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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  March 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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survived. and the potential warning signs they tried to address before their home caved in around them. >> creeking. >> reporter: aaron says he took on the home after a relative died, it needed a lot of work and there was a major issue with the roof, one he tried to fix himself. >> trying to patch many, many patches. >> reporter: pieces he hoped would do the trick among the beams and brick cover where this once stood. >> i give thanks every second. >> reporter: working to find out who owns the home. a crew will be out here either some time this evening or first thing in the morning to begin the process of taking down what is left. meantime, the red cross tells us they are assisting the couple we interviewed as well as a family of 7 who lived next door. pamela osborne, "nbc 10 news."
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glad they are going to be okay. now a developing story in delaware county, a chester police officer accused of assaulting female inmates. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live in media where the district attorney announced the arrest of that officer. randy, how does the d.a. say they caught this officer? >> reporter: jim, this officer was arrested after an eight-month investigation, he was taken into custody. officials say these assaults happened as he was processing female inmates at headquarters, he is officer roosevelt turner a 7-year veteran of the police force accused of assaulting at least three women inside holding cells. prosecutors say he asked a victim for nude pictures while exposing himself, even putting a condom on. court records show two other victims had their pants pulled down to see their private parts, this officer touching a vick a.m. thigh. officials are concerned there may be more out there because
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this officer worked inside the jailhouse and also out on the street. >> he victimized these individuals, he manipulated them, he humiliated them and at this point we do have concerns that if he's done this to these women, these three women, and had the opportunity to do so to other women. >> reporter: here's the thing. officer turner remains on active duty until just yesterday when he was arrested. we did ask the chester police commissioner why he wasn't put on desk duty during this investigation, they told us that during the time of this investigation these were just allegations. coming up at 5:30, what this officer is accused of sending these accused victims on facebook after these alleged assaults occurred. now live in media, randy gyllenhaal, "nbc 10 news." another day of record breaking temperatures, we got above 80 again. this couple in university city took advantage of the
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summer-like temperatures as they grabbed a quick bite to eat. and a live look at a gorgeous afternoon in cape may. before long everyone's going to be flocking to the shore every single weekend. meet ol dys-doug kammerer is with us again. >> plenty of room for beach chairs. don't forget the sun screen. how long is this going to last? >> about 6 more hours, then it's done. we've got a cold front. that's going to move through later on tonight and it's going to change everything. but you kind of knew that was going to happen when you deal with temperatures in the low 80s. that's where we were all day. look at this setting, records all across the area. 76 the old record in philadelphia, today, 82 degrees again in most areas have been right around that 80-degree mark coming with sunshine across the region. now, look at the numbers, most everybody in the upper 70s to around that 80-degree mark. that's where we're going to stay through the rest of the early evening too. then we're going to start to see
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changes. you can say good-bye to the heat. the record sheet going to be gone. we're tracking shower chances that are going to make their way in with the cold front. that will change everything for your weekend. if you've got weekend plans, i've got your complete forecast. we'll have that coming up in about the next 15 minutes. i got to tell you, this has been phenomenal all day. >> doug, we'll see you soon. new information now on the shooting of a teenage employee at a church's chicken restaurant. police are questioning someone in custody. investigators have been looking for this man, ronald graham, since the shooting during dinnertime sunday. police haven't confirmed if he is the man they are talking to. graham allegedly got in an argument with the victim's brother who also works at the restaurant. investigators say graham left after the confrontation, came back and shot the wrong brother. the 19-year-old victim has been recovering at temple university hospital. these images made national headlines, a gunman ambushing a philadelphia police officer on
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the city street. today for the first time, that officer told his story in court about what happened at the moment of the attack. and now the suspect edward archer is facing new charges. deanna durante was in court for today's hearing and we all remember those images of the wounded officer, chasing after that suspect. hearing it first-hand had to have been dramatic. >> reporter: the officer was very calm, he answered all of the questions that were asked of him. detailing what happened on that january night, how he used his arm to shield his head, used his leg to open the door and how with an arm dangling he chased after a suspect who shot him. >> he had his left arm shielding his head. >> reporter: the officer told his story multiple times. but today he told it to a packed courtroom, described his arm and his police car being hit with multiple bullets. we saw his injuries. today he held his left side as
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he got on and off the stand, still appearing unable to move his arm. he had seven surgeries and is preparing for an eighth. this video made headlines hours after he was ambushed. driving his car in west philadelphia on january 7. he never raised his voice as he described seeing a man approach his car, spotting the gun, and with nowhere to go he ducked down as the man shot multiple times at him inside his patrol car. >> we listened to the 911 calls and read his statement and watched the video. it is a miracle that he's still here. >> reporter: he talked how he chased the man who never said a word. he told the court quote i knew i was badly injureded. hartnett said he returned to his patrol car getting a tourniquet to try to stop the pleading. another officer testified when archer was caught the gun fell and the clip all 17 rounds empty. prosecutors say they never doubted the case against archer would be held for trial. he sat in the courtroom with a bandage on his forehead.
