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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  April 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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excitement, words to all describe what fans are feeling as they wait for the team to get here. >> i'm here back at villanova, the place that all of them we can tell they love the school so much and they are coming back to see the student body. we're all so excited to see them come back. we love them with all of our hearts. it means so much to be front row. i'm so excited. >> reporter: her words capturing the excitement out here this afternoon. fans are focused on the stage where coach wright and the team will address the crowd for the homecoming from houston. they will be arriving through the gates behind the stage to the left. so the cheerleaders are here, the signs are ready and the fans are all excited ready to go. i'm denise nakano. >> thanks. a look from above once again. tim furlong is live in sky force 10 over the airport. see anything? >> reporter: you know, i keep looking south. we're waiting. i kind of have this nervous
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excitement, this pit in my stomach, excited to see them come home. it's going to be cool when they land. i'm not seeing them yet. but you do see the tarmac there at atlantic aviation. they go through an arch of water. there's a lot of media, the buses are there. that's going to take the team to campus and we're going to find of follow along as they get up there and get on route 30 and lancaster avenue to go back to their home where denise is to pick up on the ground. it is exciting. pretty cool. i was with them in louisville, it was exciting there and watching on tv last night. so many people exciting and i can't wait to see the plane land and these guys get the heroes welcome. it's an amazing thing. i remember being 10, 11 when they won in '85. it brings it back and shows you how special it is to win a championship, satd sadly, certainly in this town it doesn't happen often enough. we got to take them when we get
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them. i'm enjoying this one. >> the glass half full, tim. >> there you go. thanks, tim. >> sound the horn and we'll come back to you. okay. >> reporter: you got it. >> well, philly does love a championship parade even if they are infrequent. >> yes, and thanks to villanova's buzzer beating heroics time to recognize the champs, here's what we know. the school announced plans for a championship parade beginning at 1:00 on friday at 20th and market. the route heads down market street where it will wrap up at dilworth park. more details expected. it doesn't matter if you've seen this once or 1,000 times. this had one of the best endings. >> you can't help but get excited. another look at how it all went down. with about eight seconds left unc tied up the game with an amazing shot of its own right there. villanova calls a time-out. and then jay wright called the play the team practiced every day. here it is. and you know how it ended. let's watch it again.
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>> three seconds to go. two seconds. to win it, he made the three! at the buzzer. cats win it all! cats win it all! 31 years later villanova. >> i love watching it. that was the reaction on wxvu, the radio station, now watch how the celebration unfolded on campus and at kelly's tap room. >> it was just jumping up and down all three venues. celebration in villanova continued well into the night. and in fact, the celebration led to, well, a little bit of chaos. 27 people we should tell you were treated. the injuries were nothing serious. 6 or 7 had to be transported to
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hospitals, again those injuries minor. there were six arrests and one person got a citation. for doing something bad. >> then they used a lot of toilet paper on the campus. this is a picture. this took effort. this is from campus. the trees outside of the alumni hall on the main campus at villanova. it is proof they have been waiting for, t-shirts that tell the world villanova won. we're at the campus book store as staff rushed to get these shirts on the floor. boxes were driven in from new jersey hot off the presses, lined inside and out to pick up the must have items. >> just got out of bed to go to the dining hall. >> you can barely talk. but you needed to get this t-shirt. >> yeah. >> if you are looking for a t-shirt you have a couple of options. the hottest seller is the one with champion in the really big letters. that's the one i want. >> and this is a keeper, the
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wildcats featured on this week's cover of "sports illustrated", the cover line "super nova." it spotlights kris jenkins' three-pointer. the story looks at the team's journey to last night's win. and nbc 10 is your place to celebrate. villanova's victory. check out the nbc 10 app because you'll find videos there, you'll find photos of the best moments from the entire ncaa tournament. >> now an update on your first alert weather. not your typical spring showers in south philadelphia. did you get snow where you were? flurries here. white flakes came down near 15th and schneider. i had it on my deck. i knew it was coming but still, it's kind of shocking. >> you have to pull out the shovel? not quite. >> i just pulled out my phone so i could post it on instagram. >> are we finished with snow now
