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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  April 27, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, decision 2016, and more momentum for the front-runners, donald trump and hillary clinton both won yesterday's pennsylvania and delaware primaries. each taking a huge step closer to clinching their party's nominations. trump's five state primary sweep gives him a clear path to clinch the republican nomination before the convention. on the democratic side, secretary clinton didn't win every contest, but she widened her delegate lead to the point where she can now lose every remaining state and still clinch the nomination. nbc news national correspondent tracie potts has the latest from washington.
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>> hinting at what's in his foreign policy address today. >> we need new thinking. we need a lot better thinking because this is ridiculous, what's going on for so many years is ridiculous. >> aides s say he'll use a tell prompter, but totally rewrote the speech himself. >> i'm so honored. >> maryland, connecticut, rhode island, and the big prize, pennsylvania, all went for donald trump. >> last night was donald trump's night, and today is indiana's day. >> where john kasich has agreed to back off, allowing ted cruz to compete one-on-one. >> we're barnstorming the state, traveling across the state, and seeing tremendous support from the people on the ground. >> clinton won four of the five primaries. she lost rhode island to bernie sanders. >> let's go forward, let's win the nomination, and in july, let's return as a unified party. >> we have now won 16 primaries and caucuses all over this country.
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>> clinton's reaching out to sanders supporters, talking unity. she can now lose every single remaining primary, including california, and still win the nomination. now, that assumes she would win some delegates in states she may lose, both clinton and donald trump now need less than 300 delegates to win the nomination. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> and meanwhile, senator ted cruz is not showing any signs of giving up. he's in indianapolis today. cruz told reporters he will make a major announcement there at a rally today at 4:00 p.m. >> and last night's primary results signal defeat for longtime philadelphia congressman chaka fattah. this loss comes as jury selection is starting next week in his federal corruption trial. he greeted somber supporters in east falls. he talked about his record of delivering for the district, and seemed to acknowledge the indictment was too much to
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overcome in the election. >> yes, there were forced against us tonight. a very powerful and influential people. and they were on the other side. it is also clear that the majority will have its way, and they will decide that someone else should take on the responsibility. >> here's the man who defeated him. dwight evans walked into his election party from warm greetings from family, friends, and supporters. he won this congressional race with 44% of the vote. >> first y want to thank the democrats voters of the second congressional district. i am humbled by the trust that they have provided to me. >> also in his remarks, evans thanked fattah for serving the district for two dekd aicades. and katie mcginty said she's
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ready to get to work after winning the democratic nomination for senate in pennsylvania. she beat out joe sestak who nearly won the senate office six years ago. she spoke about her plans to win the race in november. >> i think it's really going to be about just reaching out to voters and hearing the challenges that people are facing. >> mcginty will face pat toomey in november. >> and toomey ran unopposed in the republican primary this time around. he was elected in 2010 midterms and is seeking a second term in washington. he visited our studios this morning and said he has stark differences with mcginty. >> she's extremely partisan, extremely liberal. she's a big supporter of obamacare and wants to take it further. i disagree. i think individuals should be in control of their health care, not the government. she's a big supporter of the iran nuclear deal, which i think is a disaster. >> you can see the full interview as well as an interview with katie mcginty
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this sunday at 11:30 here on nbc10. >> and montgomery county submissioner josh shapiro won the democratic nomination in the race for pennsylvania attorney general. >> so many people told us along the way that a pragmatic progressive reformer couldn't win a state-wide race. well friends, we showed them that we could do it the montgomery county way. thank you all very, very much. >> shapiro defeated two democratic challengers, allegheny county district attorney steven zapalla, and john morganelli. and in november, shapiro will face republican state senator john rafferty. both will be vying to succeed kathleen kane who is not running for a second term while she faces trial over allegations that she leaked grand jury information. and for more detailed look at all of the races in pennsylvania, make sure to tap the free nbc10 app or logon to
11:06 am >> a chilly, damp, and dreary day at the shores. we take a live look at the jersey shore from our camera in cape may. the marquis de lafayette hotel. that's not the case everywhere. first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. this is why it's important to have neighborhood weather, right, glen? >> that's right. there are going to be some parts of the area that get sunshine today. other parts are going to be seeing more rain. 51 degrees for philadelphia. just cloudy right now, just cloudy in the pennsylvania suburbs and new jersey at 50. lehigh valley is cloudy for now, but may see some sunshine today. delaware, 51 degrees. and it's going to stay cloudy there. look at the temperatures. got up to 86 degrees yesterday in philadelphia. my predicted high today in philly is 62. if we get that far. 58 for thursday, and for friday. and put rain on top of that.
