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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  March 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the team -- there you go. the team walked out, literally a minute ago here at the brown hotel in down town louisville. they have about eight blocks to the center. they go play miami tonight. a little bit but they look loose, having fun. feegd off the energy in the room. you come back live, a lot of kids here. a lot of alums, little kids, older kids, having a great time. it's going to be a great night. a lot of people that can't go and watch in person, they are going have have a watch party. it's going to be wild and we'll have it all for you. make sure you're with us at 11:00. tim furlong, "nbc 10 news." >> any question how well nova nation travels. all the way to kentucky. a lot of people behind you. >> he's in the thick of it. thank you. we'll see you later. >> much more coverage of the sweet 16 from louisville and here in philly we'll show you
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why the games are a hot ticket. >> john clark gives the villanova players a spelling quiz. you'll want to see that coming up. now to our first alert weather. it almost felt warm enough to go to the beach. look likes a few people out there taking a stroll. >> nbc 10 first meteorologist sheena parveen joining us. a great start to a long holiday. >> it is. tomorrow you might not think so, we have rain moving in but right now it's pleasant outside. 69 degrees in wilmington, 65 in philadelphia. the average high for today is 56 degrees. we've already made it into the upper 60s through a good portion of the area. but now you look at mount holly, 54 degrees, 50 in trenton, the reason why we have an onshore wind there so that's a cooler wind and it is cooling some spots down but not dover. dover is at 74 degrees right now. very comfortable. now, for your friday, tomorrow we do have rain heading our way so you'll need the umbrella.
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but don't worry, the timing will move it out. just in time for your easter weekend. it's moving through parts of kentucky and ohio, heading to virginia. now, as this moves in tomorrow we can't rule out thunderstorms but just keep in mind this will start early in the morning so you could see rain. here's future weather friday morning the rain starts to move in. and i think a good portion of it will be right in the middle of the day around lunch time. coming up i'll show you a closer look at the timing of this for friday and into the afternoon. also look at your easter weekend forecast. >> thank you. from the state capitol to atlantic city the shell game of money and where it will come from continues to be a he said he said situation in new jersey. atlantic city is inching closer to running out of money and closing the doors of city hall april 8. city workers will be asked to go without paychecks that includes fire, police and trash collection. atlantic city's mayor says when city hall shuts down some workers will still volunteer
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there, while others will stay home and collect unemployment. all issues still being sorted out by labor officials. >> how long can we last, not long. for three weeks we make it on may 2nd, the second quarter tachs come in, we have to pay the people that work during the three-week period, we need to pay the schools again, pay the county, we need to pay debt service, and it only be a matter of weeks, not months before we run out of money again. >> the mayor wants an $8.5 million temporary loan but governor christie says no. christie spoke about atlantic city's dire cash crisis on the radio this morning. the governor said he'll only sign legislation that reworks the way atlantic city collects taxes so the casinos don't sink them further into debt and favors the full state takeover that strips the city of its government sovereignty. surveillance photos delaware state police believe this may have hit and killed a man from
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new castle county. the ford or chevy likely had damage to its front end side. jeremiah mccarthy was crossing route 41 on february 28 when a car hit him and took off. the impact threw him more than 100 feet. he died at the scene. right now at 5, commuters are using a busy bridge in philadelphia for the first time in nearly two months. nbc 10 was there as cars crossed the falls bridge over the schuylkill river late this afternoon. the bridge closed suddenly in february so workers could strength at any steel floor beams. construction wrapped up a week ahead of schedule. former eagles fullback kevin turner lost his battle with als today. the 46-year-old was a lead plaintiff in a concussions lawsuit against the nfl. turner passed away at his home in alabama. he played five seasons with the eagles before retiring after the 1999 season. he was diagnosed with als in 2010. he was the lead plaintiff for a
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group of retired players that file add massive lawsuit against the nfl regarding concussions. we'll have much more on turner's passing and hear from a concussion expert coming up in about 30 minutes. in brussels the search is on for at least one terror suspect and maybe more who took part in this week's kedly attacks. steve handelsman joins us live from brussels. fill us in on the latest. >> reporter: rosemary, thanks. good did evening from brussels where from ordinary bielgians wo gather and the halls coming for outside help to help this small nation deal with its internal terrorist threat. as the crowd grew at the memorial in central brussels kevin knelt. for many the horror is just sinking in. 31 people killed, reason to fear another attack, at least one of
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the suspected terror team still on the loose, the man in white. turkey put out this photo of ibrahim, one of the suicide bombers and said turkey warned belgium last summer when he got deported he had ties to terror. back in belgium, hend a his brother who blew himself up at the train station worked with najim who hit the airport and sources say made the bombs for brussels. and the paris attack last year. should police who found a major terror suspect friday in the brussels neighborhood known for isis sympathy have uncovered tuesday's terror plot? belgians wish police had and two government ministers offered to quit over the failure but this is a small nation with many muslims and few terrorists. >> when you have some individuals like that it's very difficult to find them and control them. >> everyone shuts down when you
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need information. >> reporter: some note american law enforcement missed the 9/11 plot. >> please let us cry and the tears will be dry then at that time we will do whatever needs to be done. >> reporter: kevin got his comfort from a woman in a head scarf he had never met. tonight, belgian and french officials call for a multi-nation task force to deal with the apparently growing threat of isis terror here in europe, task force that would be sure to include the united states, where nbc news learned that the brothers are on the u.s. terrorist watch list, a fact apparently not known in the belgian capital. steve handelsman, "nbc 10 news."
