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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  April 14, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 11:00, we're following new developments this morning of a deadly hit-and-run that killed a rider of a scooter. police tracked down a car they believe was involved in the crash overnight. nbc 10's matt delucia is live for us in port richmond. ma matt, you've been looking to get more information all morning. >> reporter: no arrests and they're still trying to get a search warrant to go through that car, that suspected car and the owner's house. take a look here, we're at the corner of madison and cedar streets right down the street here, madison, you can see police are still here. they've been camped out all
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night and all morning. now, take a look at this video from the scene last night. this hit-and-run happened just before 9:30 at lehigh and aramingo. a man was hit riding a scooter, he was rushed to the hospital where he died less than an hour later. witnesses tell police what happened was an suv turned right on lehigh, hit the victim and dragged him for about 200 feet. after the victim was shaken loose from the underside of the car, the driver kept ongoing. witnesses were able to get the tag number of that car. and police tracked that suv. they found it parked and unattended here on madison streets, about five minutes away from the scene. one of the big questions right now, who was driving. was it the owner, was it someone else? one of the things investigators are working on. they want that search warrant to look at everything and piece it together, getting fingerprints and dna evidence to find out who was behind the wheel. and again as we take another live look here, i've been on the phone, no arrests, no one has turned him or herself in.
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but police tell us they are certain that the driver knew what had just happened and now whoever that may be is going to be facing some serious charges. for now live in port richmond, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. thank you, matt. the fire marshal is looking for the cause of a house fire in philadelphia's brewery town neighborhood that sent five people to the hospital. the fire broke out around 12:30 this morning at the row home. we're told injuries are not life threatening. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> beautiful day for baseball as we take a live look now at citizens bank park in south philadelphia. that's where the phillies will take on the san diego padres at 1:05 this afternoon. biggest phillies fan i know, nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. >> pretty empressive game last night, huh? >> not bad. pitching is good. >> we haven't pitching like this
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in ages. bright blue sky out there. a beautiful afternoon for baseball although a little bit on the cool side. there's not much wind, so it's not going to have any effect on the game. now, light wind helped the temperature go down this morning down to 30 at quakertown, pottstown, and blue bell, and also in parts of south jersey. 31 in mt. holly. so several places got below the freezing mark, millville and atlantic city. we're going to see similar temperatures for tomorrow morning. we're not seeing a whole lot of difference at night. during the day it's warming up a little bit each day, up to 55. it was 50 at this time yesterday, 52 in allentown. so as we go through the afternoon, about 4:00, 61 degrees with bright sunshine. the wind is fairly light. we'll see when it's going to warm up enough to go into the 70s with the seven-day in a few minutes. all right. thank you, glenn.
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and this just in, major league baseball has suspended phillies relief pitcher dan yuliel stump. the phillies just issued a statement saying they support mlb's treatment and prevention program and disappointed about the news about this violation. and happening now, new jersey assembly committee is meeting to talk about a plan to save atlantic city from financial ruin. the committee will amend and finalize a bill presented by assembly speaker vincent prieto. the bill would give atlantic city two years to fix its financial troubles before the state can take control. once the bill is amended it will go to the full assembly for a vote. an alternative plan was proposed by state senate president sweeney yesterday, it would give the city to give 30 days for cuts and cutbacks. if not, the state takes over. christie has said that he'll approve a loan only if lawmakers
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pass a takeover. opponents of the takeover say it would allow the state to break union contracts. and a ruling in a case against a nun accused of drunk driving in gloucester county is expected next wednesday. yesterday sister kimberly said she couldn't remember anything. officers testified they saw her driving erratically. she went back to her north philadelphia convent, had a glass of wine and took an ambien to sleep. the next thing she remembers is being in the -- sister miller says she has a history of sleepwalking and takes medicine for an arthritic condition. the governor plans to sign a medical marijuana law into the
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books this weekend after the house gave a bill final approval yesterday. an estimated 200,000 people suffered from 17 diagnosed conditions will be eligible to receive medical marijuana treatments in ointment, pill form or oil. tonight, the quest for the cup begins for the philadelphia flyers as they begin their run in the post season. they play the capitals in washington. faceoff is at 7:00. and fans are ready for the next chapter in the quest for the cup and showing their love for the team. ♪ >> just let it in. >> the flyers playoff pump-up video is from a galaxy far, far away. it is a mash up of voices from "star wars," the force awakens.
