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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  March 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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bill to get a little r & r. >> yes, we'll be starting off monday with the time change, of course. we went forward an hour this weekend. hopefully you're able to wake up this morning. it is gloomy and rainy outside. it will be like this mofor the morning commute. moderate to heavy rainfall across the philadelphia area right now. the pa turnpike, norristown, 76, 476, 676, 95, all looking at heavy rain right now, even as we go down into wilmington, new castle county, heavy line of rain moving through here. ponding of water on the roadways. upper bucks county seeing the heaviest. lower bucks county will start to get the rain in montgomery county now. we're looking at steady rainfall, moderate to heavy rain over the next couple of hours. we start to see conditions improving. otherwise the roads will still be very slick out there.
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temperatures mid to upper 40s. it is rainy and chilly outside this morning through the afternoon. we're not going to warm up much. by 9:00, 50 degrees, showers around. things start to taper off by lunch time,ç 11:00 a.m., 51 degrees, a chance of showers. the heaviest ask right now and this morning. coming up, we'll continue tracking the showers. let's get a check on the wet roads with jessica boyington. >> we're watching the bridges right now because the burlington bristol bridge right now is closed in both directions due to an accident just reported. so we'll keep you updated there. there will be delays and detours if you're heading out the door in the next couple of minutes. the burlington bristol bridge is closed due to an accident in both directions right now. watch out for an unknown object on the northeast extension around milford township, disabling several vehicles. the blueridge pike, no problems here.
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the rain is covering even our camera lenses here. definitely over into the shoulders, we're starting to see the ponding and water spraying out from underneath vehicles as they drive through. watch the off ramps as well. 6:02. 48 degrees, new this morning, a driver is in custody and accused of driving under the influence after hitting a person. this happened near the corner of 63rd and grays avenue. the driver first hit a car before swerving and hitting the pedestrian and then another car. no word on the pedestrian's official. fire officials are trying to figure out what started this house fire in philadelphia's university see section. this happened near the corner of 42nd and spruce. the fire burned for about a half hour before firefighters got it under control. no ones with hurt. a final farewell for a hero. >> today, family, friends and comrades will pay last respects to a new jersey state trooper killed in the line of duty. yesterday, a line of mourners honored trooper sean cullen.
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nbc 10 was at the viewing at st. charles borromeo church in cinnaminson. the 31-year-old officer died a week ago at an accident scene. a driver hit trooper cullen while he was investigating a crash in west deptford. that driver stopped at the scene and she is not facing charges. tamika gross is scheduled to go on trial today. she's accused of ordering her son and daughter to fight another student. police say she was even caught on video punching a 14-year-old girl her daughter was fighting. happening today, we're expected to learn more about a soda tax proposal in philadelphia. >> mayor jim kenney wants a soda tax to pay for parts of stay's budget. how will it impact you? monique braxton is live at city hall with a preview. >> in about three hours, the
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mayor's cabinet room is going to be the place to be to hear how much money the sugary tax will bring to philadelphia. it's part of mayor kenney's budge he proposal. he favors placing 3 cents per ounce tax on sodas and other sugary drinks on a way of rising $95 million per year. kenney says that money will pay for quality pre-k, create 25 community schools, boost the pension fund and parks and recreation centers. the american heart association favors the plan but the teamsters union vows to fight it like they've done twice before. >> i want to do what's right for our kids and neighborhoods. if this is the way to do it, we'll see if everyone agrees with me or not. >> i'm against it. the city, there's other ways of raising money. >> reporter: and the mayor even says that it's an ambitious plan but he hopes he gets the support for the budget.
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we're going to be there and we'll have it for you when it begins after 9:00. live for now outside city hall, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. 6:05. today, the new jersey supreme court will listen to arguments over pension rights in the state. this is part of a long-running fight between governor chris christie'sç administration and benefits of union and pension funds. now democratic leaders say christie distributed less than the law required and that the cost of living adjustments were not restored. we're following developing story out of gray county, kansas this morning. that's where an amtrak train derailed sending 20 people to the hospital. right now, red cross crews are on the scene. we know at least five train cars turn on their sides after they derail. here they are. this train runs between los angeles and chicago.
