tractor-trailer led to traffic backups for more than an hour last night. there was a tractor-trailer ban on the bridge in place because of 50-mile-per-hour winds. authorities are looking into how the 18 wheeler bypassed that ban. the coast guard says the storm may have been a factor when one of its boats capsized off the coast of new york this morning. the vessel was trying to help a fishing boat that ran aground near rockaway beach. waves up to 12 feet high hit that coast guard boat. the crew was wearing protective gear and slammed ashore. the helicopter lifted the fishermen from the other boat to safety. and during the storm we are getting a ton of photos and videos of heavy rain, of wind and damage from you, our nbc 10
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viewers. you can watch all those videos on our mobile app and send us your own if you have some. just download the nbc 10 app on your phone or your tablet. and take a look at this picture. you can see flames rising from several boat fires at a marina in cape may county. the boats caught on fire last night at minmar marina in ocean view. no reports of any injuries here. we expect to get some more information from new jersey state police a little later today. and happening today in pittsburgh, suspended pennsylvania supreme court justice michael eakin faces a hearing in connection with a pornographic e-mail scandal. he could be removed from the bench if a judge finds he violated conduct rules because of inappropriate e-mails. experts say today's hearing could resolve those charges. eakins lawyers called the hearing a major step in the case. a pennsylvania judge says comedian bill cosby has no right to a pretrial appeal in the sex assault case against him. cosby wants the charges thrown
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out. that's because he says he had a deal with former montgomery county district attorney bruce caster that he would never be prosecuted. but a judge ruled earlier this month that no such deal exists. cosby is accused of drugging and molesting a former temple university employee in 2004. camden county church will hold a forum today after someone stole black lives matter signs from outside the church twice in a period of two weeks. vandals ripped down the signs at the church in cherry hill. church officials say the goal of the signs was to prompt discussion. organizers say the meeting will address the current climate of race in america. and it is open to the public. a face from campaigns past is making news again. former presidential nominee mitt romney is speaking out about republican front-runner donald trump. see why he says a new trump bombshell may be coming. and we're learning about a possible pick to be president obama's supreme court nominee.
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see why observers say his selection would put republicans in an awkward position. glenn. yeah, colder air is moving in. it's going to get our weekend off to a colder start. but then more changes are on the way. i'll show you what to expect ahead in my seven-day forecast. i'm not dying but i'm not living either. >> they were willing to sacrifice their lives for their country. was the support for them when they returned home? >> were you surprised by these findings? >> not at all. >> today at 5:00 nbc 10 investigators expose new gaps in veteran aid asking philadelphia v.a. employees if they have the care they need to take care. an nbc 10 investigation today at 5:00.
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we are continuing to track the aftermath of severe storms. experts from the national weather service will investigate
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whether this was caused by a tornado. and we'll bring you another update coming up in about 15 minutes. in decision 2016 republican presidential hopefuls square off in texas tonight for their last debate before super tuesday. that's when voters in all 11 states all head to the polls. and it is just five days away now. about half the delegates needed for republican candidate to win the gop nomination are up for grabs. donald trump's convincing victory in a nevada republican caucus was his third straight win. and his rivals as well as the party establishment are concerned time may be running out to slow his march for the nomination. but we talked to a political science professor at rutgers camden who says she's not sure how long trump's success will last. >> what we don't know is how good trump will be at picking up delegates in a whole bunch of states. voter turnout is going to be the works for super tuesday. >> the republican candidates will meet tonight for a debate
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in houston. and it will be two hearings next month over challenges to knock republican presidential candidate ted cruz and john kasich off the ballot in the pennsylvania primary. marco rubio supporters questioning the signatures collected to get kasich on the ballot. there's a similar challenge about ted cruz and another over whether he's qualified to run for president because he was born in canada. voters in our region will start heading to the polls in about two months. pennsylvania and delaware hold their primaries on april 26th. and new jersey's is june 7th. the republican presidential front-runner is hitting back after mitt romney suggested a bombshell is lurking in the tax returns donald trump has so far refused to release. romney was the gop nominee in 2012. he said in an interview that trump's delay on releasing his returns suggests he has something to hide. trump endorsed romney four years
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ago, but has been deeply critical of the former massachusetts governor's performance as a candidate since mounting his own run. on twitter, trump said romney is now playing tough guy after blowing an election he should have won. and on the democratic side hillary clinton continues campaigning in south carolina today. and a rally yesterday she criticized gop candidate ted cruz over the issue of social security. >> ted cruz actually called social security a ponzi scheme. you know, it's one of the most important social programs that our country has ever put in place. >> clinton picked up senate minority leader harry reid's endorsement yesterday. nbc news confirms the white house is considering nevada's governor as a replacement for late supreme court justice antonin scalia. governor sandoval is a republican, but his record does match president obama's on many key issues.
