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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  March 19, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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keep on scratchin'! "nbc 10 news" starts now. right now on "nbc 10 news today," here is a live look in philadelphia where we are counting down for the implosion of a pair of high rises a little bit later on this morning. the blast will bring a change to the skyline and make way for new housing. plus, we're tracking some wintry changes to our weather as we approach the first day of spring tomorrow. yes, that's right, first day of spring is on sunday. here's a live look outside over center city, philadelphia, where we are expecting rain and snow this weekend. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:00 on this saturday. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the changes to our forecast. good morning, michelle.
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>> good morning, rosemary. cold changes. we'll keep it in the 40s today and 30s tomorrow. tracking a chance of rain, rain mix and even some snow in some spots. let's take a look outdoors. we are clear this morning. cold this morning. live look from the adventure aquarium. 11 degrees colder compared to 24 hours ago in reading. 11 degrees colder in mount holly. it is a cold start to the day. we're going to keep it in the 40s. below normal for this time of year. typically we come in around 53. lots of blue on the map. worried about freezing in allentown. below freezing this morning, mount pocono. 39 in lancaster. 41 in wildwood. we are watching a few areas. we're going to see some rain in some spots and a chance of some mix and even snow on sunday. let me time out the first system
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for you. as we go throughout the day, we'll see the clouds thicken and then we have the chance to see some rain in our southern portions of our viewing area. we're going to talk about timing, today's rain and mix and also talk about the possibility of some snow on sunday in a few minutes. >> thanks, michelle. stay ahead of the weekend weather with the "nbc 10" app. there you'll find the latest forecasts plus live first alert radar. now to a developing story out of russia. all 62 people on board a plane that crash the in southern russia are dead. this is video from a security camera. you can see it shows the plane coming down, then there's an explosion. the plane was coming from dubai when it crashed 800 feet short of the runway. the plane belonged to the budget carrier fly dubai. most of the passengers on board were russians living in the region. local officials are blaming strong winds. they were around 67 miles an hour when the plane was landing. new from overnight in our
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area, one person is dead and another in the hospital after a shooting in north philadelphia. police tell us the men were shot just after 11:00 last night on west selter street near 13th street. both victims went to temple hospital where one of them died. the other is in critical condition. there are no arrests in this case. crews with the philadelphia water department are busy this morning trying to fix a break. a six inch maine started leaking just before 3:00 this morning. a witness tell us his car sank into a hole caused by the water. the main has been shut off and the water department tells us no customers are affected. we are just about two hours away from a big change in one north philadelphia neighborhood. two high rises will be imploded this morning to make way for a new housing project. take a look at where this is happening. neighbors in the red area are being evacuated from their homes at this hour. this area is between north 22nd and 24th street.
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it's boredered by west oxford, stewart and sharswood street. dust zone residents don't have to evacuate but can't leave their homes until the all clear is given. "nbc 10's" matt delucia right in the middle of the action. matt, what's the mood in the neighborhood when it comes to these changes? >> reporter: rosemary, just over two hours, right there. those are the two buildings that will be coming down. 18 story building the fixture here in north philadelphia. a lot of work has gone into making sure this is done right. two years of planning. former tenants were out here capturing their final men ris with pictures. the blumburg apartments have been a staple for 49 years. expected to fall in a matter of 10 seconds. the philadelphia housing authority president tells us the towers became magnets for crime and an icon of public housing stigma. what about the people who lived
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here? they have been relocated within the past year to other housing authority locations. in their place the implosion will make way for a city wide plan to add more low rise town house units. there is a third building here on the property. that will stay and be renovated, but as we take another live look inside this closed off area, you saw that map earlier of the implosion zone. there have been evacuations and road closures. bus routes 33 and 61 have been detoured. we're also expecting a ceremony of sorts at around 6:30 ahead of the implosion scheduled for 7:15. we'll hear from former tenants looking back on nearly a half century of history. police are all around. the philadelphia housing authority people are out here as well. they're getting ready for this event. there are balloons and everything. sort of a celebration, but for the people who lived here it is a little bitter sweet. we'll hear from them. for now live in north philadelphia. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news."