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there. >> reporter: 128 passengers and 14 crew members on board. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> good monday morning. hopefully you set your clock forward an hour and we're also dealing with rain on this monday. quite a difference to start off your week this week. we have rain mostly heavy around the pa turnpike, lower montgomery county. lower bucks county, northampton, starting to see some of the heavy rain moving in. the major roadways are very wet this morning. we have been seeing rain for quite a few hours now. ponding on the roadways and along with this heavy rain were we're looking at low visibility with it. bensalem seeing more moderate rain, too. this goes across 95 into philadelphia. all the major interstates surrounding philadelphia and even into lower montgomery county, all looking at steady, moderate rainfall this morning. that extends to wilmington. but notice there's a bit of a cutoff here. we'll see some of this come to an end for parts of new castle county.
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495, though, still seeing the rain. all this will continue sliding up the i-95 corridor towards philadelphia, trenton. we still have, i think a couple hours left of steady rainfall. south jersey and delaware, seeing heavier showers around, too. this is all moving to the northeast. if you haven't seen the rain yet, most likely in new jersey, you'll start to see it here very soon. that's the main motion of the showers. but, again,ç you see clearing behind wilmington, hned that area of rain around wilmington. we'll see things start to improve as we get closer to lunch time today. temperatures chilly, mid to upper 40s. it will stay that way through the afternoon. keep your umbrella handy. here's future weather as we go towards 8:00. showers around still in new jersey, tapering off north and west, mostly on the lighter side. through lunch time today, spotty light showers but not like we're seeing this morning. we'll see big improvements. temperatures topping out around 50 degrees. by the evening commute tonight,
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we'll be seeing still a chance of showers. mostly on the lighter side. big improvements from this morning to this evening. periods of rain around today, low sloudz, temperatures around 50 degrees. and it's going to get windy as we go through the afternoon, too. winds around 25 miles an hour. then as we go into tomorrow, early showers, mostly the first half of the day on the lighter side. bigger improvements tomorrow afternoon. wednesday, brief warmup, around 70, st. patrick's day, in the 60s. by sunday, we could have more rain and wind in the forecast. >> thank you, sheena. eight minutes past 6:00. time to get help to our commuters who are going to center city or through center city. >> on the vine street expressway. jessica boyington has a look at that. >> we are watching the vine street expressway through center city right now. this is right around 8th street. that's where our cameras are. this is the off ramp getting off around 8th street. maybe if you're heading to the
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ben franklin bridge or around that area you'll face this. what you're seeing is not a lot of delays. no problems there. we are seeing wet roads for sure. we see ponding and as cars move by, water is spraying out from underneath. you'll potentially see some really slippery spots. use some caution. we also see more slippery spots and accidents because of this on the burlington bristol bridge, that bridge is closed right now due to that accident. it's taking out all lanesç in both directions. we'll keep you updated here. no real problems on the ben or the tacony palmyra. also road obstructs involving a few cars now, several disabled vehicles involved on the scene. >> jessica, thank you. the presidential candidates condemn donald trump. >> what trump has done is like a case of political arson. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders respond to trump's
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claims that they sent protesters to his events. >> bad bumper sticker etiquette? the unusual place someone spotted this sticker. slow, building african-style m
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6:13. the march madness dance card is set for three philadelphia teams, villanova, temple and st. joe's all play in the men's ncaa tournamentç this friday. >> villanova will have to settle for number two in the south region. the wildcats, they appear less than thrilled, don't they? the selections came out last night. nova will face unc asheville in the opener on friday afternoon in brooklyn. in they win they could face their big five rival, temple.
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>> the owls are celebrating their ten seed selection in the same bracket as villanova. temple will play iowa friday afternoon in brooklyn. right after nova's game, a third team from our area will have to do some traveling. >> yes. how about that? >> whoo. >> nice work there. st. joe's had a positive reaction to their ncaa spot. the a-10 champions are going to spokane, washington. the wells fargo center hosts the ncaa men's east regional from march 25th to the 27th. this video from tmz appears to show comedian donnell rawlings outside center city last night.