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well, the neighborhood showing it's even colder at the shore. 49 degrees, atlantic city. we have that northeast wind. it's even cold inland now. 49 in summers point. dennis township, it is a mighty chilly day, and it's a wet day at the shore. really nasty. and you can see the rain going straight west to east over the last few hours. it's not likely to come up to the philadelphia area, and the farther north you go, the lower the chance of any kind of rain, and the increased chance of sunshine. there is sunshine not too far north of allentown, and that cloud line is coming down just a little bit. i don't think it's going to reach philadelphia this afternoon. as you can see in the future cast, if anything, it might be sprinkles coming into delaware and south jersey. later on today, with no clearing at all. and if you think that's nasty, wait until you see the rest of the forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
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>> we'll see you then. >> police arrested a bucks county mother in the death of her 2-year-old daughter. kayla moore admitted to kicking her daughter in the head and body several times monday night. police say the girl died from blunt force injuries at the home on sweetbriar drive where she lived with her mother and her mother's boyfriend. a judge denied the mother bail and sent her to bucks county prison. >> and this morning, two police officers are recovering after getting hurt in a crash in a carjacking. first, a car hit a police undercover pickup truck and injured the officers. later, a driver got out of that white suv right there at the crash scene, but then left that suv in drive. two other men stole that suv and crashed into two more cars and then they ran away. police are searching for those men. and check out this video, this fire at a used car lot at 51st and marion avenue in west philadelphia, burned at least four cars with the keys still in the ignition.
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police tell us this is an arson investigation. viewer william medley sent us this video. crews got the fire under control by about 10:30 last night. >> and there were big delays earlier this morning on the new jersey turnpike because of this tractor trailer accident. crews spent much of the morning clearing up the debris from the road. speaking of the road, time now for a check with traffic reporter jessica boyington. what do you see? >> well, we'll get to the new jersey turnpike in a second, but first, we'll touch on the schuylkill expressway. slow moving maintenance vehicles. this is actually getting better. the drive time is back in the yellow on the schuylkill. this is another south street. we had big westbound delayed here. it's pretty much cleared, but they have ongoing work happening until 3:00 this afternoon. an 8-minute drive time from 95 to the vine express. we'll see those delays as the
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crews move around. there's an accident on west noraten. and there's some delays there, just for cleanup. you can take 295 as your alternate, but this is right around the new jersey turnpike around xrit 3, just the shoulder is still blocked. this is your alternate, 295. no problems in either direction so you'll be good to go there. >> thank you, jessica. happening today, a philadelphia councilman will hear from the community about the heroin and opioid crisis in the city. the counselman will hold a community meeting at the venice island performing arts and recreation center beginning at 6:30 tonight. he says meetings like this one will help unite philadelphia neighborhoods to fight the epidemic. >> and nbc10 digital exclusive generation addicted takes a hard look at the heroin epidemic. you'll find it right now on the nbc10 app, and also at our website at happening now, comcast spectacle employees are bringing
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hundreds of pounds of food to fill abundance. they're walking a mile to the wells fargo center to the food bank. employees are delivering the donations as a kickoff to comcast cares day. and that is happening this saturday. comcast cares day is the largest single day volunteer effort in the country, roughly 100,000 volunteers including many here from nbc10, their family members, friends, community partners, participating in hundreds of projects across the country and around the globe to beautify neighborhoods, parks, and local schools among many other projects. comcast is the parent company of nbc10. it is sentencing day for the man who was once one of the highest ranking officials in the count country. will it be prison or probation for dennis hastert after he pleaded guilty in a case involving hush money used to cover up sex abuse allegations. and wild weather tears
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through parts of the country. see the damage the strong storms left behind. for us, more wet and chilly weather is headed our way. we're going to see any improvements in time for the weekend? that's just ahead.