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you can watch the entire video on our nbc 10 app our at our website. you can still get together with flyers fans in south philadelphia. xfinity live is hosting a watch party for the game. you can watch the action on a 32-foot hd screen. you can also pick up some official flyers stanley cup playoff gear at the flyers mobile store. and you can honor philadelphia flyers founder ed snider at a public memorial ceremony. snider died on monday. the memorial is scheduled for next thursday at the wells fargo center. and it starts at 1:00. last night rival pittsburgh penguins held a moment of silence for snider before their playoff game, but someone yelled out an aenti-flyers comment during the tribute and some people cheered. well, this morning we're getting a closer look at plans for a new wawa store in center city. here's a look at where that store will sit at 19th and market streets. wawa unveiled designs for the store this morning.
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and here's a closer look at the artist's rendering of it. it will be one of the largest stores in the wawa chain at 7,000 square feet. they will have some registers so customers can get in and out quickly. the store is made -- will have made-to-order salads and hand made milk shakes. wawa plans to open by the end of the year. today's also wawa day. customer ks get a free cup of coffee today. we found a bunch of people doing that at the store at broad and walnut a few hours ago. there was even a band came there to entertain customers. nice. time now for a check on the roads with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. hi, jessica, what are you seeing? >> hi, vai. we have skyforce 10 live over the top of a scene on 95. we have a pretty serious situation now, but it is doipg better than it was a few moments ago. we have an overturned vehicle
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here. injuries on the scene of course as well. another vehicle involved. and it crashed into one of the construction signs they have active on the scene here. now, all lanes are currently getting by as you can see this is over into the shoulder right here. just a few moments ago we did have all lanes completely blocked. so we do have a massive backup behind that on 95. now, this is headed southbound, again, around academy road. with the huge backup in place of course you need some alternates especially with this drive time. we're at 37 minutes right now southbound from wood haven to the vine street expressway. now speeds down into the 20s. and you can see that crawl approaching the scene right here as well. your alternate if you're not on 95 already or if you know someone who's not going to get on 95 yet, take frankfurt avenue. if you're already on 95, call somebody on the phone to know wood haven road exit to bristol pike. you can get by that way, vai. thank you, jessica. we're following breaking news where a powerful earthquake slammed japan. the video that just came into our newsroom. we'll show that to you straight
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ahead, plus. >> thank you from the bottom of my heart. god, i love you guys. >> final curtain call on hollywood's biggest stage. lower merion's high kobe bryant puts on the best show in his final nba game. the history making night that many won't soon forget. well, enjoy the sunny stretch of weather. i'm tracking a big warmup. and i'll let you know how long that's going to last just ahead.