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we showed this video to some of his fans outside club helium. >> only in philly. >> i'm sure he'll turn it into something hilarious. >> i can understand the bartender getting upset somebody will skip out on her bill. >> somebody. >> but not him. >> for his side, his girlfriend posted on instagram he was just going outside to smoke. there were no arrests. it's 6:15. now to decision 2016. the latest polling is out in the presidential race. >> it suggests the front-runners could put distance between themselves and their rivals in key primaries tomorrow. a new nbc news/wall street/maris poll showing republican donald trump holing double digit lee leads in florida and illinois. john kasich leads trump in ohio. for the democrats, hillary clinton has sizable leads in florida and ohio and a narrow edge in illinois over bernie sanders. sanders and hillary clinton took
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questions at a town hall in columbus, ohio last night. ohio is one of five states holding krishol holding crucial primaries tomorrow. >> trump has got to get on the tv and tell his supporters that violence inle political process in america is not acceptable, end of discussion. >> what trump has done is like a case of political arson. you know, he has lit the fire and then he throws his hands up and claims that he shouldn't be held responsible. and he should be held responsible. >> both clinton and sanders deny trump's accusations that both democrats sent protesters to disrupt his rallies. wheen mile, trump -- meanwhs rejecting claims that he incites violence. >> he says he and his supporters only want peace.
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he says that they are reacting to taunting from bernie sanders fans. protesters interrupted trump at least three times at the rally. >> no more. thank you. >> in new york city yesterday, people held an anti-trump rally. protesters held signs bashing trump, chanting slogans about ending international wars and racism. the rally ended with a march to the u.n. building. romney will appear with kasich at two stops in ohio. romney blasted donald trump earlier this month. he urged republicans to vote for kasich in ohio and marco rubio in florida. in the campaign, florida, illinois,ç missouri, north carolina and ohio all hold primaries tomorrow. florida, illinois and ohio are winner take all. in the republican delegate race, florida is the big prize with 99 delegates at stake. stay on top of the decision
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2016 developments by downloading the nbc 10 app. take a look the this video. the aftermath of a deadly car bombing in turkey's capital. at least 34 people are dead, dozens more injured. the explosion at a transportation center sent burning debris raining down over the area. no one has claimed responsibility. turkish police expect kurdish militants carried out the suicide attack. 6:18. time to take a look at the schuylkill. >> jessica boyington has you covered. wet roadways for sure. jessica? >> we are watching those wet roads. a lot of things going on and accidents popping up because of this. give yourself extra time before you head out the doorp this we with looking at the schuylkill expressway, around spring garden street. you can see we are starting to see some of that delay on the eastbound side. heading into center city from the blue route to the vine street expressway. average speeds dropping into the 40s and we're now at a 19-minute trip right now. we're into the yellow. and now we're into the red.
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we're at a complete stop on the burlington bristol bridge. the bridge is closed right now in both directions due to an accident scene there that's taking out some lanes. again, they have all lanes closed in both directions, the ben, tacony palmyra are doing okay. out on the pa turnpike, watch for an accident accident westbound around norristown. drive times are okay from route 1 up to valley forge. speeds still into the 60s. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> good monday morning. grab the umbrella before you leave. you saw the wet roads and now here's a look at the radar. here's all the rain around. philadelphia area dealing with rain. this extends up to trenton, lower bucks county, lower montgomery county, across the pa basically all the major interstates have been seeing rain for quite a while. where you see the oranges and yellows, that shows us the heaviest of the rainfall. the green shows us the lighter
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rain. around philadelphia, haverford, easttown, upper darby, media, bellmawr, we're seeing it in cherry hill. this is steady, moderate-to-heavily rainfall. web, we sprung forward this past weekend. sunrise is now at 7:13. sunset 7:07. later sunrise but at least we have another hour of daylight in the afternoon. but the rain will eventually start to taper off later today or later this morning but wilmington finally getting out of that heavy rain. there's the back edge of it all. it is heavy in chester right now. for the rest of delaware, kent and sussex counties, heavy rain here. that will move into new jersey soon. this morning, a wet commute for just about everybody. especially if you're traveling on the major roadways. that's the bulk of the moisture, moving through, behind it, we'll still have a chance for showers later today. not like what we're seeing right now. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. it is chilly but later on today, it's going to get windy, too. here's a look at future weather.