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky. happening now, former u.s. house speaker dennis hastert is in a chicago courtroom to face sentencing he. pleaded guilty to breaking banking laws to pay someone $3.5
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million. prosecutors say it was hush money to cover up hastert's sexual abuse of a student wrestler while he was a high school coach. if sentenced to prison, he would become one of the highest rapging politicians in history to go behind bars. >> a warning to u.s. tourists traveling to turkey. they continue to get intelligence about the terror threat there. the warning posted on the website says terror groups are looking for opportunities to attack popular tourist spots in turkey. there have been six deadly suicide bombings in turkey since july. and terror suspect salah abdeslam arrived at a paris courthouse today after prosecutored announced he had been extradited to france from belgium. they suspect abdeslam played a mage part in the attacks in paris. he was europe's most wanted fugitive until his police captured him in brussels on march 18th after a four-month manhunt.
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islamist militants carried out the november attacks in paris, killing 130 peoples. a series of bombings and mass shootings injured hundreds more. happening now, the house oversight committee is holding a hearing calling examining management practices. this is a live look at the hearing in washington. tsa employees are expected to testify as our leaders of the transportation security administration. >> and severe storms swept across north texas overnight, bringing with them heavy lightning and one possible tornado. powerful winds north of dallas knocked a semitruck on to its side. you see there, weather related incidents sent four people to the hospital. the storm has knocked out power to more than 30,000 customers. >> some of the lightning was caught on camera, look at this. as were the 90-mile-per-hour wind gusts. a flood warning is still in effect for the dallas area until this afternoon. in neighboring oklahoma,
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powerful tornado like winds downed trees and power lines and damaged area businesses and homes all across green county. officials are still assessing the extent of the damage. no injuries have been reported. schools in that area are closed today. what a difference a day makes. it felt like summer yesterday. we had summer-like thunderstorms. today, it's cloudy everywhere, only 48 degrees in lehigh valley, pennsylvania suburbs, and just barely around 50. philadelphia, delaware, south jersey, jersey shore. let's go in a little closer into delaware. it's 49 degrees in talliville. 50 in odessa, and reading point, to the south. 49 in lewis. dewey beach, the wind coming in off the ocean. the temperatures even in southern delaware are not going anywhere during the day today.
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we have a sudden chill after that high of 86 degrees yesterday. 62 today, if we get there. 58 for thursday and friday. and we've got rain added to the forecast. those two days. so today is a pleasant day from philadelphia northward compared to what's coming. here's the rain. it's from dover southward, and generally atlantic city southward. it's on the light side, but that's certainly not helping it be a very nice day. a couple of sprinkles maybe headed up toward the wilmington area. nothing really of significance during the day today. as you go through the futurecast this afternoon, a little bit of light rain. south jersey, the clouds hang in just about everywhere, except perhaps for the lehigh valley, they may see some sunshine this afternoon. and clearing skies tonight. the clouds stay from philadelphia southward. and then we're going to have rain coming in during the day tomorrow. so we start off with clouds.
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and then here comes rain. not so much first thing in the morning, but that's a solid area rain, a steady rain by tomorrow afternoon with temperatures only in the 50s. and there it is, afternoon rush tomorrow, still raining. still raining into friday morning. everywhere. east wind, cold weather. and it just keeps on coming. you can see that reflected in the seven-day forecast down here. continuously scrolling for your area, not just the philadelphia one anymore. look at these temperatures. philadelphia, 62 today, 58 tomorrow and friday. with rain. 57, p.a. suburbs. tomorrow and friday. lehigh valley, little sunshine this afternoon. maybe a little tomorrow before the rain hits. and then it's rainy on friday. new jersey, again, not getting out of the 50s.