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for instance, he supports the supreme court same-sex marriage decision and backs abortion rights. sandoval is a former district court judge and state attorney general. he was the first latino candidate elected to statewide office in nevada. republicans controlling the senate say they won't schedule a vote or even hold hearings on whomever president obama may name. the president vowed again yesterday to select scalia's successor before a new president is sworn in. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, it's not exactly the calm after the storm. it's a pretty windy day out there. and it's likely to get even windier. gusty winds throughout the area, throughout the afternoon and even tomorrow as just a few showers around, some this morning, maybe a couple this afternoon. but colder air is coming to the entire region. we were showing you this camera yesterday. and it was shaking like crazy because the wind was so strong.
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so far not as windy, but that's a sustained wind at 25 miles an hour. that's still pretty significant. 48 degrees with the cloudy skies and it feels like 40 degrees. the temperatures across the area are in the 40s and they're going to stay pretty much in the 40s during the day. they're not going to go up much, not going to go down much. 36 in mt. pocono. the wind direction is straight out of the west. and these are the sustained winds. 22 miles an hour lancaster, 23 northeast philly, 20 millville. and as i said even stronger winds in western pennsylvania may make those gusts even higher this afternoon. woe had some showers come through earlier today. there were a few back to the west, so don't be too surprised if there's a late shower here or there this afternoon. it's not going to add to any kind of flood threat. and there are some snow showers in western pennsylvania. some of them could make it over the mountains, especially into
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some of the northern and western areas and the poconos later today. this is the radar estimated rainfall. you can see quite clearly the line of heaviest rain. last night we saw these thunderstorms going right up the same line called training. and this is the result of that. some very heavy rain from lower bucks county through portions of philly and camden and salem counties down into delaware. and the radar estimates of 2.5 inches of rain. a lot of that came in a relatively short period of time. 2.7 inches in part of lancaster county, closer to 2 inches in parts of bucks and montgomery county. still have some flood advisories to the north and west until this afternoon as conditions gradually improve. now, as we go through the afternoon there are the temperatures holding in the 40s. maybe a couple of snow showers up toward the poconos.
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and then things kind of quiet down a bit. go through the day today, it's going to be windy. chance of a shower in the afternoon. temperatures holding in the 40s. and wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour. and the seven-day forecast as you can see it gets colder tomorrow. so those are colder gusty winds. and then a cold morning on saturday. chilly day, but look at sunday. and look at monday. and tuesday and wednesday. the mild air returns. >> all right, thank you, glenn. the local chapter of the red cross is getting ready to launch a campaign aimed at reducing fire deaths in our area. and for more on this we're joined this morning by judge renee cardwell hughes, ceo of american red cross for the eastern pennsylvania region. thank you very much for coming in. before we talk about the fire safety campaign, can you tell us what the red cross may be doing with the storm damage for the victims of the storm damage that rolled in here last night? >> well, last night we didn't have any direct responses
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because of storm damage, but what i want everyone to understand and i want to thank you for doing such a good job getting this message out, when people see standing water, they need to stay away from it. a car -- it's so dangerous. a car can be swept away by just as little as two feet of water. we lost power in our community about 10,000 homes in philadelphia area. so what people should know is keep the refrigerator door closed because the food should last about 48 hours if you keep the refrigerator door closed. so use flashlights, avoid candles. candles are one of the worst sources of fire. and other thing people should be careful about, a lot of people went bought generators after last winter's ice storm, but the generator has to be outside the house. >> can't be inside. >> never inside. >> carbon monoxide poisoning is very serious. >> exactly. colorless, odorless and just makes you go to sleep. so it's really important not to have a generator in your house.
