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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  March 12, 2016 8:30am-9:31am EST

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opportunity to derail his campaign. and police have a warning for you women who walk a popular trail in philadelphia. we'll fill you in on the details. talking weather. the sun is shining now but clouds will roll in later and we're tracking showers in the first alert forecast. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 8:30 on this saturday. meteorologist karen thomas has a chilly forecast for us but we can't be too disappointed because we've been spoiled the last few days. >> it's the number one talker. record breaking warmth that we came out of from this past week. cooler than that this morning. still above average as we go ahead and look at boathouse row live this morning. we have blue skies out there. a beautiful saturday morning for whatever you may have on the docket. i know a lot of people have a lot of plans outside. maybe a jacket this morning. maybe a light pair of gloves if you're out doing exercise. 47 in philadelphia. cufm to the north and to the west. down at the shore, temperatures are bumping up fairly quickly
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down there at 48 degrees in wildwood. we're expecting clouds to be moving into the forecast later this afternoon and there you see the leading edge of the cloud cover pushing in from the south. for now, sunshine. mostly sunny skies. but then overcast skies this afternoon into the evening hours. before we get to that, it will be 64 to 67 degrees for high temperatures across the region. with the clouds comes the risk of rain. i'll be back with the rain forecast in just a bit. >> we'll see you then. thanks, karen. new from overnight, two people are in the hospital after this truck crashed into a house in maple shade burlington county. police say it was one of three vehicles that collided just before 6:00 this morning. you can see the damage to the home. the people that went to the hospital were not seriously hurt. chaos in chicago. instead of rallying for their presidential candidate, fights broke out between donald trump supporters and protesters and the event was called off
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all-together. nbc 10's monique braxton is live with a closer look at what happened and what's next. >> this morning those who oppose trump were chanting victory cries. that's what they say they heard from their supporters. but those who favor him are telling us that they don't think it was fair that the rally had to be canceled because of what could happen. so take a look at the video we put together for you from overnight in chicago. hundreds of jubilant protesters filing out of an auditorium where the republican presidential candidate abruptly canceled a campaign rally. protesters at the university of illinois were blocking most of the exits. trump supporters were pushing back yelling "racists, go home." one demonstrator said she had little sympathy that trump supporters felt uuncomfortable s they left.
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a trump support said i hear this free speech crap but they want to shutdown free speech for all of us and that's unfair that protesters are treating people that way. police horses and barricades kept the bulk of protesters across the street. in the meantime, dozens of uic faculty and staff had petitioned administrators to cancel the rally for what they thought was going to happen and what we saw on tv playing out last night. five people were arrested according to chicago police. we've also seen video of an officer with a head injury. now, trump supporter new jersey christie was asked about the protest in chicago and here's his response. >> i've been to a number of those rallies in the last two weeks and have not observed what people are talking about. i've seen enthusiastic people
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passionate about a candidate and who express that passion in times i've been there in ways completely appropriate. >> a short time ago we checked trump's schedule. his stop is in dayton, ohio. i called dayton police to find out what their plans are should chaos erupt. they told us at this point, the rally is going to be held at the airport and the crowd will be controlled there. so in just a couple of minutes, i'll place a call to dayton police at the airport to find out if they have any special plans. live from the digital operation center, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thanks for that. we'll see you in half an hour for an update. stay with nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the trump rally chaos. you can check out more information on the nbc 10 app or on our website, we'll have more reaction from some of the other presidential candidates coming up in the next half hour. a warning for women to like to walk a popular trail in
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philadelphia. police tell us that a predator forced a woman into the woods and sexually assaulted her. 22-year-old woman was walking alone late wednesday night on a quiet area of pennypack park known for trails and biking. the
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workers after they reach an agreement with the transit agency yesterday. neither the union or governor christie released details last night. riders tell us they are pleased they won't have to pay higher fares. >> that's good news. that's important to us we have to pay too much money. >> the unions wanted 18% pay increase over seven years and back pay to 2011. again, it's unclear what they received in the deal. we'll keep you posted as soon as we have those details. it was not the news that congressman shafattah's attorne
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wanted to her. they argued the charges should be thrown out because of legislative immunity but the judge called the motion thin and questioned whether the motion was filed in good faith. even with the trial date looming on may 2nd, he's focused on his re-election bid this spring. >> i'm running for re-election and working really hard and making sure these unfounded allegations don't interfere with the democratic process. >> fattah is facing trial before the same judge with the same prosecutors in the same courtroom where his son was convicted last year. stop the state takeover. we'll explain what police chiefs in new jersey are urging lawmakers not to do when it comes to atlantic city. they are watching, waiting and praying for the best. coming up, we'll show you more of the historic flooding down
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south flee for their lives.