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we have breaking news from
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overseas. police say people may be trapped inside homes that toppled during a powerful earthquake in southern japan. this is video just into our newsroom from the magnitude 6.4 quake just a few hours ago. there's no danger of a tsunami. officials say they're still assessing the damage. we'll keep an eye on this and there are also no reports right now of casualties. a deputy constable shot in houston overnight is now out of surgery and expected to recover. authorities say aldin cupton was assisting another constable during a traffic stop. this was late last night. someone came up behind him and shot him four times in what authorities are calling an ambush. the shooter then took off. questioning a man -- police rather are questioning a man who showed up at the fire station that matched the description of the suspected shooter. he hasn't been arrested, but authorities are not currently looking for anyone else in the shooting. meanwhile, about 145 miles away in austin a s.w.a.t. team
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officer is in the hospital after he was shot this morning. officials say the officer was serving an arrest warrant at the time. he is currently listed in stable condition. police say they have a suspect in custody. and decision 2016, the democratic candidates for president will face off in a debate tonight in brooklyn. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders have spent much of the past two weeks campaigning in new york. >> the next president of the united states hillary clinton! >> clinton held a rally at a community center in the bronx last night. she holds a double digit lead over sanders in new york polls. but instead of taking on democratic rival, clinton focused instead on republican rivals donald trump and ted cruz. sanders, he didn't return the favor. in front of 27,000 supporters in manhattan, the vermont senator attacked clinton's use of super pacs and her support of the iraq war. earlier in the day sanders picked up the endorsement of the union representing transit
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workers in new york. and on the republican side donald trump and ted cruz and john kasich are special guests at the 2016 new york state republican gala this evening. yesterday protesters exchanged words with supporters outside of donald trump's rally in pittsburgh. riot police disbursed the crowd, meanwhile trump addressed his supporters. at one point even mentioning late penn state football coach joe paterno, take a listen. >> i know a lot about pennsylvania and its greats. how's joe paterno? we going to bring that back? how about that whole deal? >> well, many in the crowd were confused by the comment, but the trump spokesman says he was talking about efforts to bring back the paterno statue that was removed from outside beaver stadium following the jerry sandusky child sex abuse
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scandal. well, the state attorney's office in palm beach county, florida, will hold a news conference this afternoon about trump's campaign manager. according to politico, the attorney's office will not prosecute corey lewandowski. sources say the reporter may still pursue a defamation lawsuit. meanwhile, trump rival ted cruz says anyone running for president would have to consider former opponent marco rubio for vice president. during a town hall in new york cruz said he has a lot of respect for rubio. cruz said the harsh words exchanged on the campaign trail were all just part of running for president. right now on the free nbc 10 app we have an entire section dedicated to decision 2016 and all of the candidates. we send out news straight from the campaign trail as it happens. it's a free download and you can get it right now. you can possibly still have a takata airbag inflater in your car, the kind that caused
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several deaths. u.s. auto safety regulators say there are still 85 million takata airbag inflaters in the u.s. that have not been recalled. the inflaters can explode with too much force and hurl shrapnel at drivers and passengers. ten people have been killed in the u.s. due to faulty takata inflate inflaters. so far nearly 29 million inflaters have been recalled. takata has until 2019 to demonstrate all recalled airbag inflaters are safe. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, another day with lots of sunshine, no rain in sight. the only folks probably upset about this are those suffering from pollen because you need the rain to wash the pollen out of the air. however, another frosty night across much of the area. some places getting down to 30 or so. we just showed you some of those lows this morning.
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some sunny days ahead. and a warmer weekend. we're finally going to be seeing temperatures jump into the 70s. lots of sunshine there, another bright blue sky, 55 degrees. the wind is still out of the east. that prevents us from warming up a whole lot. gusts to 17 miles an hour. the stronger the east wind, the more the temperature rise is limited because the ocean is only around 50 degrees. 50 in west chester now. 52 in allentown, while it's 53 in mt. holly and trenton. and as we head toward the shore, 53 atlantic city. and there's going to be quite a contrast between inland temperatures and the shore temperatures this afternoon with that east wind. now, we're generally about five degrees warmer than at this time yesterday, so we got into the upper 50s yesterday. we should get at least to 60 today. i'm going for 61, then 63
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friday, 65 saturday, 72 degrees on sunday. there's that wind direction out of the northeast-to-east, and that keeps it from warming up even faster. not much wind today, 5 to 10 miles an hour. the temperatures as you can see into the upper 50s and low 60s, while it cools down at the shore. wind off of that cool ocean. then as we go through the night tonight we go back down into the 30s in many parts of the area, going to be frost again in many parts of the region, especially north and west. and then the inland portions of south jersey. by tomorrow afternoon we're jumping up a little bit more, more places 60-plus than what we're going to see today. but it's going to take awhile until we see the big jump of temperatures into the 70s as you'll see. sunny skies, kind of mild, about average temperatures for this time of the year, low 60s.
