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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  March 23, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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i missed bill. did you miss bill? >> it's night to be back with warmer weather. >> knight in shining armor, bring back the warmer weather with you. >> we should be in the middle 30s like yesterday. 36 degrees is the normal low. we're at 50 degrees right now. it's not just philadelphia. mild in wilmington, millville, atlantic city 50 degrees. there's pockets of colder air north and west. roxborough is at 46. south philadelphia 44 degrees. not a bad start at all. the few clouds we have this morning, they have broken in some areas and we'll see more and more sunshine which means a quick warmup. 57 by 10:00. 66 at 1:00. we're shooting for the 70s for today. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. meantime, jessica boyington has first alert traffic. >> we're watching the blast riding now. this is right around roberts
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avenue. no problems here, of course, headed southbound to the schuylkill expressway. here's 295 over in new jersey. right around the black horse pike. even through the work zone, we don't have backups yet. 295 southbound from 38 to this point at the black horse pike. a 13-minute trip, no problems. speeds well into the 60s right now. there's still that bridge closure to watch for, falls bridge. that's closed for rehabilitatioç work. that will be there until april. take the city avenue bridge to get by. the rest of the area bridges are just fine. also into philadelphia, on the ben and walt, no openings for the tacony palmyra. now to the terror in brussels. this morning we're learning more about the men who planned and carried out yesterday's deadly attacks at the airport and subway station. investigators have identified two brothers killed in the suicide blast and now they say a third man is one they've been searching for in connection to the paris terror attacks as well. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in our digital operations center monitoring the new developments and new video coming in.
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katy, what are you learning? >> a lot of this new information was coming in as we first went on air this morning around 5:00 a.m. the man, we'll show you security video from the brussels airport. the man you see on the right of this picture wearing the hat, there he is, the hat and the while jacket, he's najim laachraoui, a suspected jihadist and bombmaker who police have been looking for since the paris attacks. he worked with paris attack mastermind salah abdeslam who you may remember was arrested. there's video of that arrest last friday in brussels. back to that airport security picture. the two men alongside laachraoui are brothers. they're names just released, they are khalid and ibrahim el bakraoui. this couple from kentucky is still reported missing. several other americans in brussels are known to be injured in the attacks from the airport
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and metro station yesterday. this morning, the airport remains closed. but part of the metro system is up and running. we'll have another update for you coming up in 25 minutes. reporting live in the digital operations center, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. katy, thank you. in honor of the victims of the brussels terror attacks, several countries lit up iconic landmarks in solidarity with the european nation. in paris, the eiffel tower was bathed in light, in berlin, the brandenburg gate glowed with the colors of the particular. and new york city, one world trade center lit up lower manhattan. scary and frustrating moments trying to get in touch with friends and family. nbc 10 spoke to the owner of eulo eulogy belgian tower. he used to live in belgium.
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>> every once in a while, thank god for social media, they posted their okay. >> some of his friends posted their stories, one saying they got to the airport just five minutes after the blasts. the presidential candidates were quick to reaction to the terror attacks in brussels. >> hillary clinton called for slow, steady response while ted cruz said it's time to halt the syrian refugee program. >> it is time for us to implement serious vetting an we should not be allowing anyone to come to this country that we cannot vet to make sure that they are not radical islamic terrorism. >> it's the responsibility of leaders to help people understand what can be done to allay their fears, yes. i don't think we wantç to be inciting more fears. i don't think we want to be playing to people's concerns so that we turn against one another. >> donald trump expanded on his previous stance that he would exclude people coming from syria who done the have documentation.