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his lawyer asked a few questions about the shooting mainly pointing at a possibility archer suffers from mental illness. >> you don't deny that he shot the officer. that he went up and shot him. >> i think the evidence is quite clear. >> reporter: now, archer's attorney says it's too early to talk about any kind of plea deal, prosecutors did add two charges against archer, simple assault and possession of that stolen gun. the gun as we had reported earlier had been stolen years ago from the home of a philadelphia police officer. reporting live, deanna durante, "nbc 10 news." family, friends and fellow officers will gather to remember a state trooper killed in the line of duty. the department is holding a vigil for sean cullen. he was responding to a car fire monday night when another car hit him. he died at cooper university hospital hours later. tonight's vigil is at 7:30 at the officer's memorial located
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at the burlington county pub luck safety center in west hampton. there will be a life celebration and viewing this sunday from 2 to 7:00 p.m. and monday from 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at st. charles church. a funeral mass will be held at noon. you can get more details on our website or on the nbc 10 app. new from the campaign trail this afternoon in north carolina man facing charges after he assaulted assaulted. then officers tackled him. some deputies say they didn't see exactly what happened, the sheriff says he's investigating the incident. and tonight, trump and the rest of the gop presidential candidates will square off on a
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stage in miami, the republican party chairman wants tonight's debate to be more of a g-rated event. fresh off the democrat's debate in miami, hillary clinton rallied to tampa. florida holds its primary twus more than 200 delegates at stake for the democrats. clinton maintains a large delegate lead over sanders, she has over half needed to win. sanders campaigned at the university of florida. he is hoping to win over younger voters who helped him pull off that upset win in michigan. sanders says that surprise win tuesday night is evidence that his message is resonating. the moderators of last night's debate grilled both on immigration and whether they would deport children of undocumented immigrants, both candidates pledged no, a significant break from president obama's policies. last night was the last scheduled democratic presidential debate of the primary season.
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for more information on the candidates and their policies, and everything you need to know about decision 2016, go to our nbc 10 app. bensalem police say a man convinced a teen girl to meet him at a mall before he sexually assaulted her. investigators believe there are more young victims. calvin bridges is facing several charges. investigators say he first approached the 14-year-old at the mall last month where they exchanged numbers and later chatted on social media. >> i didn't know she was 14. >> the two allegedly met at the mall last sunday. police say bridges then took the girl into a wooded area behind the shopping center where he allegedly assaulted her. bridges will be arraigned and taken to bucks county prison. >> a backyard cookout turned into a mass shooting near pittsburgh killing four women and a man last night. at least two others were critically hurt. three of the dead were siblings
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and one of the women was eight months pregnant. the gun fire erupted last night at the house in wilkinsburg, allegheny county. keith jones is live in our center to explain how this try lens unfolded. >> this was an ambush and detectives say the gun shots came from two locations but police don't believe anyone at the party fired back. neighbors told police a woman and her child live at the home and she was hosting the cookout for 15 people. the district attorney says one of the shooters used handgun to steer the victims toward the house's porch where a second gunman picked them off with an ak-47 style rifle. all of the victims were shot in the head. the mother of the three siblings who died said she had just left the party before the shootings. >> i end up leaving because i said let the younger ones enjoy their self. i'm one of the older ones. and never to know that such tragedy would just break out to
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innocent people. >> police are looking for two suspects at least they don't know why they carried out this massacre. live in the operations center, keith jones, "nbc 10 news." the clock is ticking, we're two days and about 7 hours away from a possible new jersey transit rail strike. the transit agency and its rail unions went back to the barga bargaining table. the two sides have yet to agree on wage increases, health care costs and the length of a contract. the unions have been working without a dprort nearly five years and more than 4,000 rail workers have authorized to strike. that impact would force tens of thousands of local riders to find a new way to get around. a live look at philadelphia's 30th street station. new jersey transit's atlantic city line runs between here and ac, a strike would also affect the stations at trenton, happenle on the and princeton junction which people use to get to new york. the temple stadium debate
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will go another round. a group dead set against putting a new stadium on the campus is to hold a community hearing. the stadium stoppers are a mixed group of students and residents, they want no part of a stadium near north broad street. last month temple's board voted in favor of the project. it calls for a 35,000 seat stadium at more than $100 million. helping to track down a credit card fraud suspect. william herd went on a shopping spree through sussex county after allegedly stealing a credit card from a customer at a restaurant. the rehoboth beach police department posted these pictures two days ago allegedly showing herd pulling off the crimes. followers of the page identified him and the suspect turned himself in the next day. the column counselsle meets.
