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alliance? >> reporter: yeah, jim. donald trump supporters do not like it. i spoke with a number of them today calling it unfair. they consider it more evidence of the party working against their guy. now, trump, himself, he calls it collusion. he spent time talking about the rivals and told the crowd to vote. trump with a last minute pitch to voters on the eve of pennsylvania's primary. he spoke to a crowd of students and supporters at westchester university taking aim at the republican rivals. >> how weak is that? how pathetic is it using collusion? >> the campaigns have a new strategy. cruz concentrating on indiana. kasich shifts west clearing a path for each other preventing trump to clench the nomination. what conned you this was the right thing to do now? >> my team met with the cruz people and made a recommendation. i think it's fair. you know, in some places, we
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have not spent a lot of resources. >> reporter: stopping in a diner today talking to reporters. trump took a perm swipe middle east a guy who is a slob and shouldn't have press conferences while he's stuffing stuff down his. >> reporter: by the end of the rally, though, he was back on task getting support eers to th polls. >> who's going to vote for donald trump tomorrow? >> reporter: as for that, cruz-kasich arrangement, supporters seem to like it, getting them to this open convention, which is what they need to get john kasich up for nominati nomination, john, himself, talking not just about trump, but hillary clinton saying it's about stopping hillary clinton because he does not believe donald trump can beat her in november. live in westchester, nbc 10 news. all right, lauren, the democrats now.
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hillary clinton campaigned in delaware and pennsylvania today. clinton ripping donald trump for opposing a raise in the federal minimum wage and taunted him as a prisoner of his planes, penthouses, and mansions while out of touch with regular americans. >> just don't fly that big jet in and land it and go make a big speech and insult everybody you can think of. and then go back, get on that big jet and go back to, you know, your country clubhouse in florida or penthouse in new york. >> holding her election night watch party, and sanders in pittsburgh this afternoon saying he could win pennsylvania with a high voter turnout, and in the speech, he took aim at rival, hillary clinton, for the stance on the minimum wage claiming he stood on picket lines with workers. he ends the day in philadelphia. nbc 10 is the place for coverage. keep it here for live updates tomorrow, and the nbc
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team provides you behind the scenes coverage from our news room nbc 10 news at 11:00 is where to turn for up to the minute results as they come in. 2016 coverage continues on the app as well. for results, the latest delegate continues, and primaries and caucus caucuses, tap the nbc 10 app. pennsylvania and delaware two of five states with primaries tomorrow. voters in the garden state head to the polls in months. new jersey holds its primaries coming up on june 7. today, vice president biden appeared in philadelphia, but not on behalf of the presidential candidate stopping by a diner to push for votes for democratic senate candidate, katie. >> we have two good candidates, and i'm going to work like the devil for whomever gets the nomination. >> we went one on one with the vice president today talking
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about the ongoing presidential race and whether he regrets not entering the race himself. one on one with an exclusive interview at 6:15 right here. as far as weather goes, voters could be dodging rain drops tomorrow. our chief meteorologist is joining us talking election day rain, glen. >> yeah. we're talking more like showers rather than all day rain. it's not going to be a total washout. certainly no rain today. beautiful day, nice and warm, 76 degrees in philadelphia. now that's the highest so far today. a little cooler in pa suburbs, and in new jersey, 72, 73 in lehigh valley. 73 in delaware. everybody's in the 70s, right? well, not quite. the neighborhood weather, we can pinpoint every specific neighborhood in the area with
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the wind off the ocean, atlantic city is 57 degrees. summer's point 60, and may's landing is 73. 73 in woodbine, a tremendous contrast from the coast to the inland areas. overnight tonight, it's going to be a warm one. we have philadelphia dropping only to about 60 degrees, and other parts of the area, the pa suburbs, down to 55, and lehigh valley at 53 and showers possible by daybreak. more on the timing in a few minutes. all right, glen. breaking news now in bucks county we've been telling you about all afternoon. skyforce10 live over the deadly crash on the pennsylvania turnpike. it's been causing traffic problems for the three hours. we are live there along the turnpike to tell us how the cleanup is going.
