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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  April 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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climb on. >> mike: the hooking. the flyers to the power play. face-off win. they bear with it. gave it on to giroux. a shot by giroux. wide to the short side. voracek turned one along. that lovejoy gave up to schenn. popped up back for more. off it curls to giroux. wayne simmonds and they kicked back to gostisbehere. giroux tried to beat it further.
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taken on by schenn. walled by lovejoy. puck came to cullen. he was able to clear it off and back down. >> ed: the flyers try to get the puck down to the goal line and make plays instead of making plays from the blue line in. >> mike: gostisbehere rolls that back in. coming along to help was one of the penguin defensemen and its is lofted back out again. stepping in there was dumoulin. meanwhile back behind it can be taken with 4:45 to go in the third. 52 seconds left on the power play. led back ahead, couturier. able to trickle it along. taken by bonino but lost to couturier. skated around the old roulette wheel. matt read able to bank it in. daley there.
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lofted along that goes back to center for the penguins. mark streit gives it across. >> mike: putting a point on it. trying to win the game and putting his team into the playoffs. chipped by kuhnhackl. again it is streit. 15 seconds to go. streit yet again. gottet back over and gagner fired it wide. gets it back down the ice an on goal and that's it. out of the penalty box and so it's full strength action with 3:45 to go in the game. raffl able to roll it around from behind. rolfe ll ll lle rofrle back ove again. bellemare. fired it around and macdonald will have to chase it back down.
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a restless time here. if nothing changes on the scoreboard rm they do. schultz able to wait behind. 3:15 to go. it went through voracek and down and the flyers are guilty of icing. the stanley cup playoffs begin wednesday on the networks of nbc. don't miss a moment. and, again, this year, every game, every series. sundqvist on this important draw for the penguins. face-off draw for them. on the tie, it trickled along. dumoulin able to recoil and fed on through. they rule an offside on to play with exactly three minutes to
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go. no chances by the penguins on goal this period. 34 shots to 19. and the nervous anticipation. thought their team was out of it. back they came. lost at pittsburgh. that sent them reeling onning a six-game losing streak. they're ahead in this game against pittsburgh, 2-1. 2:50 to go. two aside in the pittsburgh defensive end. jammed on around and taking it for the penguins is brian dumoulin. it twisted behind by macdonald to gudas. fired on down. handed back across and returned back over.
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long toss ahead and it goes back down. an icing is called this time against the penguins. one last look at this. we direct your attention to the right-hand side. there are interesting and successful teams on the left but the critical point is philadelphia on the outside. with the victory here, they will be on the inside. boston will be out. 2:22 to go. penguins will undoubtedly pull their goaltender jeff zatkoff at some point if the deficit stays one, and even if it stays two. this one directed up high and back in. nick schultz takes over for the flyers' defense. that went off bellemare. regrabbed and one-handed by daley. pouliot with that. twisted right back in by mark streit. zatkoff is out to play it along to daley.
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takes a glance at the scoreboard, then over to the bench. carried ahead by hagelin. his shot blocked down. hagelin again trying to work in and it's denied by gudas. pouliot. 100 seconds go in regulation. pouliot around behind schultz. spined around and dumoulin takes it. very deliberately drops it on back. back by kessel. going to the bench. the net is empty for the flyers and macdonald is there. six attackers for the penguins. they have won 14 of their last 15 games. this one is back out, including eight consecutive games on the road, the longest streak any team has had in the nhl this year. schultz. cullen tries to get it across. a save. they score! he scores!
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[ horn blowing ] >> ed: they talked about it a lot, dave hakstol. the good stick from bellemare. and i loved the reaction on the flyers' bench now giving themselves a two-goal lead with less than a minute to go. knowing how close they are to going to the playoffs. >> pierre: you earn your coach's trust. it's an example of why he's trusted, why that line is so valuable for the flyers. >> mike: an unassisted goal by
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bellemare has made this 3-1. who would have thought 30 of the last possible 34 points to pass four teams. into the glove of zatkoff. et at least one more face-off. it was wayne simmonds who has said in making the playoffs has been a man that did not make it to the team picture. cha chair. ed snider has been battling
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healthishes for most of the season. [ horn blowing ] >> mike: they're in! >> mike: they have prove thad you can come out of seemingly
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nowhere with an acceleration down the stretch and get in. and as the kings proved in 2012, all you have to do is get in. wayne simmonds, pierre mcguire. >> pierre: thanks very much, doc. it wasn't supposed to happen this way. they said there was no chance for the flyers to make the playoffs. you're in the playoffs. how did it happen? >> we believed in one another all year long. we knew no one was giving a shot this year and we wanted to prove ev wrong. all those guys in the locker room, they did a great job from goalies on out. we worked our butts off. we deserve this. >> talk about the influence that your coaching staff, especially dave hakstol had on this team and the resurgence of the flyers. >> unbelievable. you know, they come in. we had a few things change up at the beginning of the year, obviously. we got used to it. hockey has been unbelievable. you know, they did a great job.
