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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  April 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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with the swoop of the governor's pen, certain marijuana will be legal in pennsylvania. kobe bryant gives his fan as final game they'll never forget. and a frosty morning for some waking up in the philadelphia suburbs. here's a live look from ocean city. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. thursday or as you like to call it. >> friday eve. >> let's bring in bill henley with the forecast for friday eve. >> i think you'll like it. temperatures are cold. part of the reason, the winds have calmed down. skies are clear. the humid is running higher which means the colder areas, you're likely to see some frost.
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pottstown, doylestown, millville. down to 41 at philadelphia international but look at south philly. 31 at fifth and wharton. rockville at 36 at the airport east philadelphia. we will see sunshine all day long. look at the warmup. it will be faster than what we had yesterday. 44 at 8:00. a little bit of a breeze, though not as windy as yesterday afternoon. 54 at 11:00 and near 60 by 2:00. we'll be in the 60s this afternoon. and we're less than a half hour away from seeing the sun come up. bright sunshine and your neighborhood by neighborhood weather when i come back in the forecast in just ten minutes. right now jessica boyington is watching a thursday morning commute. jessi jessie. >> we're watching 442. we're starting to see the cars gather as it starts to get under way and get heavy. this way is headed eastbound. the drive time is still doing great from 29 toward that point toward the schuylkill. it speeds into the 60s. no real backups yet but we're
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starting to see more of a push out there. there's some construction on route 252. now, that's closed between yellow springs road and valley forge road for now and route 55 in millville new jersey. we're light here. it starts to get heavy as you head toward the north philadelphia area. vai. >> thank you, jessica. this morning philadelphia police are looking for the drive ore thf gold colored suv with new york plates that officers spotted parked in kensington. investigators say he crashed into the intersection. he dragged the driver down the street killing him. right now the police are waiting for a warrant to search the car and the house. n nbc 10's katy zachry is following that investigation and we'll be back with new inform.
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a fire broke out around 12:30 this morning in a row home on nicholas street. we're working to learn their conditions. the fire marshal is looking for the cause. it's 6:03. by this sunday certain forms of medical marijuana could be legal in pennsylvania. >> all the governor has to do is sign off on it and he said he would. pamela, what kinds of marijuana are we talking about here? >> vie, tracy, the medical marijuana treatments would be available in three ways. we're talking oils, ointments, and pill form. more than 200,000 people across the street would be eligible. >> the ayes are 149, the nays are 46. >> reporter: chose cheers coming from parents and lobbyists as the house voted to approve the measure. they've been fighting for the last year and half to get medical marijuana approved. the law will allow people
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suffering from 17 diagnosed conditions to have access to that treatment. >> it's going mack a huge difference in the lives of so many people. whether it's children with epilep epilepsy, whether it's cancer patients. >> after wolf signs the bill the new law would take effect in 30 days. it will take another two years for statewide dispensaries to get up and running. pennsylvania would become the 24th state to legalize marijuana. wolf expected to sign that bill into law this sunday. reporting live in the digital operations center, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> they'll meet to talk about a plan to save atlantic city from financial ruin. >> there are two plans. assembly speaker vincent preauto wants to give atlantic city two years to fix its financial troubles. a new proposal by state senate steve sweeney would give the city 130 days to make cuts and
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avoid bankruptcy. the city that does that, lawmakers would petition governor chris christie for a bridge loan for the city. if not, the state takes over and christy has said he'll approve a lope only if lawmakers pass a takeover. opponents of a takeover say it would allow the state to break union contracts. also in atlantic city they approved carl icahn's tropicana to manage the trump taj mahal. trump officials say the company will immediately spend $150 million but i khcahn says if th approve it whoenlts be able to invest the $150 million he's promised for the taj. state official have warned lawmakers the road fund could soon go broke. they could run out of money for
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major road projects by august. proposals include increasing gas tax. now to an nbc 10 exclusive video. our cameras were there as the assistant to a bucks county police chief walked out of court. faith friedhofer is accused of stealing nearly $20,000 worth of electricity. police discovered the theft during a fire at her former home in levittown. illegal hookups provide electricity for her appliances, jacuzzi, and tang bed. chief joe wilcox told us he couldn't comment. they found evidence of wire tampering when the utility company shut off power during the fire but the lights stayed on. fire officials say that could have made it dangerous for first respoernds. >> if you think something's secured and unbeknownst to you
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you can get somebody hurt. >> authorities have charged friedhofer's husband with stealing six batteries from a little league owned golf cart. the theft was captured on video. a ruling is now expected next wednesday. >> yesterday sister miller told a judge she can't remember anything about her arrest last november. witnesses and officering testify they saw her driving erratically and that she smelled of alcohol. sister miller said after an event at a bookstore, she went back to her north philadelphia con vent, had a glass of wipe and took an ambien to help her sleep. the next thing she remembers is being at a police station in new jersey. >> she clearly took the ambien for medical reasons. she clearly didn't know about the warnings. >> sister miller says she has a history of sleep walking and takes medicine for an arthritic condition.
