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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  April 10, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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expect a warmup. and a live look outside at the art museum this morning, thousands of runners about to brave the cold for a half marathon. what those competitors should expect at the philadelphia love run. and breaking overnight, plan of attack. officials say the terrorists who carried out the bombings in brussels originally planned to hit france. when we're learning about that investigation. very good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm george spencer. it is now 7:00 a.m. on this sunday and we'll start with the unseasonable cold temperatures and the first alert forecast. meteorologist karen thomas joins us now. a cold warning out there for the runners. >> absolutely, george. hopefully they have their hats on, maybe their gloves. i've been saying all morning long, well, just have another cup of hot coffee. but if you want to wake up, i think the cold will shock you into waking up this morning.
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we do have sunshine and we are dry. so there is the good news. but we are about 12 to 15 degrees below where we normally should be this time of the year for overnight lows. we have a freeze warning in effect until 10:00 a.m. this morning. we'll go ahead and give you a look at the temperatures in and around the region. we have dropped a couple of tick up there in mount pocono, at 27 in allentown now. freezing mark in philadelphia. 30 in dover, delaware. 30 in millville and only 29 degrees in atlantic city. we have a little bit of a wind to speak of to show you that the northwesterly flow continues to bring in the colder air, 7 miles per hour in philadelphia. we have a windchill factored into that. so don't even be deceived by the temperature readings outside. it is actually feeling a lot cooler than that out there. breezy conditions later on this afternoon with clouds funneled in. right now, nothing but sun and it is really a beautiful picture outside. you just have to bundle up. high temperature, 49 degrees. we'll go to 52 in other parts of
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the delaware valley, winds out of the west 5 to 10. this morning spring freeze is not expected to stop thousands of runners from pounding the pavement in philadelphia. this is a beautiful live picture of the art museum where just a few hours from now the philadelphia love run half marathon will step off. nbc 10's deanna durante is live there on the art museum steps. a cold morning out there for the runners. >> it is. many of them are wrapped in blankets wearing their layers saying they'll take those off when it is time to start running here. the sun is up, runners are out and it is a picture perfect morning here, but when you step away from the picture and come outside, you see and feel it is a little chilly. now, set up for this has been going on all night long. we talked to people that have been here since 2:00, 3:00, setting up the stages and the start and the finish line. look at video we shot a little while ago of the setup still continuing.
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you can see that people were bundled up in their hats, scarves, gloves, working through the night. and we caught up with high school volunteers, some as young as 14 years old to say, you know, no other place i would rather be on this chilly sunday morning. >> it is cold outside. >> i know. it was worth it. >> worth it, for what? >> because, you know, i got nothing else better to do. >> so students from benjamin franklin high school saying it is important to volunteer. they'll be handing out water to an estimated 10,500 runners coming to philadelphia or they are here in philadelphia, representing 44 different states. this is a qualifying run, so these runners can go on and compete in new york and boston as well. and if you're going to be out in the city today, keep in mind they're going to be some road closures around this area. more than 13 miles. runners will step off at the oval and come around into strawberry mansion, to center city, coming to mlk drive there,
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those main areas will be closed until 10:30. this whole area is expected to open up 12:30. take your time, if you're heading out, and enjoy the heat inside your house. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. new from overnight, a man is dead after being shot outside a nightclub in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. police say the 26-year-old man was shot in the chest outside the nivel nightclub. it happened around 2:45 this morning and there are no arrests. meantime, philadelphia police are trying to determine whether robberies at two 7-eleven stores are connected. they happened within half an hour of each other around 1:30 this morning robbers pistol whipped a worer at the frankfurt avenue store. they took cash and cigarettes. half an hour later around 2:00 a.m. an employee was pistol whipped inside a store at bridge and thompson streets in bridesburg. investigators are working with that store to confirm exactly what was stolen.