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couple of degrees up on friday after that chilly start once again. you need the coats first thing. saturday and sunday, not as cold in the morning and warmer in the afternoon, especially on sunday with that 72 degrees. and we're still going for 78 on monday. some spots could touch 80. and then we're back down into the 60s after that. amazing. thank you, glenn. travel alert. why you might want to show up for your flight earlier than you had ever done before. government warning about more delays coming to screening lines at u.s. airports and the effects on your next vacation.
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modres: the cost of living the pay stays the same. i have to work extra hours just to make ends meet. it's a big struggle. one person that really gets this is katie mcginty. she came from a working-class family. she was ninth of 10 kids. she gets it. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. katie mcginty will protect social security and medicare. that's why president obama and vice president biden support her, too. she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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like steve santarsiero, harrisburg politicians who will say or do anything to advance his career? he claims he wrote pennsylvania's gun safety law. but the truth is he didn't. there is no law requiring universal background checks for all gun purchases. his campaign even bragged that he passed 54 bills. in fact, 7 years in harrisburg, steve santarsiero has never passed a single bill into law. i'm shaughnessy naughton. i approve this message because i am not a career politician.
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well, spring is in the air, and it's going to be a great weekend to be outside. so why not take in the fresh air and celebrate peace and acceptance with the entire family? it is the 25th year of the international spring festival happening in landsdale this saturday. and joining me now is faith, one of the organizers of the event. faith, thanks for being here. tell me how this started and what's the purpose of the international spring festival. >> you know, i guess the goal and the mission of the festival is to promote diversity, acceptance and, you know, have fun while you're learning about other people. >> now, you've traveled extensively, but this is really a great opportunity for somebody who hasn't gone out and seen the world, to experience what music, foods, dances, the culture -- other cultures. >> absolutely. some people don't have the
11:24 am
inclination to travel but they are interested in meeting other people. and you can actually go around the world in one day. >> tell me how this started. >> it started about 25 years ago. we're actually celebrating our 25th anniversary this year. and it was kind of a grassroots organization starting the landsdale public library. >> a group of neighbors? >> no, no, i wasn't part of that 25 years ago. but people who are really keen on promoting diversity started it. and it just kept growing because the area started getting more and more diverse. and people, you know, wanted to have this kind of an interesting event happening. >> what a great thing to do. what do you think will interest people most who come? >> a lot of things. i get so excited when i talk about it, but i'll try to remember all the things that are happening. there are live performers, and we have five stages. and this year we're going to have an outdoor stage. there is an international food court, and there's going to be a health fair where there's free screenings. we also have a lot of fun and
11:25 am
educational kids activities. i think i remembered everything. there is a website in case i missed something. >> yeah, i was at the website earlier this morning. >> yeah. >> obviously we live in a world where there's so much division, so much prejudice and conflict, what do you think is the message you want to have people leave with when they come to the event on saturday? >> yeah, you know, that's a great question. because it's not something heavy or that we want to be burdened with, but that we have fun and you see people who are different or you try some different food or you see like a cultural performance that really kind of strikes you, you learn something that day. you tried something different. and it's kind of how the world is. if you try something different you get less fearful of things that are different. >> over a quarter of a century, have you seen it's made a difference in your community? >> indeed. i can say that just from even our core group that it's been like a family. and we're all different. so i can definitely see that in
11:26 am
our community. >> of course, you know, things like this you need volunteers. constantly seeking volunteers and donations to help. >> absolutely. we have a core group of volunteers, and we do have a website where you can be a sponsor or volunteer your time. we're always looking for help. >> i was at the website. it's a good website. >> thank you. >> the international spring festival is happening saturday april 16th from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at north penn high school in landsdale. for more information just head over to our website at we'll provide a link there for you. also you can check out the nbc 10 app. faith, thank you very much for coming. >> thank you very much. pleasure. up next, playing with fire. what russian officials are saying this morning about this dangerously close encounter between the u.s. navy destroyer and a russian fighter jets. and a wild ride. a man is caught on camera crashing into dozens of parked cars. and wait until you hear who was behind the wheel. biden
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endorsed katie mcginty for us senate? because she's a "champion for working families." katie mcginty will take on the republicans and protect social security and medicare. and mcginty will work for equal pay for women - because families depend on it. for the april 26th democratic primary, president obama supports katie mcginty. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message, because it's your turn to get ahead.
