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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  April 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. the philadelphia eagles select carson wentz. the future of the franchise. the eagles are hoping to soar to a winning record this year with carson wentz at the helm. and we're getting ready to kick some asphalt this morning. >> what. >> we're going to kick asphalt. >> i got it. >> one thing the organizers of the blue cross broad street run say, they're concerned about. you looked concerned for a moment. >> i was. when you're wondering what to wear, keep in mind it will be rainy with the exception of one day. we'll get you updated on that. 6:00 a.m., it's friday. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we're all expecting rain but how much and when varies from neighborhood to neighborhood. let's get to first alert meteorologist bill henley who
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has the answers in his neighborhood forecast. 4zm5zlouds and everybody's the experiencing chilly skies. the skies are starting to brighten a little bit. showers, that's going to be more scattered during the day. 51 degrees, easton at 9:00. not much of a warmup as the clouds stay with us. easterly winds keep all of the readings cool during the day today. afternoon temperatures only into the 50s with occasional light rain showers. not an all day rainfall. but the showers, well, we've been tracking a few of them this morning. they're moving through cape may county, light rainfall in avalon, going to quickly move offshore. the rest of the area is mainly clouded, an isolated shower. berks county, just clearing, reading, moving through the reading area at this time. on and off rainfall. carry an umbrella to play it safe during the day today. dry weather over the weekend, some dry weather. get a look at the weekend forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington is following
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friday morning traffic. jessie? >> we're watching 422. no big delays yet. this is around trooper road. we watch the eastbound side this time of day. you can see we have a little bit more traffic heading in that direction. that's because it's moving towards the schuylkill expressway. there's also an accident out in lansdale on east 7th street and north broad street. watch out for that. delays behind the scene. we're watching 95. into center city, no real increase in our drive times. we're at a 14-minute trip, headed southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. speeds still into the 50s. tracy? >> jessica, thanks. the future of the eagles franchise arrives in town for a news conference today. >> and it's only been hours since the birds drafted quarterback carson wentz. take a look at the covers of this work's philadelphia daily news. "wentz & for all!" on the back is a cautionary caption that reads "better be
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good, kid." >> the eagles grabbed carson with the second overall draft pick. the star quarterback from north dakota state told john clark of comcast sports net that he was fired up to come to philadelphia. >> it's unbelievable, a dream come true. i understand it's just the beginning but to finally make it to this point, especially a kid growing up in north dakota. not many people get this opportunity. i'm very fortunate. i'm going to make the most of it. >> analysts touted wentz for his arm strength, his accuracy and toughness. and we are tracking reaction from eagles fans to the wentz selection. >> here's the moment at the draft party last night. >> carson wentz. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's pretty awesome. nbc 10 is at the link where eagles fans erupted with joy when the eagles picked carson wentz. >> i think the pick was excellent. it was the best pick. >> i think he'll be a great fit.
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it can only be better than what's been going on. >> we had mcnabb in '99. less than five years we had a super bowl. >> see, vai, maybe everyone is on the wentz wagon. nbc 10 is your official eagles station. count on us for complete coverage of carson çwentz's fit news conference later on today in philadelphia. it's race weekend here in philadelphia. the 37th annual blue cross broad street run is sunday. >> there are a lot of factors that go into coordinating a race like this. one of them, none of us have any control over. matt delucia, he spoke with a race director and rain is a big concern for runners this weekend. >> yes, vai and tracy. i spoke with the race director a few minutes ago. he tells me he can't remember exactly the last time it rain for the blue cross broad street run. it has before. this race will go on, rain or shine. take a look at last year's rain. it was a lot warmer and beautiful weather out there.
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this year, it is shaping up to be quite different. talking about the race itself, ten miles long, starting at broad and fisher by einstein medical center. the finish line is over at the navy yard. we have 40,000 runners taking part. if you're not running or watching from the sidelines here, you can watch the blue cross broad street run on your tv from the comfort of your home right here on nbc 10 and telemundo 62. if you are coming out here, the race director tells me it is a good idea to prepare ahead of time. >> yes, right now we're looking at the forecast, obviously everybody is concerned about it to a certain extent. we're preparing as we always do, for any possibility. we've added additional tents for certain locations for the spectators and the bands and things like that. the runners themselves, they need to consider what they're going to wear the day of the event. that's the biggest concern. >> here we are by city hall between mile five and six. a good spot to watch the race.