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right now a viewing is under way for a maryland police officer and delaware county native killed in an unprovoked attack on law enforcement. the viewing for officer colson continues until 9:00 it's happening at funeral home in beltsville, maryland. this is ahead of a memorial service tomorrow and then a funeral on monday. colson was a four-year veteran of the prince george's police department. he was a member of the student council and athlete respected among his peers. colson was killed by accident earlier this month by one of his fellow officers, it happened after a suspect started firing outside their maryland police station. that suspect was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. you might remember this story, the ukrainian man accused of posing as a high school student. 23-year-old faked his way into
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the school as asher pots. today a judge dropped an identity theft charge but he faces sexual assault charges and as he left the court he said he just wanted a better life. a new jersey program supposed to help victims of hurricane sandy but for so many it's doing more harm than good. >> they are thinking with this but not with this. >> this couple could end up losing a third of their house. next the nbc 10 investigators dig deeper into the state's rebuilding program and what's being done to fix it. live outside now to boathouse row. the easter weekend got off to a beautiful start but rain is moving in. meteorologist sheena parveen will have all of the details next in your first alert forecast.
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we would like to keep what we have but we can't afford it. >> imagine losing one third of your home. that's what a jersey shore family is facing now. three years after hurricane sandy. a new jersey state program was supposed to make the cleanup easier for the homeowners but
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the nbc 10 investigators have found story after story of just the opposite. >> investigative reporter george spencer tells us about another family who is worried and waiting for answers. >> can you see the difference? this is one color. that's where the water came up. >> the water lines are still on some of brian and marion's furniture. and there are other signs of sandy damage too. >> it has eaten the floor away. >> insurance they already paid to fix things after sandy but all of the fixes might not matter because they always lived on the lower floors of their three-story home with their daughter on the upper floors. >> we live two steps down. we didn't understand that two steps down in america means that you live in a basement. >> they say new elevation requirements are forcing them out of their, quote, basement.
