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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  April 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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on the scoreboard there as it finished. 77-74. over the tar heels. good evening everybody. i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm tracy davidson. fans are finding ways to celebrate our national champions. from tattoos to t-shirt sales people are paying tribute to the wildcats and what some are calling the best ending in college basketball history. >> jenkins three, to win it. he made it! he made the three at the buzzer. cats win it all! cats win it all! >> we're going to keep saying it. cats win it all. it took this to capture the title and now nova is bringing it home to campus. >> brandon hudson is live at the stadium on the campus with plenty of friends. and no classes today for these students. >> reporter: jim and tracy, i made a lot of new friends. check this out.
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the entranceway where the team is going to walk by any minute. we saw the president walk through this aisleway greeting fans and people as the team is coming through. people carrying signs, and everyone is basically trying to take this all in. there is one more thing i do want to show you before the team makes their appearance. i want you to check out this scoreboard. in case you forgot what the score was last night. here is a reminder. 77-74. wildcats your national champions, 2016. you can hear the the pep band going in the background. we'll continue to be here as the team makes their appearance here at villanova stadium. live at the stadium, i'm brandon hudson, "nbc 10 news." thanks. we continue to follow the buses, they are almost there. on the blue route. usually it's a slow go about this time of day. but those are the three buses carrying the champions and they
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should be at the stadium any time now. we'll continue to follow them and have all of the excitement when they arrive at the stadium. >> you know, you know you're in the national spotlight when you made the cover of "sports illustrated." take a look at this. this is the championship  edition, super nova, appropriate. it captures the buzzer beater there, the three-pointer from kris jenkins. >> and philadelphia pretzels made good on the promise spent the day making pretzels in the shape of a v, if they won each customer would get a free pretzel. and philadelphia will be saluting the wildcats this friday. just the beginning. >> it's going to begin friday at 1:00, the parade, at the intersection of 20th and market streets. here is a map. it will end at the dilworth park at city hall and the mayor says he expects a big crowd. >> a lot of suburbanites coming in on the rail, probably
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spending most of the day in philadelphia having lunch and dinner and drinks and you know, and parking or driving in on the train. >> wildcats waited 31 years as you may know to march in center city. this is video of the victory parade after their '85 championship. >> let's go back to the stadium. they can't wait for the team to arrive. denise nakano, every time we check back there are more and more people in that stadium. >> reporter: they keep streaming in, tracy and jim. i'm at the bleacher level on the other side of where you saw brandon earlier. and the stage is set here, at villanova stadium. most of the people are on the ground, we've got the band playing and performances happening now. as you can see, this is such a big excited crowd. they got their signs ready and the win so sweet. in the final seconds of the game with kris jenkins' three-pointer made that victory all the more better. eyes will be focused on coach
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jay wright, the players will make their way, they hopped on the team bus and their first stop will be here of course, on campus to greet their fans and anxiously awaiting them. the national champions will be arriving to signs, the crowd that's turned out is in the hundreds. we've got a lot of families, alumni, students, but a lot of young people at this time. so they are just waiting patiently in this kind of cool breeze waiting for the team to get here and they really, really can't wait. they are just standing around, excited. once in a while there are roars of cheers happening. but all in all, they are waisting in the next hopefully 15 minutes for the team so they can cheer them on. denise nakano, "nbc 10 news." >> we're getting our own play by play from tim furlong who is following the team along the blue route. tim. where are they? >> reporter: guys, they are heading north on the blue route passed over mcdade boulevard.