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>> appreciate those reminders. judge, tell us about the no more fire death campaigns. >> well, born of the fact we know we can't stop fires, but we can end fire fatalities. so we are partnering with the philadelphia fire department to literally go neighborhood by neighborhood to install smoke alarms. ten-year lithium powered battery smoke alarms. and most importantly to give a customized escape plan for every family. that's the two things you need. you need a smoke alarm on every floor of your home. and you need a escape plan for you and your family that you practice to get out of the house. so tomorrow we will actually be in hunting park installing smoke alarms for families. >> speaking of that, judge hughes will be joining philadelphia acting fire commissioner derek sawyer for an update on the no more fire deaths campaign saturday 11:30 a.m. at the corner of 12th and
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west courtland streets in philadelphia. for more information just head to our website at or check out the nbc 10 app. judge hughes, thank you very much for coming in. always a pleasure to see you. >> it's a pleasure, vai, thank you. we're continuing to see the aftermath of the severe weather that moved through our area the other night. the light of day is now showing just how bad the damage is in one part of lancaster county. we'll have another update coming up at 11:30. plus, new details on the zika outbreak, a world health official gives an ominous prediction about the spread of the virus.
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health officials say three pregnant women in florida have tested positive for the zika virus. they say all three cases are believed to be travel related. 32 cases have now been reported in florida. meantime, the head of the world health organization says the zika virus could get worse before it gets better. margaret chan met with government officials in brazil and visited mothers whose children suffer from the birth defect thought to be linked to the virus. brazil is dealing with a public health emergency stemming from the zika outbreak. >> we're also dealing with a tricky virus. uncertainty. so we should be prepared for surprises. >> brazil considers most of the cases of microcephaly to be related to zika though the link between the virus and the birth defects have not been
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scientifically established. and we are continuing to check on damage from our overnight storm. skyforce 10 is showing just how bad the damage is in one part of lancaster county. we'll have another update just ahead at 11:30. and a man tries to prank his girlfriend into thinking he met a grisly fate, but in the end the joke was on him. we'll show you why he's now in legal trouble.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. mother nature's power leaves homes flattened, daylight revealing more damage after severe weather moved through our area. and that damage from salisbury township, lancaster county, just across the chester county line. nbc 10's tim furlong is there to show us the damage. tim, it's the kind of damage that you usually see in oklahoma and places like kansas, but
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rarely here it seems. >> reporter: yeah, you know, every few years we get something like this. and sometimes it turns out to be a tornado, but again, that determination still to be made. i'm told the national weather service meteorologist just landed their chopper not too far from here. they're going to go over here to this area here, which is actually about the best vantage point you can get without being in skyforce 10 right now. they're going to go over there and they're going to look at all the evidence, they're going to talk to some people and determine if it was in fact a tornado. again, the good news, nobody was hurt. i just spoke with an amish man who came up here. they're not allowed to go on camera with us, but he did tell me there's a schoolhouse that's completely destroyed. there was one barn with children in it at the time. they're all okay, thankfully. but there are buggies they kept in that barn completely destroyed, the roof is blown off. he said it is unbelievable the damage. it's pretty much a one-mile piece of earth here in lancaster county. we understand as well as you look at video from skyforce 10 the path of destruction ripped barns wide open. the one thing we've seen
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dramatic picture is the people making an assembly line trying to get living -- live and dead chickens out of a barn used to house chickens. i'm told up to 16,000 chickens are in that barn. we don't know how many survived and how many didn't. at this point they're trying to clean up. there's a lot of cleanup to be done here. again, like i said, we're going to have to make our way down as we come back out here to our vantage point because you can see i'd say about three-quarters of a mile and this is as close as we can get and they're not letting us get any closer certainly with the tv trucks because they're trying to restore power to the non-amish communities down there and make sure all the heavy machinery needed to remove debris is down there. we're going to get back in our truck and work our way back down to the command center. so as soon as the weather service meteorologists come through, if we can we're going to try to sneak out there with them and go along on their tour. sometimes they let us do that, sometimes they don't. otherwise we'll hopefully be with them when they come back to get a briefing to determine if this was in fact a tornado.