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maybe? >> you know, we have a small chance over the weekend so no, i wouldn't say that we are. we've seen snow in late april, we've seen it in early may in some years. so no, we're not. in fact, tonight's going to be really cold again. we're going to be in the 20s. we're in the 40s, low 40s through the lehigh valley with a north wind. it is still windy outside too. but later on tonight those winds are going to lighten up. with the clear skies, that's really a recipe for temperatures to drop very quickly once the sun sets. wilmington 45, philadelphia 44, 41 in washington township. trenton at 43, 42 doylestown, 41 blue bell. by the way, the average high is 60 degrees for this time of year. but with such a strong north wind, we have a cold air mass in place in about the low to mid-40s in new jersey and delaware. tonight will be colder. a little colder in spots than last night. and the freeze warning is going to start at 10:00 p.m., so a little earlier than it started last night. low temperatures could be in the low 20s in some of the suburbs
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in new jersey and through the lehigh valley, philadelphia around the upper 20s and these numbers should be hitting right around sunrise but pretty well below freezing so we're going to be below freezing for several hours overnight tonight. before the weekend gets here we have rain and thunderstorms possibly and also we're talking about the villanova parade on friday so i'll show you both of those forecasts, that's all coming up. >> thanks for that. here are the other stories at 5:00. investigators are expected to interview the conductor and two assistant conductors of an amtrak train involved in this weekend's derailment. they are trying to determine why a backhoe was on the tracks when train 89 rolled through chester, delaware county on sunday morning. the two men killed have been identified as the backhoe operator joseph carter jr. of wilmington and amtrak supervisor peter adamovich of chester county. >> twin 3-year-old boys are back with their family after the car they were in was stolen, that
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car was taken at broad and chew, in minutes police found it running five blocks away. police say the car was stolen after the boys' dad parked it after 11:30 last night. this was in the city's fern rock neighborhood. in 10 minutes the car found running with the boys sleeping inside. no word if dad is going to face charges. police in delaware need help to find a woman in these pictures. tamara siegel accused of trying to rob three banks. police say the 19-year-old demanded cash at two banks in claymont before taking -- before she took off, before getting money. she's also being investigated for robbery of a bank in newark last friday. tonight nbc 10 has new details about the federal investigation into congressman shacka fattah. his wife may be criminally liable as well. george spencer has more.
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>> for koung man shocka fattah 21 days out from the election testing his survival it is a new hurdle impacting his family. this motion filed friday seeks to get recordings admitted as evidence and claims renee chenault-fattah's statements quote plainly tended to expose her to criminal liability for the false statements and documents provided to the financial institution. the congressman has tried to shield family from his spotlight as in this interview last month. >> i'm not going to talk about family other than to say i love my son. >> his son is already in jail on charges from the congressman's case. the new motion marks the first time prosecutors have explicitly stated that his wife could be criminally liable also. prosecutors claim renee chenault-fattah helped disguise an $18,000 bribe as payment for the sale of her porsche but told
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the insurance company she was keeping the car in her garage. nbc 10's legal analyst says that claim of liability could be an intimidation tactic. >> one could argue if she made such incriminating statements how come you haven't indicted her with all of the power you have of the federal government and the investigation, that you basically do not have enough evidence against her to charge her with a crime and that you are using to the put pressure and leverage on him. >> the prosecutors say they expect her to assert her fifth amendment right against self-incrimination during the trial. in a public post she called that claim inaccurate and misleading. saying she answered every question an fbi investigator posed to her, miss fattah has not been contacted by the government about testifying at her husband's trial. renee chenault-fattah is a former "nbc 10 news" anchor and in that same facebook post she said she's not surprised by these new allegations from