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good saturday morning. yes, we're looking at a pretty decent forecast this morning. plenty of sunshine and blue skies as we look live right now to cape may, new jersey, where it is really just beautiful down there. a lot of folks like to take an early morning stroll on the beach down there. today is a perfect day to do that. look at the beautiful cloud formation right there. temperatures bumping upward for sure. 47 in philadelphia. 48 degrees in wildwood. 41 in atlantic city. so feeling really pretty good out there. we have an easterly wind that doesn't seem to be affecting too many folks. just down along the shoreline there a little light breeze out of the east. philadelphia about 6 miles per hour. we don't anticipate a strong
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wind. breezy conditions as the wind shifts southwest later this afternoon. big story, enjoy the sun now because clouds moving in later on. we're doing just fine. some extreme weather in other parts of the world. in brazil, flooding claimed at least 16 lives. neighbor neighborhoods and roads are under water in sao paulo. in one case, firefighters had to rescue a newborn baby from a flooded home. three people drown when they  were swept away in the floodwaters. down south historic storms continue to swamp louisiana. more than two feet of rain dumped across the state in the last three days triggering destructive flash flooding here. dozens have been evacuated from their homes and roads have collapse ed under all of the water. a view from above. a drone flew above vernon parish to capture images of the flooding. the governor has declared state
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of emergency for some areas and families have been warned to get their valuables and get out. let's head out west where winter is not over yet. folks in northern california are dealing with snow this morning. this is what it looked like in the sierra mountains where more snow is expected for tomorrow. the weather caused traffic problems as crashes clogged the roads. today there will be some help for homeowners still struggling to recover from hurricane sandy. problems continue to crop up for residents. they're still dealing with disputes with contractors and fraud issues. a free hurricane sandy recovery workshop from 11:00 to 1:00 this afternoon at st. andrew's church on baltic avenue. cat lovers rejoice. you can spend time with felines while satisfying your java cravy. we'll tell you about it on "nbc 10 news today."
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today wilmington will be seeing green. the city is getting ready for its st. patrick's day. mayor dennis williams helped paint the lines green yesterday. this marks the route for today's parade. hundreds will be marching in it. it kicks off at noon and there is a tent party at the end of the route. buy the beer mug and they keep refilling it for you. on that note, if you are going to be drinking or celebrating, keep in mind that you need to be careful. you should drive sober or get a
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designated driver. some food for thought, last year police made 47 impaired driving arrests in delaware during st. patrick's day's celebration. more than half of all car deaths in 2015 were linked to driver impairment. drivers can expect increased checkpoints this weekend. i'm meteorologist karen thomas. we want to look at our weather picture because a lot of folks want to get out there today. a lot of plans and functions and things going on. good news. we have mostly sunny skies for a good portion of the day today. we'll continue with the sunshine. a little cooler today. especially starting out early this morning. we are on the chilly side so the jackets will be a handy trick there. tracking some rain in the forecast come tomorrow. the temperatures bumping quite nicely. 47 degrees currently in philadelphia. you see there in the 24-hour temperature change we're about 13 degrees cooler than we were this time yesterday. 38 degrees right now in allentown. 45 in the northeast.