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we saw 10 or 11 people on the overpass standing there waving to the buses as they went by. we're going up the highway with them here up the blue route. they make their way. they are going to come to old baltimore pike and the exit there and we're trying to see if there are other people on these overpasses. it was cool see the people waving. the players probably couldn't see them. maybe the driver let them know that there are people along the way. pretty cool to see. again, it's about three buses and traffic on 95 tended to back up a little behind them so if you know anybody in that area and they say what's all the traffic, could be villanova heading home. tell them to be patient. they are national champions for god's sake. there you go. look at the people on that exit there. people stopping. how cool is that. pretty neat. >> giving them a wave and applause as the buses pass underneath. don't go away of course. you're going to keep an eye on
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the buses as they arrive on campus. so we'll continue to watch this and nbc 10, your place to celebrate villanova's victory. check out the nbc 10 app, too, because you'll find videos there, plus photos of the best moments from the entire ncaa tournament. there is also a link you can get your nova national championship gear. a chilly start to the day. that's how we're going to end it. a live look at boathouse row. bundle up for the bitter cold if you're heading out. details on that, nbc 10 meteorologist sheena parveen with her first alert forecast. >> bitter cold what in the 20s tonight? >> yeah, a little more widespread 20s i think and colder than we were last night. the winds are going to lighten up and with the clear skies, these numbers will be dropping into the 20s for a good portion of the area. 45 right now in philadelphia, though, low 40s through the lehigh valley. and we really haven't been much warmer than this for a high
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temperature today. with that strong north wind it's keeping the temperatures down. but that wind will lighten up tonight. temperatures will be dropping into the 30s very quickly once the sun sets, by 8:00 p.m. already looking at about the mid to upper 30s, then we keep going overnight. winds keep lightening up. 11:00 p.m. either at or below freezing north and west of philadelphia. some suburbs in new jersey could be at freezing by 11:00 p.m. and we get into the 20s tomorrow morning so that's why we have a freeze warning out. all of the counties in purple, a freeze as we go through tonight. coming up i'll show you what you can expect in the morning. don't put away the winter coat and showers and storms before the week's over. >> this is just in. new jersey assembly speaker vincent prado plans to introduce legislation to help atlantic city. it will include bench marks the city would have to meet before the state would take over its government. he and governor christie have been add odds over giving the state authority over the city
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finances. christie says he will only support the senate's takeover bill. >> new video in shows a man stealing hundreds of dollars worth of packages, happened last month in spring garden section. you can see the guy outside this complex on hamilton street. then he walks inside. takes several packages left for residents there. police say they were worth more than $400. >> nbc 10 is learning more about the two amtrak workers killed in that train derailment sunday. ntsb investigators are working to find out why that backhoe was on the tracks, and if all safety protocols were followed. new at 6:00, cydney long has more on the investigation. >> reporter: today we learned one of the rail unions, the maintenance workers brotherhood will serve as a third party to help the ntsb uncover exactly what went wrong and we learn more about the two victims killed. on this facebook page joe carter jr. describes himself as an
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engineer of work equipment at amtrak. the 61-year-old along with peter adomovich of lincoln university pennsylvania lost their lives tragically sunday, both worked for amtrak, today the ntsb's goal was to speak to the amtrak conductor and to assistant conductors unable to slow down in time. carter's union said in this statement amtrak has abandoned its close call reporting procedure saying quote there have been three track worker fatalities in amtrak's northeast corridor since march 1 of this year, this is totally unacceptable and points to systemic deficiencies in the safety culture at amtrak. as we work to track down families of the men who died we didn't find joe carter's relatives. >> someone said that you were in that accident. i said i haven't been on the railroad for decades. >> instead we found this joe carter, no relation. but he lives in wilmington and used to do the exact same rail maintenance work for amtrak.
