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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  April 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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showers and storms right here north of the pennsylvania turnpike in chester county in phoenixville right now, and we're going to be seeing this over the next several hours moving to the south. it's this extreme heat that has fueled this. 85 in philadelphia. 85 in atlantic city. mount holly and trenton knocked down to 70 degrees because of the rainfall that's occurred. now, we'll continue to follow these storms and continue to track them and tell you what's going to happen over the next several days in a few minutes. >> all right, glen and the first alert weather team updates us every 15 minutes this afternoon. track that rain using our live radar right on the nbc 10 app. breaking news at this hour, a philadelphia father under arrest accused of shooting his own son. >> police are still on the scene in mayfair. >> as well as nbc 10's monique
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braxton to explain what happened. >> reporter: a 38-year-old man listed in critical condition, and police say he was shot in the left side of the chest near his heart by his own father. i'll move out of the way now to see a truck here. we're in the 3200 block of princeton. police called after 1:00, and when police arrived, there were two offduty police officers and a firefighter, offduty, rendering emergency treatment. they were assisting the victim in front of a fourth here in front of the black pickup truck. >> they were driving. there's a disagreement or argument, became violent, a shot fired, and one of them was struck in the chest. >> reporter: investigators say the father has surrendered. he's handed over a gun. all of the witnesses, two
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offduty police officers and outduty firefighter are interviewed by e detectives over in the northeast division. a big concern here is that two schools in the area, two blocks in the location, were out today because they are used as polling places, so when we arrived an hour and a half ago, the street was covered with about two dozen children so even though there's no question that the son was the intended target, any of those children or adults on the street could have been hit. live for now from mayfair, nbc 10 news. now to decision 2016 coverage. five candidates fighting for your vote, and this year, your picks matter more than they have in decades. >> every vote counts, and if you don't vote, you don't count. >> today is primary election day in pennsylvania and delaware, and we were there as voters cast their all important ballots.
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voting underway now and polls will remain open for four more hours in pennsylvania and delaware. five states in all holding their primaries today, and it is pennsylvania, though, that's been the candidates's main focus because of the large number of delegates up for grabs. >> months of hype over the presidential race, political experts think that high voter turnout will definitely be in place at the polls. nbc 10's ted greenberg spoke to volters. how many people did you see and what are they saying? >> reporter: well, we've seen a couple, and college students from penn and neighborhood residents. workers here also tell me on this primary election day, they are seeing many more younger voters than normal. >> it's really important to have your voice heard. >> she was energized to do that when the 19-year-old penn student voted for hillary clinton at this polling place in
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university city. >> i think, like, people saying they take a stand by not voting is silly. >> cool being in pennsylvania because it's a swing state. >> reporter: her first ballot. she voted for ted cruz, but not necessarily because she thinks he's the best man for the job. >> i try to divert away from trump. >> reporter: we found the rec center filled with voters determined to help shape the outcome of the presidential contests in this battleground state and other key races. >> i have to set an example for my 4-year-old so when she is 18 years or older, she knows i have to vote. >> reporter: turnout appears higher than normal so far is likely because of pennsylvania's relevance in the primary process this time around. >> don't forget the hit the green button. >> reporter: she voted for
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bernie sanders when she changed her mind at the last minute. >> i came in to vote for hillary clinton, but i couldn't help myself. i didn't want her to run away with it like she did in new york. >> reporter: experts believe successful experts by sanders and trump to get new people to the polls could be fuelling today's voter turnout. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. and as voters cast ballots, a new survey monkey poll shows trump at a new all-time high in national polls for the first time. he's at 50%. cruz nearly 26%, and kasich at 17. the democratic side, hillary clinton increased the lead at 52% to sanders' 42%. this poll was taken last week. we have nbc 10 team coverage on the democratic and republican presidential hopefuls. we begin with lauren mayk where
