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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  April 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> let's go to our meteorologist tracking latest developments in your neighborhood. >> that is right. scatters thunderstorms in the now and throughout the rest of the evening. some with the potential to be strong to severe. here's a look across the area now, parts of new jersey, the philadelphia area, and even a little further west where we see showers and storms. zooming in more, philadelphia area, one small thunderstorm, here in new jersey, mostly burlington county. first, tracking this small thunderstorm. it has pretty lv rain and mostly moving to the southeast around 45 miles per hour, so washington township at 5:20, and so a couple small thunderstorms in the area right now. we'll zoom across the area a little bit more so we have one in chester county, too. these are generally moving around 45 miles per hour. this one moving to the southeast
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here so westchester 5:22. concord at 5:31. this is a small cluster of heavier rain. we're watching this section just up to our north and west moving through harrisburg, north and west of lancaster county. that storm is bigger than the other ones, but seeing lightning in there. tracking southeast at 45 miles per hour. lancaster at 5:32, and coatesville by 6:06. thunderstorms moving across the area. we're not out of the woods yet. if you're in delaware, you have not seen much. we are watching this line forming west of harrisburg. that's the area to watch for later on this evening, scatters showers and storms developing. throughout tonight, staying in the severe thunderstorm watch. counties shaded in pink is the watch until 9:00 p.m. expect lightning hail and
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damaging winds at 60 miles per hour and heavy rain into the rest of the evening. coming up, a look at what future weather shows as far as the timing of the storms and also cooler air into tomorrow. that's straight ahead. >> all right. to decision 2016, took 85 days from the first votes in iowa to today's primaries in pennsylvania and delaware, and now it's your turn at the ballot box. >> polls opened at 7:00 this morning and you have three hours left to cast your vote. heated presidential races have brought more people to the ballot box. >> we have live team coverage tonight on the republican and democratic races. >> let's begin with lauren mayk live outside the pennsylvania convention center, and, lauren, hillary clinton will be there tonight as a results come in? >> reporter: that's right. now, she's actually campaigns out of state today, but an aid says volunteers knocked on thousands of doors in philadelphia, and they plan to continue reaching out to voters right up until the polls close.
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bernie sanders is doing voter outreach himself today. on a day when five states vote, sanders making the final pitch here in philadelphia greeting voters in person at reading terminal market. the senator took photos, shook hands, and accepted hugs. >> way to go, bernie. good job. keep it up. keep it going. >> reporter: keep it going key, growing weiry of questions of dropping out as clinton grows closer to clenching the nomination. >> the answer is we're in the race until the last vote. >> reporter: heading next to indiana where hillary clinton is on the hunt for votes today. she visited a steel company in hammond, indiana. >> we don't pay people, we don't grow the economy, not good fors or businesses or indiana and it's not good for america. we're going to go right at this. >> reporter: she'll have to wait
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a week to see the results of campaigning there, but it's back to philly for pennsylvania's return tonight. i've learned more about what hillary clinton's primary night party here in center city will be like. her husband, former president bill clinton, will be here as well as pennsylvania governor tom wolf, and former governor rendell expected to attend as well as the philadelphia mayor. for now, live in center city, lauren mayk. >> thank you. tim furlong is following the republican presidential race. >> live in wilmington. >> reporter: the turnout in delaware is good for this presidential primary. delaware, this is the only thing we're voting on here today. it is primary just for presidential republican and democrat, no other races. at high land elementary school, it's subdued here, and others today. not a lot of signs or volunteers at the door.
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but delaware's 16 gop delegates are important in the race. the winner takes them all in the republican side, and today i spoke with the chairman of the delaware republican party asked copeland about deviciveness and asked if he thinks this weakens the party. he believes trump wins, but believes any one of the three republicans could beat hillary clinton and would love to see trump debate her. >> i think he would just destroy her. i think that he would be beat her just because of the raw capacity and talent. cruz beats her because of the knowledge of the issue and conservative principles, and kasich balanced a budget and ran a successful state. >> reporter: i asked copeland about running mates, trump the nominee, go for a subtle candidate or go for another big personali personality? answers are interesting. we'll talk about that when we see you at 6:00. live outside highland elementary school. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> all right, tim.
