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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  April 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. nbc10 news starts now. ♪ >> villanova crushes its way to a national title game. the wildcats marched past oklahoma, their 44-point victory, the biggest blowout in final four history. their domination sets off hysteria in nova nation and leaves the cats just one win away from a national championship. good evening. a celebration from houston to
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the delaware valley tonight with villanova marching to a title game. we'll take on north carolina monday night. we're bringing you live team coverage tonight. let's tip things off with john clark live at energy stadium in houston. john? >> yeah, this really is historic and epic. a 44-point win over oklahoma. that is the largest margin of victory in a final four ever. as you can see behind me north carolina fans are leaving, very happy, north carolina/villanova in the national championship monday night. take a look at them leaving the court after the game. but guess what, not a lot of celebrating in the locker room afterwards. as they went into the locker room we heard the players say one more. and they say, humble and hungry. a is their mantra. not a lot of celebrating. they want to win it all. >> we're not celebrating. we told each other at the end of the game we have a lot of work to do, we still got better.
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the rest of tonight and tomorrow are going to be big days for us. >> we got one more game. you know, we're focus and ready to go. going to watch some film tonight. be ready to go for monday. >> what would you say your mood is? >> i'm in awe. recapping the game in my head, rehashing things. it's kra crazy. how focused we're and strock and tough we were defensively. it's crazy. >> it really is crazy. le villanova is one of the hottest teams ever shooting the ball going into a championship game ppts amazing. cats are playing their best basketball at exactly the right time. vice president joe biden just left in his motorcade. big sur kus guy. went to syracuse. i bet you since his orange are out he's now rooting for villanova. i'm john clark live in houston, texas. we'll have more coming up in sports. >> players are still remain grounded. that's incredible. pure elation for nova nation
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tonight from texas to the delaware valley. nbc10 is live on the villanova campus tonight where the students are going wild over the wildcats win. let's go to nova alum keith jones live at the team hotel in houston. keith? >> i got to keep up with that. you know how i'm going to do it? got to get a little more comfortable? live in front of the team hotel here. the team arrived within the last hour. the band's here. the cheerleaders are here. hundreds of fans ended up greeting them here and the party is just getting started. ♪ the the nova nation, on their feet, on the concourse, passionate, pandemonium, partying like it's 1985. >> unbelievable, yeah. like my energy is through the roof. >> nova graduate was beside herself. >> absolutely ecstatic. like i can't even describe this feeling. it's surreal. i am speechless.
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>> reporter: a 44-point margin of victory, largest ever in final four history. >> when we saw we were up by 40, canceled all of our flights. home tomorrow, now tuesday. >> surreal. so nervous with this game. >> if 20 was a fight tonight they probably would have stopped it and probably the same monday night. >> reporter: nova nation riding this high until monday night. >> syracuse, because we have the big east final competition going. and i know we can beat them. >> syracuse. i'm from new york so ida'd likeo see that rival from new york. >> i would like to see syracuse. mainly because they used to be in the big east with villanova. >> reporter: unfortunately the nova nation will end up facing unc. not who they wanted, of course, but you know what? they're continuing to party here none the less. they're excited to welcome them. of course here to houston monday night, the party as i mentioned just getting started here. it's going to be a great weekend for the nova nation. for now, live in houston, keith
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jones, nbc10 news. >> let's continue our team coverage with the check on the villanova campus. randy, pretty crazy celebrations there tonight. >> denise, students poored out of the watch party to celebrate across campus. it was largely peaceful. there were a few arrests. we'll talk about that? just a second. but most students tell me they're saving the big party for monday night after they beat chapel hill. midway through the second half with the wildcats up by 40, students could feel destiny setting in. >> it's incredible. oh, my gosh. i'm so proud to be a wildcat. >> reporter: 600 plus watching the game on big screens, even alumni showed up, some who went to the last championship win 30 years back in 1985. >> 15 friends and i decided to rent a winnebago and drive to lexington, kentucky, for the national championship. >> reporter: tonight's blowout
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victory sends nova to the championship game and it sent the campus into a frenzy. students pouring on to the quad and swarming the streets in celebration. >> i'm graduating and this is like the last thing ever. thank you so much, villanova! >> reporter: university officials say the campus was prepared. heavy police presence watched over the celebration. some students climbing on to traffic lights but no real problems. >> i think it's electric. i think this energy and this excitement, you know, they'll remember this for the rest of their lives. we're just really celebrating safely. >> reporter: if the cats win on monday, students say you will hear the celebrations from campus all of the way into center city. >> it's going to be crazy. i can't wait. i'm so excited. >> it's going to be twice as much as this, baby. twice as much as this. hey, let's go, baby. >> reporter: now, radnor police do tell us they did make six arrests tonight in this
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celebration. two of those for assaulting a police horse, two others for lighting fires. meantime lancaster avenue is back open to traffic. and as randy showed us the nova campus going crazy tonight. that means right now exit 13 on the blue route, 476, is closed. many students have taken the celebrations to the streets and forced officials to close the road. so now the countdown to the ncaa championship is on. we are one day, 22 hours away from tipoff set for 9:19 monday night. villanova takes on the north carolina tar heels. and count on nbc10 to get you ready for the championship with a live one-hour special monday night. keith jones, john clark will be live in houston with keys to the game and all the buzz from nova nation. it starts at 7:00 monday night right here on nbc10.
