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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  April 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the line is growing. >> reporter: yeah, it is huge. just a few minutes ago, a big roar over there from the crowd, as things started moving. they may start letting folks inside soon. let me show you what it looks like. the line goes down the block, around the corner. police tell me, 10,000 people inside. it's nobody not everyone will make it inside tonight. but hillary clinton made a stop here today. let me show you that event. this was earlier today. she addressed a crowd of union member as the afl-cio state convention, senator sanders will be there tomorrow. today clinton got a warm welcome there. she had a lot of supporters in the audience though the afl-cio nationally has not officially endorsed anyone. i talked to the state president about the focus now on pennsylvania. >> she's going from here to pittsburgh, president clintonness coming in, former president clinton's coming in to
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philly tomorrow, scranton, erie. bernie sanders is doing a rally tonight and tomorrow. i think we'll for the next 20 or so days see both candidates quite a bit. >> reporter: yeah. i expect that certainly the case. bernie sanders, this is where he is getting a lot of support, college campuses, like this one, support and passion. one person in line told me that she expects she may cry tonight because she is so passionate about this. but don't forget hillary clinton has advantages here in pennsylvania. she has roots in scranton and won the state in 2008. live in north philadelphia, lauren mayk nbc 10 news. >> a new poll shows hillary clinton a slight edge over bernie sanders in pennsylvania. 50% support her. sanders is at 44%. on the republican side, donald trump has the most support among primary voters. he's at 39%. ted cruz has 30%. and john kasich is at 24%.
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strangely enough, that same poll found that kasich is the only candidate who would beat hillary clinton in the general election. coming up, we'll take a closer look at republican race. can trump recover from his big loss in wisconsin last night? could pennsylvania play an important role in the stop trump movement? right now at 5:00, skyforce 10 over the scene of the brushfire, burning near 37th street and river road. no report of anyone hurt at this point. a lot of smoke, flames as well. we'll continue to keep an eye on the situation. stay with us for any updates on that fire. we have new video that allows us to look through the eyes of a firefighter. you are about to see what he saw as he battled the fire that destroyed an historic cumber lansdale county church over the weekend. take a look.
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>> this video comes from the helmet camera of the millville firefighter alexander hess. crews breaking through doors, windows and spray water on the flames. as they make their way through the mt. pleasant united methodist church sunday. cell phone video gives us a different perspective. strong winds toppled the tree and that brought down power lines that sparked the flames. bird's-eye view of the damage from skyforce 10. look at this. flames destroyed the sanctuary of the more than 100-year-old church. firefighters able to save the church's social hall there. no one was hurt. >> no school, no work. right now at 5:00, dozens of philadelphia students walk out of class to demand better standards after school. the student community called for students to gather at school district building this afternoon, before a march to city hall. their demands include more
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public education funding in the budget and inclusion of financial literacy courses for high schoolers. >> it's up to us to pick up the pieces where others have failed and make this a better educational system for us and future generations to come. >> students are calling for kids to be exposed to the idea of attempting college starting in elementary school. >> the crisis in atlantic city brought governor christie to the jersey shore. instead of meeting with the city's mayor the two insult the each other standing feet apart. they held dueling news conferences in buildings on the same block. nbc 10 south jersey bureau cydney long joins us with more on the war of words. you measured how close the two men were, yet never set foot in the same room. >> reporter: they did not. christie stood his ground, after making the trip, 82 miles, from the trenton state house here to the county municipal building.