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they blame the project's delays on the state's program set up to help sandy victims. the reconstruction, rehabilitation, elevation and mitigation program or rrem. >> the rrem program as it is now is providing us with aggravation. because we can't get moving. >> they have two options. raise the entire house, or move upstairs and make their basement a crawl space. to raise the house it will cost around $250,000. the state is willing to give them $150,000. they say stringent requirements push any projects over that $150,000 mark and the couple has already spent their life savings, fixing their basement after sandy. >> dollars and cents. what seems to be missing is the sense. >> they have to give up one third of their home, and the state is going to pay them to do
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it. >> i apologize. on behalf of the state of new jersey. >> state assembly member troy singleton has heard a lot of complaints aimed at the rrem program. >> the biggest issue we face is a lack of transparency and a lack of accountability on behalf of the state. >> he introduced a bill that calls for more transparency and sif guard against foreclosure. delays have caused people to lose their homes. >> we have over $200 million left to be distributed and a lot of families waiting to get back in their homes want to know when they receive their resources. >> we've done an extraordinary job. >> earlier governor christie defended the program's progress saying everyone who applied for a grant has funds available. but according to rrem's website only one third are back in their homes. the governor says the issue is lack of skilled labor and time consumer work, not funding or the program itself. >> there's not a lot of people
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in the state who are competent to do that work and you don't want it done the wrong way. >> our request for a full interview with the governor or rrem leaders have now been denied twice. >> get so angry. >> they feel they are not being fully heard either. >> they somehow block their heart. they are thinking about this but not thinking with this. and this is people. that is facts and figures. and they blocked this. >> in a written statement a state spokesperson says her agency is as committed as ever to sandy recovery and insists that homeowners in rrem know where they stand. but brian and marion say they are really pretty much in limbo right now. they would like their project manage tear come out and see their home first-hand. obviously we'll let you know if that happens. >> so victims can't get answers from the program. you have been denied for
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interviews melt pell times. are we going to find answers? >> we're hoping so. assembly man singleton and the budget committee will have budget hearings coming up, the leaders of the department that runs rrem will be there to testify as it relates to the budget. and the assembly member is promising us-y is going to hold them accountable. we'll be there to let everyone know how it shakes out. >> stay on top of it. >> we will. >> thank you. if you have a story or a tip for the nbc 10 investigators, call our hot line that's 610-959-7473. this just in, comedian and actor garry shandling has died. his career spent several decades perhaps best known for starring in the hbo series "the larry sanders show." few details have been released how he died. he was 66 years old. the justice department says seven iranian men working on behalf of the government hacked their way into dozens of banks
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even a new york dam. now they are charged with those crimes which include attacks against 46 financial institutions. the dam which controls flooding north of new york city, was allegedly tampered with possibly giving the hackers the ability to change water levels and flow rates. >> an outcome that clearly composed a clear and present danger. >> luckily the dam was undergoing maintenance at the time of the cyber attack and was disconnected from the system. well, here you see it, the sun appearing to have burst a daffodil in bloom today in bensalem bucks county. beautiful picture there. temperatures in the 70s this afternoon through parts of the area, so it look likes spring, feels like spring and this weekend we will have a nice spring forecast for you for your
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easter sunday. now, until we get there we have spring showers too, unseasonably warm feeling, perfect out. some areas cooler than onshore wind but still above normal for this time of year. tomorrow, though, we'll be dealing with spring showers, rainy friday in the forecast for you. starting with the morning hours. so some of you may be seeing this during the morning commute. the timing is good so the rain moves out as we go into your easter weekend. i'll show you the forecast in a second. 63 now in allentown. 69 in reading. look at trenton, 54 mount holly, 65 philadelphia right now, 69 in wilmington and 74 in dover, 71 in millville, there is a bit of a temperature difference now across the area, 56 in atlantic city, and that's because of an onshore wind for some of us not everybody. nouf as far as the pollen levels, if you have the allergies you may have noticed them acting up. we were at high levels. tomorrow with the rain that pollen is going to drop to a low level over the weekend we get
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nice again so nice weather increases the pollen levels, we'll be high saturday and sunday, dropping bhond a round of rain. so over the weekend you might notice your allergies acting up. breezy now, we're going to stay breezy and mild overnight. the straight east wind for northeast philly trenton mount holly, atlantic city all seeing cooler temperatures in the 50s. the ones with the south wind like dover, south at 20 miles an hour in mid-70s. the wind direction makes a big difference. nice and dry locally off to the west so that's where the rain is that we expect tomorrow. so it will start to move in overnight, and you'll notice some showers around for the morning commute tomorrow. aside from that, the warming trend will continue for the rest of this evening. then the showers move in as we go into tomorrow morning. friday 9:30 in the morning we'll have rain around, can't rule out thunderstorms, midday showers also with the chance of thunderstorms. that's by about lunch time. clearing out for the evening commute and clearing if the you
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have friday night plans, that leads us to a dry easter weekend. temperatures milder for your easter sunday too. your sunday forecast, sun rise 6:52 in the morning. temperatures by 7:00 a.m. in the low 40s, nice, though, by 9:00 a.m. low 50s, by noon looking at the low 60s. tonight, low temperatures, mild, breeze e clouds increasing. mostly the mid to upper 50s through the area. and then we'll see showers move in, starting tomorrow morning. so the rain starting for part of the morning commute lasting through the middle of the day, clearing in the afternoon. can't rule out the chance of a thunderstorm, highs still around 70 degrees and it will be windy too. especially with thunderstorms that roll in. saturday we're a little cooler around 60 but above normal 67 for easter sunday, rain returns on monday. >> melania trump and heidi cruz in the middle of the mud slinging and this time their looks appear to be up for debate. our decision 2016 coverage is next. plus, he's one of the best
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moan basketball players at villanova. something obvious about him even his teammates may not know. coming up, john clark puts them to the test. katie vo: she works as many hours as the guys do.