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and checking out our nbc 10 headlines. police have found a car they believe was involved in a deadly hit-and-run in philadelphia last night. they are still working to get a search warrant to go through the car and the owner's house. the victim was hit while riding a scooter and died less than an hour later. and tonight the flyers begin their quest for the cup. the team plays the capitals in washington for their first post season game since ed snider passed away. faceoff is at 7:00. xfinity live will host a watch party in south philadelphia. meanwhile, today is wawa day. in honor of the store's 52nd anniversary, customer ks get a free coffee. officials unveiled new plans for a store in center city, philadelphia this morning. and the company pledged $500,000 to the no more fire deaths
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campaign. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> another cold start to the day, but it is warming up outside. plenty of sunshine out there as we take a live look at boathouse row in philadelphia. waters look calm. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with that forecast. hey, glenn. >> hey, vai. well, if you like yesterday, you're going to like today. and if you like yesterday and today, you're going to probably like tomorrow as well. we're going to continue with this blue sky out there. lots of sunshine. the temperature just creeping up a little bit each day. 55 degrees right now in philadelphia. you can see we're in the 50s throughout the area except for the 46 at mt. pocono. the wind out of the northeast about five to ten miles an hour on average. that helps keep the temperature from rising that much coming off the ocean with the water temperature in the upper 40s to
11:32 am
near 50 degrees. this an example of what's going to be happening this afternoon and into tonight in the suppebu. this is allentown, temperatures in the 50s late in the afternoon and then we start dropping very quickly. by midnight we're already down to 42 on our way to about 30 for the low temperature in allentown. in philadelphia today we're going to see the temperatures go up a little bit above the 60 degree mark, sunshine all day. not much wind all day. we're going to see changes there. 70 degree temperatures coming. we'll see if there's any rain with it with the seven-day in a few minutes. all right. thank you, glenn. right now new jersey workers are rallying for a $15 minimum wage. skyforce 10 is live over the statehouse in trenton right now. and after the rally they'll enter the statehouse to lobby legislators in support of raising the minimum wage as we
11:33 am
see skyforce 10 here. this is a live picture, you're looking at protesters that are outside the state house. the fight is for 15 a day when workers across the country will unite to get higher wages. u.s. officials say russian attack planes flew close to a u.s. navy destroyer in the baltic sea multiple times this week. twice they passed below the ship's navigation bridge. nbc's kelly cobiella has the details. >> below the bridge. >> reporter: the two russian jets buzzed the u.s.s. donald cook not once -- >> over the bow, right turn, over the bow. >> reporter: but more than 30 times over two days. at one point coming within 30 feet of the destroyer. >> coming in low. >> reporter: causing a wake in the baltic sea, a source told nbc news.
11:34 am
the fly-byes happening 70 miles from a russian naval base. on monday two russian jets made 20 passes within 300 feet of the u.s.s. cook. they were back again on tuesday. 11 more fly-byes and a russian helicopter circling overhead taking pictures. the u.s.s. cook's commander worried about safety stopped all operations until the jets were gone. the pentagon clearly concerned. >> the russians are up to their old tricks again. >> reporter: so is the white house. >> there have been repeated incidents over the last year where the russian military, including russian military aircraft, have come close enough to each other or have come close enough to other air and sea traffic to raise serious safety concerns. >> reporter: this morning the russian defense ministry called this a training exercise. saying their pilots executed a turnaway from the u.s. ship compliant to all safety regulations. the russian defense ministry saying they have every right to
11:35 am
conduct their own exercises in neutral air space. president vladimir putin is taking questions on a russian tv call-in show this morning. nbc's moscow team is there. so far no comment from the russian president, but we're keeping an eye on it. back to you. >> kelly cobiella reporting from london. well, the u.s. is now conducting joint patrols in the philippines in the south china sea. defense secretary ash carter also confirms the u.s. will keep nearly 300 troops in the philippines through the end of this month. it's part of a military buildup sure to increase tensions with china. carter says it demonstrates america's commitment to defending the philippines. and police in the czech republic say one of their officers drank too much and crashed his jeep into 51 cars. this is video of an incident in prague tuesday afternoon. no one in the cars were hurt. police say the officer was detained and alcohol test revealed he was under the influence. the officer has already been suspended because he crashed
11:36 am