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hillary clinton will be later tonight. >> reporter: that's right. her election night party happening here behind me at the convention center, and preparations are underway inside the ballroom right now, but she is not here yet, spending the day campaigning elsewhere, and bernie sanders started his day a few blocks from here. sanders at reading market with the question of the day. >> did you vote today? >> absolutely. >> all right. >> reporter: following up days of campaigning in pennsylvania at big rallies like this one. this time, with personal attention to get the final votes. >> i think if there's a large voter turnout, we're going to do just fine. i think our message that we need to deal with income and wept inequality in a corrupt campaign finance system is resinating throughout the state. >> reporter: sanders, though, behind in pennsylvania polls and overall delegate count to hillary clinton spending the afternoon in indiana. this is the next state on the
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calendar getting early attention before vote totals roll in for pennsylvania and delaware tonight. >> i voted for you. >> hey, all right. >> good luck to you. >> i have at least one vote, right? >> at least one. >> all right. >> reporter: and despite what the polls have been saying, the sanders campaign tells me they expect to be competitive here. i asked specifically about young voters, young students sanders has been so popular with, they are fickle in terms of getting them to the polls, and i was told that the good weather we have had at least so far today should help. live in center city, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> all right. our coverage comets with the republicans. >> tim furlong is live in wilmington. tim? >> reporter: that's riepght. delaware is excited to be a part of the process. by this point in the primary season, the votes don't matter as much, but here at highland
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elementary school, things are moving at a good clip. state board elections says it's busier than past primaries, and, again, take a look, delaware state primaries and local primaries don't happen until september so today in delaware, this is it. this is the president. you have to vote in your party. this is not a republican state, but there is an active republican party here. i spoke with the chairman here, charlie copeland, says although cruz is from wilmington, he thinks trump takes delaware. he thinks the alliance is too little too late. >> it does sort of speak a little bit of desperation, right, running out of money, so maintain the assets and split, and so i do think that it's likely that trump will have 1237 delegates by the time we get to cleveland. >> reporter: in sussex county, there's a republican presence. you can see people voting here, but as you go west in the
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county, more conservative and those republicans out to the trump rally last week, so back live, all, yes, indications are trump does well today, and a win gets you all 16 delegates at the convention, unless, of course, unless it goes to a second ballot at the convention, and at that point, the delegates flip-flop. watching the delegates here. >> a lot of people watching that scenario, tim. all right. another race we're following, pennsylvania's second congressional district. >> incumbent congressman voted this morning in east falls hoping to hold on to his seat while dealing with federal corruption charges. one of his challengers is pennsylvania state representative dwight evans. he cast his vote this morning at the center in west oak lane. >> i did all i can do. i encourage people get out to vote. >> seniority is everything. i serve on the most powerful
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committee, and you can't see anything in our city in which we have not been able to be helpful. >> we are covering the race, a live report at 5:00. >> another high profile contest is the race for pennsylvania's attorney general. there are three democratic candidates vying for the position. president obama's endorsement, and shapiro with his family while he cast his votes this morning. they said he's at a disadvantage in philadelphia because he's more well known in western pa. they are battling a third democratic candidate.
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voting in wyoming county, and this is the year to be the nonestablishment candidate, and he's the most qualified. tonight is your home for primary day election coverage. at 4:30, we look at poll problems in our areas today, and at 4:45, randy gyllenhaal will talk about the u.s. senator. keep it here for live updates throughout the night. we'll report on air, online, and your mobile devices. we'll be providing you behind the scenes, live vestreams from the news room, and at 11: 00, we will stream results as they come in. in other news now, a 2-year-old died yesterday, investigators are at the home gathering more evidence. she lived with her mother and
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mother's boyfriend. police are calling the girl's death suspicious. >> we have new information in the deadly accident on the pennsylvania turnpike in bucks county. we know the name of the person killed in the crash. 18-year-old kelly o'brian of new jersey. this was yesterday afternoon on the pa turnpike. you can see it blocked the road for 12 hours as police investigated that crash site. >> a 16-year-old student died after a fight in the bathroom. the wilmington police chief says three charges will be filed by the end of the day, and amy joiner francis died last week at howard high school. they are reviewing social media posts trying to determine how severe the charges will be. >> this fire lit the night sky.