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she doesn't work 21 percent less. she handles as many customers, puts out as many fires, meets as many deadlines-- not 21 percent less. so why does she make 21 percent less? for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women. families need it; you've earned it.
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and our parents have earned social security and medicare-- i'll protect them. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message, because it's your turn. >> now to decision 2016. the wives of republican candidates, donald trump and ted cruz, get pulled into the mud
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slinging. last night trump tweeted an unflattering picture of heidi cruz next to trump's wife. trump incorrectly accused cruz offing behind a racy ad earlier this week. cruz first responded on twitter saying quote donald real men don't attack women end quote. then, he spoke out again on the campaign trail. >> it is not acceptable for a big loud new york bully to attack my wife. >> the sniping comes a as the three remaining republicans jockey for votes in the april 5th wisconsin primary. as that plays out it's neck and neck between trump and his rival john kasich in pennsylvania, a new franklin and marshall college poll finds donald trump leads with 33% among registered republicans, but john kasich comes pretty close at 30%, gaining ground. presidential hopeful ted cruz has 20% here in pennsylvania. >> on the democratic side
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hillary clinton has a sizable lead besting bernie sanders 53 to 28%. clinton leads trump and cruz by double digits. we told you earlier about the death of former eagle kevin turner. >> he was battling als which he blamed on concussions he suffered as a player with new attention on the issue it has a lot of parents asking is it safe for my child to play football? next we'll hear from the experts. >> plus, a lawsuit against gabby giffords and the man behind it claimed to be her shooter. nbc 10 learned it's a hoax. how a man in philadelphia was behind it all coming up next.
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afternoon that former eagles fullpack kevin turner passed away today at the age of 46. he died from symptoms related to his battle with als. turner claimed his als was related to concussions as a football player and was one of the key plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit against the nfl. >> the concern over concussions raised questions about the sport of football and if it's safe for young children. jock a lin london joins us with a closer look. >> rosemary and keith, kids in
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the area are set to head out and return to spring sports of all kinds, but as they do, parents are really concerned about the safety of their children, concerns made more significant in light of today's sad news. >> football is safe generally speaking, but it certainly is not the safest of sports. >> kevin turner took hits in the nfl, five with the eagles. over six years he's battled als. turner always believed in a link between his disease and concussions from playing football. >> this is from the many, many hits to the head. >> do you hold the nfl responsible? >> at least. >> he was a lead plaintiff in a lawsuit against the nfl, and enabled him to make a dent in mounting medical debt. >> it's so important, help is coming now.
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especially for those of us who have been given -- >> his passing resurrects questions about the safety of is the game of football. >> it's certainly a conversation we need to be having, between the parents and the athletes, the coaches. >> dr. smith says he actually is seeing an uptick in concussion injuries in another sport. one involving lots of kids in our area. >> other sports that we see a big issue with is soccer. particularly girls soccer. with girls soccer and boys soccer as well. >> in the last hour eagles owner released a statement that said in part we lost a special person today in kevin turner. eagles coach doug pederson who played with turner said turner was quote a special person on and off the field. live in the digital operations center.
