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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  February 29, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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nbc 10 starts now. gunned down standing on a street corner. security camera shows the moment two teenagers were shot standing outside a philadelphia restaurant. donald trump attacked. the republican front-runner finds himself a target because of how he's reacting to a controversial endorsement. we are tracking showers, expect light rain later this morning as we start off in the 40s and 50s ahead of a mild workweek. we like to hear that. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm katy zachry. 4:31 on your monday morning. we were talking about the mild start to the workweek. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with that. hi, bill. >> temperatures are warm, 46 degrees and we'll be going warmer today. probably not as warm as yesterday. this is one of the reasons why. you see the rain moving in from the west. that's on track to arrive here by midmorning. right now, the heavier showers
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are moving towards punxsutawney, passing pittsburgh right now. the wet weather will take a few hours to start moving into the area. the temperature is coming down. 47 degrees, not bad at all. 50 in millville. look at the mild temperatures for doylestown. 47 degrees. 45 inráái philadelphia. middle 40s for roxborough. the numbers will climb, 50 degrees at 9:00. we'll start to see showers and winds at 17 miles an hour. showers move through at noontime. it may start to see breaks of sunshine later in the noontime hour. 56 degrees. it will be clearing out this afternoon and going a bit warmer, too. that's your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington is watching your monday morning traffic. we are watching some ongoing construction right now on the white horse pike where we have one lane open in each direction. that's spring garden and fleming pike. if you're just waking up and hearing about this, plan your
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trip accordingly. not a lot of volume or problems. we're try to look at 295 around route 70 but not right now, it's not our day. brave times still doing okay. here's the blue route. we're in the green still. 15-minute trip headed southbound from the schuylkill to 95 and 65 miles an hour is the average speed. katy? >> all right, jessica, thank you. teenagers shot. one moment they were standing outside a grays ferry chinese restaurant and the next moment both were suffering from gunshot wounds. nbc 10's matt delucia is live outside children's hospital of philadelphia. what do we know so far about the victims and the search for the suspects? >> reporter: one of those victims, a 15-year-old boy was taken here to c.h.o.p. yesterday as a result of his injuries. take a look at this video. this is what police are putting out there. just before 6:00 last night, 31st and tasker in the grays ferry neighborhood, two teens were standing outside a chinese restaurant when a white car blows by and the teens are shot.
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one of them runs away, the other ducks inside the restaurant. witnesses say they heard several shots fired. police say a 17-year-old was shot in the leg and arm. he ran to a neighbor's house for safety. that's where police found him inside. he's in stable condition over at presbyterian hospital. the 15-year-old that's here at c.h.o.p., he was the more seriously injured of the two. police have not specified a motive yet for the shooting but neighbors say they're angry. >> could have been a young kid. it could have been, you foe -- i could have been walking out here. innocent bystanders. people going about their business, enjoying the day. >> reporter: police are still looking for that white car you saw in the surveillance video. if you have any information, you're asked to call police right away. live in university city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. 4:34 now. a fight at a party leads to a deadly shooting outside a cherry
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hill motel. the shooting happened at the inn of the dove around 2:30 sunday morning. both of the victims were driveen in a private vehicle to the hospital. a 17-year-old later died. a 20-year-old man was treated and released. police say both men were shot inside a car near the motel's entrance following a fight at a party inside one of the motel rooms. no arrests have been made yet. from our delaware bureau, police are investigating three shootings over the weekend. in new castle county. the latest crime happened in oakmont. investigators say someone shot a 30-year-old woman in the leg. paramedics treated her at the scene. she is expected to be okay. that shooting followed deadly gunfire saturday night that - man. and those two incidents came after a shooting in wilmington saturday that left a 41-year-old victim with a leg and face injury. happening today in new jersey, a look at just how many children are being affected by lead poisoning. new jersey congressman frank
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pallone jr. is expected to testify before the state senate. pallone wants more information about federal funds the state receives for lead detection. pallone is the top democrat on the house energy and commerce committee. family and friends remembered cara mccollum, a former miss new jersey at funeral services this weekend. she was laid to rest in arkansas. a memorial service will be held on saturday, march 12th at the ocean city tabernacle. cara died last monday following a car crash in bad weather. she was a news anchor and was the girlfriend of nbc 10's keith jones. from our trenton bureau now, new jersey lawmakers are expected to vote today on a bill to cut taxes on retirement income. the plan would phase in an income tax exemption of up to $100,000 over three years. right now, married couples can only exempt $20,000. lawmakers are also expected to