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so far there have been no arrests. and off duty philadelphia police officer shot and killed a robbery suspect and this morning investigators believe that shooting was justified. the officer intervened when the suspect was robbing an elderly man at broad and chew streets in olney neighborhood. investigators say the officer yelled at the suspect to put down his gun. the two men exchanged words and police say the man refused to drop his weapon. the officer shot the man and he died at the hospital. tomorrow, a jury will continue deliberations in the case of two philadelphia police officers who were charged with beating a suspect. officer shawn mcknight and kevin robinson allegedly beat a man during a 2013 traffic stop. prosecutors say najeh rivera was attacked for no reason after he was mistaken as a drug courier. surveillance video found by his
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girlfriend shallegedly shows th officers beating rivera. community groups in burlington county honor police officers who had been killed in the line of duty. nbc 10 was in dell ran yesterday where dozens of people came together to release balloons for officers who made the ultimate sacrifice. sacrifice of keeping their community safe. >> you know, we always pray for our fallen police officers and people who have gone before us. what we do with the balloons welcome he send them off, we let them know we have not forgotten them. we care a lot about them. >> participants say they want area police officers to know the neighbors appreciate what they do. this morning, there are new developments overseas in that brussels bombing. they say the initial plan was to hit france. we'll tell you about the information that officials are
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now getting out of the suspects. plus, tragedy in india, dozens are killed after a celebration takes a deadly turn. what we're learning about that incident and its cause. and bullets fly after a fender bender. now a former nfl player is dead in an apparent case of road rage. what police say happened next.
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good sunday morning. i'm meteorologist karen thomas. well, we did have some slippery spots out there this morning on the roadways. but by now most everything is dry on the roads. we do have some black ice earlier this morning. i would say still take some caution on the secondary roads, just because anything that was on those roads has frozen. we're still at the freezing mark. so driving out early this morning, want to be on heightened alert there. freeze warning until 10:00 a.m. this morning. temperatures outside not rebounding too quickly. 27 in allentown. 20 degrees in the poconos. only 29 in atlantic city. 27 degrees in wilmington. a northwesterly wind now, 7 miles per hour in philadelphia. 10 miles per hour in wildwood, 12 in atlantic city. with that wind out of the northwest, factored in, we have a windchill out there. you want to bundle up. that's the name of the game this morning. sun and clouds across the region today. breezy conditions and we're looking for a high temperature
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in philadelphia of about 49 degrees. 52 in the outer lying suburbs. we'll be happy to get to that for sure. plenty of sunshine on tap and we should remain dry, giving a chance for any snow that was left behind on the grassy surfaces to just sort of melt away hopefully. saying good-bye to snow and winter and we will be saying hello to spring-like temperatures. i'll be back with the forecast, seven-day forecast to let you know when we will warm up in just a bit. the only woman on the fbi's most wanted list is now in custody. >> after i heard that she's been captured, it was like the weight of the world came off my shoulders. >> how a crime of passion turns a woman into a wanted fugitive. plus, dropping tracks on house arrests. we'll explain how meek mills is making music while being punished. find fantasy shows.
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new this morning, we're learning the terror group that bombed brussels originally planned a second attack on france. that information comes after the arrest of terror suspect mohamed abrini. he admitted to being the man in the hat who was seen with two of the brussels bombers at the airport. prosecutors say the terrorists rushed the brussels attack after realizing they were close to being caught. abrini was also seen on security footage with one of the paris attackers just two days before that terror spree. now to a developing story out of southern india. a massive fire leaves more than 100 people dead at a hindu temple.
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this is new video coming up of the explosion right there that started the fire. it happened during an illegal fireworks show. thousands were packed into the temple complex when the big explosion happened. that blaze then quickly spread throughout the temple and trapped people inside. most of the 102 people who died perished when the bulling where the fireworks were stored began collapsing. more than 200 other people are also hurt. five people including two toddlers are dead after a head on crash on a california highway. police say a vehicle lost control in sacramento. four other people suffered minor injuries. in san francisco, police are looking for a 2-year-old girl whose mother was found dead of an apparent homicide. ariana fitz has not been seen since february. her mother was reported missing just a week ago and the mother's body was then found on friday.