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this is video of the swift moving fire that began at 2:00 this morning no one was hurt. >> sky force 10 saw smoke and flames pouring out of the terminal on south warren street. it's not clear how injured the firefighters are. >> slamming into a building, and the accident happened around 10:00 this morning. police say the driver was taken to the hospital. police need your help to find someone stealing packages from a small community. the authorities released this image of the suspect they think is responsible for stealing packages off the doorsteps of homes in wilton's court and
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fourth. >> a passerby, somebody paying attention, took a picture of the gentleman taking the package, going through the box around the corner on the sidewalk. >> if you have information, contact the winslow township police. >> this is surveillance video of the april 11th theft. police say this person who took the package walked away and returned with the box opened. >> police are asking for the public's help to find this woman. >> in texas, indicted former cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel on domestic violence charges. police say a police report today says his exgirlfriend tried to file in january, stopped, drag her back to the car, and hit it. the charge carries a maximum of
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a year in jail and a $4,000 fine. today, rumors continue to swirl around what killed the music legend prince. reports that the superstar had a drug addiction. 57-year-old's death says it was a complete shock because he lived a clean healthy lifestyle. an autopsy was conducted but complete results will not be available. he left no will and asked to be appointed executor of his estate. zblnch overseas 30 years ago today, the worst nuclear disaster happened in chernobyl.
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[ bell ringing ] the blast exposed millions to dangerous levels of radiation. this wreath laying honoring those who died in that disaster. now here's a look at the town that was built for plant workers at the chernobyl power plant 30 years later. the only human sounds are the tourists and not far from the plant, there's a structure that will be the first and remains the destroy reactor.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> now we have some strong thunderstorms in parts of the area. we've had a wind gust of 50 miles per hour in new jersey. the warning has expired, but it's still a very strong storm and it's headed to long beach island. look here, 4:53. that is when we're going to be seeing that storm hit and could have strong winds with that. the other is closer in the philadelphia area, and that one is going to hit the city, center city at 4:30, cherry hill at
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4:40, and there are no warnings in effect right now, so we'll keep track of that. there is a severe thunderstorm watch for the entire area, and you can see there are more showers around, but not a whole lot of them. so nothing going on in delaware or south jersey. a lot of places are not seeing any showers now. they will over the next couple of hours. this whole band moves into south jersey, down into delaware, and that's why 5:00, there may be renegade showers behind this front line, and that's why the severe thunderstorm watch continues into the evening, but the temperature has been knock down many parts of the area. it's not as severe as stuff further south. by 8:00, about the entire area is done with the showers and thunderstorms. we have some amazing temperature contrasts across the area this afternoon. remember yesterday, right at the beaches, we were showing you
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atlantic city, it was only in the 50s. well, right at the beach, 82 degrees right now, a west wind for most of the day, 85 in summers appointment, and summer-like. let's see what it's like a little bit further inland in new jersey. still plenty warm, 86 degrees. to the lake at 85, but look at this, 68. florence, 67. look at the temperature contrast. that's a 17-degree contrast in a few miles. that's the kind of thing we can show you with the neighborhood weather. other areas in the 60s too. 67, and robbinsville not hit by any of the storms, they are at 81 degrees. pretty amazing to see that. and, again, you can get the seven day forecast in your area constantly, not just in philadelphia seven day forecast
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anymore. as we go through the neighborhood, the temperatures tomorrow, look how much colder it is. it's only 63 tomorrow, and it was in the 80s today. in the 80s today. bethlehem was close to 80 today. showers possible in the southern areas, and in the mid-50s. we're in the 80s today. this is a phenomenal temperature drop that is going to occur. the clouds are going to hang in. look at these temperatures. only into the 50s and low 60s, and that, of course, is going to affect comcast cares day. looks to be generally dry on saturday, but pretty cloudy and on the cool side, and on sunday, for the blue cross broad street run, we're going to see temperatures start at 52 degrees, warming to zi60, cloud
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sky, ideal conditions for the race itself and then the rain comes in in the afternoon. the expo on friday, some rain, and on saturday, it looks like it's mainly dry. back with the ten-day forecast coming up a little bit later. >> all right, glen. well food in baby's diet linked to high levels of arsenic in children. >> what product parents need to know about. a new jersey police officer hailed a hero after a 911 call turned into a different kind of cry for help. not feeling the love. dog lovers, all those pugs may not be good for our pets. next, scientists explain why and they have the proof. first, a look at the closing bell on wall street.