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jersey shore, the rain today, rain tomorrow, look at that, highs in the mid 50s, and friday in the 50s, too. so it's a pretty nasty forecast here. the ten-day showing the rain tomorrow and friday. maybe a little bit of a break on saturday, but rain returns on sunday. most likely by afternoon. monday, some more rain, and of course, you're sick of it by that time, and maybe things will improve by the middle of next week. >> all right, we'll keep our fingers krauts s crossed. >> kids love them and parents will like this news. the steps mcdonald's are taking to make their chicken mcnug tsdz a little healthier.
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well, you know it's important to take care of your eyes. but what about your pet's vision? it's especially crucial for service animals like guide dogs, police and military dogs and other service animals to be free of eye issues. next month, certain animals can qualify for free exams. here with us, a veterinary optimist along with officer gerard of the low er mayfield township office. thank you all for being here. doctor, let me start with you. i had a dog for ten years. unless he runs into the wall, i
11:24 am
wouldn't know to take him in. >> it's usually true. most dogs' vision are spot on. they don't need it for reading and driving. the biggest thing we really worry about with our pet patients is are they uncomfortable? if you notice redness, squinting, tearing of the eyes. haziness or discoloration or sometimes especially for these guys, subtle vision things you'll notice first. they may not be able to see peripheraly over here, they can catch a red ball but not a green ball. >> the officer is over there working and trying to keep -- >> trying. >> keep reconcontrolled there. you heard about this program. and you took recon in and got checked, right? >> absolutely. >> tell me how that worked out. >> well, being a working dog, he goes to a lot of crazy places, inside vehicles, inside abandoned houses, in the woods. my dog specifically doesn't know how to do anything slow or safe. and he has the opportunity to
11:25 am
get something in his eye. so take him to the vet, and she checks him. so far so good. >> has he needed -- >> he's good, not for her eyes. he's got gold teeth and everything, but his eyes are good. they're hejt healthy. >> what should pet owners look out for? what should they know when it comes to pets' eyes. >> the scary thing is many can go bad fast. some people can leave for work and their dog is fine and dm home and their whole eyeball is red and inflamed and angry. especially for eye things, maybe not so much for other medical conditions, but prompt evaluation by their family veterinarian would help. >> all right, thank you very much. appreciate you guys coming in. recon going to be okay? >> he's good. >> if you're interested in registering for the free eye exams they're offering next month, you can go to or check out the app. >> thank you very much. you okay over there? >> i'm good. >> looks like recon is okay.
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>> he's good. a big lap dog. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. primary day may be over in pennsylvania and delaware, but there's certainly never a dull moment in decision 2016. gop front-runner donald trump's new comments this morning after he accused hillary clinton of playing the woman card. >> plus, the countdown is on. 100 days from the starts of the olympic games in rio. see how team usa is celebrating today's occasion.
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your rate will never increase. it's locked in for life, guaranteed. (female #1) so, what are you waiting for? you're right, i'm not getting any younger. i'm calling about the colonial penn program today. after this last piece of cake. (laughing) call now for your free information and free gift. (soft music) ♪ (colonial penn jingle) decision 2016 and the day after a pivotal primary day, republican donald trump won all five of yesterday's primary contests, and democrat hillary clinton won four of five, including pennsylvania and delaware. and she gave her victory speech right here in philadelphia.