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prosecutors, noting that they come just as she's taken a more high profile role in her husband's re-election bid. and she reiterated her claim that car sale was legitimate. reporting live in the digital operation center, george spencer, "nbc 10 news." there it is. i want to go back to philadelphia international airport. that plane right there is carrying national champions nbc 10's tim furlong is watching this unfold from sky force 10. tim. >> reporter: there you go, the plane came in, two planes, an american airlines plane that had other team, trainers, but the plane we're told that is the villanova team plane, the players are on the plane, making their way over right now, toward atlantic aviation, a smaller terminal they use for special things like when philadelphia professional sports teams go in and out. that's where they are going to bring them right now and any
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minute here you're going to start seeing we understand the fire trucks at the end of the big piece of tarmac there, they are going to turn on the hoses and greet them with a nice arch of water which is something they do when they christen planes and things when they start service, sort of a celebration way. so it's a great way to greet this team as they come back home from houston. they left last week. we had high hopes for the team, a team of destiny then. they played that game saturday they played out of their minds on saturday. and whipped oklahoma we thought why not do this. so the the bandwagon has gotten bigger and lots of people have jumped on but it's been pretty cool ride. cool to see and as you come here, i want to see these hoses go on. in just a second. crossing the runway right now. you actually on tv have a real good view of what we're looking
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at. up here we're pretty significant distance from where the plane is. kind of looking at it from a great distance. >> it's one thing to have that -- tim, it's one thing to have the thrill of victory down there in houston but to come home to villanova and have all of these students waiting for them, this is thrill number two for this team, really, as we watch this plane make its way to atlantic aviation. >> reporter: yeah. i think for these kids it's one thrill after the other when that shot went in last night i think that was a certain level of excitement. i'm sure they are all looking forward to getting home and seeing their friends and coming back to campus. feeling the appreciation from the fans and the students and the alumni that are going to be there. i saw denise on the air at the stadium, the excitement for this team is really tangible. don't you think a lot has to do with the fact that it really is a good team. it's the definition of team. even the fact that arcidiacono, he could have taken that shot.
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the shot that as a boy he dreamed up but he dished it off. it was awesome. at my house no one was sleeping. we went crazy when that went in. we've been arguing all day i think it's got to be one of the top 5 or 10 finishes maybe in sports history. i mean, the three-pointer from north carolina and then the three-pointer from villanova. you can't beat that. that was unbelievable. it was so much fun to see social media light up and you know, i'm looking over at my wife and kids. my wife, i tweeted last night my wife is a huge sports fan said this is why i can't understand when anybody doesn't like sports, the drama is so unbelievable. really so much fun to watch. >> i think it was kris jenkins last night talking about the unselfish sort of attitude that this team has, the way they just want to win together as a unit. and really the definition of team work. >> he was saying arch, arch, he
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was open so that's what it is. it's team, everybody working together. because you're right, tim, everybody dreams when they are shooting hoops in their drive way when they are a kid that last minute you're going to be the one that makes that shot. and he saw that kris was open and shot it to him. >> reporter: how many kids you think are out in their drive way and said and kris jenkins pulls off and hits it. cats win. my kids probably doing it right now if they are not watching on tv like they are supposed to be. >> they want the addulation you see from the fans waiting for the team. how good would that be. >> reporter: it would be cool. but if you can't be one of the players on the team it's cool to be a fan, too. and certainly, even for those of us who did not go to villanova, i think you know, there's talk about this is a phillies team or just radnor or you know, all of this stuff. just the drama of sports, take
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all of the geography out of this. it was a great story and great finish to the season. really in a lot of ways the little engine that could. these guys, they did it. and look at that. there go the fire hoses. that's cool. >> bring that shot in. beautiful. >> that's really neat. think how memorable it is for the players to look out. and jay wright too. jay wright you know, he's got to be looking out and this is a great moment for him too. this is validation that all of the things that you do, all those years, trying to build a team and a culture, you know, it pays off. it's a lot of work. i'm sure there's a lot of long nights, there's pressure that many of us don't know. it's not all fun and games. it's a big business. and i'm sure there's a lot of pressure from administration, alumni, do your best, graduate the kids, make them good young men but there's a lot of pressure to win i'm sure.