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all that separated governor christie from meeting with mayor guardian was this courtyard here. it's about 100 footsteps over to city hall. they went head to head. >> i cannot make agreements with people who can't keep their word. >> reporter: -- but not face-to-face. >> if we do bankruptcy, it's not atlantic city bankruptcy, it's a chris christie bankruptcy, he's starving us. >> reporter: we asked governor christie why not sit done together, considering mayor guardian at city hall is next door. >> because there's no purpose in meeting with a liar. >> reporter: guardian defended himself saying the governor's staff blindsided him with a far reaching takeover bill in january, saying it wasn't what they had previously discussed. >> there's no time left. they're out of money. >> when i was outside i was running after him, no state takeover. >> reporter: this crossing
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guard, who makes $25,000 a year, says she couldn't catch christie, and she's angry. >> i wish, you know, we would have sat down at the press conference and talked to us and reasoned with us. >> this is an emergent situation. this is a catastrophe waiting to happen. >> reporter: marty small says it's not like the state of new jersey has been a role mod of fiscal conservatism. >> ask the state about the bankrupt transportation fund. look at state of new jersey where they rank in all major categories in the country. >> reporter: atlantic city city council set to vote on the second floor here to change their biweekly payroll period for city workers to 28-day period. that is to avoid friday's shutdown but of course it would be a very temporary band-aid.
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cydney long. first alert weather, cool day across the area. nbc 10 along kelly drive in philadelphia. folks out there walking the dog, getting exercise, baby in the carriage there. everybody has extra layers on. >> sun was out. sheena parveen joins us. it's going to warm up but we have rain with it? >> we do. today, actually, this afternoon, warmer than yesterday. yesterday at this time, if you remember, we were in the mid to low 40s. now the mid to low 50s. tomorrow, in the low 60s. but that is going to come with rain. right now winds increasing but now seeing south wind. this is giving us warmer air right now. even overnight tonight, we're not going to get to freezing. south wind going to keep temperatures in the 40s, gusting in some spots 25 to 35 miles an hour. it's going to stay breezy tonight. but will stay dry. this is a live look across center city. rain isn't here yet. it's very nice afternoon. it's going to be a nice evening
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tonight. overnight, not too bad. clouds increasing. this is all of the rain we're going to see as we go into tomorrow. far back off to the west. moving in this direction. by early tomorrow morning for the commute, we could see showers around but that line of rain i showed you will be closer. so, here's a look at future weather. clouds increase. temperatures stay in the 40s. 9:00 tomorrow morning we could see showers around. but the heaviest of the rain won't be here until middle of the day. we can't rule out thunderstorms either. also the villanova parade forecast and a colder weekend coming up. a south jersey teacher is one of more than a dozen people facing child porn charges. a state attorney general conducted a sweep arresting 16, including 6 from our area. a school bus driver, high school student also some of the suspects. investigators say they found more than 100 child porn files
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on the personal computer. he's a fifth grade teacher at wins low elementary school. a former philadelphia traffic court judge sentenced to prison on tax charges. a judge sentenced michael sullivan to ten months for fail our to record and pay payroll taxes. sullivan was owner and operator of the fireside tavern. he pleaded guilty to the charge last october. he's also forced to pay nearly 60,000 in restitution. today, philadelphia broke ground on a new memorial park at scene of the deadly building collapse. ♪ >> mayor kenney and officials putting the ceremonial shovels in the dirt. the salvation army donated the land, and a committee collected funds for the june fifth memorial park. six people died when the building collapsed on to a salvation army thrift store june
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5, 2013. former city treasurer nancy winkler spearheaded the project for the park. her daughter ann died in the collapse. >> a memorial will serve as an enduring reminder no land development plan, no parking lot, no office tower, and profit that they may generate is more precious than a human being. >> a convicted contractor and a subcontractor who took a plea deal both serving time in prison for roles in that collapse. governor tom wolf taking the issue of lgbt discrimination into his own hands. wolf told a pittsburgh radio station he plans to sign an executive order. it would ban state contractors from discriminating against people based on sexual orientation or gender i didn't. wolf hopes the legislature would pass len slax on the issue, but that has not happened. a jersey shore man thanking a teenager for saving his elderly mother's life.