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service will be suspended if colwynn doesn't pay its share of insurance after this, one of the largest fires in colwynn history. also hoping to get the job is the fire company. it's been sidelined after disputes with the borough. if some agreement is not reached fire companies from further away would have to respond. >> from our jersey shore bureau,en annual tradition of remembering an officer who died performing the job he loved. sergeant ken brown died 12 years ago. he suffered a massive heart attack and died after responding to a fight at a basketball game. he was 52 years old. so today like every march 10th a gathering was held to remember the life he lived. this morning's service was held at california and atlantic avenues, that is the exact spot
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where brown died in his squad car. a former friend and colleague says events like these remind were about the importance of those who dedicate their lives to protect others. >> i'm here to remember him, his legacy, carry on stories, family friends, partners. and that's what this is about. about remembering kenny, all of the fallen officers. >> kenneth brown serve today with 7 years on the force. >> out west mourners traveling hundreds of miles to california to honor former first lady nancy reagan. the public was welcome to another viewing today at the ronald reagan presidential library where mrs. reagan's body is lying in repose. she died sunday at the age of 94. and will be buried next to her husband on a hillside tomb in simi valley. nancy reagan's two children will be among the speakers at her funeral tomorrow. former nbc news anchor tom brokaw will give remarks during
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the private ceremony. first lady michelle obama is expected to attend. and nbc 10 will have live coverage tomorrow, it's expected to begin at about 2:00 p.m. followed by "nbc 10 news" at 4:00. >> today marks the first time in nearly two decades that a canadian leader came to washington, d.c. for a state visit. president obama and the first lady welcomed canadian prime minister justin trudeau. they neat discuss military cooperation, combatting terrorism and improvement in trade and environmental issues. >> dramatic drone video showing how some neighborhoods are after rain and flooding hit parts of louisiana. three people died and more than 3,000 homes evacuated. rising waters swallowed several cars and trucks. the governor has declared a state of emergency and called in the national guard to help with water rescue.
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hello everybody. meteorologist doug kammerer, dealing with the rain there, for us we're talking about the record high temperatures. but the rain is going to try to work its way in. outside across the area center city looking great. once again, beautiful afternoon, high temperatures today in the upper 70s to around 80. right now currently 79 degrees at the airport, humidity 35%. nice and comfortable. winds out of the south-southwest at 14 miles per hour. here are the current high temperatures so far. wrath ter high temperatures we've seen so far. 75, 79 allentown, pottstown 79 today. 81 the record in philadelphia beating the old record by 5 degrees, down toward millville at 79. some of you out there actually early on my facebook page saying it's too hot too soon. okay. cool the weather. making its way in even as we speak. the cold front is just off to the north and west. here it is, williams port seeing shower activity.