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41 degrees in atlantic city at this hour. temperatures as i mentioned across the region on the uptick for sure. right now 47 in philadelphia. 38 in the poconos. started out in the 20s this morning. so warm air will continue to come in. right now we have an easterly wind bringing clouds down along the shoreline. inland we're staying clear skies here. we see the leading edge of the clouds. this is a low pressure system moving in from the south. so we do expect the clouds to really sort of funnel in this afternoon going from all sun to overcast skies by evening and then the rain. we're watching that for tomorrow afternoon. possibility of scattered showers especially south of philadelphia. but then by late afternoon the chance of some scattered shower activity moving through philadelphia, parts north and west. just the offset chance as this system really sort of develops and moves our way. believing right now heaviest rain out of the low would be
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sunday night into monday morning. but today we'll stay dry. cooler but plenty of sunshine for now and then clouds moving in later on today. 64 to 67 degrees. high temperature. winds right now out of the east with winds shifting from the southwest later on today. we're talking daylight savings time if you haven't heard so there's your reminder. going to bed tonight, you'll want to jump ahead one hour. i guess the optimist says we're saving daylight. the pessimist says i'm losing an hour of sleep. have the umbrellas handy for monday as we do have a good shot of showers on monday as well as tuesday. dry out and warm up for wednesday and then showers come back into the picture toward the end of the week. >> glad it's showers and not snow. you know that. thanks for that. let's check in on this week's wednesday child. a sweet boy who likes to stay busy and have fun. he's hoping to find a forever family to give him the love and support he needs in life.
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>> 9-year-old civic is a quiet young man with an inquisitive mind. he can be shy at first but soon warms up to reveal a very sweet, tender boy. he's full of energy and loves being active so we headed to the right place for that. the funplex. we had a great time tearing up the track and playing all of the games. he does well in school and benefits from his special education classes. >> currently civic is placed in special education classes. it's taking him longer to catch onto those normal every day subjects that most kids get quickly. >> civic has experienced a great deal of trauma and loss in his life so the ideal family for him would be committed to him and provide a loving and supportive environment in which he would thrive. >> we would love a family who is willing to work with civic and
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be patient with him and give him time and attention he needs to thrive on affection and attention in that one-on-one time. >> he's ready to share in the love that comes from a forever family. >> this would be an active, busy personality and add warmth and love into any home. >> civic is this week's wednesday child. >> if you would like to make civic's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, go to our website, search wednesday's child or you can also call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. thieves are helping themselves to computers and credit cards in homes throughout montgomery county. police tell us the scary part is when the crooks are choosing to strike. that's still ahead. introducing longhorn's big, bold, steaks.
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a unique idea. grab a perfect cup of coffee while making a feline friend. the first cat cafe is officially open for business. it's located in philadelphia's brewery town neighborhood. it costs 12 bucks to get in and for that price you get a hot beverage and an hour to play with the cats. the cafe's founder hopes it will help the cats find their forever family but it's not the only goal. >> space is available for those who need a cat fix and don't want to be a cat owner because of your landlord, because allergies or you don't have the finances, et cetera. it's just a good place to hang out with cats. >> because they shed everywhere. get a break from that. only visit with them for a little while. the cafe is operated by the green street rescue. happening now in center
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city, crews are pouring concrete for a new condo complex at 12th and walnut street. what's interesting about this concrete pour is it's the second largest pour of concrete in the history of philadelphia. contractors will pour nearly 300 truck loads of concrete over a 20-hour period that began at 3:00 this morning. from our jersey shore bureau, a group of police chiefs is urging lawmakers to stop a possible state takeover of the atlantic city police department. they say they don't want what happened in camden to happen in ac. >> you would have a high turnover rate. new faces in the police department every five to six months and you won't have those bonds and connection to the community. >> proposed legislation would allow the state to take control of atlantic city's finances that would include the police budget. police fear that a takeover would force layoffs and threaten the safety of residents.