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talk about raising the state's estate tax exemption. well, the presidential candidates are looking ahead to the biggest pre-election day prize. we are talking about super tuesday. but republican front-runner donald trump has a controversy on his hands. ahead, it's all because of an endorsement and how he's reacting to it. also -- >> squeezed and squeezed and squeezed. >> while campaigning for comfort at 30,000 feet. ahead, hear how one lawmaker wants to make change to your airline seats.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 4:39 on leap day, a bonus day in february. we're getting bonus mild conditions this morning. the temperatures really didn't get cold overnight. right now in philadelphia, we're
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in the 40s. 49 degrees in fact. at northeast philadelphia. that's 12 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. that's not the only spot. 50 in millville, 46 in wilmington. really no cold air. montgomery, blue bell, both at 45 degrees. just shy of 50 degrees in collegeville. clouds are starting to move into gilbertsville and pottstown, holing temperatures into the 40s. those clouds, that's the beginning of change for today. brilliant sunshine yesterday. behind these clouds, the rain that will be arriving by midmorning. the hour by hour futurecast showing those temperatures climbing in spite of the rain moving in. this is at 8:00, scattered showers moving into allentown and reading. by midmorning, the 10:00 hour, that light rain coming through philadelphia. it will be blowing through. gusty winds today. 54 degrees at 10:00. those showers clearing out and here comes some sunshine. look at the temperature. that's at noontime, 59 in
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philadelphia, 60 degrees in dover and it will be mild but a windy afternoon. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, upper 50s in allentown and reading. 46 in the pocono mountains. morning rain clearing out during the afternoon. gusty winds for doylestown, trenton and mt. holly. the fast-moving showers moving offshore, get sunshine for cape may, dover and vineland. mild afternoon for philadelphia, 59 degrees. 60 in swedesboro. upper 50s in wilmington. grab an umbrella but you'll need your sun glasses this afternoon. wintry weather possible by the end of the week. seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. thank you, bill. we love today's weather. let's get a check of the roads now. it's been quiet so far this morning. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is here to bring us up to speed. >> we are talking about ongoing construction right now. here's 95. this is around cottman avenue.
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the lanes are actually moving along nicely. no problems there either direction. southbound drive time from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. still a 14-minute trip. average speeds just getting up there into the 60s. those ramp closures, ongoing 95 northbound, the ramp to girard avenue. from 95 southbound, the ramp to aramingo avenue is closed. we have more construction on 95 southbound between langhorne and route 1. the rigid lane is closed there. i'll be back in the next ten minutes with another check on your morning drive. katy? jessica, thank you. 5:42. donald trump remains the republican front-runner heading into super tuesday. but it's not without new controversy. coming up next, hear why an endorsement and trump's reaction to it has his republican challengers on the attack. also next, no pants required? yes, we'll explain why this pga golf pro decided to dress down on the course.
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welcome back. 4:44 on your monday morning. decision 2016. republican white house front-runner donald trump is hoping to pile up delegates tomorrow in the super tuesday contest. but before he can do that, he'll have to navigate through another controversy with racial overtones. nbc 10's vai sikahema is here to bring us up to speed on all of this. vai? >> political observers say donald trump stumbled during a tv interview yesterday on the issue of getting support from a well-known white supremacist. a cnn interviewer asked the gop candidate about david duke who used to be the grand wizard of the ku klux klan. 4- uu)jpt(r'st donald trump at this point is treesen to your heritage. trump condemned duke on friday and again after the interview. that did not stop trump's republican rivals from pouncing. here's part of interview. >> i don't know anything about david duke.
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i have to look at the group. i don't know what group you're talking about. >> the ku klux klan. >> there is no place in the conservative movement for david duke, the ku klux klan or hatred or bigotry in america. >> trump also took fire from rival ted cruz who accused trump of releasing his tax returns because of possible ties to the mafia. polls show cruz facing an uphill battle to take over the gop nomination. coverage of super tuesday, track the live primary results and get the latest updates from the campaign trail. download the free nbc 10 app or check out i'll join you at the desk at the top of the hour. >> thanks, vai. we'll see you shortly. happening today, officials swear in dozens of people as u.s. citizens. 33 people from more than 20 countries will take the citizenship oath in mt. laurel, burlington county.