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we go through the next couple hours, rain around still by 8:00 this morning. i think a lot of areas will start to improve a bit. it's really this part of the morning commute and for the next hour that we'll see the heaviest of the rain. by lunch time today, though, i big improvements from what we see right now. we'll still have a chance for showers. coming up, the rest of the afternoon forecast and evening commute. a bit of a warmup coming in for the seven-day. 48 degrees in the delaware valley at 21 past 6:00. chaos in chester after a police-involved shooting. >> what the mayor is asking neighbors for during the investigation. plus, we'll tell you how the officer whos would shot is doing this morning. also, leaked online. the ncaa is investigating a bracket breach. we'll explain what happened. find fantasy shows.
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this morning, new video of a
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high-speed chase in southern california that ended with a police-involved shooting. police say someone stole a cruiser and drove off this morning. the driver was going more than 100 miles per hour at one point during this chase. police eventually cornered the driver in an alley. that's when the officer opened fire. police have not said if the driver opened fire on them. no word yet on the driver's condition. take a look at this pileup in north carolina. police say 20 people were hurt after more than 100 cars were involved in the crashes in burlington. part of the highway was also shut down for hours. investigators still aren't sure what started the crashes. they believe the wet roads may have played a part. good morning, everyone. it's jessica boyington with your first alert traffic right now. we're watching 95. if you have a flight to get to at the philadelphia international airport, you'll have no real problems.ç start to see where we're seeing added volume in both directions.
6:26 am
more updates for you to come. currently no big delays at the philadelphia international airport. again, more updates when i come back at 6:30. for now, let's get a check on today's forecast with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> a rainy start to your monday morning. look at the radar, the green showing us the lighter rain. heavier rain moving through the major interstates this morning. take your time, grab your umbrella before you leave. i'll show you the timing and what you can expect for the rest of your morning commute. that's straight ahead. i'm live at philadelphia police headquarters. two separate stabbing attacks in center city over the weekend. i'll have the details on the investigation, next. and another unprovoked attack. a d.c. area officer shot and killed right outside of a station. we'll tell you about his ties to our area. ♪
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nbc 10 news starts now. it is 6:3. center city stabbings, three people stabbed in two days. what we know this morning about the suspects. police have in custody. rowdy rallies. we'll tell you who is saying violent scenes like this are donald trump's fault, plus, who donald trump is pointing the finger at. rain on the radar and on the roads. meteorologist sheena parveen and traffic reporter jessica boyington are busy this morning. they'll have what you need to know for your morning commute. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. 6:30, 48 degre$48 degrees outsi. it is wet morning. meteorologist sheena parveen has our first alert forecast. >> it's a rainy one to start your day. chilly and rainy. temperatures in the upper 40s, along with rain and later today,
6:31 am
it's going to get windy. if you're to hit the road, we have a lot of rain around, especially on the major int interstates around philadelphia, 676, 95, 76, 476, everyone seeing pretty moderate to heavy rain, especially up through the pa turnpike, lower montgomery county also parts of lower bucks county. we are seeing some clearing now in wilmington, new castle county. finally getting rid of the heavier rain. this is going to be the scene as we go through the later morning hours. we'll start to see things taper off a bit. if you're leaving now or in the next 30 minutes, we're looking at ponding on the roadways. that heavier rainfall causing lower visibility. washington township seeing that and more rains heading your way from delaware. here's the motion to the northeast. anywhere from philadelphia to trenton, along the major interstates. what you see in delaware will move into new jersey. you're not out of the woods just
6:32 am