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showers through parts of the lehigh valley toward the mount pocono area earlier. but this area, this frontal boundary will eventually come our way. look at all of the moisture down to the south. normally when we see this much moisture here, it rises up the frontal boundary into our region. but that's not going to be the case. this front moves through and yeah, it does bring us rain. rts travel back up toward our area. here's the rain tonight. around the midnight hour. you see the rain around portions of burks, montgomery county, lehigh county down toward the south in toward the philadelphia region. by around 3, 4, 5 in the morning. that's about it. watch what happens after that. again, this is the cold front that swings on through. and by 8 the rain is out of here. each down toward south jersey. we have clouds but even 8:00 we're seeing sunshine and watch these clouds go back down to the south. wooer going to see a lot of sunshine tomorrow. but it's going to be a lot cooler by about 15 to 20 degrees. that's how much cooler we'll be. most live cloudy, showers, 54 degrees in philly, 53 to the
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north and west. again we'll see showers early tomorrow morning between, say, midnight and around 3, 4, 5 in the morning. partly cloudy, not as warm tomorrow but hey, still a pretty nice day. a great friday. 63 to 67. if you have plans to get out, eat outdoors it's possible. just may need the jacket. that's something else. what to wear tomorrow. today was the shorts, the short sleeves, whatever it was. tomorrow it's the jacket and yes, still the sunglasses but don't forget the jacket when you step out. we have not needed it. we may tomorrow. in the 60s, here is your delaware temperature, dover at 67, wilmington 67, south jersey vineland around that 66 degree mark. next couple of days, 64, still mild on saturday with sunshine. a few clouds, late shower on sunday, most of the day looks dry with a high of 66. best chance of rain looks like monday. that's also the coolest day with a high of 59. and then next week we're back to doing mid-60s, a chance of showers on wednesday but all of that rain down to the south,
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over 10 to 12 inches for us, if we get a quarter inch that's going to be about it. over the next 6 to 7 days. guys. >> all right, doug. the skies aren't always so friendly. >> no. up next, an in-flight fight. >> it's an all-out brawl as passengers throwing punches and pulling hair. the must-see video straight ahead. plus, easy arrest. what one driver did that made for a simple stop for police. >> and seeing double. how an uncommon license plate sparks confusion. >> first here is a look at closing bell on wall street.
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throwing punches and pulling hair. look at this brawl that broke out between passengers on a spirit airlines flight from baltimore to los angeles yesterday. you can see several women attacking each other, though it's unclear what led up to this fight, police boarded the plane once it landed but they did not arrest anyone involved. >> too much spirit there. one thing to run over a tree branch. another to take out an entire tree. take a look here. police in illinois pulled over a driver who had a 15-foot tree embedded in the front grille of the car. each the air bags deployed. police arrested the driver for dui. just like your social security number, phone number, address, your car's license plate number is yours. exclusively. >> not for a woman in north carolina who found another driver had her exact same plate. so how did it happen? well, amy martin's plate is pretty unique.
4:25 pm
it's for the british series dr. who. she drive as black honor dan. a few months ago she received a bill that should have been sent to the owner of a saturnview with the same plate. that expired two years ago. >> jaw dropped like you know, i went out to check my car, maybe somebody stole my plate. i would hate to think if something were to happen and a witness saw the license plate they would come looking for me. >> under rules any personalized plate that's not renewed is up for grabs. they contacted the other driver who turned in the old tag. coming up where the legal smoking age is about to be 21. >> plus, a field trip to make a message. the state of new jersey is poised to take over atlantic city. today some ac residents took a ride to make sure their voices were heard. >> reporter: those residents and the mayor came to the state house with passion, pleading to
4:26 pm
lawmakers any financial intervention should not strip the resort of its local governing power and we were inside when things heated up. you'll see it next. find fantasy shows.
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with atlantic city's financial future in the balance, concerned residents took a trip to send a message. they are opposed to the state's plan to take over the town. so they headed to trenton by bus. lawmakers were talking about pushing the plan forward. cydney long is live in trenton. >> those ac residents brought their voices with them. >> reporter: they not only brought their voice, they brought their passion to not be disenfranchised as voters,
4:30 pm
atlantic city's mayor is steadfast on two issues, the resort needs financial help but he said it will not be accepted if the it comes as a dictatorship. by the bus load atlantic city residents took voices to trenton to save a sinking ship, their city before it spirals into bankruptcy. >> how are you going to pay your bills. you said last month you are this close to being bankrupt. >> absolutely. and thing likes that. and we want to work with the state, bottom line is the state's going to have to pay the bills for atlantic city, regardless, it doesn't give them the right and it doesn't give them the right to give up our constitutional rights. >> reporter: many prayed before parading into the state house the mayor for the state's bill to restructure how the casinos make payments in lieu of taxes in return those properties can't file costly appeals. but they are dead set against a dictatorship style takeover. >> if president barack obama had did this to the state of new
4:31 pm
jersey it would be a civil war. that's how we feel. we're at war against this legislation to take away our sovereignty and right to vote. >> residents chanted inside the chambers activists asked to settle down escorted out. it comes as global researcher moody's makes dire projection. >> it is beyond critical when you have moody's says you have to do a and b or they go into bankruptcy those frighten me. >> guardian considers bankruptcy a last resort and the union president is for both bills to pass. >> bankruptcy, to me, sends a message to the entire region, don't come to atlantic city. >> we're not going to give a government more money just to spend it. >> reporter: now, mayor guardian says he does have a fiscal benchmark and contingency plan but also says leave police and firefighters out of it.