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tom macarthur will be there to welcome the new citizens. president obama will present the medal of honor to a member of s.e.a.l. team 6. the president will honor senior chief edward byers jr. for his part in a hostage rescue mission in afghanistan in 2012. byers will be the first living s.e.a.l. to receive the medal of honor since the vietnam war. byers has two purple hearts and five bronze stars for heroism. the turkish government pulled one of its broadcasters off the air for spreading propaganda. earlier this month, imc footage of people coming under fire triggered an international outcry. a pro-kurdish politician called the decision sensorship. they said she would continue programming on its website while it takes legal action to resume
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the broadcast. a pilot, his flight instructor and two children died in this small plane crash in texas. another pilot spotted the wreckage near an airport yesterday. the pilot's brother says the victim had just bought the plane last month. federal investigators are looking into what caused that crash. australian survivors of presexual abuse reacted exceptically to testimony from a top vatican official. abused victims left a rome hotel after listening to cardinal george pell testify by satellite. the cardinal testified that he had difficulty recalling the details of how the melbourne archdiocese responded to abuse allegations when he served as auxiliary bishop there. survivors say they want answers. >> represent hundreds and hundreds and thousands and thousands across australia. there's a long way to go for us. >> cardinal pell is not accused
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of sexual abuse and denied knowing about activeç p pedophiliaic priests in his archdiocese. officials say reverend william schooler was shot to death during sunday morning service. police say his younger brother, daniel spooler fired the fatal shot. 20 people were inside the church at the time of the shooting. no one else was hurt. a woman and a teenage boy are accused of kidnapping their cousin's 2-month-old baby in florida. the baby was found safe saturday in orlando. police say mom and baby were asleep friday night in their ft. lauderdale home when armed intruders broke in and stole the infant. investigators say it was the 14-year-old suspect carrying the gun. the mom and baby have been reunited and are doing okay. iowa lawmakers are trying to decide if some guns should be
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allowed in the hands of children under the age of 14. a bill was sent to the state senate that would allow children under the age of 14 to shoot handguns. they are already allowed to shoot rifles at any age there. opponents argue this is creating a militia of toddlers. >> there's a power back to where it fully belong, back in the hands of the parents. >> we pass laws for those parents who lack the parenting skills needed to protect their own children. >> federal law still makes it illegal for minors to purchase guns. the bill now goes to the state senate. well, you could call it a case of elephant road rage. take a look at this elephant as it starts flinging a small vehicle out of its way in india. the animal broke loose from a religious festival and went on a rampage there. the two men riding were unfazed and waited for the elephant to
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calm down. no one was hurt. in men's golf, pants are a signature of steel but not always. take a brief look at gary woodland at a pga event in florida yesterday. he stripped off his white pants so they couldn't get dirty during this shot near the water. the move kept his pants clean but not his shot which landed in a bunker. all right. conditions along i-295 in south jersey, we'll check them. jess, there's a little bit of construction. is it holding anything up? >> there's a lot of construction all over the place. a little bit of an ongoing project on parts of 295 and the 495 freeway. this is 295 around route 130. no problems there. if you're headed southbound, headed to the delaware memorial bridge, a 23-minute drive time there. as for the rest of our bridge closures, falls bridge is closed for rehabilitation work.