yet. more rain around for the next couple of hours. bigger improvements by lunch time. chilly and rainy this morning. later on this afternoon it will get pretty windy out there. as we go towards 8:30 this morning, we'll still have showers around. 47 degrees, 15 mile-an-hour winds and those winds start to increase by lunch time today. by 11:30, closer to noon, still in the upper 40s. notice the rain starting to taper off a bit. by the evening commute we can't get rid of the rain just yet. still showers in the forecast for that. i'll show you that coming up. also warmup by the middle of this week, that's straight ahead. let's get a check on the roadways. they are wet out there with jessica boyington. >> we have wet roadways, problems because of that. right now we're watching the area bridges where we have a bridge closure this morning on the burlington bristol because of an accident scene in one of the lanes. but it is closing both directions right now. definitely something that will set you back. the ben, tacony palmyra, are nice and clear. no scheduled openings at least right now for the tacony palmyra. we're watching a road
6:33 am
obstruction in milford township on the northeast extension where there was an unknown object but now confirmed that all lanes are open. the object was actually debris from an earlier accident scene on the southbound side. watch out for that. that might be something that can set you back later on. we're starting to see delays on the northbound side of the 42 freeway. right in this direction here. headed toward philadelphia here, this is right around deptford at route 41. six-minute drive time headed northbound from 55 to the walt whitman bridge. average speeds at 45 miles per hour. vai? >> two people are under arrest after a violent weekend in center city. >> three people were stabbed in two straight stabbings. nbc 10's matt delucia live at police headquarters in center city this morning. what do we know, matt? >> tracy and vai, it was a violent weekend. philadelphia police have suspects in custody. first we'll tell you about this one that happened last night, a stabbing at broad and arch streets near the convention center. one witness tells us he watched an older man swinging a knife
6:34 am
wildly at two young men. police did arrive quickly and wrestled the knife out of that man's hands. a 21-year-old and 18-year-old went to the hospital with stab rewind to early yesterday morning. this was in rittenhouse square, a 24-year-old bucks county man was stabbed to death by a homeless man, according to police. the suspect fled but showed up at a v.a. hospital later on with injuries. he was arrested and police say he is known to frequent the rittenhouse square area. >> why in . >> why? why couldn't you sit down, discuss it, resolve it and straighten it out. >> that man you just heard from, a witness to the attack that happened last night at broad and arch streets. both attacks, sources tell us both the attackers and the victims had an argument between them. so of course the police are still investigating but a lot of people of course concerned
6:35 am
because of the st. patrick's day events that happened over the weekend. live at philadelphia police headquarters, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. we also are learning that a police officer shot and killed near washington, d.c. yesterday was originally from delaware county. a gunman killed officer jacai colson outside a community center next to the police station in landover, maryland. officer colson grew up in upper chichester township. he was 28 years old. his police chief described the shooting as an unprovoked attack. two suspects are in jail. they opened fire on the first officer they saw, officer colson, who lost his life. >> that speaks to dedication and bravery. when things began to turn, he immediately stepped into action. i'm very proud of him. >> investigators say other officers fired back, wounding one of the suspects. there's no word on the motive for the attack. 6:35 and 48 degrees outside.
6:36 am
gun control will take center stage today in north philadelphia as families devastated by gun violence tell their stories. they'll be part of an expert panel hosted by senator bob casey at temple university school of medicine. casey is calling on congress to expand background checks, ban military style assault weapons and limit magazine capacity. families who lost loved ones to gun violence will be there to talk about their spurns and call on lawmakers to act. >> asking for calm. that's what the mayor of chester is doing now. after a police-involved shooting left an officer hospitalized, a suspect dead and another suspect wounded. chaos erupted saturday night as people demanded answers about what happened. officers were responding to a suspected stolen car. witnesses say the suspects were uncooperative when captain allen davis approached the vehicle. police say someone in the car shot him. officers fired back, killing one suspect and wounding another. chester's mayor is asking for patience during the investigation.