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we followed their example. we tried to lead all the way down. >> i know you're a humble man but you don't like to talk about yourself, 28 goals, 29, 32 this year. you keep going. salute the crowd. they're cheering for you. >> it's still unbelievable. i played in l.a. and i had a chance to play there and i came to philadelphia. these are the best fans. they stuck with us through thick and thin. they deserve the playoffs. >> their next step is against the washington capitals. what should they expect from the flyers? >> it's going to be a physical series. we played washington pretty hard. we've had a pretty bitter rivalry, so it should be a real good team. >> way to go, wayne. >> thanks a lot, pierre. i appreciate it. >> doc. >> final score in the game, flyers, 3, penguins, 1.
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thanks for watching the nhl on nbc. on behalf of all of us and our entire crew, mike emrick saying so long from philadelphia. tonight starting at 8:00, 7:00 central it's "date line: saturday mystery." and tonight on "saturday night live" russell crowe and musical guest. good afternoon.
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right now at 6:00. springtime snow created a messy
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saturday all across our area today. here's a look at haver town. you can see heavy wet snow there. a snowy mess in delaware. shoppers at the concord mall had to dig out their jackets to deal with the snow. good evening. congratulations to the flyers who are heading to playoffs with the win you just saw on nbc 10. thanks for staying with us. this is a live look at the wells fargo center where the fans will be headed out in the rain in a few minutes. the snowy system is mostly moving out of the region, you can still see rain passing through on the radar. we have live team coverage of the impact on the snow fall. we begin with first alert meteorologist michelle grossman. >> we'll get a few more hours before it's off the coast. the low is off the coast but it's residual rain that will be
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moving out. it's a cold, windy damp night. kind of was gray all day long with the rain and spring snow falling. yeah, we still have snow falling, rain falling in some spots. most of the winter weather advisories have been lifted with the exception of southern new jersey. parts of atlantic county, cumberland county still under a winter weather advisory until 8:00. that's where we'll see the last of the snow before it's out of here. it's a cold night. if you have plans and going out you're looking at temperatures in the 30s. 38 in philadelphia. 39 in allen town. 36 in wild wood and 34 in atlantic city on april 9th. you factor in the winds it's windy and it will be windy for the first part of the evening. we're looking of wind chills feeling like below freezing. feeling like 31 in allen town and 25 in millville, new jersey. we're looking at a cold and
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breezy night. 7:00 the snow and rain wrapping up. 9:00 temperatures around freezing. 33 degrees. breezy still. 11:00 temperatures around the freezing mark. we'll see the skies clearing and the winds decreasing. that will give us a cold overnight with a freeze warning. we'll talk more about that coming up. big flakes falling at the philadelphia museum of art. looks like the dead of winter from the shot on our tower cam. let's take a live look at the conditions from the presidential city apartment camera. a cold blue is in effect for philadelphia from now until monday morning. shelter services are available to keep homeless people from the cold. now, let's check on conditions in montgomery county. nbc 10's drew smith joins us live in lower marion township. what's is like? >> reporter: the heavy snow has finally stopped. i'll show you what fell and where it stuck. grass, rooves, cars that's where all the snow accumulating.
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starting to melt a little bit. that's a concern on the roads where we saw some sand trucks moving through. they're worried about the refreeze overnight and drivers in slick conditions. what threw people off was just a saturday, spring day, seeing these blossoming trees covered in snow and ice. april snowshowers it turns out are not so great for the flowers or for getting into the spring spirit. >> puts me in the mindset of winter. you know, by sitting on the sofa with hot chocolate. >> reporter: heavy snow flakes greeted stephanie and herald as they walked to the store. >> it's sort of cool. you got hot and cold mixed together. it is sticking on the cars, people are still out shopping. >> reporter: the pavement was just too warm for all of this to coat the roads. penn dot asked drivers to go slow. >> that's where it should be planted. >> reporter: workers at a tree give away in south philadelphia say now is the time to get going
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on spring planting. even as mother nature sends a different message. >> it's best to plant them before the leaves are fully out. that's why we do it at this time of year. >> reporter: at the art museum a thousand people decided to tough it out for the walk against hunger. >> we were joking we had 70 degrees two weeks ago and of course we get snow and rain today. i'm ready for the spring weather i think. >> reporter: some people said this makes up for the unusually warm winter. the snow put a smile on this kid's face. >> really pretty. >> reporter: instead of getting to perform at the postponed cherry blossom festival, jennifer took pictures of the snow falling on those blossoms. >> it's just beautiful. i've enjoyed seeing all the big flakes coming down. >> reporter: we want to update you on the transportation situation today. the trains have been running okay. the problems have been on some of the major interstates where there have been crashes. the roads are wet. they are treating them.