into another car while drunk a year ago. the interior minister says he's ready to fire the officer. well, those long security lines at airport aren't going away any time soon. in fact, the tsa admits it simply doesn't have enough people to screen airplane passengers this year. jetblue and other airlines are warning the delays could last until september. here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: whatever airport you call home, if you haven't yet been caught in a security checkpoint choke point, you probably will soon. take a look at chicago o'hare terminal 3. >> i think there are not enough people up front maybe helping us. >> reporter: are you going to make your flight? >> i hope so. >> if everyone would look at your boarding passes -- >> reporter: not to be outdone, this is atlanta. >> said you shouldn't have to be in line. this is ridiculous. >> reporter: same story in newark, dallas, even nashville. with passengers sharing their pain on social media. in charlotte the airport
11:37 am
director just sent this letter to the tsa chief complaining of three-hour lines recently. 600 passengers missing their flights, a detrimental effect on customer wait times and a negative economic impact to the airport and the airlines. but the worst may be seattle where the tsa can only staff 19 of 32 security lanes. >> i do fly out relatively often, and it's an all-day event most of the time. >> reporter: now seatac is adding its own staff, even asking for volunteers to help speed things along. >> members of the public that are volunteers, ambassadors, they work with us as well. >> reporter: the problems are nationwide. the tsa had lowered its staffing levels not expecting a sudden record surge in passengers up 8% this year alone. now 2.2 million people are coming through every day. and the tsa is trying to staff up fast, while struggling with attrition and the post-brussels terror threat. >> we are increasing accelerating our hiring, and
11:38 am
we're targeting that hiring for the airports of highest volume. >> reporter: the advice for travelers, not what you want to hear. >> i hate to get to the airport two hours ahead of time, but get to the airport two hours ahead of time. and that's for domestic flights. >> that was nbc's tom costello reporting. now, the tsa is also bringing more dog teams to bigger airports. the agency is urging the public and large companies to sign up for precheck to get things moving, but it costs about $85 to join. happening today, travelers at philly international airport will have a few more destinations to choose from. frontier airlines begins flying to new orleans, indianapolis and raleigh, durham. these are just three of the new batch adding this spring. tomorrow frontier will fly to nashville, cleveland and st. augustine. each year close to 160 police officers are killed in the line of duty nationwide. in the last several years departments from across the country have started going the extra mile to increase awareness
11:39 am
about lives lost. and the families left behind when an officer is killed at work. nbc 10's deanna durante shows us how one department is gearing up for a major ride to send a strong message. >> reporter: it was in 2012 when plymouth township lost one of their own. officer shot and killed not far from this police station, they always believed with his cause, but with his death it's become now that much more important. on the morning we caught up with these officers, they're gearing up for training on motorcycles. but it's the bicycle that has them doing a lot of training on their off time. >> the ride is something we do every year during police week to honor the fallen officers of the past year. >> reporter: every year during police week thousands of officers from across the country meet and bike to washington, d.c. together. this year, like years passed, plymouth township police will
11:40 am
have police on those bikes making the trip. >> do 80 miles a day. >> it's a pretty emotional experience, and it's very physically demanding. >> reporter: the starting point is in reading, and they will bike for three straight days. plymouth has one of the largest groups in the ride of bikers, but they're also adding motorcycle officers to make sure everyone gets there safely. and the funds they need, it's big. each biker must raise $1,500. the money will help fund the ride, but also go back to the families left behind. camps for the kids of fallen officers is just one of the programs as well as counselling, not just for the families but the departments who suffer an irreplaceable loss, something plymouth knows all about. in 2012 officer brad fax shot and killed on the job in plymouth township. >> if people were aware of the number of officers that are actually killed in the line of duty every year, is one of the main reasons why i do what i do. >> reporter: the officers participating in the law enforcement united ride say that they're proud to have the backing of the township as well as local businesses who have been making financial
11:41 am
contributions. if you want to learn more, go to our website, in plymouth township, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. and happening now, the president and vice president are welcoming the wounded warrior ride to the white house. this is a live look from washington. the injured service members are on a four-day 51-mile trek around the nation's capital. i want to take a second here and listen in. >> -- five, six, seven, eight -- [ laughter ] so you guys all prepared? [ laughter ] all right. you going to start off and i'm going to pass it down. all right. ready? whoa!