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the health and wellness expo at the convention center starts at 11:00 this morning. that's where you can pick up your bibs and get running advice from experts. be sure to stop by and say hello. you're supposed to be there as well. we'll see some of our fine viewers on the morning show and coming up at 6:30, first off, i spoke with a group of runners over at northeast high school. the refugees from other countries that are here to make a better life for themselves and running is a way to help them achieve some of their goals and take on new challenges. pretty interesting group of folks. live outside of city hall in center city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> we also look forward to seeing everybody on race day because nbc 10 has you covered from start to finish. we're broadcasting live, our coverage begins at 8:00 a.m. sunday morning. bill and i will be at the start line. if you're running don't forget to dvr it so yaw can go back and look at yourself. also, join us tonight for "ready set run."
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we'll show you the best places to watch along the course. find out where those tents are that might be needed. >> a traffic reporter for the race. we've got one here. let's check out what friday is like. it's usually our lightest day. >> let's find out. jessica boyington has you covered. >> most of the majors, vai and tracy are doing okay for the most part. we're not seeing major delays yet. here is the 42 freeway around route 41. just checked in with the drive times here as well. if you're heading into the philadelphia area, northbound right in here, no problems getting over the bridges. we're still at aç five-minute trip from 55 up towards the walt whitman bridge at this point of the morning. there's an accident in lansdale on east 7th street and north broad street. watch out for that. route 309, this is what a lot of the majors still look like. route 309 around the pa turnpike. no problems in either direction or delays. watch for emergency construction on the delaware memorial bridge. this is coming from new jersey
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into delaware. the left lane is closed headed there. no big delays. we're still in the green on to 259 or the new jersey turnpike. >> jessica, thanks. 6:08 and 46 degrees. new this morning, police are looking for a woman they say shot a man three times at frankford avenue and margaret street in frankford. medics rushed him to the hospital. he's expected to survive. witnesses say the woman who shot him took off in a gold or gray sedan with another man. police found the car but they're still looking for the suspect. 46 years right now. 6:08 this friday morning. a montgomery county man who opened fire on another worshiper in a packed church has been charged. >> hear what police say set this man off, plus, what's happening this weekend inside the same church where the shooting happened. changes at the dmv in new jersey. what governor chris christie is requiring all employees to do and how it all started with a teen who couldn't get his permit.
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it's 12 minutes past 6:00. here's a live picture outside the broomall fire company's carnival on west chester pike, broomall, delaware county. the carnival is happening this weekend and it opens at 6:00 tonight, proceeds help to support the volunteer broomall fire company. new this morning, governor chris christie's approval rating may have hit an all-time low. just 26% of voters in new jersey have a favorable opinion of christie. 64% are unfavorable toward the governor. that's up five minutes since february. meantime, governor christie is requiring employees at new jersey's motor vehicle commission to undergo customer service training. >> yes, christie says a change came after hearing stories from frustrated customers. it also comes after christie visited a south plain field location with a young driver to
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help him get a duplicate driver's permit. his mother claimed she was having trouble getting a duplicate from what she called unhelpful commission workers. he landed an enter view with the leader of the free world. >> i hear there's some hot shot journalists here. >> can you imagine if this happened. the president surprised a group of college reporters who were listening to a briefing from white house press secretary josh earnest. a rutgers university student asked the president for a one-on-one interview and the president quickly agreed. the president will deliver remarks at rutgers commencement share moanny on may 15th. >> an event happening this weekend is trying to re-ignite the flame that made philadelphia a fight town. >> we'll have a busy weekend. this is where i'll be. it's called night at the fight. pamela osborne is live with us. you spoke with the person