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>> thanks, matt. we'll see you in 30 minutes. the hawks won their ncaa opener in a nail biter. it ended around 12:30. the bearcats appeared to tie the game on a dunk but the referees ruled the shot did not beat the buzzer. st. joe's got by cinci 78-76. the hawks will play top seeded oregon sunday night at 9:40. st. joe's fans joined nova nation. "nbc 10" was on villanova campus for a watch party. the second seeded wildcats beat unc asheville. heart break on temple's campus. you can see it written all over the faces of the students who cheered on the cherry and white at a watch party. the owl's lost their first round
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to iowa in overtime in brooklyn. >> i think our boys had an awesome season. >> they couldn't get a defensive rebound to get by. what are you going to do? >> what are you going to do? a temple win would have set up a meeting with villanova. the wildcats play iowa sunday afternoon at 12:10. this morning philadelphia police have one suspect in custody and are looking for another in a drive-by murder that was caught on surveillance video. take a look as a dirt bike pulled up to the corner of a and somerset streets in kensington. a gunman got off a bike, peppered a man with bullets, then got back on and took off. police tell us they did catch one of the suspects in north philadelphia. sky force 10 was over that scene. second suspect is still on the loose. the shooting victim died at the hospital. family and friends tell us he
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was in his mid 20s and had young children. some good samaritans here hard at work. they pulled a man from a burning car in camden county. the tree crashed last night. witnesses were afraid the car would explode after it caught fire. they pulled the driver, tyrone gallup jr. to safety. he is in critical but stable condition at the hospital. president obama begins his historic trip to cuba tomorrow. we'll show you how the country is getting ready to welcome him. >> back up. back up. another donald trump rally brings out the protesters. find out what did not happen when they clashed with trump supporters in salt lake city.
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now your "nbc 10" first alert weather. >> welcome back on this saturday morning. it's a cold start to your saturday. it's going to be cold today. even colder on sunday for your
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first official day of spring. we are also tracking the chance of snow. live look outside looking at the lowe's camera. calm conditions this morning. nice and quiet before we start to change things up later on this afternoon and especially on sunday. currently we are cold. we are going to keep it chilly. below normal by this afternoon. in the 30s. below freezing in some spots. just below freezing in chester springs at 34. 38 in wrightstown and 36 in trenton, new jersey. to the north and west we're below freezing this morning. mount pocono coming in at 39. 32 in coatsville and 34 in blue bell. along the coast temperatures also in the upper 30s, low 40s. 30 in woodbine. 39 in dover delaware and 37 in mount holly. watching two areas, one piece of energy is in the ohio valley right now. that will affect part of our area south and east of philadelphia later on this afternoon. we are also tracking the potential for a coastal low or nor'easter on sunday. looks to be less for us.
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we'll go over timing and also a mid week warmup that's coming up in a few minutes. thanks, michelle. today in wilmington hundreds will be racing in the name of beau biden. he died last year in may of brain cancer. this will raise money for the foundation in his name. it's taking place at a private dupont estate near brandy wine creek estate park. beau biden's wife and sister are expected to be there. gunfire in belgium as police carry out a raid that nets the last suspect in the paris terror attacks. we'll report from overseas when we come back.