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eight minutes after 6:00. we're starting chilly. right now northeast philadelphia, 36 degrees. the wind has died down. looking at a nice view from the marquette lafayette hotel. chill is in the air. cape may in the upper 30s. you see the scattered clouds. you may see some frost. interior areas. the temperatures have dropped down to the freezing point or just near it. just cold enough for some frost to start with. the coldest temperatures, some of the pennsylvania suburb, pottstown and doylestown, but it's interior new jersey that's seeing the coldest. not so bad in camden. here it's in the 40s. pennsauken, here 30s. you could see frosting in glenn
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door. what you won't see is the frost. the satellite, nothing but blue skies and a few thin clouds that are starting to die out. so another sunny day today. warmer afternoon today. 60 degrees for camel back. 61 the high temperature. brilliant sniend. am little breeze. that's going to keep avalon in the lope 50s. when you go inland, you find it warmer. by the ocean, 50 degrees. 63 this afternoon for philadelphia. and the weekend looking pretty sweet. saturday, 67. a really nice weather and a beautiful day on sunday into the 70s. it's a warming trend that's going to continue into next week. we've got the details with the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> all right, thank you, bill. about ten minutes past 6:00.
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it never fails. something happens. >> let's check in with jessica boyington. >> we're seeing the volume starting to increase. everyone's getting out the door by this time. we're watching the lehigh valley around lehigh street. a lot of people starting to make their wi out the door as you can see. 95 rngs we're starting to see southbound delay. we had an earlier accident that's cleared out of the way. we wanted to show you drive times here. 17 now. starting to increase a little bit heading southbound. still watch those off-ramps that are close from 95 northbound. 95 southbound and 95 northbound to allegheny. here's the 42 freeway over the new jersey turnpike. no problems in either direction. that's why we want to have a look now. toward philadelphia we start to see some delays. you can see right around creek road, no problems here. headed northbound into
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philadelphia. vai. >> all right, jessica. low former marion native kobe bryant goes out in style. >> it was a star studed event as kobe bryant played his final game. what he did last night that no other nba player has ever done. plus, what would you do if you saw two strange guys in your home? we'll tell you what one south jersey woman did to scare off these burglars. and she wasn't even home at the time. narrator: why have president obama and vice president biden
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endorsed katie mcginty for us senate? because she's a "champion for working families." katie mcginty will take on the republicans and protect social security and medicare. and mcginty will work for equal pay for women - because families depend on it. for the april 26th democratic primary,
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president obama supports katie mcginty. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message, because it's your turn to get ahead. it is 6:14. good morning. first alert forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. happening today, frontier airlines is adding a few more
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destinations for passengers who fly out of philadelphia international airport. new orleans, indianapolis, and rawly durham are just three of the cities frontier is adding. tomorrow they'll fly to nashville, cleveland, achlt st. augustine. and the transportation security administration says travel is causing long check-in delays leading people to miss their flights. last month nearly 6,800 passengers missed flights nationwide because of tsa check point delays, many of them in philadelphia. the tsa admits it underestimated the recent surge. to speed things up, tsa is hiring as many as 200 new officers each week. each year close to 160 police officers are killed in the line of duty nationwide. >> yeah. in the last several years, departments from across the country have started going the extra mile to increase the
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awareness of the lives lost and the families left behind when an officer is killed at work. nbc 10's deanna durante is live where one department is gearing up for a major ride to send a strong message. deanna? >> reporter: good morning, tracy. in 2012 they lost one of their own when officer brad fox was killed not far from this police station. that's why this cause is all the more important to them. they caught up with the motor vehicles. but the bicycle is what they're doing. >> we're honoring the fallen officer os testify past year. >> every year during police week thousands of officers meet and bike to washington, d.c., together. this year like years past plymouth township police will