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training the celebrity fighters. >> vai, tracy, i most certainly did. i can tell you those celebrity fighters are working incredibly hard as areç maybe just as har rather than the kids who come here and practice in this gym every day, work extremely hard at this nonprofit. as you mentioned, this event is all for them. xb the love of the fight draws people in joe hand boxing gyms all across the city. but it's love for philadelphia that inspired a new fight. >> this is definitely to benefit the children. >> reporter: night at the fights happens saturday and malik jackson has been training the celebrity fighters, bobby keyes of the urban league and d.a. seth williams. >> we train three or four times a day, tell them to do different boxing workouts. >> that fight is one of 10 to 15 on the card. the rest of the matches will be put on by local up and coming fighters, giving them and
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opportunity to participate in a sport and tradition that goes hand in hand with the city of philadelphia. >> it's a big opportunity for the kids of philadelphia to fight in the lahora center rather than a local gym or something like that. >> reporter: and so the fight happens again tomorrow night. i may have heard from some people that our very own vai sikahema is going to be emceeing that event. why don't you tell us all about it? >> he's very excited about it. >> i'll be the ring announcer. i'll get to play michael buffer. i have to figure out a tag line, a signature line. you mentioned d.a. seth williams is one of the undercards. he's lost a lot of weight because he's trained for the boxing. it will be a great night. el debarge from back in the '80s, he'll be there, performing that night. it will be a great night for the kids and everybody who's coming. pam, thanks a lot. great job. >> absolutely.
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6:15. 46 degrees. let's get you to work on this friday. check the schuylkill expressway. >> let's check in with jessica boyington. how's it looking, jessica? >> vai and tracy, still doing okay. we're watching around university avenue right now. so no problems in between 95 or if you're headed to the vine street expressway here. you can see more cars heading out the door. a hazy start to the morning as well. it may be reduced visibility thing for you. construction also on the betsy ross bridge headed eastbound. the ram top richmond street will be closed until may which is coming up shortly. we'll keep you updated as soon as that becomes open again. route 73, not a lot of cars out here. this is in winslow township, new jersey, around route 561. the roads look damp. no scheduled openings on the tacony palmyra or the burlington bristol. no problems on the ben or the walt heading into philadelphia. >> jessica, thanks for that.
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>> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> check the nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. it's a forecast you won't get anywhere else. >> bill henley has the forecast for us p this is where neighborhood weather really comes in handy. it's neighborhood by neighborhood. you can focus on where you live. >> you can see the variation in the weather, too. this is broomall. waiting for their spring festival.ç it's cloudy this morning. philadelphia 47 degrees. some of the pennsylvania suburbs have cooled down more so than the rest of the area. west bradford 42, st. david's 43 degrees. everybody is feeling the chill this morning. during the day today, on and off showers, 55 degrees in somerton this afternoon. for the pennsylvania suburbs low 50s in malvern with a chance of scattered showers in the lehigh valley. for south jersey, haddonfield warms to just 54 this afternoon. so that's not a big warm. at the shore, chilly air at
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atlantic city with occasional rain, 50 degrees. not an all-day rain. keep an umbrella handy in dover. mostly cloudy skies, 56 and scattered showers for wilmington. that's today. here's the future satellite and radar showing no activity right now. you can look to the west and see what's coming in our future. just some scattered light showers now in chester county and farther to the west, there's going to be more rainfall for berks county. right now, maidencreek is dry. the futurecast shows the showers coming back into play. 8:30 this morning. as we go into the later morning and lunch time hours, the clouds will stay with us. this is 11:30. that's when we'll get steadier rainfall. it's going to be on and off rainfall. at times, scattered showers today but a break tomorrow. may seen a bit of sunshine, especially in the lehigh valley, up to 59 degrees. that's cool for this time of year. there's the rain for sunday. the rain comes right back into the area. this is the futurecast for this afternoon.