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>> reporter: jim, i can tell you the tractor trailer here is still on its side and mangled car on the side of the road. a corporal with the pennsylvania state police came over minutes ago asking us to be careful with the zoom on the lens telling us it's not a pretty sight. look here, the tow trucks out here, the emergency vehicles because the coroner has not yet arrived and must investigate this fatality, it stay as this way, out on the road for three to four hours. let's get to skyforce10 live above the turnpike eastbound as this is the residual. the backup that's been stranded since the accident before 3:00 afternoon. going on three hours now, and with one lane sneaking by to allow vehicles in. it's important to note eastbound pennsylvania turnpike remains closed at willow grove, and local authorities say the backup is spills into bensalem on to street roads and arteries as commuters find alternate ways home from work, led off the turnpike eastbound.
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back to the video, we do know that the person who was driving that red car is the single fatality according to pennsylvania state police. they have confirmed, but they are not releasing any id. jim, crews used a crane to lift the trailer off the car. the trailer filled with 20,000 pounds of liquid detergent or soap. the driver of the truck, we know, was rushed to the hospital, but the extent of his injuries are not yet known. out here this afternoon, again, westbound is moving just fine here along the turnpike, and eastbound remains closed and could stay closed until about 9:00 p.m. live in bensalem, b.c. 10 news. man was shot and killed right in front of a political candidate on the streets of philadelphia over the weekend. hours later, police say his friend was killed, and tonight, we are hearing from an eyewitness to one of those shootings. investigators say the deaths were the result of an ongoing
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dispute between groups of young men. eric cherry shot around 3:00 yesterday, and political candidate chris saw the whole thing, saw the gunman open fire and over the victim and fire again. >> and i asked my colleagues to get his information, and moments after he got his information, he was shot in the ahead. >> four hours later, elijah ran into this strunt after being shot in the back and died. a 17-year-old boy with him was shot, and he's in the hospital in stable condition. happening now, a community gathers to talk about the death of a 16-year-old girl in a high school bathroom. she died last thursday after a fight in howard high school of technology. students returned to class today for the first time since the teenager's death, and nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter, tim
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furlong is live this evening, and the school is meeting with the parents. >> reporter: that's right, jim. the school meets with students and parents tomorrow and wednesday night. the memorial for amy growing, a ton of e emotion now and people here in the community. they want to e know who is ultimately responsible for amy's death. >> at howard high school -- >> this is different. >> emotions high as flags fly low. >> came this school this morning, a bunch of rally in the morning. li like, i like that. >> reporter: a student died after a fight in the school bathroom. there's chatter on social media about what led to the fight. i checked repeatedly with police and prosecutor, no charges today as they continue to piece together minutes leading up to the death. the medical examiner has not announced an official cause of death. >> it was heart breaking. >> reporter: hillary clinton speaking about the death in wilmington today.
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>> we can't let this go on. we've got to, have a very early age, help our children and then help young people understand that fighting doesn't solve things. >> reporter: tonight, the community can chime dm. >> the purpose of the meeting is to get facts out. >> reporter: brown holding a meeting near howard high. he has the latest information he's able to release. this sort of thing shouldn't have happened and shouldn't again. >> we expect children to leave home, go to school, expect to do what they do in school and come home. that did not happen in this case. >> reporter: now, that meeting with the police chief tonight at stubbs elementary around the corner from howard. open to the public. the chief will not give too many details about the last minutes of amy's life. sunday, family and friends can offer condolences for a couple hours to the family, but there is not going to be any sort of public viewing or funeral. again, that meeting is about to get underway. heading there now so tune in at
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11: 00 for the latest. >> thanks, tim. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, a sudden soap opera in south philadelphia days after a block buster trade by the birds. well, there's apparently trouble brewing. plus this -- >> i made the right decision when our son died over a year ago on memorial day. family wasn't ready. i was not ready. >> opening up about the decision not to run for president. we go one-on-one with the v.p. plus, why an umbrella may be one item to have on hand election day. tracking rain and potential for storms. narrator: listen to president obama endorse katie mcginty for senate. obama vo: katie will stand up to special interests to protect your right to health care, social security and equal pay for women. as the 9th of 10 kids and the mother of 3 daughters, katie is fighting to ensure every family has a fair shot at getting ahead. katie from debate: "i'm a champion, i'm a fighter