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north jersey police officer hailed a hero after stopping a man from jumping off the bridge. yesterday, he responded to the call of a distraught man, and when he got there, the man ran and tried to jump off the bridge. the sergeant tackled the man to the ground, and he was taken to the local hospital for evaluation. >> an hour's long police chase kept people inside in california. wildlife officials and police were after a young bear on the loose last night. the bear scaled fencers, ran from the cruisers trying to scare it from the area. the bear was sedated and returned to the angeles national forest. dog may be man's best
4:26 pm
friend, but that doesn't mean they want to be hurt. >> according to research, they hate to be hugged. >> hate is a strong word. >> sorry, i'll never do it again, they say 80% of the dogs show a sign of stress, including lowering, turning heads away, flattening ears down, and the best way to show affection is a rub or ear scratch. >> my dog turns his head away, and i didn't think it was stressful. >> that's evidence. >> okay. >> we'll work on that. >> yeah. >> decision 2016 coverage continues next with problems at the polls. >> we have been monitoring polling sites for glitches and what was found next. glen? well, it's raining in parts of the area. this is right outside the station. temperatures in the mid-80s
4:27 pm
fuelling thunderstorms this afternoon. tracking the threat and strong winds and hail next in the forecast. tonight at 5:00, a deli puts up police chase, but it's not a crime scene, a goose made its home and new nest.
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tracking possible severe weather that could be moving in the area. a live look here, you can see some of the rain drops there on the camera lens. you can really see what's happening with a live look at the nbc 10 first alert radar. there's red areas there, the ones hit with the strong rain right now. >> let's go straight to our chief meteorologist to find out
4:31 pm
where the storms are moving now and who is at risk of severe weather. >> yes. this is obviously a case where not everybody's getting hit with the storms. as a matter of fact, it's not really that well organized now compared to the way it was about an hour ago and so you have individual storms, one of them, the strongest one is still near the shore, and long beach island is hit hard now, toms river, northern portion, and there is a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for that portion of the state. that's the only warning in effect now. the rest of the loop shows that we have scattered showers moving east and southeast, and the live doppler is going to show we have that one heavier shower right in philadelphia area, and that is moving to the southeast. it's a little bit of lightning
4:32 pm
in it, not a whole lot, but that is also moving in that direction. the storm tracking this thing and see which way it's going, and where it's going to hit. 4:50 cherry hill, and now these storms are capable of producing a little bit of hail and strong gusty winds with gusts up to 50 miles per hour so far. you can see much of the area is not getting any kind of rain right now. we'll show you in the future how storms are going to the stoouth and by 6:00, 7:00, and 8:00 tonight, things will be improving in the area. i'll come back with the full ten-day forecast later. >> all right, glen, our first alert weather team updates us every 15 minutes this afternoon, and track the rain using our live radar on the nbc 10 app.
4:33 pm
it's primary day, and voters head to the polls, and our lady of assumption church this morning, voters casting ballots. if you have not voted yet, you have until 8:00 p.m. there are five states including maryland, connecticut, and rhode island with polls today. problems plagued last week's primary. >> what we're seeing in pennsylvania? let's check in. >> reporter: this polling place was one of the first that voters alerted us to. they were locked in a room and delayed voting for up to 20 minutes. poll workers took 20 minutes to cut the lock off a the door and get the voting machine. some couldn't wait, others didn't notice. >> i couldn't tell there was a backup. you can see it's not much traffic over here. >> reporter: in south philly,
4:34 pm
claims of malfunctioning machines, judge of elections forget to turn one machine on, but no votes were missed. >> nothing like in new york a few weeks back. all quiet so far. >> reporter: in center city, the committee of voters assistance lines are open. if there's something serious going on, intimidation, violence, what have you, call 911 or call the district attorney's office. >> reporter: the philadelphia da's office reports at least 11 cases of election nearing and says they were quickly taken care of. now, the last time we had a presidential election in 2012 in philadelphia, the big problem was with provisional ballots and found 10,000 of the votes should not have counted. east falls tonight, nbc 10 news. >> count on us for results in the races from the area tonight, live updates, on air, online, and your mobile devices.