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and turning now to our weather, strong winds up to 60 miles an hour. could blow through our region in the next few hours. this is a live look at the flags blowing on top of the aramark building in center city. these winds will have it feeling much comer, like the 20s tomorrow? >> that's right. lots to talk about. really just over the next couple of hours. front continues to approach. we have some thunderstorms that have developed out ahead of that one has pushed through delaware. that now moving in through parts of atlantic county, through egg harbor and atlantic city. we have another thunderstorm approaching from maryland. you can see lightning in association with that. that will continue to push off to the east. and this one actually has a severe thunderstorm warning out. that in effect through 11:30. we'll need to watch for not only heavy rainfall but, again, gusty winds up to 60 miles per hour. in association with the thunderstorm. again, we've got strong gusty winds to talk about with the passage of the front even for areas not look at any thunderstorms.
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again, that will continue eastbound towards smyrna for 11:26 andover. again, we're looking at a high wind event in particular after midnight with gusts 60 miles per hour possible through 9:00 in the morning. that's strong enough to down some trees and some power lines. if you have patio furniture outdoors bring that in and your garbage can, make sure that's secure with the stronger winds expected to develop after midnight and into the early morning hours. right now winds already picking up for western suburbs. reading at 48 miles per hour and 40 miles per hour towards lancaster. the numbers will continue to go up. coming up we'll see how strong the winds will get and how cold it will be heading into your sunday. an amber alert delay. a dispatcher error may have slowed that alert in the king of prussia kidnapping case. what we uncovered, next.
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m. nbc10 uncovered the reason why it took so long for cellphone users to receive an amber alert following the abduction of an infant at the king of prussia mall thursday. >> our dispatcher may not have notified the state police through the exact protocols that they want which could potentially have slowed the process down. >> chief nolan says it seems the dispatcher simply put the words amber alert into a standard missing persons advisory even though the official process is much more complicated. that lapse led to a domino effect which ultimately caused the delay. the suspect in that kidnapping case is amore, police say she took the baby from the mall to a nearby home. she said she gave birth in february but the baby died a few hours later. amore is scheduled to be back in court april 15th. we'll be right back.
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cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. now you're nbc10 first alert weather. >> our next cold front will be moving through not only with rain or snow showers but we're also seeing thunderstorms developing. the passage of that front can usher in damaging winds as we head into the overnight time frame. lots to talk about over the course of the next couple of hours. and this of course will lead in to a much colder sunday afternoon. again ourks high wind warning still in effect for after midnight. that goes until sunday afternoon. winds during the time frame of let's say between 2:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. would be most likely for the winds to gusts to 60 miles per hour.
