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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  March 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. the votes are coming in. donald trump sweeps up more victory in tonight's primaries. >> hillary's going to be easy to
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beat. she's a flawed candidate. >> as the rhetoric keeps sinking lower, the stakes in this election keep rising higher. >> while hillary clinton tries to knock bernie sanders out of the race for the democratic nomination.pbvñv good evening. >> right now, all eyes are on the michigan democratic primary where bernie sanders and hillary clinton have been neck and neck for most of the night. let's take a look at where the race stands right now with 85% of the votes in. bernie sanders is leading with 51%. hillary clinton has 47%. clinton already has one win under the belt tonight. mississippi. >> on the republican side tonight, donald trump has picked up two primary wins so far. michigan and mississippi. >> we are still waiting for the results of two republican contests, the idaho primary and the hawaii caucuses. nbc 10 national correspondent
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steve hand elseman has a recap of tonight's races. >> one person did well tonight, donald trump. i'll tell you. >> reporter: two wins are two wins. >> we have democrats coming over. very importantly. we have independents coming over. >> reporter: earning him victories in michigan and mississippi. anti-trump push did not defeat the republican front-runner but ohio governor kasich was battling for second in michigan. >> we are going to win the state of ohio and it will be a whole new ball game. >> reporter: texas senator ted cruz took second in mississippi claiming he is surging. >> we are closing the state in state after state after state after state. >> reporter: another back night for marco rubio, two fourth places and he's last in the new nbc news national poll. kasich way up. the gap smaller, cruz closer. hillary clinton won in mississippi and took aim at trump. >> now, running for president shouldn't be about delivering
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insults. it should be about delivering results. >> reporter: but for hour it is democratic primary in michigan was too close to call. bernie sanders saying earlier he won't quit. >> we see a road to victory. >> reporter: with a republican showdown next tuesday. florida and ohio winner take all. rubio and kasich have to win their home states. i'm steve hand else man. >> let's look at the democratic side, hillary clinton has more than 1,100 delegates there and bernie sanders just under 500. the democrats need 2,383 delegates to win the nomination. on the republican side, donald trump is leading with 425 delegates. he is followed by ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich. they need 1,237 to secure the nomination on that side. if you have the nbc 10 app, you were the first to know about all the election results as they came in.
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download the nbc 10 app to get up to the minute results in the presidential race. now to a developing story. a deadly night on philadelphia's streets. six people killed in a matter of hours. the latest murder happened just an hour ago. a man shot to death in east falls. tonight's murders across the city as you can see from the map of the crime scenes. one of those shootings left a man dead and another in critical condition in north philadelphia. sky force 10 over the scene. police say a 21-year-old was killed, a 22-year-old is being treated at temple hospital. no arrests at this time. gun fire also erupted in south philadelphia. police say a man that crashed his motorcycle had been shot. police found the victim lying next to his bike near 23rd and morris streets. still no word if the shooting took place prior to after the crash. those killings come hours after a deadly stabbing spree in philadelphia tonight. a man is dead, two other people
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injured after someone randomly attacked them with a knife all happening along the busy baltimore boulevard transit corridor in the middle of the afternoon. jordan spencer is live where the victims are being treated. george? >> reporter: i'm told they're in stable condition and should survive after driving themselves to this hospital in the moments after they were stabbed. attacker is in jail tonight. after his surprise attacks in the middle of the afternoon. by sunset tonight, it took the heavy spray of a fire hose to wash away the aftermath of a deadly triple stabbing spree in the middle of the afternoon in the middle of baltimore avenue's trolley corridor. >> makes you think that the world is, i don't know what the world is coming to. >> reporter: peter passes here to get to his church and not tonight. investigators say the 55-year-old attacker first wond
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wandered into a cricket store and out of nowhere stabbed a man paying the bill at the counter. attacker wandered outside, climbed into the unlocked car of a stranger and began stabbing him. >> looks like this was completely random? >> 100% at this time. >> reporter: police say third attack that turned deadly. that victim watching repairs on the car at this nearby shop when the attacker surprised him and jammed the knife in his chest. >> the guy that stabbed him, walked up behind him and swung him around and stabbed him and walked off. >> just like that? >> just like that. >> clearly unprovoked. >> reporter: the third victim collapsed in the middle of the busy roadway and died shortly thereafter. the first and second victims hopped in a car together and rushed to the hospital. for neighborhood residents, it almost defies explanation.
