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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  March 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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even warmer weather to come. yeah. it was chilly over the weekend. it's going to be quite a while before it's that chilly again. we have the 70s coming in. we told you about this a week ago. 70s coming in this week and record warmth and we may actually have multiple days of record warmth this week. it looks like it's going to be basically dry until the weekend. sunshine out there now. 61 degrees, the wind southwest at 20 miles an hour gusting to
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28. bringing in that warmer air. and it's warmer back to the north and west, lancaster and allentown at 64, gives you an idea of how warm it is. out to our west, and even close to the coast it's 58 degrees atlantic city international. 59 in millville. the wind coming in off of the cooler delaware bay might limit their temperature rise. look how warm it is to our west. 61 in philly, pretty warm. how about 75 at st. louis. 71 in des moines, iowa, 63 in minneapolis. 71 in little rock. all of this warm air. once it comes in it's going to hang around a while. we're not just talking about unseasonable warmth. we're talking about record warmth. for wednesday, got a good shot at records. philly's record is 73, predicting 76.
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coatesville, 76. going for 77. so just about everywhere through our area except perhaps right at the shore, we should be setting some records on wednesday. some of the records on thursday are harder to get to, but it may very well be warmer on thursday than wednesday. we have some clouds coming in, as we go through the night tonight. but nothing too significant, certainly nothing in the way of rain. as we go through the night tonight it's not very cold. temperatures are in the 40s. most of the night, and there we go, up near 70 degrees even by 1:00 in the afternoon. there is dover at 70. you can see the cooler weather right at the beaches and that happens this time of year. and even in the evening tomorrow, temperatures are in the 60s. so we really have some incredible weather here and if you're like this kind of spring, you got it. all week. partly cloudy tonight, the wind
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gradually decreasing, 46 for the low in philadelphia. and 40 north and west. during the day tomorrow, up near 70 degrees. the average high is now up to 50, so we're talking 20 degrees above average tomorrow w. a mix of sun and clouds. and then it gets even warmer. so now we're talking 26, 28 degrees above normal. the records for wednesday and probably thursday as well, even friday we cool down that's not very cool, 68 degrees. even over the weekend when we get cool and have clouds and have showers around, it's not cool then either. but we spring forward this weekend. >> thursday, amazing. >> >> experimental surgery giving hope to women who cannot have children. >> we're hearing from the first patient who will soon live her dream. >> i prayed that god would allow me the opportunity to experience pregnancy. >> still ahead, the transplant
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that is helping women create life and fulfill their life's wish. >> plus, a theater brawl in philadelphia involving a famous comedian. what fans noticed before the fight. >> and william and kate have something to share from across the pond and kensington palace. >> first, here is a look at the closing bell on wall street. the dow jones and s&p finished up, the nasdaq finished down.
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♪ i heard the song >> bob dylan's returning to philadelphia, dylan will play the man on july 13th with legend
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may vis staple. tickets go on sale march 19th. ♪ how many roads >> bob dylan played in philadelphia many times throughout his career. 1985 he helped close out the live aid concert. >> a wild night when katt williams was beaten down at a local rapper show. it went down last night at the theater where bb siegel was performing. this reportedly shows him running full speed at someone who clocked him. the comedian had been all over the place doing push-ups and in a fight stance. no one was arrested. maybe he needs to relax. a royal vacation for the duke and duchess and their tots. >> these new photos of prince
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william and kate, spending time in the snowy french alps last week. it was their first vacation together as a family of four. and the first time george and charlotte played in the snow. >> cute. impending new jersey transit rail strike back here at home could have a big impact in our area. >> if it happens it's less than a week away. the contingency plans and what it means for the thousands who rely on these trains. >> the new line of defense that will soon keepp atlantic city police officers safer. coming up at 5:00, nbc 10 gets new answers from septa, a man died after this struggle with one of its police officers. today we get the results from their internal investigation. that's coming up all new at 5:00. ieto.