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temperatures coming down quickly for north and west where temperatures are in the upper 40s. 54 in philadelphia. 48 in wildwood. some areas that have seen a little bit of rain over the course of the last couple of hours are now dealing with those cooler temperatures. we had one storm move through delaware. that off to the east and parts of southern new jersey toward atlantic county. we have additional thunderstorms developing in actually two severe thunderstorm warning. the one for new castle county that expires at 11:30. and i-95 including philadelphia through midnight. we're looking at the potential for not only the high winds but heavy rain and potential for small hail. here's the leading enl of that. that will continue to push off to the east moving through parts of delaware county advancing into the philadelphia area. again, that looks to approach philadelphia right around 11:30 towards cherry hill and 11:38. close to midnight and also same goes for the winslow area. again that cold front moves through. and that's going to usher in much colder air. so with that moving through we can see this wrap up as snow
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showers for areas north and west with those temperatures dropping so quickly during the overnight hours. 000, sunday is looking dry. you can see we're expecting a nice amount of sunshine but those temperatures looking for the most part to remain into the lower 40s at best. so with the winds on top of that it's going to feel very, very cold out there. we're tracking another disturbance that can bring the return of rain and even snow showers again. it will looks like it for the most part will be for areas north and west late night sunday into early monday as the temperatures start to come up through the day monday. that will transition over to rain. windchills as we head into your sunday morning. 20 nasdaq philadelphia. teens areas north and west. still into the 20s as we head into lunchtime. it won't be until the evening hours that we do push into the 30s. 30s at best as we head into tomorrow. rain and snow showers for tonight as we saw with thunderstorms developing as well. be careful, especially along the i-95 into delaware and parts of new jersey. temperatures will then drop quickly during the overnight hours. again, very strong winds.
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potentially damaging winds in particular between 2:00 and 9:00 in the morning. clouds and sunshine for tomorrow with high winds especially in the morning. again, slowly drop off through the course of the afternoon and evening hours. very cold sunday in the forecast. mid 40s. temperatures do come up as we head into monday but, again, looking at more rain and snow showers before we're expecting yet another cold push monday night into tuesday. this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> i'm danny pommells from comcast sportsnet. villanova beat oklahoma. the wildcats annihilated the sooners. 95-51. biggest margin of victory in history. 1985 championship team shot better. josh hart led six wildcats with 23 points and held buddy hill to nine points including one of
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eight shooting from behind the arc. he had 37 against oregon. know va will play north carolina for the national championship on monday. here are the wildcats after the game. >> it was amazing. definitely a dream come true. and just have to stay humble and hungry and keep doing the things that got us here. last game is the national championship game. hopefully come up on top. >> to play in a national champ van ship game. just tell us how sweet it is. >> it's cool. it's very humbling, man. you don't -- you know, it's -- it's not being the best team. it's being hot at this time. we all feel so blessed to be here. >> john clark in houston with villanova. let's hit the ice now. flyers continue their effort to grab a playoff spot. six games remain in the regular season. big game for wayne simmons. second period. jake with the point. simmons with the deflection.
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flyers, 1-0 lead. good puck leads to another. he also had an assist. flyers win, 3-2. one point behind the bruins -- ahead of the bruins for the second wild card. to the hardwood. sixers looking to snap 11-game slot against the pacers trying to make the playoffs. coming down the middle. get out of the way, miles turner. big slam. sixers had the 24-3 run but too many turnovers. eight in the fourth quarter alone. 15-indiana points. lose their 12th straight, 115-102. ball yard. bottom nine. future squad. comes through. spanks one that goes off the top three rbis in the game. tied at 5-5. next batter, hernandez doing shallow left. that falls in. touches the dish. game winning run.
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6-5. the games start to count monday as the phillies take on cincinnati. that's your look at sports. i'm danny pommells fr.
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we have a final check of the forecast. strong winds starting to move? >> yes, especially to the west of the city. you can see we've already got gusts to 53 miles per hour in wilmington. 40 in pottstown. 32 in reading. that's with the approaching front. winds will intensify overnight. we do have two severe thunderstorm warnings in effect. one for parts of delaware through 11:30 and another for philadelphia that runs through midnight and then we actually just had another one pop up there including parts of southern new jersey. take a cleeser look at that. again, this is this line of thunderstorms moving through not only with heavy rain. i think we can hear it on the roof right now. but also lots of lightning. keep a close eye on that. >> thanks.
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[ cheers and applause ] welcome back. thank you. welcome back to at this hour. i'm kate bolduan. i have the brains for msnbc, but the hair for fox


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