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>> either drug or psychiatric problem. i can almost bet you on that. >> reporter: i did ask philadelphia police about that suspect's mental state tonight. they couldn't comment but say they found hwandering in a shopping plaza. still carrying the knife. he is being charged with murder tonight. reporting live in west philadelphia, i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. tonight the entire region is mourning the loss of new jersey state trooper sean cullen killed in the line of duty last night. he was responding to the scene of an accident on i-295 in west stepford and hit by a passing car. paramedics air lifted him and he died this morning from head injuries. the 31-year-old was a two-member of the force. cullen's former colleagues say they're shaken by the loss of their friend. >> biggest thing about him is not only funny and outgoing and
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personable but he worked hard and he knew his goals were. >> it's hard because the guy had family. >> he leaves behind his fiancee, a baby boy and another child on the way. state police say the driver stopped immediately and cooperated with investigators. no charges have been filed. back to the bargaining table as officials work to stave off a strike. union workers have been without a contract nearly five years. if an agreement is not reached before sunday's deadline, tens of thousands of people will be affected in the area. local jail in new jersey will remain open at least for now. in front of a packed house in trenton tonight, officials tabled the vote on whether to close down mercer county correctional center. it could cost as many as 300 jobs. >> taking the jobs from county
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residents and we went to a different county and not just families also hurting the economy of mercer county. >> another meeting scheduled for thursday and officials already said no vote will happen then either. to our weather now and a great night for some skateboarding. nbc 10 in philadelphia crowded with people taking advantage of the warm temperatures out there. guess what, it gets warmer. >> no jackets in sight. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane swartz" has the glue and we have a familiar face. >> doug was part of the weather team here. came up from d.c. to help answer the call for help while glenn recuperates. nice job for you. early taste of spring and summer with you. >> pretty easy for me. talking about temperatures close to 80 degrees. record high temperatures tomorrow and on thursday. today, not too shabby either. 74 today the high of allentown. philly at 75 degrees today.
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a couple of degrees shy of the record and next couple of days warmer. commuter forecast, tomorrow morning, 52. around 60 walking to work or the train. 76% around 4:00 with a high tomorrow around 78 degrees. right around that 3:00 hour. now, here's the headlines tonight. you know it's warm the next couple of days. heading to 80 degrees. first numbers so far this season. record highs one and two and talking about weekend rain chances. i'll te show you what that means. i have your forecast for the weekend. >> looking forward to it. movie goers with a special screening in old city. can you dig this is a film that chronicles a gardening movement in south los angeles. it's produced by winner john legend. tonight's screening hosted by methodist services heritage farm. what had officers chasing a
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police car through new jersey streets. very easily could have been planning a funeral tonight. >> plus an officer's close call on top of a train. why it's not a first brush with danger. and bill cosby's wife under oath. why her lawyers told her not to answer 92 different times in her deposition.
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tonight, a connecticut man faces more than a dozen charges connected to this police chase caught on dash board camera. police it started when the suspect carjacked a mercedes and then stole a police car and rammed several other patrol cars before officers caught up to him. several officers treated for minor injuries. tonight, we have new information about an officer who survived an electric shock on top of an septa train. it was breaking news at 4:00.
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>> it turns out it wasn't the first brush with danger as nbc 10's denise nakano reports. >> reporter: this is a second time the officer's been hurt on the job and little more than a year. he's recovering here at the burn unit at temple university hospital with second and third-degree burns. >> very easily could have been planning a funeral tonight. >> reporter: survived a close call on the job, a second of a year. this one unfolding at the doyletown regional rail station. the eight-year veteran with the police department and member of the bucks county narcotics task force shocked this afternoon trying to recover a package of heroin. a suspect had thrown on top of an septa train making a getaway. >> went back. thought it was disabled and turned off. climbed to retrieve the narcotics. sucked into the -- i guess the resister. and burned him pretty good on thery back. >> reporter: police got the suspect they were looking for as a week's long undercover sting operation saying 26-year-old
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dominique mcclean rivers brought the heroin on to the philadelphia to doylestown train. second time since february 2015 corporal pitcher is hurt on the job. he was run down by a car thief backing into him in the parking lot of a 7-eleven in morrisville on valentine's day last year. the corporal could be released from the hospital as soon as tomorrow. at temple university hospital, denise nakano, nbc 10 news. right now following some breaking news just coming in to us out of colwyn, delaware county. more than a dozen cars are on fire. this is in the 500 block of ellis avenue right now. not clear what caused this fire but as we said multiple vehicles on fire right now. stay with nbc 10 and for updates. a bucks county mayor says a marketing tool sparked panic. hundreds of fliers labeled
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professional water and urging amples out for testing and the fine print said it's not associated with the health department or water company. the company sells purification equipment. the mayor says while it's all legal, there's unnecessary panic. we reached out to professional water services but the company has not commented. new information tonight on bill cosby legal battle. lawyers released part of his wife's deposition in massachusetts. last month, she told lawyers she and bill talked about the deposition he gave in the 2005 montgomery county civil case with the criminal accuser. camille was instructed not to answer 92 different questions .dsu0
