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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  February 26, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> we're running 15 to 20 degrees colder this morning. it's because yesterday was so usually warm. we started off in the 60s yesterday morning. this morning, it's 37 degrees in philadelphia. right at the freezing mark for reading, allentown and pottstown and above freezing but in the 30s in delaware and south jersey. that's without the wind factored in. we factor in the gusty winds that are already here. 20s from allentown to the shore. in the mountains it feels like 7 degrees. there's that wind, a blustery one today. winds of 19 miles an hour, we'll get a little bit stronger at 10:00. clouds break. we will see sunshine today but not a big warmup. from 33 in the morning to 39 degrees early this afternoon. some areas will get warmer than others. i'll go through the forecastç neighborhood by neighborhood. we're starting out in ocean county, new jersey where there's an overturned vehicle blocking route 9 southbound around mathistown road. no huge delays behind that. not a lot of people are on the
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roadways at that point yet. 95 looking different. we are starring to see the volume headed southbound. that's what's going towards the center city area. the brave time still okay. speeds in the 60s and 13 minutes from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. no problems there. i like to always give you a heads up later on in the evening, especially on a friday night. there might be added stadium traffic and volume around the wells fargo center. the philadelphia 76ers play the wizards. fire crews are still on the scene of a restaurant fire overnight. drew smith is in germantown this morning. what are you learning about this fire? >> reporter: tracy, we know fire investigators are here now. the work continues to try to keep putting water on this restaurant. you can see they are still spraying water on it. this is several hours after they said this was under control. the flames no longer leaping through the roof but it is still a situation that firefighters
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are keeping their eye on. we shot video of those intense flames, firefighters got here around 1:00 this morning. several trucks had to try to get on all sides of this restaurant, the house of gin chinese restaurant. they tried to attack it as best they could. it took a full hour to bring it fully under control. the inside of the restaurant is all charred out. the roof, destroyed. as those flames and those hot flames came right up from the inside. now, again, the fire investigators are here. starting to take photos, look around to try to figure out what may have happened here. there's also someone associated with the restaurant over inside a deli building one bulling over. we'll try to speak to him, figure out what may have happened here. this restaurant was scheduled to open around 11:00 this morning. obviously that will not be happening today. live in germantown, drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. meanwhile, doctors are evaluating the mental health of a bucks county man who triggered a standoff.
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police say they were responding to a domestic call at the langhorne home yesterday. that's when man barricaded himself inside and told police he was armed and wearing body armor. he surrendered three hours later. chamonix high school was on lockdown as a precaution. no one was hurt. officer michael edwards says a man approached his cruiser on wednesday night at a park in south philly and said, i should blow your head off.ç edwards says shareef haines kept his hands in his pants and used his body to try to keep him in the car. the officer managed to get out of the car, draw his gun an confront haines who made a shooting gesture with his hands. that's within a backup officer arrived and tasered the suspect. >> he could have had a gun. and i would have been a victim.