6:37 am
>> it does not help to have a person instigate or infuriate persons within the community when they don't have all the information. >> police say bricks and bottles were thrown at officers in the chaos saturday night. officers responded with pepper spray. captain davis remains in serious but stable condition. 6:37. now to decision 2016 and the increasing violence surrounding the donald trump campaign. >> get him out of here! get him out! >> protesters are becoming more vocal at his campaign appearances like this one in bloomington, illinois. there were disruptions yesterday but no arrests. on saturday, the secret service surrounded trump when one protester rushed the stage. that was hours after a chicago rally was canceled amid violent clashes. last wednesday, a trump supporter punched a guy. >> i don't condone the violence or what he did. but you know what, not nice on
6:38 am
the other side either. >> trump's competitors on both sides accuse him of creating an atmosphere that can don'ts violence but trump blames protesters who support democratic senator bernie sanders. sanders calls that a blatant lie. is in trouble for showing his support for trump with a bumper sticker on his cruiser. the hartford officer is now the subject of an internal investigation. his boss called the behavior irresponsible. the sticker is now gone. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> good monday morning. wet roads out there. we are still seeing rain across the area. in philadelphia, we have moderate rainfall. 48 degrees. it's a little breezy out there, too. rainy and chilly as you step outside this morning. take your time, though, don't forget the umbrella. we have a lot of rain around the area, especially the major interstates. lower bucks, lower montgomery county across the pa turnpike heading towards trenton, some of the heaviest rain here.
6:39 am
that tens along 295 and 95, even 76 around the philadelphia area, 476, even into parts of new jersey, 295 around cherry hill, where you see the ompgs aorange yellows, that shows us the heavier rainfall. wilmington getting a break from the rain this morning. that pretty much shows you what's to come for the rest of the area. south jersey, patchy, heavy rain. more moving in from delaware. parts of kent and sussex county dealing with the heavy rain this morning. that will be sliding into south jersey soon. there is an edge to this. it already moved into wilmington. still spotty showers later today. but it's all sliding up to the north and east. it's continuing to slide up the i-95 corridor. i think within the next hour her, we'll still see rain around but a lot of improvements through most of the area. that is the bulk of the moisture. behind it, not too much left. still enough moisture left to keep giving us rain chances later on this afternoon an evening. temperatures in the mid to upper
6:40 am
40s. chilly and rainy before you step outside. future weather as we go through the next few hours. 9:00 a.m., still looking at rain around, temperatures, mid to upper 40s. by noon, lunch time, spotty showers around. can't get rid of the rain just yet. even as we go through the evening commute tonight, we still have some of the rain in the forecast. 3páeriods of rain for the rest today. low clouds, chilly, temperatures around 50 degrees. tomorrow we could have light showers the first half of the day. then we clear out in the afternoon. midweek warmup followed by temperatures in the 60s. next chance of rain comes for st. patrick's day. 20 minutes before 7:00 a.m. it will be wet on the roads out there. use extra caution, take a little extra time. >> reduced visibility, too. let's check 95. jessica boyington is watching that. >> leave earlier this morning. we're starting to see delays everywhere because of the wet roads. here's 95 around girard avenue. we're already in the red right now. 33-minute trip headed southbound, the southbound lanes right in here from woodhaven road to the vine street
6:41 am
expressway. you can see the real problems on the northbound side. we typically are slow right now. this is definitely double what it should be at least at this point of the morning. here's the p.a. tornado pik-- turnpike. route 1 to valley forge, speeds dropping into the 50s. patco is running on a special schedule in the west trenton line is having 12-minute delays. reaching new heights. not surprising when we tell you who her famous father is. plus -- >> overcome with emotion, st. joe's basketball players couldn't get the words out to describe their excitement. plus, we're looking at the other two philly teams going dancing this year.
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college basketball fans in our area have a triple delight this friday. >> villanova, temple and st. joe's are headed to march madness. all three local teams play opening games on friday. nova faces unc asheville in brooklyn, followed on the same particular by temple and iowa. st. joe's will meet cincinnati in spokane, washington, friday night. villanova's players are a low-key reaction to their number two seeding selection last night. wildcats didn't make it through the first weekend of the tournament the last two years. seniors are hoping this year's ride is sweeter. >> we want to get the elephant out of the room. everyone knows what that is. >> we have to know it is our last shot. we're in the seniors in this position. the guys have to see it from us
6:46 am
that the intensity has rizen. >> if nova and temple win their opening games, they would meet in brooklyn on sunday. >> st. joe's absolutely bonkers after their a-10 win. they got to cut the nets down.ç for miles and bembry, just an emotional day. take a look. >> i love this dude right here. this is my brother right here. >> look at the tears from both of you. unbelievable. caught up with emotion. >> realizing it now that you won a championship, aren't you? >> this is my first time crying. this is so special. >> st. joe's plays cincinnati in the night cap this friday.