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police are not saying where she was found or how she died. former new orleans saints defensive end will smith is dead after police say he was shot and killed during an apparent road rage incident. it happened in new orleans late last night. investigators say smith's car was rear-ended. he got out of the vehicle and exchanged words with another driver who pulled out a gun and shot him. smith's wife was also shot. will smith played nine seasons with the saints and is scheduled to be inducted into the team's hall of fame this year. and the only woman on the fbi's most wanted list is now in custody in mexico. brenda delgado is accused in the murder for hire of a texas dentist. police say she was jealous that her ex-boyfriend was dating kendra hatcher. delgado was nabbed in northern mexico after more than six months on the run. days after being named to the most wanted list. delgado is accused of hiring
7:18 am
christopher love to murder hatcher. he was arrested just days after that killing. philadelphia rapper meek mill has a new song out even though he's on house arrest. the hip-hop star is serving 90 days for violating parole and the judge had ruled he couldn't work during that time. according to tmz, the judge has since spelled out the conditions in more detail. meek was allowed to release drake's song summer 16 as long as it was on free platforms such as youtube and sound cloud. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> all right, we'll go ahead and look at your weather headlines and get a handle on the crazy weather we had this weekend. we still have this freeze warning in effect until 10:00 a.m. this morning. we are checking the forecast for tomorrow. philly's home opener, all important start to our baseball season, right? and then when can we expect the
7:19 am
spring-like weather to be here? we did have a taste of it a couple of weeks ago with temperatures in the 70s. but that isn't the case today. right now we're starting out at the freezing mark officially at philly international airport with some sunshine, winds out of the northwest at 7, very cold outside right now. especially further north you go, 20 degrees up in the poconos. maybe to the west, we're in the 20s. 29 degrees in atlantic city right now. we got a 20 mark in wilmington. 27 degrees, 30 in millville, new jersey. 30 in glassboro. we have a northwesterly wind that is just continuing to funnel in. breezy conditions and colder air. 70 mi miles per hour now, our w speed. factor that into our cold temperatures out there and this is what it feels like outside now. if you have to head out you want to boundle up for sure. heading out, not a problem. we will be dry. we have sunshine and blue skies,
7:20 am
so it looks like it should be spring, but it is feeling look a whole different picture out there. satellite radar showing us that we are in the clear for now. sunshine, cold start, but then future weather showing us as we get closer to the evening hours, we expect the clouds to be funneling in. and then overnight tonight clouds rolling in and thickening for tomorrow's sunshine. but then spotty stray shower possible later on in the afternoon and then that front moves through the area monday night into tuesday. so have the umbrellas handy for late tomorrow afternoon. phillies game doesn't look like a wash by any stretch, but cloudy, cloud cover for sure, but then have the umbrellas for tuesday, likely that will get a sprint or two on tuesday. sun and clouds for today. we'll be dry, give the chance for some of that snow that is left behind on the grassy areas north and west of philadelphia to sort of get out of here, right? and be gone with winter maybe. 49 to 52 for high temperatures across the region. we'll go ahead and check the
7:21 am
seven-day forecast for you. we will bump up to 6 degrees tomorrow. we'll have limited sunshine, possibly a passing shower. possibly a shower on tuesday. but then we dry out and our temperatures moderate back to where we should be this time of year. not doing too badly by the end of the week. i'll take sunshine and 66 on saturday. >> yes, me as well. thanks, karen. next, using the force, we'll tell you about the latest honors for "star wars" as that popular flick continues to rake in trades throughout the galaxy. plus, mailing it in. we'll explain what is happening today with the price of postage that has not happened in nearly a century.
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well, apparently the force
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is strong with tv viewers. star wars the force awakens took the top prize at the mtv movie awards last night. that was hosted by two philadelphia area celebrities. kevin hart and dwayne "the rock" johnson who graduated from freedom high school in bethlehem. you can see them both win the movie awards air tonight. this morning, secretary of state john kerry arrived in japan along with foreign ministers of other g-7 nations. u.s. ambassador caroline kennedy greeted kerry. he and the ministers will hold talks in hiroshima. also take a tour of that city, which was devastated by a u.s. atomic bomb near the end of world war ii. president obama could become the first u.s. president to visit hiroshima. the washington post reports white house aides are exploring a presidential side trip during the g-7 summit next month. one administration official suggested the president could deliver a speech on doing away
7:26 am
with nuclear weapons. starting today, it is less expensive to mail a letter. a regular stamp now costs 47 cents. that's down two cents. the reason, a temporary rate increase which was granted to the u.s. postal service in 2014 and expired today. international letters go down five cents and a post card will be a penny cheaper. this morning, we're dealing with a spring freeze. nbc 10's deanna durante is live at the philadelphia museum of art where thousands of runners are getting ready to brave that cold. deanna? >> reporter: for them to warm up they need to be moving a lot. take a look as the runners will be taking their mark in the next half hour. we're live with the latest coming up. all right, definitely a spring freeze. we have very, very cold temperatures, deanna was showing us out there. plenty of sunshine. the question is, will it help to warm us up? we got a freeze warning in
7:27 am
effect for another couple of hours. i'll be back with the answer to that question. i know a lot of folks in and around the area, they want to be on this beach, feeling like springtime. i'll let you know after the break. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves?