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there's a new way to get your voice heard with consumer troubles. it's called nbc 10 responds. nbc 10 responds is a new initiative all about getting resolution for our viewers. with a team of more than 20 producers, nbc 10 responds gets answers for your complaints whenever possible from contractor troubles to car issues to schemes and scams. our goal is to respond to everyone who reaches out to us. here's where you can write in. nbc sent us your complaint if you have one and put us to work for you. rice cereal is the first step from baby food to solid food. >> a potentially dangerous effect. findings that makes parents tweak baby's meal time next. government is updating breast-feeding recommendations to be sensitive to women,
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wording change easing concerns for many first time moms. all new tonight at 5:00, that is one tough ticket. a concert or big game, why families could have a hard time getting a seat to the graduation ceremony at rutgers.
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ask your heart doctor about entresto. and help make tomorrow possible. ♪ you're only a day away ♪ there are many studies that say breastfeeding is best for baby, and that's making new mothers feel pressured to nurse. now they are working to change the tone about a woman's decision whether or not to breast-feed. they are updating the recommendations to say that physicians should support nursing moms instead of promoting breast-feeding. infants who eat rice products may be exposed to high levels of arsenic. infants who ate foods mixed with
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rice or race had higher concentrations of arsenic in the systems than those who did not eat it at all. it's present in grains, fruits issue and vegetables, but rice absorbs it more easily than other foods do so parents consider rice as an important first food, but the academy of american pediatrics says it shouldn't be the only source of nutrition, so something to consider there. well, thunderstorms moving through the area this afternoon. >> here's a live look outside in center city skyline, seeing rain the past few minutes, rain drops on the lens, and first alert chief meteorologist is tracking the easing threat next. the world a president has to grapple with.
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back to a key race in 2016, voters choosing a democrat trying to unseat toumey in
4:44 pm
december. >> more on the race getting air time this primary season. >> with the a slight edge in democratic senate primary, mcginty voted in her hometown and stopped for lunch in philly, telling voters she's the best candidate. >> pat has not been a friend to working families, to the middle class of pennsylvania. >> reporter: she has many establishment endorsements. vice president biden campaigning with her yesterday, but she'll have to beat an insur gent. >> i think as far as by recent stand, he took a race to the people, and i think that's why we'll prevail at the end. >> reporter: in the rust belt town, the town's mayor and along shot outsider has been riding the wave of progressive popularism, but he knows a win tonight won't be easy. >> somewhat short today only
4:45 pm
because of the millions and millions of outside dollars, but it's been an incredible race. >> reporter: a fourth candidate, a small business owner, is running, and the winner faces pat in the fall. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> count on us to bring you primary election results from all the top races in the area tonight. bringing you live updates on air, online, and mobile device all evening long. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with glen hurricane schwartz. >> well, that summer-like heat in the afternoon fueled the thunderstorms, not quite as organized or widespread as they were awhile ago, but some of them are heavy. they don't really cover a tremendous area. this going in the philadelphia area, westchester, delaware county, and that is a heavy
4:46 pm
storm. we'll track it. moving east, southeast, and so it's in upper darby at 4:55, and now, of course, that's not the only cell that's out there. there's another one further back to the west, and this one is heavier near harrisburg headed to the direction of chester county. you can see manheim at 4:50. there are going to be some more thunderstorms around for another couple hours, but, as you can see, we're getting rid of those storms pretty quickly. we're then going to look back to the west for this next area to move in, and now that's on
4:47 pm
thursday. we don't get much of a break. that is the problem here. tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies, much cooler. thursday, it's wet again. the seven day forecast you see scrolling on the bottom of the screen, that will confirm it for your area, not just the philadelphia anymore. look at the tremendous temperature contrast here. 81 in west bradford township, and 66 degrees, phoenixville 68, and you can see where it's been raining. the temperature drops nearly 20 degrees, 84 in westchester, 85 in kenneth square. cool again. 69 degrees. of course, those areas, of course, got hit with the rain. over the next few days, everybody's going to be cooler. only 62 tomorrow without the rain then 58 thursday and friday
4:48 pm
in philadelphia for the high temperature, east wind, clouds hang in here. p.a. suburbs, same story, wet and cool thursday and friday. lehigh valley may be a little milder than the rest of the area because you're further away from the ocean, and in new jersey and jersey shore, we have some rain. we have rain left over tomorrow at the jersey shore while other portions of the area are dry. the rest of new jersey, 60 degrees, dry, delaware, 60 and dry. now, the ten-day outlook shows a lot of clouds, a lot of rain, and there's thursday and friday, and saturday, at least looks dry, and i comcast cares day happens then, and, okay, mostly cloudy, on the cool side, but that's still not bad for outdoor activities. the broad street run on sunday, the blue cross broad street run, well, the expo friday with rain,
4:49 pm
saturday is dry. sunday for the big race, starts at 52 goes up to 60, cloudy skies, runners like the clouds. that's actually a pretty good forecast, but rain holds off, it looks like, until after the race. sunday afternoon and sunday night is when the rain drops fall. monday and tuesday, still cool. wednesday still cool. we finally get more sun later next week. >> all right, glen, nbc 10 is closely watching the weather for the broad street run. >> it is looking like perfect race conditions. up next, how one runner is taking his training to new heights to prepare for the year's ten miler. >> if you're not brave enough for the real thing, you could try this instead. a local company lets you sky dive indoor. we go inside all new at 5:00.