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he told nbc's savannah guthrie he would favor enhanced interrogation to get information from terror suspects. >> are you in the camp that harsh interrogation, let's use the word, torture, works in a case like this? >> yes, i am. i'm in that camp. i don't believe the other people. i am in that camp, absolutely. >> trump says enhanced interrogation would include waterboarding. now to decision 2016 and the results are in from contests in three states out west. on the democratic side, hillary clinton claims the winner take all state of arizona. bernie sanders won the democratic caucuses in idaho and utah. on the republican side, donald trump won arizona, ted cruz scored a decisive win in utah and marco rubio also picked up delegates even though he's already dropped out of the race. trump leads delegate count for the gop. the winner needs 1,237 to win the nomination. clinton leads sanders on democratic side. the winner needs 2,383 to win there. you might have questions about the selection of delegates in
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these presidential primaries and caucuses. the exhibit headed to the white house at the national constitution center in philadelphia has the answers. experts there can also offer insight on the raucous primary season going on right now. >> we may see bickering, lots of facebook posts but we are a country that does this in a civil and democratic way and the transfer of power goes from one person to another without bloodshed. you can save on admission to the museum including the headed to the white house exhibit. it is an interactive way, so cool, learn about the road to the white house and what it's like to be on the campaign trail. nbc 10 is a media sponsor of the exhibit. in south philadelphia, city inspectors now say they made a mistake by issuing a violation to the people behind this bernie sanders mural at 22nd and katherine streets. inspectors originally called it a paint ad and since there was no permit, the mural had to be
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removed. but now, the department of licenses and inspection says the mural is political speech, so it doesn't require a permit. the head of veteran benefit is suspended without pay this morning for failing to properly supervise two other employees. the v.a. says those employees forced lower ranking managers to take job transfers and then stepped into those positions themselves. meaning they had less responsibility but the same salari salaries. one of those managers, diana rubens moved from washington to philadelphia last year. the agency reprimand her yesterday and cut her pay by 10%. a man is in jail this morning in philadelphia for a murder in south carolina. there was a standoff at a north philadelphia home with a suspect yesterday. police say the s.w.a.t. team arrested the homicide suspect who was on the run. officers say u.s. marshalls track eed him to a home at 24th and clifford. no word on identity.
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now to nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> ç5:38. a mild start this morning. clouds are overhead. a nice breeze out of the south/southwest at 7 miles an hour. fewer clouds in northeast philadelphia. more clouds in delaware and south jersey. this really doing a great job of keeping things warmer. where we saw some breaks in the clouds earlier, that's where it got colder but with clouds in place over delaware and south jersey, mild temperatures, look at camden county, 48 degrees. pennsauken is 49. nowhere near as cold as yesterday in voorhees at 51 degrees. a quick warmup, sunshine will break through the clouds. as the day goes on, you'll see fewer and fewer clouds. 67 in bethlehem and fleetwood. pennsburg, 68 degrees, the high temperature today. 70s for bordentown, abington, king of prussia up to 70 this afternoon and smyrna and millville into the low 70s. 60s for avalon at the jersey shore. and bright sunshine after the morning clouds clear out, 70 for malvern, thorndale, woodstown up
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to 70. 72 in philadelphia. and things are looking good for the weekend, too. easter sunday plans, going to be warmer than saturday. 61 on saturday, 65 degrees with nothing but sunshine on sunday. it's before we get to the weekend that we've got another round of wet weather coming our way. i'll show you when that will move in with the futurecast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> that's okay. we'll stay focused on nothing but sunshine. 20 minutes before 6:00 right now. let's check the ride to work. >> jessica boyington and what are you seeing out there? >> we're moving along nicely on the vine right now through center city. no problems or delays. at this point, more cars heading eastbound towards 95. if you are headed to the schuylkill expressway right in here or 30th street station, you'll have no problem. speaking of the schuylkill expressway, we'll check in with the drive times there. this is straight through the conshohocken curve. the total drive times are having no problems so far in the center city eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway is only a 13-minute trip. no problems heading westbound.
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here's the new jersey turnpike. right around the delaware memorial bridge. no problems heading towards the toll plaza or either direction, north or southbound right now. roads are dry. that's a good thing. mass transit, everything pretty much running on or close to schedule for septa, patco, d.a.r.t., new jersey transit and amtrak. back in the next ten minutes with another check on your morning drive. still in service, we've been telling you about the fire insurance issues happening in colwyn, delaware county. we'll tell you how the firefighting efforts will still happen with help of neighbors. calling for action. hear why a local organization is rallying and saying pennsylvania's current dui laws are simply not enough.
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5:43. we continue our coverage of terror in brussels. hundreds of people are gathering downtown to lay down flowers and light candles in honor of the victims of the terror attacks. 34 people died, hurn hundreds injured after several blast in brussels. yesterday's deadly attacks at the airport and subway station
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killed 34 people, investigators have identified two attackers as brothers who are believed to have blown themselves up at the airport. former sixers star dikembe mutombo was at the airport. he posted on his facebook page, i am safe here, god is good. three mormon missionaries from utah were among those injured in the brussels attacks. for one of them, it wasn't his first brush with terror. the youngest of the three missionaries is 19-year-old mason wells. his parents say that he was at the airportç with a colleague the time of the blast and suffered leg injuries and shrapnel wounds. his mother says she worries constantly about her son's safety. >> there have been a couple of attacks in france. nathan was in france up until five weeks ago when he got to brussels.