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this is nbc 10 news. >> spring freeze. yesterday it was the snow. this morning it is all about the cold. we'll tell you when you can finally expect a warmup. right now, it is the runners who are warming up for a half marathon in philadelphia. we're live at the art museum with a look at how people are getting ready for the philadelphia love run on this chilly morning. and then playoff bound, the flyers recent game time push lands them a spot in the post season. good sunday morning. and welcome to nbc 10 news
7:30 am
today. i'm george spencer. it is now 7:30 a.m., a chilly start out there. let's get a check on the first alert forecast for meteorologist karen thomas and those freeze warnings are still in place. that's correct, george. i know a lot of families that already put away the gloves and the hats and the snow suits and everything. and yesterday the kids wanted to go out and sled. a lot of folks had to pull that stuff back out. well, guess what, you can throw the winter park why on if you're heading out early this morning. we don't have any snow in the forecast. nothing but sunshine and blue sky. we have a freeze warning in effect until 10:00 a.m. we have temperatures that are in and around the freezing mark, even lower than that in the northern and western suburbs right now. so you are going to have to bundle up heading out. 29 at the shore as well in atlantic city. it is a little warmer in wildwood at 34. 30 degrees in dover. 27 in wilmington. winds out of the northwest at this hour. 7 miles per hour officially in philadelphia. 9 miles per hour up there in the
7:31 am
poconos. little stronger down along the shoreline. so factor that in with the really cold temperatures and this is what it feels like outside. so single digits up in the poconos, feels like 19 in allentown. i guess they could be making snow with this sort of temperature reading for the day. i don't know. then where do we go, right? tomorrow, when we warm up with the snow. sun and clouds, parise conditions, high temperatures across the region. 49 to 52 for high temperatures. warmer than this, but want to stay tuned because that is a couple of days away in the seven-day forecast. i'll be back with more on that and the next chance of rain. george? >> looking forward to those warmer temperatures, thank you, karen. thousands of runners are dealing with this morning's spring freeze as they get ready to run a half marathon. nbc 10's deanna durante is live for the philadelphia love run and, deanna, how is it feeling out there? >> reporter: now that the sun is up, it is feeling a little
7:32 am
warmer. for some runners, they'll still wrapped in blankets and coats and holding on to what layers they can before they hit the starting line. the buses will transport runners to the relay team marks and then the major run will begin at 8:00 this morning. you see the area certainly packed with people and estimated 10,000 runners are going to be on the starting mark here in just about half an hour. look at some video we shot a little while ago. shows some of the setup, people out here 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, setting up the finish line, the start line, the catering trucks and we talked to some runners who were here nice and early. they were surprised how cold it was. >> just for fun, something we do together. stay in shape. >> did you think it would be warmer? >> absolutely, yeah. thought middle april it would be above freezing. >> does that make this morning harder or easier? >> little harder. just dealing with the cold, more
7:33 am
clothing. >> reporter: now race organizers tell us that runners actually prefer a little more chill. after all, it could be july, could be 90 degrees. but i think some would take the 50 or 60 degree range versus what we have here today. now, the race begins at 8:00 a.m. a lot of road closures in the area. this is a half marathon. more than 13 miles. the runners take their marks here on the north side of the oval. they'll take off through center city and end up through strawberry mansion, come down to the art museum area. you'll see road closures. the strawberry mansion bridge will have a lot of runners on it. if you're heading out, keep in mind those roads could be shut down, have runners on them until 10:30. this area here should be opened up fully around noon, 12:30. reporting live at the art museum, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. new this morning. check out the damage to this home in bucks county. a vehicle smashed right into that house on monroe avenue in bensalem around 5:30 this morning.