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he retired 20 years ago. >> no way that the equipment should have been on a live track. >> he has been watching every move since the tragedy broke to include pub lushed reports that the supervisor peter adamovich tried to alert carter in the backhoe of the speeding train. >> it's admirable but when that train is coming down that line without any knowledge of any one on that track, it was probably just hopeless. >> carter hopes investigators will be able to explain what he calls a deadly breakdown of communication, amtrak meantime has confirmed they do have counselors available for those workers, just as the red cross has provided that counseling for the passengers impacted. we want to take you back live, listening to the band inside villanova stadium fans are gathering to greet the national champs at last check on the blue route headed north to
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campus and a huge welcome home celebration. we have you covered every step of the way on air and on our nbc 10 app. ♪ for years, i was a laboratory chemist,
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watching our national champions every move here on the right side of the screen sky force 10 watching the three buses carrying the players, coaches, other team members. to the villanova campus from the blue route. on the left side of the screen the celebration awaiting them inside the football stadium. brandon hudson is there as well. >> reporter: hey, jim, i guess we got announcement a few minutes ago that the team is close to being on its way, again we have a lot of people here, the line has gotten longer. i'm going to show you some of the fans behind me. they got their signs. they have been here for probably a little more than an hour, maybe hour and a half waiting on the team here. no one has sat down from the moment they walked to the football stadium. we have the twirlers here, the dancers here as well, waiting on the team.
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we have tried to look down to see if the team is any closer to the stadium. i can tell you from where i can see there are a lot of people that are waiting around the corner from the entrance of the gate. and again, everyone is here to greet the national champions 2016 national champions, villanova wildcats first national championship since 1985. we're going to come back to you let you know when the bus is here. brandon hudson, "nbc 10 news." thanks for that. we continue to watch those buses make their way up the blue route. there is one of them. you can see all three headed toward lancaster avenue, the route 30 exit. then a couple of blocks. then they will walk in and will see what's waiting for them. we expect some kind of ceremony. coach wright probably will speak, maybe father peter and the seniors. and the band will greet them. all of those people have been lined up outside that entrance so they can really get a good look as the players walk in.
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we'll continue to follow the buses, live overhead with sky force 10 and live at the stadium as well as we get ready for what's going to be a huge celebration. >> why didn't we think of it painting our faces? we should have. >> for friday's parade maybe. >> there is another opportunity. we can think about that. >> or a tattoo. >> or a tattoo as we saw some doing. reaction to this win pouring in from all over the place. >> even on the senate floor bob casey congratulated the wildcats. listen to this. >> my wife and i watched every minute of it as i know so many did. it was a remarkable game even before the last second shot but even more so after the shot made by kris jenkins. >> senator casey went on to commend the job head coach jay wright did leading his team on his way to earning coach of the year honors. and nbc 10 is your place to celebrate the national champions. today and on friday with the parade, be sure to check out the
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nbc 10 app. you'll find a link where you can get your gear, plus information about friday's victory parade in center city. >> love those pictures. that's warming us up. we need it. the temperatures aren't. >> right. it's chilly out there for all of those in the stadium who have been there for a while waiting for the team. >> notice how bundled up they are. tonight even colder and the parade friday, the villanova parade i do have that forecast coming up. tonight temperatures drop to around freezing. this is also a live look at citizens bank park, the phillies home opener is next monday so i do have that forecast too. right now, clear skies, that's going to help temperatures drop. before the week's over we have heavy rain and thunderstorms possibly moving in. that will be on thursday. good news, the timing works out to where it's gone by friday in time for that parade for villano villanova. up to trenton low 40s, most of south jersey and delaware at
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about the mid to low 40s still. so it's still cold and windy but the wind's going to lighten up and then temperatures will quickly be dropping once the sun sets, here is a look at the freeze warning for tonight, starts earlier than last night since the winds will be lightening up. 10:00 p.m. it starts until 9:00 tomorrow morning. south jersey, philadelphia and surrounding areas below freezing temperatures for several hours so you want to take the sensitive plants in the they are potted or just cover them up so they don't get damaged. future weather keeps us dry. tomorrow we do stay dry, a nice day, less windy, not as cold. clouds increasing. thursday more clouds, this is going to come with rain thursday morning. could see showers but the brunt of it will be here, looks like the middle of the day, so between noon and 2:00 p.m. we should a line of heavy rain, maybe thunderstorms, should be clearing out for the evening commute. the timing could change a little bit so more updates on it tonight and tomorrow but so far looks like that heavy rain should be gone for the evening. and clearing out as we go into friday.