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scattered showers as we go into the weekend, the clouds will stay with us for much of the day on saturday. this is a little rainfall, late this evening. but there will be breaks saturday. you can see scattered clouds there. and some sunshine breaking through just enough to warm us into the low 60s for your saturday. for sunday, rain is back for the blue cross broad street run. it starts first thing in the morning. look at those temperatures, 49 degrees sunday morning at 8:00. by 10:00, not much warmer. the rain still falling at lunch time. the shower threat continues into monday. a cool one monday but we start drying out on tuesday. next week we have warmer weather. by next weekend, 70s. tracy, vie? . >> thank you, bill. temperatures in the mid-to-high 40s on a friday morning. last friday in the month of april. here at nbc 10 we're dedicated to helping you. >> that's why we've started nbc 10 responds. nbc 10's harry hairston is spoding spod
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ing -- responding to your questions. have you seen this man? we'll tell you why police in south jersey are looking for him. if your family outing is magical for all the wrong reasons. you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®.
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6:23. the food and drug administration approved the first test to diagnose the zika virus here in the u.s. only government labs have had approved tests up to this point and doctors had to go through their state or local health department if they wanted to test a patient. with the fda's approval, the test can be ordered through quest diagnostics. it will cost about $500 and patients can expect results in three to five days. happening today, vice president joe biden is taking his moon shot mission on cancer research to the vatican. biden will speak at a conference and is expected to talk about the connection between medical research and moral issues.
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theice president is also scheduled to meet with pope francis. also today, a philadelphia town hall will focus on the future of the police department's policy of stop and frisk. mayor jim kenney and police commissioner richard ross are expected at tonight's forum at the new vision methodist church in north philadelphia. kenney talked about reforms to make the police practice less frequent and more constitutional. the church's pastor said the mayor can clarify his position at tonight's event. good morning, everyone. a quick check on first alert traffic. we're watching route 202 around paoli pike. looks like the roads are damp but no big problems or delays, no matter which direction you're headed there. we have a problem in delaware, accident on i-95 headed southbound around route 52, exit 7 and delaware avenue. i'm seeing a little bit of a
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delay here on our map system approaching the scene headed southbound. not anything too drastic. we'll update you on the scene when i come back in the next few minutes. for now, let's get a check of the forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> we've seen a few sprinkles, drizzle this morning. the chill is in the air for the entire area. 46 degrees here at nbc 10. the time is 6:25. might want to take an umbrella with you. we are spotting some showers. you can see them lining up to the west. light scattered showers, an occasional shower during the day. the last couple days, the wind is still coming in off that cooler ocean. a dreary day overall. we do have sunshine. at least a little bit scheduled for this weekend. >> he is expected to be the future of the franchise. all new at 6:30, message carson wentz has for eagles fans, plus, the philadelphia athlete who is already showing wentz some brotherly love.
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and things get a bit dicey at the protesters spill into the street outside a donald trump rally in california. it's not new york. it's not l.a. it's the thrilla in phila! the networking event of 2016. presenting night at the fights. join me, vai sikahema, for a spectacular evening unlike any other. punch up your career by raising money for youth and education. it's a night to see and be seen. saturday, april 30th at the liacouras center. proceeds benefit the urban league of philadelphia.
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nbc 10 news starts now. >> eight, nine, ten.
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running for a reason. we're introducing you to a group of refugee students running the blue cross broad street run this weekend. they feel these people have taken advantage of my sister. >> harry hairston got her answers. see how nbc 10 responds. help get this woman her money back. and expect a cool, misty morning today. as for the weekend, well, bill says it's 50/50. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. 6:30, 46ç degrees outside. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast. bill, tell us about the morning and the weekend. >> another dreary day today. the clouds are starting things off. we have seen a few scattered showers this morning and they are going to be occasional showers today. light rain drops in chester county, moving into delaware county at this hour. very light rainfall, drizzle, mist and temperatures that are stuck in the 40s for the entire
6:31 am
region. new jersey right now 45 degrees. lehigh valley, 46. we won't see sunshine but the temperatures warm up a little bit. in spite of that, 53 degrees. not much of a warmup. 60s near 70 degrees this time of year. the forecast for today, neighborhood by neighborhood is calling for lots of clouds and occasional showers, 54 degrees. interior new jersey right at the shore, it will be chillier and 50 degrees. that's today. a look at the weekend forecast when i come back. check out the next seven days anytime you'd like at the bottom of the screen. a close look at the weekend forecast when i come back in ten points. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> 95, starting to see slowdowns. this is state road, the southbound side showing a little bit of that delay. 18 minutes, we're in the yellow, southbound to the vine street expressway. speeds into the 40s.