7:34 am
multiple police and firefighters responded to the scene, there are no reports of any injuries yet. but there is certainly as you can see a lot of damage to that house. also new from overnight, two philadelphia 7-eleven stores were robbed within just half an hour of each other. and now police are trying to figure out whether those two robberies are connected. the first one happened around 1:30 this morning at the store on frankfurt avenue in holmesburg. the second around 2:00 a.m. in bridesburg. both those cases the robbers pistol whipped a worker. so far there are no arrests. a man is dead after being shot outside a nightclub in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. police say the 26-year-old man was shot in the chest outside of the nivel nightclub on b street and allegheny avenue. it happened around 2:45 this morning. there are no arrests. and an off duty philadelphia police officer shot and killed a robbery suspect and this morning
7:35 am
investigators believe that shooting was justified. that officer intervened while the suspect was robbing an elderly man at broad and chew streets. investigators say the officer yelled at the suspect to put down his gun. the two men exchanged words and police say the man refused to drop his weapon. >> at that point, the suspect turns toward the the officer, the officer engages him, i believe, there is a discharge at that point in time the suspect then fled southbound on park avenue toward chew. >> the suspect was shot in the stomach and collapsed after running away. he died just a short time later in the hospital. now, from our lehigh valley bureau, we're working to get more information on a car crash that killed a 3-year-old child in lehigh county. nbc 10 was on the scene in hanover township yesterday. two cars collided on weaversville road and you can see how severe the damage was.
7:36 am
police say the impact of that crash threw the toddler from one of the cars. there is no word yet on the condition of the drivers or on what caused that accident. one week ago today, an amtrak train collided with a backhoe killing two workers. and amtrak is now retraining workers on basic safety rules. investigators are expected to issue a report on what they found in just the next few days. the federal railroad administration told amtrak to go over track safety and communication protocols. experts believe that is an indication that the two workers never even realized that the track had been reopened to train traffic. happening today, septa is making permanent schedule changes for regional rail riders. the airport line will no longer stop in west trenton. chestnut hill east and media l trains being run on saturday and sunday, but at new times. service will also be earlier on
7:37 am
the lansdale doylestown line and the paoli thorn dale line. more changes, you can check out for yourself on our website at the flyers are returning to the stanley cup playoffs. the orange and black clinched a wild card spot by beating pittsburgh at the wells fargo center and a game you saw here on nbc 10. right winger wayne simmonds scored twice in the flyers 3-1 victory. goalie steve mason stopped 18 out of 19 shots. impressive performance. the flyers are back in the post season after missing last year. they open the playoffs in washington wednesday night. tonight, the flyers will wrap up their regular season on long island. next, a clean sweep for ted cruz. how the presidential hopeful's weekend performance in colorado placed him in the race for the
7:38 am
white house.
7:40 am
winners are showing up all over pennsylvania. and with more than 500,000 winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today! in decision 2016, ted cruz scores a sweep in colorado. and gained some ground in the republican race for president. last night the texas senator won all 13 delegates up for grabs at a state convention there.
7:41 am
aides to donald trump say they expected to lose in colorado. trump still leads cruz by about 200 delegates in the fight for the gop nomination. meantime, in the democratic race, bernie sanders won the wyoming caucus yesterday. the vermont senator got 56% of the vote compared to hillary clinton's 44%. nbc 10 news showed clinton still leading sanders by more than 200 pledged delegates. and the presidential candidates are now focused on new york, which holds its primary a week from tuesday. the two democrats campaigned in new york city yesterday. >> if we can win here, it absolutely opens the door to a path toward victory for the white house. >> we are on the path to the nomination. but i need -- i need to win big here in new york. >> on the remember side, ted cruz was in virginia trying to pick up three unbound delegates there. john kasich was in upstate new
7:42 am
york repeating his claim that winning the gop nomination hinges on an open national convention. now in our region, pennsylvania and delaware will hold their primary elections on april 26th. new jersey primary voters go to the polls on june 7th. and chuck todd will have a closer look at the presidential race during this morning's "meet the press." in just a few minutes, we'll head to washington washington to check in with chuck and get a preview of what he's working on for today's show. >> checking our forecast, we're in a spring freeze for sure. no snow today. but really, really cold temperatures on tap this morning. will we warm up? the big question when we will warm up, right? stay tuned. i'll have your full forecast after the break.