11:30 am
take a look. >> with your help, we're going to come back to philadelphia for the democratic national convention. with the most votes and the most pledged delegates. >> clinton is less than 250 delegates away from clinching the democratic nomination. meantime, republican front-runner donald trump said after his five victories last night, he considers himself the presumptive nominee. >> as far as i'm concerned, it's over. these two guys cannot win. why would i change? if you have a football team and you're winning and then you get to the super bowl, you don't change your quarterback, right? i'm not changing. >> in about a half hour from now, trump will deliver a speech on foreign policy in washington, d.c. before heading to indiana to campaign. he's also pushing forward with his charge that hillary clinton is playing the woman card. yet insists that a lot of women don't like hillary despite the card. >> if hillary clinton were a
11:31 am
man, i don't think she would get 5% of the vote. the only thing she's got going is the woman card, and the beautiful thing is women don't like her. >> clinton responded to trump's comment during her victory speech here in philadelphia. >> mr. trump accused me of playing the, quote, woman card. well, if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in. >> in a phone interview on msnbc, trump said he doubted clinton would even be his general election opponent. >> don't even know if it's going to be hillary. we're all waiting to find out what happens with the e-mail scandal. i don't know what's going on. it's taking longer and longer. she's guilty. everybody knows she's guilty. >> trump went on to say he thinks bernie sanders should run as an independent. and a reminder, new jersey
11:32 am
voters will head to the polls on june 7th. and don't forget, we have you covered on the presidential race, and every election happening here in our area. all you have to do is go on the nbc10 app or and there you can find all the results from the primaries and what's next for the nominees. overcast and a little bit colder today than yesterday at this time, as we take a live look at boat house row in philadelphia. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with your neighborhood forecast. >> hey, vai. it is way colder than it was yesterday. not even to the 50 degree mark toward the middle of the day. coatesville or allentown, mt. holly only 49. the other places, trenton, atlantic city, only 50 degrees. let's go in and see, there are more places in the 40s. west bradford township, west
11:33 am
calen, 47. 48 in cochranville, lincoln university, oxford, 49. 49 in melbourne, st. david's, north wales. it was 86 degrees yesterday. 49 in bedmanster, new hope, 47. north wales, 49. bensalem, a mild 51. by comparison. all right, clouds across the whole area. it's trying to get a little bit clearer toward lehigh valley, and we have some light sprinkles in delaware and extreme south jersey, as you can see near cape may and generally south of dover right now. the seven-day forecast shows that a lot of this is going to continue for more than today, but specifically, we're going to be seeing temperatures again mostly in the 50s throughout the afternoon and into the evening. the suburbs of pennsylvania staying cloudy tonight. the temperature at least doesn't drop a whole lot because of the
11:34 am
clouds. lehigh valley only up to 58 degrees by 7:00, and dropping into the mid 40s in the middle of the night. in new jersey, 58. some sprinkles, 11:00. then dropping some more jersey shore may see some rain by 11:00 tonight, too. we'll have the rest of the forecast for the weekend and the ten-day exclusive ten-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, thank you. fire broke out in a new jersey recycling company. the flames shot through the roof of this plant. this is in woodbridge, middlesex county, and this happened earlier this morning. the company said everyone did get out safely. no word on what sparked the fire. >> 100 days, that's how much time we have left until the start of the olympic games in rio. right now, ceremonies are under way to transfer the olympic torch. a live look from athens, greece. this is a conclusion of the torch relay from ancientñr
11:35 am
olympia. the flame will be handed over to the president of the organizing committee for the rio games. meanwhile today, many of the team usa athletes will gather in times square to celebrate. national correspondent jay gray with whom i have traveled all over the world probably three or four continents covering the olympics. this morning, he's in new york city with more on the celebration. good morning, jay. >> hey, good morning, my friend. beautiful day here in new york city. and exciting day, as you talked about, a lot of althletes expected to be here. there will be some interactive events here, they'll be here to greet fans and talk with them, and they're starting to show up. we have been open for a couple hour s here. talking to them, they're excited, but we're 100 days out. you know as well as anybody, they're focused now. they're ready to get going. they want to get there, they want to compete. they're proud to represent the country, but they say let's get this done and let's get over there and start to win some
11:36 am
medals. they're ready to work. they're ready to realize dreams they had since childhood. in rio, the teams are working to make sure the dreams don't become a nightmare. a lot of work to be done in some of theñi venues. they insist everything will be ready, that everything will be safe, andçó rio is going to thr a party like the world has never seen. if there is one thing they can do, they can throw a party, so should be interesting to see them wrap things up over the next 100 days as the athletes get ready to go. a very exciting time. vai, back to you. >> jay gray reporting from new york city. country of carnival's e they should know how to throw a party. we're getting a look at what the u.s. athletes will be wearing at the closing ceremony in rio. swimmers modeled their outfits on the "today" show. they were joined by wrestler jordan burroughs. ralph lauren made the outfits saying they're, quote, crisp, sportdy, and classic.