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earlier this week tliatlantic city's mayor took the their opposition to a state hearing. 8:54 on this saturday. here's a live look at the wells fargo center in south philly at the sports complex. home of the flyers will transform into a fantasy land for children tomorrow. it's all for a good cause. we're talking about the 39th annual flyers wives carnival. a chance for kids of all ages to meet their favorite players and play interactive games and of course in years past they had a ferris wheel inside the arena. violence escalates on the campaign trail and donald trump's rivals say he's to blame. monique braxton is live in the digital operation center following the fallout.
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>> today the trump campaign heads to dayton, ohio. i got off police to find out how they plan to handle any disru disruptive behavior. mild and dry for your saturday forecast. plenty of sunshine now. we do have clouds rolling in later on this afternoon. nothing but blue sky right now looking live at camelback mountain in the poconos. temperatures not doing too badly. bumping up into the 60s today. we do have rain coming into the forecast. i'll be back to explain what we can expect and when you'll need your umbrellas after the break.
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tonight's rally will be postponed until another day. >> violence breaks out at a donald trump rally with spectators and police officers getting injured. supporters and protesters clash in chicago. trump's rivals say he should be held responsible. more reaction next. we are off to a sunny but cooler start today. here's a live look at the center city skyline. better get out now because clouds are on the way this afternoon. good morning. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's just before 9:00 on this saturday. let's get to our weekend weather now with meteorologist karen thomas.
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good morning, karen. >> good morning. yes, i know a lot of folks have big plans today for their saturday and i think the weather is going to be cooperating just fine. we're looking live right now at boathouse row in philadelphia. just a really nice tranquil look out there. very mild conditions. we just bumped to 50 degrees in philadelphia. 51 in atlantic city. 43 up in mount pocono. easterly wind right now. along the shoreline it's just helping to push in some cloud cover but inland we have nothing but sun. plenty of blue skies for now. we do anticipate clouds thickening as our afternoon approaches into the evening hours. cooler this morning. cooler than what we experienced over the past couple of days. sunny skies for now. the clouds coming in. overcast skies later on. 64 to 67 degrees for high temperatures across the region. i'll be back with details on the pending rain in just a bit.
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violence erupts at a donald trump rally in chicago after his supporters and protesters are anything but civil. nbc 10's monique braxton is live from the digital operations center with more on violence and more reaction from new jersey governor chris christie who recently endorsed trump. monique, fill us in. >> we have been monitoring developments in chicago overnight. we've also been talking to police in dayton, ohio, who are preparing for trump's visit today. take a look at this video taken by the university of illinois media there. protesters chanting we stop trump as they filed out of an auditorium where the republican presidential candidate abruptly canceled a campaign rally last night. they were obstructing most of the exits. supporters of trump pushed back yelling "racists, go home." some of the reactions included a graduate student saying she was
9:01 am
pleased the rally was canceled because as she put it, to have the trump rally at this school for what this school stands for is disrespectful. a trump supporter said he walked through a gauntlet of protesters with his 9-year-old daughter and someone cursed at him making his daughter cry. as you see, police horses and barricades kept the bulk of the demonstrators apart. trump opponents protested what they call divisive comments particularly about muslims and mexicans. this chaos follows a petition by dozens of uic faculty and staff calling on administrators to cancel the rally citing concerns it would create a hostile and physically dangerous environment. five people were arrested according to chicago police. one police officer was seen with a head injury but police declined comment about that. now, trump supporter new jersey governor christie was asked about the protests in chicago and here's his response.
9:02 am
>> i think anybody who goes to a public event like that has responsibility for their own conduct. if they act in a way whether protesters or whether they are people who are there to support the candidate, anybody who acts inappropriately with those kind of things has to be held responsible for their own conduct no matter who it is. >> trump is due to appear at the airport in dayton, ohio. moments ago i reached out to police and i was told that at this moment they are way too busy working on logistics but they will get back to us about their plans to handle any disruptive behavior. live for now from the digital operation center, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> appreciate it. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders was also in illinois last night during his campaign event sanders talked about the violence at the trump rally. take a listen. >> this campaign is about bringing our people together.