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why that high school student was in the right place at the right time. plus, up, up, and away. how drones could help one state save money and help drivers avoid traffic. from the big win in houston to the celebration on campus, villanova national champions have been going nonstop. what they did with their first day off in weeks. in the last eight years, the fracking industry has spent over $40 million dollars on lobbying in pennsylvania. so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations, all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us. homecoming? it's awesome. but with the citizens bank education refinance loan,
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philadelphia gearing up for a national championship party. villanova's parade coming to center city on friday. the route runs down market street between 20th and the park. septa says it will not impact early morning commute but will reroute buses from 10:30 in the morning until 6:00 p.m. some food vendors said they're expecting a big day. >> hey, bring a lot of hot dogs, bring more stuff, you know. >> if you want a unique view of the parade, buy a ticket to one liberty's observation deck and watch from the 57th floor. not a bad way to see it. for the last month we've watched villanova make their magical run. >> the quest does not come with a lot of free time. danny pommells joins us. players are enjoying much-needed rest.
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>> i'm sure the media members as well. wildcats back on campus 24 hours, after the celebration at the football stadium yesterday. they finally had some time to themselves. >> i stayed in my room, had ice cream, you know, watched, you know, the tv show "o.j." played xbox. that's all i did. >> time to decompress. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. my x box was missing me. i had to show it attention. >> spent it in my bed. talked to my family on the phone. i was trying to relax, catch up on sleep. i haven't slept that much past couple of days. last night was a good step in the right direction to get sleep. >> that college lifestyle, remember it well. a decision to make possibly entering the nba draft. we'll hear about those chances at 6:00. >> busy times. thanks so much. >> if you want to celebrate villanova's big win, you can't make it downtown for the parade, watch it here on nbc 10.
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our special coverage starts friday at 1:00. people in center city to cheer on villanova. of course friday afternoon. but maybe a few raindrops? >> a chance. chance is small. most of the day friday will be dry. but it is going to be breezy and cool. can't rule out sprinkles but amajority will be tomorrow. don't forget your umbrella tomorrow. nice look outside. showers and storms on their way for your thursday. then, we talk about friday, villanova parade. i have that forecast in a second. big improvements from tomorrow to friday. then we go into the weekend. it's going to get cold. a chance for showers. i'll show you that in a second. low 50s through the lehigh valley. 53 philadelphia. mostly low 50s in south jersey and delaware. 48 atlantic city. 56 in dover. this is ten degrees warmer than yesterday through part of the area. tomorrow, low 60s. so a warm-up with a nice south
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wind developing. that's going to keep us milder tonight. a look hour by hour. south wind, breezy outside now. we're not going to drop to freezing. mostly in the 40s. so not as cold. tomorrow mile day. but we'll see showers and storms move in. satellite and radar, clear over our area. clouds up to our north. as we go into tonight, more clouds move in, ahead of the rain off to the west. that will be here maybe for part of the morning commute tomorrow. most by the middle of the day. future weather. tonight we stay dry. then into tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m. we could have showers mostly west of philadelphia. lehigh valley, poconos. northern delaware, chester. majority of the heavy rain mentioning and potentially thunderstorms, that will be here closer to lunchtime. by 1:00 p.m. we could see a line stretching from the pocono through philadelphia into south jersey with heavy rain and again chance for lightning. should be moving away quickly,
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in time for the evening commute. but another round of possibly scattered showers. shouldn't be a big deal as we go from between 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. clear out for friday. fry, 1:00 p.m. time of the parade. can't rule a sprinkle. but it wouldn't be a big deal anyway mostly on the dry side. friday evening, if you have friday night plans looking good, things dry out. but we'll be watching that system off to our west. that's a small clipper system dropping down as we go into the start of the weekend. saturday, 11:00 a.m. a chance of rain, possibly rain/snow mix showers moving in but that wouldn't be until saturday. not expecting it to last as we go into sunday. villanova parade, 20th and market street, by 1:00 p.m. around 50. breezy, cool, mix of sun and clouds. stay breezy and cool, low 50s through the afternoon friday for the parade. tonight clouds increase. it will stay breezy because it is right now.