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speaking of busy pollsters, record turnout in the race for president, and workers in pennsylvania are telling us they are seeing more people show up to vote. at this voting center, we'll show you here in university city, workers say many more younger voters than usual appear to be casting their ballots this time around. polling place draws college students and residents and first time voters told nbc 10 the hotly contested presidential race made them determined to have their voices heard. >> the energy is crazy on campus, honestly. people are so excited for the election, for one, a lot of people it's their first time. >> reporter: political experts say they expected strong voter turnout bought of pennsylvania's relevance in the primary process this time around, and voters in delaware also playing a bigger role in this year's presidential race, but a reminder here, today's primary in delaware is only for the presidential election. voters will head to the polls for the local primary races coming up in september.
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for the first time in decades, another democrat could have a chance at the race for congress in pennsylvania's second district. he's held the seat for 11 terms, but running for re-election facing 2 the 9 federal corruption charges and faces three primary challenges. experts say evans has the best chance winning the primary, and dan and brian gordon are also in the running. nbc 10 has been talking to voters in the district, and what are their thoughts on the race? >> reporter: i can tell you there's differing opinions or views about what impact the legal future has on the election. of course, both candidates have they're urban or city strongholds. the backyard is west philadelphia, and evans is in mount erie. we talked to voters as well. >> so our family is eager and energized by the day.
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>> reporter: together with the family, he gave a thumb's up and smile and took a selfie with his daughter. >> the voters of the district have to decide. we win the day because of the work we've done and support of the work that we'll continue to do in washington. >> reporter: at the popular restaurant with the support of governor tom wolf, evans met with sporters feeling confident he'll relish in victory tonight. >> may it be the northwest or suburbs, i've been talking to everybody what's important so that you have an advocate that goes to washington, d.c. to make a difference. >> reporter: we spoke to voters in west philly. he's your favorite, why? >> well, all the things he's done for philadelphia. >> reporter: to ask federal corruption charges that could impact the legal future influence the vote? >> no. we're all subject to error and
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mistakes and judge not unless you be judged. >> i think they got it wrong. >> reporter: in west oak lane in evans' backyard, they are ready for new blood in d.c. >> i'm a mom. i'm a grand mom, college kids, violence on the street, get the guns off the street. get the guns off the street, we save our kids. >> voters left the polls in lower merion. >> i would not vote for someone who was indicted. >> reporter: period? >> period. >> we are 22 years of seniority in a place where seniority is everything. >> i said throughout the race, i'm not the jury or the judge. >> reporter: and both have been using the power, of course, of social media to inspire voters to get out to the polls today. for the record, every time the congressman has been reelected to office, every two years or so, he has won by a landslide as much as 86%. live in lower merion, nbc 10
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news. another corruption case left the race wide open as kane faces federal charges not running for re-election. three democrats and two republicans want to replace her. we hosted a debate between the democratic candidates earlier this month. they both serve as district attorneys in their local counties, and josh sharpiro is a montgomery county commission. we sat with the republican candidates on "at issue," and both campaigning for the nominations in their parties. republicans hope to retake this seat. in fact, which they held for 32 years before kane won in 2012. crews trying to contain a brush fire. this is in hammonton.
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it's near piney hollow road, scorching a hundred acres so far. they are preventing it from reaching homes in the area. we'll monitor the situations and bring you updates as they come in. investigators prove it's never too late for justice. 13 years ago, five family members die after someone set their home on fire. well, now police say they caught the killer and how they made an arrest next at 5:00. news for families doctors believe there's a new way to help children with adhd not involving medication. he could be the eagles' next qb. wentz just arrived for the draft, and who was the first person to greet him? that would be john clark, his exclusive one-on-one is next at 5:00.
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an arrest in a case killing five people including a baby. now, this is a first look at the suspect. police arrested him yesterday charging with five counts of arson. this is video from the fire in november of 2003. crews responded to a home to find three people inside. they were rushed to the hospital but later died. a fourth victim was found dead inside, and a fifth person managed to escape and died from his injuries.
