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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 29, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. the philadelphia. the philadelphia eagles draft their newest quarterback. nu people living in new jersey, deal governor chris christie his lowest approval ratings ever. cool and misty, the workweek ending on a damp note with occasional showers this morning and this afternoon. it's friday, 4:00 a.m. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast. cool and misty. tell us more. >> we'll see occasional showers today. we can pick out a few sprinkles in the area this morning as we
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go into the afternoon, that chance of showers will be with us and even more likely. that's your seven-day forecast scrolling at the bottom of the screen. it shows a rainy day today. but a break as we go into tomorrow. occasional rain showers during the day today. it's tomorrow that we'll get a break. then it does look like we're in for some rain for sunday as well. if you're heading out the door right now, take your umbrella with you and anytime i'm on the air, check out the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. tracy? >> all right, bill. >> jessica boyington is actually following traffic. temperatures are around the 40s. how is the traffic looking? >> we're seeing rain on the road and it's causing accident scenes. one on 422 around egypt road. headed from 422 eastbound towards that off ramp. we have police activity there on the scene as well. no big backups yet. the rest of the drive times are looking okay as well. the schuylkill expressway eastbound, the blue route to the vine, a 12-minute trip.
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pretty much the same with the blue route. updates when i come back on 422. the quarterback of of the future for the the eagles will meet the media in philadelphia later today. the eagles drafted carson wentz. >> the philadelphia eagles select carson wentz. >> commissioner roger goodell introduced wentz who won two national titles at north dakota state. he's hoping to bring an era of winning to philadelphia. >> unbelievable. dream come true. obviously i understand it's just the beginning. to finally make it to this point, a kid growing up in north dakota, not many people get this opportunity. i'm very fortunate. i'm going to make the most of it. >> wentz is known for his armstroarm rdrength, accuracy and toughness. on the front, "wentz for all."
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and on the back, there's a cautionary head line that reads "better be good kid." >> many fans are beaming with optimism. eagles fans at the link erupted with joy when the birds officially picked wentz as you can see and here, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. >> i think the pick was excellent. i mean, it was the best pick. >> i think he'll be a great fit. it can only be better than what's been going on. >> we had mcnabb in '99. less than five years we had a super bowl. maybe he can do it, too. >> maybe. nbc 10 is your official eagles station. count on us for complete coverage of carson wentz first news conference in philadelphia later today. ahead in our next half hour, the fans are not alone. see how one montgomery county town is welcoming carson wentz. what do you think about the draft?
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how is it going to work with sam bradford? vai has been saying get on the wentz wagon, #wentzwagon. tweet us right now. we'll tweet you back and start the conversation this morning. 4:04 and 46 degrees. new from overnight, police are looking for a woman they say shot a man in frankford at about 12:30 this morning, police say they were called to frankford avenue and margaret street when they found a man in his 40s on the sidewalk with gunshot wounds to his face, back and leg. medics rushed him to the hospital. he is expecteded to survive. witnesses say the shooter was a woman who took off in a gold or gray sedan with a man. so far, police have made no efforts. a philadelphia town hall will focus on the future of the police department's policy of stop and frisk. mayor jim kenney and police commissioner richard ross is expected at tonight's forum at the new vision methodist church
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in south philadelphia. kenney made a promise to end stop and frisk but then later talked about reforms. the church's pastor says the mayor can clarify that position at tonight's event. police have charged a montgomery county man with manslaughter after they say he shot and killed another parishioner during a church service. mark storms is accused of shooting robert braxton at the keystone fellowship church in north wales on sunday. it started with an argument over seating. he punched storms in the face, then storms opened fire. >> if there had been two guys fighting, they would have forgotten about it in a week or two or even less. with a shooting it will stick with everybody for the rest of their lives. >> braxton's funeral is scheduled for saturday in the same church where the shooting happened. 4:05. in burlington county, an 11-year-old girl is safe after escaping what police are calling
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a suspicious incident. the girl told versions this man walked up to her on the big chief trail yesterday, started making conversation. she told police sheç ran away when the man tried to grab her arm. if you royds him, police would like to hear from you. pse & g has the option to build another nuclear power plan in the south jersey .federal regulators approved a permit for construction of a new reactor. the permit gives pse & g a new operating license. they have no plans to build a new reactor, no immediate plans. now your forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> this is a view from wildwood, new jersey. rain showers are nearby. not steady rainfall. it's just going to be a cloudy, dreary day for most of the day.