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we're always hesitant to say it was a tornado. it looks like something we've seen tornadoes do in the past in our area and in other areas, but they will make that determination. again, i can't say clearly enough the amish man that just came by here he told me he is amazed no one was injured. live in salisbury township, lancaster county, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> yeah, tim, thank you. how lucky they are. drivers should be on the look out for flooding this morning. skyforce 10 was over airport road in new castle around 9:30 this morning. you can see water covered both sides of the road. and this car here being towed away. had to be pulled out of flood waters. in other parts of our region also cleaning up from overnight storms. power was out and many roads in abington township was flooded last night. a large tree collapsing on to the roof of a home. no one hurt, strong winds toppled over a sign at the burger king in philadelphia's long crest neighborhood. elliot paul took a picture of
11:34 am
this tree that crashed down into his yard. make sure you download the free nbc 10 app. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now with our forecast, glenn. >> yeah, vai, we have another day with a lot of wind. the direction is different and the air mass on top of us is very different. so we're not going to be getting severe weather, but the flags are blowing pretty hard. and eventually it's going to be bringing in some colder air. we still have some leftover flooding, especially north and west. that's until 1:30 this afternoon. aerial flood warning if you see any standing water or moving water you do not want to drive through it. i saw a couple of cars stalled last night going home. an accident involved with all of that, and we have some flood warnings one on the schuylkill river near pottstown and one brandy wine creek near chadsford. that place floods pretty easily.
11:35 am
you can see we had some generally lighter showers move through this morning. and a few snow showers in western pennsylvania that could make it into parts of the area this afternoon. the wind gusting up to 30 to 35 miles an hour so far. and if anything it's going to get windier as we head through the day. but it's not going to get much warmer. temperatures holding right around where they are as we go through the day, perhaps dropping just a touch by this afternoon's rush. chance of a shower, generally light shower in some spots. we'll see what's ahead for the weekend and next week how long we get to dry out with the seven-day in a few minutes. thank you, glenn. the storm system killed at least eight people from the south to the mid-atlantic. nbc's miguel almaguer shows us what it looks like in those states. >> reporter: another night of severe weather. in pennsylvania some 50 homes damaged, dangerous winds in new york city, while in long island
11:36 am
firefighters rushed to extinguish cars on fire and clear downed trees in neighborhoods. in washington, d.c., hammering hail. but it was the smallest towns hit with the biggest damage. overnight rescues in virginia. some communities wiped off the map as homes were destroyed, tornadoes dropping from an ominous sky. >> it took my truck up in the air and the glass was coming in. and i thought the truck was going to turn over on me. >> reporter: frank witnessed the deadly twitter blow through waverly, virginia. >> i saw the roofs flying everywhere. and what can you do? you know, you caught up in it. >> reporter: the wild weather claiming the lives of two men and a toddler, tossed from a trailer 300 yards adding to the storm's death toll. another man killed in south carolina when a gust of wind snapped a tree onto him. >> the guy he was laying down. and the tree was on top of him. and he was hurt.
11:37 am
>> reporter: the powerful storm system battered the gulf coast. among the hardest hit a trailer park in convent, louisiana, where a tornado killed two and shredded 150 homes. >> it looked like a blender. there was stuff flying around. >> reporter: some parts of florida also reduced to rubble. more than 200,000 lost power. this morning while the storm is diminishing, the scope of the damage is just being realized. that was nbc's miguel almaguer reporting. well, the weather is effecting flights at philadelphia international airport. and this morning there are 28 cancellations and 43 delays so far. check on your flight just call 1-800-phl-gate. and the problems aren't just in our area. airlines across the country are trying to hit the reset button after thousands of cancellations due to wind and snow. chicago's two major airports were ground zero for cancellations yesterday. 1,300 flights were stopped in
11:38 am
syracuse, new york. one airline even bought pizza for a flight that was diverted in the storm. look at this time lapse video we have of the storm hitting our area. this is what it looked like when the wind and rain rolled through center city last night. the wild weather tossed around our camera as you can see, which is located on top of the mellon building. stay prepared all day long with the nbc 10 app. check out storm damage from across the area and also get hour by hour forecasts for your neighborhood. vice president joe biden is in mexico city today for an annual economic summit. biden is leading a delegation that includes the u.s. commerce secretary and the energy secretary. they'll talk with mexican officials about trade partnerships. both mexico and the u.s. are members of the transpacific partnership free trade deal. while in mexico biden is also expected to meet with that country's president. and rescue crews recovered the bodies of the 23 people killed in yesterday's plane crash in nepal.