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have police on those bikes making trip. >> 80 miles a day. it's a pretty emotional experience and it's very physically demanding. >> the starting point is in reading and they will bike for three straight days. plymouth has one of the largest groups in the ride of bikers but they're also adding motorcycle riders. and the funds they need, it's big. each biker must raise $1,500. the money will fund the ride and go back to the families left behind. camps for the kids of fallen officers is one of the programs. not just for the families but the departments who suffer an irreplaceable loss. something that plymouth knows all about. in 2012 officer brad fox was shot and killed on the job in plymouth township. >> if people were aware of the number of officers killed in the line of duty every year, it's one of the reasons i i do what i do. >> if you want to learn more about the ride gorks to our
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website, the township not only provides the backing but local businesses who have made the donations. reporting live, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> jessica, how's that looking? >> we're looking okay. that's why i wanted to use this camera because normally we'd see a lot of delays at this point. route 202 around the schuylkill expressway. southbound is only a seven-minute trip. if you'rehooded toward the schuylkill expressway, once you get there, this is what it looks like. we're flying eastbound. still a 14-minute trip. still into the 50s. we're not seeing major delays there. we're seeing some delays from mass transit. if you take patco, about 15-minute delays. westbound service is doing okay. that's because of equipment
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problems. otherwise the rest of mass transit is running close to schedule. more updates when i come back in the next ten minutes. 6:19 and it's a chilly start this morning. the temperatures are in the 30s and 40s this morning and it is going to be a chilly one to start with. sunshine will be bright all day long. citizens bank park, beautiful afternoon for a ball game. clear and 41 degrees at philadelphia international. sunshine is about to come up. that's going to start the warming process. so a beautiful afternoon for baseball. sunny skies. 105. game time, 58 degrees. it will be warmer at 4:00 with a little bit of a breeze at 7 miles an hour. not as windy as yesterday. colder in some areas this morning. millville, for example, 2 degrees below freezing. 11 degrees. pottstown, doylestown, right around freezing.
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frost in the suburbs will disappear as the sunshine warms blue bell into the 60s. collegeville, 36. the rest of the area dry and sunny. the temperatures climb into the 60s. the breeze, northeasterly 12 to 18 mile an hour. a warmer afternoon. 66 degrees. it's warming trend that continues for your the weekend. sunny, saturday, 67. 41 in the morning on sunday. add 30 to that in the f an. a high of 71. even warmer monday afternoon. 78 degrees. partly sunny. a little bit breezy tuesday. that will drop temperature as little bit. tuesday and wednesday. 64, sunny skies wednesday afternoon. >> you're watching one of the
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greatest performances. >> what a way to end his professional career. he's a leading score scorer, third in the history. >> the stars turned out as well. kobe's the only one to score 60 after the age of 37. still he said it wasn't a perfect ending. >> i mean the perfect ending won have been a championship. that's a perfect ending to me. the perfect ending would have been trying to go out. it felt so good to be able do that one last time. >> kobe ended his career as a five-time nba champion, of course. before he was a future hall of famer, we know this. he was a big star at lower marian high school. he was drafted straight out of high school back in 1996, played
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his entire 20-year career with the lakers. i told you i interviewed him right here 20 years ago. h left his sunglasses. his older sister natalia came to pick up his glass. he didn't drive. there's now more than 160 likes, loves, and sad emotions on his page. head over to facebook and search for nbc philadelphia to tell us what you think about his 60-point finale and maybe you had a personal history with kobe. kobe bryant's retimer game wasn't the only game making history. the golden state warriors became the first 73-win team ever. they beat memphis and broke the 1995/'96 chicago bull season for wins. they finished 73-9. our sixers only won ten game. keep your fingers crossed.