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to have that off his back a little has got to be a great feeling. >> just the beginning of firsts for these guys. now they get the escort, wait until they see what's waiting at the stadium. that's going to be crazy. >> for the seniors, this is the last hurrah. very emotional time. we're going to keep an eye on this plane as it makes its way finally to bring the players off. we're going to take a quick break here. we'll be right back.
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>> continuing our live coverage. arriving, members of the team coming off the plane. tim furlong is watching it all. tim. >> reporter: yeah. you see the players, waving to the people waiting there. there's a lot of police there, it's not a huge crowd but you can't get too close. you can see they are responding to the people on the ground there to greet them coming back. it's got to feel so big time at this point. i'm sort of sitting here in the chopperment we have big smiles watching this. it is pretty cool to see how much fun the kids are having with this. like you said before we went to break, these seniors, they put on the jersey for the last time. that's got to be a huge moment.
5:21 pm
at least you walk away with a win, north carolina students that did the same thing, they are feeling a little differently today. it's fun to see these villanova students coming off here and getting that escort back to campus where they are going to be greeted by thousands of fans. very cool. >> tim, how close are people who were there waiting if you could pull out wider. can they get a glimpse of these players coming down there? >> reporter: you can see along the fence line, the fence line where the tv trucks are on the right side that's about as close as anybody could get. i think -- i'm not sure if they are letting the public in. i don't think so. you can see there were some people there. and certainly dignitary and law enforcement, a lot of people like that there too as well. from different municipalities escort them through the towns as they make their way back to campus. there's probably a few hundred people down there. and of course, looks like the pilots are having fun too.
5:22 pm
saying their good-byes to the players as well. it has been a memorable trip. really. if it takes this many years to happen again to be part of this, is going to be a legendary feeling for them. >> you showed a line of people there, tim, at the -- was it at the bottom, those are dignitaries you think are waiting? that line there? >> reporter: yeah. i see people taking pictures. it's hard to tell who they are. we didn't get a good rundown from who was going to be there exactly. i don't know if they are alums, donors, boosters, i have no idea. it could be the family members that might have made it back already back from houston that might have gotten back before and allowed special access to be there. certainly the players kind of coming off the plane and getting on the buses. >> i was going to say they would have had to get past security so their names must be somewhere.
5:23 pm
>> reporter: you're on some list if you're in this. my name's not on there. >> you have a pretty good view though. >> reporter: we have a good view. i'll take it. >> how fun for the pilots of the plane too to fly them home. >> reporter: absolutely. i'm sure, i guess they feel pressure whenever they have any precious cargo but certainly a big responsibility. but certainly an honor. certainly a lot of people are watching this now and just really proud of villanova and really excited for their success. and again, a small school, talking to a friend who works in radio in st. louis i said how many of your listeners even know where villanova is? even ballpark. certainly before the tournament. probably going to change a little. i'm sure the admissions office is loving this. and certainly the alum relations. >> for sure. >> loving this. applications are going to be up. just a guess on my part.
5:24 pm
>> reporter: yeah. no chance i would have gotten in with the current now based on this popularity and success. >> i love seeing the embraces and them being welcomed back and congratulated. their heads must be spinning. to think what's to come. what they face at the stadium. >> for people just sort of joining us here. these buses, they are boarding they are going to head back to the villanova campus where they are going to go to the football stadium and hundreds of fans are there as well to greet them and welcome them home for a celebration there in the football stadium. >> they opened it about 3:30, fans started filing in. denise nakano has been there. we check back with her, there are more and more people. should be exciting when they get into the stadium. >> expect to hear from the players, coach wright as well. there is a stage set up. there is more to come as they make their way from the airport to the main line.