11:39 am
two children are among the dead. and poor weather conditions are making it hard for crews to assess the damage to an ice breaker that ran aground in antarcti antarctica. the ice breaker was on a mission to resupply an australian research station when it broke free of its moorings during a blizzard yesterday. none of the researchers or crew on board the ship were hurt. and we're following a developing story in california. firefighters are battling a brush fire in a canyon area in malibu. the fire started this morning and has already spread to about 20 acres. authorities evacuated about 15 homes in the area. no injuries have been reported so far. and a kentucky man may have succeeded in pranking his girlfriend, but it seems like police had the last laugh. when they showed up to investigate the murder he staged, they found a fake victim had a very real warrant. the woman says she got home from work to find the door of her apartment kicked in, tables and
11:40 am
chairs were flipped over. and there was blood on the walls. and facedown in their bed was her boyfriend covered in blood with an eight-inch knife stuck in his neck. well, she called police telling them her boyfriend had been murdered. and they rushed to the scene. there was still no response from inside the bedroom. >> they told me he was hollering it was a joke as the police come through the door and he had the knife in his hand. and he dropped the knife and said it was just a prank. it was just a prank for my girlfriend because she was a few minutes late from work. >> well, police discovered the prankster had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for failure to appear in court. and he's now behind bars. and facing being deported to mexico. there you go. more changes could be coming to the world of drones. we'll show you why you may soon be seeing more of them flying overhead and what they could be doing to your neighborhood. that's coming up. glenn.
11:41 am
yeah, we saw plenty of rain the last couple of days, and i'll show you how long we'll have to dry out coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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this is nbc 10 news. we are continuing to track the aftermath of severe storms. experts from the national weather service will investigate whether this was caused by a tornado. look for an update today on nbc
11:44 am
10 news at 4:00. the faa will consider allowing small drones to fly over people that could pave the way for package deliveries. amazon and google have said that they aim to start delivering packages by drone within the next two years. but they face regulatory challenges beyond the faa to make that happen. u.p.s. is researching how it can get packages to your home faster. u.p.s. is investing in same-day delivery company which works with macy's, kohl's and other retailers. u.p.s. says that investment will help it observe the same-day delivery market. founder says shoppers expect speedy deliveries and speedy delivery is becoming the new standard. new study shows a majority of u.s. companies are unprepared for a cyber attack. pwc says nearly half don't have an active response plan. and 17% have no plan at all. cyber crime is currently high on the list of worries for
11:45 am
corporate america. well, a new production of a classic musical is now playing at the academy of music. ♪ broadway national touring production of pippin is giving performances through sunday. it's a musical journey that tells the story of a young princess search for meaning. had not one but two pippins joining us in our studios this morning. brian flores making his professional theater debut with the national tour as the leading cast member. we're also joined by aden mcdonald who stars as pippin in camden catholic high school production of pippin beginning march 11th. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> let me start with you, brian. you recently graduated from the university of michigan. tell us how that experience is going for you working in pippin. >> it's amazing. you know, i remember when i first got the show and i first saw the show, you know, it really is kind of the same as it is now. you know, playing pippin is like
11:46 am
sitting in the audience and watching pippin because basically the leading play at the beginning of the show it's his first time playing the role. you've got to kind of look at it from that angle every single night. and it's been a dream working with the people that are in the show. we've got john reubenstein, the original pippin, adrian barbo famous tv actress done over a hundred things on tv. she did a bunch of broadway stuff. she's a legend. working with these people it's super fulfilling to do it every night and amazing to bring it to different cities in the united states and see how different places react. >> what can theater goers expect from this production? >> well, what i like to say for people who don't really know what pippin really is, it's basically that classical broadway comedy meets
11:47 am
circumstance cirque du soleil. it goes on that metaphor that pippin plays on that life is a circus. and pippin is about life. it's a story about pippin's life. so all of these kind of experiences he goes through like war, he goes through war, he goes through sex, he goes through becoming the king of the holy roman empire. he goes through all of these things and it's all embodied through circus. it's all choreographed through this circus aspect. it's really amazing. so you can go see the show, and you will get that musical comedy, but you'll also get this element of spectacle that you really don't get with any other broadway show you'll ever see. >> you see the passion in his eyes here? i can feel it here. >> absolutely. >> your school is putting on the production. you're playing pippin. >> yes. >> and this saturday you're going to go see the show. >> yes. >> you're going to have a chance to hopefully meet with the production and the crew and members. what would you ask them? you had a chance to meet brian for a few minutes, as someone who plays the part, what do you want to know? >> how do you do it? how do you do it eight days a
11:48 am
week? >> it's just really interesting to see like how much of an impact the show can have on those cast members. just being physically and locally healthy. >> did you get the same experience? are you getting the same experience? you're preparing and haven't put the show on yet. >> yeah, we're performing the show a week march 11th, 12th and 13th. >> i guess i'm asking are you drawing from it the same thing brian is drawing from it from his experience. obviously there's a difference in age and experience, but are you getting the same kind of thing from playing the role that brian is? >> well, i know brian's doing more of the revival, my production is like the original with bob fossy. it's definitely a journey for me. i'm putting my heart and soul into finding my corner of the sky.