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>> this incident shows that police training works. this case comes about six weeks after a gunman shot philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett at pointblank range. three bullets hit hartnett in the arm. he sa he's had a number of surgeries since then. he said that man who carry out that assassination attempt pledged to isis. cosby's lawyer says he's letting the suit against beverly johnson go for now. to concentrate on the criminal charge charg charges. beverly johnen is accused cosby of drugging her. cosby denies the allegations. his attorneys plan to refile the case. no deal. yesterday, a pennsylvania judicial ethics court rejected a deal between supreme court justice michael aiken and his accusers. aiken seen here leaving a
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pittsburgh courtroom yesterday with his wife is accused of violating ethics rules by exchanging offensive e-mails. the three-judge panel would not let aiken's lawyer or the judicial conduct board outline the deal. instead, the judges said they would decide whether there have been any misconduct and if so, what the punishment would be. attorney general kathleen kane uncovered e-mails while reviewing her predecessor's handling of the jerry sandusky case. philadelphia's district attorney says there's no timetable other than justice when it comes to the lesean mccoy case. nbc 10 spoke with seth williams at an event in south philadelphia yesterday. williams said his meeting with mccoy and his attorney earlier this week to discuss the case is pretty common practice ahead of filing any charges. mccoy's accused of assaulting
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two off-duty philadelphia police officers at the recess lounge on february 7th. but he reportedly told the d.a. an investigators tuesday that the incident was not his fault. williams says he's committed to taking his time to get it rightç >> those that are impatient or want to bully my office into doing something, we're not going to do that. we're going to do what we think is right, make the decision when we have enough evidence. >> williams says his office is in touch with mccoy's attorney and they know where shady is. a camden county fourth grader is behind an effort to help the people of flint, michigan during their ongoing water crisis there. >> i was able to get wash, brush my teeth and drink clean water. there are kids in flynn the, michigan, that cannot do those things. >> thompson made a video, posted it on her youtube channel. several businesses in deptford helped out her cause by collecting bottles of water and printing up flyers for her. she and her dad drove the water
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hundreds of miles to flint after her father got permission from his employer. >> asked them if he can drive the truck around to flint, michigan, they said we can help you and drive with you to load all this water in that truck. >> her youtube channel is kind kindly kanicki. a tornado caused this destruction in lancaster county. the national weather service confirmed an ef-2 tornado hit the area, packing winds of up to 125 miles per hour. it destroyed dozens of buildings in its path, including an amish schoolhouse. >> it's just a foundation. everything was completely on the ground. it almost looked like a bomb exploded the school. >> a lot of non-amish people in town got warnings. a lot ran to warn their amish
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neighbors who do not use technology. the tornado also hit two chicken houses. not clear how much of the 16,000 chickens can be saved. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 5:38 this morning. it is a cold start this morning. it's going to be a blustery day. right now we're looking at the temperatures that are in the 30s for reading and philadelphia and cape may. temperatures are in the 30s but the wind is blowing and it feels like it's in the 20s this morning. this is a gusty view, the wind has been shaking the camera atop the marquis de lafayette hotel. look at the wind gusts. 29 miles an hour in philadelphia. topping 30 miles an hour in atlantic city. it is dry. there are clouds blowing through the area. snow showers in central pennsylvania and into the pocono mountains. we've seen a few snowflakes. it should stay dry for most of the day today.
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you might see a flurry. there's dry air in place. most of those flurries are evaporating before they make it to the ground. more sunshine as the day goes on, 26 degrees for the pocono mountains, middle 30s will be it for allentown and quakertown. the wind blowing all day through doylestown, trenton and mt. holly. at the shore you'll see sunny skies, 40 in atlantic city, vineland, rehoboth, in the upper 30s this afternoon and a blustery day for west chester, drexel hill and swedesboro. temperatures not much warmer than they are right now. seven-day forecast with the temperature turnaround for the weekend when i'm back in ten minutes. all right. about 20 minutes before 6:00. let's get a check at traffic and specifically 422. >> first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has that. jessica? >> that's right. we are doing okay so far. we're still really quiet this morning. at least in terms of volume. here's 422 around trooper road. trooper road is actually right in here. that wraps around and heads eastbound towards the schuylkill expressway. the drive time is doing okay, eastbound from 29 to the
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schuylkill, eight-minute trip, speed in the 60s. that starts to jam up usually around the 7:00 hour or so. we move over to lower providence where there's a water main break on north trooper road and clark hill drive. causing delays, just follow those local detours, heading over into new jersey and ocean county. be prepared to watch out for that and see some delays. you can see the major surrounding areas as well, we are still seeing everything in the greene. not a lot of volume heading out the door there. a screening hall, that's what could happen soon unless a deal is struck between the unions and nj transit. we'll tell you about the issues that are holding up the agreement and when a strike could happen. plus, busted, despite his good grades, this pennsylvania high school student is in trouble with the law. find out why.
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5:33. this morning we're meeting a gloucester county teenager who's getting a helping hand from her classmate. christina is a student at clearview high school in mullica hill. she had multiple brain surgeries and her medical bills are piping up. her fellow classmates raised money with hoagies for hope.