5:25 pm
there we see some of them waving to some who did come out to greet them. just the beginning of the welcome they are going to get. >> reporter: see a lot of pictures and selfies too with the crew of the plane. >> it's time to start following a lot more of them on social media, on twitter. >> reporter: they are going to do okay on social media. they are going to pick up followers. >> they already have. ryan's twitter page, i forget the number. he's pretty popular. >> you think so? yeah. excellent. stay with us because we're going to continue to follow the team, again, they are going to board these buses, make their way to villanova, and then wait until they see all of the fans waiting for them when they enter the stadium. we'll continue to follow this on air and on our nbc 10 app. back in a minute.
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april 14-17 winners are showing up all over pennsylvania. and with more than 500,000 winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today! once again right now at 5:00, celebrating the national champions, nbc 10 is live on the villanova campus where any moment now the school will be holding that special ceremony to honor the winning wildcats.
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>> chilly out there. what a beautiful afternoon. here's a live look from sky force 10 as we showed you live, the team's plane just arrived at philly international. we'll be following the team as they head back to campus, they get a police escort back to villanova. and again, let's show you when the team landed. this was minutes ago. it was hard to make out all of the players getting off the plane but you can see the head coach jay wriths waght wave hel. >> we're live on campus. the fans are waiting for the buses to leave the airport and get to campus. >> brandon hudson is outside the stadium where the celebration will happen. brandon, tell us what's going on. >> reporter: jim and tracy, i want to bring your attention to across from where we're standing, look at this row of people in the last hour. they are here to celebrate the men's basketball team coming in town, like i said earlier, they will make their grand entrance through this gate where we are standing right outside.
5:30 pm
and in the walk up to the stage. we were up by that stage where the team will end up. it was surrounded by fans, mainly students who still haven't quite lost their voices yet. they had signs, some of them are actually homemade. we noticed this isn't just drawing students and alumni but people from all over the city who want to be part of this historic moment. >> got a lot of people, a lot of support here. it's going to be a good show, come out, celebrating the win. >> i'm so excited. i was so happy when they won yesterday. when they hit the three. i was running around my house and my family going crazy like screaming. awesome. >> reporter: we're getting a live look at the fans at the walkway where the team will make their entrance shortly. they are young mans, older fans, parents, grandparents, kids, all taking in this moment right now.
5:31 pm
we're going to keep an eye on this walkway and let you know when the men's basketball team makes their grand entrance. brandon hudson, "nbc 10 news." all right. as we mentioned we are waiting for the buses to leave philadelphia international airport. from these live pictures from sky force 10, logistics to work out. >> the luggage. >> a lot of people to move. tim furlong. any sign of them heading out? >> reporter: i'm going come on. we can't do this quicker? we can like -- everybody -- i figure you fly into a cool private terminal like that it moves smoother. i guess not. everybody taking a while to load up all of the buses and the trainers and the staff and everybody else that's on these planes. and load up certainly all of the gear and that stuff too that comes off the plane. this is taking a while. i can imagine all of the fans standing at the stadium now. it's a little chilly out there. but it's going to be a while longer here. they have not each all the law enforcement officers haven't even gone back to their vehicles
5:32 pm
to get ready to give them the escort. looks like it's a while before they take off. i don't think the fans at villanova mind waiting, once the team gets there it's going to be awesome to see the excitement where brandon is. it's really a cool thing. yeah, as we said here at the airport, once the cool water arches went away and everybody waved as they got off the plane and on the buses it got more tedious. hopefully they roll out soon. i can't yell out the window and tell them to get a move on. >> we know -- where you fly privately. this is -- these are a lot of people, not just you so it takes longer. i wonder if we can cue up some point that shot of the plane flying through or passing through the water arches. that was a beautiful thing to see. that happened when they landed. and made the turn here to atlantic aviation.