11:37 am
coming up tonight on nbc10, we'll give you a taste of rio as the city prepares to host the olympics. jacqueline is heading to brazil for a look at the preparations and the features that will make these games unique. this is rio's most iconic image, christ the redeemer, one of the new seven wonders of the wuorld. an image of jesus christ his arms outstretched as if he's blessing the people who come to see him. >> especially with the clouds blowing in and out and the fog covering the face and uncovering it from time to time and the sun shining through. >> rio is a city full of beauty and nbc10's jacqueline london will take you there. don't miss nbc10's rio 100. it's tonight at 7:00 p.m. right here on nbc10. comcast, the parent company of nbc10, could be looking to boost its presence in the animated movie market. according to the wall street
11:38 am
journal, comcast is in talks to buy dreamworks animation for more than $3 billion. dreamworks is behind hits lie shu rec, kung fu panda and how to train your drargen. they have enjoyed success with animated films despicable me and minions. and mcdonald's is trying out a new recipe for its mcnuggets. one without artificial preservatives. they began testing the new nuggets at 140 stores. mcdonald's is working to regain customers. they have admitted it failed to keep up with the changing tastes of consumers and is working to improve the core menu items. >> intrepid sea and air and space museum has a new plane to put on display. a crane lifted a t-38 talon onto the aircraft carrier. this particular jet was used to chase after the space shuttle
11:39 am
"enterprise" during the approach and landing tests in 1977. the t-38 falcon will be displaced alongside 30 other authentically restored aircraft. >> they say timing is everything. when it comes to getting a flu shot, researchers say getting the vaccination at a certain time of day could make it more effective. the best time of day to roll up your, just ahead. >> glenn? >> we're in for more days of wet and chilly weather this week. it's going to dry out in time for the weekend? a look at what you can expect where you live just ahead.
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11:42 am
the time of day when you get your flu shot may determine how well the shot will work. british researchers found flu shots given in the morning may be more effective. their study found that for two out of the three flu strains, a morning vaccination creating more antibodies one month after the injection than people who received it in the afternoon. researchers say more study is needed. new statistics show high school seniors have slipped in education. the national assessment of educational progress reports the average math score for 12th graders was a point lower last year compared to two years ago. the first drop in math scores in a decade. for reading scores stayed the same as they were in 2013.