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and i'll have the back of hard working families in this country." narrator: endorsed by president obama and vice president biden, a champion for working families. katie vo: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. joe sestak supports a plan that the new york timesfactreported makes cuts to social security benefits. and the plan raises the retirement age. it's true. the a.a.r.p. opposed the plan, citing dramatic cuts to medicare benefits. the plan sestak supports means higher out-of-pocket costs for millions on medicare. any way you spin it, the truth about sestak is gonna hurt. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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so much we can do in this country, and this is no time to cabin our aspirations. america's ready to up and run. >> vice president biden opening up about the race for the white house in an exclusive one-on-one interview today. the v.p. in town to speak sat the community college of philadelphia, and they spoke on a number of topics like if he
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regrets not running for president. >> with the supreme court vacancy center meeting with judge garland, that meeting did not go as you hoped. >> pat's not a bad guy, and there's an awful lot of pressure on the republicans not to even hold a hearing. i mean, the first time in american history we've done that, to not allow a judge have time to consider and have a public hearing. this is taking this function that exists in the congress and transferring to a third branch in government to split 4-4 on some incredibly important decisions that are coming up. >> and for those senate republicans who say they are citing the biden rule -- >> they say one sentence of it. the rule is everybody gets a hearing, everybody gets a vote, everybody gets a vote in the floor of the senate. >> last fall, you made the decision not to run for
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president. understandably based on your family. how frustrating is it to you now you chose not to run for president? >> you know, i made the right decision when our son died over a year ago on memorial day. the family wasn't ready. i wasn't ready we got two good candidates, i'm working with the the like devil whoever gets the nomination. >> you praised sanders for thinking big. did that affect your vote in. >> look, i also praised hillary. what i've said is what i believe. i told both candidates i'm going to talk about things i care deeply about. and the point i was making was that there is so much we can do in this country, and this is no time to cabin our aspirations. america's ready to get up and run, and we should talk about
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it. it wasn't directed at hillary or bernie, but we have to move, but you have to have specific explanations. >> vice president biden there. watch the entire interview on our website at look at this. a popup garden appears in center city. the pennsylvania horticulture society unveiled it on the west plaza of the comcast center today to celebrate comcast cares day. do yoga here, eat, or sit in and joy the open space from now until friday. comcast cares day is an annual event where thousands of volunteers clean up and beautify parks and schools and neighborhoods across the country and around the world. comcast cares day is coming up in statd and if you'd like to help, we want to see you. register using the app or log on to comcast is the parent company. nbc 10. >> now your nbc first alert
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weather with glen hurricane schwartz. >> that comcast garden and other gardens get moisture to help out tomorrow. it's warm out there today. it's 76 in philadelphia. that's the high so far today. 75 in dover. 74 in wilmington and mount holly. cool weather over on the shore. 65 degrees. that is in atlantic city and 50 at the beaches. harmony hills at 75. odessa at 75, and harrington 75, and dover 75, louis 75. again, close to the ocean, it's cold. 62 is going to seem mild by the time we get to thursday. we have high clouds coming across right now. there's no rain close by, and you have to go across the great
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lakes to see of those that are fairly heavy, it's going to take awhile to get here. of the rain is going to be in the afternoon and into the early evening for election day. here's the way it looks throughout the night tonight. some showers way ahead of the main area, and there's the morning rush tomorrow. don't see much on there, most likely to stay dry if we're going to vote in the morning or midday hours. it's later in the day where you can see the yellows and oranges here, potential thunderstorms moving through the area, even with gusty winds. there's some right in the afternoon rush. it's gusty and heavy thunderstorms and it moves out. 7:00, 8:00 at night. it doesn't quite clear out. see the clouds there for wednesday? that may be a little rain in some parts. we're not going to get much of a chance to clear out.
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during the day tomorrow, it's going to be not a total overcast, and like i said, not a washout, but 74 in reading. it 2 in bethlehem, 73 in easton. as we head closer to philadelphia, it's a little warmer, but it's still going to be stormy and sunshine from time to time. high of 80 degrees with that thunderstorm late in the day. we're going to get a possible severe thunderstorm in parts of the area by tomorrow afternoon. that's one thing we'll have to watch out for. look at that. the temperature from 82 to 52 to 56. thursday and friday, it's cold, and for the run, it's still cool and wet. a wet pattern out there. i'm danny pemmells, sitting down with roseman regardsing the report bradford wants out of phillie. that's next.