6:32 am
we're seeing some of the slowdowns. we're a little behind, though. it's friday today, we're usually lighter. there's an accident over in delaware on 95 headed southbound right around route 52 at exit 7, which is delaware avenue. not big delays behind this scene. traffic still moving through. over in new jersey, deptford township, there's a disabled vehicle on route 55 southbound. the ramp to deptford center road is partially blocked right now. that's exit 58, over in deptford township. no big delays behind that. be careful on the on and off ramps this morning for slippier spots. vai? >> this weekend, about 40,000 runners will run ten miles down broad street. >> it's the country's largest ten-mile race. we found a group of high school refugees who are rung the race on sunday. >> matt delucia, you spoke with some of the refugee students. they're giving new meaning to the term running for your life. >> some them have been running their entire lives. out of the 1,300 or so kids,
6:33 am
they take part in the blue cross broad street run and the philly marathon and all sorts of other races in between. but out of those 1,300 kids there are about 50 to 100 immigrants and a handful of refugees among them. for many of them, this will be the longest race they've ever run. they train at least twice a week. they're doing it for a number of reasons, from trying to be more competitive for college or to overcome challenges of life. the second student you'll hear from in just a moment, she and her mom, a journalist, they were run out of tajikistan. they feared for their lives after her mom wrote a story about the government. and others who are part of this group, they just wanted a better life. >> living there for 12 years and coming here, it wasç difficult. it's like starting a new page of your book. >> i want to do it for my mom, show that we can be successful again. >> they can be successful again.
6:34 am
a lot of luck to them. they'll be running on sunday. now more about the blue cross broad street run, ten miles long. where we are right now is at city hall, between miles five and six, close to mile six, about halfway through the race here. they have a lot of banners up and the barricades they're getting ready to put up out here. this will be a good spot to watch the race. they'll be welcoming some 40,000 run her will be taking part in this annual event. we have plenty of information on and the nbc 10 app. if you are taking part or just watching on the sidelines or watching right here on nbc 10. for now, i'm live in center city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> those kids are so impressive and their families courageous. nbc 10 has you covered from start to finish. the coverage begins at 8:00 a.m. on sunday morning. if you're running, don't forget to dvr so you can go back and
6:35 am
check out how you did. >> yes. >> join us for "ready, set, run." experts show us what runners need to do before the race and we'll also show you the best places to watch along the course. police charged a montgomery county man with manslaughter after they say he shot and killed another parishioner during a church service. mark storms is accused of shooting robert braxton at the keystone fellowship church in north wales on sunday. it started as an argument over seating. investigators say braxton punched storms in the face and then storms opened fire. braxton's funeral is schedule for tomorrow in the same church where the shooting happened. happening today, wilmington police are expected to file charges in a deadly beating at a local high school. amy joyner-francis died last thursday after a fight in the girls bathroom at howard high school of technology. at a meeting with parents and students on monday, wilmington's police chief said investigators had identified three persons of interest and he said he expected charges to be filed by the end of the week.
6:36 am
from our south jersey bureau, an 11-year-old girl is safe after she escaped what police are calling a suspicious incident. take a look at this. this is a man investigators are looking for. a girl said he walked up to her on the big chief trail and started making conversation. she ran away when the man tried to grab her arm. if you happen to recognize him, you're asked to call police. 46 degrees outside. police in philadelphia are looking for four teenagers they say beat up and robbed a man on the temple university campus. you're looking at surveillance video of the asaul at 13th and norris streets sunday night. another surveillance camera captured the faces very clearly of the suspects as they walked east on norris street. police said the attackers stole the man's shirt. the victim had minor injuries.