9:03 am
not letting donald trump or anybody else divide us up. >> just hours ago hillary clinton tweeted this on the matter. she said violence has no place in our politics. we should use our words and deeds to bring americans together. trump's republican opponents spoke out about the violence. ted cruz says the responsibility lies with protesters but it's the candidate that's responsible for the culture of the campaign. >> when you have a campaign that affirmatively encourages violence, when you have a campaign facing allegations of physical violence against members of the press, you create an environment that only encourages this nasty discord. >> marco rubio tweeted words
9:04 am
have consequences. also in an interview with msnbc, rubio said donald trump used language that appeals to anger. rally came hours after a former republican rival endorsed trump for president. dr. ben carson insists that there are two donald trumps. one is trump you see on stage and the other one considers things carefully. carson dropped out of the presidential race earlier this month. this is ahead of tuesday's winner take all primary elections. voters will cast their ballots in florida, ohio, illinois, missouri, and north carolina. hundreds of delegates are at stake for the candidates on both sides of the aisle. tomorrow morning on "meet the press," republicans john kasich and ted cruz will join chuck todd to talk about their campaigns ahead of tuesday's primaries. you can watch that right here on nbc 10 tomorrow morning at 10:30.
9:05 am
new from overnight, two people are hurt after these cars collided in haddon township. route 130 and wilson avenue around 6:30 this morning as a truck towed away one of the vehicles. we're working to find out the victims' conditions in this case. tempers flared last night after a minivan crashed into a house in west philadelphia. sky force 10 was over the scene where police say the driver was intentionally trying to hit people. you can see some of the bystanders were so upset they tried to damage the van. police tell us the driver along with one person who was sitting on the stoop at the time of the crash were hurt. so far there have been no arrests. there is now a $5,000 reward to find the person that killed a pit bull puppy. the puppy was left to die locked inside this metal crate wrapped with plastic. it was discovered wednesday near welsh and blare mill roads in upper montgomery county. police are hoping if you have
9:06 am
any information that you'll give them a call. brazen home burglars are striking in the suburbs as families are sleeping inside. it's happened at least twice in king of prussia. thieves are stealing electronics, computers, credit cards and even food from the fridge. residents say they're now looking for more ways to improve their security. >> i secure my house. i went around to all of my doors and bought new locks and bolts. i have a can of pepper spray. >> police tell us the suspects also got away with a green 2010 hyund hyundai with hdy 8376 license plates. a family has to find a new place to stay after a fire forced them out of their house in camden county. sky force 10 above the home last
9:07 am
night in lindenwold last night. it took crews an hour to get the flames under control. one person went to the hospital after suffering a panic attack at the scene. today friends and family will remember former miss new jersey cara mccollum. a memorial service will be held this afternoon. she died last month after a car crash in bad weather. the 24 year old was crowned miss new jersey in 2013. she was a news anchor at smj today in millville. she was also the girlfriend of nbc 10's keith jones. 9:07 on this saturday. 50 degrees outside. you know what? bring on summertime fun. we're ready for it. the ocean city boardwalk is ready, too. we'll show you what work crews have been doing all winter long.
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blue sky and river and we can see philadelphia there. it's really looking quite lovely outside this morning. whatever your plans, it is going to be pretty decent day for sure. cooler start than what we've seen days past. but not bad at all. we are expecting clouds moving in later this afternoon. for now, we'll take the sunshine.
9:11 am
just in time for the nice weather we've been enjoying lately. the newly rebuilt boardwalk in ocean city is now open. this is what it looked like during construction. workers completed the job six weeks early. city officials say the new decking is twice as thick as the traditional planks they used in the past. crews will do more work in the fall including the construction of new pavilions. astronaut scott kelly is retiring from nasa next month. he will continue to participate in tests that are related to his lengthy stay in space. he's hoping they'll help doctors and scientists prepare other astronauts for trips to mars. coming up in sports, top seeded villanova is trying to make history. details ahead.