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tonight is the concern because of that freeze warning. we also do want to tell you at phl airport there have been delays. they are deicing the planes. we're live in marion station, i'm drew smith nbc 10 news. how much snow you saw depended on where you were. taking a look at conditions in part of atlantic county. debbie shared this video from egg harbor township. track the snow and the freeze kw the nbc 10 app. get alerts sent to your phone and check out our live radar and get the latest forecast from our first alert weather team. now, to developing story. a robbery suspect is dead after getting shot by an off duty philadelphia police officer. the officer says he intervenes when he saw the suspect robbing an elderly man. randy gyllenhaal is live on the scene. there were two exchanges of gun fire there? >> reporter: we were told after those exchanges that suspect ran
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here to the front of the boost mobile store on north broad street and collapsed right there on the sidewalk. police are saying this suspect was in the process of robbing an elderly man with a gun. let me show you some video when he was interrupted bide an off duty philadelphia police officer. police tell us the off duty cop confronted the robbery suspect telling him to drop the weapon. some words were exchanged. the man refused to put the weapon down and that is when police say the officer opened fire. >> at that point the suspect turns towards the officer. the officer engages him i believe there's a discharge at this point in time. the suspect then fled southbound on park avenue. >> the off duty cop pointed a gun at him the whole time. like, don't move. >> reporter: now, that suspect was hit in the abdomen. he was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead after 3:00 today. that elderly robbery victim was
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hospitalized. police say at this point, it appears this shooting by an off duty officer was justified. nbc 10 news. >> thank you. the snow did not stop an effort to honor local police officers killed in the line of duty. nbc 10 burlington county where several community groups came together to release balloons in honor of the fallen officers. >> we always remember our people who have gone before us and what we do with these balloons we send them off, to let them know we have not forgot them. we care a lot about them. >> participants say they want area police officers to know their neighbors care about them. the flyers are in the playoffs. they beat the penguins 3-1 in a game you saw here on nbc 10. combined with other results, allowed the flyers to clinch the final wild card slot. congratulations. nova nation, used to dancing
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by now after the wildcats dominated their way to a national title. today students are getting down for a different reason. we'll check in with them coming up.
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this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers. you know who you are. you've lost your game. literally. your family outing is magical for all the wrong reasons. and your sneezes
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are a force to be reckoned with. well, allergy muddlers, muddle no more®. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®, because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more. and children's zyrtec® takes care of your child's allergies with just one dose, all day and all night. the hunt for the surviving bomber in the brussels terror attacks could be over. police say the mysterious man in the hat they've been searching for could be muhammad abreeny. police say he also was involved in the deadly attacks in paris last november. earlier this week, additional video of him was released with the hopes someone would recognize him. he told police he ditched his white jacket and sold his hat to avoid arrest. today's springtime snow is
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moving out. now we are bracing for that freeze. michelle? >> that's going to be a cold night. temperatures into the 20's we're tracking spring like weather. we'll look at your 7 day coming up.
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in the race for the white house, donald trump is taking a short break from the campaign trail. several other candidates trying to woo voters in new york. that delegate rich primary is a week from tuesday. bernie sanders is projected winner of today's democratic caucus in wyoming. he picked up 56% of the vote, compared to 44% for hillary clinton. nbc's chris pelon has more. >> we just won wyoming. >> reporter: fresh off a projected victory over hillary
6:28 pm
clinton nin the wyoming caucus, bernie sanders is campaigning in new york. touting to supporters the wave of momentum he's riding even though he hasn't done much to narrow the delegate lead. the polls and voters are now on his side he says. >> i think it is fair to say that this campaign has the momentum. >> reporter: pundits say the delegate mass isn't in sanders' favor. he insists new york could turn it around. >> if we can win here, it absolutely opens the door to a path toward victory to the white house. >> reporter: on the republican side ted cruz appears posed to pick up delegates in colorado. speaking to the delegates there, cruz running second in total delegates to donald trump, slammed the front runner in his favorite slogan. >> it's easy to talk about making america great again. you can print that on a base
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ball cap. >> reporter: john kasich makes no bones about the fact his hopes for winning the republican nomination rests on being selected as a brokered convention. he spoke to reporters after a campaign stop in rochester new york. >> we're going to a convention which i said a month ago and they laughed. we're going to a convention and then they'll decide who can win in the fall and who can beat hillary. >> reporter: the race for the white house moving closer to the convention still with no clear outcome in sight. chris pelon, nbc news. >> candidates in both primaries are also paying attention to pennsylvania, pa voters hold their primary election on april 26th. the same day delaware voters head to the polls. new jersey votes in its primary june 7th. to get all the buzz from the campaign trail and check out the full list of upcoming primaries and caucuses tap the nbc 10 app.
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villanova's basketball players did the dance and won the ncaa championship. and now nova students are dancing to raise money for pediatric cancer research. it's an annual event and students raise money all year long. and then they hit the dance floor for a 12 hour marathon. in addition to research, money raised will provide financial and emotional assistance to families dealing with pediatric cancer. nbc 10 is working to bring you continuing weather coverage. check out this dash cam video. you can see the roads are wet and snow is coming down. further north in new jersey, the snow is sticking on the roadways. here are viewers pictures from the garden state parkway. the snow is moving out but we'll be dealing with the cold tonight. >> that's right. the snow is finally moving out. still snow in some spots. it will be all about the freezing temperatures tonight. below


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