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a strong south wind developing. not as cold. temperatures in the mid to low 40s. tomorrow around the low 60s. that is going to come with showers and a chance for thunderstorms. south wind gusting near 30. that's going to warm us up even more than today. friday, cool down. villanova parade there for you. then into saturday. that's a chance of possibly rain snow showers. we'll have to watch the timing for saturday because that could change things a little bit. but right now, chance of showers. colder over the weekend. freeze warning for part of the area saturday. sunday cold one both mornings and next week, you see it, monday, phillies home opener. not looking too bad. watch fogger a chance of rain later and showers tuesday. volunteers spanned out across camden to clean up the city part of the seventh annual camden clean campaign. the group focused on the east neighborhood, first of 11 cleanups and greening days that will be held through the spring and summer.
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>> drivers in delaware may see drones flying above their cars while crossing the delaware memorial bridge. delaware river and bay authority is using unmanned drones for inspection tests. crews are gathering pictures and video under the bridge. drones are more safe, and cheaper than hiring human inspectors. >> you won't have to wait for the next festival or parade to order something from your favorite food truck in wilmington. designated parking spots unveiled for the kitchens on wheels to park every day. mayor and lawmakers hope it bring people out of their offices and attract younger people to the area. the operators couldn't be happier. >> so stoked we can get our names in the streets instead of festivals and fighting each other for private parking. >> the new spots are in the downtown and river front areas of wilmington. coming up next, we'll introduce you to wednesday's
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child. what he's hoping to find in a forever family. the man who allegedly shot two state troops are pleaded not guilty. now, prosecutors want to prevent him from using a certain defense all new at 5:00.
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this is nbc 10 news. number of people with diabet diabetes quadrupled over the last quarter century. ageing and population behind this. this affects more than 422 million. the u.n. health agency calling
5:24 pm
for stepped up measures to reduce risk factors and improve treatme treatments. >> wednesday's child is a teenager who just loves people. >> vai introduces us to wally. >> the star. >> reporter: a lot of kids like dinosaurs but it fades. not so for this 17-year-old wally. >> like a very young kid. my mom put it on and i was like -- >> reporter: that's why we took wally to dinosaur hall at academy of natural sciences of drexel university. a behind the scenes tour of the exhibit. >> every day i go out and close my eyes and imagine what they could have been alive still. >> reporter: he imagines what life would be like with a forever family. >> i like to have honestly someone always there, like somebody keep trying, you can get there, you'll be there soon enough and like go home, call
5:25 pm
mom and dad. >> reporter: a bright tenth grade who are loves to learn and he's driven enough to have an afterschool job. he'd love a forever family with siblings and pets. >> wally loves people. the more the merrier. he loves to be with kids his age or a few years of him. really one parent, two parents, really wouldn't matter. as long as people he can count on, count on him, and he'd be a perfect fit for anyone's family. >> reporter: wally is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you'd like to help wally or any wednesday's child, go to, search wednesday. child. call the national adoption center at 866-do-adopt. 40,000 runners already have their bibs. lottery is over but you have one final chance to run the blue cross broad street run may 1st. nbc 10 giving away two bibs for the race.
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enter the nbc 10 sweepstakes,, click on contest tab. the deadline to tenor is april 17th. race day just 26 days away. nbc 10 and telemundo 62 will broadcast the race from start to finish. we have this just in. villanova has canceled classes on friday! i think i hear cheers from the campus so everyone can enjoy friday's parade at 1:00 for the national champion basketball team. >> the school is working with septa to get one-day passes for students and staff. coming up, a closer look at republican race for president. can trump recover from his big loss in wisconsin last night? and could pennsylvania play an important role in the stop trump movement?
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breaking news right now. police in upper darby are investigating a deadly shooting. within the past hour, police superintendent tells be in 10 the vick pim wtim was with othen the front porch of atlantic avenue. that's when another group approached them and someone fired shots. nbc 10 will bring you any updates as soon as we get them.