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donald trump is raising a lot of eyebrows. >> how's joe paterno? are we going to bring that back? >> hear what trump's campaign is saying. plus hear what one witness said is behind this road rage fight caught on camera.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington watching your first alert traffic. these are cameras here. you can see two vehicles over into the left-hand shoulder. over on the northbound side we have a disabled truck on the right-hand shoulder. some things going on there. we're seeing a delay approaching the accident scene with two cars headed southbound. more updates in the next ten or the next couple of minutes but let's get a check on the
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forecast with bill henley. hey, bill. >> a frosty start. check this. jessie, we've got this. the sun's coming up. brilliant sunshine during the day. you'll definitely need your sun glasses to get around during the day today. >> thank you, bill. 43 degrees. right now at 6:27. the quest is on for the cup tr the flyers. we'll tell you where you can get flyered up. and the latest developments in a deadly hit-and-run in port whichmond. we'll tell you what the police are working on as they try to make an arrest. in the last eight years, the fracking industry has spent over $40 million dollars on lobbying in pennsylvania. so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations, all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist it's time for that change.
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i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us. ifbut find it harder and hardert to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes,
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provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few.
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if you're striking someone on a motorcycle and dragging that body 200 feet, we're certain that the driver of the striking vehicle realized what he did.
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>> we have new information this morning after a deadly hit and run. police found the suspect's car not far away and right now they're working on a search warrant. >> how's joe paterno? are we going to bring that back? >> a confusing statement from donald trump. hear how his team is trying to clear it up this morning. >> and you'll feel a chill in the air this morning, maybe even see some frost, but look at the sun coming up from lincoln financial field. >> very pretty. >> very nice. >> mm-hmm. >> welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. at 6:30, let's check in with bill henley and a check of the forecast. >> the warmup is typically right after sunrise. that's what we're seeing now, the glow on the building. 41. we'll warm more than 20 degree this afternoon. into the 60s today. the wind is calm and the suburbs have dropped down.
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this is where you're likely to find frost in the colder areas, pots town and delaware and dover, millville at 30 degrees. but we will see these numbers climb from the 30s and 40s into the 60s and all day long sunny skies. 8:00, 44. 54 by noon and 26 by 2:00. neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast when i come back in ten minutes. right now jessica boyington with traffic. it looks like sun glare snook i don't know if i can see it. it might be here at this point now. it is into the right hand shoulder. it's there, i promise. taking out the northbound side. we're seeing southbound. two vehicles involved right there. a little bit of a slow go. we're seeing it into center city starting to climb up there. right now we're into the yellow, not green anymore. mass transit for the most part is running on time or close to
6:33 am
scheduled. eastbound for patco. eastbound services having a 15-minute delay due to equipment problems. westbound service is unaffected. more updates when i come back in the next ten minutes. >> thank you, jessie. we have a deadly hit-and-run in port richmond. it happened. they're looking for a man who hit a man on a scooter dragging him more than a football field down the street. >> they found pieces of evidence. katy zachry is live in north philadelphia. katy, what's happening now in the case? >> reporter: police tell me once they get their search warrant signed and they expect to have that done right around now, they can get in the suspect's car which they found overnight and get in his house and look for evidence. now, the person they're looking for is accused of hitting and dragging a man on a moitor scooter last night. it happened on lehigh and aramingo avenues around 9:00. police say the person in the
6:34 am
gold-colored suv did not stop and dragged the victim on that motor scooter 200 yards to his death. a few hours later they found it. they have a message about the one thing they could have done differently. even if there's injuries or even in case of faye talts. if the vehicles are registered legal legally if they' remain on the scene and cooperate with the investigation there may be no charges. >> he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. police tell me they have solid witness testimony helping them. reporting live outside the 24th police district, katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." take a look at this. >> this is cell phone video posted on facebook.