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the alternate is the city avenue bridge. we went over the delaware memorial, the falls bridge, the ben, the walt, the tacony palmyra are okay. i also checked to see if there are scheduled openings for the tacony palmyra and the burlington bristol but you're good to go this morning. more on this as the morning progresses. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> getting a dry start this morning. right now it is justç eight minutes before 5:00. the temperatures in the 40s. we're doing okay on the 29th of february. clouds will be moving in, the temperature moving up to near 60 this afternoon. 47 degrees right now in philadelphia. a little bit of a breeze blowing. it's a bit stronger at the shore. that's a live breezy view of cape may from the marquis de lafayette hotel. the winds at 22 miles an hour in dover, 12 mile-an-hour breeze in wildwood. much lighter inland to no wind. that will change. so will this. the satellite shows clouds starting to move in from the
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west. clear skies turn cloudy this morning and with these clouds will come some rainfall. looks impressive in western pennsylvania. by the time it gets to us, we're only expecting light rain. the futurecast rainfall shows those showers quickly moving through this morning. at 9:00, light rainfall on the move. we'll sweep through by afternoon. it's out of here leaving behind just a couple hundredths of an inch in philadelphia. a little bit more at the shore. just enough to mess up any car wash you might have had over the weekend. a gusty wind kicks in. if you're not feeling it, you will this afternoon. afternoon temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. and the first of march, coming in like a lamb with temperatures near 60. 57 for philadelphia. mild breeze and lots of sunshine for tuesday. another round of wet weather for wednesday. another round of sunshine on thursday. high of 43 after a morning low of 29. that colder air will set the stage for friday which could see
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a round of rain and snow. a chance, high of 40 friday afternoon. partly sunny on saturday, rain showers back sunday with a high of 51. ♪ the feeling of your skin locked in my head ♪ "the voice" returns tonight. one of the contestants auditioning on the season premiere is mike schiavo. originally from middlesex county. adam levine also joins him on stage. "the voice" airs at 10:00 right here on nbc 10. the search is on for a gunman wanted in a drive-by shooting in philadelphia. the violence caught on surveillance tape. next in a live report at 5:00, we'll update you on their condition and the search for the suspect. generosity on two wheels. coming up next, learn why this group of volunteers spent the weekend building bikes for others.
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good morning, everyone. it's jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. right now we're waving this ongoing construction on 95 southbound between langhorne and route 1 where the right lane is closed until 5:00 a.m. about this time right now, watch out for crews on the scene. also checking in with the philadelphia international airport. no delays there. i'll have more updates on your morning drive when i come back at 59:00 hour. just a few minutes before 5:00 a.m. a new york lawmaker wants government to join the fate for more seat room on airplanes. don't we all? new york senator chuck schumer says that he thinks the faa should require airlines to follow seat-sized guidelines. he says leg room on planes used to be 35 inches. it has now shrunk to an average of 31 inches. the width of the seats has also shrunk. schumer says he will introduce a seat size guideline amendment to
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the faa reauthorization act that is pending in congress right now. >> as you pay more and more for tickets at least you ought to get a place to sit where you're not treated lake a sardine. >> a vote on the faa reauthorization bill is expected next month. they rolled out the red carpet in center city to help people in need. volunteers of america delaware valley held their 17th annual red carpet gala at the loews hotel last night. folks enjoyed the full hollywood experience all while raisin money to support homeless families and veterans throughout the delaware valley. an a big congratulations to andrew clark of malvern prep. he was named the leukemia and lymphoma society's student of the year. he was one of ten high school students from the area who raised month are than $171,000 for the organization. local kids will soon have some new wheels. this is great. >> it's all thanks to the efforts of volunteers this
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weekend. dozens of volunteers came together yesterday to build bikes for kids in center city. the second annual community bike build was held at the first unitarian church. about 100 new bikes will go to several bicycling advocacy groups around the city. >> the program for city use, they use buy sicks to learn healthy habits and leadership skills. >> the bikes are donated by fuji, breezer and su bikes. is there anything better than getting a bike as a kid? >> it's awesome. "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now on nbc 10 news today, surveillance cameras were rolling when two teenagers were shot outside a restaurant in
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philadelphia. and the same cruise ship that made headlines after hitting rough seas is now back in the spotlight. we'll tell you about the other issue now aboard the anthem of the seas. the legal trouble continues for new jersey senator bob menendez. find out what's happening today in philadelphia in regards to his corruption trial. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm katy zachry. thanks so much for joining us. >> let's begin with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. a mild start, bill? >> it is mild and dry. the mild will stay. the dry will take a break. look at the rain moving through western pennsylvania. impressive showers by central pennsylvania. by the time they get to us later this morning, light rain blowing through the area and gusty winds. through it all, the temperatures not looking bad. allentown made it down to 31 degrees. the rest of the area, i think that is an incorrect reading. that doesn't look like when it's 45 in reading and


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