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super bowl sunday was the day the students sold those hoagies and made for than $17,000. we talked to christina about how it feels to have the school help her family. >> makes me feel lake a better person inside. i feel like everybody cares. >> the students split the money between christina and two other kids with medical conditions during the school board meeting last night. new jersey transit and the rail workersç unions resume tas today to try to avert a threatened strike. the walkout could bring the trains to a screeching halt next month. the unions thorred a strike for march 13th. among the sticking points are higher health insurance premiums and disputed pay raises. the dispute continues between apple and the fbi. it all sounds around the san bernardino terrorist incident. the company is arguing that
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a court order requiring april toll build a tool to bypass the pass code of one of the san bernardino shooters would violate their first and fifth amendment rights. federal authorities want april toll unlock the phone of one of the san bernardino terrorists as part of the investigation to see what it is on that phone. apple's court filing it not only claimed the order violates the company's rights but it would do serious damage to the security of apple's products. fbi director james comey says the battle with apple poses the hardest question he's seen in government. >> increasing situations where we cannot, with lawful court orders, read the communications of terrorists, gang bangers, pedophiles, all different kinds of bad people and with, again, lawful court orders and search warrants we're increasingly unable to make that search warrant effective. >> meantime, another new development. google which is considered a competitor to apple in the smartphone market are planning to lend a hand to support
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apple's objection. apple's ceo tim cook says he's prepared to take this case all way to the supreme court. live in the digital operations center, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. 5:46. we're getting a first look at what happened in the moments before police shot and killed a man with a machete in mousen to. the guy was upset that he missed his bus. you can see him waving a machete. authorities say he used it smash a window in the police car and then hit the officer with the flat side. another officer opened fire killing the suspect. police say 23-year-old ukrainian man impersonated a pennsylvania high school student for years and he even made the honor roll. authorities say artur samarin walked the halls of harrisburg high school pretending to be a student named asher potts. police say artur samarin remained in the u.s. after his visa expired and had been attending the school under false identity since 2012. students say they're shocked. >> he lied to me. he told me his age before. >> investigators say artur
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samarin maintained a better than 4.0 grade point average and took part in several student activities, including the rotc. artur samarin faces chargesç o identity theft and tampering with public records. now from our south jersey bureau, a church wants to know why black lives matter. unitarian universalist church in cherry hill hosted a panel discussion last night. the church believed people needed to hear the message. the church calls the thief a coward who tried to send a message of hate and intolerance by ripping down the black lives matter sign. they say the theft only makes their commitment stronger to fight racism in the criminal justice system. surveillance video from january appears to show joshua keasey and ibew local 98 president john dougherty walking on north 3rd street.
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keasey's lawyer says his klein was beat up because he's not in the union and was working at a construction site. dougherty made a campaign contribution to d.a. seth williams. williams says he excused himself to avoid any real or perceived conflicts. >> i didn't throw a case for a friend that is overly difficult or went out of my way to prosecute someone because they stole my lunch money in eighth grade. >> the state attorney general's office is handling the case. a spokesman for dougherty says he acted in self-defense. nbc 10 employs workers who are members of local 98 union. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's winter coat time. the cold is back. gusty winds this morning. they're going to stay with us this afternoon. clouds, they're blowing through the area. this is a live view from here at the nbc 10 studios. the winds at 21 miles an hour. 37 degrees, feels like 26 degrees this morning.
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cold in the pocono mountains, colder, they're back to making snow at camelback and that snow has been blowing across the slopes with the winds topping 20 miles an hour. 22 degrees in the poconos. if you can find an area that doesn't have wind, 32 in pottstown, 35 for wilmington. you factor in the wind, those numbers are in the 20s. here are the clouds riding in on the winds. we're seeing snow showers in central pennsylvania, the pocono mountains, you might see a few snowflakes. a few flurries in northeastern maryland. worst case scenario, might see a flurry. if you're looking for steadier snow showers, you'll have to do traveling because they'll stay clear of our area and the clouds over the city will be breaking for sunshine. we'll see sunshine this morning at 7:00. 34 degrees. look at the winds at 20 miles an hour. steadyç into the afternoon hou, 36 degrees at 10:00. 39 degrees at 1:00 today. it stays cold all day long.