11:42 am
whoa! whoa! that was a good one. whoa! he didn't get his turn. right back here. there you go. that was kind of loud, wasn't it? [ laughter ] you got to get your turn. >> way to go, guys. good job.
11:43 am
little fun bantering with the crowd there as he sets off the horn for the wounded warrior ride from the white house. it's a four-day 51-mile trek around the nation's capital as they work to restore their own physical and emotional well being. they're also raising awareness for others who battle the damages of war. very nice. he did it in style. >> on his way -- it's a one-point game! >> lower merion's own kobe bryant with a stunning final appearance in tinseltown. that wasn't the only history making basketball game on the west coast last night. i'm tracking a big warmup that's going to last through the weekend and into next week. let you know just how high those temperatures are going to climb up next.
11:45 am
this ii got to see my dad, die on national tv. they don't know what they took from us. people are dying. we need a president that's going to talk about it. i believe bernie sanders is a protestor. he's not scared to go up against the criminal justice system. he's not scared.
11:46 am
that's why i'm for bernie. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. the nba had a big night last night. the golden state warriors did what many thought that they would do, they got their 73rd win last night. also in los angeles, kobe bryant. >> goes kobe! swishes it through. >> reporter: it was vintage kobe bryant. >> he's got another one! >> reporter: in his last game, one final comeback. >> and it's a play, bryant for the lead! yes! >> reporter: a season high for any player this year.
11:47 am
>> a 60-point game for kobe bryant. >> reporter: on hollywood's biggest stage, bryant put on the best show, a final curtain call for the ages. >> kobe's got another one! >> this has been absolutely beautiful, you guys. i can't believe it's come to an end. you guys will always be in my heart. >> reporter: in los angeles, the end of an era, while in the bay area a young dynasty is in the making. in oakland the night was golden, for the warriors it was raining threes. >> curry catches, three-pointer. >> reporter: but on this night, the historic number was 73. >> the number 73, the greatest regular season in nba history now belongs to the 2016 golden state warriors. >> reporter: the warriors eclipse the record held by michael jordan's old '95-'96 chicago bulls. they were led by sharp shooter steph curry. >> another curry explosion!
11:48 am
>> just keep getting better, keep pushing myself, and try not to have any kind of limit. >> reporter: for the sports world, a night to remember. a glimpse of the future. >> 400 three-pointers in a season. >> reporter: and a nod to the past. >> thank you. thank you from the bottom of my heart. god, i love you guys. >> and we love you back, kobe. that was nbc's miguel almaguer reporting. well, fans of some of broadway's most popular musicals are in for a real treat this weekend at the kimmel center in philadelphia. the world renowned philly pops will perform some of your favorite show tunes. the conductor of the philly pops and here with a member of the pops fest kal chorus here to tell us about this weekend's performances of broadway's greatest hits. welcome to you both. michael, this is a wonderful series. tell us what to expect. >> well, we're going to be playing broadway's greatest hits and we're going to be kind of going throughout the history of
11:49 am
broadway going back to visit from the 1920s showboat and from 1950s and '60s up to present times shows right now like wicked. there's over 200 performers on stage for this performance. there's the philly pops, the 65-piece orchestra, the chorus and 115 voices there, and three star performers from broadway. so it's going to be a big production. and people are going to hear all of these great, familiar, through the best songs ever written from broadway. >> i love that stuff. kate, you're going to be singing in the chorus for the show. and you also performed during the christmas spectacular. tell us what that experience was like for you. >> well, it was a lot of fun. i mean, it's a unique experience getting to sing with the pops. we were just talking about how it was a marathon, kind of a lot
11:50 am