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"nbc 10 news." >> happening now, school leaders in philadelphia figuring out what the state's budget means for your children. yesterday, governor wolf announced he was ending pennsylvania's 9-month budget battle. how will that affect schools? nbc 10's lauren mayk is live at district headquarters with more on that. >> reporter: keith, there is number crunching going on here trying to find out what that new budget means. i can tell you right now in the district offices behind me there is a school reform commission meeting that is starting now and they will be talking about that. one thing is clear, though. the district here in philadelphia will now have enough money to make it through the school year. in philadelphia, there is relief. >> without that budget we were worried about the ability to repay $575 million in short-term debt. >> reporter: philly schools can do that and keep the doors open now that pennsylvania has a budget. but some parents and educators
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hoped even more money would flow to schools. >> i wanted bigger. >> a parent of two children in the district, and an employee. she says she can see the effects of financial strain at her children's school. >> the lack of nurses, lack of counseling. our nurse comes one day a week. the counselor comes two days a week. >> david says the good news for parents is that there is a resolution. >> this strikes me as kind of like one of those epic world war i battles that goes on almost a year to a very unsatisfying conclusion. >> reporter: it's been expensive for districts that borrowed to stay afloat. >> that's numbers we've seen says there is about $200 million in the new budget for districts but they had to spend somewhere around $50 million in interest costs so you kind of subtract 50 from 200, leaves you with 150. spread out over the districts that's not a lot of money. >> reporter: though districts all across the state had hoped
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for more money, the superintendent here in philadelphia tells me that this district did not budget or spend waysed on the larger numbers. lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. thank you. here is a closer look at the budget now and its impact across the state. the budget does include $3.1 billion for public schools, that's an increase of about $200 million. the budget also gives $578 million to state universities including penn and temple. the plan increases state spending 3%, but doesn't include a tax increase. republicans said they found the extra money from other sources. the third time's a charm for the christina school district in delaware. voters said yes to a referendum that will boost the district's operating budget more than $16 million. the district tried twice before to get the extra money which allows them to rehire some teachers and aides. voters said no to an
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increase in the capital budget in the brandywine district. but it was a resounding yes in the cape henlopen district to a referendum that will help refurbish seven elementary schools. >> we've been talking about villanova's trip to the sweet 16 in louisville. it's also tournament time here. four teams battle it out starting tomorrow. that means there will be a lot more foot traffic throughout center city. at least 17,000 visitors are traveling here for the tournament, and those folks of course need a place to stay. the city has 10,000 hotel rooms ready, and it's one way philadelphia is making some big bucks off of the basketball fans. pamela osborne is live at the wells fargo center with more. pam, it can't hurt that the weather is cooperating. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of people are going to be getting out doing a lot of things, i have to tell you, they are not just renting hotel rooms, they are coming, staying for a few days, going out to eat, they are
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booking tours. they are buying tickets to the game so it's very easy to understand how their presence is bringing so muchg@fñz money to city of philly. he is ready for march madness. >> i came here to see the teams practice so i can like get a feel of what they are going to play like. >> reporter: he and his family didn't have to travel far but many of the other fans did. >> we're from milwaukee. >> brian and his group are in town for a whole week. they have a special interest in two games. >> i'm a villanova grad. we got the badgers and villanova, two teams we're rooting for. >> they lucked out staying with family but thousands of others are staying in area hotels, which according to the philadelphia convention and visitors bureau, are already booked up to more than 90% on friday and saturday. >> i looked at the map because
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we're right in the historic area. i have never been to philly. so we thought we'd you know, get a little educational tour while we're here as well. >> she'll be going to the games and the tickets aren't cheap with remaining tickets going for several hundred dollars. in all the more than 17,000 fans expected to attend are bringing in more than $18 million to the city. but enough about the number. this is what it's really about. >> i'm just happy to be here. >> soak up the spifrmt what a beautiful town. >> a lot of smiles and faces that we saw today. plenty more ahead. reporting live, pamela osborne, "nbc 10 news." villanova doesn't get to play at home but there are other big teams facing off this weekend. >> we're talking notre dame, wisconsin, indiana and north carolina. so if you want to see them, you have to pay top dollar. tickets have sold out. we checked the secondary
5:38 pm
markets. the cheapest ones for friday's games, $450. some were close to 1,000. >> may have better luck on sunday if you can act fast. tickets were as low as $83. but that was on stub hub but going up. especially once the teams are set for the final game. >> some people will spend the holiday weekend watching basketball. others will be wanting to spend time outside. >> sheena parveen has been working on your easter forecast. >> you know, tomorrow we have rain moving in but this weekend the timing looks pretty perfect. the rain will be gone and i do have a close look at your easter weekend forecast coming up. >> think you are too young to have a heart attack? think again. why doctors say more young people are at risk.