4:32 pm
no decision was made but lawmakers could ultimately vote on this as early as next week. cydney long, "nbc 10 news." now a look at the stories making headlines. >> reporter: i'm pamela osborne. this house collapsed while people were inside. the homeowners say they actually held the ceiling as it started to fall and then ran out just before the collapse. >> remember this video from january, a philadelphia police officer is ambushed in his squad car. today we heard from him for the first time as he testified in court. i'm deanna durante, you'll hear some of his graphic testimony as well as what the defense lawyer says coming up today at 5:00. another day and another record. over 80 degrees across the region. now a cold front moving through is going to bring us showers and cooler weather. i'm doug kammerer. the first alert forecast is 10 minutes away.
4:33 pm
delaware, the weather couldn't be more perfect for these beautiful birds to test their wings. governor markell helped open the brandywine zoo eagle ridge section. the expanded exhibit provides better access to the bald eagles. >> it's a great resource, one that we always used to enjoy when our kids were young. and to have this sort of right in the middle of wilmington and so accessible to so many is really terrific. >> each the north american river otters took a dip in the water to cool off in this warm weather. local lawmakers are joining forces with youth leaders across the delaware valley. >> plans for a new program to help kids in need. big brothers big sisters is heading a program that provides mentoring for at risk youth in chest chester. more than $130,000 in grant money has been earmarked to fund the program and over two years, 100 kids will be matched with
4:34 pm
100 adult mentors. >> we want to say to our young people that we are reaching out and we want you to reach back. reaching out to help you upward and not backward. >> the philadelphia union foundation also announced plans to join forces with big brothers big sisters independence. >> up next, new research reveals about what a little tai chi can do for you. >> airport noise complaints nothing new but something interesting about what has been uncovered about 6500 of the complaints. >> plus, relief from an unlikely south. how tarantulas could help ease your pain. >> all new at 5:00, a well-dressed purse snatcher targets a business. all while always wearing a dress shirt and tie. >> another gorgeous day outside. we hope you're enjoying it. a live loom from center city,
4:35 pm
it's 78 degrees. 77 degrees in newark. maybe your windows are open. much cooler at the shore, only 60 degrees in ocean city. katie: the u.s. has added 14 million new jobs
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since the great recession - a good start. but too many families see the special interests gaining the upper hand in washington, while paychecks don't go far enough. if you work hard, your paycheck should show it; you earned social security - it should be there when you retire.
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and you shouldn't have to go broke to afford college. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because it's your turn. >> >> this video, well, might not enjoy looking at it. fear not, these spiders could hold the key to an effective pain reliever in people. researchers in australia studied the venom in a type of tarantula. it could stop pain signals. the group is working so it has fewer side effects and could be used as a medication. traditional chinese exercise like tai chi could improve the physical and mental health of people with cardiovascular disease. researchers looked at dozens of study.
4:39 pm
chinese exercises were effective in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol among patients with heart disease or stroke. no secret if you live near an airport you have to deal with noise. >> resident is taking complaints to a new level. last year the officials at reagan got more than 8600 complaints, more than 6500 of them from one person. yeah, that's about 18 calls a day on average. airport officials say they continue to work with residents to address the noise. making noise of his own. up next, word of a massive recall of frozen meals after pieces of glass were found. >> smoking shift. where the legal smoking age is about to be 21. and doug, it couldn't be more gorgeous. >> it's like you want it to last into the weekend. unfortunately, that's not going to be the case. looking out there now, look at that, the new comcast building going up there. plenty of sunshine today, the next couple days, chance of
4:40 pm
showers, cooler weather president we've got the forecast in a minute. >> all new at 5:00, teachers and parents protesting changes at some academically challenged philadelphia schools, why they are angry about the turn around plan meant to improve more than a dozen city schools.