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i'm backing josh shapiro for attorney general because things have to change. we need criminal justice reform because our prisons are far too overcrowded. we have to deal with drug addiction through treatment, not incarceration. and use our prison for those who are truly violent. and we need to get illegal guns off our streets. i'm joining with ed rendell and leaders across our area in supporting josh. josh shapiro will be an attorney general committed to fairness and equal justice.
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why should we trust a like steve santarsiero who will say anything to win an election? after claiming credit for passing universal background checks for all gun purchases, "santarsiero admitted in an interview that he didn't write pennsylvania's gun safety law." his campaign brags about his accomplishments, but "in fact, he has failed in 54 attempts to get any legislation on the books." we just cant trust steve santarsiero. i'm shaughnessy naughton,
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and i approve this message because we deserve better. that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. modres: the cost of living the pay stays the same. i have to work extra hours just to make ends meet. it's a big struggle. one person that really gets this is katie mcginty. she came from a working-class family. she was ninth of 10 kids. she gets it. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. katie mcginty will protect social security and medicare. that's why president obama
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and vice president biden support her, too. she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. just five days after the eagles acquired the number two pick in the nfl draft to select a quarterback, that apparently did not set well with sam bradford. according to espn, he's requested a trade from the eagles, and will no longer participate in the team's offseason program. bradford has not spoken publicly since, and john clark sat down with the eagles vice president of football operations for an exclusive interview. >> howie, thank you for joining us. i have to ask you, has sam bradford n.ed you guys he wants
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to be traded? >> i reiterate support for sam bradford, going back to the statements of last week, sam, the starting quarterback, they know how we feel about him. the workouts are vehicle tire, and we look forward to seeing sam again in the near future. >> are you worried he won't show up to be the quarterback of the eagles? >> no. i think you talk about sam, what a pro he is, and him and his agent worked well together for a long period of time. he loves to play the game. we look forward to seeing him soon. >> has he expressed displeasure with what happened? >> as a competitor, emotions come into play, making the guys great players, but the conversations we have can sam and the agent based on our relationship, we keep between us. >> more of the conversation with howie in the draft day special. john will be in chicago reporting for the draft thursday at 7:00. voluntary camp continued without bradford. great first day of phase 2 of the program, offense looked
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sharp as ever. a long way to go, but a great start. meanwhile, a federal appeals court took the n florida's side in the deflate gate scandal, bad news for brady. the qb likely has to serve a four-game suspension to start next season. he has the right to appeal. the court ruled commissioner roger goodell had the power to suspend brady. meanwhile, espn reports the lakers will consider jay wright for the head coaching opening. a villanova spokesperson says they do not comment on speculation. the soccer star, lloyd, should be okay for the limpics, out dl three to six weeks with a knee sprain. we'll be right back. do you think when you are president you'll be paid as...
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much as if it were a man- male this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen.
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i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same as the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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i'm backing josh shapiro for attorney general because things have to change. we need criminal justice reform because our prisons are far too overcrowded. we have to deal with drug addiction through treatment, not incarceration. and use our prison for those who are truly violent. and we need to get illegal guns off our streets. i'm joining with ed rendell and leaders across our area in supporting josh. josh shapiro will be an attorney general committed to fairness and equal justice. ready for showers tomorrow. >> and thunderstorms. >> okay. glen, for us here at nbc 10, the news comets now with nbc nightly news with lester holt.
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join us tonight. have a great evening. tonight, joining forces. donald trump calling d cruz and john kasich pathetic for their unprecedented teamup to take him down. > search for motive as a d manhunt continues. e discovery that may explain why eight ohio family members were all executed. > seve storms. baseball-sized hail, lightning, fires and tornadoes. io at risk this evening, and the threat is just > poisoning risk. the alarming rise in children accidently eating these products, with potential deadly consequences. and is lemonade sweet or sour for music fans. beyonce's new album,


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