11:43 am
but they are down five points from the early 1990s. well, getting a second chance at life. april is national donate life month, and one children's hospital here in our area is the leader in organ transplant surgeries. 14-year-old dede togba has spent her whole life being treated at children hospital of philadelphia for kidney failure. she spent years on daily dialysis, which meant she missed school, couldn't play sports, or even go to sleepovers at friends' homes. thanks to an organ donation, she has a new kidney. the organ donor was a young man from allentown, and dede has been in touch with his family and plans to meet them in the future. >> it's very important and they should try to be organ donors because you get kids a chance to live a really good second life and be healthy again. >> whily donated organs come from people who pass away, half of kidney transplants come from
11:44 am
living donors. >> this wednesday's child is a student who plays sports, and makes friends easily. she also love s creating design on the computer. i would like you to meet susan. >> wow. >> that's so cool. >> only 14, susan is completely at ease among young adults on a college campus. and rutgers is where we took susan for a day with professor allen and his students. >> the program acts as just -- >> because susan plans to go to college, and remembers exactly when she decided to major in graphic arts. >> it was like a year ago, and i was on the computer like drawing and like pixar and stuff and someone told me i should be a graphic designer. >> susan got to see the students' special projects. >> are you overlapping? >> yeah, of course. >> really? >> yeah, do it. >> even got help designing her own name in a very unique way,
11:45 am
using computer graphics. >> that's really cool. >> she learned a valuable lesson. >> if you have anything in your mind or whatever, like, it can happen. >> susan, you're picking up this program faster than most of my college students. >> more than anything, what susan would like to see happen is for a forever family to emerge to care for her. to guide her, and love her. >> someone that can, like, listen to me and like understand what i've been through and stuff. and like help me through my daily life and stuff. and like someone that can, like, understand me. >> susan's preference is for a single mom. although i think she would entertain different types of families. i think and i know she also thinks she would do well with an active family that participates in their community and gets out and does things on weekends. >> green. >> yeah. nice. >> susan is this week's wednesday's child. >> and if you would like to make
11:46 am
susan's dream come true, go to our website, search wednesday's child, or call the national adoption center directly at 1-866-do-adopt. >> well, helping hands for freedom is an organization that assists military families who are dealing with death, deployment, and loss. tomorrow will kick off an important mission, a 3,000-mile walk across the country that begins in atlantic city. david is taking part in the route for the brave. we appreciate you being here this morning. >> hey, vai, good to be here on behalf of military families and gold star family members and the organization helping hands. >> david, tell me why this is so important for you to help out military families. >> i tell you what. really, the military family and our charity is the families. it seems to be that if we bring that unit together and if you have personal experiences like i have had with military family members, they need a house of
11:47 am
healing. that's why we're walking 3,091 miles, myself and a teacher from indiana, are walking this trek. and it's important. without families we can't bring them totally home, we can't bring our soldiers and combat veterans home totally together unless they have a place within the family of retreat, but we wand to build this house of healing when we're done and raise the money for it, for the walk. >> what exactly is the for this event? are you raising money along the way as you do this? >> yes, we are. we're a true volunteer organization. we have to do it grassroots style. go basically hand to hand combalt, meet the communities, the soldiers and families across the way. we're looking at a true volunteer organization that gives of their time and efforts to make it happen. >> you start tomorrow. how long does it last? you have this down to the mile. where does it end? >> on april 28th, of course,
11:48 am
tomorrow, we leave, and then on august 26th, we have a final walk into san francisco. right there on the pier. we're going to have every day there. we'll be in philadelphia the 12th and 13th, i believe, of may, and we're really looking forward to meeting people along the way and encouraging people to come out with us. and get behind the military families. and help us build this house of healing. >> tell us, david, quickly, how people can help route for the brave? >> they can go to, go to the play store and get their fhhf, and if they donate, they have a possibility of winning the van outside. i don't know if we have a picture or not, but we're going to give away at the end of the trek. it's a nice town and country van. >> that's fantastic. be sure to take a bunch of shoes with you, david. for more information, about route for the brave, head to our website at or check out the app. david, thank you very much.