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good morning. we're taking a look at your weather headlines for today. you'll need the sunglasses this morning. mostly sunny skies. there's good news for sure. cooler start than this time yesterday morning. we are tracking some rain in the forecast. we'll get to that in just a bit. 50 degrees right now our official temperature reading in philadelphia. about 17 degrees cooler than we were this time yesterday. 43 degrees in allentown.
9:15 am
49 degrees in the northeast and 51 right now in atlantic city. so temperatures are certainly on an uptick as that sun is with us and we get that push out of the southwest. 50 degrees in philadelphia. 43 in the poconos. 51 in atlantic city. nice. we're just looking back a little bit. i think it's note worthy. 69 was the high temperature yesterday. we're looking for a high today in philadelphia of 67 and then more clouds tomorrow. cooler temperatures. 63 degrees. quiet and cold this morning though. mostly sunny. we're watching a system that will be moving in from the south and that is expected to have that leading edge of cloud cover giving us overcast skies later today and into the evening hours. we should stay dry with the exception of maybe a light scattered shower way south later today into tonight down there in south jersey and parts of extreme delaware. really we expect the bulk of the
9:16 am
rain tomorrow night into monday morning. so waking up monday morning you'll want to have the umbrellas handy. it's a large system. we're still tracking it but it looks like tomorrow evening into monday morning. for today, dry. cooler, sunny, cloudy later on this afternoon. all in all, decent forecast. i think we'll take it. what we do have to remind you, however, daylight savings time takes effect overnight tonight officially at 2:00 a.m. sunday morning. you'll want to set your clocks ahead one hour. i guess there's a loss of an hour there depending on how you look at it. daylight savings time is here whether you like it or not. high temperature tomorrow of 64 degrees. and clouds tomorrow. peeks of sunshine we're watching that system so hold onto the umbrellas for tomorrow night into monday. a serious situation last night here at the wells fargo
9:17 am
center. sixer robert covington was taken to jefferson hospital and he was evaluated for a possible neck injury. here's how it happened in the third quarter. look at robert covington to the left gets kicked in the face by his teammate jeremy grant who was being twisted upside down there. covington hit the court and grant hit his head on the court. jeremy grant left the game and was checked for a concussion. robert covington laid on the court for nine minutes. he was stretchurered off. sixers did break the 13-game losing streak. they beat nets 86-76. robert's teammates are thinking about him. >> first and foremost, you just pray that everything is okay. they're all right and that it's not as severe as it looked. >> we hope he's okay. sixers center okafor's season is over. small tear in his knee. they are relieved it's not more serious. >> i want to be out there with
9:18 am
my teammates. just minor surgery right away and that's always a positive i'll be able to get back out in a few weeks. i'm excited about that. >> we'll see him next season. flyers with a big win at home against the lightning. four nights later, last night, trying to break the eight-game losing streak in tampa bay. look away. bloody on the bench. flyers up 1-0 in the second. look at that shot. it's 2-0, flyers. then it's the wraparound. flyers win 3-1. a lot of fans there in tampa bay have won 6 of 7. flyers are two points out of that final playoff spot. eagles vp has done it again. he's dumped mark sanchez's salary. eagles trade sanchez to broncos for a conditional seventh round pick and they save $4.5 million.
9:19 am
eagles spintroduced two free agents. there is 6'5", 340 pound brandon brooks for the offensive line. he's going to play right guard. he's liking philly. >> i know it's the city of first. first bank. first stuff like that. and then i know from what i heard it's like a smaller, cleaner version of new york. >> cleaner definitely than new york. you know that. villanova back to the big east final again. they'll play for the second straight title tonight in new york city. take a look. last night wolverines, hugh jackman watching against providence. check out the hustle. flying into the crowd. like superman. ends up in the third row. second half, jenkins game high
9:20 am
21. villanova wins 76-68. st. joe's was down as much as 16. they come back. st. joe's one 86-80. they'll play dayton in the semis today at 1:30. temple beat south florida 79-62 in the american conference quarterfinals. the owls will play uconn in the semis today at 3:00. you want to see how uconn made it and won. this is crazy. >> rebound. johnson. johnson has hit two enormous threes. this one is good if it goes. holy cow! >> are you kidding me. >> wow. that forced a fourth overtime. uconn would beat cincinnati so the owls are ready today for
9:21 am
some tired huskies. ryan howard is back. first at bat against his former teammate yesterday. two-run double. phillies rough up kyle and phillies win 9-2. that's a lot of sports. all philly area teams won yesterday. hopefully they keep it going. i'm john clark. enjoy your weekend.