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clock ticking down to a possible rail strike for early sunday if no deal is reached. that's five days and about 7 hours from now and a strike would force tens of thousands of riders in the area to find a new way around. i want to give you a look at some of the stops that this would impact. of course, trenton and hamilton stations up here, for people who head this way up to the new york area. and then down in ac, this line here. heading of course into philadelphia. between ac and philly. ted greenberg has been speaking with riders and checking on backup plans, he is live this afternoon. >> reporter: jim, we're right along the atlantic city rail line, more than 30 years since new jersey transit last saw its workers go on strike. and passengers we've been talking with today are anxious
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about the possibility of having to find another way to travel. new jersey transit atlantic city rail line provides a straight shot to work in the resort for mike alexander of egg harbor city. he says a threatened strike by rail workers this weekend would cause a major inconvenience. >> it's worisome. >> that could create mass chaos. >> monitors at the atlantic city rail terminal warn of the possible system-wide shutdown on sunday which would affect more than 100,000 passengers a day including many who travel between trenton and new york. >> if they have to go to driving then there's gas and parking and nobody wanting to park in new york. >> i take the train to and from work and cherry hill. without the train i'm pretty much, i can't. i can't get there. >> both sides met today to try to hammer out a deal to avert
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what would be transit's first strike in more than three decades governor christie is monitoring the talks but plans to go on vacation starting tomorrow to celebrate his 30th wedding anniversary. >> it's not the job of the governor to negotiate this personally. it's the job of the governor to set down parameters for negotiations which are executed by the professionals. >> new jersey transit has put together a contingency plan which relies heavily on added bus service, a prospect rail passengers we talked with are dreading. >> i'm not crazy about the bussing because they stop so many times but the train moves along. >> that would make me have to leave my house like two or three hours prior than i would even go to work which would be a whole inconvenience. >> reporter: new jersey transit tells me it will have four additional buses on the 554 route between atlantic city on week days, the agency believes along with regular bus routes it will be able to accommodate the majority of people who use the
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atlantic city rail line. ted greenberg, "nbc 10 news." for more on the impending strike and new jersey transit's backup plan you can check out the nbc 10 app. some of the stories making headlines on "nbc 10 news" at 4:00. a chester county man accused of shooting into the home of a child he is charged with sexually abusing. authorities say yesterday douglas kohen fired six bullets into his neighbors house just missing a child. he was out on bail after being arrested in january for abusing a girl who lives in that house. he is back behind bars. police are looking for this customer who they say shot a teenage employee at the church's chicken last night. investigators say the suspect meant to shoot the employee's brother after they got into a brother at the restaurant. the injured teen is in stable condition at a hospital. new surveillance video of a robbery in philadelphia's neighborhood to show you and
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police are hoping someone will recognize the man you see on the left of your screen there. investigators say saturday night he barged into a nail salon on east erie avenue, demanded money. he was never able to get cash. he took off empty-handed in a dark colored audi. >> police officers are receiving 16 new bullet proof vests. delaware high schoolers got some face-to-face time with potential employers. nbc 10 at thomas mccain high school where the jobs for delaware graduates organization held a job fair. representatives from several different industries and public services met with students to talk about their future plans. military and law enforcement was there as well along with a number of area colleges and universities. >> we're hitting a good portion of the industries plus you have the colleges that are supporting us today as well, delaware state
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police, so we're giving really a diverse opportunity for all of our kids. >> jobs for delaware graduates is a nonprofit that's linked with 32 similar organizations around the country, the delaware organization has helped thousands of young people find work and also educational opportunities. if you are on the fence about adopting a puppy this could seal the deal. look at the pups looking for a forever family. this is yesterday at fat dog photo in new hope, bucks county. they are from new jersey. adopters got to visit with them and take them for walks, to get to know them. if you missed yesterday's day you can check out the pets available on animal alliances website. >> you know if you go you're in trouble. >> they say the dogs always choose you or cats for that matter. they gravitate toward you so it's very clear. >> then it's a done deal. >> if your spring break plans involve getting on plane. >> what you need to know before
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heading to the airport. later, a hero's return. nbc 10 is there as local airmen reunite with families after months overseas. you don't want to miss coming up. tonight at 5:00, rita wills be on her battle with breast cancer, the actor says she is 100% healthy but she almost didn't get treatment at all. what she says saved her life and could save yours as well.