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. . . now, as we told you earlier in the broadcast, we have a familiar face right here. filling in while glenn recovers from the flu. >> doug spent several years working in d.c. but for a couple of days he's back here at the old station and great to have you back. >> great to be back here and as soon as glenn is back, probably watching or maybe sleeping. >> right. >> probably sleeping and then i'm back to d.c. and so great to be in philadelphia and so great to be coming up here talking about 80 degree temperatures. >> amazing. >> perfect. >> like ready to head down to the shore. let's look at the numbers today. high of 75 degrees. right now, still look at that
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shot. a beautiful shot of center city, philadelphia. along the delaware river right now. 59 degrees. we have got winds out of the south-southwest at 5 miles per hour and any time we have that southerly component to the wind, ouren the warmer side of things and that's the case over a couple of days, too. er area, 79 in d.c.. 80 towards charlottesville, virginia. this is the heat to move our way tomorrow and very, very quickly. we start off very warm and a few clouds early and then sunshine. those clouds courtesy of a warm front earlier and now that warm front passes to the north and also watching a system back to the west. we don't go wide on the map often unless it's something moving our way. by-time storms, tornado earlier in dallas. this is way down south in towards mexico and taking a jet stream down to the south and what that's boeigoing to do is g
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the moisture and warm air across the east coast and warmest temperatures so far this year. the first time we have hit 80 and records. d.c. philadelphia, new york, boston. 30 degrees above average over the next few days. average high temperature right now 50 degrees and we're close to that 80-degree mark. tonight, a mild night. 53 degrees in philadelphia. north and west around 48. a very nice start to the day. sun rise at 6:21. moving on through the afternoon, seeing the sun in the day. smashing the records. record high tomorrow 73. beating that by 5 degrees. 76 to 79 degrees. winds out of the southwest 10 to 15 miles per hour. a very warm wind. here are the records that we're looking at tomorrow. philly, 73. forecast 78 degrees. how about wilmington at 74? going for a high of 77 degrees. down towards millville and back there, south jersey, 76 the record high. we're going to great it by about 3 degrees. a very warm day, for sure.
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it gets warmer on thursday. there's the 80-degree mark shattering that record, too. that's about it for the records, though. staying mild. 68 on friday. it will be a little bit cooler with a cold front moving through and allows for a few showers on saturday. maybe on sunday. good idea to potentially keep the um bella with you out and about. you may need the umbrella and most of the weekend looking dry. something else to remember, spring forward so we do lose an hour of sleep on sunday morning and gain that hour on saturday afternoon. a lot of us out longer in the afternoon. >> you're sluggish but the weather and summer upon us, it's all good. >> gorgeous. i'm just excited to be here. >> good to see you. >> you, too. thank you. >> thank you, doug. kout of colwyn 15 cars on fire. sky force 10 over the scene. we understand that firefighters
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do seem to be getting some sort of handle on this but the fire spread to a building at the ellis business plaza in the 500 block of ellis avenue. so far, no reports of any injuries. and it is unclear tonight what started this fire but sky force 10 above a smoky blaze with fire fighting equipment on the scene right now. multiple cars, more than a dozen, on fire in colwyn.
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so how old is the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania? i don't have enough fingers ben! ok gus, make a wish! that was some blowout. thanks, so are these! wow, the new blowout instant games from the pennsylvania lottery, with over $225 million in prizes. did someone say blowout?! keep on scratchin'! continuing to follow the breaking news out of delaware county. you can see firefighters right there trying to get into this building. we can tell you 15 cars on fire. able to get a lot of that under control and spread to this building. the ellis business plaza in the
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500 block of ellis avenue no. injuries reported and right now unclear what caused this fire but, again, in colwyn, delaware county, firefighters attempting to get into the building. they did not get all of the flames out. many still there and trying to get subsided and keeping you updated on the situation. no reports of any injuries right yet. stay with nbc 10 and hey, i'm danny pommells. eagles didn't waste time making another move today signing mckelvin. he was cut by buffalo and didn't have to wait until free agency opened on wednesday at 4:00 to sign with the team. here he is picking off sam bradford. played in buffalo in 2014.
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where he recorded a career best four interceptions and glad to be an eagle. >> i'm happy to contribute and compete and help the team the best way i can and get more wins and just now to start over in my career with the eagles. as for the two big deals yesterday, murray heading to the titans. still awaiting word on the competition the eagles receive and likely a draft pick and maxwell and alonso headed to miami. again waiting on the exact details of the compensation coming back to the eagles in that deal. again, likely involves draft competition. that's a look at sports. we'll be right back.
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ellis business plaza, industrial site. multiple businesses we are told inside. no word on injuries or a cause. tune in to morning news at 4:00 for the latest. >> thank you for joining us. >> good night. slow, building african-style m
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- republican presidential candidate donald trump. ken jeong.


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