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for friday, villanova parade starts at 1:00 p.m., 20th and market, by 1:00 a mix of sun and clouds, by 2:0051 and up to 53 by about 4:00 p.m. so far looks really good for that. low temperatures tonight, 20s, low 20s allentown possibly some new jersey suburbs as well. 20 for the low in philadelphia and wilmington and close to freezing right at the shore too. tomorrow not as cold as today, mix of sun and clouds, increasing clouds later in the day, highs mid to low 50s. thursday we see rain moving in, could see thunderstorms. good friday for the parade. saturday we could see a clipper system with showers. we'll be giving updates for the rest of the week and monday, the phillies home opener looking pretty good. >> back to our live coverage, sky force 10 look at that the three buses getting off the blue route to route 30. just very close to campus. a big celebration awaiting them at the football stadium.
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>>. >> sky force 10 is live over the national champions villanova wildcats, pulling into campus in villanova. they have come off the blue route and tim furlong has been in sky force 10 following them all the way. tim. >> reporter: it was a slow ride but they are timely here. you see the buses pulling in. as we pull out wider you'll see a crowded very enthusiastic football stadium down there in villanova where the team is going to go around the back side of the stadium.
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walk in. you see a tunnel there. they are going to come out and then there is a stage in the middle that brandon has been showing us in the middle of the crowd. that's where jay wright and possibly other players on the team are expected to address everybody. it's a good size crowd. you see on the bottom right the buses come in. a couple minutes these players should be giving these fan what is they have been waiting for, a chance to say congratulations and thank you to everybody for their hard work. you see the people on the top of the stadium, we see them on overpasses. people have come out, a special team that did a pretty amazing thing in an amazing way. it's going to be fun for everybody down there, i wish we could land the chopper and hop out. i'd like to see what it's like in the stadium. the faa frowns on us landing the chopper at random places. i wish we could see it. brandon is lucky to be down there. >> look at that over the stadium how they have a place for the players to come through as they make their way up onto whatever
6:25 pm
they set up the stage. >> they are going out through the tunnel and they are going to probably do a lot of high-fiving and walk up to the center of the field. and they cordoned off that area so everybody on the team can get up there. it should be in a couple of minutes we should get a look at them coming in and our crew on the ground has a great view. you see the cheerleaders starting. that means everybody is starting to come in. >> let's hope it's not as long as it was at the airport for them to get the buses moving. >> i don't think there is worry. >> there we go. take a look at that. imagine what that must be like for them. >> still wearing pieces of the net. see that? >> brandon hudson is there at the stadium as well, players come off the bus. >> brandon, can you hear us?
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>> hey, jim, i can here you. the team is here. here's your 2016 national championship villanova wildcats. take this all in for a few seconds. you can see just how crazy the fans are. just to see this team all the way back from houston. i'm actually going to wrap up here and we're going to send it back to you guys. >> thanks. we're going to continue to follow this, also follow it on our nbc 10 app. we're back in a minute. katie mcginty knowshool, get the routine. by. her dad was a philly cop. mom worked in a restaurant. then, hard work opened doors. now it's not quite enough.
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welcome back to the live celebration on the campus of villanova university, the champions are home tonight. soakinging it all in. a welcome home celebration at the football stadium after a victory for the ages and there's the man who helped make it all happen, coach jay wright. v for victory.
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>> nova nation. we'll continue to follow this on our nbc 10 app. check it out. breaking news tonight. dramatic finish. can cruz and the stop trump movement score a big win in wisconsin this evening and can sanders beat clinton as insiders tell nbc news of a power struggle inside the trump campaign. anti-gay uproar, this time in mississippi as the governor signs a bill that some say is about religious freedom but others say is a license to discriminate. the hunger games, the new weight loss procedure unveiled that makes your body think you're full and help you lose those pesky pounds, no surgery needed. was it the greatest ending ever? a buzzer-bieser for the ages and a hero's welcome as the crowd goes wild. and the verdict from marcia clark herself on the smash hit series making millions see the trial of t


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