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decision 2016. donald trump may be the front-runner in the republican presidential race, but rival ted cruz, he's riding the momentum now. john kasich is staying in the race as the party pushes towards a contested convention. cruz picked up a big victory in wisconsin, picking up 48% compared to 35% for trump, 14% for kasich. cruz is feeling confident while trump is minimizing the loss. >> i'm more and more convinced that our campaign is going to earn the 1,237 delegates needed. >> i have a million more votes than anybody else. we talk about delegates but the votes are more impressive. >> the next big dell great prize april 19th, new york. for insight into the state of this republican race, legal and political analyst jim schultz joining us live. >> we've seen trump take hit after hit and he keeps going
5:31 pm
strong. but could this big loss in wisconsin be the straw that broke the camel's back? >> i don't believe there was an expectation he would win wisconsin. wisconsin is a christian conservative state. cruz had endorsement of a popular conservative governor there. going into new york, trump, that's his home state, he'll continue to be strong and expect a big win. pennsylvania's primary, that's coming up. we've seen more of the candidates, in fact today, both sides coming here to campaign. could this primary in pennsylvania have a real impact on this race? >> on the gop side, it really does have an impact. about you it doesn't have an impact immediately. of the 71 delegates in the delegate-rich state, 54 are unbound, which means they can go into the convention in july and vote however they want to vote on the first ballot. the real gain is played on the ground and these candidates are going to want to get delegates elected who are going to support them in the convention in
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cleveland. >> a new poll shows trump with a lead in pennsylvania now. does cruz or kasich have a chance to pull ahead? >> kasich is from pennsylvania, he's a native pennsylvanian, from neighboring ohio, a moderate republican, certainly he can play well here. cruz, as i said earlier, delegates are very important, he's been very good at getting individual delegates to support him. but this is a large, industrial, working class state, by and large, and that's trump's sweet spot. i suspect him to come in very strong. >> jim schultz, busy political time. we'll be seeing more of you in days to come. >> thanks for having me on. >> whoever wins the republican nomination, will have his work cut out. >> democrats have won pennsylvania in every general election since 1988. bernie sanders is hoping to continue that trend. he's holding a rally at temple. a live look here over the liacouras center where the crowd
5:33 pm
started to gather. we've been watching live pictures from skyforce 10 for more than an hour now. sanders will host a community conversation at a philadelphia church-this rally and then tomorrow speak to the afl-cio convention. hillary clinton spoke at afl-cio followed by impact services roundtable. she had a lot of supporters in the audience though the afl-cio has not officially endorsed anyone. clinton does have roots in pennsylvania and won this state in 2008 over aback obama. pennsylvania's primary april 26, so does delaware. new jersey is june 7th. >> let's talk about our weather. wind out there along the delaware in new castle county today. nbc 10 at river front. nice day to take a walk. plenty of sun. >> first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. tracking rain for tomorrow. >> yeah. rain for tomorrow. in fact that wind direction has
5:34 pm
changed ahead of that rain. so we're seeing a south wind. that's allowing us to be milder this afternoon than we were yesterday. temperatures are about ten degrees warmer. winds gusting from 25 to 35 miles an hour at the stronger south wind going to keep us not as cold through overnight tonight. no freezing temperatures in the forecast tonight. 53 now, philadelphia. northeast philly. 51 allen down. 50 millville. 51 in wilmington. comfortable but breezy. clear skies, though. we are going to stay dry as we go through the evening. tomorrow, a different story. clouds increase. there's rain for thursday. before you head out tomorrow, grab the umbrella. most rain will be here in the middle of your day. but in the morning, for the morning commute we could see showers moving in. future weather, tonight see clouds increase. temperatures not dropping off much. staying in the 40s. by 9:00 tomorrow morning, looks like the best chance for rain
5:35 pm
mostly west of philadelphia. then heavier band move in by around lunch time. for the morning commute can't rule out showers. take your time on roadways. rest of the afternoon forecast for tomorrow. also villanova parade forecast friday. and a colder weekend straight ahead. >> see you soon. >> prosecutors filed motion today to keep accused cop killer eric frein from using insanity defense. pennsylvania law requires defendants to file a notice with prosecutors in a certain time frame. pike county's district attorney told the judge that hasn't happened yet. frein charged in a deadly ambush blooming grove state police barracks. back in september of 2014. after the shooting, frein was on the run for 48 days. u.s. marshals found the self-taught survivalist hiding out in an abandoned airplane hangar after a seven-week manhunt. frein allegedly hid in the woods across from the barracks.