5:33 pm
we're waiting for the team to move these buses out of here, the team members we think are on board by this point all of them. look likes they are loading the luggage, getting everything in place for the buss to make their way to campus. >> tim, keep us posted when you see them getting read the pull out. >> reporter: absolutely. >> talk to you soon. philadelphia loves a championship parade and thanks to villanova's win last nighttime to celebrate in center city. >> this is just the beginning. today is part one of a big week of celebrating the university says the parade is set now for 1:00 friday afternoon, it's going to begin at 20th and market streets and end at dilworth park at city hall and boy, last night's big win amazing to see. but imagine being courtside for that final shot. >> so happy for nbc 10's keith jones. he was there, he caught the whole thing on his cell phone. look at this.
5:34 pm
>> what a view. as you can see keith is right in the middle of all of the excitement. as the villanova grad, it looks like he could barely contain -- i wonder if he cried. it must have been so special. even joe biden talking. >> and his wife jill received a masters degree from villanova back in 1987, take a listen to what the vice president had to say today. >> i tell you what, that last shot was incredible. the last two shots were incredible. my wife and i stayed up we were equally happy. even if i didn't like villanova i would have rooted for him. i wouldn't have wanted to sleep alone. she is a diehard fan. >> we know who the boss is. the vice president said though he is a syracuse grad he picked villanova to win the whole thing from the very beginning. all right. well, local newspapers, you see them, they had a field day. >> it was fun to see what the headlines were going to be the morning after. here is the front page of today's philadelphia daily news,
5:35 pm
it reads "we win" with nova's logo. the back page, thrill a nova with kris jenkins in the picture. >> maybe just a photograph isn't enough for you of the big win. maybe you need permanent ink there. what some people were doing today. actually free professional tattoos to some hard core fans and several showed up to get ink in what could be the ultimate display of support for the team. >> i am commemorating the greatest college basketball championship win that i think we're ever going to see. >> we all know that national champions are few and far between. we may never get another one in philadelphia. we know that. >> so, some of these people had already planned or thought about
5:36 pm
getting a villanova tattoo so the win just sealed the deal. >> of course. looks good. hey, this concrete truck in delaware has been wearing this ink since 2011, it was painted by cassidy painting for an alum as a surprise gift. and nbc 10 is your place to celebrate. it starts today. be sure to check out the nbc 10 app, you'll find videos and pictures of the best moments from the entire ncaa tournament. here is another live look inside the football stadium as fans are waiting to welcome home the national champion villanova wildcats. we'll follow the buses. when they do we'll be following them toward villanova campus. we'll keep you posted.
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welcome back. a live shot from the villanova campus, it's a waiting game for the champions of the big game from last night. these fans on campus at the football stadium waiting for the team. >> we have you covered with live team coverage, showing you the fans waiting. we've been showing you the picture from the airport where the plane arrived about a half hour ago. in fact, villanova men's basketball tweeted wheels down, feels great to be down. they will make their way to the football stadium, the cheering will be crazy. we have you covered every step of the way on air and our nbc 10 app.