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havana is making final preparations today for president obama's final trip to cuba. president obama arrives
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tomorrow. he will be the first u.s. president to visit the island in nearly 90 years. the trip will cap a diplomatic experiment to restore relations between the u.s. and cuba for the first time in more than half a century. lester holt will report and anchor "nbc nightly news" from havana, cuba, tomorrow and monday right here on "nbc 10." the most wanted fugitive from november's terror attacks in paris is in custody this morning in belgium. nbc's keir simmons reports from brussels on the raid that captured him. gunfire on a sidewalk. special forces aim at a suspect. they drag him to a police car. he falls. people flee as more gunfire erupts. and live on belgium television, an explosion. the dramatic police raid capturing europe's most wanted
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terrorist, 26-year-old salah abdel salaam. president obama called to congratulate belgium's prime minister who appeared with the french president announcing the news. he's one of ten isis members identified by investigators as taking part in the paris attacks. all now either died carrying them out, were killed or captured. he has been on the run from the police for four months. finally police closed in on him. the top terror suspect who was able to avoid capture for so long even in a major european capital. now potentially providing investigators with an intelligence gold mine. >> this case is all about intelligence. the ability to look and see if there are other pending attacks or those that are in place right now. additionally, they'll be looking at other co-con spiritors. who are other members of the organization? >> he was found in this
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neighborhood just streets from his childhood home. meanwhile, the pren much president saying there were many more people involved in the paris attacks than were first thought. keir simmons, nbc news, brussels. hundreds of protesters clashed with police at a donald trump rally in salt lake city last night. officers in riot gear pushed people back as they tried to get inside the arena where trump was speaking. police did not make any arrests at this event. the republican presidential front-runner is stumping in utah ahead of tuesday's caucus there. also in decision 2016 republican ted cruz got a boost from a big name. former gop presidential nominee mitt romney announced yesterday that he will vote for cruz in the utah caucus. romney said the texas senator is the only candidate who can defeat trumpism. yesterday cruz visited the arizona/mexico border.
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there he called for the military to stop undocumented immigrants from coming into the u.s. trump took to twitter yesterday to react to romney's endorsement of cruz. trump wroed failed presidential candidate, mitt romney, the man who choked and let us all down is now endorsing lying ted cruz. this is good for me. tomorrow on meet the president, harry reid and mitch mcconnell talk to chuck todd about president obama's supreme court nominee, merrick garland. that's tomorrow morning at 10:30 right here on "nbc 10." now your "nbc 10" first alert weather. well, we are much colder this morning. temperatures in the 30s. also the 40s. some places below freezing. this afternoon we'll be in the 40s. in the 30s tomorrow. cold weekend tomorrow, first day of spring, colder than today. we are tracking the chance of some rain, rain/snow mix and sunday we can see some wet snow. colder weekend, that's your
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weather headline. we're tracking the chance for some rain, some snow on sunday. looks to be less of an impact than it was earlier in the week. it looks like it won't affect the major roadways, grassy surfaces, the cars, things like that. big-time warmup. we'll begin to feel like spring for wednesday and thursday. 41 in philadelphia. off to a cold start. this is probably the warmest spot across the mat. winds out of the north at 9 miles an hour. 10 degrees colder. some spots a little colder than that. temperatures to the north and west, just above freezing. in allentown, 33. 29 in mount pocono. 41 in philadelphia. south and east in the upper 30s to 40s. 39 in atlantic city, 41 degrees in millville, new jersey. there's your cold start. you factor the winds and colder than that. feels like 35 in philadelphia and it feels like below freezing in wilmington, delaware. these temperatures, much colder
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compared to this time yesterday. you'll feel that when you step out. get all the kids to the soccer game. 10 degrees colder in philadelphia and 11 degrees colder in reading, new jersey. that will be the trend as we head throughout the afternoon. we reached 60s yesterday. live look outside, nice and quiet this morning. for the most part we're going to have a quiet start to the day. we'll start to see the clouds thicken. some of us will see some rain by this afternoon. we're watching two areas. we're watching this area in the ohio valley and then an area to the south and east. it looks to be tracking more east than it was earlier in the week. it looks to be less of an impact for us. as we go throughout time, we'll see the clouds thicken. 11:00, you'll notice the clouds. rain coming in south and east from philadelphia. 5:00, factor that into your plans. may see wet snow melting in. temperatures above freezing. shouldn't be a problem on the roadways. keep that in mind as you're out
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and about. clouds in place tonight into sunday. then we are tracking the chance for the wet snow and rain on sunday. by 12:00, again, this model keeping most of this off the coast. some models bringing snow in. at the most we'll see 1 to 3 inches across the area. that will be about it. 45 to 49 and then we start that warmup. seven day, 47 today. 37 on sunday. by monday we're looking at 47. tuesday, 53, mostly sunny. i see that lep prechaun wants t see spring. 7 72 on thursday, chance for showers on friday. here in our region, the heroin epidemic has a tight hold. we spent half a year taking an inside look at the deadly effects heroin is having in our area and beyond. what they found is that this epidemic touches just about every facet of society.