6:37 am
the philadelphia eagles select carson wentz. >> and [oá are looking at the future of the eagles franchise. the birds took quarterback carson wentz with the second overall pick in the nfl draft. in chicago last night, wentz won two national titles at north dakota state. the reaction we're tracking shows eagles fans are widely positive about the wentz selection. >> a lot of the optimism showing up on social media. brotherly love being shown for wentz. check out this tweet from jalil oak -- okafor to wentz. >> carson wentz here, fillia fans. i'm excited to head to philly tomorrow, fly, eagles, fly. >> we post a lot of cool behind the scene stuff that happens
6:38 am
here on nbc 10 as well. the noifl draft resumes tonight. the eagles have no scheduled selections in round two. that doesn't mean they won't draft up or rather make a trade or something. they have six picks beginning with the 79th overall selection in round three. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 6:38. it is a friday morning. but we've got another dreary day shaping up. this is a satellite and radar, shows lots of clouds and a few rain drops. now just moving into the philadelphia area. this is light scattered rain that is going to be with us to start with but not an all-day rainfall. occasional showers. 47 degrees right now. the winds out of the east/northeast, those will continue. look what it does to our temperatures. we should be near 70 this time of year. we'll be in the low 50s this afternoon. rainy at times for the pennsylvania suburbs. 43 degrees. we've seen very light scattered showers this morning. a chance of those as the day
6:39 am
goes on. the lehigh valley, 46 degrees, very low 50s with easterly winds at 7 miles an hour at 1:00 this afternoon. for new jersey, we've seen few scattered showers, 45 degrees, the chill will be in the air through the day. those easterly winds and some light rain showers at times during the day. at the shore, just a little bit cooler. low 50s, late this morning and this afternoon with a chance of some showers. right now it's a 12 mile-an-hour wind. it's coming in off that ocean. that will keep things chilly all day long. delaware, we have the clouds, too. look what it does to the temperatures. stays in the 40s this morning by 1:00 this afternoon, low 50s, 53 degrees at 3:00 today. that's today. here's a look at the weekend. we'll finally get breaks in the clouds. that's tomorrow morning at 10:00. we'll see occasional breaks of sunshine and get a break from the rain during the day. 3:30 in the afternoon, you can see the showers lining up to the west. those will start moving toward
6:40 am
us during the late evening hours on saturday and move into the area for sunday. a dry day on saturday. but look at the rain starting sunday morning and continuing through the morning and into the afternoon on sunday. it's going to be a dreary one for sunday. so the forecast, calling for temperatures to stay cool today and tomorrow. even with that little bit of sunshine. 50s today with occasional;h showers. saturday 63 degrees. mostly cloudy for philadelphia. should see some breaks of sunshine, the lehigh valley same story. middle 50s for the jersey shore. then on sunday, here comes the rain. and it looks like it will start first thing in the morning and continue into the afternoon, keeping temperatures in the 50s. not great race weather. i'll have a closer look at the forecast for the blue cross broad street run when i come back in ten minutes as well as the ten-day outlook. we have another weekend to look at. tracy, vai? >> thank you, bill. keep thinking about the things that carson wentz has to learn.
6:41 am
476 is the blue route. >> learn how to say and spell schuylkill. >> let's check the vine street expressway with jessica boyington. >> jug handle. >> maybe we'll have to give him a lesson in traffic. >> if you notice on any of my graphics or chyrons are 7 and 6. i do not type the schuylkill expressway out ever. when you you know how to spell it, there's a chance for error there. 676 around 8th street. no problems in either direction. what traffic you're looking at right here, that's coming off the ben franklin bridge. this is the 8th street off ramp. a little bit of a delay coming off the bridge right over here. these lanes are headed westbound towards the schuylkill. 76, no problems there either. just some normal typical delay in the morning time. an accident out in upper merion on dekalb faulk and ivy lane may cause delays on your morning commute today. 95, another accident.
6:42 am
out in delaware. route 52 at exit 7, delaware avenue. >> 642 right now. getting you answers when you can't get it done on your own. >> that's what we're doing with nbc 10 responds. this morning, we'll show you how nbc 10's harry hairston helped a woman get her sister's money back after she died. and jumping on police cars and blocking traffic. protesters get violent after a donald trump rally in california.