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7:46 am
and in center city, it is the last day of the philadelphia furniture show. 75 wood workers, furnituremakers, weavers and potters will show off their work at the 23rd street armory in center city. that show is open today from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and today endurance will be the key for the love run philadelphia half marathon. you're looking live at the art museum area. that event will start at eekens oval in a few minutes after 8:00 this morning. some 10,000 runners will race through the city and along the schuylkill river to the finish line back at eakins oval. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and if we're talking about endurance, we're going to need to endure a little bit more winter-like temperature feel out there until we start to feel like spring. for now, freeze warning in effect for another couple of hours until 10:00 a.m. we're checking the forecast for tomorrow, philly's home opener
7:47 am
and when are we going to have the mild temperatures back in the forecast. a lot of folks want to know is this really spring? it is feeling like a freezing winter-like temperature outside, officially 32 degrees with sunshine, winds out of the northwest at 7 miles per hour. but check ow the temperature readings now. not really warming up too quickly this morning. 29 degrees in trenton. 30 in mount holly. 29 in atlantic city. 27 degrees right now wilmington. and 30 millville, 30 glassboro. northwesterly flow that continues to funnel in the cooler air. 7 miles per hour. little stronger down there in wildwood. 14 miles per hour. 12 in atlantic city. so we factor that in with the temperatures, and this is what it feels like outside. if you haven't ventured out yet, maybe not picking up on the run, the love run that is happening in philadelphia, all right, well, just have another cup of hot cocoa or hot coffee because it is cold enough out there, stay inside for a little while,
7:48 am
anyway. freeze warning in effect until 10:00 a.m. we have the bright sunshine and the blue skies. it is a sneak effect there, making it feel like spring or look like spring, but doesn't feel like it, i should say. sunshine for now, clouds thickening later on this afternoon. future weather showing that we do have some precip coming into the picture for tomorrow. maybe a passing shower in the afternoon. we have philly's home opener 3:00. bring the umbrellas. i don't think it will be a big problem. front moves through monday night to tuesday, though. we could have a better shot of some shower activity on tuesday. so heading out for school, heading out for work, may want to bring along the umbrellas for tuesday. sun and clouds the call today. breezy conditions, 49 to 52. high temperature. that is still below where we should be this time of year at about 62 degrees. we'll get there. 49 for a high today. 60 with limited sunshine tomorrow. possibility of shower activity on tuesday, but look at this, we
7:49 am
dry out, plenty of sun, in time for the big run with the phillies all week long and then back to average by the end of the week. look at that, 66 with sun for next weekend. looking pretty good, george. >> we'll take it after what we had this weekend. thank you very much, karen. it is now just a few minutes before the start of the "today" show. sheinelle jones and craig melvin join us live from new york with a look at what they are working on. good morning, guys. >> hey, george, good to see you. >> good morning. coming up on sunday morning on "today," breaking news about one of the main suspects in the brussels terror attacks. he's now officially charged and prosecutors say the terrorists were planning to attack france again. we're live with the new developments. also ahead this morning, it has been two days now since pope francis' document the joy of love was released. so how are catholics feeling about its message this morning? and we are all about golf. the latest from the masters where jordan spieth is hoping to hold his lead and we'll introduce you to two brothers
7:50 am
who are really putting the fun in golf with incredible trick shots. >> those stories and a whole heck of a lot more we get started on a sunday morning here on "today." >> thank you so much. see you in ten minutes. >> okay. >> thanks, george. in decision 2016, polls suggest new york could be a done deal for both sides of the presidential race. how come the front-runners are campaigning there like there's no tomorrow? the top issue on this morning's edition of nbc's "meet the press." now for a preview is moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. good morning to you, chuck. >> good morning, george. >> chuck, first we want to start with the democrats. this race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders really taking it up a notch this past week. how much of a must win is new york state for the two candidates? >> enormous for both of them. bernie sanders could pull the upset, he can make this case that it would reset the race. he can make a case that hillary clinton is struggling to unite
7:51 am