11:49 am
i almost called you david lee roth. >> you're not the first. completely different picture than what we saw yesterday. a warm spot today so far, delaware, 51. the cool spot, 48 in lehigh valley, pennsylvania suburbs. 51 in philadelphia. what's going to happen over the next twefr12 hours to the dempt? not much. in philadelphia, barely up to 60. trenton, barely up to 60. in reading, probably not up to 60, according to this computer model. wilmington, maybe not up to 60 degrees. remember how warm it was yesterday? well, you can see how warm it's going to be over the next seven days, all the time with our seven-day ticker down here for your area. not just the philadelphia forecast anymore. and you don't have to wait for it until the end of the weather
11:50 am
cast. and in new jersey, we have some places still in the 40s. wiigo lake, 49 degrees. several places near 50. clayton, turnersville at 51. medford at 51, lumberton at 51 degrees. it is chilly out there. even princeton, hopewell township, florence, mt. laurel, a lot of places at 50 degrees right now. it's not going to warm up a lot unless we get sunshine. the only sunshine is just north of allentown now. it may creep down just enough so that parts of lehigh valley see it, but i don't think it's going to come all the way down to philadelphia. so it is much colder, and it's going to stay pretty cold. it was 86 yesterday. 62 for the high today, maybe. and then thursday and friday, we don't get out of the 50s. plus, we've got rain. take a look at that rain, with
11:51 am
the futurecast. and you can see some light showers or sprinkles during the afternoon, mainly in delaware, south jersey. not going to amount to much, but it's just not that pretty. we may clear out a little bit briefly tonight, and then the clouds from the next system come back tomorrow. here comes the rain. by midday, all through the afternoon, through the whole area. then that clears out. not really, because here comes the next area of rain. for friday, so thursday and friday are just going to be nasty days. the weekend is looking pretty wet. sunday, especially in the afternoon, as you can see, philadelphia to the suburbs, south jersey and delaware, and with the ten-day forecast, you can see this cold weather tomorrow and friday, saturday may be a little bit of a break, and then sunday it's going to be kind of critical, of course, for the blue cross broad street run.
11:52 am
by race time, 52 degrees. warming to 60 degrees towards the end of the race. and even more threats of rain for monday and tuesday of next week.
11:53 am
11:54 am
well, coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, an all new ellen with basketball
11:55 am
great and lower merion high school player kobe bryant, and and there's a way to get help when you have a consumer complai complaint. it's called nbc10 responds. we have a team of more than 20 producers to work tirelessly to try to help no matter what your complaint is about. our goal is to reach every viewer who reaches out to us to get resolutions for your problems whenever possible and here's how to reach us. send an e-mail to nbc10 responds a lot of people can't imagine running a half marathon, but one new york girl ran one just by accident. 12-year-old leadeion esrodriguez showed up for a 5k, when she got there, a race was in progress, so the 12-year-old she was late, so she joined the pack, but it was the wrong race. she was now running in a half
11:56 am
marathon, which is, oh, about ten miles more than she had trained for. >> about the fourth mile, i asked a woman i was running with how long it was, and she said it was about 13 miles. that's when i realized i think i was in the wrong group. uh-oh. well, she eventually figured it out, but decided, hey, just go for it. her mom was waiting at the 5k finish line, became a little distraught and frantic, but a police officer there found her and brought her to her mom. man, just tires you out thinking about that. all right, our chief here, glenn "hurricane" schwartz, is checking out the afternoon forecast. >> yeah, and tremendous difference from what we saw yesterday afternoon. we were in the mid 80s. we hads. today, it's going to be cloudy across much of the area. some sprinkles to the south. tomorrow and friday, we have rain throughout area. temperatures not getting out of the 50s, and then the weekend,
11:57 am
not exactly a tremendous improvement. we'll have an update coming up later. >> thanks. thanks for watching nbc10 news at 11:00. have a good day.
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[fiona kernaghan's "ready for a miracle" playing] ♪ >> ♪ when you've said ♪ all you had to say... >> henry: all right. [laughter] >> claire: thank you so much for doing this, henry. i just really needed a friend with me tonight. >> henry: are you kidding me? i mean, guess how much i'll be able to sell this for when you go viral. [laughter] >> claire: just hope i don't screw up. >> henry: hey, you've got this. okay, stop worrying. somebody's out there having fun. >> ♪ get ready ♪ for a miracle... >> claire: yeah. >> ♪ let if feel ♪ a little magical... >> theo: this is cool. >> ciara: yeah, you know what. i don't think i ever told you, when you went after mark protecting me like that, that really meant a lot. thank you. >> theo: ciara, you gotta know i'd do anything for you.


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