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there's an upswing in younger people having the most dangerous damaging heart attacks. it's because younger people are less healthy than in the past. the average age of someone suffering a heart attack that happens when the artery becomes blocked dropped from age 64 to 60. additionally the rates of smoking, obesity, high blood pressure and type ii diabetes have shot up. >> we have new information on a story we told you about last night. it turns out the man who shot former congresswoman gabby giffords is not suing her. it was a hoax. a philadelphia man is behind it. a mental lisdy turned prisoner pretended to be jailed mass murderer jared hoftner when he filed a lawsuit for $25 million. the handwritten suit was mailed from philadelphia on march 15. >> the terror attacks in brussels raised new concerns about safety. that's causing problems for college students trying to study abroad. we'll have their story next at
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>> brussels mourns in solidarity to mourn those who lost their lives thxtd is the scene on the step of the stock exchange as people pay respects by placing candles, flowers and flags. back in the united states, you can add canceled school trips to the list of after affects from the attacks. >> dozens of students from a new jersey prep school will be staying home and their families footing the bill. brian thompson has that story from jersey city. >> reporter: 50 students signed up for two european trips, they
5:45 pm
were supposed to take off today. last night parents were bringing suit cases home after the sudden cancellation. >> disappointed. >> reporter: the deadly attacks made it too risky for school administrators, the superintendent saying quote to the safety of our students is our highest priority. students not so convinced. >> while there were attacks, i feel that it is typically safe when there's a lot of attention on the place when a lot of people. >> you would have gone? >> probably would have gone. >> if the security is bumped up already you're going to have more security. you're saying you don't have safe in the security and over there. >> airport security has been bumped up. people still flying, now the issue getting refunds. some of these students fearing their families could be out a big chunk of the $4,000 cost. still in negotiation we are told by the superintendent, quote, we are working with the travel agencies involved to provide prefunds to parents and are
5:46 pm
exploring options for rescheduling the trips. as for rescheduling to june. >> most seniors are going to college and going out of state so yeah. >> or they have jobs. >> of course. >> so instead of going home, a lot of those students will simply be staying home sleeping in next week, instead of taking that trip of a lifetime. in jersey city, brian thompson, "nbc 10 news." today christians here and around the world are observing holy thursday. ♪ holy thursday commemorates christ's last supper. philadelphia archbishop celebrated a mass this morning in center city at the basilica. the archbishop blessed holy oils. hopefully you have seen these as well, a lot of spring
5:47 pm
flowers to be found as workers planted tulips and pansies in containers around the plaza. we're looking at beautiful colors here and we're going to continue to see beautiful flowers blooming across the area, especially with the nice weather we have coming up. especially for this week and easter weekend. unseasonably warm temperatures, though, for today. even yesterday and even tomorrow despite the rain coming. so we have rain for friday. grab your umbrella. it's going to start in the morning. we can't rule out a thunderstorm but by the afternoon we'll start to see clearing. i'll show you that in a second. good news, the timing is going to push it out in time for your easter weekend. we're at 63 in allentown. near 70 in reading. but philadelphia is still at 65, wilmington near 70 and dover 74. so we have a big temperature difference because we have an on shore wind so that is cooling parts of the area down. as far as temperatures are concerned from today we got up to 68 in philadelphia, tomorrow
5:48 pm
we should still be around 70 with the rain. still well above normal evenpy saturday we'll be around 60 and for easter sunday we are back around 67 degrees. so we're still looking at temperatures above normal. even with a cooldown for saturday. right now nice and dry on satellite and radar. the rain is not far hund. here it is. approaching western p.a., that's our rain for tomorrow that i was talking about. and the timing of it will start showers for the morning commute. here's future weather. through the overnight hours we'll see the clouds increasing, temperatures really stay mild overnight. then early tomorrow morning, 7, 8:00 in the morning we're going to see showers through the lee my value and the poconos. some of these could have lightning in them so we can't rule out thunderstorms even by lunch time the line should be through the philadelphia area, moving into new jersey and delaware early afternoon we should start to see this clearing and it will be clearing into the evening commute. so it's not going to last through friday night.