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v congress voted to label genetically engineered salmon; why not other foods? gmo crops are doused with heavy doses of herbicides the world health organization says probably cause cancer. isn't that reason enough to label? 64 other countries label gmos. why don't american shoppers have the same information? instead, congress might permanently block our right to know. we deserve clear, on-package labeling. tell senators carper and coons to stop the dark act. nbc 10 continues the commitment to clear the shelters. this morning we're with amy. he was calm a moment ago. he's a little excited to be in the studio this morning. >> yeah. he's a goofball. actually i love this dog. he's about 5 years old. he's a great, fun personality.
9:24 am
running around earlier. he thinks he's a lap dog. so you're looking for a big, friendly, goofy lap dog, he's your guy. he was surrendered to the shelter because owners were having a hard time affording to care for him. that's sad but a reality for a lot of people. one way that we're trying to help correct that problem is by offering free food through the pet food pantry program. >> that's good to know. >> if people are having trouble feeding their pets we'll provide free food. we have a really exciting fund-raiser coming up. and it's called the 4th annual bourbon battle. four local bartenders are competing to create the best bourbon cocktail as voted on by attendees to the event. you can go online and buy your
9:25 am
tickets at and come on wednesday, the 23rd, from 6:00 to 9:00. free hors d'oeuvres. you get to sample all four cocktails and it's going to be real fun. >> right at the trussle inn off spring garden right? >> yes. $35 a ticket. >> the funds raised will go to things like the pantry that you just mentioned. >> our goal is to raise $5,000 for pet food pantry exclusively which means we can help more families. there's about 300 families we help a month. the need is there. it will mean we don't run out of food and we don't run out of specific types of food either. >> if folks are interested in this adorable guy, where can they see him and adopt him? >> they can come to the shelter. he'll be there today 10:00 to 5:00 or to >> the number is on your screen.
9:26 am
267-385-3800. one last check of weather before we leave you today. let's see what's going on with karen thomas. >> one last check of the forecast for us. we have a pretty nice day on tap today. all in all not too bad. dry and mild. looking live at boathouse row. a beautiful morning to get outside. whatever events you have going on, exercise you would like to do. 67 degrees for high temperature today in philadelphia. daylight savings time will take effect 2:00 a.m. sunday morning. so you want to set the clock ahead an hour as you go to bed tonight. tomorrow, kind of a mixed bag. peeks of sun but thick cloud cover and then rain possible sunday night into monday morning. monday looks like on and off shower activity. tuesday, shower possible in the morning and then drying out. wednesday looks great. umbrellas come back into the approximatic tur on thursday. all in all, enjoy your saturday. not looking bad. >> that will do it for us on this saturday. i'm rosemary connors.
9:27 am
for karen thomas and everyone here at nbc 10. thanks for watching. don't forget to set your clocks forward. we'll see you back here tomorrow. have a good one.
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i'm sara gore, and this is "open house." this week, we're visiting alle fister's chic los angeles home. see how the fashion pr maven created a stylish yet serene escape. alle fister: so we love to entertain, and this home was designed with a great party in mind, and the space really reflects that. sara gore: we're stopping by a waterfront estate in upstate new york. stan ponte: this sweeping outdoor terrace with multiple seating and dining areas, an outdoor jacuzzi, and the ultimate chance for a hole in one. sara gore: but first, escape to ojai. we're touring an unbelievable private sanctuary complete with waterfalls, private trails, and so much more. as you enter into this home, you feel like you're walking into a sophisticated lodge in a famous mountain resort.


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