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we've dealt with this or worried. >> in addition to being in paris during the november attacks there, wells was also in boston to watch his mother run the marathon in 2013 when two brothers set off deadly bombs at the finish line. count on nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the terror in brussels. we're posting constant updates on the nbc 10 app as soon as new information comes in. darby fire department will continue to provide service for chaos-burdened colwyn, delaware county. the decision came thanks to a unanimous vote from the borough council last night. the two towns will have a mutual aid agreement. darby fire had been threatening to suspend its service if colwyn would not agree to pay its share of insurance. a fast-moving fire ripped through an historic church in new jersey. this is the first presbyterian church of englewood in bergen county. a 12-year-old girl was the first to spot the fire and called 911.
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investigators are trying to figure out how it started. now to arizona where you can see black smoke from a fire that tore through a recycling plan in the phoenix yesterday. the flames spread to neighboring businesses. crews worked into the early morning hours battling this blaze. no one was hurt. two camden men pleaded guilty to running a heroin mill. jose fortuna and his nephew. they were caught up in operation china white in 2013. meantime, washington lawmakers heard from drug abuse experts about the continuing heroin epidemic sweeping across the can't. the house oversight committee hearing focused on ways to combat illegal opioid use. members urged a vote on funding to address the heroin crisis. this week nbc 10 premiered
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"generation addicted." a special presentation took viewers in the world of heroin and opioid addiction. vince lattanzio and denise nakano spent five months investigating this deadly crisis. heart broken families and police trying to find new ways to help people. if you missed the show, watch it right now on and on the nbc 10 app. you'll also find additional stories, video, ill separations, showcasing the stories and issues around this important topic. atlantic city electric bills could be going up. yesterday ac electric asked the state board of public utilities to authorize a rate adjustment. if approved, customers would see a monthly increase ranging from more than $6 to more than $11. the company says they need the extra money for infrastructure improvements. >> all right, nova!
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whoo! >> thex7re out of their minds right now. it's an exciting time for nova nation. the school is getting ready to watch their men's basketball team in the sweet 16. fans packed around the pavilion to give the wildcats a swede sendoff. the team boarded a bus bound for louisville, kentucky where they face miami tomorrow night. miami's a good team. the excitement of villanova basketball is there for this family. >> i'm watching the game and answering my 7-year-old's questions. >> daddy goes crazy. we we're a lot. like a lot. >> like it might be scary how much daddy cheers. villanova students will have the chance to make the road trip as well. they're off for the easter holiday tomorrow through monday. count on nbc 10 and comcast sports net. for complete coverage as villanova keeps dancing in the ncaa tournament, how about these
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two guys? >> yes. >> tim furlong and john clark. >> they'll have fun. >> absolutely. live reports from louisville later this week. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 11 minutes before 6:00. a little more than an hour before sunrise. we'll see lots of sunshine. there are clouds over boathouse row right now. no sign of wet weather. clouds are helping to keep things warmer. 50 degrees in philadelphia. it's not just the clouds. it's also the wind which is at 8 miles an hour. not terribly strong. it's a south/southwesterly wind helping to warm things up this morning. that's a nice view from the comcast center. we'll see plenty of sunshine today. the few clouds will be moving out. the temperatures that are colder north and west for allentown will warm into the upper 60s this afternoon. some areas, the 70s. with clearing skies overnight, allentown, pottstown and reading. lancaster with winds are calmer. that's where it's gotten colder. that steady southwesterly wind from the philadelphia area into delaware and south jersey, keeping temperatures a good deal
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warmer than yesterday. we are dry, any wet weather from the clouds that are moving through is way to the north. new york is getting rain into cana canada, some snow not happening for us. look to the west. you can see wet weather. that's shower activity that is going to arrive before we get to the weekend. that snow in rapid city and some rain in south central, south dakota. by the time it gets to us, just going to be rain. futurecast showing that wet weather to the north. today, plenty of sunshine today. we'll start nice and clear tomorrow. we'll see lots of sunshine tomorrow. it's friday that we'll see the rain moving in. you can see it on the futurecast, friday morning at 4:00, that rain will be falling, especially north and west. the showers continue well into friday morning. not today. clouds move out, sunshine, clearing skies. breezy, into the upper 60s and low 70s. the southwesterly winds to 18 miles an hour today. tomorrow, warmer and sunnier,