6:47 am
for march madness fans, this next story might as well be about edward snowden. >> that's because someone leaked the ncaa tournament bracket before it was set to be revealed on tv. ncaa officials say they're investigating the leak which turned up on twitter before the selection show aired. the ncaa said it regrets what happened. it's taking the matter seriously. meanwhile, today, a woman convicted of assaulting a gay couple is expected to show up in court to ask for different punishment. a judge stejed kathryn knott to five to ten months in jail. her lawyer said the sentence is too harsh. he wants it reduced to probation. today, amtrak workers will do what they can to help the people of flint, michigan, they'll be dropping off bottled water donations at philadelphia's 30th street station. two employees started the company-wide effort. on friday, a special baggage car
6:48 am
will stop at stations from boston to washington, d.c. to pick up pallets of the bottled water. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> good monday morning. rain is the story this morning. big improvements later on this afternoon. for now we are still looking at areas of heavy rainfall, steady rainfall, too. this has already been causing ponding water on the roadways. take your time. drive slower. it's reducing visibility. right across the çpa turnpike from heavier rain shown by the oranges. that extends into the trenton. we've been seeing rain in this area for quite some time now. even across 95 and into the philadelphia area. lighter rain starting to move into philadelphia as shown by the green color here. the reds, yellows and oranges will move up through 95. haverford seeing the heavier rain across 476. that extends into new jersey. normally we'd see things lighter
6:49 am
outside at this time of morning. remember, our clocks sprang forward this weekend one hour with spring forward. now our sunrise, that's not until 7:13. your new sunset will be 7:07. south jersey, more moderate rainfall. wilmington cleared out of the rain. that will show us what's to come. still heavier rain through dover, down to milford. so much of kent and sussex county dealing with spotty, heavy rain. that will continue to move into new jersey very soon. most of the rain as we go through the next 30 minutes to an hour should be confined to the philadelphia area. parts of bucks county into mercer county and new jersey, also delaware are counties north and west of philadelphia mainly through the lehigh valley, starting to see better improvements this morning. still seeing at least some lighter rainfall. that's a majority of the rain we expect for today. it will be through here this morning and by the afternoon we'll see bigger improvements. we cannot rule out scattered showers later on. temperatures now mid to upper
6:50 am
40s. it is chilly and rainy this morning. take a look what future weather does. by 8:00 tonight, big improvements. we go through the day tomorrow. we'll see better improvements leading into your wednesday. we are looking at pretty good forecasts as we go into the rest of this week. things looking pretty good aside from this morning. periods of rain this morning, low clouds, chilly temperatures right around 50 degrees. we'll take a look at that seven-day forecast coming up. >> we'll see you in a few minutes. thanks. let's get you out the door. you know you need extra time and the umbrella. >> jessica boyington,ç fill us in. we're seeing slowdowns and several accident scenes to report as well. we're looking at one on the schuylkill expressway on waverly road. we're seeing the drive time really in the red already. both directions westbound or eastbound. 33 minutes from the vine street expressway to the blue route, average speeds into the 20s. we also have added problems besides the wet roads, we also
6:51 am
are seeing an accident scene. police activity into the right-hand shoulder. traffic slowly moving by that point as well. we are seeing delays on majors and we also are seeing closures, there's a bridge closure on the burlington bristol because of an accident. that bridge is closed right now. no real problems on the ben and the tacony palmyra. we are seeing delays approaching the walt whitman bridge right here. police officer and police activity moved by this camera here northbound towards the philadelphia area. you can see we're a little bit slow approaching the walt whitman bridge area. average speeds into the 40s. that again, 42 freeway in runnemede. coming up, a check of the day's headlines and the stories you need to know as you head out the door. >> including more on a soda tax proposal here in philadelphia. we'll tell you how much extra you might have to fork over for your favorite fizzy drink. a fallen officer is being laid to rest today. details on trooper sean cullen's
6:52 am
6:53 am