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squi force 10 is over breaking news a. driver hit several parked cars along numerous blocks in the area of 53rd and catherine streets. there are no reports of injuries and it's unclear if the driver stopped. we'll continue to monitor this situation. the news drivers wanted to hear ahead of the busy spring break travel season they didn't want to hear i should say. prices at the pump are going up, the average price jumped about 7
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cents in two weeks. to $1.84 and locally we're paying more. this sunoco, they are charging $1.95 a gallon and up the road at a bp you can expect to pay $1.99. those are slightly more than the five philadelphia county average. at $1.91. new jersey has the cheapest gas in the three states, $1.52 per gallon. if you are planning to fly, get ready for longer lines at airport security. >> the plans to screen more than 65 million people expected to travel over the spring break season starting this m. they recommend arriving two hours early for domestic flights and three hours for international flights. the agency normally screens about 2 million passengers a day. a first-of-a-kind surgery is giving one woman the chance to create life. >> she was told she would never
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have children but science is changing that. next, the new procedure that is giving her the gift of having a child. and what it means for other women in her shoes. >> i'm tracking a huge warm-up. we made it into the 60s today. but it's just the beginning of what's going to be record-breaking heat. next in my first alert forecast.
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pregnant women who don't get their daily dose of vitamin d could increase the risk of a life threatening illness for their children. researchers collected blood samples of about 500 ek speck tant mothers during the first trimester. children of moms vitamin d deficient doubled the risk of developing multiple sclerosis as an adult. more studies are needed to find out if increasing your vitamin d
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level decreases the risk of ms. >> three days after announcing the first successful uterus transplant the recipient and the surgeons are talking about the procedure. >> it's experimental surgery that could offer hope for thousands of women who can't have children. >> sorry i'm a little nervous. >> reporter: come with the spotlight as the first uterus transplant. >> i prayed that god would allow me the opportunity to experience pregnancy. here we are today at the beginning of that. >> reporter: the 26-year-old identified only as lindsay had been told at 16 she would never bear children. she received a uterus from a deceased donor during a procedure last month. nine similar surgeries in sweden have led to the birth of five healthy babies since 2014. >> uterus transplant is not just about a surgery and moving a
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uterus from here to there. it's having a healthy baby. that goal is still a couple of years away. >> reporter: doctors will wait a year to make sure the transplant isn't rejected before she tries to become pregnant. it could offer alternatives to surrogacy and adoption for the 3 to 5% of women in similar circumstances. >> despite the name the focus of the procedure is not on the uterus. it's on women and children and families. >> nine more women have been screened for the trial but all eyes are on the first recipient. >> they provided me with a gift that i will never be able to repay and i am beyond thankful. >> gratitude one day may be shared by other women. mark barger, "nbc 10 news." by the time we end this week it's going to be hard to believe it's still early march.
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because we've got temperatures in the 70s coming. not just low 70s. we're talking about record warmth in the 70s. upper 70s. we've had a lot of sunshine today, a lot warmer than it was over the weekend. 61 degrees, the winds 20 gusting to 28 miles an hour. and it was chilly over the weekend. below average temperatures but 61 today. 70 degrees on tuesday. and there's a record for 76 degrees wednesday. and then might get even warmer than that for thursday. here's some of these high numbers for this time of year. the average high 50 now. kennett square is 58. one of the few places in the 50s. you can see 59 in blue bell, 57 at oxford. reading at 65 degrees. 58 in newark. newark, delaware. 58 in millville, atlantic city
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airport. look at that, 49 beach haven. the ocean is kind of chilly this time of year. wind off the ocean doesn't matter how warm it is inland. you get a chill at the beaches. 20 degrees warmer in allentown than this time yesterday. 15 to 20 degrees warmer elsewhere. these are the records for wednesday and thursday. the existing records and in the green those are the ones i'm predicting get broken or tied. a lot of them. and a lot of them on thursday because the records on thursday in many cases are easier to break than the ones on wednesday. just the reverse the way it is in philadelphia where the wednesday record is the easiest. and the warm air once it comes up it's going to hang in for the rest of the week. the cold airxa$w=q that far aw. but it's just not quite going to be moving down here. so, even after we cool down a little bit over the weekend it's still not going to get colder any time soon.