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>>. >> a new recall this afternoon could impact your dinner plans. nearly 3 million boxes of frozen pizzas, stouffer's lasagna and lean cuisine meals recalled after customers found glass. no injuries have been reported. the maker says the glass may have come from spinach used in the products. check out the nbc 10 app for a full list and what to do if you bought them. >> california is closer to becoming the second state in the country to raise smoking from 18
4:44 pm
to 21. lawmakers voted today. other aims at cracking down on tobacco use as well. governor brown has to sign that into law. hawaii is the only other state with a higher age limit. chris christie recently vetoed a bill that would have raised the smoking age in new jersey. >> an ohio woman received a special gift for her 93rd birthday. her high school diploma. she was expelled from north high school in akron back in 1942, why? where because she revealed to her gym teacher she was married so she never graduated. more than seven decades later she got a chance to toss her graduation cap. she is planning her spring break celebration too. congratulations. >> absolutely. all because she got married. young love. >> you know it's busy for the birds. >> and we heard from the newest members of the eagles. john clark joining us with that story. so they are talking. >> we met a lot of new birds
4:45 pm
last year and new bird this is year. change again and the big news is doug peterson saying sam bradford is his number one quarterback. and chase daniel to be the backup, the two. for now. we caught up with chase last night at the airport as he arrived in philly. he played under doug with the chiefs and pederson believes that chase can be a starting quarterback in the nflings says he is at that point in his career, especially because of his leadership. but doug makes it clear in the last hour sam bradford is the starter right now. >> sam bradford is the number one, chase daniel is the number two. and then we're working on the number three. so i want to put that out there now. with sam bradford with the opportunity that he has in front of hip and what he did last year, and where he is currently on our roster, i felt like that was the best going forward by saying that. and eliminates distraction going forward. we go out and play ball.
4:46 pm
>> wouldn't be in the nfl the if i didn't think i could be a starting quarterback in this league. now, there are certain steps you have to take to get that opportunity, and i'm looking forward to competing here. >> chase says every day when he was a backup he would tell the starter drew brees i'm coming for your job. we're going to hear more from the birds and howie roseman on signings coming up in an hour. i'm john clark. see you then. are great day today to get out and chill a little bit. these ladies have the right idea. these folks soaked up the rays in drexel park earlier today. making the most of today's wonderful weather. making the most of the 80s. that guy's got a gutsy -- he caught it. and then no. sorry. the guy on the right's good. the guy on the left you don't want on your team. let's show you what's happening.
4:47 pm
plenty of sunshine, temperatures all across the area. 20 degrees above average. no, 30 degrees above average. that's how warm it is. average high temperature 50. we're at 79 right now. after a high aft 1. that's the record. wind out of the south-southwest at 14 miles per hour. and as long as we have that southerly component we're going to stay on the warm side. by tomorrow morning the winds shift out of the north, that's why we'll see the change. 79 degrees now in philly, 80 in trenton, the warm spot. atlantic city the warm spot at the airport, 79 pottstown. 77 wilmington, dover at 76 degrees. so mount pocono, notice mount pocono at 63. that should tell you we've got something on our door step. that something is a cold front. you can see the showers associated with that cold front to the north more clouds as well. the moisture to the south. we're talking about six to 12 inches of rain. i saw one location that possibly radar indicated 20 inches of rain over the last couple of
4:48 pm
days. they are going to see more rain toward mississippi, alabama, parts of tennessee. that rain trying to move our way. it really dies as it moves into our region. so we're going to see shower activity but that's it. showers, not heavy rain. by midnight tonight, those showers around allentown, maybe trenton back toward the montgomery county area, berks county seeing that, toward chester county, as we move through 4:00, the heavier showers, it may be a brief heavy shourks on the i-95 corridor. trenton, philly, wilmington, around the middle town area and dover, starting to see the showers there. by 7, 8:00, all the rain's out of here. and the clouds start to get out too. tomorrow afternoon looking at sunshine. a few clouds but a lot of sunshine. temperatures that will be significantly cooler. 57 for a start with cloud cover. 9:00 a.m. for the commuter forecast around 60 degrees. only rising into the mid-60s. i say only because we've been in the 80s. 65 is still 15 degrees above average. with sunshine tomorrow is going
4:49 pm