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or visit a bucks county native is remembered in our nation's capital. senator pat toomey is expected to unveil a new amendment in honor of victor, the pilot aboard one of the hijacked airliners that flew into world trade center on 9/11, he is proposing an amendment requiring secondary barriers on new aircraft to prevent unauthorized people from accessing the cockpit. we spoke to his widow about her public battle. >> i can't look another family member in the eye and say i'm sorry i knew there was an issue and i did nothing about it. life after september 11 has not been easy. it has not been easy on my children and it doesn't go away. >> she says she won't quit fighting until the barriers are
5:43 pm
put into place. >> a win for new jersey's children, the state is shelling out big bucks to fight its lead problem. today governor christie said his administration will spend $10 million to remove lead. he says the funding will ensure more children don't get sick. >> we're working hard and making sure that lead poisoning while it's a concern does never become an epidemic in new jersey. >> the state budgets $7 million a year for lead abatement and today's announcement a week after the nbc 10 investigators series living with lead revealed the garden state diverting money to get rid of lead was paying for pensions and salaries and you can see our series of reports living with lead including that story right now on we have another freeze warning tonight. it's going to be a cold one so make sure you have the winter
5:44 pm
jacket ready tomorrow morning. also, showers and storms before the week is over. i'll show you when that will arrive coming up. katie mcginty knowshool, get the routine. by. her dad was a philly cop. mom worked in a restaurant. then, hard work opened doors. now it's not quite enough. but mcginty's working to change that, helping create thousands of new jobs. she'll always stand up for manufacturing, higher wages, and equal pay for women so opportunity never gets out of reach. katie mcginty for senate. women voters responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> >> a closer look at the race for attorney general in pennsylvania. three democrats are vying for they're party's nomination. d.a. john morganelli, commissioner josh shapiro and allegheny county district attorney stephen zappala jr. there will be a debate thursday. we're profiling the three. yesterday we introduced you to john morganelli. tonight a look at josh shapiro. >> got to be committed to the enforcement. >> on a tour around a north philadelphia neighborhood with council president darryl clark it's clear josh shapiro is comfortable on the campaign
5:47 pm
trail. he won four terms in the state house before winning a seat as commissioner. and now despite no experience in law enforcement he set sights on the office of attorney general. >> i think right now the office of attorney general is in need of executive leadership, is in need of refocusing priorities. >> both of his democratic rivals have years of experience as district attorneys, and are critical that while he is an attorney, shapiro has no prosecutorial experience. but shapiro says the position is more than a prosecutor, it is a public protector and he says he wants to restore integrity to the office which has been marred by among other things the e-mail scandal dubbed porn gate. >> when you've got supreme court justices, when you've got lawyers and other judges swapping racist and homophobic e-mails you have to wonder whether you get a fair shot. >> protecting the right to an education for children across the state. >> you might wonder what's the ag have to do with that. here in pennsylvania we have a constitutional right to a
5:48 pm
thorough and efficient education system. i don't think we have that in every zip code. >> he has won endorsement of the education association and support from governor wolf and president obama. former governor ed rendell who backs him says endorsements don't mean much in this race but insists that shapiro is as good a manager in government as he's seen and while some have been critical of shapiro's political ambition, suggesting that the office of ag is a stepping stone to the governor rendell says he hopes he does run for governor. >> i think josh is smart enough to know he's got to do a good job and two, josh care what is he does. >> he says he is passionate about public service and want as job where he can get something done and thinks that job is attorney general. >> a live debate between the three democratic candidates running for pennsylvania attorney general, join us this thursday at 7:00 p.m., i'll be moderating the debate you can watch here on nbc 10 or the nbc
5:49 pm
10 app. well, a cold and windy day and tonight it will get even colder. a live look out at citizens bank park. we have the phillies home opener forecast in the seven-day, tonight though we're looking ahead to 20-degree temperatures again so we'll have a widespread freeze again except tonight the winds will lighten up faster so it will be starting earlier. then we go into thursday, heavy rain and thunderstorms, that's the next chance for rain as we get closer to the end of the week. and then for friday the villanova parade, i have that forecast in ant m. in the lehigh valley in the 40s, wilmington up to bensalem. 42 glassboro, 44 dover and clear skies outside now. that's going to be with the cold and the winds will be lightening up. that's going to let temperatures drop to near freetzing by 11:00