5:49 pm
you can still have your friday night plans and into your weekend nice conditions through saturday afternoon. highs near 60 degrees. then we go into easter sunday. sun vise at 6:52 looking good so the timing of this rain clearing out for the weekend, both saturday and sunday. do look nice and dry. 7:00 a.m. easter sunday, 42, by 9:00 a.m., 51 and by noon temperatures in the low 60s. tonight, temperatures not really getting too cool, mostly mid to upper 50s, a little breezy and we'll see more clouds moving in, then tomorrow morning showers. so you won't wake up to overcast skies, showers around early in the morning, can't rule out a thunderstorm. windy through the day too near 70 degrees. then we clear out there you see it for saturday, 60 degrees and sunny on sunday, 67, milder. and then we go into monday, that's the next chance of rain so over the weekend pollen levels get high again so if you have allergies you'll notice it. thanks for that. >> we check in now with lester holt from the nbc studios in new
5:50 pm
york. >> good evening. what's coming up? >> hey, keith and rosemary, tonight evidence that the brothers involved in the brussels attacks had a more devious plot involving dirty bombs. a flight attendant accused of trying to smuggle 70 pounds of cocaine through airport security, appears in court. and we're there. plus, important news about heart attacks and the troubling trend when we see you back here at 6:30. back to you now. >> see you then. thanks, lester. >> we are eagerly, you are for sure, awaiting villanova's appearance in the sweet 16. >> john clark gave them a pop quiz. he is live in louisville for us. i love this idea. >> reporter: ryan arcidiacono has one of the best names in basketball, one of the leaders on the team. how many players and jay wright can they spell his name. less than their free throw shooting percentage. it is next.
5:51 pm
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the court against miami. >> this is obviously a big moment for the wildcats. so i think we can forgive the players for spending more time on the court than in the classroom. >> but that didn't stop john clark from giving them a pop
5:54 pm
quitz. john, i understand even coach wright couldn't pass the test. >> reporter: don't give it away. keith jones. come on. we went into the locker room, ryan arcidiacono is the senior lead e he played more games than a player in villanova history. more wins in history, but can his teammates and his coach spell his name? here's the spelling bee. >> how do you spell arcidiacono. >> no idea. >> come on. >> i don't know. i call him archie. skbr how do you spell archie? >> archie. >> you take a shot at arcidiacono? >> where is his name tag at? >> kris jenkins didn't give it a shot. >> that's chris is my best friend. we know. >> arcidiacono. >> how do you spell his last name. >> arcidiacono.
5:55 pm
arcidiacono. >> i don't know. >> jaylen, he knows how to spell it. >> arcidianco? >> i thought i had it. >> arci -- d -- ianco. >> you had it up to c. >> n-0? >> ono. i was close. >> yeah. i mean you spell it haret. >> who got it right? >> you butchered it. >> i don't like him that much. that's probably why. >> come on. you're his head coach. four years. >> arcia -- arcidiacano.
5:56 pm
i give up. arcidiacono. arcidiacono. [ applause ] >> reporter: even ryan's head coach can't spell his name. for once i wanted to hear harry say his name. ryan archie arcidiacono. would have been great. more at 6:00. i'm john clark. >> that's a great impression. that's really, really strong, john. >> reporter: all i can do. >> hardly. that was a great story. thank you. we'll see you in a couple more reports today and tonight. "nbc 10 news" at 6:00 is next. >> here is jacqueline london. >> hopefully they can spell victory. coming up, iou's instead of a paycheck. new information about the troubled times in atlantic city.
5:57 pm
>> donald, you are a sniveling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. >> comments ted cruz just made coming up in a few minutes.
5:58 pm
right now at 6, the crisis in ac, no more money and this afternoon we found out the city
5:59 pm
plans to pay police, firefighters and essential workers with iou's starting next month. good evening. i'm jacqueline london. atlantic city's mayor and governor christie continue to point the finger at each other. in the end, it's city workers feeling the heat. nbc 10's jersey shore reporter broke this story at 6:00 on monday. that city hall will close april 8. cydney long is joining us live from ac, with more on the crisis there. >> reporter: i can tell you it is a dire financial situation, and one that mayor guardian says is bound to repeat itself. he also says there is no immediate result on the horizon. >> he is across from city hall, worried about the fallout. and building contractors worry without permits or certificates of occupancy a city hall shutdown could put new
6:00 pm
construction and resident safety on hold. >> a big part of it as you can hear, they are checking smoke detectors and fire alarms. >> city workers will be the hardest hit, they fear not being able to pay their own bills. >> how long can we last, not long. >> for three weeks we make it. on may 2, the second quarter taxes come in and only a matter of weeks, not months, before we run out of money again. >> reporter: police, fire and trash collection will continue and hundreds of the city's 950 employees have volunteered to also work on iou's or collect unemployment so city hall will shutter many offices april 8 but won't lock the front doors. >> you have a city that's in that condition, then the state has to step in and take more aggressive steps. you have to say to the mayor and the council, you failed. you failed. >> maybe we can call on donald trump to have a conversation with him about atlanti


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