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there's the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. we will see some tomorrow. wildwood, the clouds overhead and cool temperatures all around, the lehigh valley, 46 degrees. the pennsylvania suburbs delaware, philadelphia, in the 40s. and while it is 47 at the shore, south jersey is seeing numbers that have come down a bit more. washington township, cinnaminson at 44 in hopewell. it's a chilly morning. it will stay chilly through the day. occasionally we'll see a few scattered showers, just to the south of cape may crossing delaware bay. you can see isolated showers in berks county, chester county, into montgomery county. it will be brief. those are on the move, moving directly to the east. those winds are going to be blowing off the ocean for us today. it's going to be another chilly one. we'll look to the west for more showers, nothing much in the way of organized rainfall. an occasional shower at best during the day today.
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temperatures, they'll be stuck in the 50s. 56 degrees in somerton. malvern, 54. look at the lehigh valley, bethlehem 53 degrees, berks county, reading tops out in the low 50s this afternoon. for south jersey, clouds hang in there through the day with occasional showers. haddonfield 54 degrees. cooler at the shore. wildwood at 54 but look at atlantic city at 50 degrees. occasional showers in delaware, no all-day rain here, though. the futurecast, check it out. 6:00 this morning, a few rain drops in the area but watch how it's not going to be all that impressive. by 9:00 this morning, moderate showers to the west and the chance of showers will roll through philadelphia and wilmington right around lunch time today. that's what's happening today. the seven day, always at the bottom of your screen. when i come back, the ten-day outlook. we'll take a look at the weekend and the following weekend as
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well. >> i love those ten-day outlooks with a look at both weekends. traffic reporter jessica boyington is starting on 422. >> around egypt road we have an accident scene around the off ramp. 422 eastbound at the egypt road off ramp. we do have police activity on the scene and the left lane and shoulder is blocked right now with those flashing lights. one of those vehicles coming downç the ramp spun around. definitely slippery roads out there. slippier conditions, especially getting on and off of the ramps. there's also an accident to watch out for in upper pottsgrove, farmington avenue and north states street. if you take the schuylkill expressway, no problems or big delays. you can see through the conshohocken curve, we're okay and 12 minutes eastbound into center city from the blue route to the vine street expressway. tracy? >>. >> never charged but still under the microscope. next, hear why a lawyer connected to the jersey jam bridge scandal wants new jersey
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governor chris christie's cell phone. ready to run. students from northeast high school will tacking the blue cross brad street run as a team. their goal is more than just about fitness and competition. we'll explain. it's not new york, it's not l.a. it's the thrilla in philla. punch up your career by raising money for youth and education. it's a night to see and be seen. saturday, april 30th at the leacorus center. proceeds benefit the urban league of philadelphia.
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4:12. good morning, broomall. this is a live picture of the carnival, it starts tonight and runs through the weekend. it benefits the broomall fire company. new information in the jersey jam bridge scandal. a lawyer for one of governor chris christie's allies wants access to the governor's phone. during pretrial motions he said governor christie and phone could hold evidence. christie has not been charged. meantime, governor christie's approval rating has hit an all-time low. just 26% of voters in new jersey have a favorable opinion of christie. three relatives of the san
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bernardino shooters are under arrest, facing charges not relevant to the terrorist attack. federal authorities rounded up the brother of syed farook and two other family members. they say the suspects committed marriage fraud in a scheme to get immigration benefits. farook and his wife died in the shootout with police after the couple killed 14 people at a community center in december. in baltimore, a man who dressed up in an animal costume and threatened to blow up a tv station is in stable condition after police shot him during the incident. the man was wearing a hedgehog onsie and had what appeared to be a bomb strapped to him as he walked into the fox 45 building. he wanted the station to air what he said was information about a government conspiracy. >> he kept on saying, i don't want to hurt anyone. i don't want to hurt you but i really want my message to be heard. >> officers shot him three times when they say he refused to listen to orders.