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winter's over. partly cloudy, winds decreasing, 40 north and west, during the day tomorrow, a mix of sun and clouds, but look how warm, close to 70 degrees. not quite a record then but likely records wednesday and again on thursday. talking about upper 70s, pretty amazing. then though we drop 10 degrees on friday that's still pretty warm. and showers more likely over the weekend. not a total washout but we lose an hour's sleep by setting our clocks ahead. look at the temperatures in the 60s. >> after months overseas dozens of airmen returned home to families in delaware today. >> nbc 10 was there to capture the reunions, that story is straight ahead. >> all new tonight on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00, what's your favorite? a new survey found america's favorite cereals. what tops the list and if your favorite made the list. >> we continue to monitor
4:50 pm
breaking news in west philadelphia, police tell us a driver hit several cars parked along numerous blocks. this happening in the area of 53rd and catherine streets. there are no reports of injuries. live pictures from sky force 10. an nbc 10 crew is headed to this scene. we'll have the latest coming up at 5:00.
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♪ nbc 10 in north philadelphia where students and staff at edison high school received a special honor. the u.s. air force band
4:54 pm
performed. the band selected edison high because that school lost more alumni in the vietnam war than any in the country. to those serving now it was emotional day for dozens of families. >> 60 air national guard members returned after a four-month deployment to the middle east. tim furlong was in new castle for the long-awaited reunion. >> reporter: they waited four months for this moment. even made signs for it. the moment when they heard this. the c-130 crossing the delaware sky and on the ground the u.s. flag got raised. then the best part. reunions. >> hey, buddy. >> reporter: 60 spent the last months moving people and cargo around the middle east, they say it was rewarding work but they are glad to be home for the little things.
4:55 pm
and of course for the most important things. >> i like what we do and it's a good mission, it's just being away from family is tough. >> the kids are going through so many things and miss their dad. it's trying to be strong for them and showing them what it means to sacrifice for your country and you know, we're proud to do. >> reporter: hundreds are still overseas hopefully each will eventually return safely, for moments like this. in new castle, tim furlong, "nbc 10 news." so much sacrifice. >> always good to see those reunions never get old. next at 5, a man dies after this struggle with a septa police officer. tonight nbc 10 has new details from septa's internal investigation. how the man died and why the officer was disciplined. >> plus, new video after bullets fly into a family's home.
4:56 pm
why the shooter was going after a young girl inside. that's next all new on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00. and we continue to monitor breaking news in west philadelphia. we've learned new information about this crash, two people were hurt when a car ran into several others near 53rd and catherine streets. we'll have a live update next.
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we begin with breaking news. sky force 10 over west philadelphia. police tell us a driver hit several parked cars on several blocks, you can see the damage there. this is happening in the area of 53rd and catherine streets. >> we learned at least two people have been hurt, a man and a woman. we've learned police are looking into reports that this began as a chase in darby. randy gyllenhaal is on the way at this hour. we'll continue to monitor the situation and bring you updates as we get them. also tonight, nbc 10 has new video of the man who opened fire in a fast food restaurant. a worker was injured and now police say the gunman may have been trying to shoot someone else. this happened while customers were in a church's chicken in philadelphia and it started over an argument about cleaning tables. deanna durante has been following the investigation all day long. >> she joins us outside temple university hospital where the victim is being treated. how is he doing?
5:00 pm
>> reporter: he is listed in serious condition in the icu here at temple hospital, he is 19 years old. investigators are trying to figure out why a man believed in his 60s would pull out a gun and shoot him. >> only thing you can do is pray. >> reporter: cynthia knows what it's like to worry about kids. >> i have a son who works for septa, so that's really scary. i'm always saying be safe. >> reporter: she doesn't know the 19-year-old and finds it hard to believe the worker was shot by a man who was angry about tablesing cleaned close to where he was eating. >> only thing i can think of is he's psychologically or having problems at home or something. >> reporter: police are not sure the reason why the man pulled a gun and shot meyers. they know the man and another worker argued prior to the shooting and then he argued with myerses' older brother who was cleaning tables. >> the worker is doing his job, spraying the tables with some cleaning agent, wiping the ta


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