11:49 am
just finding my own journey and fulfillment. >> well, you guys are terrific. i appreciate you guys coming in and telling us a little about pippin broadway national touring production playing at the academy of music through sunday. for more information we posted a link on our website and on the nbc 10 mobile app. guys, thank you very much. good luck. >> thank you. >> thank you. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. a day after the big storm and very often it clears out. but not so much today. it often is windy though. we have another windy day coming tomorrow. a few showers this morning and also perhaps some more this afternoon. but colder air will be moving in starting tonight. you can see those flags blowing pretty nicely. not quite as dramatic as yesterday. it's 48 degrees and cloudy at 25-mile-an-hour sustained wind.
11:50 am
here's one place not real happy with the storm yesterday. this is in the poconos at blue mountain. and they had rain, a lot of rain. not happy about that. but they will be able to make snow starting tonight. you can see the temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. pretty uniform across the area. and the wind increasing. we're seeing gusts of 30 miles an hour across much of the area and even stronger winds in western pennsylvania that may move in a little bit later. nothing more than a couple of sprinkles out of those threatening looking clouds right now, but there are also some snow showers in western pennsylvania, a couple of those could make it across the mountains as snow flurries, especially toward the poconos. we continue to see flood advisories for some of the northern and western areas and just in general flood advisory to 1:30 then maybe some ponding on roads. you don't want to be driving through flooding roads. one area of flood concern, brandy wine creek flood stage is
11:51 am
nine feet and it's going up to over 12 feet early this afternoon. then you can see how quickly it starts to go down. and the temperatures, yeah, they'll be going down as well as we go through the night tonight it's going to be a lot colder than it's been over the last couple of days. temperatures down into the 20s in parts of the area, but we're going to be seeing a lot more sunshine during the day tomorrow even though it's going to be on the chilly side. for the rest of the day today, it's windy. it's windy now. it's going to stay windy or get even windier. gusts up to 40 miles an hour, chance of a shower later this afternoon, maybe even snow flurry up toward the poconos later. gusting winds tomorrow. could see gusts to 40 miles an hour. and colder winds tomorrow. a cold start to the weekend. 26 for the low on saturday morning. and that's in fiphiladelphia. chilly day saturday, but look at sunday. getting close to 60 degrees.
11:52 am
and then it's pretty warm monday, tuesday and wednesday as well. don't really see any kind of significant rain until at least the middle of next week. and we could use that time to dry out. we'll be right back.
11:53 am
11:54 am
coming up this afternoon,
11:55 am
starting at 3:00 it's an all new "ellen." today ellen we cans gwen stefani and ashley graham to her show. then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. this afternoon your phone may not be as secure as you think. watch as a familiar substance is used to hack an iphone this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. now to an update on our top story, the national weather service is investigating whether a tornado touched down in lancaster county last night. take a look at this damage, skyforce 10 was over salisbury township this morning. we are told several dozen homes, barns and businesses were destroyed. we saw roofs ripped off of several homes. no one was hurt. lucky with that. stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app as we continue gathering more information about the damage from last night's storm in lancaster county. glenn is looking intently at that video because you used to do this, you used to go chase storms. >> and determine whether it was a tornado or not for the national weather service when i
11:56 am
was working in atlanta. then those last two pictures of the houses, they're pretty well constructed. we're not talking about something that is easy to knock down or easy to lift a roof. and so my guess is that they're probably going to find evidence that it was a tornado based on the fact that it had a specific path. we're looking for trees or debris being blown in different directions and evidence of a circulation in that storm. so we've got to look at all of that very carefully before you make that determination. >> you also brought up something interesting because tim furlong was talking to an amish person who was there. >> right. that's kind of scary because they're not watching tv, they don't have the cell phones and radios like the rest of us who are able to get warnings. and so many different ways. and i'm just glad nobody got hurt. >> all right. thank you very much, glenn.
11:57 am
for glenn "hurricane" schwartz, i'm vai sikahema, thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. stay tuned.
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