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it's 6:45. here's a live picture outside the broomall fire company's carnival on west chester pike, broom as al
6:46 am
broomall, delaware county. proceeds benefit the broomall fire company that has been volunteer run. they contacted the nbc 10 response team that's when harry hairston got to work to get their money back. >> i miss her so much denise tells us she'll never forget her sister's final days in february. >> she went into cardiac arrest. >> reporter: a few days later lisa died. she was only 51. eubanks said her sister had several health issues and couldn't get life insurance. lisa entered a prepaid agreement with forest hills memorial park, a cemetery in huntington valley, pennsylvania. >> from 2007 up until '13 she was trying to pay for her own funeral the best she could. >> reporter: lisa hadn't paidç the entire $2,000 bill for the plot but she did pay almost
6:47 am
half, $866. in may 2013, after lisa failed to keep up with her payments, the cemetery canceled lisa's contract and kept the cash. when lisa died, eubanks asked for her sister's money back and she's she was told -- >> she's not entitled to anything so we're not giving her anything. >> reporter: eubanks said the cemetery cold her she could have use the money as a credit within a year after the contract was canceled. she never did so she lost the cash. the contract states a partial refund was available under certain conditions but did not address the issue of a full refund. >> why did you call nbc 10 response? >> i feel as though these people have taken advantage of my sister. i want justice. >> reporter: after nbc 10 responds contacted the cemetery with questions of our own, their corporate office responded, first this be is he sent us an e-mail in part it reads, we do not discuss specific client
6:48 am
concerns with the media. instead, it is our policy to work to resolve any possible concerns directly with client families. and just days later, eubanks tells us the cemetery arranged a meeting with her to work out a deal. but she still is frustrated. she had to contact nbc responds before anything got done. >> it's unfair to the dead for them to have to be treated like this. >> reporter: harry hairston, nbc 10 responds. >> the cemetery is giving the family $2,300 to pay for lisa's plot and services, much more than the family originally requested. >> if you have a consumer complaint, put the nbc 10 response team to work for you. e-mail nbc 10 responds at demonstrators stomped on a police car and smashed a window
6:49 am
during this melee. police arrested about 20 people but there were no major injuries. police say a poudier substance sent to trump's manhattan campaign service is not has orderous. the suspicious powder arrived at the trump tower yesterday prompting an emergency response from new york firefighters and police. last month's trump's sister received a threatening letter. a man who dressed up in an animal costume and threatened to blow up a tv station is in stable condition. he was wearing a hedgehog onsie and had what appeared to be a bomb strapped to him as he walked into the fox 45 building. the supposed bomb was candy bars wrapped in aluminum foil and wired together. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> now let's check the nbc 10 first alert weather. it's a forecast you won't get anywhere else. >> the focus is on your neighborhood and how the
6:50 am
information bill will provide you will be useful to you. >> getting no sunshine, cloudy skies to start with. the sun is up. if you're heading out we've seen a few sprinkles, a little bit of drizzle. the wind is coming in off the ocean. that's a live view from the occasional showers and another dreary day. we've seen in the last couple days no sunshine today. if you're heading out this evening, there's a possibility you'll need your umbrella, again, scattered showers into the evening hours. you'll definitely need the jacket. this morning it is cooled into the 40s in south jersey, philadelphia, the pennsylvania suburbs. there are some cooler spots but with the clouds and a little bit of a breeze. the temperatures are uniform. winchester park, 46 degrees. parkside is 45 right now at center city, also in the middle 40s. the neighborhood forecast, clouds and afternoon temperatures will be stuck in the 50s. 53 for mt. airy, west chester 54 and the pennsylvania suburbs, the lehigh valley, bethlehem up to 53 this afternoon. the clouds will hang in there for new jersey and the jersey
6:51 am
shore. 51 for avalon and delaware up to 54 this afternoon. the satellite and radar showing a few light showers, moving into west deptford, heading for south philadelphia. those light showers in delaware county are going to be on and off at times during the day. but it's very light rainfall lining up for the west. we're not looking at a lot of rain. more of a nuisance than anything. that next round of showers will move into the area. it will be here at lunch time but not all day. it is going to be cool all day. we're looking at 50s this afternoon. a little break of sunshine tomorrow, 63 degrees. the high temperatures. the clouds won't clear out completely. look at sunday for the blue cross broad street run, it's going to be a dreary one, 40s in the morning, 50s in the afternoon. the rain will be coming down through the race. steady rainfall and could see downpours. 51 degrees at 10:00.