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police say rivera was in a fight with one of the victim and set fire to the home in retaliation. big announcement today affecti ining students across camden. major opportunities for young people this summer. more than a thousand learning programs will be available to kids this year. come existing programs will be expanded, and offer more hours of instructional time. >> these engaging programs help prevent summer learning loss, the fundamental objective and help students for the next grade. in some cases, they help students stay on track for graduation or help bilingual learners gain extra practice with english. >> the programs are available for students as young as 3 years old all the way up to college. a potential game changer for treating adhd. a study indicates children who receive the halo therapy before starting medication do significantly better than those
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on medication first. researchers say if the study is duplicated, it could change the way doctors treat the condition. one mother says the behavioral therapy includes a lot of positive reenforcement. >> instead of focused on stop, christian, stop doing that, stop doing that, pay attention. look for him to catch him being good. >> it's the first research to show the order of treatment makes a difference. nbc nightly news with lester holt has latest on the potential treatment breakthrough coming up at 6:30. >> all right. he could be the quarterback of a future for the eagles. the birds pick no. 2 in thursday's draft, and many believe carson wentz is the man, and john clark has an exclusive one-on-one. >> all right, carson, thank you so much for joining us. what's the latest you have heard, have you heard from the eagles, anything? >>, i have not heard much. you know, it's a game time
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decision from talking to the agents, realm, we'll find out here soon, but i know it can't come soon enough. >> reporter: the people rt philadelphia watching, why do you think you can be the franchise quarterback for the eagl eagles? >> i've shown i'm a winner, you know, i think i show a lot of intangibles that people might not see. my physical ability speak for itself. i think i do a lot of things behind the scenes as far as my leadership and intelligence, i can really make myself a great quarterback going forward. >> reporter: you had a nice dinner out in fargo with the entire eagles' staff and standing ovation in the restaurant. what did you like about the eagles and learn from them? >> they just seemed like a bunch of great guys, you know; obviously, you can tell there's a bunch of former quarterbacks, and that would be beneficial, but i thought they were a fun bunch of the guys who loved football. >> reporter: anything else to say to the philadelphia? how excited would you be? >> excited to hear my name wherever i would be, i don't speculate, but we'll see soon enough. >> thank you, carson. >> absolutely, thank you.
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>> reporter: back to you. >> count on us for exclusive content leading up to the draft, keith jones will be live at lincoln financial field for the eagles' draft day special. >> john clark will be live in chicago going inside eagles draft party this thursday night starting at 7:00 on nbc 10. in the meantime right now, nbc 10 is tracking the potential for severe storms tonight. >> a check in with our meteorologist for the latest on what's happening in your neighborhood. >> we are still looking at potential for some se storms because we have that severe thunderstorm watch out until 9:00 tonight so that's meaning with any thunderstorm, it could potentially become severe and provide damaging winds so keep that in mind the rest of the evening. the great thing is while we track storms on radar, the seven day forecast is always at the bottom of the screen. live look at center city, rain in philadelphia and the radar is active from the shore through
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philadelphia and off to the western parts of lancaster county, and that is because of the line of storms that's really just training from the west, so if we zoom in here, starting with the philadelphia area now into parts of new jersey, this cluster of showers in philadelphia now in new jersey right around gloster, cherry hill, this slides along the expressway, it's generally moving around 45 miles per hour to the southeast so eventually if it holds together, it makes its way to the shore. pine hill at 5:26. winslow, and hammonton. that's an area of heavy rain, but it is moving quickly again. zooming into the shore, mostly through burlington and ocean county, that's where we see the rain earlier today with some light ning, but what we have right now in parts of burlington county is heavier rainfall here. these are areas we're watching. also off to our west too so if we take a look further into
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parts of chester and lancaster, and parts of montgomery county, this is one area where we, in fact, have heavier rain and lightning around lancaster county so this line is southeast around 45 miles per hour as well. coatesville expect a cluster shower and storms, and newark at 6:11, and we expect more storms this evening because if you look off to the west, you still see that line of storms trying to develop, and that'll eventually be moving into part of the area wech we have the severe thunderstorm watch in pink until 9:00 p.m. meaning potential for lightning, hail, and 60 miles per hour winds that are damaging and heavy rain exists until 9:00 p.m. tonight. future weather, this is what happens over the next sever hours, 6:00 p.m., expect storms, some already moving into delaware, parts of south jersey
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and philadelphia and tonight, things wind down for the most part. by 9:00, the severe threat at that point should be over, but we go into tomorrow morning and i think we'll be seeing at least some light rain lingering in south jersey delaware. for tomorrow, we're not completely out woods. clouds will be around and cooler true through the area so that is going to be in the forecast. not so much right now. look at the temperature difference, 72 in philadelphia, 84 vineland, 85 in dover, 84 wilmington. all the areas with temperatures in thes, and atlantic city now with the potential for strong storms to develop because the air mass is still so warm. we'll keep tracking storms for you and the forecast as we go through the rest of the weekend into the weekend. that's coming up. >>. next at 5:00, the government came up with a way to stop people from texting and driving, embarrass them. how they track people down on social media.