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4:53 pm
around economic justice, and that's what bernie is trying to do today. i think bernie is with us. that's why i support bernie sanders. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. runners prepare for the run, the nation's largest ten mile road race. >> it's tough. nbc 10 keith jones shows us a creative way one runner a preparing for the challenge. >> reporter: 48 stories high, two football fields on top of each other, yet, inside -- >> do you know how many stairs are there? >> i don't know. i know there's 48 floors. >> reporter: ready to run all 1500 steps, and he's not alone. these are the blue cross blue streak, and, yes, i joined them for the harrowing mission.
4:54 pm
we start in the lobby. step after step climbing higher and higher. it never quits. there's a reason for that. he lost 50 pounds in six years. >> it took my five weeks to get up the top. >> he's preparing for the eighth run. >> you know, for, you know, the legs as well as the lungs. >> i learned to appreciate that in the stairwell, happy to reach the top. and head back down. 20 to 30 blue cross employees meet once a week, and not just here in center city. but also outside. i joined them on the track in franklin field in university city mile after mile, okay, fine, i stopped at one trip around to get advice from joe lynch who leads the blue
4:55 pm
streaks. advice for the run? >> don't go out there cold. you should really have a ten-week training plan. there's been shorter runs in the week, perhaps, a longer run in the week. >> it should be a gradual process. joe's ready with the socks. >> i can't keep up with you, man man. >> reporter: up to the edge couragement. >> you are inspiratioinspiratio. >> reporter: he can't imagine a life without exercising and he's quite the experienced runner, inside on the stairs, or out moving in the sun. the blue streaks are all about health, wellness, and fitness. keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> i don't know about you, but i'm glood we're in a three story building right now. >> absolutely. >> all right. keith just two of the thousands of people racing this weekend,
4:56 pm
see how they do when we air the broad street run live sunday coverage beginning at 8:00 a.m. >> join us friday for ready, set, run. the experts talk about what what runners do the days before the race. we have the best places to watch along the course and what's new at this year's health and wellness expo. >> have fun, runners. next at 5:00, tracking the potential for severe weather. we have your first alert neighborhood forecast. >> that's right. we still have severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00 tonight for parts of the area, so coming up, tracking storms for you, and show you what to expect for the for the rest of the evening and a cooler day tomorrow, and that's strait ahead. >> plus, one of the 11, but in danger of losing re-election facing federal corruption chargers. talking to voters in the district, and full primary election coverage next at 5:00.
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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right now, tracking chance for severe weather. the nbc 10 first alert radar shows rain and potential storms moving over the region. >> let's take a live look in philadelphia where we've seen rain starting to fall. a severe thunderstorm watch is in police until 9:00 tonight. >> so the sorms have the potential for hail and damaging winds.
5:00 pm
>> let's go to our meteorologist tracking latest developments in your neighborhood. >> that is right. scatters thunderstorms in the now and throughout the rest of the evening. some with the potential to be strong to severe. here's a look across the area now, parts of new jersey, the philadelphia area, and even a little further west where we see showers and storms. zooming in more, philadelphia area, one small thunderstorm, here in new jersey, mostly burlington county. first, tracking this small thunderstorm. it has pretty lv rain and mostly moving to the southeast around 45 miles per hour, so washington township at 5:20, and so a couple small thunderstorms in the area right now. we'll zoom across the area a little bit more so we have one in chester county, too. these are generally moving around 45 miles per hour. this one mov


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