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too. won't have morning clouds. 74, that's after a morning low of 48 degrees. mild in spite of morning showers on friday up to 70. breezy on friday. that's going to drag in chillier air for the weekend. the chilliest for saturday, 61 degrees. look at easter sunday. sunshine and 65. chilly in the morning. 39 degrees. a nice warmup during the day. showers,ç thunderstorms hold o until monday. >> nice. >> 5:51. the clouds move out, sunshine moves in. so does jessica boyington. >> jessica boyington is watching the blue route for your ride to work. >> the blue route is right around the germantown pike on ramp as you can see right in here. no problems or delays. a lot of times we find disabled trucks in this area. not today. southbound from the pa turnpike to the schuylkill expressway, right through this area. still a four-minute trip, speeds into the 60s. no problems or delays either direction. if you're out the door on 95, still watch for that construction, 95 southbound around aramingo avenue and 95 northbound around girard avenue. those off ramps are close.
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that southbound drive time hasn't budged yet. woodhaven road to the vine street expressway, still only a 13-minute trip. average speeds are into the 60s. if you're in allentown, construction there as well. south 8th street is closed between union street and lehigh street. looking okay over on route 55. this is right around millville area. no problems or delays. vai and tracy. >> thank you, jessie. next on "nbc 10 news today," knitting for peace. we'll tell you about the plans to hang a giant sweater at one of philadelphia's most popular theaters.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with a quick check on your morning drive. we're watching route 309. this is right around the pa turnpike. no problems in the area right now. you can see not a lot of cars on the roads. but some of the roadways are different. we'll check in with those around the philadelphia area when i come back in the 6:00 hour. five minutes before 6:00. a former montgomery county high school student pleaded guilty in a sexting scandal. brandon berlin agreed to a plea deal that will have him serve two years probation.
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the former north penn high school student posted nude pictures of month are than 30 female classmates on a file sharing website last year. from our jersey shore bureau, governor chris christie refuses to loan atlantic city money even as the city threatens to shut down all but essential services. christie said a loan would be a band-aid. instead, he's calling on the state senate to approve a takeover measure passed by the assembly. >> i am no longer going to allow the taxpayers of the state of new jersey to be responsible for the irresponsible decisions made by mayors before mayor guardian and councils. >> on monday, atlantic city's mayer announced the city's financial troubles will force it to shut down from april 8th to early may. police and firefighters would still work but without pay until new tax revenues comes into the city in may. families who have lost loved ones to drunk driving crashes are calling on pennsylvania lawmakers to toughen up the laws. the group pennsylvania parents
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against impaired drivers held a rally yesterday in harrisburg. they say the state has some of the weakest penalties in the country. a downingtown family was among those at the rally. last year, a drunk driver slammed into the hannigan's mini van killing a teenage brother and sister. another father who lost his daughter called for action. >> it's hard to put in words. it's something that we know we have to do. i think it's just one point in a long road. in 2014, 345 people died in dui crashes in pennsylvania. students at the university of the arts are knitting for peace. knitting a giant white sweater that will cover the marquee of the meriam theater in center city where in just a few weeks, the philadelphia international festival of the arts will kick off. during the festival, a swede itch circus troupe will perform a piece called "knitting peace." the acrobats0wrap themselves i
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yarn as part of the performance. terror in brussels. a massive manhunt is under way for one suspected attacker believed to still be alive. we're learning new information this morning about this man. plus, what other terror attacks he's been linked to. and introducing judge palin? why the former alaska governor could soon have her own courtroom.
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nbc 10 breaking news. suspects identified. we are following breaking news from brussels where police are searching for the one suspect in yesterday's bombing still believed to be alive. in the past hour and a half we've learned he is the same man wanted in connection to the november attacks in paris. >> new information about a toddler drug investigation. what the toddler was found chewing on at a day care and what the owner of the day care told us this morning. and decision 2016. the results are in from


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