5:50 pm
p.m. and below freezing as we go into tomorrow morning. so if the you needed the winter coat this morning you need it tomorrow. here is a look at the freeze warning, philadelphia area surrounding suburbs, new jersey and delaware all these areas can expect several hours of temperatures below 32 degrees, so again, the sensitive plants that bloomed early, because of the warm weather that we did have, those may get damaged with the cold. here is future weather overnight, those numbers drop down, we expect widespread 20s by the morning, then through the afternoon we'll be a little milder than today. not as cold, we'll see clouds move in but most of the area will be in about the low 50s, then we go into thursday, more clouds move in and this is a day where you need your umbrella. thursday, 8:00 in the morning could see showers, the better chance is right around lunch time. so if the timing stays the same like we're seeing now, again it could change a little bit we see the heavier line of showers, maybe thunderstorms moving through around the middle of the day. and clearing out as we get
5:51 pm
closer to the evening commute. so now here is 5:00 p.m., the rain is pretty much gone or the heaviest of the rain and then we keep clearing into friday so perfect timing for the villanova parade starting at 20th and market friday at 1:00 p.m., 50 degrees, cool, mix of sun and clouds and them we'll pretty much be staying at about the mid to low 50s through the afternoon. so at least it looks pretty dry. low temperatures tonight cold, 21 in allentown, 21 possibly millville, 28 philadelphia also wilmington 26 in trenton and mount holly. and those winds a lot lighter too, so that in the clear skies really letting temperatures drop down again. tomorrow, though, not as cold as today. we're looking at the mid to low 50s, sunshine with increasing clouds and those clouds continuing thursday with the rain. looks pretty good on friday for the parade. over the weekend we could have a small clipper system move through saturday. a lot of the models pick up on that. aens cha of showers, then we go into the rest of your weekend. we stay cold, finally warming up a little by the beginning of
5:52 pm
next week. >> 40,000 runners already have their bibs and the lottery is over. you have a final chance to run in the blue cross run on may 1. nbc 10 is giving away two bibs for the race. you can enter the nbc 10 sweepstakes going to and clicking on contests tab. the deadline to enter is april 17. race day is 26 days away. nbc 10 and telemundo 62 will broadcast the entire race start to finish. back to our live coverage of the national champions, there you see the football stadium on the campus of villanova where the band has arrived and they are playing and ready for the team to make its way inside that stadium for the welcome home celebration. team's on the way back from the airport now. we'll continue to follow their return to campus right here on nbc 10. don't go anywhere.
5:53 pm
♪ in the last eight years, the fracking industry has spent over $40 million dollars on lobbying in pennsylvania. so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations, all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us.
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only fios can. welcome back. champions on the move here just south of the airport now. these three buses carrying the national championship villanova wildcats from the airport back to villanova's campus for a welcome home celebration. >> we want to show you what it looked like when they arrived at philadelphia international and atlantic aviation about an hour ago. look at the water canons, the arch of water they drove through, the beginning of what is going to be an incredible welcome home for them as they make their way toward campus on the main line. let's take you inside the stadium at villanova where the band is playing, nbc 10 has team coverage of tonight's celebration ceremony. ♪
5:57 pm
♪ ♪ >> incredible.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
welcome back to our live team coverage. sky force 10 live over the team on the move, on the blue route now of it those three buses carrying the members of the men's basketball team, national champions this afternoon. heading to campus for a welcome home celebration. [ cheering ] >> and for the students and fans they filed into the stadium late this afternoon to stake out their spots with signs in hand. >> live look here inside the
6:00 pm
stadium. there they have the score there on the scoreboard there as it finished. 77-74. over the tar heels. good evening everybody. i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm tracy davidson. fans are finding ways to celebrate our national champions. from tattoos to t-shirt sales people are paying tribute to the wildcats and what some are calling the best ending in college basketball history. >> jenkins three, to win it. he made it! he made the three at the buzzer. cats win it all! cats win it all! >> we're going to keep saying it. cats win it all. it took this to capture the title and now nova is bringing it home to campus. >> brandon hudson is live at the stadium on the campus with plenty of friends. and no classes today for these students. >> reporter: jim and tracy, i made a lot of new fries.


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