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and if you're not brave enough for the real thing, you could try this instead, a new local company lets you sky dive indoors. we'll take you inside next at 5:00. a live look from skyforce10, you see the storms we talked about moving through the south jersey area. a lot of clouds out there. we'll continue to track rain and updates here on nbc 10.
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check this out. this is cool. the sensation of jumping from an airplane without the risk. i like that. the story comes to us from our partners at the philadelphia business journal. i fly uses a vertical wind to blast air up to 120 miles per hour to float there with no parachute here. there's no jumping involved. now the company's looking for a second location in south jersey, northern delaware, or south philly. >> i want to do that. >> risk-free. well, this is risky, texting while driver driving. the national highway traffic safety administration says shame on you. >> taking it another step forward, public humiliation. the organization filled twitter account with shots of motorists who appear to be texting while behind the wheel. the safety administration says
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distracted driving is a dangerous epidemic, and now it's asking the public to post pictures of guilty drivers to #justdrive. the group is writing directly to people on twit ere. one driver wrote, had my license for less than an hour and started texting and driving, nice. here's what was said in response. sounds you're off to a pretty bad start, seriously, put the phone down and #justdrive. >> another says texting and driving actually is pretty efficient. well, here's their reply. if by "efficient" you mean super dangerous and dumb, then, yeah, it's pretty official. play stay off the phone and #justdrive. >> getting the point across. >> tracking the rain. >> with the rain, rainbows as well. check this out from skyforce10, beauty with the clouds in the sky and, oh, what a gorgeous sight tracking the rain and latest updates coming up next. plus, wawa offers something
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to kocustomers for free. that's next at 5:00. got to love free.
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running from the rain, people dodging showers this afternoon as storms passed over the region. a severe thunderstorm watch issue for the region and we're tracking storms as they move through your neighborhood. >> yeah. let's check in now with nbc 10 meet cost for an update. >> yeah. we have the storms popping up and moving through, and some of they have are big and stronger. here's a look the the neighborhood weather. by the way, while tracking the storms, you'll be able to see your seven day forecast at the bottom of the screen. you'll never miss it. there is a cluster of
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thunderstorms. it's sliding towards the shore, and if they hold together, they will be in gallowaytownship at 6:07, but that's not the only clugs cluster of storms in the area. we have one small shower which could be a thunderstorm right around the philadelphia area, mostly delaware county around westchester, so that one is mostly just going to be tracking to the southeast right around 45 miles per hour. these are quick movers so we don't expect any flooding concerns, but there's locally heavy rainfall. chester 5:43, and south harrison at 5:58. a wider view here, we have a couple storms to keep closy on because they are growing quite a bit. lancaster into chester county, one thunderstorm, very heavy rain, lightning strikes here. that's heading towards coatesville. this one mostly moving southeast at 45 miles per hour as well,
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but that's one pretty big thunderstorm so we could see strong winds. we'll track that very closely. now, if you're in coatesville, 546 is what radar is indicating. brook haven at 6:18. thunderstorms around could be strong to severe, even in parts of upper montgomery county and treton. we are seeing them pop up and develop quickly. this is one thing we'll being as we go through the rest of the evening. further back off to the west, you notice more kind of popping up. we have the severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00 p.m. tonight. mostly the entire area with the expectation of the poconos, 9:00, best chance of severe storms is between now and then and could contain lightning, damaging winds, and heavy rainfall. tracking these in a bit, and we'll look at the timing for the
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rest of tonight and cooler air moving in for the rest of the week. that's straight ahead. now to decision 2016. five candidates for president, watching closely, what voters do here in pennsylvania and delaware. >> polls open until 8:00 tonight, and we have been keeping an eye on today's voter to see if any problems cropped up and mitch is live in east falls. >> trouble getting the polls open, but things are running smoothly now? >> reporter: we checked in with the philadelphia district attorney's office and committee of 70 at center city both tracking problems throughout the day. pretty much smooth sailing and the calls are picking up with people off of work. one of the first calls was right here in falls at this polling place where polling workers had to delay the vote about 20 minutes because the voting machines were in a locked room they did not have a key to. >> it was important for you to
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vote? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: 92-year-old katherine dickerson got here to vote. hours before, workers cut the lock off the door to get to the voting machines. >> i hear about that before i came out. i said, what? i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: there are scattered reports of malfunctioning machines and election nearing, but they called it overall a smooth election. >> we owe a lot volunteers who man the election boards. >> reporter: the committee of 70 keeps phone lines open all day. just one of the places to call if you have a problem. the problems are not always obvious while votes are cast. the last time we had a presidential election auditors found more than 10,000 ineligible votes cast because poll workers made mistakes. >> there's serious issues about their training and recruitment, and that's really the first line of defense. we'll have to wait and see if problems were fixed.