5:36 pm
frein's trial scheduled next month. city of philadelphia, septa, penndot working together on a plan to make roosevelt boulevard safer and more accessible. they kicked off a program called root for change. several public forums scheduled to get suggestions for improvement. the first is tomorrow at four points sheraton from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. if you haven't filed your taxes, pennsylvania secretary of aging wants to make sure you don't get scammed. identity theft, one of the fastest growing crimes in the country. pennsylvania handled 19,000 complaints since the start of the year. seniors often the targets of these crimes. tax time is when many scammers make their move. to debt their money they send seniors e-mails or call them threatening legal action if they don't provide personal information such as social security numbers. >> suffering of far too many seniors is palpable as every
5:37 pm
year older americans lose nearly $2.9 billion to scammers and con artists. >> here's something simple to remember. irs and state department of revenue will never e-mail or call for personal information. a high school senior helps a lost senior citizen find her way home. >> we just -- i heard look a faint yelling help. >> did how a parking inconvenience turned the teen into a hero and reunited a son with his missing 84-year-old mother.
5:39 pm
skyforce 10 over breaking news in center city. temple university police are now looking for the driver who stole one of their police suvs. it was parked at 23rd and market. there were no weapons inside the ford explorer and mechanics were making repairs at the time of
5:40 pm
the theft. it has a temple logo on it, so be on the lookout for the stolen vehicle. ♪ >> country music legend merle haggard has passed away. his manager confirmed the singer died of pneumonia in california. haggard was best known for hits like "sing me back home." haggard inducted into the country music hall of fame in 1994, and a kennedy center honoree in 2010. today was haggard's 79th birthday. janet jackson delaying the second leg of her "unbreakable" tours. the 49-year-old tweeted a video to fans telling them that, quote, doctors orders forcing her to rest up. >> my husband and i are planning our family. so i'm going to have to delay the tour. >> so is janet jackson pregnant? jackson would not confirm but
5:41 pm
her announcement does have the rumor mill buzzingen the second leg of the tour scheduled to start in late summer with a show at wells fargo center august 24th. nbc 10 is working to learn if that show has been postponed. it's time to get flyered up for the playoffs. a live look at wells fargo center in south philadelphia. flyers playoff tickets went on sale this morning and flyers are not officially clinched a playoff birth yet. a few more games to play. but the team will give refunds to buyers and flyers do not make the playoff. tomorrow, grab the umbrella before you head out. showers, maybe storms, moving in. otherwise, villanova parade is friday. i'll have the forecast. plus, a colder weekend and another chance of showers.