the democratic party. this would be a -- first time sanders would have won essentially a state that hillary clinton should have won, that looks luke a state that is a hillary clinton state, a state she's won twice as a u.s. senator. she beat barack obama in the presidential primary by double digits here in 2008. so it is a state she should win rather handily. so that's why it is -- there is no path for sanders to win this nomination without pulling a big upset like this. and it really is -- this might be his last chance to pull the type of upset he needs to pull this off. i think that's why you have this added tension that is in the air on the democratic side. >> so important to both sides. and then on the republican side of this race, donald trump, a lot of people talk ing about this, hiring a new consultant amid whispers of disarray inside the campaign. is this designed to sort of head off that delegate cherry picking that has been happening by ted cruz? >> well, that's exactly what this is a response in, ted cruz is, you know, we were noting this week, this past week that
7:52 am
tuesday had been the big days in this race, right. that's when the voting is happening. now, it is -- the saturdays and sundays that matter more. that's when the state conventions get held to pick the actual individuals who will go to cleveland, and participate in this process and that's where cruz is youthustling and outmaneuvering trump. we'll see if he has time to get this new team and system in place to pull this off. >> definitely an extended primary election season. "meet the press" moderator chuck todd. chuck, thank you very much for being with us this morning. >> you got it. >> donald trump's in convention manager paul manafort and democratic white house candidate bernie sanders will be chuck's guests on nbc's "meet the press" coming your way this morning at 10:30, here on nbc 10.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
in baseball, the phillies picked up their first win of the season against the mets. they wrap up their series this afternoon in new york. and then they return to south philadelphia for the home opener. here say live look at the bank where the phils host the san diego padres tomorrow afternoon. and philadelphia police officer who was ambushed on the job several months ago will throw out the first pitch of that game. officer jessy hartnett was shot three times in the arm during an attack in january. since then he's had several surgeries. he is still recovering, though, and if you can't make tomorrow's home opener, nbc 10 has you covered. you can catch our pregame special at 2:00, first pitch at 3:00. all of it will be here tomorrow on nbc 10. and hopefully by tomorrow afternoon, by the time things get going, it will feel at least a little bit more like baseball weather out there. >> before that first pitch is thrown out, that's -- all eyes on jessy.
7:57 am
to answer your question, we're going to be a little warmer going into tomorrow for sure. today, though, not so warm as our temperatures right now we're looking live at cape may are in the upper 30s. we're going to get to 49 degrees later on today. sunshine right now, so beautiful blue skies, but we are looking for cloud cover later on. tomorrow, plenty of cloud cover, we do manage to bump to 59, 60 degrees for high temperature. bring the umbrellas along. there could be a passing stray shower tomorrow afternoon. it will be testy in nature if anything. and tuesday looking like a chance of showers. but then we dry out, right now, anyway, we don't have any active weather patterns moving through with precip wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday. and our temperatures will be trending upward. so the promise of spring -- >> we like. and sounding more like baseball weather, which is good. thanks very much. that's all for this sunday morning. i'm george spencer. karen and i will be back at 9:00
7:58 am
a.m. until then, have a great sunday. enjoy the "today" show. katie mcginty knowshool, get the routine. by. her dad was a philly cop. mom worked in a restaurant. then, hard work opened doors. now it's not quite enough. but mcginty's working to change that, helping create thousands of new jobs. she'll always stand up for manufacturing, higher wages, and equal pay for women so opportunity never gets out of reach. katie mcginty for senate. women voters responsible for the content of this advertising.
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8:00 am
. breaking overnight, target france. this morning, prosecutors revealed new details about how the brussels terrorists were initially planning to attack france again. the new information coming from the man in the hat who now faces terrorist murder charges. we're live in brussels. claiming victory. bernie sanders stretches his winning streak to seven after taking wyoming in the democratic cauc caucus. the win coming as "saturday night live" takes a swipe at hillary clinton's failed attempt at getting through the new york subway. >> the new york city subway is the best way to get around. [ laughter ] it's been a while. >> while on the republican side, ted cruz


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