6:35 am
we learn that the man seen hit a car without stopping. the aggressor in this video is a man who says he saw the hit-and-run and he tried to stop the driver who was trying to hold him for police. we showed the video to other drivers. >> i might have been in the same situation and probably doing the same thing. >> i didn't see him kind of badger him or harming him in any way. >> when the officers arrive d they tried to break up the fight. no one was charged. we're following a story out of texas. a deputy constable is expected to survive after someone shot him six times in an ambush. police say the deputy stopped at a convenience store and was leaning into his car when the gunman opened fire. police are questioning a man who showed up at a fire station who matched the description.
6:36 am
an atlantic county grandmother is sharing her story how she was hit by a stray bullet that nearly hit her infant grandson as well. >> the bullet hit her foot while she and her 8-month-old grandson were lying on the sofa. witnesses say they saw someone shooting outside her home on franklin avenue. she talked about the close call. >> thank god i wasn't standing and walking around with the kid. thank god i was lying down. >> police say she and the baby were not the intended target. the baby was not hurt. so far they even not made any arrests. >> a homeowner managed to scare away two burglars who busted into her house even though she wasn't there. surveillance shows her breaking into the home. now, dogs didn't scare them away, but the woman who lives there used her phone to talk to the burglars through the security system. the thieves made off with a
6:37 am
lockbox full of jewelry and documents. it's 6:36. 46 degrees. now decision 2016. democratic candidate for president will face off in a debate tonight in brooklyn. >> both hillary clinton and bernie sanders have spent much of the past two weeks campaigning in new york. >> the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. >> clinton held a rally at the community center in the bronx. she holds a double dinlts lead but instead of taking on her democratic rival clinton focused instead of republican rivals donald trump and ted cruz. sanders didn't return the favor in front of 27,000 supporters in manhattan. earlier in the day sanders picked up the endorsement of a union worker representing transit workers in new york. now let's turn to the republican side. >> protesters exchanged words with supporters outside of a
6:38 am
rally in pittsburgh yesterday. >> riot police dispersed the crowd. at one point he mentioned late coach joe paterno. listen to this. >> i know a lot of about penn state. it's great. how about joe paterno? are we going to bring it back? how about that whole deal? >> many in the crowd were confused by that comment but a trump spokesperson said he was talking about efforts to bring back the paterno stay you. you remember it was removed following the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. no charges for trump's campaign manager. the state attorney's office in palm beach, florida l not prosecute corey lewandowski for battery. a reporter accused reporter lewandowski of pulling her away from a rally in march.
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sources say she may still pursue a defamation lawsuit. we've got sunshine and a chilly start this morning. at 6:39. 30s and 40s for most of the area. we're seeing temperatures cold enough for frost. it doesn't even have to get down to freezing for frost. the air tends to be warmer than the air on the grounl. we will be warmer during the day. sunny skies yesterday continue today. in fact, for the foreseeable future, we're going get a lot of sunshine. that's going give us a warming trend that really starts today. it will be a warmer afternoon. it's cold. freezing in doylestown. 36 now in northeast philadelphia. but there it is. bright sunshine and look at that blue sky. barely a cloud in the sky. maybe a few high clouds to find. but not too many of those. and the freeze warning that's in place now and the frost advisory will not be an issue later on this morning. the frost for parts of the area
6:40 am
will be long gone. a few high clouds to the northeast. we'll see sunshine and a pretty good warmup. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast calling for the 50s. lighter winds today. so a warmup for doylestown, mt. holly into the 60s. where it will be chillier is right around there. that will keep atlantic city, cape may, and rehoboth beach on the chilly side. look at the temperature. the temperatures, 62. 63 in there. we'll show you how the nice weather is going to last when i'm back in ten minutes. >> bill, 20 minutes before 7:00. i can't tell whether they're disabled or a fender bender. >> we'll find out. jessica boyington has the answer. jessica? >> we have a little fender
6:41 am
bender around academy road of 95 and under neath all this sun glare is a disabled truck. they're going to help these guys get out of the way. for now no approaching rain. over in bellemare, no problems. a lot of our roads are a little light. southbound to the black horse pike, still a 12-minute trip. some people are going fachlt don't thachlt over in transit. we're dealing with 15-minute delays for eastbound service for patco due to problem os pat co- >> thanks. it's 6:41 and try to get flyered up about the playoffs. >> let's go, flyers. there you. flyers, they're not playing in philly tonight but there's a big watch party.