of shows, but a lot of fun. really great to be involved with them. >> michael, as a conductor, do you like it or find it annoying when the crowd, especially something like this, they sing along because they know the songs? i'm thinking right about some of the songs that i best know from broadway -- oklahoma. climb every mountain. >> the horse -- >> sit down, you're rocking the boat. i love it -- >> you do? >> absolutely. and i see it happening all the time. at the kimmel center in my peripheral vision i can catch some audience members while we're doing the music, i see them swaying to the music, nodding their heads, singing along. i love it. that's what we want. we want people to be engaged or enjoy what we do. >> what a great evening that will be. you can catch the performances of the philly pops broadway's
11:51 am
greatest hits this weekend. here's an -- there's an 8:00 p.m. show tomorrow night and performances at 3:00 p.m. on saturday. and also sunday afternoon at the kimmel center on broad and spruce streets in center city, philadelphia. for more information head to our website. we have a link at and also check out the nbc 10 app. michael and kate, thank you so much for being here. what a great evening of shows and some afternoon shows you'll have. >> yes. thank you. tickets are scarce, they move fast. >> all right. fantastic. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> day after day of sunshine out there, and also relatively cool nights. some frost last night, the night before and tonight too. maybe tomorrow night as well. we got sunny days in between and the warmup, a big warmup happens over the weekend, especially on sunday. we have clear skies now. it is 55 degrees. the winds still out of the east, which will prevent it from
11:52 am
warming up too much. and that's why we're just gradually bringing up those temperatures as we go through the next few days. and then on sunday when the east wind stops, that will allow the temperature to go up. look at last weekend, remember that? snow on saturday, 50 degrees on sunday. this weekend what a difference. yeah. and lows tonight 29 in millville, near freezing or below freezing reading, pottstown, allentown, trenton, all the surrounding areas, the usual surrounding areas. now, because it's so dry and staying dry, the pollen levels are high and getting even higher. 10.7 today, by saturday it's starting to be over 11. the scale only goes up to 12, so that's about as high as it gets starting on saturday. sunny skies this afternoon,
11:53 am
rather mild, temperatures into the low 60s. couple degrees warmer on friday after the chilly start. chilly start on saturday as well. up it a couple more degrees. sunday, the temperatures jump. and then by monday up to 78 degrees. now, we cool down a bit on tuesday and wednesday, but we could get right back up to the 70s later next week.
11:54 am
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11:56 am
we have breaking news right now. sentencing for the man who pleaded guilty to killing a mother and her three children during a carjacking in philadelphia's tyoga section, he pleaded guilty to third-degree murder, aggravated assault and involuntary deviant sexual sbrous. he had hijacked an suv taking turns sexually assaulting the driver, they lost control and the car struck keisha williams and her children at a fruit stand. the children died that day, the mother died a few weeks later. and this just in, senior members of the championship villanova men's basketball team are headed to wall street. the team tweeted the players and coach jay wright will ring the opening bell at the new york stock exchange tomorrow morning. we'll have that tomorrow on nbc
11:57 am
10 news at 11:00. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day.
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[soft guitar music] ♪ >> theresa: hey, you've been in the office since we got tate down to sleep. >> brady: yeah. yeah, i know. [clears throat] >> theresa: oh, you were looking over those budgets nicole and i gave you, weren't you? >> brady: yeah, line for line. >> theresa: and? with you. i'm gonna be honest they are great. no, they're terrific. >> theresa: really? >> brady: they're doable--yeah, they're rational, they make sense, it's-- >> theresa: oh, good. good, good, good. >> brady: good. >> theresa: hey, but you know we don't even have clothes in the store yet, so... >> brady: it doesn't matter. we have orders. and if they're as beautiful as this, or something like this, you're gonna be in the black before the fiscal year is half over. >> theresa: oh, gosh. >> brady: i'm so proud of you. >> theresa: how can i ever thank you for having faith in me this whole time, hmm?


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