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with the clouds out of here for the weekend, we'll see the numbers turn around after a colder morning tomorrow morning. 45 saturday afternoon. look at sunday. wow, what a rebound. 60 the high temperature and then that mild weather stays with us on monday. there's a chance of a daytime shower. just a light rain shower. sunshine and near 60 on tuesday, more showers on wednesday and then it turns colder thursday. about ten minutes before 6:00. i see jessica doing a jig. i think it's because it's friday. >> tgif, jessica. what are you seeing on 42. >> i'm happy about that. northbound drive time still doing okay, headed to philadelphia, a four-minute trip northbound from 55 to the woodhaven road bridge. if you are headed out the door, there's an overturned vehicle that's blocked at mathistown road. in delaware, still reports of area roadways being closed
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because of flooding. that's in new castle county. airport road is still closed between 95 and route 202. the ramp is still closed, though, they had to reschedule the open for it. it was supposed to open on tuesday. 95 southbound to exit 7b, route 52, still closed for the ongoing construction. 37 degrees at 5:51 this friday morning. the philadelphia museum of arts collection is get a little bit bigger. here's a live look at the museum right now. just ahead, we'll tell you about the gift it's now getting, including a major endowment. plus, changing the rules. major league baseball is eliminating part of the game after an incident involving former phils' star chase utley. we'll tell you about it. and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes.
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this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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good morning, everyone. this is jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. if you're just waking up heading out the door, head out the door to berlin, you'll be just fine on the white horse pike around cross keys road. we're getting word of a tractor-trailer overturned on 78 in the lehigh valley. just new in to our system. police not even on the scene.
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i'll tell you exactly where that is when i come back in the 6:00 hour. this might be the save of the year. flyers goalie michael made this block with his stick right at the goal line. look at that from high above. >> crazy. >> the save secured the flyers 3-2 win over the minnesota wild at the wells fargo center. baseball has hey new slide rule. >> mlb officials say they're hoping to avoid a repeat of this utley takeout slide in last year's playoffs. the play broke the leg of new york mets shortstop rubin tej a tejada. the new rule states that a runner has to make contact with the ground before the base, must be within reach of the bag with either a hand or a foot. it also says the runner cannot change his path to make contact with the fielder. five minutes before 6:00. happening this weekend, your last chance to get out and enjoy
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the blue cross river rink winterfest. closing weekend begins this afternoon with food and entertainment that runs through sunday. the summer season on the water front is right around the corner. organizers are getting ready for the festival of arts, a sign fair carnival, the spruce street harbor park and the blue cross river rink summerfest. the bucks county maker of skee-ball has sold the business. now production is moving to wisconsin along with dozens of jobs. skee-ball incorporated is located in new briton township. it has about 30 employees. its owner signed the deal on tuesday that enis company to the midwest. that transition happened in the next three months. skee-ball was invented in 1909. >> nbc 10 news committed to clearing the shelters. >> the pennsylvania spca hopes you'll want to cuddle up with a
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new pet to watch the oscars on sunday. they will hold an a "cat" emy awards. adoption fees will be waived with donation for adult cats and pitbull-type dogs. the facility is decorated with film strips and a red carpet. some of the animals are wearing ties. it's a big night. >> we have specials that lean toward elderly animals or animals that have behavior issues or medical issues because they need good homes, too. >> and to give one of these animals a forever home, you just need an i.d. with your current address. they're not the only ones having a big night. philadelphia museum of art is celebrating a generous gift. >> the museum has 50 pieces of american art to add to its collection now. the estate of local collector daniel dietrich ii gave those works to the museum along with a
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gift of a $10 million endowmentç video captures a van pulling up to another car and someone inside opening fire. >> we'll tell you where in delaware county this shooting happened and what police are asking people to do after seeing this video. and all new at 6:00, a mansion goes up in flames in newport, rhode island. this morning we're learning about a philadelphia connection. slow, building african-style m it's the little moments that make the biggest waves.
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nbc 10 breaking news. this breaking news, an all-out attack to put out this fire at a restaurant in the germantown. crews are still dousing the building. i mean, first of all, this guy is a joke artist and this guy is a lier. >> candidates get rowdy in tex tell and two ofç the candidate gang up on front-runner donald trump. and four dead and 14 hurt in a shooting spree in kansas. a police officer who shot and killed the suspect is being called a


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