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voters like katherine dickerson will be watching. >> i'm a citizen of the united states, and i'm sick of what's going on. >> reporter: now, we did also hear some reports that poll workers were asking voters for id before allowing them to vote. of course, in pennsylvania you don't have to show id before you vote you are voting there for the first time. live in east falls, nbc 10 news. >> thanks. we have this just in. new jersey governor chris christie arrived at trump tower in new york city where donald trump will be watching results come in later tonight. you may remember chris christie endorsed trump for president and speculating whether he'll post a potential administration. the winner of the democratic primary could be coming back to pennsylvania in july. in july, democrats will officially announce the nominee in philadelphia. the convention runs from july 25-28. most of the major events take place at the wells fargo center and pennsylvania convention
5:36 pm
center. race for u.s. senate in pennsylvania could be the nail biter of the night. four democrats are running in tonight's primary. joe was the early front runner, and mcginty is closing in. >> working hard out there, you want to know someone's got your back in washington, afford college and social security, vote today, mcginty is your candidate. >> as far as my race for the senate, we took the race to the people and that's why i think prevail at the end. >> mcginty trailed early in the race, but got the endorsement of president obama and outside groups spent more than $4 million on ads to support her campaign. the winner of the democratic primary faces pat toumey in the november election and they say he is one of the most vulnerable senate republicans. nbc 10 was all over election night bringing you inside our news room as it unfolds. >> with the latest breaking election updates as they come
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in, live throughout the night on nbc 10's facebook page where you find him. here's a look the the first report. >> getting ready for afternoon shows now. we'll have updates throughout the afternoon anding. we'll answer questions, have analysis from our nbc 10 news reporters and news team so make sure you follow along and subscribe to the live updates because we're going to keep you informed about elections as they go through. for right now, that's what it is, what's on right now, see you in a little bit. >> follow us on facebook, twitter, and on the app for instant results from today's primaries. we'll have election updates live on the air throughout the night. and right now at 5:00, a man is dead after a shooting in delaware. new castle county police responded to neighbors hearing gunshots and seeing people run off. skyforce10 over the scene where police discovered the man dead
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near the corner of robertson and right now, they don't have anyone in custody. >> atlantic city councilmanments city officials to take a 20% pay cut saying it's only fair now that city workers and cash strapped gambling town get paid just once a month. this resolution includes mayor, council members and attorney. chris christiements a state takeover of the atlantic city with a budget deficit of $100 million. a plan the mayor has been persisting. next time you go to waw, there's something new, free wifi starting today. it's a partnership between the convenience store comcast. wawa will make ordering through the app more convenient, and comcast is a parent company of nbc 10. well, next at 5:00, that's one tough ticket, but it's not for a concert or big game. why families could have a hard time getting a seat at rutgers'
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graduation ceremony. police tape, but it's not a crime scene, how a goose made this home for its new nest.
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101 days tune in to watch the kickoff of the games in rio. they carried the olympic torch through a refugee came in at ps greece, the 27-year-old lost his leg wears a prosthetic was thrilled by the honor. it will handed off in a ceremony in athens tomorrow. this week, nbc 10 is bringing you storying of brazil as it prepares for the summer olympic games. nbc 10 travelled to rio to find a taste of philly. >> reporter: row upon row of delicious food and at this market, there's fruit not found anywhere in the u.s. she tried the cod fish cake with a drizzle of olive oil. >> oh, that's so good. >> yeah, it is good.