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>> heroin addict could be your mother, your grandfather, your teacher. >> reporter: gary tugle, head of the dea in philadelphia, knows someone affected by opioid addiction. chances are you do, too. >> i would venture to say 90% of the people i come in contact with are impacted, even in my own family, by opioid addiction. >> reporter: dan mcdonald has been watching addiction up close for more than two decades. he says he's never seen 12 it so rampant and deadly. >> it's extremely bad now. the number of addicts, the number of people selling it. that's all gone up over the years. >> reporter: over doses killed nearly 2,000 people across the delaware and lehigh valleys in 2014. in recent years philadelphia paramedics have responded to an overdose call roughly every 45 minutes. in just the first half of last year a person died of a heroin o.d. in philly every 18 hours. here heroin is especially pure,
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cheap and easy to score. >> he has a job. like it takes hours to get up $10 and it takes two seconds to buy it, to do it, you're worried about where the next bag's coming from. >> reporter: that $10 michelle is talking about will buy one bag of heroin. most users go through multiple bags in a day. >> reporter: nationwide overdoses killed more people than car crashes in 2014 according to the centers for disease and prevention. heroin and other opioids are to blame for half. >> 120 people a day die of heroin overdoses. that's over 40,000 a year. if we were in a war zone, those would be considered mass casualties. >> reporter: numbers like that keep advocates like dr. brian work up at night. >> i am worried it's going to be a lot worse than it gets better. we're going to see a lot more deaths before things get better and that's why we need to start
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intervening more strongly now. >> morgan zela. >> and vince letanzia, "nbc 10 news." >> you can learn more about addiction right here on "nbc 10." join us for our exclusive look into the tragic world of heroin and opioid addiction in the philadelphia area and beyond. watch generation addicted monday night, march 21st, at 7:00 right here on "nbc 10." a special race is happening today in our area. it will feature some young participants who will need a push to get across the finish line. still ahead, the organization that's made it their mission to help them.
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a group that has inclusion of the disabled in road racing has opened up a south jersey chapter. they've opened up in camden
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county. seven disabled children will use these to enter the haddonfield adrenaline 5k race. ainsleys angels chapter paid for the chairs. he tells us his 20-year-old special need son is a two-time marathoner and will also take part in today's race. >> most special needs kids are usually sitting on the sidelines watching something like a road race and they can't walk and they can't participate. this gives them the opportunity to be included and to feel really good about themselves. >> along with the wheelchair, participants, more than 20 runners, will also take part in the race helping to push those who can't run. ainsley's angels have help from local business sponsors. 5:27 this saturday. a pair of high rise buildings are about to come down in philadelphia. "nbc 10's" matt delucia is live,
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matt? >> reporter: in just a few hours from now those two buildings will become a pile of rubble. for former tenants it's bitter sweet. many temperatures below freezing. feels like the low 20s. tomorrow, the first day of spring, it will feel like winter. we're looking at calm conditions this morning. no warnings this morning until we're tracking the chance for rain later on this afternoon. tracking the chance for rain or snow. we'll talk more about that coming up.
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"nbc 10 news" starts now. right now on "nbc 10 news today," countdown to an implosion. here's a live look at the scene in north philadelphia where less than two hours from now explosive blasts will bring down two high rises. we'll explain what's next for the neighborhood. just in time for the first day of spring tomorrow, colder weather is in store for our weekend, plus we are tracking some rain and snow. we'll have the timing in the first alert forecast. good morning. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. 5:30 on this saturday. meteorologist michelle grossman had the first oo letter forecast. michelle, we've been telling viewers that the snow and rain, there may be some changes as we get closer to sunday. >> yeah, we have some


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