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water cannons, the scene at washington dulles airport. flights resumed out of brussels sunday bud could take months before the airport is back to full service. could there be a brussels style terror attack inside the united states? that's the focus of a senate hearing with the head of the tsa. tsa administrator assured lawmakers, the agency's high lie
5:45 pm
focused on protecting the public from another attack and highlighted major changes in the culture and practices of the tsa. >> we've trained our entire workforce, established first ever full time tsa academy and we've begun a deep examination of processes and practices across the agency. >> the tsa has tightened the vetting process and established background checks of airport workers who could pose insider threats. now, decision 2016. tomorrow night, nbc 10 is hosting a debate between the democratic candidates for attorney general. three democrats are vying for their party's nomination, district attorney john morgan nellie, montgomery commissioner, josh shapiro and allegheny county district attorney steven zappala jr. we've been introducing you to the sylvester looks at steven zappala. >> reporter: surveying the crime
5:46 pm
scene, five people killed, including a woman eight months pregnant. >> planned, calculated, brutal. >> reporter: if elected attorney general, he would make taking guns off the street and reducing violent crime his top priority. >> standing up for people who can't stand up for themselves, taking really bad people off the streets, that has a lot of reward to it, too. >> reporter: first appointed as district attorney of allegheny county in 1998, when then-d.a. coleville became a judge. voters re-elected him five-time since. >> i'm a third generation person to hold public office. >> reporter: he grew up in the shadow of the courthouse. his father a former supreme court justice. this in grandfather was an attorney, magistrate, served on the sledge lalej slate tur. played line backer in college. after graduating from duquesne university, he practiced for 12 years. now oversees more than 200
5:47 pm
employees, his team has prosecuted high profile cases including convictions against joan ori melvin and her sister on campaign corruption charges. >> not just personable and smart, he has thought deeply about the issues that confront a prosecutor in any big city jurisdiction. >> reporter: but he hasn't escaped criticism, especially from the african-american community. leon ford left paralyzed after a traffic stop in a case of mistaken i didn't, charged with endangering police when tried leave the scene but acquitted on most charges. zappa zappala's supporters say he has integrity and constantly looking to improve law enforcement. >> you can agree or disagree with various decisions his office has made. you can't say, i think, that he's misused it or abused his authority in any way. >> reporter: a former boiler
5:48 pm
maker, zappala has earned endorsement of key unions, the philadelphia and pittsburgh firefighters, and county commissioners in 11 counties. >> i've had a chance to prove who i am, what i stand for, and i'm very proud of my office and i want my kids to be proud of me, i want my wife to be proud of me and i want our criminal justice system to be inclusive. >> nbc 10 and telemundo 62 will host tomorrow's debate between all three candidates. tracy davidson our moderator, tomorrow 7:00, here on nbc 10. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> get a look at these horses. it started the day in philadelphia's fairmount park with extra layer. it was cold this morning. still chilly in the shade today. we are warmer than yesterday. they're having fun in the sun. sun warmer than the shade.
5:49 pm
we are warmer than we were yesterday, ten degrees warmer across the area. tomorrow, though, we're going to be in the 60s, low 60s. we have showers and storms heading our way, right now, outside, from the nbc 10 studios, not too bad. still dry. plenty of sunshine right now. but that will change tomorrow. then we go into friday. villanova parade. i have that forecast in a minute. looks like that rain will quickly be clearing out before the parade starts. then the weekend, that's going to get colder. another chance of showers. a lot of things happening. live look at citizens bank park, philly's home opener monday. i have that in a minute. 53 philadelphia. dry, winds gusting at 25 miles an hour. mostly in from the south which is why we're milder than yesterday. low 50s lehigh vally. 49 in west chester. 50 glassboro. mid-50s in dover. 48 atlantic city. tomorrow a breezy south wind, closer to 60 degrees.
5:50 pm
maybe low 60s for some parts of the area. locally, not seeing rain. it is off to the west. and it is heading in the direction by tomorrow morning we will start to see approach of some rain. currently seeing sunshine, clouds farther up to the north and increasing as we go through tonight. here's future weather, clouds continue to move in. temperatures are only going to be in the mid to low 40s. not as cold either. tomorrow, 9:00 a.m., temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. then you see rain approaching from the west. for the morning commute, we could have showers around west of philadelphia. heaviest rain gets in the middle of the day, 1:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon, right around lunchtime. we could have a line of heavy rain possibly thunderstorms right in the middle of your day from the pocono through philadelphia into south jersey. that should be clearing out for the evening commute. by 7:00 p.m. we could have another round of scattered showers. clearing out as we go into friday. friday morning colder.