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after the four-hour incident came to an end, police learned the supposed bomb was candy bars wrapped in aluminum foil and wired together. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> clouds are here and it's going to be a rainy day at times during the day. right now we're just seeing clouds, drizzle and some chilly temperatures. 40s to start with. the temperatures will be climbing but it's not going to be a big warmup. look at the pennsylvania suburbs. this is where our starting point is, 42 degrees in west bradford township, unionville and kennett square at 43 degrees. collegeville, 44. everybody stuck in the lower 40s this morning, including doylestown at 44. what we're not seeing a lot of just yet is rainfall. you might run into drizzle but you'll run into the same winds that we've been dealing with the last couple days. those were those easterly winds that have kept us cloudy and cool. that doesn't change during the day today, though. they will be light. if you're headingç out, don't
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forget an umbrella. you'll need the jacket, too. it's a chilly start. a dreary day with occasional showers. no heavy rain here. the chance of showers will continue into the evening hours and then we get a break. something you'll probably notice with the seven day at the bottom of the screen. scattered, isolated sprinkles this morning. no steady or organized rainfall just yet. the clouds, they'll be here right on through the day. the futurecast showing 8:00 this morning, cloudy skies. as we go into the later morning hours, a few scattered light showers in delaware and south jersey but the pennsylvania suburbs at 1:00 this afternoon looking pretty dry. and as we look to the west, you can see this evening there will be showers around and more wet weather is on the way. it does look like it's going to be arriving this weekend. the forecast calling for 50s today, stuck in the clouds with occasional, mainly light rain showers. a break from the rain tomorrow. but it's going to be a mostly cloudy one. 61 degrees, the high
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temperature. then here comes rain for sunday. that means a chance of some showers for the broad street run. in fact, rain is likely first thing in the morning. look at that temperature, 49 degrees. it's going to be stuck at 49 degrees. there will be a breeze just below 10 miles an hour to make it feel cooler. the damp and the chill continues at 10:00 in the morning and even into the noontime hour. the temperatures climbing a little bit into the middle 50s. the rain will still be an issue going through the day on sunday and into monday. by tuesday, we'll get a dry one. 66 degrees and a little bit warmer for wednesday. and a chance that we will be getting a break from the showers for thursday, friday and into next weekend. and next weekend looks a lot more spring-like than what we'll see this weekend. tracy? >> excellent, bill, thanks. poor jessica, her face got all frowny when you started to talk about possible rain for the
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broad street blue cross run. >> it just means i'll have to wear a big old hat. >> that's all right. >> we'll deal with rain then but we're also dealing with rain now. that's in the beginning of our morning commute right now. we are seeing damp roads on 422 possibly what has caused this accident scene. it's on one of the off ramps. egypt road, 422 headed eastbound right in here. no big delays by the scene. this is pushed over into the right-hand shoulder just before this off ramp here. no big delays behind that. something to be careful of getting on and off the major highways. 295 in west deptford around 130. no problem in either direction. 22 minutes headed southbound from the 42 freeway up towards the delaware memorial bridge with average speeds into the 60s. i'll be back, though, with another update on your morning drive in the next ten minutes. tracy? 4:18. speaking of the blue cross broad street run, tens of thousands of runners will participate in a philadelphia spring tradition,
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the blue cross broad street run. some of the runners are kids who already have quite a past. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in center city to explain this. tell us more about them, matt. >> some of these kids had to run away from their home countries. there are about 1,300 kid taking part inç the students run phil stale program. of that there are 50 to 100 immigrants and a handful of them were refugees. i met up with some of them when they were practicing for the broad street run. these students are from northeast high school, traning twice a week. they're doing it for a number of reasons, trying to become more competitive or overcome challenges of life. the second student you'll hear from in just a moment, she and her mom was a journalist. they were inner another countr
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>> i want to show we can be successful again. >> can be successful again. a lot of luck to them. we'll hear more from them and other students coming up in the 5:00 hour. the blue cross broad street run, ten miles long. we are at city hall between mile five and six, halfway, we see some of the banners are already up. you'll see some of the trucks and barricades are getting ready to load up some of the stuff here by city hall. this will be a big spot for people to watch some of the folks who are running by welcoming 40,000 runners on sunday we have plenty more information on and the nbc 10 app. for now, live outside city hall, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> nbc 10 has you covered from start to finish. join us beginning at 8:00 a.m. sunday morning. if you're running be sure to dvr our race coverage so you can go back and look for yourself in
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the crowd of runners. join us tonight at 7:00 for our blue cross broad street special, ready, set, run. we'll show you the best places to watch along the course as well and see what's new at this year's health and wellness expo. dutch storms in arizona caused a 12-storm pileup. this was the scene along interstate 10. police say a tractor-trailer, a fire truck and a vehicle from the state department of public safety were involved in the wreck. it's 4:21. donald trump overwhelmingly won the pennsylvania primary. he managed to upset people in a small chester county town in the process. ahead, hear about the twitter comment that has downingtown's mayor playing defense. also, crying foul. next, the future of a reading youth basketball league is on the ropes. we'll tell you what vandals did to their headquarters.