6:52 am
54, not much warmer at noontime. that's sunday. monday, still a few showers but we finally start drying out on tuesday. 66 degrees and a warmer weekend next week. turning warmer, thursday and friday and then into the 70s for next weekend, saturday and sunday. middle 70s at that. your ten-day outlook once per half hour. anytime you want, check out the seven day at the bottom of the screen. >> comcast cares day tomorrow. a little bit of rain for the blue cross broad street run. we have you covered, no worries and now let's check your ride to work. >> jessica boyington looking at the ben franklin bridge. traffic flow this time of the day. >> heavier headed westbound from new jersey into philadelphia. but we also have an added problem here. major delays, traffic crawling completely headed westbound into philadelphia right now. that's because at the bottom of the bridge, the traffic lights around the vine street expressway are on malfunction, they're on flash right now.
6:53 am
i was looking at the vine street expressway for delays, a few moments ago there were other cars coming from the cross traffic stuck in the center lanes. traffic is all running into itself and we're seeing big delays there. potentially really dangerous situation here as well. all the way backed up into the toll plaza. also in deptford township, watch out for a disabled vehicle on route 55 southbound, the road to deptford center road is partially blocked. one last update in the next five minutes. 7ç before 7:00 on this friy morning, coming up, a check the day's headlines and the stories you need to know. >> the eagles have landed a quarterback. we'll tell you when carson wentz is expected to be in philadelphia and when you can hear from him. plus, what you can expect weatherwise for the blue cross broad street run. look at all those people.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
a few minutes at 7:00 a.m. time to get a check of the stories you need to know about to start your day. >> let's start with matt delucia who has everything you need to know for this weekend's blue cross broad street run. >> the race will go on rain or shine. the race itself it send miles long, starts at broad and fisher. the finish line is at the navy yard. we have 40,000 runners taking part. the blue cross broad street run itself benefits the american cancer society. they've raised $6 million over the years. that stays here in the philadelphia region. by city hall, a live look. everything starts today for the race weekend, health and wellness expo beginning today at 11:00.
6:58 am
good morning, we're joiningious live from inside of the joe hand boxing gym on north 3rd. tomorrow night at 7:00, a series of fund-raising fights will be held at the leah cora center. bobby keyes with the urban league had an idea, what if they could come together and put on an event to raise money for local groups. that is how the night of fights came to be. tickets start at $40. our friend vai will be there emceeing that event. there will be musical acts as well. check it out. reporting live in northern liberty, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, pamela. e-a-g-l-e sez! . >> you can count on nbc 10 your official eagles station for complete coverage of wentz's news conference, that will happen later today.
6:59 am
good morning, jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we're seeing big delays over into philadelphia on the ben franklin bridge. headed westbound right now, over the bridge, because the traffic lights at the bottom of 8th and vine are on malfunction. big delays over into the toll plaza so you can take the walt to get by. that's doing a bit bitter. scattered showers in the area. where's my open, my fan fafare. >> here it is! >> b-i-l-l! >> we have green, not eagles green but radar showing showers moving through chester and into philadelphia. there are more of those lining up to the west. don't forget your umbrella if you're heading out the door. we're not going to see much of a warmup today. the numbers in the 40s, warming into the 50s with occasional showers this afternoon. >> umbrella required. thank you, bill. join us tonight for "ready,
7:00 am
set, run," our special onç the blue cross broad street run. sunday morning, watch the entire race live right here on nbc 10. best place to watch it. >> absolutely. good morning. boiling over. hundreds of protestors gather outside a donald trump rally in california. nearly 20 arrested. while in indiana ted cruz response to these harsh words from former speaker of the house john boehner. >> lucifer in the nesh. >> have never worked with a more miserable son of a [ bleep ]. >> he allowed his inner trump to come out. >> will boehner's words hurt or help cruz. >> relentless, more severe weather expected to impact about 24 million americans today. tornadoes, hail, heavy rain. al is back to tell us when it will end. who is to blame? the investigation into prince's death now


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