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tell senators carper and coons to stop the dark act. time to get a check of the stories you need to know as you start your day. >> you'll want to give yourself extra time as you're making your way out the door. first alert meteorologist sheena parveen and first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is both tracking a rainy morning commute. let's start with nbc 10's matt delucia live in center city. matt? >> it's been a violent weekend for a lot of people, a lot of people celebrating st. patrick's day. philadelphia police do have suspects in custody this morning with relation to those stabbings that happened in center city. last night, there was an attack that happened at broad and arch streets, a witness says he watched an oldder man swinging
6:56 am
knife at two young men. the victims did receive stab wounds to the hand and chest. hours before that attack at rittenhouse square, a 24-year-old bucks county man was stabbed to death by a homeless veteran. the suspect was arrested after he showed up at at v.a. hospital looking for treatment in both attacks sources tell us there was an argument between the attackers and the victim. live at philadelphia police headquarters, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. now to a final farewell for a hero. >> today family, friends and comrades will pay last respects to a new jersey state trooper killed in the line of duty. you're looking at the line of mourners yesterday for the trooper sean cullen. nbc 10 was at the viewing at st. charles borromeo church in ç cinnaminson, burlington county. funeral services are schedule for today at noon. the 31-year-old officer died a week ago at an accident scene. a driver hit trooper cullen while he was investigating a crash on 295 in west deptford.
6:57 am
that driver stopped at the scene and she is not facing charges. also today, former philadelphia police officer, tamika gross is scheduled to go on trial today. she's accused of ordering her son and daughter to fight another student. at least five train cars turn on their sides after they derailed. we'll keep you updated on our nbc 10 app. i'm monique braxton, live at city hall. in just a couple of hours, the doors of the mayor's cabinet room will open to philadelphians and those who work in the soda industry. they'll spell out the merits of taxing sugary drunks. mayor kenney favors playing 3 cents per ounce tax on sodas and other drinks as a way of raising $95 million per year for kindergarten, community schools and parks and recreation. some restaurant owners say drink distributors should not have to pay the tax, nor should they.
6:58 am
they don't favor it. we'll hear more of what the mayor feels will fund his programs to end poverty after 9:00. we'll have it on our later newscasts for you. live outside city hall, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. all eagles fans remember randall cunningham scrambling for touchdowns and flying through the air to make plays. >> now it's his 18-year-old daughter, vashti, who's doing the flying. take a look. here she is in the u.s. indoor track and field championships in oregon over the weekend. she's jumping for a new world junior record. she gets it easily. with a jump of 6'6 1/4". she's only 18 years old, a senior in high school. that's the highest any woman has jumpçed in 2016. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with one last check on your first alert traffic. we're watching the schuylkill expressway right now for an accident scene, starting to clear out of the way. over into the shoulder around
6:59 am
waverly road. we're seeing big drive times everywhere. we're in the red headed westbound and eastbound into center city. the blue route, watch for an accident scene 476 between route 1 and broomall. on the burlington bristol, closed in both directions due to an accident scene. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> yes, take your time out there. look at the rain on radar. we still have a steady area of rain. clearing west of philadelphia. otherwise we're at wet roads this morning. make sure you grab the umbrella before you leave. here's the seven-day forecast i promised you. as we go into tomorrow, still light showers lingering, clearing through the afternoon, midweek warmup and showers for your st. paddy's day. >> happy pie day. 3.14444, that pi. >> download the nbc 10 app if you want to know more.
7:00 am
>> we'll post pictures of pie. you'll eat pie. the "today" show is next. local updates in just minutes. >> apple pie. >> i like blueberry. good morning. breaking overnight. an amtrak train with 140 people on board goes off the tracks in kansas. >> set a ladder up and we'll start getting the people out the top. >> investigators looking into what caused the late-night crash. chaos on the campaign trail. a weekend of violent clashes between donald trump supporters and protesters. who is to blame? trump says not him, but his political opponents say otherwise. >> he is encouraging violence and chaos to get votes. >> how will this impact tomorrow's all important vote? we'll talk live to trump's newest endorser, dr. ben carson.


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