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from our jersey shore bureau, surf city fire department is celebrating a new addition, loudly and proudly. the department got a new state-of-the-art fire engine yesterday. the truck replace two others that were damaged during hurricane sandy. the new engine is specially made to protect elevated homes built after the storms. 4:24 and 46 degrees outside. dozens of home owners affected by hurricane sandy are taking aim at the federal government. on capitol hill yesterday, the home owners met with new jersey congressman tom macarthur and former fema manager turned whistle-blower.
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they said it's time to hold the agency accountable. >> when you're going up and down the streets and there are senior citizens that can't get back in their homes, i want things done. i want it done today, now. you know? >> congressman macarthur is calling for new congressional hearings for sandy victims and the resignation of fema's director. the future of a summer basketball league in reading is uncertain after vandals caused thousands of dollars of damage to its headquarters. last weekend, vandals struck twice breaking windows, stealing uniforms and trophies men the for young kids in the blacktop basketball league. police have made one arrest. organizers are hoping more people will come forward. >> my immediate reaction was that i almost had tears in my eyes. we're looking for vandals to identify accountability, you know> pay the piper. >> donations are trickling to
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help the league get through the summer. now your first alert weather. >> a few spots of drizzle. 46 degrees at 2:4:26. jessica boyington is watching the roads in the first alert traffic center. >> an scene accident off of 422 headed eastbound around egypt road. that's getting off of an off ramp. i'll have updates when i come back. beaten and rob. security cameras catch a violent attack on tape. next at 4:30, we'll show you a closer look at the people police are looking for.
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nbc 10 news starts now.ç >> welcome to philly, carson. you'd think we won the super bowl. eagles fans are ecstatic after the birds big carson wentz as part of the franchise. rescue at sea. three men plucked from a ship off the cape may coast. be sure to pack the umbrella today. here's a look at franklin field where the penn relays continue today. good morning. it's 4:30. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's find out more about the cooler temperatures and the showers in the area this morning with meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast. a look at the conditions right where you are. bill? >> we've had a couple of dreary days. this friday morning we're seeing lots of clouds and a few
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sprinkles. northern chester county getting a few sprinkles at this hour. they're streaming into new jersey and across delaware as well. looking to the west, this is where the weather is coming from. not a lot of rainfall but there are scattered showers to be found. those are going to be moving through at times during the day. moving out the door right now, here's what's happening right now. a live view of philadelphia, 46 degrees and cloudy skies. we'll see a little bit of drizzle this morning. those clouds hanging in there. not much of a warmup today. 9:00 hour, 51 degrees. we'll be stuck in the 50s throughout the day. south jersey is in the 40s to start with. it will warm into the 50s this afternoon. but occasional light showers. it's certainly not an all-day rainfall. 54 degrees in interior new jersey. 50 degrees at the shore while it's up to 55 degrees for philadelphia and clouds will hang in there with occasional light showers, later this morning. again, later this afternoon. we'll go through the timing of those showers with the futurecast when i'm back in ten minutes. right now, jessioy


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