6:42 am
we'll tell you where it is. plans are set for memorial for ed snooird. everything you need to know about the memorial, we'll have that up next.
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6:45 am
quest for the cup is on for the fliers. >> the team place tonight in washington and it's more than just playoff game for sure. nbc 10's matt delucia is live. matt, this is the first game since the passing of ed snider. >> reporter: tracy and vai, the team said they're playing in ed snider's honor. take a look at this. >> a moment of silence, please, for mr. snider. >> reporter: yeah. several teams held a moment of silence for mr. snider. this was last night's game in pittsburgh. ed snider died monday at the age of 83.
6:46 am
the team has been mourning the loss of their owner. they're ready to go on and ready to win. they've been practicing all week. they almost didn't make it and now a new beginning, if you will. >> the excitement. i mean it's a new season. what you did coming up to here is all in the past. it's good to make the playoffs. it's one thing to do. >> it's the best part of the year. it tees reason why you play hockey is to be in the playoffs and have that rush. it's going to be a pretty good series. >> reporter: let's hope so. that doesn't mean the sports complex will stay quiet. there's a watch party here at "xfinity live!." we'll have giveaways. a giant screen. the puck drops at 7:00. they'll be here on monday night for game three. live from philadelphia, matt due
6:47 am
lucia, nbc 10 news. >> and the flyers are planning an event. >> the memorial is scheduled for next thursday at the wells fargo center. it starts at 1:00. it seems like it's been a long time but we're going go to new york and which ek get a check on what's going on on the "today" show. >> we get to say hello to savannah guthrie and willie geist. it's been a while. >> it has. you don't phone, you don't text. coming up we'll talk about campaign controversies. what supporters at a bernie sanders rally has said plus donald trump's eye-raising remark about joe paterno during a rally in pennsylvania. also the new questions being raised by robert de niro's controversial comments right here. plus anna wintour.
6:48 am
she's going to talk about what it really takes to pull off the met gala. >> who are you goungs to call? al roker's visit to the set of the kwft ghost buster's" reboot. he's the biggest evangelist for that mean ovie on the planet an got go. >> just the music alone makes us bop our heads a little bit. >> a little ray parker jr. in the morning. >> there you go. 6:48. not a cloud in the sky. we're going to see a quick warmup. the wind is calm and most of the airies are seeing that calm wind which means colder temperatures in the suburbs. but with warmer temperatures, it's going to be a beautiful afternoon at the ballpark for a
6:49 am
game today. 1:05 game time. it will be 58 degrees at 1:05. warming into the 60s this afternoon and the winding will be lighter. bright sunshine all day long today. 32 in pottstown. below freezing for wrightstown. this is where you're likely to see some frost this morning. it's going to be disappearing quickly. st. david's and newtown square above freezing. you'd still have areas of frost. we will see no clouds, so the radar is getting a little lonely. the nearest rain is way to the south. if you're doing traveling into blame, georgia, that's where you'll find the rain. it's going to steer clear of our areand and not just today either. sunny skies and mild. into the 60s today. northeasterly winds up to 12 miles an hour. chilly morning but look at the temperatures. 6 f degrees friday. 67 saturday. into the 70s sunday and even
6:50 am
warmer monday, 78 degrees. parts of the area, don't be surprised if we see some 80-degree marks on monday. a little bit cooler, partly cloudy cloumdy. bright sunshine is back. up to 64. ten minutes before 7:00. let's get you to work on this thursday morning. >> you're looking at the schuylkill. >> we're looking at the schuylkill. this is around city avenue wchl ke never leave this part of the road out. speeds dropping into the 30s. because of that accident scene we have a few things going on headed southbound. a little earlier now we have an active accident scene around academy. we're seeing a 27-minute drive time. also watch for that destruction. reduced to two lanes between 16st street and 28th.