5:42 pm
>> check this out. see what -- our guides were a brother and sister from rio who spent years living in philadelphia. >> what did you love most about philly? >> the food. the food is awesome. philly cheese steak, oh, i miss it so far. >> telling us what everyone n needs to know about rio. that airs tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. here on nbc 10. tracking thunderstorms, one moving into the area right now with heavy rain and lightning. see where the rest of the storms are headed and what to expect for the rest of the evening in your first alert weather forecast coming up.
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solemn work as engravers
5:45 pm
carve the name of 250 fallen officers into stone at the national law enforcement officers memorial in washington bearing names of seven officers from pennsylvania and new jersey including philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii, new jersey states officers, mccarson and anthony and ocean county detective john stevens, all of them died last year in the line of duty. >> when they are done with the work later this week, there's 20,789 names of men and women who have given their lives in the performance of duty. >> former dedication happens in three weeks during a candle light vigil at the national mall. president obama gives the commencement at rutgers university, a graduate or family to one, getting a ticket to the event will be next to impossible. nbc has that story. >> reporter: president obama speaks here at high point solution stadium for
5:46 pm
commencement. it's the first time in the university's 250-year history that a president is doing so. even though there are more than 52,000 seats in the stadium, there's not enough room for everyone. after years of hard work and sacrifice, graduates are pumped for the pomp and circumstance. >> i want all the graduates to face the stands, if you will, and thank the parents, the brothers and sisters, the husbands and wives who helped you get here. >> reporter: but the rutgers' 2016 commentment, students have to be choosier who sees you turn the tassel. >> some people can't bring their immediate family. >> reporter: the university sent a letter to students this week because tiktd ticket demand is high, each graduate is limited to three guests. the secretary writing, while the limit to three guests at the stadium has been abstained from past practice, it ensures everyone graduating is
5:47 pm
accommodated. >> just like last minute and people overseas have to travel to see us graduate, and we only have three people? >> reporter: students see it differently. >> everyone's freaking out, but i think it's reasonable. >> reporter: because the president is speaking, they are nearly 18,000 graduates. >> i'm excited. it's for me, you know, to see obama as the commencement speaker. >> reporter: she'll narrow down the list and focus on commentment with the commander in chief. reporting in new brunswick, nbc news. a new way to get help needed when you have a consumer complaint called nbc 10 responds, an extension of the nbc 10 investigators. we have a team of more than 20 producers working tirelessly to help no matter what your complaint's about. our goal is to answer every viewer who reaches out to us.
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nbc 10 responds wants resolutions for your problems whenever possible. here's how to reach us. send an e-mail to nbc10 include information about the issue, of course, and we'll try our best to help you out. that's our new niftive there. following a severe thunderstorm watch issued for the entire region. >> we are use iing the new firs alert neighborhood weather to show what's happening right now where you live. >> that's right. tracking strong storms, even severe thunderstorms now. this just happened right around trenton. it's quickly moving out of the county, but we'll zoom in on the storm here because there's pretty heavy rainfall. it's going to be moving in ocean county very soon, but trenton, 195, heavy rain in the middle of this, north of -- mostly moving to the southeast moving around
5:49 pm
40-45 miles per hour. tracking the storm for you, this one is going to, again, be moving into ocean county. familiar with the areas like plumstead, 6:01, expect it, and woodar estatings, expect the storm at 6:5. again, that is one thunderstorm movering out, but heavy rain here, not in the way of lightning, but damaging wibds wind. the rest of the areaings because now we have severe thunderstorm warning, this one is right in the area so this one just popped up. so as we zoom in, this one shows philadelphia a early on the map, a severe thunderstorm warning until 6:30. this is all the counties shaded in yellow. now, this one is a cluster of storms that in fact is moving in from parts of chester county so there you see that cluster of thunderstorms, so this one could be containing winds near 60
5:50 pm
miles per hour, hail, lightning, and heavy rain. there you see the motion of due east at 45 miles per hour. tracking the storm for you, into the philadelphia area, there is heavy rain, moving quickly, westchester you have 06, and upper darby at 6:29. that is a look at this particular storm. this one, again, if you are in the area, you definitely want to get inside. severe thunderstorms contain damaging wind. we'll zoom in again. again, this is heavy rainfall moving at a good clip. moving quickly, so no flooding concerns, but damaging winds are the main thing here. right around coatesville, tracking again for you, zoomed in a little. it's right near 76 near malvern, moving there soon, east bradford, and westchester at