to be a nice afternoon. so enjoy your friday. 67 wilmington. dover at 67. south jersey, 66 and medford coming in around 65. to the north, 64, lehigh valley and phoenixville around 67 degrees too. so yeah, cooler but still nice for this time of year. it's going to stay at least on the mild side. still mild on saturday. partly cloudy, high of 64. 66, late day showers on sunday but not a washout. we make our way through the next couple days we're seeing temperatures that are going back in the 60s. 65 on tuesday, chance of showers on wednesday, but once again, just talking showers and then next thursday 67. >> very good. >> liking it. it's also party time at walmart. >> walmart workers are getting more cash. it is the largest raise of its kind ever. but the boost is adding fuel to a debate. >> reporter: coming up at 5:00. >> what does this rank as far as
4:50 pm
an accident you've seen? >> one of the worst. >> a fire truck crashes on its way to an emergency, injuring firefighters and damaging property. the nbc 10 investigators uncover what happened after the wreckage was cleared. and if anyone was held accountable. >> ladder trucks scare the hell out of me. ♪
4:51 pm
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♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. >> it's the largest private sector single day pay raise in american history. every walmart employee got a raise today. the hike as people push to raise the minimum wage in all three states in our area. pennsylvania's minimum wage is the lowest around here at $7.25, new jersey $8.38 and delaware went up last year to $8.25. nbc 10's tim furlong is live in
4:54 pm
south philly with more on this minimum wage debate. >> all eyes on walmart today. >> reporter: they got an early jump on this thing. they went ahead and upped wages in a big move here including for the people in south philly. this isn't a warm fuzzy pay raise. walmart is counting on those people to make their investment in higher sales. it's a party day. everybody here got more in their paycheck today. >> that's correct. every associate received a raise. >> reporter: walmart spending on raises, they will have more opportunities and get better training. employees appreciate the pay bump but know that the company wants something in return. >> more money to be more friendly with the customers. for us, yes, the pressure is on to be more customer friendly. >> reporter: with three delaware locations and 100 employees a steak shop is not walmart. they are sensitive to talk of
4:55 pm
raising the minimum wage and blanket increases. >> i understand but getting the minimum wage you cannot feed the family of four. >> reporter: she says an entry level position here is a way in and hopefully a way up for hard workers. the goal is to hire good people, respect them and then yes, eventually pay them well as they work to move up the ladder. >> we support our employees and they give back to us. that's why we don't have a lot of turnover. we have people work here for several years. we're proud of that. >> reporter: some argue a million american walmart workers will spend more so it will be a trickle down effect. some suggested that other companies will followment and raise their wages which would mean more career options and leverage for the best employees out there looking for work. tim furlong, "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news" at 5:00 is next. >> keith jones and rosemary connors. >> all new on "nbc 10 news" at
4:56 pm
5, a south jersey purse snatcher dresses up. >> why police think a man be a serial thief committing crimes in a dress shirt and tie. >> the philadelphia police officer who survived attempted assassination at point blank range tries to help put the suspect away for good. we'll take you inside the courtroom as officer jesse hartnett comes face-to-face with his alleged shooter. >> and yes, another record across the area today but that is not going to be the case as we move toward your friday and the weekend. why you may need the umbrellas and the jackets. i'll see you next at 5:00. >> all new at 5, a philadelphia fire truck jack-knifes and crashes in west philadelphia, this happened back in november. has any one been held accountable.
4:57 pm
♪ i was on my way to work, the next thing you know, i was on the ground. ♪ the trash truck ran over both my legs. ♪
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right now all new at 5:00, a purse snatcher gets dressed up before his krips. how this man is targeting unsuspecting employees in one south jersey town all the while looking like a businessman. >> also new, a philadelphia fire truck plows into a row of cars and poles, jackknifing on its way to an emergency. the nbc 10 investigators look into who is responsible and how often these trucks crash. >> first, a philadelphia police officer ambushed in an assassination attempt faces the man accused of shooting him. we take you inside the
5:00 pm
courtroom. "nbc 10 news" at 5 starts right now. good evening. i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm keith jones. today that ambushed officer told the world what he saw as a gunman put a gun in his patrol car and pulled the trigger. deanna durante was inside the courtroom as officer jesse hartnett came face-to-face with the suspect. how did it go? >> reporter: the suspect is being held over for trial. prosecutors say they are not surprised by that decision, officer hartnett told the packed courtroom about how he had to duck down and take cover. he only had seconds to react. then in order to get out of the squad car he had to use his foot to open the door. those packing the court in support of officer jesse hartnett says without this video you would never know how close he came to losing his life. it made national news not just for the shooting but the officer's action, chasing down the suspect despite being badly injured. >> it is a miracle that he's still he


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