6:51 am
i'll have one last check on your morning drive when i come back in the next ten. >> thanks. all new this morning, are you shopping at america's favorite grocery store? >> we'll tell you which one was number one and which one was knocked out of first place. >> plus, we'll tell you what kinds of medical marijuana will be legal and what kinds won't. are you sick of harrisburg politicians
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6:53 am
like steve santarsiero, who will say or do anything to advance his career? he claims he wrote pennsylvania's gun safety law. but the truth is he didn't. there is no law requiring universal background checks for all gun purchases. his campaign even bragged that he passed 54 bills. in fact, 7 years in harrisburg, steve santarsiero has never passed a single bill into law. i'm shaughnessy naughton. i approve this message because i am not a career politician.
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we're five or six minutes before 7:00. the stories you need to know before you start your morning. >> first alert forecast bill henley and first alert traffic
6:55 am
jessica boyington with your traffic but first let's get to katy zachry with an update on a hit-and-run. katy? >> reporter: that's right. police are looking for a man who hit and ran a victim on a motor scooter. police say the 35-year-old man riding on the scooter was dragged by the suspect's car for 200 yards all in front of witnesses. he was killed from his injuries. the person who hit him never stopped. police found the gold suv. they're waiting for a search warrant to search it as well as his house. reporting live, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> good morning. i'm pamela osborne. on sunday governor wolf would sign a bill to legal liz medical
6:56 am
marijuana. >> the ayess were 149, the nays were 146. >> th were 46. an estimated 2,000 people suffered from 17 diagnosed conditions will be eligible to receive marijuana treatments in it will take 30 days after it's signed in by glonch wolf joochl a new jersey ail semably committee looks to make plans to save a city from financial ruins. one city would give a.c. two years before the state would take control. another would give them 130 days to make cuts before the state takes over. also today it's wawa day. in honor of the store's 52nd anniversary customers can get a free coffee and they're expected to unveil plans for a new store in center city, philadelphia.
6:57 am
if you're stopping at wegmans, you're shopping at the greatest grocery stofrmt a survey of supermarketses with done by a company called trader joe's. publix in third. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off at a democratic debate tonight in brooklyn. >> you're watching one of the greatest performances in the history of this day. >> kobe. kobe bryant getting 60 points against the utah jazz in his final professional game last night. kobe, the only player to score 650 at the age of 37. tonight they'll learn the order of those games. nbc 10 is your official station, of course, for the philadelphia eagles.
6:58 am
and today the philadelphia fliers begin the quest for the cup as they take on the washington capitals in the first round of the playoffs. the team is on the road but you can still get together. "xfinity live!" is hosting a watch party for the game. good morning, everyone. one last check on 95. southbound we're watching an accident scene with two vehicles involved into the left-hand shoulder as well. not tying things up too much. they're delaying we're used to at this time. battling sun glare right now on round 70 around kimg's highway. no big backup because of that. we're seeing backups and delays on the eastbound service due to equipment problems.
6:59 am
frosty this morning for parts of the area. not at the ball park. temperatures are warmer in south delve yachl 41 degrees and a beautiful afternoon for a baseball game. 105 game time. by then the temperatures will be getting closer to 60 degrees. right now northeast philadelphia is at 39 degrees. that's actually one-degree warmer. go farther into the suburbs and that's where you'll find colder temperatures and frost. chester springs 30rk. 29 in coatesville and below freezing for pottstown and quakertown. sunshine is right. and the temperatures have just started to warm up. dover, 37 degrees. you'll see widespread frost in the interior of new jersey. it does disappear with temperatures warming up nicely. by noontime. sunny. and then 60 degrees at 3:00 this afternoon. what a beauty. >> thank you, bill. dial the nbc 10 app for breaking
7:00 am
news, weather, and traffic. >> thanks for watching. the "today" show is next. have a great day. good morning. feud over? megyn kelly explains her private meeting at trump towers. >> we met for about an hour, just the two of us, and had a chance to clear the air. >> is a trump-kelly face to face in the near future? while bernie sanders turn out in forc and a sanders surrogate raises eyebrows with this line. >> medicare for all will never happen if we continue to elect corporate democratic [ bleep ] -- >> that supporter apologizing for using an off-color term as sanders and clinton get ready for their new york debay tonight. act of aggression? russian leaders down playing


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