5:51 pm
can't rule out some lake-effect snow showers trying to blow in north and west. other than that, looks good through the day. and even through your friday evening. so, for the villanova parade friday, starting at noon, around 49 degrees, 1:00 p.m. when the parade starts, 50, breezy, mix of sun and clouds and breezy, low 50s throughout the afternoon. can't rule out a sprinkle but overall things dry. clouds increasing, not as cold, mid to low 40s. compare to yesterday, got through freezing. tomorrow low 60s. showers, thunderstorms moving in. there you see it, clearing friday, showers return saturday. we could see potentially rain/snow showers. not bad for monday for the phillies. lester holt joining us the nbc studios in new york. >> good evening. what's coming up? >> ahead for us tonight, did wisconsin just become a turning point in the race for president? we'll look at why trump could
5:52 pm
fall short of the manic delegate number, and troubling news for from his campaign. the head of the tsa called on the carpet over better protecting u.s. airports what happen if labels told you how much effort it would take to burn off calories in the food we eat, how long you have to run, how long you have you to walk. we'll talk about that at 6:30. >> we might not want to look at label. >> numbers are kind of shocking. >> how much effort it takes. thank you so much. see you at 6:30. senior health rescue, a different senior. >> a high school student heard a missing 84-year-old woman's call for help. >> i was looking around and all of a sudden i looked up, down the way, and there was an old lady peeking out the window. >> we'll tell you how the woman got trapped and how a parking problem led the teen right to her.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
skyforce 10 over breaking news in gloucester county. emergency crews on the scene of a serious crash in logan township. you see people on the grass, a lot of debris scattered on the grass, and that vehicle heavily damaged. this was off of 295 northbound, near route 322. there is the roadway. police are telling us at least
5:56 pm
four people hurt in the crash. it involved several vehicles, traffic is backed up, as you see it moving slowly there, as we pull out it a wider shot you may want to try to avoid this area around 295 and logan township, gloucester county, new jersey. the bulk of that accident off the roadway there in that grassy area. a missing woman back home thanks to a couple of observant teenagers. >> the high school seenniors noticed the woman calling for help after trapped. ted greenberg explains. >> happened to be home? >> yes. >> reporter: antonio is safely back with her son after the 84-year-old, who suffers from dementia, got disoriented while walking her dog. >> it was horrifying. >> reporter: and ended up spending the night trapped inside an abandoned townhouse across the street from her home.
5:57 pm
>> an old lady peeking out the window yelling help. >> reporter: the 18-year-old and a friend spotted her around 10:30, while walking through the housing complex where they park for school across the street. the senior says he immediately recognized her from this police facebook notice posted after the woman was reported missing, about 12 hours earlier. she apparently got into the vacant townhouse through an open door, but then got locked inside a room upstairs. >> ended up breaking the door down, and getting her out. i went down stairs and called 911. >> i literally can't thank them enough. it would be very simple for them to ignore an old lady looking out a window. >> reporter: leo normally parked in a different part of the complex but this morning, that area was blocked off by police involved in the search for the woman who he ultimately found. >> if it wasn't for that, i probably wouldn't have even seen her. >> very proud of them. always look to the community to
5:58 pm
help and aid us with finding people. >> reporter: the police chief plans to honor leo and his buddy. she was not hurt in the ordeal. >> i was doing a normal reaction, trying to help somebody out. >> reporter: in this case a high school senior helping a lost senior citizen get home. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> good for them. next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00" -- nbc 10 learned new details about death of a police officer under investigation. we will have that for you, next.
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
6:00, the push for pennsylvania. bernie sanders and hillary clinton courting voters in philadelphia today, just weeks before the primary here. good evening, everyone. i'm jim rosenfield. pennsylvania could play a key role in deciding who comes to philadelphia as nominee during the democratic national convention. fresh off of his victory in wisconsin, bernie sanders brought his campaign to philadelphia today. he is at an event now in center city. but these are pictures outside the liacouras center where he will next head for an event this evening. nbc 10's lauren mayk has been there all afternoon where big crowds gathered to wait to see bernie sanders. >> yeah. this line behind me is moving. you n


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