5:51 pm
6:05, and willistown at 66:12 into the philadelphia area. again, this storm moving in from the west, and here you see on the neighborhood weather, you can really see all the cities and towns in the path of this. you're in the area, and so we've moved the camera a little bit, zoomed out, and now we take a wider view to track the storm, again, including more cities. this cluster moving west at 40-45 miles per hour. we stretched into the philadelphia area. springfield at 6:20, and so any severe storms, again, damaging winds and potential for hail, lightning, and very heavy rain so if you're in any areas, you certainly want to get indoors. a wider look, there you see the general motion west to east so this is the area that we're watching. zooming in for you, as we zoom out, we lose the cities that are in the path of this or townships
5:52 pm
even. philadelphia area, there you see it right here in the's moving in. there is one thunderstorm, one smaller one just ahead of the larger cluster if you're in the philadelphia area, maybe closer to the airport, you see this heavy shower, that's not the storm we're watching. these severe stormings you're under the severe thunderstorm warning. westchester as well. willistown, and heavy rain moving into coatesville, we'll track this, and in the path of this, get inside and take shelter from the storm, a look at the rest of the evening's forecast and your seven-day. that's at the bottom of the screen for you. more details coming up. >> thank you. lester holt is joining us from the n studios in new york. >> good evening, what's coming up on nightly news?
5:53 pm
>> ahead for us, covering severe weather and possible tornados in texas into oklahoma and parts of the midwest could be a violent night. another big primary night if you know, sanders face a tough choice at the end of the evening? looking at that and return to chernobyl where 30 years after the nuclear disaster they are still trying to contain the radiation. i'll take you back as we see it coming up at 6:30. >> all right. see you soon, thank you, lester. >> up next at 5:00, a goose made a home at home outside the local dli, and customers await a baby to arrive.
5:54 pm
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thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. gloverwhen i visitedi knew whmy family in georgia.ike when i saw bernie sanders getting arrested for protesting segregation, it was powerful. dr. martin luther king jr. was building a poor people's movement where blacks, whites, latinos, asian-americans would come together around economic justice,
5:56 pm
and that's what bernie is trying to do today. i think bernie is with us. that's why i support bernie sanders. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. mother goose picks an unusual spot so lie eggs. >> outside the deli off 309. now the precious nest has police tape surrounding it to keep away the onlookers. customers and rez dens can't wait to see the ghostlings once they hatch in five or six days. until then, the owner warns stay back and don't be tempted to feed the new mom to be. >> in protective mode, and a little concerned that someone's going to get snapped at so to speak, but other than that, it's been fine. >> another family took a shortcut, sadly, though, the
5:57 pm
store owner believes the nest was hit and killed by a car on the highway. >> hate to end on that note, right? >> we hate to hear that. up next, glen tracking new severe thunderstorm warnings in our area. >> that's right. we have warnings in new jersey and pennsylvania. we have reports of hail and strong winds. i'll break it down for you in the new neighborhood weather next at 6:00. this change in attitude
5:58 pm
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candidates had their say. >> don't even think about it, it will be built. >> let's do it. >> if your both screaming at each other, the viewers won't be able to hear either of you. >> now it's your turn. decision day arrived. >> this is a critical time. >> decision 2016 and tracking storms on this election night. you see them rolling across the area on first alert radar. and on the ground, making for a soggy tuesday night. the rain has some here running for cover in east falls a short
6:00 pm
time ago. good evening, everyone, i'm jim rosenfield. >> first, glen has develop weather situations, glen? >> yeah these storms are moving quickly, and they have some real downpours with them in some places, hail is being observed, and strong winds, there's a cluster of showers and thunderstorms, and moving to philadelphia, this would be the corps of the evening. there's reports of hail within the past hour. this is in new jersey, and had hail that's an inch in diameter. it was just a few minutes ago. that was close to an inch in diameter hail. that is strong stuff. this is the cell right, robbinsville reported the hail. this storm moves


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